Posted: Sept 2, 2012


Thursday, I was up with the sound of my phone alarm at 7:05. I had no choice but to take an eight
o’clock class. Now it was my turn to be as quiet as possible when getting ready for class. It was a
success, with Corey not moving a muscle. I ate something quickly and was out the door with ample time
to make it to my first class. Walking alone gave me time to digest what was about to occur and sort
out what had been a great summer.

Nearing the campus, there was the normal buzz mixed with chaos. Now I didn’t envy the freshmen who
were looking lost. A few were nicely dressed which gave me something to look at while I made my way
to my first class. I entered with three others students already there. I sat near the rear and pulled
out my laptop to mess around on and kill time. 

With the time it was easy to see the class size was smaller as I started taking classes for my major
of Web Designs. I was diving in for the next two years with all my classes centered around my chosen
field. I was lucky and hadn’t changed my mind since coming on campus. Once class was started by the
distinctive looking professor, I could tell there was no joking around. He was serious and started
right in on the class material.

Just five minutes before time was over he allowed us to leave. What sucked was my next class was at
eleven. It was how things worked with the limited number of classes. I headed back to the apartment
passing Shawn, who was in a hurry and was running late to his first class.  

Entering the apartment, it was empty. Corey, Colt and Kris had nine thirty classes and were lucky to
have classes back-to-back on Tuesday and Thursday. It would be Corey who had the eight o’clock class
on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with Kris having a nine o’clock like me and Colt having a ten
o’clock start. 

Being a sort of clean freak, I tidied things up before tackling my bathroom, then the kitchen and
lastly Kris and Colt’s nasty bathroom. Of course I could have demanded they clean it since it was
frequented by our guests more than mine was. 

It was off to my next class. There wasn’t much going on there with the instructor being more laid
back. Still, there was only a face or two that looked vaguely familiar in the class. He let us go
early so I went to eat but saw that was useless with so many people having the same idea. Instead, I
went to Mr. Jackson’s office and found him there. On my small desk he had a stack of things he wanted
me to do. 

While doing what I was asked, Mr. Jackson was great to be around. I think he enjoyed having me there
and having someone to chat with. I finished everything in a few hours and signed out. 

Back at the apartment, it was vacant, but there was a note on the fridge saying Colt and Corey had
gone to the Rec Center. They left about an hour ago so it was too late to try to join them. I chatted
with Mom for a few minutes before Corey and Colt came back.

“Where’s Kris?” I asked.

“We were hoping he was with you,” Colt replied. “Knowing him he’s socializing and forgot about our
work out.”

“He knows Tuesday and Thursday are workout days,” Corey said. “How was your day, Matt?”

“Alright, and yours?” I asked.

“About the same,” Corey said.

“Mine was too,” Colt laughed. “I’m glad in a way it started so we can get an established routine
going around here.”

“I didn’t think you liked us keeping up with you,” I stated.

“No, I like the fact we know where everyone is now. Hey, what’s this I hear about Shawn getting a
job?” Colt asked.

“He said he was working where you did this summer,” I replied.

“Now they can see how hard it is to juggle school, work and a social life,” Corey stated.

“Don’t give me that. You’ve survived and are doing quite well,” Colt said. “It is nice to have a
little extra spending money in my pocket. That way I don’t have to explain to Dad where it went.”

“Give me a break. You still have eighty cents out of every dollar you’ve made,” I joked.

Colt walked and grabbed me around the neck. I knew it was playful and was laughing. He let up before
I surged forward and tackled him to the floor. I think he was caught by surprise. I held him there
until Corey came over and slapped the floor three times like they do in wrestling to declare me the

As we were getting up from the floor, the front door opened. Kris stepped inside and had a new short
haircut, but he also had his ears pierced.

“I want three honest opinions,” Kris said turning his head so we could view his new stud earring.
“They’re not real diamonds in case you were wondering.”

“Well… it is going to take a little while to grow on me,” Colt said.

“Looks good if you ask me,” Corey said. “I think guys are hot with pierced ears.”

“Different,” I said. “Like Colt, it may take a little while for me to adjust, but I take it you
wanted it?”

