Kris and Colt: At Last, Maybe?, Chapter 3

**This is a fantasy story written by another reader/fan, TMitch.  Hope you enjoy what he was written for you.**

I noticed the sun peaking in through the blinds as my eyes began to open while I was holding one of the sexiest men I know, Dontay, in my arms.

He was still sound asleep, and I couldn’t blame him after that hot ass fuck we had last night, but it wasn’t just a fuck, it was love making at its best.

I unwrapped my arms from around Dontay and stretched. I heard low talking from Matt’s room so I assumed everyone else was up, but I decided to ignore it and went into the bathroom.

As I walked into the bathroom, I felt something wet rolling down my leg. I turned around to get a better look at what it could be and I noticed it has cum. I was shocked out of my mind.

I could have sworn I used a condom. I knew that I was drunk, but I did not think that I was THAT drunk.

I jumped in the shower quick as ever, I could not believe what I done. I never even had sex with Matt without a condom and he’s my best friend.

I made sure I cleaned my ass well and got out the shower and went back into my room. I saw Dontay standing up putting his clothes back on.

He said, “What’s up, baby? I was wondering were you were. It couldn’t been a hit and run since this is your place.” He laughed.

I said stumbling over my words, “Yeah, I just took a quick shower. I kind of needed one.”

He said walking over to me, “Yeah, you did. I did, too. Why didn’t you wake me we could have taken one together? Washing each other bodies making out with the hot water flowing down our hot bodies.”

I said, “Well, you were kind of in a deep sleep.”
And walked away from him and set in my desk chair.

He said, “Kris, are you ok? Is something wrong?”
He said noticing I was completely in shock of what transpired the night before.

I said while spinning my desk chair to act as if I was doing something, “Um, yeah everything is good. I promise.”

Dontay said, “Can I see you again? I have a feeling the fun maybe over.”
I could tell by the sound of his voice, his confidence that attracted me to him was fading away.

I said turning around and smiling to face him and notice his head was down, “No, the fun is just beginning and of course I wanna see you again. I just got something on my mind that just came up.”

Dontay said, “Oh ok, well talk to me if it will help.”

I got up and walked over closer to him and said, “No need, I got it under control”

We kissed.

I walked him to the door and he walked out and faced and put up the phone symbol with his hands in a very sexy indicating that he wants me to call him. In my mind, there’s no solid reason for me not to, but I’m still shocked with the fact that I had sex with him with no condom.

I walked into Matt’s room and say Corey and Matt on the bed naked, talking.  I asked cheerfully, “What’s up, dudes?”

Corey said, “Hey, Kris.”

Matt didn’t say anything and I noticed Corey hitting him on the ass for him to say something with Matt giving Corey a look.

I took it upon myself to tell Corey, “That’s ok, Corey. Matt doesn’t have to talk to me. He’s mad because my feelings got in the way and I really need to talk to my best friend.” I started to get choked up.

My back was turned at the time and I heard Matt say to Corey, “Corey, I think you should talk a walk for me minute so Kris and I can talk.”
He said, “Alright.”

And I saw him throw on some clothes and say, “I’ll be down at Scott’s if you need.”
Matt said, “Ok, Corey”
I said, “Thanks, bro.”

I flopped down on Matt’s bed with him pulling his desk chair in front of me, naked and all.
Matt said, “What’s wrong, Kris? Talk to me.”

I said, “Ok I went out on my first official date with Dontay…”

Matt said in an unpleasant tone, “Yes, I know.”

I said, “Some support here. We had a great time dinner, dancing, drinking, the works. Then we came back here and everything began to heat up. Had more drinks, beer, and we started kissing and things of that nature…”

Matt said, letting me know he was listening, “Ok kissing and…”

I said, “And you know what usually follows. Then we got to point when were going to go all the way.”
Matt said, “All the way, Kris. Your language is changing.”
I said somewhat irritated, “Focus Matt please.”
Matt said, “Ok, Kris.”

I said, “Now I know I had my share of drinks and was drunk to say the least. I remember throwing Dontay the condom and he threw it back to me and I did so again, but I could have sworn he put it on. But I just realized no longer and one minute ago he didn’t and it was my choice.”

Matt said in a shocked and concerned tone while jumping up in his seat, “Kris, are you saying you did what I think you did?”
I said, “Matt, we didn’t use a condom and I didn’t realized until I woke up this more and felt the cum running down my leg.”

