Kris and Colt: At Last, Maybe?, Chapter 6

Posted:  4/3/12... Fantasy story written by TMitch

Friday approaches and I have a date with Dontay. This will be our second official date, going to dinner and a movie.

After my Friday class, I went straight to work at the Rec Center and when I walked in I saw Corey at the front desk with Matt and Scott in sweat clothes talking and laughing.

I approached them and said, “What’s up, fuckers? What’s funny?”

Scott said, “Oh, nothing we were just watching the trailer for this stupid comedy that came out on Wednesday on Matt’s iPhone.

Matt then replayed the trailer and showed it to me. I recognized the trailer since when I was over at Dontay’s apartment yesterday. We saw the commercial and agreed that would be a good movie seen on Friday.

I said smiling, “Oh yeah, I this movie should be funny as hell.”

I gave Matt back his phone and he said, also smiling, “Hey, we should check it out later tonight when Corey and Kris get off?”

Corey said, “Yeah, that would be cool.”

Scott said while looking at me with a slight awkward look on my face,”Kris probably wanna go with his new boyfriend, Dontay.”

“Yeah, I am going with him tonight.”

Scott chuckled and gained a serious face and said, “Damn, Kris. I still cannot believe you have a boyfriend.”

Corey said “I know right. I knew you were bi, but a boyfriend.”

I said putting my arm around Matt and pointing at him, “Well, it was this boys’ idea. I just went with the flow and I’m in love.”

Scott said, “I can tell. Come on, Matt let’s go get our swim on.”

Matt said, “Alright, I’m coming. Hey, Kris I know you’re in love and I accept it to the fullest. Just remember Colt is hurting, bad. Keep that in mind. And tell Dontay I said ‘hi’ when you see him later.”


I sat behind the desk with Corey and began checking people in as they came in.

Then Corey broke our silence when after there were no more people coming in.“So,  how life as a gay man?” He laughed.

I laughed, “It’s really not much different being with a girl as far as the communication goes and I’m a bisexual man.”

“Yeah, I know.” Corey said. “Dontay’s bi, right?”

“Yeah, he is.” I said.

“Are you worried about him going back to girls?”

“No.” I said. “Because we are in the same situation. We both could go back at anytime, but right it’s Dontay and Kris. It’s love, simple as that.”

“Well, congratulations, bro.”

“Thanks.” We bumped shoulders while smiling and chuckling.

Our workday went like any other workday. The usual girls were trying to hit on me, and the usual guys were trying to hit on Corey. Nothing new, nothing different.

As the day came to a close and Corey and I were locking up again I got a call from Dontay.

“Hello”, I said.

“What’s up baby?” he said.

“Nothing, just closing up the Rec Center with Corey. You?”

“Nothing just driving home from the mall and getting ready for our date tonight. You still wanna see that comedy right?”

I said, “Hell yeah, that shit look like it will be funny as hell. Matt Corey and Scott and I was watching the trailer earlier today.”

“Oh, ok” he said. “Well, I can’t wait to see your sexy ass tonight.”

I smiled and said, “In more ways than one.”

“Fo’ sho.” He said.

We hung up the phone at the same time and I said to Corey who obviously knew who I was talking to.

“I love his street talk. Does that sound lame?”

Corey said with an unsure look on his face, “I don’t know. Whatever you like. Come on let’s get out of here.”

As we were walking out I asked Corey if he and Matt and the others were going to the movie.

“Hey, Corey, are you all going to the movie tonight?”

He said, “Probably not. I talked to Matt a little on my break and he said he should study.”

“Oh ok.”

We made it back to the door with Matt and Scott sitting on the couch looking in there text books with the television on mute. Looks like some stupid reality but I didn’t stick around to look.

Matt said, “Hey Kris. Hey Corey.”

Corey said while walking over to Matt to kiss him on the lips, “What’s up, babe?”

I response with a quick “hi” and went straight to the bathroom. I took a nice hot shower to wash away the whole scent of the Rec Center and a long day of school and work in general.

As I applied the soap to my muscular body and I imagined if I was with Dontay. I rubbed the soap on my body so softly and gently. Massaged my pecs and then onto my abs and fondled with me belly button.

At this point my dick is hard as ever, but I did not want to jerk off. I wanted to save all of my love juice for Dontay.

