Another story by Big 'D'... posted Feb 8, 2012

Before coming to college I never thought I would experience another guy after getting sucked off by that one guy in high school, but now I was more than happy to admit that I’m bisexual and I fucking love it.

Living with Matt, Corey and Kris is always nice, not just because I love them all to bits, they really are like family members to me now, but also because I can admit that they are smoking hot.

Sitting around with all four of us naked is nothing out of the ordinary anymore, so when we were sitting on the bed in Matt and Corey’s room chatting, I didn’t even think about us being naked. It was only when we got up to leave that I started to get hard.

Kris pulled Matt in to a kiss, which was hot to watch, and feeling a little left out I reached over and pulled Corey to me, enjoying his lips against mine and feeling his tongue slip into my mouth. That kiss had me fully erect.

Then we switched and I got to kiss Matt. As soon as my lips touched his it was like a fire was ignited inside me and I attacked his mouth with passion and energy. I was so happy to have him in my life, thankful for him opening my eyes to the gay world, and ever since I’d let Scott fuck me, my mind had been opened to the possibility of experiencing gay sex with guys other than Kris, so long as I could trust them. With that in mind I leaned close to Matt’s ear and spoke softly.

“One day, I want you to fuck me,”

Matt didn’t say anything in return but I saw him smile just a little and I could have sworn his body shuddered. I stepped back from Matt and was almost immediately pulled in to Kris’ arms. He kissed me with real hunger and passion and then looked directly into my eyes.

“Bro, I want you tonight,” he said.

I felt my dick and my asshole twitched. I replied with a smile, “I’m all yours.”

We left Matt and Corey in their room, closing their door behind us and quickly headed over to our own bedroom. As soon as the door was closed, Kris turned around and pushed my back against it, his hand on my pecs as he leaned in to kiss me again.

I returned the kiss with delight, loving the feel of Kris’ hard body against mine, his hot lips parting as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He is so fucking hot and damn sure knows how to kiss.

As Kris reached down and wrapped his hand around my hard cock I realised it was the first time we had actually fooled around since we had been rooming together. Sure we had fucked the other night with Andrea, but never one on one and never in this room.

I moaned as we pulled back from the kiss and I leaned against the door as Kris continued to stroke my cock, moving his hand up and down my throbbing shaft. I loved Andrea and always enjoyed having sex with her, but there was something about Kris’ strong hands wrapped around my cock that just turns me on that much more.

He kept working my cock, bringing in his other hand to start feeling up my balls, all the while never breaking eye contact with me, it was so intense.

After another minute or so of us just staring at each other with his hand pumping my cock, Kris leaned back in to me, but instead of kissing my lips, like I had expected him to, he went straight for my neck, running his tongue along the underside of my jaw.

I moaned and put my hand on the back of his head as he continued to kiss my neck and then worked his way down my chest until he had one of my nipples between his lips. He kissed it at first, soft, long kissed. Then his tongue joined in on the action, flicking at my nipple as I continued to groan. Finally he sucked gently on it and ended the whole thing with a soft bite that made me jump and yelp.

Moving further down my body, Kris kissed each one of my abs which looked amazing as they, along with pretty much every muscle in my body, tensed up. He ran his tongue along every crease in my abs until he started following the little trail of hair I had let grow down so his nose was eventually in my trimmed pubes.

I gasped as he took my cock back in his hand and gave it a few strokes before pulling it toward his mouth, sucking the head between his lips. I threw my head back against the door, feeling the warmth of his mouth on my cock as the tip of his tongue started licking at the head of my cock, circling it and digging deep into my slit.

Kris started bobbing his head up and down on my cock, taking more and more of my shaft into his mouth, trying to suck it deep. Since out first time other, on that infamous night on Spring Break, Kris had really learned how to suck a cock and was so good at it. I think Matt was probably the only person who had ever sucked my cock better than Kris did.

He was moaning around my cock as he continued to suck it, clearly loving having me in his mouth. The moans sent vibrations through my dick that travelled all over my body, making me shudder with pleasure.

I looked down at Kris’ beautiful face as my cock slide between his lips. He was looking up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes of his and it looked as if he was trying to smile around my dick. Glancing further down I saw that Kris’ own dick was rock hard and was dripping precum onto the carpet as he slowly jerked himself off as he sucked me.

I loved that Kris got off on my body and on sucking my dick, but if we were doing this I wanted it to me more about both of us and not just about him servicing me, so even though the blow job felt so good, I wanted more.

Gently placing my hand on Kris’ face, I pushed him off my cock and heard a pop as it slipped out from between his lips. He looked up at me with pleading eyes as if I was a nasty parent who had just taken a kid’s lolly pop from them.

I chuckled slightly, pulling Kris to his feet and placing my hands on both sides of his head, drawing him to me so I could kiss him with all the passion he deserved. Our tongue duelled with each other and Kris started running his hands up and down my back.

We moved slightly during the kiss and both groaned as we felt the tips of our dicks touch. A jolt of pleasure shot through me. I broke the kiss and pushed Kris backwards until he was sitting on his bed with his legs spread.

