Posted:  December 2, 2009

I got out of car and hoped this really wasn’t a joke or some big huge disappointment. I trusted my friend Sara and hoped she had set up on this blind date with what she called a good guy.  She did it after I bitched all night out with her, her boyfriend and some friends about being without a guy or date for that matter for way too long now.  She barely knew him but knew enough to know he was gay and a decent, likeable guy who lived in this complex.  I approached his door and hoped he could see past my ink and piercings.  It was my way of expressing me but it got a little overboard now and grew into an addiction somewhat over the past year or so.  Oh well, I like each one and not ashamed of them or how they made me look to others.  The problem now is I’m associated with a group of very hardcore gay guys who looked similar me.  I yearned for something and someone different after dating guys like me with no results other than the obvious raunchy sex romps.  Now, it was time for someone and something different as far as my dates went and life.  Most importantly, I wanted someone to see me not all the shit that decorated my body.

I lightly knocked on his door.  He came to the door and didn’t disappoint me on bit.  My first impression was this guy was totally smoking hot.  He had blond hair about 6 foot tall.  He had a very nice tee that hugged his body and arms along with some nice shorts along with his leather sandals. 

“You must be DJ,” he smiled.

“I am and you’re Stewart, right?” I offered a handshake to start with.

“Oh yea, come on and grab a seat for a minute,” he said in a friendly way.

I walked into his apartment and glanced around at it.  It seemed very normal with nothing out of the ordinary.

“Want something to drink?” he asked.

“Yea, water would be great,” I replied. 

He returned with a glass of ice water for each of us.  He sat on the opposite end of the couch from me. 

“Sara warned me about you,” Stewart smiled, surveying me from head to toe.

Not what I wanted to hear or expected to start this blind date with.  “What’d she say?”

“You liked tattoos and piercings,” Stewart replied with a nice smile. “I’ve never got the nerve to make that commitment but really think they are hot on some guys!”

“Thanks!” I chuckled. “I hoped you’d say that.”

“It’s an art form.  What matters about someone is what’s on the inside,” Stewart stated.

“I couldn’t agree more.  You can’t imagine how pre-judgmental people are at the first glance.  I really like each and everyone or else...”

“I sure hope so,” he stated with a hint of laughter. “It’s a little late now if you didn’t.  That’s what is holding me back.  They are so permanent at least the tattoos are.”

“They are but oh well,” I stated and shrugged.  “Sara said you were new here.”

“Yeah, I just moved here two months ago.  It’s hard making new friends and knowing what’s generally accepted in a new area like this,” Stewart stated.

“It’s actually pretty cool.  No one really gives a shit one way or the other,” I said.

“That’s good to know,” he said and had a great friendly tone to his voice. “You ready to go now that the intros are over.”

“Sure,” I replied.

We were out his door with me driving since I had lived here most of my life.  We talked about our jobs a little on the drive there and general things to get to know each other better. 

We ate at a casual restaurant and continued talking.  He was great to talk with and had a very interesting past due to his family’s military background.  He told great stories of the different places he had lived and recounted the different schools he attended over the years.  He summed it best by saying nowhere in particular was home for him.

“Bro, I have to ask.  How’d your dad take it when you came out?” I asked while eating.

“I came out in college and away from him.  I just knew he’d have a rifle at my head but actually he was pretty cool about it or as much as one macho military dad could be,” Stewart stated.

“Did they have a clue or was it a proverbial bombshell?”

“I think they knew.  I debated for 2 years about coming out to them and said fuck it I need to have peace of mind and take the consequences,” Stewart said.  “It was harder on me than it was my parents actually.  It however was such a relief to me to get that off my shoulders.”

“I just wondered how a military dad took his son being gay,” I stated.

“How did your parents take it?”

I laughed, “I came out when I was 17. My dad didn’t give shit and never has about me.  Mom accepts it for who I am.  I’m not that close to either of them right now. We’re the definition of a fragmented family.”

We continued to talk and let the conversation go wherever it went.  We finished the meal and fought over who was paying before deciding to split the check since it was a blind date.

On the way out, “There’s this cool local band playing down at the River District if you wanna go check em out?” I suggested since it was still early and so far thing were going really better than expected. “We don’t have to if you don’t wanna.”

“Sounds good to me.  I heard there’s lots of cool places down there but haven’t been yet,” Stewart stated. “It sucks going alone.”

“I bet,” I said.

“Is it a gay bar?”

“No, mixed.  This band has a nice following in the gay community here since the lead singer is openly gay,” I replied. “The group is mellow like Jason Mraz.”

