Written by Andy


Today was going to be a great day with the fair being back in town; just when I thought there would be one weekend where we would do nothing. But of course, regardless of the weekend, whether we stayed and chilled in the room or had events planned, one thing we could guarantee was fun.

This weekend started out slightly bad, with most my friends having made other plans. Cody and Ethan were actually camping with the footballers Ted, Myles and Luke. Corey and Kris would have joined them, but Corey had a major paper to finish and Kris had made plans with Megan before and couldn't get out of them. Garrett and Bryson took Alex and Shawn hunting, which bummed out Colt who hadn't been able to get much this semester. Andrea was dragging Colt home to her parents this weekend. As for Jordy, he went back to spend the weekend with Brad, while Yancey and Parker went to have fun at the hotel Corey and I stayed at.  Brennan took the opportunity to visit home, since he never liked hunting that much to join his boyfriend. Antonio and Joe had disappeared, but they weren't really part of group that much. Scott had vanished completely also, I have no idea where he went; I called but got no answer. So, surprisingly it was just Corey and me, in the dorm room all Saturday for a change of pace.

Around 3 o'clock, all of that changed. I was flipping through Facebook and seeing what was happening, and it shocked me that I hadn't been on the computer a lot this month.  Then, I noticed when I was checking my grades on the college website; there was link to the school newspaper. I never realized, after 2 years there was school paper.  So I read the various articles: a potential strike may occur next year, unless the school and the unions hammer out an agreement over the summer.  The local fraternity was busted last week when one of its members was caught selling drugs to many of his fellow frat members. The man in question was Jason, my former stalker. What was more interesting there was mention of Jason's girlfriend being caught using those drugs when the cops entered the place. It was interesting because Jason's girlfriend was Monica.  There was small interview from Liz mentioning that Monica had been using men and had been a bad seed all around.  I kept reading the articles which were becoming more interesting. There was a featured sports article about Ted. I cannot believe he kept that quiet from all of us.  There was nothing else interesting of note until I got the last section which described things going on about town. It turns out that this week, starting tonight, the fair that came to college last semester is back, and they had some new features. I wanted to bring Corey along with me tonight.

As I finished reading the full paper online, the door burst open and in walked Kris with a smile on his face.

"You just scored eh?" I laughed

"Yep, I came back to see how you were doing," he said.

"No, you came to see if we had any plans, because you were bored out of your mind."

"You would be too if you had to stand there and look at boring ass paintings." Megan's mother was an accomplished artist, and was unveiling her new piece at the art gallery where Corey and I went last year. Megan promised to bring Kris to meet her.

"Kris, art is not that bad. I am sure her mother's exhibit was exciting?"

"It was a blue canvas with some birds on it. Plus her mother owns the art gallery, so I got the full tour of the place."

"Yeah, I can see why she put out for you," I laughed.

Kris smiled and put his feet up while he flipped through the channels. He went on to tell me about the meeting with the mother, and how good the sex was with Megan. I was surprised by this because he normally didn't talk about their sex life at all.

"We should have sex again; you know just me and you. You know hot guys exploring each other's body and having some fun."

I thought about the idea for long while. Ever since I returned from the spring break, that idea had been floating around. I haven't discussed the idea of having sex with Kris with Corey, because I don't know how to approach the situation. There is still a little part of me who would think it would be cheating without Corey present. However, I am confident in knowing that Corey and I would be on firm ground.

Before I ventured a response to Kris's query, Corey entered the main room and grabbed a beer from the fridge, declaring he had finished his paper. I gave him a congratulatory kiss.

"So," Kris questioned me again, I knew Kris would never let Corey's inclusion throw him off. "Kris, honestly; I have thought about it, and with Corey's permission; I think it would be something worth doing."

Corey looked at me, perplexed.

"Well," I started, but I couldn't convey my thoughts to words, and just stammered. Kris noting my inability to speak, spoke up.

"I want to fuck Matt again, and I would love to do it alone; and just have fun with his body."

"Huh?" Corey grunted. "You guys have had fun twice this year."

"Yeah, but you were present. We want to explore each other's body, and just have fun."