Matt said in a tone a parent would say, ‘Kris, what is wrong with you? You have only know this guy only two and half days, if that. I thought you were more responsible?”
I said, “Matt, I am. For some reason, thinking back to last night, it just felt right. Like it was meant to be.”

Matt said, “Kris, I don’t know what to say about this. It took Corey and I year into our relationship before we stopped using condoms. You don’t even know if this serious or even if you are ready for a serious relationship with a guy.”

I said, “Matt I’m ready for it. I’m in love with Dontay. I just don’t feel right about moving that fast with him so soon.”

Matt said, “You don’t think he has anything?”

I said, “No not at all. Like I said everything seemed destined and I trust him. I am not being naïve at all. I am using my head with everything for the most part. I just needed to talk to my best friend.”

Matt said, “Kris, you can always talk me. You know that to be certain.”
I said, “I know.”
Matt said with the concerned look on his face again, “But Kris, I know I haven’t met Dontay yet, but you’re not making me like him. But I will try because I love you and I want to support you.”
I said, “Thank, Matt. Why you mean I’m not making you like him?”
Matt said, “The way he just came in the picture all of a sudden and what you just told me.”
I said, “Matt, don’t worry. I’m a big boy, I got it all under control.”
Matt said, “I know, Kris. I have an idea, since this is the last night before classes begin again tomorrow, we should double date.”
I said, “That’s great.”
Matt said, “Cool, we can go to that restaurant my dad and I go to. The food is great.”
I said, “Ok, I’ll called Dontay.”
I got my phone and dialed Dontay while putting on some jogging pants.
“Hey, what’s up baby? Wasn’t expecting a call this soon.” He said.
I said, “I was wondering if you want to go on a double date with my best friend and his boyfriends Corey.”
He said, “Great, I’d love to meet the guy that is boyfriend’s best friend.”
My heart stopped at those last words he spoke and then I began to smile.
He said, “Kris, Kris are you still there?”

I said, “Yeah, I am. So I’ll text you the info on were to show up.”
He said, “Ok, see you then.”
I said, “Bye”

Matt walked into my room while putting some sweats with his big dick still hangin in the front before putting it in.
I said sarcastically, “Commando now?”
We both chuckled.
He said, “Were you talking to Dontay?”

I said hesitantly, “Yeah, I just texted him the restaurant address. Matt he called me his boyfriend.”
Matt said looking at me in a shocked way again, “Boyfriend?”
I said, “Yeah.”
Matt said, “How do you feel about?” saying with his hands on his hip and jogging pant hanging below his forming torso.
I said, “I have a boyfriend and I’m in love.”
Matt hugged me. “Kris, I know you’re going to use your head and heart, but be careful.”

“Matt, trust me I will.”
“I know, Kris, I know.”

The door opened with Colt standing there with an upset look on his face and Corey behind him.
Colt said, “Congratulations, Kris.”
He walked into the other room.

Corey walked over to Matt and kissed and said, “Colt heard you two talking just a second ago.”
I said, “Oh, my gosh. Colt is never going to be the same around me now.”
Matt said, “I’ll talk to him later. Corey, we have plans tonight, double date with Kris and Dontay.”
Corey said, “That’s great”.

Matt said to me noticing I became upset about Colt, “Kris, I will talk to him everything will be ok.”

The evening rolled around. I have talked to Dontay a couple of time since making plans for the night. One time we even had phone sex while I was on break at the Rec Center employee bathroom. I still have not talked to him about the unprotected sex, but I will.

Corey and I made it back to the dorm since asking if we can leave early and saw Matt almost completely dressed. Corey and I shared a shower with Matt’s permission since time was ticking and we dressed afterwards.

Matt asked me as I was dressing, “Does Dontay know about you and Colt and your experience with your friends?”
I said, “He knows about my sexual experience but not extensively about Colt”
Corey said, “Will you ever tell him?”

I said, “Yes, I will Corey but we’re just getting there. Um, where’s Colt?
Matt said hesitantly, “Um, he took a couple things down to Scott’s room. He said Scott said that he can share a bed with him or sleep on the floor.”

I said, “Is he moving out?”
Matt said, “He said no, but he has plans but didn’t say what but did indicate that they didn’t involving moving.”
I said, “Wow, Matt can you keep eye on him please. I know what he means by that I just don’t know how far he will go.”
Matt said, “Ok I will.”