“I did, to see how it’d look. After I got in the car and looked in the mirror I about jerked these
suckers out,” Kris said playing with his new earrings.

“Colt, you’re next,” I said.

“Maybe,” Colt said. “The more I see them the more I like it. Have you shown Megan?”

“I sent her picture right after I had them done. She called and said she liked them,” Kris replied.

After dinner, Kris and I put on our shorts and were out the door earlier than usual. We started out
slow, jogging to work up a good sweat with the humidity as high as ever. I was looking and trying to
adjust to Kris’s new look. 

“Bro, I have good feeling about my classes this semester. I liked both of them today,” Kris said and
wiped his face with his hand.

“Mine aren’t too bad either,” I stated. “I did go by and worked a little today.”

Kris stopped. “Good for you, but you don’t need the cash right now.”

“Every little bit helps. I still have to decide what to do about the house.”

“I’ll tell ya what… Saturday, you and I will run out there and check it out. I wanna see it.”

“It’s not much. I guess I’ll sell it to the neighbor so I don’t have to go through any hassles,” I
said running along and stopping to cross the street.

“Bro, you need me to go with you more than ever so maybe we can get more out of it for you,” Kris
said and waved at two other runners.

“Sounds good to me since Corey is working. Say, are Walt and Jenny coming next weekend for the game?”

“They are and they have season tickets this year as always. Now we need to find a place to tailgate
since we left the most perfect spot on campus,” Kris replied.

“We’ll find somewhere. Actually, I’m looking forward to the games this year,” I stated while picked
up the pace.

“Me too. We’re gonna kick ass this year. I’m telling you right now if we’re in the championship game
our ass is there.”

I laughed between breaths with sweat running all down my body. “We will since we have an in for

We turned around to head back. “Matt, I’ll race you back.”

“Ah come on, I’m not out to see how fast I am.”

“It’ll be fun and really get our heart racing. I’d say it’s about a mile and a half back,” Kris said
and stopped. “Please, for me, bro.”

“Okay, but don’t leave me in the dust.”

We started out running as hard as we could. I stayed right with Kris and felt pretty good. The urge
hit me to kick it up. I did and got ahead of him until we reached the complex. 

“Bro, what the fuck?”

“You wanted to race,” I replied.

“No, you had that extra gear at the end. I was sucking wind.”

“I’ve been running for a while and guess I gained a little endurance,” I said, now exhausted. I bent
over and felt his hand hit my sweaty back.

“Good job. You should think about running a 10K or something,” Kris said while we walked to our

“I might do that. I did see we had one here in October,” I said.

“You and I will plan on entering it and running it.”

I laughed and opened the door. For the first time since I had returned, Tabor and Chase were there. 

“Wassup?” Tabor asked throwing his hand in the air.

“What the fuck does it look like? We went running,” Kris replied and didn’t hesitate to strip while I
went to get us some water.

“They are some running fools,” Corey commented.

“Corey, in case you didn’t know Matt’s pretty damn good. I raced him back…” Kris said.

“And you smoked him,” Chase said.

I finished the bottle. “Actually Kris was eating my dust.”

Kris wrapped his sweaty arm around my shoulder. “He did, and I didn’t let him either. Matt has got a
kick in him.”

I pushed Kris’s arm away since the smell was about to gag me. We left to shower and returned. Kris
stunned me by putting on shorts when he returned. I sat next to Corey while Kris sat with Chase and

“How’s Reese doing?” I asked.

“Pretty good really,” Tabor replied. “Of the four gay guys on our hall he’s the most down to earth…”

“We had to set some of the guys straight,” Chase interrupted.

“How’s that?” Kris asked.

“Oh, they were going on about how they were such fags and shit. Let’s be real here for a minute.
Other than y’all, most people have it in their head they don’t like gay people,” Tabor replied. “They
said something about Reese. I had to up and tell them who he was. They didn’t believe us that he’s
Ted’s nephew.”

“Do they now?” Corey asked.

“They do since I called him down to the room. He was almost embarrassed to admit that he was,” Chase
replied. “They’ve been pretty cool with him since then.”

“Check this shit out. He got fucking wasted last weekend,” Tabor said.

“Really?” Kris asked.