I then wash the whole front of my body chest arms and legs. The I turned my focus to the back area. I scrubbed my back as good as I could. I then turned attention to my firm ass cheeks. They then became full of soap, so I took my other hand and began massaging them with face and the front of my body leaning up against the shower wall to help keep my balance as I was in complete ecstasy.

I continued massaging my ass cheeks and was moaning as I was doing. This whole time the image of me fucking Dontay and him fucking me was permanent in my brain.

I then moved my soapy hand to my ass crack and began massaging it, in the same manner as I did Dontay earlier this week at the Rec Center. I massaged my ass crack gently but passionately and I was continuously moaning and mumbling Dontay’s named. I then moved my finger to my ass and began fingering it.

My moaning increased a little. And during this my dick was hard as ever but I never once jerked it. I then reached my spot and I knew that I was in complete ecstasy. Not long after I reached my spot my cock started to jerk and nut sprayed all over the shower without me touching it. As I was cumming I was moaning loudly, I knew that Matt, Corey and Scott would hear me.

I finished washing my body and I brushed my teeth while in the shower and I got out and dried off with my towel around my waist - low - giving a small peak of my pubic hair and showing the cuts at my hips.

As I entered the sitting room I saw the back of Matt’s head rolling around and falling back with his eyes closed. I knew that Corey must was doing some oral on him. I then heard Matt moan in the same way his always does when he getting head or something.

I began walking over to the couch and I heard Matt say, “Oh, Scott, Scott.” I was surprised for some reason then I walked over more I saw Scott’s head bobbing up and down and slobbering all over my best friend’s dick.

Then when went to the side of Matt’s hard dick and began kissing it, his eyes opened and noticed I was standing there with a smile on my face and his.

He said, “Oh hey Kris. I was just…”

I said, “Never mind. No need to say anything I know what you were doing. Hey Matt where’s Corey?”

After I said that, Matt then pointed to the door to his room and Corey was walking out of it with his hard cock flopping around as he was a little fast and opening a condom with his teeth and said while doing so, ‘Het Matt, I only could find one. Oh hey Kris, wanna join.”

Matt said, “Yeah, get off real quick then you can last longer with Dontay later. I know that’s how the night will end.”

I said, “No thanks, I already got off in the shower and I running a little late getting dressed.

The Corey said while putting the condom on his cock, nonchalantly, “Ok, Kris, well let’s go in to the room you guys.

Matt took Scott’s hand and led him into the room, following Corey and to fill somewhat included, I slapped Scott on his and he said,

“Oooh, Kris. Don’t play with me like that and start something you can’t finish.” He laughed lightly as did I.

I put on some all white, tight boxer briefs. I then went to my closet and pulled out a white Polo brand shirt with dark blue around the collar and some blue jeans of the same color on the shirt and somewhat loose in the legs but nice and tight in the crotch area and you could see a nice bulge and show my ass nicely. Not too much, but just enough.

I then heard a knock on the door and I answered it and it was Colt.

I said, “Hey Colt, bro what’s up?”

“Don’t bro me asshole.”

I said in disgust, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you still mad at me?”

“You know why. I don’t really feel like talking to you right now. I just left my key and I came to get some more stuff and head back down to Scott’s. I was hoping Matt or Corey would open the door.”

“You’re impossible, you know that Colt.” I said.

Then I heard a knock at the door and I was sure it was Dontay this time and it was. He had on a dark blue short leather jacket and blackish-blue jeans with an all-white Polo brand shirt. His jeans fit similar to mine.

I said come in for a second while I get my jacket as to I forgot that Colt was in the other room getting his stuff.

I walked into the room that Matt, Corey, and Scott in because that’s where I left my jacket. When I walked in, I saw Corey riding Matt with his back toward Matt and Scott sucking his dick and I notice a huge stream of cum rolling down Scott’s back into his ass crack.

At this time all three of them were moaning, I left the room saying sorry to them and when I entered the room where Dontay was he turned around with a smile and said, “What’s going on in there? What’s all the moaning for? Are they fucking or something?”

I said, “Yeah, that’s what we do here.” I laughed.

He said pulling me close to kiss and said, “I think I can get use this.” We kissed.

I then I opened my eyes and I saw Colt standing in the threshold of the other room with an angry look on his face and I said, “Come on let’s go.”