I got down on my knees and rubbed up and down his thighs with my strong, slightly rough hands, watching his dick twitch as I leaned in closer, extending my tongue, which I used to run up the entire length of Kris’ cock, from the base to the tip. When I got to the head I gave it a soft kiss and then used my tongue to pull it into my mouth.

“Oh yeah…” Kris breathed as I started sucking his dick.

I loved the feeling of a dick in my mouth. I never thought I would but it gave me such as rush. Only a dick could be so soft and yet so hard, so tender and gentle and yet throbbing and pulsing violently all at the same time. It was incredible.

The taste of Kris’ precum on my tongue got my senses tingling and made me pick up the pace of my sucking as I bobbed up and down faster and faster, pretty much fucking my face down on Kris’ dick that was really leaking into my mouth.

I pulled back and let Kris’ dick slip out of my mouth. I rose up and pushed Kris down onto the bed, climbing on top of him and pinning him down as I returned my mouth to his and we started to make out furiously, Kris’ hand going all over my back as he wrapped his legs around my waist.

As the kiss continued I moved my hips slightly so that my dick was pressed down on top of Kris’ and I slowly started to thrust forward so the two shafts rubbed against each other and we both moaned into each other’s mouth when the heads touched.

I moved again, though I never broke the kiss, enjoying the feeling of Kris’ tongue being in my mouth. Without using my hands I managed to get my dick to point downward and when I lowered myself back on to Kris my dick was now running along the crack of his ass, almost touching his hole, as I started to thrust against him.

Kris moaned and threw his head back, breaking the kiss. “Fuck me, Colt, fuck me! I need your dick inside me so bad.”

I just smiled and kissed him again, more than happy to give him what he wanted. After another minute of kissing and thrusting against Kris, which only made him beg that much more, I got up off the bed, grabbing the lube and condoms quickly before returning to Kris’ lips.

With Kris still on his back I pulled away from him until I was sitting back on my knees. I poured some lube onto my hand and moved it down to his ass, first teasing the hole and then slipping a finger inside. Kris moaned and arched his back, pushing his ass back onto my hand, so I quickly added a second finger and started fucking him with them.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…” Kris panted. “Stick your dick in me now, man, fuck me hard.”

My dick throbbed hearing him say those words and I wanted it just as bad as he did. I reached over and grabbed a condom, tearing the wrapper open and then rolling the condom down my hard cock. Kris’ eyes were on my dick the entire time and I thought I saw him lick his lips.

I quickly applied a good amount of lube to my covered cock and used my hand to position it back at Kris’ hole, just gently teasing the opening without pushing in as he remained on his back, pulling his legs up toward his chest.

“Oh stop fucking teasing me and just fuck me,” Kris pleaded.

Damn! I knew he was horny but not this horny, begging me to fuck him. I really wanted to keep teasing him but in the end I just wanted to fuck him that much more so I slowly pushed forward and my dick started to sink inside him.

“Oh fuck yes!” Kris groaned as I pushed past his opening and kept moving, not stopping until my balls touched his ass.

I loved the feeling of having all of my cock inside Kris’ tight ass. My cock was never squeezed so good as it was when I was fucking Kris. I loved fucking pussy more than I can put in to words but having Kris’ ass wrapped around my cock was just out of this world.

After giving him about 30 seconds to adjust to being full of my cock I started to move inside him, slowly drawing my dick back out of him until only the head remained and then pushing it all back in so I bottomed out in his ass.

I kept up those movements until Kris moved his hands down to my ass and started trying to pull me deeper and harder in to him. I didn’t need him to speak to tell me what he wanted so I started to move faster, pulling out and thrusting back in with shorter, more powerful jabs.

I worked up a nice rhythm so I was fucking Kris’ ass at a nice pace that had us both moaning but could last for hours since it made us both feel real good without taking us close to the edge.

It wasn’t long before I felt Kris arching his back and trying to lift his ass of the bed in an attempt to meet my thrusts so that I was fucking his ass harder. I smiled.

“You like my dick inside you, Kris?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah! Fuck me! Harder.”

“You want it harder?”

“Yes!” he screamed.

I didn’t say anything else, I just moved my hands to the back of his knees and pushed on them, lifting his ass further off the mattress to give me better access to his hole. When I did that I leaned forward more and rose up slightly so I had a better angle from which to really drill Kris’ ass.

He had asked for it harder and that is what I was going to give him. I thrust my hips forward as fast and hard as I could so our skin met and it sounding like I was spanking him when really I was just picking up the pace as I moved in and out of him, really pounding his hot muscle ass.

“That’s it, Colt, that’s it! Fuck my ass, bro,” Kris shouted.

I kept hammering down into Kris’ ass and there was a slight creak which I thought meant the bed was about to collapse beneath us with me fucking him so hard, but the bed held up, just as Kris’ ass did as I pummelled it with my dick.