“Yeah dude, he was drunk. He was acting all crazy and shit,” Chase added.

“Don’t say anything to Jess about this, but his roommate or one of the gay guys keeps a stash of
liquor in their room. I think he talked Reese in to trying some and it went from there,” Tabor said.

“So how has Jess been?” Colt asked.

“Cool, but he did get all up in one guy’s face Tuesday night. Honestly, there are some real cocky
guys on our floor. Jess has his work cut out for him,” Tabor replied.

“I see it wasn’t like when we were there. Everyone was cool with each other,” Kris stated.

“That is except for Lee,” Corey added. “It pisses me off just thinking about him.”

“Oh, we ended his tough days,” Kris said.

Chase and Tabor didn’t overstay their welcome and left without drinking a drop of alcohol. As soon as
they were gone Kris left to see Megan for a little while despite having class the next day. Colt hung
with Corey and me for a while.

With Colt gone and some great kissing, I leaned over and undid Corey’s shorts to get at his hot thick
cock.  I fished it out and began licking the head.  My mouth opened to take it while feeling his
hands on my head.  One hand was at the base jacking it while the other was feeling his great lower

I stopped sucking and kissed him.  I stood and got naked to free my aching boner.  My mouth went back
down on him while he reached around to play with my cock. 

He pulled me from his hard throbbing cock and went straight down on me.  I leaned back to enjoy the
feeling of getting blown.  My hands rested on his head while he bobbed and slurped on my eight
inches.  He stopped, kissed me and returned.  He was jacking my cock with his hand and hot mouth. 

“MMM, I’m about to fucking cum,” I moaned and could feel cum rushing up inside of me.  His mouth
clamped down tight and took my nut. 

Corey kissed me and swapped some leftover cum for me to enjoy as well.  “Damn, I love sucking your
big dick.”

“I love sucking your dick too,” I said and pushed him back to finish him off.  My tongue tasted some
precum before sliding down on his hard cock. 

As I was sucking him, I could sense he was close.  My mouth left him with my hand jacking still.  He
groaned.  Cum hit my nose and then my closed eyes.  It was hot feeling his warm jizz hitting my face. 
When I opened my eyes, he was smiling. 

We cleaned up our mess which was much before retreating to our bed.  We kissed passionately before he
grabbed me to sleep.  It wasn’t too long before we were both sound asleep.

Corey was up Friday morning and was great as always. He did nudge me in the shoulder to wake me up as
per our agreement. I showered, shaved, sprayed on cologne and dressed before heading over to wake
Kris. I opened his door and found him sprawled out on his bed snoring away with his great ass
showing. It was hell getting him up from his sleep. 

“See if my ass stays out ‘til three,” Kris stated, still not wanting to get out of bed.

“Bro, you can handle it,” I joked. “Now get up or you’ll be late.”

“Fuck it but it was damn sure worth it last night!” he screamed and jumped out of bed. “Megan loved
my new look.  Remind me to do that more often.”

I ate while Kris did his thing in the bathroom. Being a good friend, I had a breakfast bar waiting on
him when he came out in his shorts and tee with his hair still damp. Before we left, I could see him
looking in the mirror and checking out his new earrings.

Leaving out, we spotted Jordy and waved him to join us. We did our very best to include him in our
conversation but it was hard doing so with our very limited knowledge of sign language. I assumed he
had someone waiting for him at his first class. We said goodbye after the walk and went our separate

After my first class I headed to the Student Center to grab a snack to tide me over until lunch. I
was walking through the crowd when I heard my name being called. I knew there were plenty of other
Matts that attended here so I continued until hearing it again. I turned and saw Juan and Jess
sitting at a table. My face lit up seeing them.

I walked over. Before I could even sit down Juan had out his phone with pictures of his girl,
Brittany, to show me. No doubt he was a very proud father. She was so cute and was starting to grow
as I could tell by the pictures on his phone. I sat down and saw Alex coming in our direction to take
the fourth seat.

“Jess, how is it being an RA?” I asked.

Jess shook his head, “I have a new appreciation for Rick. I really don’t think we tried him as much
as they’re trying my ass. It seems like every night I have to break up some little tiff between those

“We were too easy on Rick,” Juan said. “Those were some good times though.”