Corey said, “Kris, Colt not crazy. Just give him time, everything will fall into place.”
I said, “Yeah, I guess”
Matt said, “Ready to go?”
Corey and I said, “Yeah”.

We arrived at the restaurant at the exact same time as Dontay, we parked next to each other and I got out and  hugged him and we kissed.

We walked in the restaurant and set a table set for four. We order and received our beverages. Matt took no time getting into the questions.

He asked, “So Dontay, where are you from?”
Before he could say anything I interjected, “Michigan. Detroit and Southfield specifically.”
Corey said, “Oh really, I’ve been there once I went to a Lions game back in there better years.
Matt said, “I didn’t know that. Cool.”
Dontay said, “Yeah, Nice place to live if you’re a Detroiter to your heart like me. And Kris told me he has family there.”
Matt said, “Yeah he does.”
Corey said, ‘What kind of music you like?” While eating his food since it had just came.
Dontay said, “If it sounds good, I like it. What about you Matt?”
“Pop, top 40 stuff, you know mainstream.” Matt said.
Corey said, “Me too.”
I said, “Since knowing Dontay briefly, I learned to appreciate different genres more like the song, “I Invented Sex” by Trey Songz.”
Matt said, “Oh yeah, I know that song. Saw the video on YouTube.”
Kris said, “Doesn’t Dontay look like him too?”
Corey said, “Yeah, a little.”

Dontay then moved over to kiss me on my cheek and I saw Matt smile. As the conversation got much deeper talking about our studies and family life and things of that nature Matt made a comment.

‘You know, Dontay I was sure I not going to like for reason that might be privately discussed, but I really do like. You’re a good guy and I can see why Kris feel the way he do.”

Dontay said, ‘Thanks, Matt. I feel the same way about Kris maybe more. I know everything is sudden but that is the way things go.”

Corey said, “Yeah, man I know what you mean. You should come to Rec Center and work out with us sometime.”
Dontay said, “That was actually going to be a plan sometime this week, but thanks for the invite.”
Corey said, “No problem, you’re a good dude.”

We completed our food added some laughs in and enjoyed the evening We paid the billed and left with Corey and Matt walking in front of Dontay and I.

As we were walking out, I talk with Dontay while walking to his Mercedes I mentioned the night before.

I said, “Um Dontay I have to talk to you about last night. I enjoyed myself I really but…”
He cut me off and said, “Kris, I want to talk to you about last night too. Let me go first.”
I said, “Ok” starting to feel a little sick for some reason.
He said, “I know that I wanted to bareback with you and it was beyond hot. Beyond the tenth power, but I felt when I got in my car that it was a little soon and I had a strange feeling for most of the day until I called my brother in Michigan about and I started to feel better. I just wanted to say, that next time we fuck, I mean make love, let’s use protection until we’re sure we’re completely ready.”

After he made his claim relief filled my body and said with a smile, “You know what you said is exactly what I was going to say, just that I was talking to Matt.”
He said, “I guess we’re made for each other?” He said while putting his arm around me.

I told Matt that I was going to ride with Dontay he said ok and told him that he is more than welcome at the dorm at some time.

Dontay and I got into his car and drove to his place. On the ride there, he mentioned the comment Matt made about reasons needing to be discussed.

He said, “What did Matt mean about he wasn’t going to like me because of reason that should be discussed in private?”
I said hesitantly, “Um you know when I told you about my experiences with my friends?
He said, “Yeah, and let me say Matt is hot as hell. Nice slim tone.”
I said, “Yeah, he is hot and smart too, but remember my other friend Colt?”
He said, “Yup, you mentioned him. He was your first male-on-male sexual experience.”
I said, “Exactly, and if got confusing because feelings started to developed and we were um not understanding them and then we decided to put the past behind and move and accept our bisexuality. He got a girlfriend and we still fooled around and stuff like that. But when I told him about you this past weekend, he told me he broke up with his girlfriend for me and he realized he was in love with me.”

Dontay said, while pulling into his complexes parking and parking. “How do you feel, Kris.?”
“I love his like the close, best friend he is but how I felt before is still in the past. I know how I feel now and your name is all over it.”
He smiled after I made my statement and said, “I know” and he kissed me.

He also said, “You want to come up and stay with me tonight.”
I said, “Sure. But I do you have any more condoms, I don’t.”
He said, “I used the last one the first night we did it, but I wasn’t planning on anything sexual. I just want you near me. Watch a movie and I’ll have you home before you first class tomorrow.”
I said, “Great.” We kissed.


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