Posted:  August 21, 2012


Kris and I were out the door in our shorts and running shoes with water in our hands. As normal,
the night was humid and very warm. Now fall weather was sounding great to me. Kris waved a few
people while we walked to start our run. Slowly the apartments were beginning to fill up with
residents, mostly students. 

We headed in a different direction and headed towards our campus. 

“So are you bored out of your mind yet at the apartment?” Kris asked.

“Not really,” I replied, running at a nice pace.

“I was wondering since our place is spotless…”

“Well, I have been a little bored at times, but I’m sure that’s about to change,” I stated. “I do
need to get in touch with Mr. Jackson and make sure everything is still set.”

We hit campus and ran along the sidewalk. We passed a few students and continued on.

“Matt, I think you’re about to wear Corey out,” Kris stated.

“How’s that?”

“Bro, you’re fucking his ass every night…”

“We switch off. Did he say something to you?” I asked with sweat running down my face.

“He mentioned something,” Kris replied.

“You know I wish he’d say something to me about it,” I said.

Kris wiped his face and stopped to take a drink. “He didn’t just say it, but I read between the
lines. I don’t believe there can be too much but he seems to.”

“He’s never said a word to me,” I said stopping and taking a drink. “It’s not his obligation by
any means. We do it to show our love…”

“Just keep saying that. You love sex like no one else,” Kris stated.

“Bro, I’m not alone in our place,” I said in defense.

“We all do, when Corey and I fucked each other I was worse than I’ve ever been, but here lately
you have been one horny guy I have to say,” Kris stated.

“Things will change,” I said and started running again. Before we could resume, we caught the
stare of two nice looking girls. If it were me I’d stare at Kris’s sweaty body too. 

We turned around and headed back. Kris did most of the talking about work and our friends.
Running together had been a nice supplement to my working out and it gave Kris and I the
opportunity to chat as friends. I still hit the Rec Center and loved how fit I was at this very

Nearing our apartment complex, I knew I would wait until Corey and I were in bed before
mentioning what Kris had said. While running, I was analyzing our situation and did see where I
was craving sex from Corey like no other time. 

Kris and I entered to see Jess and Scott in the living room with Colt, Shawn and Corey. Jess had
been back since yesterday and was prepping for the arrival of the students in his dorm. Kris
stripped off barely in the door and walked over to the fridge to grab us some water. 

“Corey, how come you aren’t out there with them?” Jess asked.

“Do I look that stupid? Look at them all covered in sweat,” Corey replied.

“Trust me, I am,” Scott said and got a nudge from Jess.

“Dude,” Shawn said.

“I know who I am,” Scott said.

“Really? You do?” Colt asked.

“Fucker, at least I’m not pretending to be straight,” Scott shot back to Colt.

“I’m not in denial, I’m bi,” Colt stated.

“Me either,” Kris piped up with water in his hand.

“Bro, how are Ethan and Cody going to work out?” Kris asked standing behind the couch.

“You know, I think we’re going to do just fine. They’re bigger loners than I thought. It doesn’t
bother them in the least to sit and watch TV…” Shawn said.

“Do they drink all the time?” Corey asked while I stood in the doorway listening.

“They don’t any more than me or Bishop. When they do, they drink, let me tell ya. They get plum
crazy,” Shawn laughed.

“We’ve seen,” Scott commented.

With shorts on, I moved and sat next to Corey while we sat around and talked. For Kris, he never
got dressed and just sat around in the nude and it didn’t bother him or us. We were used to
seeing him.

About eleven, the others left. Kris went to his room, as did Colt, leaving Corey and I alone in
the living room. I leaned over and kissed him. I sat up straight and cleared my throat. “Corey,
Kris told me what you told him about us having too much sex since I’ve returned.”

Corey whipped his head around, “Fucking prick. I told him not say a word. I was going to discuss
it with you.”

“Okay then, I’m here and all ears,” I said.

“You know I love you so much. Now I feel like each time we’re in bed we should fuck. It’s more
like we’re programmed to have sex before we go to sleep. I love it but… I feel like it is my duty
more than us wanting to pleasure each other.”

