Posted:   December 23, 2011... Written by Andy.   This part ties in with Chapter 46 of 'Sophomore'.


We entered my room and giggled like little kids. Colt had come to stay this weekend but I couldn’t tell him why I really wanted him here. We were having a blast just being around each other as friends do. We had brought some beer home since my parents knew I drank, plus it would keep us from driving.

We had been sitting downstairs watching some crap on television, only really made bearable because we were drinking, but we were having a good time anyway, sitting around and joking like we always did. Even though we roomed together, it was still a blast to hang with Colt.

When my parents decided to call it a night, so did we. We tidied up the living room, a little clumsily since we weren’t exactly steady on our feet, and then climbed the stairs, taking a quick stop at the bathroom before both heading to my bedroom.

We stripped off naked, as had become our habit, and slipped into my double bed next to each other. The sheet was up over our lower bodies as we sat up with our backs against the headboard and continued to chat.

“I’m so glad you’re here, Colt,” I said smiling.

“I’m glad I came,” Colt replied.

“I didn’t think you had yet?” I said, reaching down under the sheet to grab his semi-hard cock.

Colt chuckled, looking straight in to my eyes. “Don’t play with my dick unless you’re really willing to take care of it.”

I smiled and decided to have some fun. I leaned in, pressing my lips against his. He didn’t kiss back at first but then quickly gave in, slipping his tongue into my mouth and placing a hand on the back of my head as I continued to slowly jack his now rigid cock.

I moved my lips from his down to his neck, placing kisses down his chest, on each of his nipples, across his hard abs and finally on the tip of his throbbing cock. He moaned as I took him into my mouth and started to use my tongue to play with the head, circling it around before I started bobbing up and down, really going to work on him.

I kept up the hot blowjob for a couple of minutes and then I pulled back. When I looked at Colt’s dick glistening with my spit I was overcome with the sudden urge to have it inside me, to feel it pushing in deep and sending waves of pleasure through my body that only another man could cause.

Crawling back up the bed, running my tongue over Colt’s hard muscles, I eventually found his mouth again and kissed him deep, letting him taste the traces of his precum on my tongue. I pulled back, looked deep into his eyes and then spoke.

“Make love to me, Colt.”

Colt’s eyes went wide, “For real?”

“For real. I want you inside me.”

Colt didn’t say anything in reply but he nodded his head so I knew he was ready. I got up off the bed and pulled it away from the wall so my parents wouldn’t hear us and then I went to my drawer to get a condom and my bottle of lube. Now I was so thankful for a little prep work earlier in the night just in case this moment occurred.

Climbing back onto the bed, my lips found Colt’s again as we kissed passionately, our tongues battling against each other, pulling each other closer, our hands running everywhere, wanting as much of each other as physically possible. Colt’s distinctive manly scent invaded my nostrils and made my dick throb as we continued the kiss with his hands all over my ass as mine ran across the cheeks on his cute face. All of my senses were overwhelmed and I completely melted into him. I took his cock back in my hand, ripped open the condom wrapper and slid the condom down his hot dick, lubing him up good. Then I poured some lube onto my hand and rubbed it in to my own ass, hoping to make his entry as painless as possible.

With his cock ready to go, Colt pushed me until I was flat on my back on the bed with my legs either side of him. He leaned down to kiss me again, our tongues battling and then he pulled back.

I held my legs up to give him access to my ass. He jacked his cock a few times and then pressed the head against my hole. I moaned as he rubbed the tip against my opening and then slowly started to push inside.

I gritted my teeth as he first entered, but once he was inside me the pressure and the pain died down and it started to feel as good as I knew it could. Colt bottomed out and held himself deep inside me, bending over to kiss me again.

“OOO Colt,” I moaned.

“Kris, your ass…” Colt said.

He slowly started moving his hips, drawing his cock back until it almost pulled out of me and then he would gently push it back inside. I felt the whole length of his dick moving inside me, stretching me, pleasing me.

Since he was still bent over me I wrapped my legs around his waist and ran my hands up and down his back. His lips had moved from mine down to my neck, where he was nuzzling me as he continued to move inside me, my hand moving up to play with his hair as his lips worked wonders on my skin.

My own dick was throbbing between us, rubbing against our abs, trapped in the groves between them. Colt pulled back and looked directly into my eyes. His gaze was so deep and penetrating. My whole body shivered even though my insides felt warm from the sensations in my dick and ass. Seeing Colt’s gaze made me feel loved. He looked like he truly cared about me and would do anything to protect me and I felt exactly the same. There was no one in the world I would rather have been with in that moment but Colt, his strong body on top of me making me feel safe, making me feel like we could do anything together. Having him inside me was so special.

We didn’t break eye contact again as he continued to gently rock back and forth, his hard dick moving in and out of me. We both moaned quietly every time he pushed his dick deep inside me. He moved one of his hands around until it was cupping the back of my head, holding me close as he looked into my eyes and made love to me.