He said, “Alright, Kris.”

I opened the door with Dontay going out first and standing there and he turned around to face me and he said, “You know, I just wanted to say I love you.”

I blushed and smiled and said, “I love you too.” We kissed again.

Then Colt came rushing out the door and bumped Dontay on the shoulder. I put my hand on forehead and said to Dontay, “Leave it alone.”

He said point back in the direction where Colt walked to and said, “Who is that?”

I said, “That’s… that’s Colt. The guy I told you about.”

He said, “Wow, he really is pissed at you… and me for that matter.”

Then Dontay looked at me and said with his sexy, seductive smile, “Well, who can blame him.” He kissed me again.

We left and go into his Mercedes and drove down to the restaurant for dinner.

We had a normal date conversation. Filled with laughed and things of that nature.

We then got into our classes and how things were going with that. Then Dontay started talking about his birthday, which was the 3rd of March, the next week. Then spring break was the following week.

I asked, “So Dontay, what’s the plan for your birthday next week?”

He said, “Well the good thing is that it’s on a Saturday and you know my best friend Rob is coming. I guess we’ll party and just have fun. I’m just turning 20 so not much we can do legally.”

I responded. “Yeah, I know.”

He injected while moving closer to me, he was siting across from me, “And Kris, we haven’t known each other that long at all. So… there is no need for you to buy me a gift.”

I said, “Are you sure?”

He leaned back and picked up his glass of water, took a sip and sat the glass back down and said, “I’m sure. All I want is you on birthday. We still got so much to learn about each other.”

I smiled and said, “I thought we knew almost everything about each other?”

“You can never know everything about each other. “He said while smiling and he kissed me after leaning into me.

He then moved back and said smiling, “Ready to go?”

I said, “Yeah, just let me go the restroom.”


I got up and head to the bathroom and he went to pay the check.

We then left the restaurant and went to the movies to see the comedy that everyone has been talking about.

We arrived at the movie theater and it surprising to see that it was not that crowded seeing as how it was a Friday.

I bought the tickets as I suggest the other and I purchased the popcorn and pop.

We sat down in one of the middle rows and we made in as soon as the previews were over.

The movie started off ok and I seen some of the funny scenes from the trailer but as the movie progressed it was not as funny as Dontay and I thought it would be.

We were not the only ones think that. We saw people gradually leave the theater, but it was still quite a few people were in there.

Dontay said to me, “We should stay because you paid money so we can at least get some use of it the tickets, you know.”
I said, “I agree.”

The movie was still going and it seem like it would never end. That was how bad it was and then one of those comedic sex scenes came about like in American Pie or something.

As the scene between the guy who was playing a teenager went on I felt a hand on my crotch and it was Dontay’s, of course.

I looked up at him at he smiling, looking back and forth at me and the screen.

He began squeezing my cock and it felt good as fuck. It was at the point that I could not wait for the movie to be over.

As Dontay continued to massage my member, I sat the popcorn bucket on the floor since it was empty and began doing the same thing to him.

In true Dontay fashion, he began to moan, but it was ok because the people that were still in the theater thought, for some reason, the movie was actually funny.

He then whispered to me. “Are you ready to go?”


We got up and left the theater with hard-ons intact. We even got a couple of stares from two girls who were walking by in the lobby of the theater. They said “hi” seductively and we did the same. No need to hide our attraction for females although we’re together.

We got into Dontay’s Benz and drove to his apartment, since I already indicated that my place was out because they all were studying.

We then entered his apartment and we began kissing very passionately and aggressively. It was hot.

Heads moving side to side and all one can image.

The he lifted my Polo shirt above my head and I did the same to him.
At this point we were against the near his balcony door. How we made it over there, don’t know.

My back was against the wall and he began kissing me neck on both sides and we were moaning loudly at the same time.

Then he moved down to my chest and began suck each one of nipple like I was a mother breast feeding and then flicking his tongue on them as well.

I then moved his up and kissed him hard. I said, “Mmmm, I want you.”

“I want you too, Oh-oh” He said.

I then took Dontay by the hand led him to his bedroom and then he caught me by surprise when he somehow pushed me onto the bed.

He removed my shoes and then undid my pants and boxer briefs and then  went to work on my dick.