“Sounds great,” Stewart stated with a nice smile that I loved seeing early on in the night.

We went down to the River District and struggled to find parking for a Friday night.  Once we did, it was a good 5 block walk to the bar where the band was playing.  I ordered us drinks to start out the show once we got in the door.   I spotted a few of my more normal friends there and introduced Stewart to them.  I could see they were shocked by him but in a good way. 

It was past 11 before the band hit the stage.  I wasn’t sure Stewart was really into them since he just sat at the table and watched with little emotion.  After an hour or so, I figured he had endured enough so we left the bar.

“We didn’t have to go,” Stewart said once outside away from the noise.

“I made you sit through enough for one night,” I stated.

“DJ, I really liked them even though I didn’t know a song.  They were very good with some really catchy melodies,” Stewart said while we walked.

We got back in my car and headed back to his place.  For a blind date, I thought it went really well and really liked Stewart.  I asked me inside if I wanted.  I agreed and followed him inside.

“I really had a great time tonight,” he said once we were seated on his sofa.

“I did too.  Thanks for taking a risk,” I said.

“I like taking risk.  DJ, I normally don’t date guys like you but you really are a sweet guy which is what I like.  Opening the door, I was a little shocked to tell you truth but now I just see you and none of this other stuff,” Stewart said and gestured to my tats and piercings.

“Sara said you were nice even though she barely knows you.  I can say she was wrong.  You’re fucking awesome, Stewart,” I said. “No other date would just go along.  Most guys have their own agenda and love telling me how great and wonderful they are.”

Stewart smiled and leaned over for our first kiss.  It wasn’t a little peek either.  We locked lips and enjoyed it or at least I did.  We stopped, looked at each other and kissed again with lots of smacking and tongue.  He ran his hands up my back and got my shirt off.  He glanced at my covered torso for just a second and continued.  I pulled off his shirt.  My eyes popped out of my head.

“Dammnn!” I said with emphasis on what was a really great body hiding under his tee.

Stewart smiled, “My best asset, huh?”

I ran my hands across his abs and could feel each ridge while we kissed.  I felt his hands down at my jeans with him freely exploring my crotch with his hand.  I helped him out and unbuttoned them for him to continue all the exploring he wanted and desired.

“This is so unlike me,” Stewart said.

“I don’t mind at all,” I smiled. “This is not like me either but what the hell? We’re both horny or at least I know I sure am!”

Now in my boxers, I undid his khaki shorts and pushed them off him.  He had some nice low rise briefs that made his body look even hotter.  I kissed down his body and peeled off his briefs to find a nice cock there waiting.  I cut my brown eyes up at him and put my mouth on his cock.  He lifted up and shed his briefs to be totally naked.  I sucked and licked his cock to let him enjoy my tongue ring. He ran his fingers through my long light brown hair while I enjoyed sucking his cock.

We stopped and kissed again.  He pulled down the waist band of my boxers and pulled out my long 8 and half cut cock.

“My best asset, huh?”

“One of them,” Stewart smiled. “Very hot and one fucking hot dick I must say.” 

I had my boxers off and let him take control.  He started by kissing my hips and moved to let his tongue run up and down the length of my shaft.  It felt so good!  He moved to my nuts and played with them while stroking my cock.  I felt his wet tongue with my cock getting harder by the second.  I watched him take my cock in his mouth and began working it diligently.  The feeling was overwhelming and had me feeling so much pleasure.  I moaned some while Stewart did his thing on my cock.  After a little while, he pulled up and filled my mouth with his tongue.  I lay there on his couch, pinned down and smothered with his lips.  Fucking heaven!

“DJ, I really want you!” Stewart said.

“I want you too, Stewart,” I replied quickly in lust over him.

We went to his bedroom in a rush of excitement and with us wanting more.  He found the necessary condoms and lube.  He was on his knees while I rimmed his nice ass with the help of a little jewelry.  He moaned and groaned with my tongue plunging his hole quickly.  My actions had him moaning and practically begging for more. 

Still on his knees, I stopped the rim job on his hot ass and put my cock at his crack.  I ran my covered cock up and down to incite him more.  I grabbed my cock by the base and stuck it at his quivering hole.  I wanted to be as gentle as possible with him.  He opened up and let my cock penetrate his hot wanting hole.  I heard his groan and let him adjust to me.  I did everything slow and wanted him to enjoy my cock as much as I was enjoying his tight ass.  Stewart took me without much problem and adjusted to me rather quickly.  For a first fuck together, it was simply great and very passionate. We kissed some during the intimacy while I was so into pleasing him sexually.  It didn’t last as long as either one of us wanted since we were so turned on by each other at the time.  Stewart came first shortly after he turned on his back.  I pulled out and let it fly with great volume and distance. 

