Kris and Colt: At Last, Maybe? Chapter 5

Posted:  March 24, 2012... written by TMitch.

After my classes, I met Corey and Matt back at the door. Corey was already getting ready to head
over to the Rec Center and I asked him to wait for me while I change quickly.

He said ok and that he would be waiting for me down at Scott’s since that was the way to the exit.
After the door closed, I made my way to the bathroom when Matt stopped me in my tracks.

“Hey, Kris.” He said.
I turned around and said, “Yeah, Matt. What’s up?”
“I saw Colt today and he told me what happened. Kris, why are you tormenting him like this? You
know how he feels about you.” Matt said,
I responded a little aggressive because I was offended by Matt statement, “Tormenting? How am I
tormenting him? Not too long ago I offered to see if a relationship more than friendship could work
but he shut me down and I just went with it. I even went to therapy for it.” I said.

Then Matt said, “Kris don’t you think I know that! Why did you let him suck your dick and then tell
him nothing can happen between you two?”
I said in a matter of fact tone, “Because that was the truth.” I scuffled and turned around and made
my way back to the bathroom.

“Kris you can not tell me that you are not in love with Colt?” Matt said stopping me in my tracks
again with me standing in the threshold of the bathroom turned facing him.
“Matt, you make it seem like I’m gay like you. I’m bisexual, Colt is bisexual, Dontay is bisexual. All of
us could easily go back to girls like that,” I snapped my fingers.

“I know that but at this moment Dontay is not Colt. Colt is in your heart somewhere and Dontay has
covered it.”
I said, “Matt, why are you coming down at Dontay? I thought you liked him?”
Matt said, “Kris, I do. He’s actually a better person than I thought and he seems good for you but…
you didn’t see the look in Colt’s eyes when he told what happened.”

“Matt, I don’t know what to say I just know I feel terrible about it. I feel like I just cheated on Dontay
and right that is not the way I want to live.”
“Kris, why are you rushing? Think it through.” Matt said.
“Matt, trust me. I’m not. Everything that is happening is destined I can tell because so far in this
relationship I have not made any huge effort to force it, understand what I mean and Dontay hasn’t

“I give up. I give up. I love you ok and I’m just trying to help you figure out what you’re doing.”
“I know what I’m doing and I’m in love.” I said walk up to Matt with my hands on his face.
“I know you are Kris. But with who? Look me in my eyes and tell me and I’ll believe you.”
I said softly but with conviction, “At this moment and for many moments to come, Dontay. Dontay.”

Matt moved my hands from his and said, “Damn Kris. You’re in love. But Colt…”
“Colt with be ok. He’ll just have to understand.”

Corey then opened the door with a duffle back, “Hey Kris ready yet?”
“Oh, not yet give me a few more minutes.” I walked into the bathroom and left the door open.
“What’s the bag for Corey?” Matt said.
“It’s Colt other clothes he wants some more of his stuff.”

When I heard that I knew I was destroying my friend but I knew in my heart that there was nothing
I could do.

Corey and I walked to the Rec Center about five minutes late, but it was ok. For me it was just this
one time.

I did my usual duties as did Corey as well. As our shift came to an end and we were closing up, I get
a text from Dontay telling me he was outside and I told him to come in.

Corey said, “That was Dontay? He’s coming to workout a little.”
“Yeah, I told him to come later because you know how management is.”
“You’re right. Um… on my break I was on the phone with Matt and he told me about the
conversation you two had. I just want to say that Colt and I have a friendship that is growing into
something similar to you and Matt and I want you to know that Kris, I am totally on your side.”
“Uh, thanks Corey.” I said somewhat shocked.
“No problem. Just don’t tell Matt what I said.” He chuckled.
“Alright.” I chuckled.

Dontay then walked into the part of gym we were in and greeted Corey with a hand shake and
hugged me with a grab of my ass. He tried to do it subliminally but Corey saw it.
“Hey, I saw that.” He laughed as well as Dontay and I.

I then noticed how hot Dontay looked in his grey Jordan jogging pants and sagged a little showing
his round fat ass and his t-shirt that hugged his upper body and showing his hard nipples with a
half zip sweat-jacket. I knew that when he nipples were hard that he was feeling the urge and I was
too when I looked into his deep brown eyes.
I said, “So you’re ready to get a workout in?”
Dontay said, “And then some.”
I laughed slightly.