“Corey, I’m sorry that it’s become so programmed and routine. We’ve tried to spice it up, like
Sunday night when you fucked me in the kitchen…”

“I loved that,” he said. “Aren’t we more than sexual partners?”

“I think we are. I’ve always felt like it was a way to show our love to each other, just like any
other boyfriends do. I love having great sex with you. Isn’t that why you wanted me back?”

“No, you’re wrong there. I missed your warm kisses. I missed your soft touch. I felt secure
seeing your face and sleeping with you. I love holding you when I’m falling asleep, like a kid
does with a teddy bear. Matt, I love just being around you and with you. Kris and Colt are
fucking the best guys ever and I know now that if I just wanted a fuck I could go to them, but
you have my heart. Your big eight inch dick is just a small part of the guy I love completely.”

I felt awful. “I’m sorry for making you feel like my fuck buddy more than my lover…”

“Exactly. I was beginning to feel that way at times. I love getting fucked and getting to fuck
your hot ass, but we’re more than just a good fuck. We’re lovers, mates and partners more than

“Now I feel like shit…”

“Don’t. It’s my fault for not speaking up earlier.”

“So, we shouldn’t have sex for a week or more to prove our love to each other?” I asked.

“I’m really not saying that. We should have sex when it’s the right time and not just because
we’re in bed together. If it becomes where every night is right, then so be it. If it happens to
be twice a week, then it’s twice a week.”

“It should always be mutual and when we’re feeling it. I hate that you’ve felt like it was a duty
to please my horny fucking ass. I have been extremely horny since I’ve been back.”

“I’ve noticed,” Corey laughed. “Here I thought I was horny as fuck.”

We stood and headed to our bedroom. We undressed and got in bed. “So can we make out?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said. “You’re so damn hot to make out with.”

I woke on Friday with Corey sleeping soundly next to me. Just as I left the room I got to say
goodbye to Kris and Colt before they headed to their jobs. Corey had managed to score two days
off in a row after working 5 days straight. He loved his job but was getting stressed due to the
new responsibilities associated with his promotion. He did take pride in what he did and strived
to do the best possible job. Kris stated how great he was with the new employees who wanted to
test Corey.

I sat around before going back to my room to put on a sexy thong. It did look great on me and
would really be a special treat for Corey. After I made breakfast, I carried it to our room. It
was high fiber oatmeal, fruit and juice to energize me and Corey for the day. He was resting with
his hands behind his head and showing off his pits. 

“Tell me what I did do deserve this treat,” he commented.

“Nothing, other than you treated me like this the other day.”

“Hot damn! I love the thong on you. It leaves nothing to the imagination.”

“I was hoping you’d like it,” I smiled and set down our food. We didn’t have trays, just a big
plate I discovered in our cabinets. 

He kissed my cheek and began eating. I moved next to him and ate with him in our nice bed. 

“What do you have in mind for today? You know we have today and tomorrow,” I suggested, stroking
his veiny big bicep.

“Any other time I might want to leave but I do wanna see everyone when they get here.”

I moved back and was stunned a little. “Living with Kris for the summer has had a big effect on

Corey smiled, “Why did you wanna get away? Where to?”

“I was going to leave that up to you,” I said. “I thought maybe since you were left out on

“Scott mentioned us hitting the links tomorrow.”

“Say, you should try that nice course near here.”

“I would like to sometime in the future when my game improves. Otherwise I’d feel as though it
was a big waste of money. It’s expensive just to be out there hacking a little ball and having a
good time.”

“I see. You know I really wish Gloria would call me back. Now I’m really beginning to wonder what
is up. Usually she calls me right back after I leave a message.”

“She may be on a trip or something. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.”

“You’re probably right,” I said.

“There is something we do need to do. We are nearly out of grocery, plus our toilet paper is at
the end.”

“I just bought a big thing of it last time.”

“You know Colt. He must use a half of a roll each time he takes a shit,” Corey snickered.

I shook my head and finished our breakfast. Corey was right and what we were eating was the last
of the fruit, with no cereal or milk in our place. I enjoyed the freedom of having a kitchen but
it could be an expensive ordeal once it was all said and done. 