Picking up the pace just slightly he leaned his head down so our foreheads were touching. His eyes never faltered and neither did his thrusts as he kissed me. The kisses weren’t the usual tongue filled kissed though, they were gentle kisses, his lips would trap my bottom lip between them. It was like he was making love to my ass and my mouth at the same time.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt. I was with one of my best friends in all the world, someone I loved, someone I was attracted to, and he was making love to me, showing me with his actions that he felt the same as I did. I felt so close to him in that moment, maybe closer than I’ve ever felt to anyone.

With the feelings Colt’s dick was causing in my ass, the constant rubbing of my own cock between us, and those emotional thoughts running through my mind, I was ready to blow, and before I even realized it I had to muffle my scream against Colt’s shoulder as my dick erupted between us, totally hands free.

My ass must have really done a job on Colt because he quickly pulled out of my ass, tore the condom off and started furiously jerking his cock. Still panting from such an intense orgasm, I managed to move around on the bed so I could take Colt’s cock back in my mouth. Almost as soon as my tongue touched the tip he started shooting, coating my tongue. I swallowed down every drop that came out of his cock, wanting to suck it dry to show my appreciation for what he just did to me and through sheer lust.

We collapsed back onto the bed, exhausted. When I caught my breath back I wiped the cum off my body and turned to Colt who was lying on his back, his head against one of the pillows. I lay down on my side next to him and ran a finger up and down his cut body, playing with his flaccid cock that had just finished making love to me. I loved in for a deep kiss and he took be into his arms, hugging me as we kissed. When we finally broke the kiss we smiled at each other. Colt put his arm around my shoulder and I lowered my head to his chest, feeling his heart beat against my cheek. It was so soothing. I draped my arm across his stomach and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, when I rolled over in bed, Colt was lying next to me smiling ever brightly. It was a great feeling to wake up with Colt in my bed. I had never slept as well as I had that night in Colt’s arms. We had made love again. It was great and even though alcohol was involved it was still something I would have done when I was sober. Having Colt’s dick inside of me was just as great and comfortable as having Matt’s dick in me. Shit! How could I be thinking these thoughts?

Colt turned to me, seeing my face. “Kris what’s wrong? Normally after sex you’re as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning.”

“Ah, nothing,” I replied. I couldn’t tell him the truth because I had no idea what the truth was. I liked Colt as a brother, and next to Matt he was my best friend, one of the few guys I could trust with my feelings. Colt and I had a great friendship. We were able to joke around and even when my temper got in the way he stood by me. It all made me think of Nathan. That was the reason I had taken Colt home, I wanted to be with someone I trusted and loved, because seven years ago, Nathan died.

“Colt, I really don’t know. I’ve been thinking about our friendship and how we’re like brothers.”

Colt put his arm around my shoulder like he did the night before. Again it made me feel so safe. “Kristopher, we are more than brothers. To me you are my Matt. I consider you the best friend I have. I never imagined we would be.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“I thought you were a dick the first time I saw you. Plus, I thought you were a fake, too. You know how people come to college and want you think they are something they’re not. But you’re a real as they get.”

I never thought Colt would say that. It made me think of Nathan even more. I got out of bed, naked as can be, and went to the hidden floorboard. “Colt, let me show you something.” I fished out some of the stuff that had been collecting dust over the years until I found the DVD I was looking for. Colt got out of bed and he too stayed naked.

“What is it? Some kind of porn?”

“No, this is my brother, Colt.” I showed him the dusty picture of Nathan and me at the fair.

He took the picture, “He was handsome, dude. I’ve seen a few pictures of him around the house.”

“Yeah, Colt, but I could never put this up. It would be too much hurt to see his picture all the time. He died seven years ago. I really don’t know what our friendship is Colt, but when I think about trying to define it lately, I think of him. When I lost Nathan I had nobody. I still partly blamed myself for his death. Six months later I met Tanner and the guys and I found a new purpose in life. I made sure I never let them go.”

Colt listened to me speak and I think he understood why I asked him to come home this weekend.

“I started to get wild and do stupid things. Dad and I were at odds a lot of time. Anyway, fast forward to high school and the best thing that could happen to me. Matt was brought into my life. I don’t know what it was but we clicked right away. A few months later, on the way to a friend’s cabin, he got me to open up and talk about Nathan. Since then, we became brothers in my mind. You see, Colt, I had Matt and it allowed me, especially in college with Corey, to see what gay life is all about. When we made love in the tent on the camping trip at that park it was something I wanted to do with Matt for a long time. The fact I did it with you shows how much I trust and respect you, dude.”

Colt kept his arms around me, but I continued. “I lost Nathan when I was in Junior High, but then I found Matt, and in college, I wasn’t looking for another brother, but when you entered my life I found myself another. We are so alike and share so many similar interests.”

“Like sex!”

“And girls… plus drinking and working out to keep our bodies fit as fuck!” I said.