We lay together after great sex which satisfied us to the max. I had to kiss him and show my appreciation for what just occurred.  He pulled me close while we smacked for some time.  He asked me not to leave him and stay the night there with him.  I knew when we got naked I was staying the night unless he wanted me to leave.  We snuggled in his bed and had our hands all over each other.  I was definitely using the chance to touch and feel his nice smooth body.  
I opened my eyes that Saturday morning here in early June and looked to see Stewart there next to me.  I saw it was 9:20 by the digital clock on his dresser.  He leaned over and kissed me.

“Everything cool?” he asked.

“It is with me.  How about you?”

“Definitely.  It couldn’t be better.  It was a great night with an unexpected but great ending,” he smiled. “You want some breakfast?”

“Ummm… I wouldn’t mind but don’t go to a lot of trouble,” I said.

“I’ll fix us some eggs and toast.  How’s that?”

“Sounds great,” I said.

Stewart took his naked body to the kitchen while I found the bathroom.  Normally running around naked wasn’t me but since he was I stayed that way.  I found him cooking and sat at the bar.  He looked so hot there cooking in the nude with some defined tan lines at his v shaped waist.  My mouth watered over him and couldn’t turn my attention away from him.  He served up the eggs and wheat toast along with juice and sat next to me. 

“DJ, do you run around naked at your place like this?” Stewart asked with one hand on my knee.

I laughed, “Nope.  My roommate does some but not me.”

“We can dress if you’re uncomfortable.  I start my day like this and don’t dress until I have to.  You live with 2 brothers and a sister like me and finally get out on your own, you might appreciate the freedom.”

“Hell if I had a bod like that, I won’t dress either. You have a lot to be proud of,” I stated. “How much do you work out to keep like this?”

“Well… here lately a lot since I was bored.  It beats sitting here either on the computer or watching television.”

“It definitely has given you some kick ass results.  I know it doesn’t happen overnight or with some magic pill.  I admire you and wish I could do the same,” I stated.

We finished eating while talking.  We had done a lot of talking since meeting and learned a lot about each other in a short time.  There really wasn’t much he told me I didn’t like. 

“Stewart, I really need to leave,” I stated after we finished.

“Alright,” he said quietly. “I was hoping we could spend the day together but I understand.”

I smiled, “I can’t let you down then.  I was wondering if I was overstaying my welcome here.”

“That’s what I like about you.  You are worried about me before yourself,” Stewart said. “We left the bar early because you were worried I didn’t like it.  You said you wanted breakfast if it wasn’t too much trouble. Now you’re worried about overstaying your welcome.”

“Ummm… I guess I was being courteous since this was our first date,” I said.  “I do need to run to my place and at least get some different clothes.”

“Now that I can see and agree with,” Stewart said. “Bring a swimsuit and we can lay out since it is so sunny outside today.”

I left his place and headed to mine.  It was the usual back at my place with my roommate and his nasty boyfriend sitting on the couch stoned out of their minds.  I made quick talk to be friendly and gathered a few changes of clothes.  I was out the door and glad to be away from this place I rented. 

I drove back to Stewart’s complex.  Instead of going straight to his place, I knew Sara deserved a visit.  I knocked on her door and waited for her.

“Hey DJ, how’s it going?” she asked.

“I just came by to thank you so much for setting me up with Stewart,” I said all smiles.

“I wondered if you two would click,” she said. “You want hear my news?”

“Sure,” I said still standing.

“I’m pregnant,” she said.

“So?” I asked and couldn’t tell how she felt.

“It is good now but last night was so rough.  Blaine and I are now happy with it after I found out yesterday for certain,” she said.  “At first I was so upset but we talked it over.  Things are better today.”

“Congrats girl,” I smiled and gave her a big hug since she had been my rock for so many years. “If you need anything, just holler.”

“I will,” she replied. “Are you here to see me or back to Stewart’s?”

“I’m heading back over there right now,” I replied with a wide smile.

“Hope it all works out for you guys.  DJ, you need a good guy in your life for a change.  You’re really a pretty cool guy and need someone that will treat you right and with respect.  Don’t blow it,” Sara said.

I gave her another hug and a kiss on the cheek before leaving.  I wished her well on her pregnancy and walked to Stewart’s apartment.  I knocked and heard him yell to come on in.  I walked inside and saw he was ready to hit the pool with his fire red Speedo on. 

“Damn, you’re bold,” I stated. “You look great though and have the perfect body for a Speedo.”