“They were,” Alex said. “Rick was a pushover though. Jess, I bet you will be too.”

“Man, I try to look the other way on some shit, like beer, but damn they are testing me. I think one
guy is already heading home.”

“Why?” I asked.

“He’s smoked weed every night in his room,” Jess replied. “Come on. Have a little common sense here.”

“Yeah, Scott was sneaky with his,” Juan stated. “I don’t think he ever did it in the room.”

“That’s what I’m talking about. I issued him a warning but then he kept doing it. I had no choice. I
hate being an asshole.”

“You have to, Jess,” I said. “They can’t run over you. Get your bluff in on them early. So, how’s
Reese, Chase and Tabor?”

“They’re great,” Jess replied. “I’m glad they’re there to be honest. I have someone to talk to.”

Juan stood, “Guys, I have to run, but I expect to see your asses here each time.”

“I’ll try,” I said. “Take care of Brittany.”

“I will,” Juan said with a smile and walked away.

“There’s proof right there you can make it and have a family. I admire that dude,” Alex stated.

“I do too, but he loves it,” Jess added.

We talked until it was time for my next class. I went there and then off to the apartment, since my
other class was online. I decided late to try that and see how it would go. I knew it would take
discipline to do it but I wanted to test it out after hearing a few classmates talk about how great
it was. 

Back at the apartment there was evidence Corey had come and gone off to work. I pulled out my laptop
and began exploring my online class. It would be three sessions similar to a normal class. I logged
on and saw what the instructor had posted for the first time. To end, I did have to answer a short
question pertaining to the class to show I had been online.

Shutting down my laptop, I heard my phone ringing. I saw it was Scott and answered it. He wanted to
keep our Friday tradition alive and well by swimming at the pool. It did sound enticing so I didn’t
hesitate in saying that I would. 

We left with Jordy to make our way to the Rec Center. I commented on how we hadn’t seen or heard from
Yancey or Parker. Scott said Yancey was meeting us there but they had changed apartment complexes
after his parents didn’t want to pay the stiff rental. Actually to me it wasn’t really any higher
than the others when you take in the amenities offered and how nice they were.

We waited until seeing Yancey coming out in a black Speedo ready for our swim. 

“Miss y’all like hell,” Yancey stated.

“It don’t keep you from stopping by,” I said with Scott signing for Jordy.

“I know. We will once things get settled,” Yancey said before we hit the water.

As usual, I took it easy and let them go at it like crazy. There were a few others in the area
watching us since it was a little competition. Jordy touched them out at the end and emerged the
winner while I watched in the water next to them. We swam a little longer before hitting the showers. 

Before we left, Corey found me and pulled me aside. He was interested in our evening plans. At that
time there were none, but he could expect something happening for the night.

After we returned I was sitting in the apartment and was about asleep when Scott came in the door. He
did knock but continued on inside. He sat next to me and threw his feet on the coffee table. 

“Matt, I feel like it ain’t working between Jess and me,” Scott said.

“I hate to hear that.”

“It’s just the fact he has no time to see me. He’s taking being an RA very seriously. He actually
brought it up that maybe we should just taper things off, plus it wouldn’t look very good for him to
have me in his room for a night.”

I looked at Scott and could see he was distraught. I patted his shoulder. “I feared this could

“Me too, it’s why I made the most of my summer with him. I wanted it to work out for us. I really
did. I hate bouncing around from one person to the next. Fuck! I’m ready to find my Corey and be
happy and content like you.”

“Scott, I don’t know what to tell you other than follow your heart. I see by your actions you love
Jess and have feelings for him. I’d wait it out and be patient until you can’t any longer. You’ll
just have to find the right time or break up and move on.”

“I know. I wish he’d never taken the position of being an RA. He does call me every night and tell me
his troubles.”

“I heard he’s kicked someone out basically.”

Scott laughed, “Fucking dumbass was smoking trees in the dorm. I never was that brave or bold. Jess
said you could smell it all the way down the hall.”

“It was someone who was testing Jess and seeing what he could get away with, plus he really wasn’t
interested in college or else he’d never done it in the dorm.”