“Damn, we do like those too,” he laughed and nudged me in the arm.

“I wanted to show you this; it’s a DVD, no one has seen it, not even Matt. Even with a friendship like ours, he doesn’t need to know everything. That’s why I didn’t tell him about being with Scott straight away, and why I don’t tell him about every time we’ve been together.”

“I understand that totally. What’s on the DVD?”

“It’s the last message I got from Nathan. He made it a few months before he died.”

I popped in the tape and within a matter of seconds Nathan’s face was on the screen.

Nathan began talking: “I don’t know where my life is going. I let Mom and Dad down so many times. I don’t want you to follow in my footsteps, Kris. There’s so much potential in you to be an even better person than I could ever hope to be. You just need to be assertive, outgoing and live life to its fullest. The computer will destroy you, just like my drinking is destroying me. I know one day you will make me proud, you will find some great friends, fuck some hot girls and graduate from high school and college and then continue to keep the Stanton name shining bright. I wasn’t the best role model for you, obviously, I fucked up a lot. You’re the future of the Stanton clan. You have never let me down. I hope to be there when you graduate college and get married. I see you now, sitting there reading books, and jerking off most nights. Please, for me, get out and enjoy life. I know you will. I don’t really know what to say except don’t fuck up. Dad is hurt by me and he doesn’t need to be hurt by both of us. I love you Kristopher. Oh, and ask Melissa out, it’s obvious you want her!”

After the DVD ended I looked towards Colt and waited for his reply. “Why did you show me that, Kris?”

“Because Nathan was my brother, he was the guy I talked to for most of my young life and now I have you. You are so like him in so many ways.”

“I’m starting to see that, Kris. Chase and I were never that close. Quite frankly, when we met I never would have thought of us being as close as we’ve become. I really thought you were just being nice and open and inviting because you were an outgoing guy. After our conversation in the tent when we stayed at mine in the summer, and the experience we’ve had this year so far, I don’t know, I guess I’ve started to see the real Kris, something only Matt used to see. We made love twice, and both times it made sense. That being said, I’m in love with Andrea.”

“I know dude. She became a member of the crew like Liz was. What about Corey?”

“What about him? When you had ‘explorations’ with him, was it same as what we experienced?” Colt asked.

“No, the main reason is that Corey’s in love with Matt and when we played around it was because we were hot and horny and needed some relief. With you, Colt, there was passion. We made love in that tent and we made love last night. “

“Kris! Colt!” Mom called out, “Breakfast.”

“Ah, that’s another reason to come home more often. Come on, bro, move that fucking hot ass of yours.” I said as I opened the door.

“Kris, aren’t you forgetting something?” He said pointing to my soft cock. “Clothes!”

I laughed as we dressed and headed down for breakfast. The conversation was light and Nathan didn’t come up once. I think everybody understood what the day meant. We scoffed down the food and went outside.

“Kris, I see what you mean, y’all are still in denial about Nathan.”

“What do you mean?”

“He died seven years ago, yet Walt and Jenny never mention him. You’d think on a day like today you would talk about some of his better moments and allow your family to be closer.”

“You have a point there Colt.”

“When Chase was 13 he got himself injured pretty badly and he needed immediate surgery. We didn’t know how serious it was. In the waiting room me, Tabor, mom and dad spent the time talking about him, the stuff that made us laugh, the cool pranks he pulled on me and the aggravation he caused dad. When he came out of surgery as good as new it was a happy event and the family was brought closer together. Have you guys ever done that with Nathan?”

“Nope… It took me four years to get over his death. I can’t imagine the impact on Mom and Dad.”

“Let’s go find out.”

With that we went inside and for the rest of the day Mom, Dad and I told some of the funniest stories we could remember about Nathan. I really appreciated Colt for being there. The first year after Nathan died I had Tanner, the next year I had Matt, the year after that I had Alison. Each year on this day I always had people by my side to help me through it, and with Colt’s help, Nathan’s name and memory continued to live on.

After that, we all decided to head to Nathan’s grave. We each told a memorable story we had about him as Colt stood by smiling in approval. Dad spoke of the time he taught Nathan to drive. Mom told a story where an eight year old Nathan made her breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, and she later found the kitchen a wreck. I told a story about how I was sick on New Years’ Eve and Nathan made the effort stay with me and make me feel better. After each story we both laughed and cried, hugging each other and looking toward the gravestone, feeling as though we were really sharing those moments with Nathan.

As my parents placed some flowers Colt pulled me aside, wiped a tear from my face with his thumb and whispered, “It’s an honor to be with you right now. I will treasure our friendship forever along with this moment.”

“Thanks, brother.” I kissed him on the cheek. We walked away with me feeling so good inside.


Hope you enjoyed the first segment of this story written by Andy.  He explores what Kris will be doing during the Christmas break from college.  Watch for the next chapter on Saturday!!!

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