We went over to the bench and I told him to spot me and I took my shirt off. Then saw him licking
lips at the sight of me. I said to him, “Calm down babe. We got the place for an two and a half
“Yeah, they don’t expect we do anything after as employees but workout since we’re really not
allowed to on the job. It’s just my turn to close so I can stay.
“I see you have connections.” He said while laughing slightly.

I began my bench work with Dontay continuing to spot me with a slight bulge forming in his pants. I
laughed at the sight.
He asked in a manner like he knew what I was laughing at, “Something funny, Kristopher?”
I laughed and said, “Nothing, nothing at all.”

“Hey, I got a call from Rob today. A little after I dropped you off at your dorm.”
I said, “Oh really.”
“Yeah, he’s coming out for my birthday in two weeks.”
“Oh that’s good. I know you can’t wait.”
“You’re right. Maybe me and you, Corey and Matt and Rob can do something.”
“That sound great but won’t he feel left out?”
“No, he bringing one of his girls… or guys.”
“Really, I didn’t know he was bisexual.”
“Very bisexual.” Dontay said. “More than you and I. He like guys more.”
“Wow. He’s kind of like Scott huh?”
“Scott? I never really had a conversation like that with him but I remember seeing him with this guy
named Hayden. I just figured he was all the way with it.”
I laughed, “We think that some times too.”

“But you know, Rob has the kind of look were you would never even think that he like to guys. He’s
more masculine than us.”
“He’s  bigger than us in muscle.”
“Nope same. My turn, I can tell you’re straining. You’re tight enough.”
I got from the bench and began spotting him.

I asked him, “You know how I’ve had sex with my friends. Have you and Rob ever did anything?”
Dontay said, “He is the one I lost my virginity to as far gay sex go. It was mutual.”
“I thought you said you and Rob were different from Matt and I?”
“I did. But if I never would have moved to the ‘burbs we could have been closer. We only say each
other every other day during the week with an exception of the weekend which was frequent. In
high school, I didn’t have my best friend like you did.”
“What college does he go to? Eastern Michigan U?”
“Yeah, how did you know?”
“I saw the picture in your room and he had on the t-shirt.”
“Oh ok.”

We then moved over to the other part of the gym to work on our squats which were going to be
the last thing for the night.

As we were getting into the exercise, Dontay asked me a question.
“Why do I have a feeling you have something to tell me?”
“What you mean?”
“Every time I mentioned something about Rob or best friends you had a sick look on your face.
What wrong?”
I said to myself, “Dontay knows me more than I know myself.”
I said to him, “Nothing I’m just a little wrapped up my workout.”
Dontay with a smirk on his face, “If you say so.”

We continued our squats for another minute and Dontay finished slightly before me and slapped
me on my ass and said, “Come on baby. Don’t lose that jiggle.” I laughed and told him don’t worry.

We went into the shower and got closer. We held each other close with Dontay kissing my neck and
shoulder. I began to moan because he knew just how to make me do that. I loved it.

We then began washing each other’s bodies with the wash towel filled with foam from the soap. I
have never taken a shower with someone and moaned the while washing. That only happened for
me when more sexual things occurred.

We continued washing each other, as we had two wash towels then I took the towel and massaged
Dontay ass with. He began moaning loudly as he usually does. Then I took the wash towel began
massaging his ass crack, mainly his ass hole. I noticed him biting his bottom lip and moaning
through it when he put his right leg up around my waist to keep his balance and I slipped my soapy
finger inside him and he began fucking my middle finger.

He said, “Oh-oh-oh-oh Kris baby. Keep doing it.”
I said, “Oh you like that.”
With my cock hard as a brand new brick, it was being massaged between out washboard abs and
bringing a little pleasure to me so my moaning was natural.

Dontay moved my hand and put his leg down a leaned up against the wall, next to me and began
jerking his big black dick and said, “Oh shit Kris. You made me cum. I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” He
came as soon as he said, “…made me cum. I’m cumming.”