He first began licking up and the underside of the shaft getting it nice and wet. Dontay then moved onto the sides of my cock and did the same as he did to the underside of the shaft.

Once my dick was nice wet began jerking it with his fingers clamped on the underside of it.

Are his got me rock hard as possible, he then started sucking my dick head. And that sent me into overdrive. Since being with Dontay, I have begun to start moaning louder than I ever have before.

I was screaming his name. “Oh, oh oh Dontay do it just like that. Just like that.”
While I was saying it was playing with my nipples and I was rotating my hips in a circular motion.

He then lifted his head up after he was deep throating me and said with pre-cum and saliva connecting from his mouth and my dick, he said “You like that Kris?”

I said while now playing the area between my balls and asshole, “Hell yeah I do…”

He smiled and went back to work on my dick.

I was moaning loudly and Dontay was joining in while suck me off.

Then I said to him, “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit Dontay. I’m cumming. I’m cumming for you baby.”

I came in his mouth and I was surprised that it was so much judge by earlier I came in the shower.

He lifted up with a smile and licked and wiped his lips and said, “That… was good baby.”

I said, “Come here.” I grabbed him by arm and moved him up to kiss him.

He moaned lightly and said, “Turn over Kris.”


I turned over and I knew what he was about to do. He spread my ass cheeks and started eating me out.

That is such a relaxing feeling, I thought to myself.
I began lightly moaning while I heard licking and slurping sounds coming from Dontay.

He then started to gently bit me ass hole and then after another 15, 25 seconds he then lifted up and screamed. “Oh shit baby, I’m about to nut.”

I knew then he must was jerking off while eating me out.

He then laid on my back and I turned my head to face him and we kissed.

He said, “Making love to you is something I love.”

I said, “But we’re no finished yet.”

“I know but the intimacy we share, it something I cherish.”

I said, “Mmm, I love you.”

“Love you, too Kris.”

I moved him off of me and turned over and said, “I want you inside me.”

He got us and went to his dresser on the other side of the room and brought back a condom and some lube and as he was putting the condom over his dick, I said, “Stop! There’s no need for that. I want you and only you inside me right now. I’m ready now.”

“You sure?” he said.

I said, “Yes, I am sure. Make love to me.”


He applied the lube to my ass and his dick. He laid on his back on the bed and I got up and slowly sat on his dick and I began riding. I will admit that I was as advance as him with the riding a dick but I was close to it.

We both were moaning loudly and he was calling my name and I was calling his.

While I was in this position I was playing with his nipples, which is something he loved. He was grabbing my ass and massaging it while I was riding his cock.

Then the session got heated and he started pumping into me a little more harder. We both began moaning as loud as possible.

I then began jerking my hard cock and I instantly busted a nut all over Dontay’s washboard abs and when my ass muscles clamped down on his dick I same inside me.

He screamed, “Kris baby, I’m cumming!”He came a little before he said it.
Right then we both were experiencing ecstasy simultaneously.

I leaned down to kiss him and we were kissing for maybe a minute and a half until his dick  slipped out of me.

I then moved from on top of him and he put his arm around me once I got next to him. I looked at him with sweat on his face and I could tell he wanted to say something. “What, Dontay?” I said with a slight smile.

Then he look at me and moved his other hand down to my ass crack to feel his seed dripping out of me and he was swirling it around and he said, “Are you cool with me cumming inside you like that?”

“Yeah, I would have told you not to if I didn’t want it. This time I was ready and I wanted to feel all of you inside of me.”

He kissed me on my forehead and he looked at his cell phone and said, “It’s still kind of early. If you’re not too tired from our workout, wanna watch a movie.”

“That’s cool.”

He turned his television on and we watch some comedy on HBO. Nothing like the stupid movie at the theater.

As the movie got to the middle after a few light laughs and things like that, Dontay’s BlackBerry rings.

He looks at it and it was his friend Rob. Dontay answered and his face lit up.

He then hung up the phone and said, “Guess what. Rob is coming early.”
I said, “That’s great. Can’t wait to meet him. I love meeting new people. When will he be here?”

“Monday. We can introduce him to Matt and Corey and have some nightlife fun next weekend.”

“Yeah, but um… won’t he feel left out?”

“I don’t know maybe the first few days. He said some guy name Troy is coming Thursday night.”

“Oh ok. Well it should be fun.”


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