We continued to talk and started giving ideas on something fun to do once my three were back from
their jobs. 

“Hey, why don’t we going bowling?” I suggested.

“Yeah, we could do that,” Scott replied and was now more upbeat. “There’s something I don’t think
we’ve done.”

“I know. Kris and I used to go all the time in high school.”

“Okay then. It’s set. Tonight we’re going bowling. If anyone bitches they can stay here.”

“I agree,” I said. I found my phone and sent Corey a text message about our plans. He sent one back
and liked the idea.

Soon Shawn, Ethan and Cody were in our apartment. They didn’t mind going bowling. Cody said he
enjoyed it and hadn’t been in years. While we were talking I heard a knock. I went over and opened
the door. Madison was standing there in his shorts and tee.

“I hope you don’t mind but you said to stop by,” Madison said quietly.

“No come on in,” I said cheerfully. “Make yourself at home, just like everyone else is doing.”

Madison, who I had seen at the pool, walked over and took a seat. He knew Scott. Shawn, Ethan and
Cody were very cordial and greeted Madison.

“I see you know where the parties are,” Shawn said.

“Yeah, I’ve seen y’all in here. Matt said just stop by,” Madison said.

“Wanna beer, dude?” Ethan asked.

“Ummm… I guess since you’re offering,” Madison replied.

“Cody, get Madison a cold one from your stash,” Ethan said.

“Fuck off! You offered so your ass is getting up and getting him one,” Cody said. 

Ethan got up and got Madison a beer. Madison did smile before taking a drink. Next to arrive was Colt
from his day. He entered and said hello. We told about our plans before he continued on to his room. 

Colt came out just as we had another visitor. He was up and answered the door. It was Bishop, Alex
and a guy. 

“Wassup?” Alex asked to us. “Guys, this is Tom. He could be our new roommate.”

Tom waved to us. He had dark hair down to his shoulders. His lip was pierced, as was his brow like
mine. Since he was wearing a short sleeve shirt it was easy to see all the ink he had covering both
arms. The ink didn’t stop there, with one on his leg as well.

“He’s not sure yet but is desperate to find a place,” Bishop said.

“How do you know him?” Scott asked.

“I had Alex in a few classes last year. I had one today with him and was telling him about all the
shit I’ve been through. Basically, I just broke up with my girlfriend and needed somewhere to crash,”
Tom replied.

“It’ll save Bryson for sure,” Shawn stated with Bishop, Alex and Tom pulling up chairs. 

We sat around and got to know both Madison and Tom a little better. Naturally the talk came up about
all of Tom’s ink. He explained how he was an artist but the ink was a product of his stupidity from
being an alcoholic and drug addict. 

“Dude, so how will you act with all of us drinking and shit?” Colt asked Tom.

“Like I do wherever I go and there’s drinking. I know what will happen if I take one drink. I’ve had
my fun but no more. There’s more to life than there is in a bottle, in a pill or in a joint. I won’t
ever preach to y’all about it though,” Tom replied.

“My brother has been through the same thing. He said it was a new lease on life,” Madison added.

“I see it that way too. I had to hit the fucking bottom and hit it hard before I changed. I woke up
one day in a hospital from an overdose with my parents standing above me. That shit will change you,”
Tom said. “The shame of it all was my parents gave me everything I ever wanted. Now they’re giving me
another shot in life by supporting me in college.”

“That’s awesome,” I said. 

Tom was very open about his past. As he was talking, Kris and Corey came in the door. Kris greeted
Tom and Madison while Corey walked over to me. We didn’t hang around much longer and headed out the
door. Colt and Kris went separately to get their girls. Scott left to go pick up Jess. 

“Matt, would you care if I could catch a ride with you and Corey?” Madison asked me.

“No, not at all,” I replied.

“Awesome. Wait for me while I go grab some cash,” Madison said.

We waited until Madison came back from his apartment that he shared with his brother and cousin.
Madison got in the back seat and shut the door.

“My brother and cousin know how to fucking piss me off,” Madison said. “I told them where I was going
and who I was going with. I won’t repeat what they said.”

Corey drove off, “At least we know who has an open mind.”

“I knew which one did,” I said.