I thought I needed to speak up. "I agree with Kris, when we had our all night chat after my dad got sick, Kris and I just stayed up talking; we never once got physical. We don't need to be physical."

"I should hope not," Corey stated. "Do you love Kris?"

"Of course I do, but he is my brother, best friend nothing more."

"Good" He smiled. "I know Matt you have wanted to have a physical relationship with Kris; you have wanted to have one ever since you met him. I don't see why guys shouldn't have fun. Colt and Kris do it every so often, and it didn't impact their relationship with their girls."

"In fact it made the sex even better," Kris piped up; smiling by the way Corey was giving into the idea.

Corey waved his hand up, "Though, I just ask that you inform me when it happens."

I nodded and kissed Corey passionately for giving his permission. Kris smiled wickedly at me and I shook my head. "Kris, you horny bastard, when the time is right and the mood is right. I want it to be good."

Corey laughed at this and was back on the couch, "Kris, remember his dick will always be mine."

"Sure, sure."

The door flew open and Colt entered. "FUCKING HORSESHIT." 

Kris got up and went to over to Colt. He brought his best friend over and sat him down next to him. “What is it?”

“Andrea’s fucking parents, they wanted us to fucking breakup,” Colt said, and the three of us just stood there, unbelieving the claim he just made.

“What?” I blurted out.

“I went down with her yesterday to meet her parents. Andrea’s father is a traditional gentleman. He thought of me as a low class hick.” Kris was about to speak. “Shut up, Kris. I am in no fucking mood for your stupid jokes.
“Anyways, Andrea’s father reminded me of my old man. How he couldn’t respect gay people. This guy couldn’t respect people below his class level. He spent the entire dinner belittling me; trying to ask what my folks did. When he learned the truth, he forbade Andrea to see me again. He threw me out of the house. I haven’t looked back since.”
Kris didn’t say anything, but I knew he was boiling mad. I knew it. I looked at him and he was fuming. Corey spoke up next, though. “What about Andrea, did she leave with you.”
“No, she didn’t. She stayed with her folks to try and convince them I was the right person for their daughter.”
“That’s good,” I said trying to look for the silver lining.
“Maybe. I didn’t hear from her until late that night when I was back at home. She lives close by the lake. Her father forbids me to see her, and even threatened to disown her and at that moment Andrea, unfortunately choose her father. She even told me there were deeper reasons that she never told me about. Ever since Kris and I played with her the second time, she started to want him more than me.”
“That bitch,” Kris mouthed. “You do know I would never, ever do that to you.”
“I know, Buddy,” he said and smiled a little. “So, I dumped her that night and came back here. I didn’t want to ruin you guys time with my news until I could see you in person, so I called Chase and we had a long chat about it.”
“I’m sorry, Bro,” Corey managed to speak up.
“It’s okay,” Colt began.
“No the fuck it is not; you are so much better than her and her shit family. First Monica messed up your fucking head with bullshit; now Andrea fucked you up by wanting your best friend.” I couldn’t believe that came out of my mouth.
“MATTHEW!” Kris yelled.
“Shut up, Kris.” Colt smiled. “Matt’s right. I am giving up girls. They are so much trouble.”
“Nah, Bro,” Kris stated, “You just need to find the right one.”
With that comment the door opened again.
“Who the fuck is it this time?” Kris joked.
Scott and Jess entered the room and smiled. “We wanted to see how our favourite friends were doing.”
“Well,” I summarized the facts so far. “Corey gave me and Kris permission to fuck if we want to; and Colt and Andrea broke up because her father disapproved of him, and she started to have feelings for Kris.”
“What’s so good about Kris?” Jess joked.
“Before you go attacking, Jess,” Corey said, “I want to amend my statement. I want to be able to fuck around with whoever I want, like Scott and Colt.”
I thought about it, while Kris tackled Jess. “That sounds okay.”
“Awesome. I doubt it will happen, but I am glad we can do this.”
I changed the subject to Scott who was watching his boyfriend get pummelled. “This is where you were this weekend?”
Scott nodded. “What can I say, I missed him.”
I hugged Scott, as Kris finally got off of Jess. Jess wasn’t limping anymore, and was smiling.
“I have an idea,” I said. I told them about the fair being in town; and about us all going there to enjoy our time.
Kris nodded. “That sounds like fun.”
While we were changing for the fair, Kris came into Matt and Corey's room with bang. Matt is so used to this it didn’t bother him at all. Kris was smiling, and happy as can be. He had something behind his back.