Just as Corey and I were about to leave, my phone rang. I was hoping it was Gloria but instead it
was Reese as I saw on the ID. I answered it and heard his voice. He asked what we were doing and
wanted to stop by to visit. Regretfully I informed him we were going shopping but would call him
on the way back. 

At the store, Corey and I each grabbed a buggie so we could keep things separated. It was fun
browsing around, with lots of ideas floating in my head when I saw different things.  Corey
needed some new white tank tees, basically wife beaters as they are called. I did grab a few
little extras before we headed to purchase food. Corey was helpful as always and knew what Kris
and Colt would eat. His basket was filled with healthy food to continue our lifestyle. He did buy
more protein powder as well to supplement our workouts. 

We returned to the complex and saw Alex unloading his things. We waved at him before he came
running over in his shorts. He was tan and looking as great as ever with stubble on his face.

“Lucky dog,” he said and patted me on the shoulder. “I’ve heard all about your trip. It makes my
little beach trip seem like nothing. I’m killing to see your pictures.”

“Stop by,” Corey said.

“I will. Are these apartments sweet or what? My dad saw them and wanted to move in,” Alex

“They are nice, and so perfect,” I agreed.

“Hey, I’ll stop by later and catch up on all the gossip,” Alex said.

“Before you go, are you still with Elise?” Corey asked.

Alex smiled, “Hell yeah. Who do you think I went to the beach with?”

“Cool. We’ll see ya later,” I said and carried in our stuff.  

Before we could get things all stored away, our doorbell rang. We figured it was Reese so Corey
yelled for him to come on in. We were right, it was Reese, Ted’s nephew. He came in the door in
his shorts and Hollister tee with flip flops. His hair was still combed to his face with his face
looking ragged.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

“Okay so far,” Reese replied and was scoping out our place. “Man, Teddy was right. This place is

“How was your summer?” Corey asked.

“Pretty good, but I didn’t do much…”

“I heard you’re still with Trevor,” I said.

“I am. I just wish he was here, but he will be next year,” Reese stated.

“Have you met your roommate?” Corey asked.

“I have,” Reese replied.

“Is he cute?” I asked with a smile.

Reese’s face lit up, “Oh, Brax is really hot and he’s gay too.”

“Hold on, how’d you manage that?” Corey asked.

“It’s on the app now…” Reese replied.

“That’s a good thing, rather than being a big surprise. It can be nasty otherwise,” I stated.

“The bad part is Brax knows he’s hot. He’s cool though and gives me a very nice person to talk
to. He even stated I could have Trevor come over since he has a boyfriend still in high school as
well,” Reese said.

“How’s Jess been so far?” Corey asked.

“Alright I guess. It was nice knowing him a little beforehand,” Reese said and pushed his hair
from his face.

“Say have you seen Tabor and Chase yet?” I asked.

“Not yet. Jess said something like they were moving in this afternoon. You know there are some
really cute guys here. I just hope I can remain faithful to Trevor. Brax is worried as well,”
Reese stated.

“Reese, I would worry about someone giving you crap about being gay…” Corey stated.

“I’m used to it. It can’t be any worse than high school.”

“I agree there,” Corey said. 

We sat around talking until Kris came in from work. He said hi and continued on to the fridge.
“Bro, you’ve got to be kidding my ass. Fucking one sixty for food?!”

“I bought only what we would eat and very little else,” Corey stated. “The shit’s expensive.”

“Colt will shit a brick,” Kris said and came back with an apple and water. “Reese, are you going
to rule that dorm?”

Reese laughed, “I just hope they don’t rule me.”

“Did you know they know ask about your sexual preference on the housing apps? Reese said he’s
roommate is gay and there are two more gay guys right next to them,” I stated.

“Makes sense if you ask me. Better than Corey and Lee the first year,” Kris said and turned to
Reese. “Bro, did you fuck him yet?”

Reese’s face turned bright red, “No.”

“Kris, give him a break,” I said.

“He’s in a whole new world now. Reese, your life is really going to change. Sometimes for the
better. Sometimes for the worse. Holler at us though if anyone gives you shit,” Kris said and
took a bite loudly. “Ask Matt, he’ll tell ya how things change.”