“Neither one of them can see past the fact that you two are gay. They know it now and think there’s
something wrong with you. Matt, you’ve been nothing but nice to me. Both of you seem like pretty
regular guys,” Madison said.

“We are, except we sleep together,” Corey joked.

Madison laughed. “I like that fact that everyone is so cool and we’re just kicking it together. It
sure beats sitting in the apartment and watching a movie. I really had a great time, with more to
come. I know bowling will be a trip.”

“I’m sure it will be,” I said.

“I’m glad we’re going. It’s something we haven’t done,” Corey stated while driving and trying to find
the bowling alley.

We found it and parked. While walking inside the familiar smell of a bowling alley flooded my
nostrils. We found everyone standing near the desk. We would have to wait a few minutes before enough
lanes opened after a league finished. As always, it was a challenge finding the perfect ball that fit
my hand. Corey found one he was happy with quickly while I searched. I found one that was 12 pounds
like I used to use, but it was now too light. It felt good grabbing a heavier ball. 

We sat around until the league finished. There were fourteen of us so we took up four lanes. Corey
and I were paired with Madison with Kris, Colt and their girls, Megan and Andrea, next to us. We had
a good laugh over the assortment of bowling shoes we were assigned to wear. Luckily I had grabbed my
camera for the occasion to take some pictures of our outing.

I was very rusty when we started out practicing. Corey wasn’t much better, with Andrea being the best
to start off.  

“Shawn, go buy some beer,” Kris said.

“Dude, there’s a cop standing right up there,” Shawn said. “Bishop and I are fine but you’re shit out
of luck.”

“Cool then, bro,” Kris said.

Megan logged in our names for us to start. Corey was first in our group since his name was first in
the alphabet. He rolled the ball down the alley and knocked down seven. Andrea was next to him and
knocked down eight. Corey took the ball and missed the remaining pins while Andrea got her spare.

“This is some shit now. Andrea is going to show us up,” Colt said.

“Alright Madison, show us how it’s done,” Kris said to him.

Madison walked up and started down to bowl his ball. He stopped when the person next to him was doing
the same. He did it again with the ball heading straight in the gutter. He turned around and threw
out his hands with a big smile. “I suck.”

“Bro, you can do it,” Kris said to him. Kris leaned over and whispered to me, “He does suck.”

The next ball knocked down nine of the pins. He came back with Colt barely getting two pins. I looked
over and saw Cody bowling and getting a strike. Of all of us, he looked to know what he was doing.  

Now it was my turn. I approached the line and slung the ball towards the pin. It looked perfect but
curved at the last minute to get seven like Corey had. I was determined to get at least one. I had to
wait and watch Kris get six. I took the ball and got two more.

We continued bowling, but it wasn’t serious. We were at the end and were a little loud. We had a big
laugh whenever someone rolled a gutter ball and cheered loudly for strikes. We finished the first
game. Andrea had barely beat Kris and Colt. I was right behind them with my score and had beaten
Corey. Madison did improve and broke a hundred while Megan only got in the seventies. 

We compared scores but there was no comparison to the 211 Cody bowled, with Ethan bowling a 186. We
bowled two more games. My scores started out okay but went down since I was taking pictures of
everyone and having a great time.  

We left about midnight. Corey was hungry and so was I. Madison didn’t complain and went with us to
grab something to eat. He raved about everyone and how much fun he had despite not being a good

At the complex, we pulled into the parking lot and saw blue lights flashing. The police weren’t near
our building or any of our friends. We looked and wondered what was going on before saying goodnight
to Madison. Corey and I headed in our apartment and found Kris sitting on the couch.

“Bro, what are you doing here alone?” I asked.

“I’m going with you tomorrow to your dad’s house, plus Megan had a lot of shit to do,” Kris replied.
“Bro, it was fun tonight. Remind us to do that again.”

“Yeah for sure,” Corey said. “I know Madison had a good time.”

“He seemed to and really livened up at the end. Tom is a very interesting person I must say,” Kris

“No doubt you know his life history now better than any of us. You would hardly let him bowl for
talking to him,” I said.

Kris laughed, as did Corey. He agreed with me. Corey and I said goodnight to Kris and entered our


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