"This seems like the perfect opportunity to give this to you." Kris said.
Matt smiled and took the badly rapped gift. It reminded him of the time when he gave Kris the nude photos from the past Christmas. Matt ripped open the package. Inside was leather bound book.
"What's this?" Matt asked curiously.
"It's a diary. You have been collecting so many pictures over the last two years, and not to mention so many memories. Now each night you can record your thoughts, so when you start losing your mind when you get older, you can reflect on those good times."
Matt thought it was a great idea; he had always wanted to start a diary, just never had the time to get a book. He hugged Kris and thanked him."
Kris smiled and left him to change. As he was leaving he said. "Oh, I wrote a little something inside."
Matt opened the front cover and inside was a little note form Kris. "Brother, thank you for everything you did. I cannot ask for a better friend. Maybe this will help." Kris signed his name at the bottom.
On top of the front cover was little bag. Inside was a locket. I opened it up and there were two pictures: one of Kris and the other of Corey. I put the locket on and was just about to close this new diary, but I decided to log my first entry.  I titled it “Rooming with my Best friend.” After writing a quick summary of events, I flipped through the book, and on the last page there was a picture of me and my five best friends sitting naked on the sofa.
I finally put the diary away and left the room. Corey and Colt argued over who was going to drive. Kris just nodded to me, but he needed to show his appreciation and kissed me full on the mouth. That stopped the bickering, and I showed Corey and Colt the locket. Finally, with Colt driving we made our way to the fair.
So we went there and looked around. Before I could get my first chicken leg, everybody went their own separate ways. Corey stayed behind with me. Scott and Jess vanished to the Tunnel of Love. Kris went to the Haunted House, and Colt departed to the Fun House. I walked for bit and noticed Corey was distracted by one of the new attractions. I couldn’t see what it was, but he disappeared in the crowd.