After he release his love juice and it went down the drain he kissed me aggressively and said, “Now
that’s how you do it.” Then he grabbed the hand that finger him and licked my middle and said
between licks, “You…got…my…spot…with…this…long…ass…finger. Mmmm”
I moaned when he finished speaking and said, “Mission solved.”

Dontay turned the water off and took my hand and led me into the locker room and we dried each
other off.

He then moved me to the couch that is on the other end of the locker room and push me onto it. He
got down on his knees and said while slightly touching my dick. “Damn baby, you’re hard as fuck.”
I said in ecstasy, “Hard as fuck for you. Now what are you going to do about it?”
He responded while playing with my balls and ass hole at the same time, “Let me show you.”

He then put his mouth on the head of my cock. He was steady sucking it.
I said while moaning, “Oh-oh-oh-oh do it Dontay. Like that.”

He then moved his mouth of my dick and stuck his tongue out played with my piss hole and my

After he moved up to me and we kissed passionately and aggressively as well. Then we pulled
slightly apart and began sucking each other’s tongues.

Dontay made his way back down to my dick and deep throated - in and out, in and out, in and out,
in and out.

After he did something that brought a brief image of Colt in my mind and I new then I had to tell
him. I pushed him off of me and I saw him wipe his lips and lick them just like Colt did.

He said, “What’s wrong baby? You ain’t nut yet.” He said so why jerking my cock lightly.

I moved his hand and got up and walked a little in front of him with my hands on hips and hard
dick flopping around. I put my hand on my had and said, ‘Dontay, I… I have to tell you something.”
“I know.” He said getting up and walking over to me.

“Um… earlier today after you left Colt came in and we were talking and he blew me.”
“He did?” Dontay said with a concerned look on his face and his set down on the bench that was in
front of me.
“Yeah and when you was just sucking me off, I had a quick brief vision of him.”
“Kris, why are you telling me this?”
“Because… because I felt like I cheated on you.”
Dontay said, “No need to feel that way. Let me ask you something, why did you let it happen?”
I said, “In my mind, I wanted to see if my feelings for you would change.”
“Did they?”
“No, they got stronger. I don’t feel the same way about Colt as I feel for you. I love you.”

Dontay smiled, “I love you too.” He stood up and kissed me.

I asked after the sexy kiss we shared and said, “Did I just kill the mood?”
He chuckled and said, “Look down. Does it look like you killed the mood?”
I laughed while looking down at Dontay holding our hard dicks together. I said, “I guess know.” We
kissed again.

I took his hand and walked back to the couch and set down and finished me off. He went to serious
work this time on my cock, with his head bobbing up and down and saliva dripping down mixed
with my pre-cum.

I screamed out. “I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming.”
I came in his mouth with some dripping on the side but Dontay made sure he caught it all, which
was a very hot sight to see.

He got up and went to his duffle bag and got out some lube and threw it to me and a condom and
did the same thing. I put the condom on and lubed it up. As he was walking over to me, I tossed him
the lube and he caught it like a football player. After he caught it he put the lube on his ass as he
was walking and when he got closer he put some on his hard cock.

He set on top of me with ease. No strain at all. He began riding me like a woman with a dick in her
pussy. He started he loud moaning like always and I joined in. He was bouncing up and down and
around and around continuously in that order. Since being with Dontay, this has become my new
favorite position.

We were in this position for five minutes and ecstasy was draped all over us. I said, “I’m about to
cum baby.” He said, “Me too.”

I began pumping into him harder and he began moaning loudly mixing he deep voice with his high
pitch love making voice and he began stuttering, “I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m…” He began cumming all over my
stomach not even touching himself.

I said breathlessly, “Oh shit, I’m cumming.”
He lifted up off of me and he pulled the condom off of me and sucked my dick and I came in his

He licked all of the cum off of my dick and his cum off of my stomach and before he swallowed it all
we shared  a passionate kiss and I swallowed some myself.

He set back on the couch and I got on top of him and continued kissing him and I said, “I love
making love to you.”
He said, “I really love making love to you.”

“Mmmm” we both said resting.

We then went back to the shower for a quick wash and got dressed and he dropped me off at the

He said, “Wanna go to a movie Friday?”
I said, “That’s great. I’ll pay for the movie.”
He said, “I got the dinner”

I kissed him with tongue and got out of his car and went into the dorm.


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