My body was covered in sweat and I needed to slow down just a little, so I stopped thrusting quite so hard and leaned back just a little. When I did that I saw Kris’ rock hard cock laying against his amazing eight pack, glistening with the precum that was flowing out of his dick. It was so hot and I needed me some of that.

I pulled my cock completely out of Kris’ ass, hearing his disappointed groan. I think Kris thought it was just some sexual maneuverer and I was going to just plunge it back inside him, which we had done before, but I had different ideas.

I bent down and started licking the precum off his abs, loving the taste of the juices that were unique to Kris. Then I gently sucked on the head of his cock, really making him moan and buck up into me.

What Kris didn’t see was that I pulled off my own condom and dropped it to the floor. I reached over for another one and got it out of its packet so that when I pulled my mouth off Kris’ cock, I immediately lifted it with my hand and slide the condom down it.

Kris’ head shot up off the bed, his eyes open wide as he stared directly in to my own eyes as I rose up on the bed so I was hovering over him, pouring lube into my hand which I then spread all over his cock and then gently pushed into my ass.

He didn’t speak the entire time I was doing that, whether it was because he was speechless or what, I didn’t know, but he let out a huge groan as I lowered my ass down on to his throbbing cock and it started to push inside me.

I closed my eyes and let my head roll back as I continued to lower myself down on to Kris’ cock, which I could actually feel pulsating inside me as it moved further in to my depths, filling me up and stretching me wide.

I don’t think I could ever get tired of feeling Kris’ dick inside me, not that I was used to riding him, that was usually a position he took since I think he loved the rush of giving yourself up to another man and letting him fuck your ass, while still actually being in control of the whole situation because you could pretty much take charge of the speed and depth of the thrusts into your ass.

As soon as I felt Kris’ balls and trimmed pubes against my ass I rose back up and started to ride him, letting the dick slide out of my until only the last inch remained inside, squeezing my ass tight to make sure it didn’t slip out, before sitting back down on it, impaling myself on his hot cock.

I leaned forward and placed my hands on Kris’ chest, resting my body weight on him as I started to move faster, up and down on the cock, really fucking myself on it, loving every inch as it plunged inside me and occasionally rubbed that special spot deep inside my ass.

“Ride that dick, Colt, that’s it.” Kris exclaimed.

“Yeah,” I moaned. “Fuck up in to me, Kris.”

I yelped as I felt Kris trust his hips up to meet my lowering ass, really driving his dick deep inside me and starting to hammer my ass. His hands came up to rest on my biceps and he seemed to be using them to get extra leverage, pumping his hips even harder so he was really pounding me.

Then he really surprised me by throwing me off his body, completely removing his cock from my ass. I landed on the bed beside him and watched with wonder as he tore the condom off his cock.

“What are you doing, bro?” I asked, still confused.

“I’m close, man, but I want to cum while you’re inside me,” Kris said, turning on the bed so he was on his hands and knees, presenting his ass to me.

I just smiled and got up from the bed, grabbing another condom and quickly rolling it down my cock. Kris’ ass was already lubed from me fucking it earlier so I just stepped forward and plunged my dick back into his ass.

Kris screamed as I started to fuck him. Knowing he was close made me want to cum that much harder and I knew that I could last a while so if I really wanted to cum soon I needed to fuck his ass hard.

I gripped on to his hips hard and started to pull him back against me as I thrust forward. Kris soon joined me and was rocking back and forth, really shoving his ass back in to me, trying to drive as much of my dick up inside him as possible.

“Yes, yes, fuck my ass,” Kris moaned.

“You getting close?” I asked.

“Yes!” Kris panted.

I smiled and reached over, pulling him up by his shoulders until his back was against my chest. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed his neck. Then I reached down to feel his rock hard, leaking cock and I started to jerk it in time to the hard thrusts of my dick that were still pummelling his ass.

I slid my tongue into his ear and whispered, “cum for me, Kris. I’m about to cum inside you and I want to see you shoot your load all over your bed and then sleep in my cum all night long.”

At that Kris’ body shuddered and his dick twitched in my hand. His dick started firing shots of cum out of his cock that were so powerful they sailed past the bed and splattered the wall. It was only when his shots started to slow down that they landed on the sheets.

As he came his ass started to spasm around my cock and really massaged it. I couldn’t take it any longer. I tightened my grip around Kris’ dick as it still continued to shoot and buried my dick as deep in his ass as possible as I blew my own load, filling the condom to capacity.

When we both came down from our incredible orgasms, I gave his dick a few more strokes, kissed his neck and then pulled out of him. Kris fell down on to his bed, exhausted, so I moved back to my own and lay down on it, pulling my hand up to my mouth so I could lick Kris’ cum from my fingers.

We turned to each other with a massive smile and just laughed as we lay back and quickly drifted off to sleep.


Another hot chapter written by Big 'D'.  Sorry but this should have been posted after Chapter 57.    The question is:  Did it happen and Colt lied about it in Chapter 57 or was it a fantasy/dream Colt had?

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