I went into the haunted house and was lead down a long hallway with three doors. The first door had a sign on it saying: “Open at your own risk.” The second door had another sign: “Big mistake.” The last door said: “It’s your own funeral.”
Not heeding the first door’s warning, I walked in and noticed a picnic scenario and an enchanting young woman waving me over. I thought it couldn’t hurt, so I went over and sat down next to her. She poured us some wine and I just sipped the drink. Being my normal self I tried to strike up a conversation; however, she wasn’t in the mood for talking. She point to some strawberries in a bowl and motioned for me to feed them to her. So, I did and after the first three, she turned her head and made for my lips. I enjoyed the kiss so much.
When we broke the kiss, she pointed to strawberries again, I looked down and there was a huge spider in the bowl. I yelped. She just laughed at my discomfort. I kicked the bowl away, and the spider went flying. I looked down on my arms and there were little baby spiders crawling up and down. I tried my hardest the get rid of them, but I couldn’t. The women got me to try and relax with another kiss. It was soothing, and with her hands she started stripping off my clothes. The spiders were the last thing on my mind. I stood there fully naked, when she told me to close my eyes and lie down. I did so, and I started to feel very hairy legs over my body.  I opened my eyes and I saw a giant spider on me. There was a blood curdling scream coming out of my mouth. I felt a bite on my dick, and I looked down and the small tarantula had just bit me. I ran for it and I made through the door into the hall.
I was fully clothed again, and there were no spiders anywhere. I was sweating so hard. After moments of thought, I realized how they did it; by putting something in my drink. This was the second time that had happened to me. Knowing what to expect, I thought I was able to handle the next door, marked ‘Big Mistake’.
The door opened and I was exiting a house in a very familiar neighbourhood. There were no cars in sight. I just walked along the road and looked around, thinking I had been here before. I sat down on one of the folding chairs that a neighbour had left out on the porch and waited for something to occur.
It looked to be early in the morning. There was some distant noise in the background. It sounded like a car radio. The music was coming closer, and then the car could be heard. A few minutes later a small kid with blond hair, who couldn’t be more than 13 or 14, came outside to figure out what the loud noise was. The car came into view, and the instant I saw the red Volkswagen, I knew who the driver was, and knew what was about to happen. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t. The driver saw something on the road and turned the car sharply to the left.
The car slammed head on into the tree, the driver was thrown from the vehicle through the windshield, and had his skull smash against the trunk of the tree. The guy was instantly killed. The little kid came running, screaming. “Nathan! Nathan!”  I was closer to the accident, and I knew I shouldn’t look, but I walked closer and saw the dead body. I screamed, and held it close to me. I flung the little kid away and held him in my arms. The tears never stopped. “I never told you how much I loved you; how much you changed; how much you meant to me.” I kept crying and felt not my brother, but Matt. The man who meant more to me than anybody I ever met. I closed Matt’s eyes, only to be tasered by the kid.
I woke up in the hallway. I couldn’t believe it; I thought the spiders were bad, but seeing my Matt die before my eyes in the same horrible way my own brother died was worse. I couldn’t take any more of this. I got up and headed for the exit. I didn’t want to know what the last door revealed. I walked passed it and headed for the exit.
I opened it and was in a graveyard. I realized the exit wasn’t that; but the third door marked: “It’s your own funeral.”
I walked very cautiously to the sound of some minister speaking. I looked around, and I saw my tombstone. I should leave this place, but I sat on one of the folding chairs and listen to the minister speak. “Here lies Kristopher Joshua Stanton. He wasn’t a great man; he wasn’t a born leader, he was nobody. Survived only by his older brother Nathan, he leaves this world without a friend in the world.”
At the sound of Nathan’s name I looked and saw a frail looking brother. He had to be sixtyish. He had tears in his eyes. The minister continued, “Kris died by his own hands, taking his life like a coward. He died because he was lonely, and he couldn’t handle it.”
I refused to believe this would be the case. I got up, and that’s when the minister noticed me, and the frail looking Nathan walked towards me. He grabbed my arm and pushed me into another scene. This time it seemed I was back in the second room, because the road and neighbourhood were back. Nathan pushed through the doors of one of the houses and I walked into the bedroom of my old house. A young and healthy looking Nathan was reading to the kid who tasered me.
“I never died Kristopher, you convinced me not to go out that night, and this was the actions that lead to your suicide.”
We left the bedroom and went back onto the street walking up it, while Nathan talked. “I never went to the party that night; thus, I never got into the accident. You never lost your brother, you never had to grow up, and you never had to change.” He pushed into another scene. When I saw a guy who looked just like me when I graduated, sitting at the computer playing some stupid game.