“They do. You grow up,” I said.

“I know things are changing. For one, I’m not living at home…” Reese said.

“Now you can go wild ass crazy,” Corey joked.

“I doubt that since Teddy would stop me,” Reese said and stood up. “Well I guess I better run.”

“Bro, come to the Rec Center sometime. We’ll get those skinny ass arms and legs some muscle on
them. Just ask for me,” Kris said.

“Thanks Kris. My roommate will be there for sure,” Reese said standing.

Just as he turned to leave, Colt came walking in the door. “Hey, keep my brother and Tabor in
line. If they give you shit, let me know,” Colt said to Reese.

“Okay. See ya,” Reese said.

“Stop by anytime,” I yelled and watched him leave.

“That kid has no idea what’s ahead of him,” Kris commented.

“Neither did I when I came here,” Corey said.

“Hell, none of us knew,” Colt stated and headed to the fridge. I saw him looking at the number on
the fridge and grabbing some water. “Thanks for shopping for us.”

“Bro, you didn’t say a word about the price,” Kris said.

“It is what it is. Shit’s expensive nowadays,” Colt said, shrugging his shoulders. “Beats me

We hung out before getting hungry. Kris and Colt stayed on their phones, meaning their girls were
back. They didn’t stay around long with us before leaving one right after the other. Rather than
going out, I suggested to Corey we should grill some chicken and have a big salad. He liked the
sound of that and said he’d man the grill while I got everything else ready.

Our salad was great I must say. Corey did a wonderful job and had the chicken breast grilled
perfectly. I sat eating with him and could see a slight preview of my life in about five years.
It would be just us eating together and sharing our life, or at least I hoped it would be that

“Matt, you wanna go see what the others are doing rather than the other way around? That way they
don’t mess up our place,” Corey asked after we finished.

“Sounds good to me. We can compare,” I said.

“I’ve seen the others. It makes me really appreciate how clean you are and how you decorated a
little,” Corey said.

“I want to do more and have lots of sweet ideas.”

“Just remember who you’re dealing with.”

“I know,” I commented.

We headed out the door with our phones. We greeted our married next door neighbors, Reed and
Emma. We talked to them for a second before going to the next building to see Bishop’s apartment.
We knocked and hoped he, Alex or Bryson would answer. Alex came to the door with a beer in his
hand. “Come on in,” he said.

We walked in the apartment that was just like ours. The walls were bare, with a couch and one
chair in the living area, plus a large flat screen. Bishop was on the couch sitting next to Gage
and Kyle. 

“Wassup?” Bishop asked.

“We just came to see what everyone was doing,” Corey said.

“Bish, I told ya we needed another couch just like them,” Alex said.

“We will,” Bishop said while we were thrown pillows. “There’s beer in the fridge. Help yourself.”

Corey headed that direction while I took a seat in the floor.

“How’s it going?” Gage asked me.

“Not bad,” I replied.

“Man, it is so cool all of you guys are so tight,” Kyle said. “I can tell it just the little I’ve
hung around you.”

“Dude, you don’t know. Last year when Matt’s dad passed away we were all there for him,” Alex
said and took a drink while Corey handed me one.

“They were. I’ll never forget you either for that,” I said.

“Damn, our buddies at our old dorm didn’t give a shit about us,” Gage stated.

“When something happens to one of us, it affects all of us,” Bishop said.

“Now let me get this straight… Y’all are all cool with them, right?” Gage asked.

“Fuck yeah, dude,” Alex replied. “They are great guys who happen to like guys. Not shit wrong
with that either.”

“I was just asking and opened my mouth the other night,” Gage said.

“Matt, where’s Kris and Colt?” Alex asked.

“They’re gone to see their girls,” I replied with a knock sounding at the door.  Since I was the
closest, Alex gestured I open it. Shawn, Ethan and Cody were standing there with beer in their

“Damn, it’s gonna be a party,” Gage said.

“It is now that we’re here,” Shawn stated. “Matt, I was wondering where you were?”

“Oh we just left,” I said.

“Amazing, utterly amazing,” Kyle said, shaking his thick blond hair.