“It’s all I ever wear swimming or laying out,” Stewart said. “That is unless I go where I know it is totally unacceptable.”

I threw off my tank top and put it on the couch.  He showed me the way to the complex’s pool.  We found a chair and sat down to enjoy the sun on this warm June day.   We quietly laid there until I had to dive in the inviting pool.  It felt great and so refreshing since I’m not the biggest sun worshipper there is.   I got out and went to dry off.  Usually people are giving me the eye with all my ink but everyone was doing their own thing and didn’t seem to care.

We went back to his apartment after a few hours and not to overdo it with the intense sun. 

“Stewart, do you mind if I hit the shower real quick?” I asked.

“Under one condition,” he replied.

“What’s that?”

“Only if I can join you,” he smiled.

He led the way and took the honor of stripping off my board shorts.  I love practically peeling off his Speedo and could see how dark he was getting.  We kissed there in the bathroom with the water warming up.  He was definitely not short on passion and loved kissing and making out.  We stepped into the shower and continued our kissing between washing each other’s bodies.  We stayed in the shower for some time until departing and drying each other off slowly.

“DJ, I want to have sex with your hot ass again!” Stewart stated.

A reply wasn’t necessary since I was so ready to get with him again.  We walked into his bedroom and fell on his bed.  We continued making out there on top of his bed and rolling all over it.  We exchanged wet sloppy blow jobs before I ate his ass out something fierce.

I enter him with his legs spread wide and so inviting.  Within a few deep thrust, we were fucking as one and rocking his bed pretty hard.  I loved hearing him moan my name with each deep plunge into his hot ass.  He wanted it harder so I picked up the intensity to pound his ass.  He didn’t last long and came with me in him.  I pulled out and covered his sweet ass with my cum.

He pulled me close for a kiss.  We bit each other’s lip and kissed each other’s neck.

“DJ, this is so out of character for me but I just can’t help it,” Stewart said. “You are so sexy in some many ways.”

“Stewart, I absolutely love it,” I stated. “We both want the same thing and just go at it.  There’s nothing wrong with that the way I see it.”

Even though the fucking part was quick, both of us were satisfied and fulfilled with it.  I rolled off the top of him and lay next to him.  We didn’t say a word and reveled in our bliss.

“DJ, my friends would be so shocked to see me here with a guy like you.  My guys in the past have been so conservative,” Stewart said.

“Different for you, huh?”

“Very different.  I suppose I was ready for a change.  DJ, you are a great person who happens to like all this… this stuff,” Stewart pointed to my many tattoos and piercings.

“Just look at us as you being the jock and me the punk in this,” I smiled.

He smiled back.  We lay there a little while longer before deciding to stay in for the night to order take out and catch a movie there on his cable system.  Stewart didn’t want to bother with dressing to go out which was fine with me, even though I had clothes.  We watched his television for a little while before ordering food.  We both donned shorts not to be total prudes.  We settled in after eating and ordered a movie neither of us had seen. 

We had great sex after the movie ended there in his living room.  We lasted longer this go around since we took it easy to make it last.  Now I was so smitten with him and could tell he was with me or he just loved my long cock. 

The next day Sunday, I hung around his place until deciding to go back to my apartment in preparation for work the next morning.  I holed up in my room back at my place and thought a lot about the weekend.  The more I thought about it the more I missed being with him.  Anything would be better than stuck here with my roommate and his boyfriend.  They were nasty as hell and stayed either drunk or high or both.  I saw then why I stopped doing drugs a few years back and grew to hate being around them.

At 8, Stewart called my cell phone.  We talked for a few minutes.  He mentioned he was already missing me and I definitely was missing him.  He didn’t have to offer twice for me to come back over and stay with him.  I gathered my work things and headed out the door.

Stewart was there waiting on me at the door.  He greeted me properly with a big smile and a hot kiss that lasted until we fell onto his couch.

“DJ do you believe people can fall for each other after a few days?” he asked.

“Not until now.  I laughed when my friends told me they had but now I know,” I smiled.

“Same here.  Just one hot weekend was all it took for me,” Stewart smiled. “I’m really crazy about you.”

“I can tell but I’m just as crazy about you,” I stated. “You are so perfect for me from what I can tell.”

“I was hoping you would return for me tonight but I wasn’t sure if you felt like I did.”

“You could tell I was so ready and made it here in no time,” I smiled and kissed him again.

I didn’t care if I ever went back to my apartment again.  I was only renting the room out from him monthly and was free to move anytime I wanted.  Hopefully Stewart will ask me to move in with him but I’m not asking him. 


Just a one chapter story again.