“You never met Tanner, never had a crew. You never had a temper. Thus, you never were in the principal’s office, and you never had to be rescued by Matt to get you out of trouble. This was your life all the way up to college. You go to school, come home and chat with me. After three years, I gave up on you changing and left you to it.”
I was pushed to another scene, and I was a room that looked like my first dorm room. I saw Brad and my college-self there. What was killing me was there was no talking. I was watching some TV show, and Brad was playing on the computer. Where was Matt, what happened to him?
“This was your second year of college. You never moved into the suites, you never talked to your neighbours; you never met Colt, who is dealing with his asshole roommate Bryan, As for Brad; you guys never had your little rift, and became friends long distance.”
“How come he wasn’t at my funeral?” This was turning out to be a horrible nightmare. I was pushed into another scene, and this time I was packing up my things and leaving the college for the ride home. I heard myself say to the Brad, “Thanks for nothing asshole.”
I turned to Nate. “Without Matt in your life, you never studied and like Jess the year before; you flunked out. You blamed Brad for it, for not pushing you.”  Nate grabbed my arm and I was being pushed away from that scene and pushed back into the street and walked into another house. There was a 50 year old man with two scars on his face, and he was missing a finger. He was fat and drinking heavily. It was Matt. 
“What happened?” I asked Nate. I couldn’t take much more of this.
“You were never there to help him come out of the closet, and the bullies at high school beat him up every day.  One time he tried to fight back, but the bully knifed him in the face. The cut goes all the way done to his stomach. Since then Matt hasn’t made friends with anybody. As for his finger, Lee fought him, when he realized he was gay; you weren’t there to protect him. After that day, he lost all the fight in him, and just continued in fear. Obviously, Lee got kicked out, and you know what happened to Jess. You see, his second year, the stalker was back, you remember him, he beat him to pulp, Matt lost his front teeth. Now, he never he lost his father, who he never met; he lost his mother died, and he’s left here alone drinking and eating waiting to die.”
“But Corey must have helped?” I asked hoping for some silver lining. This turn of events was getting worse and worse.
“I don’t think so,” he said and pushed me back to gravesite. We passed several tombstones until we came up to one small cracked one: “Corey Trenton.” 
“Of course, I never died, thus you never beat Derek up in the hospital, and he never travelled, thus when Corey was being ridiculed at school, Derek wasn’t around to save his life when he was sitting on the edge of cliff.”
“No more, please! I couldn’t take this anymore.”  But Nathan wasn’t listening; he showed me three more tombstones
‘Jess Frampton died in college his third year because Lee got out of jail and killed him; without the gang around he had nobody.” Nathan pointed to the first.
“Colt Landerham married Monica only to learn on his second anniversary that she was sleeping around on him, with his best friend Bryan. He and Chase never became close; so after his marriage ended he went hunting, was distracted and accidentally died on the trip by falling over some rocks..” Nathan pointed to the second stone.
“Matt Raymond died in that very chair you saw him in; without a soul in the world who cared for him.”
I closed my eyes and curled into a ball. I couldn’t take it anymore. My brother dying meant all this. No! No!  I got up and ran toward a door that I prayed was the exit. It opened and I ran straight out and into the fairground. I ran so fast I knocked over some guy. He called out, “Kris?”  I turned and ran into Matt’s arm, crying.
I thought about Andrea and how I needed to forget about that bitch and move on. I saw the fun house and I thought laughing would be great. After going through a little moving sidewalk, I came to the hall of mirrors.  I looked at the first one, and saw I was taller and wider than I normally would be. The second one, there was me surrounded by Corey, Matt and especially Kris, and Kris’s dad was standing by the door. I remembered that moment, having friends like that who didn’t care my dad was prick, and just hugged me.
The next mirror, showed Matt holding Kris with tears in Matt’s eyes. His arm was holding Kris very close. Kris’s eyes were staring widely at the wall in front of him. I didn’t recognize the scene at first, but I knew it was from before my time with the crew, when Matt drank something he shouldn’t. The next one was more recent, it was me at the lake talking to Chase about his girlfriend troubles.  The next mirror showed us naked at the nude beach. The mirror after that, I didn’t recognize at all; it was me holding a guitar, with Kris by my side holding me as I played. Corey and Matt were lying on the grass comfortably with their shirts off, and Corey’s hand was in Matt’s pants while listening to the music, and Scott and Jess were smiling at the song. Jess was lying on the log bench, with his head on Scott’s lap.  I just walked passed that smiling at the memory. The last mirror showed us all sitting at a table after Matt’s father’s passing. Kris was standing giving a toast.