“We moved to the right place, dude,” Gage said.

“You did,” Cody said and sat next to me.

We sat around talking and having a good time. It was nice in the fact it wasn’t at our apartment,
just like it had been for two years in the dorms.

Kyle spoke up and said his little brother was beginning here this semester. We laughed and said
Colt’s brother was as well.

“Remember how nervous you were that first week here?” Alex said. “I was scared to death.”

“Dude, I was scared shitless,” Shawn said. “First off, my roommate was a total asshole.”

“Mine too,” Kyle spoke up. “Who gets a roommate they like to start with?”

I stuck up my hand. “I did, but I was still nervous.”

“Dude, you had it made in the shade,” Corey said. “My ass got the worst.”

“Yeah, Kris jacked his ass up one night, and then Corey did. He hated us,” I commented. 

“I take it was because you were gay,” Gage said.

“Exactly,” Corey said.

“I damn sure wouldn’t wanna mess with either one of you,” Kyle said.

“We’re all guys, right?” Gage asked with us nodding. “I was like when the Hell am I going jack
off when I first got here. It was like a week before I busted a nut.”

We all burst out laughing.

“I know what you mean,” Alex said. “At home we could whip it out and just jack off, but then we
had someone there.”

Ethan was laughing, “My first roommate didn’t give a fuck. He jacked off the first night we were
there. I didn’t know what to think.”

“Cody!” Alex said.

“It wasn’t me! My nuts hurt like hell before I finally shot my load after about a week too. You
know it’s natural but you don’t want anyone catching you doing it,” Cody said.

“I was lucky and was able to jack off when I wanted. My roommate was never there. I got lucky and
met Matt at the end of my freshman year. Hell, I didn’t know five people before I met him and his
crew,” Shawn said.

“I know what you mean. I met Kris at the Rec Center. I had a few friends but Kris was the nicest
guy ever,” Alex said.

“Kris let me fuck this girl in his room right off the bat last year,” Bishop said.

“And you haven’t got laid since,” Shawn joked.

“Not much,” Bishop laughed.

“I came here knowing I was getting some ass and how easy college girls were,” Kyle said. “It took
me three fucking months before I got my ass laid.”

Alex held up two fingers. “Two weeks for me. I went to this party with one of the few guys I
knew. Wham! That night I was fucking the shit of this girl and knowing this was the life.”

I stood and heard orders to bring more beer. 

“It was like three weeks for me,” Ethan said.

“Dude, get real!” Gage shouted while I was at the fridge, seeing nothing but beer. I came back
loaded down and started handing them out.

“Matt, how long for you?” Alex asked.

I sat back down. “Two or three weeks, right?” I asked looking at Corey.

“Y’all been together that long?” Gage asked.

“We have,” Corey said grabbing my leg. “I fucked up one time…”

“Matt caught his ass in bed with another guy,” Shawn said since it was common knowledge.

“Damn!” Kyle said. “And you’re still with him?”

“I am…”

“It took him a month before he took me back,” Corey said.

“Hey, I admire you two then. That’s pretty fucking awesome to be together that long,” Gage

“We all look up to them,” Alex said. “Elise and I started dating my freshman year.”

“That’s awesome,” Kyle said. “I dated a girl two years in high school. I thought we could make it
going to different schools. Let me tell ya that shit don’t work and is why I didn’t get laid for
three months.”

“I just wish a girl would stay with me for two months,” Gage said. “It is fun playing the field

“Yeah, boy it’s fun,” Bishop said sarcastically. “Just about the time you think you’re set then
something happens.”

“Tell me about it,” Cody said.

“First off you have to try,” Ethan stated.

“Look who’s talking,” Cody fired back.

“You have to stop studying like crazy,” Shawn said.

“It don’t work for you,” Alex joked.

Corey and I hung around ‘til about midnight. We were the first to leave and were feeling pretty
good at the time. It was a lot of fun sitting around and talking with the guys. 


Hope you enjoyed this chapter and get a little feel of how things will be as far as not so much
the day to day as before.  

I appreciated your passionate comments from last chapter.   It shows how much my readers are into
my story. 

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