Passing the mirrors, I walked through what I thought was an open door to the next room, but instead, the floor gave way and I was falling down a chute. I managed to land where there were pillows. I looked out and saw a scene that made me laugh until the my sides hurt. Matt was standing in the middle of the room receiving a blow job from three people. I remembered it instantly when I saw it. Matt had his board shorts off and was smiling as Corey, Scott and Brennan where taking his dick. I noticed something else; Kris was staring at my dick, which I had out. I watched the scene play out, and then I walked the marked floor to another room.
This room was totally white; the floor, the ceiling and the walls were all white. There were trees everywhere. On the ground was actual snow. I walked into the room, and then Kris pelted me with a snow ball. Matt threw another at me from behind a bush. I ducked when Corey came at me and grabbed some snow and pelted them all. It turned out they weren’t real people though, but were throwing snowballs at everybody. I laughed to myself at how wonderful that snowball fight was back in our first year.
The back wall opened up, and the floor in front of me started moving forward, like those moving sidewalks, except they were in the shape of the cardboard boxes we used to slide down hills. I realized when I moved the sidewalk, it was pushing the snow over a little hill that had been put into place. I was approaching the edge, but before I went over, handle bars were bought in front of me. I grabbed them and held on as I flew for a few seconds only to land in box. But it was not a box; it was one my four wheelers, and I put it on the track. I let instinct take over and drove that thing as fast it would go. Chase and Tabor and Kris were alongside me, but then three drivers turned around and aimed for me. Chase actually aimed for Kris and knocked his four wheeler off the course. Tabor then knocked Chase out of the way, and then it was me and him in our four wheeler bumper cars. I went full throttle, but it didn’t help any; Tabor got me and bumped through the side wall into field of grass
I looked out and walked to the first object I saw and it was a tent. As soon as I approached it the flaps opened up and inside were Kris and me engaged in sex. Kris smiled and slowly pushed his cock back in my ass until he bottomed out again. Then once again he pulled back, removing his cock from me and rubbed it up and down my crack.
I heard myself plead, “Oh stop fucking teasing me, Kris. I need you to fuck me. Please.”  I remembered how much Kris smiled at the fun as that happened. Reliving that camping trip always put a smile on my face. I moved on to the next tent and saw the flaps there were open also.
This was different, I knew without hearing the conversation, what was happening. But I listened all the same.
“You’re right,” Kris sighed. “I keep thinking about having sex with you again and it just doesn’t feel right. I’ve got all these urges I don’t want to have and if we keep fucking each other, we’ll never get over them, and that scares me, because you’re one of my best friends, I don’t want you as a boyfriend.”
“Neither do I,” I heard myself say.
“So we are agreed then? We need to stop fucking around with guys.”   I laughed at that statement, because I thought that would be the end our sexual episodes, but it continued and got better and better.
The final tent was seen in the distance, and I had a pretty good picture which one I will be witnessing there. As the flaps opened, I was right and wrong. Inside the flaps was the bed Kris and I slept in at Bishop’s house. On the bed was Kris and me; Kris scooted close and grabbed me for a passionate kiss. We kissed for a while with tongue involved.
“I was hoping your ass would wanna do something.” I heard myself say. I just watched the scene unfold. This along with my time in Kris’s bed at Christmas, was one my favourite moments.
“Bro, you’re fucking hot.” Kris said.
“Kris, you are so fucking hot too.” 
I watched the sex like I couldn’t believe it. But just as Kris was about to climax, the flaps of the tent closed, and the wind blew so hard that I was pushed along the moving sidewalk into another room. This one was all black. There were four doors to choose from: “Earth”, “Wind”, “Water” and “Fire.” In the middle of the room was a small platform on wheels. The moving sidewalk led me to it. I got on it and it started to turn like a playground spinning wheel, I got dizzy and I landed in front of the door “Wind”, so I walked toward it. But I was walking diagonally thus I ended opening the Water door.
I looked around as somehow I was back home by the lake, and there was Ted all dry around the lake.  He walked toward me. There was something in his hand. He threw a water balloon at my head and it splattered me. I saw the table across from me with fifty water guns and ran towards it. Ted, though, was faster with a massive fire hose that soaked me completely.  I grabbed the biggest gun and soaked him. This continued for a few minutes, until Kris, Tabor and Chase showed up and tried to soak me. I laughed at their failed attempt. Kris then continued the fun in the lake by stripping off and throwing himself into the water. Ted carefully stripped me and threw me in. The splashing continued. However, before Ted joined us Cody and Ethan pushed the giant footballer into the water.
I laughed and laughed and dunked Kris’s head in the water. I didn’t want this to end.  I enjoyed the fun I was having. I got out stark naked and saw the three doors marked Wind, Earth and Fire remained. I opened Fire.