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The time had finally arrived. I was so ready for a nice week break after the past week when the four
of us had been studying like never before. We agreed we were so stressed out and that our break was
more welcome than ever.

After the four and half hour drive we arrived at the port and caught a glimpse of our home for the
next several days.

“Damn!” Colt said. “I doubt we do any fishing off that thing.”

Kris slapped Colt’s back, “Only you’d think of that shit!”

“Still dogs, look that thang,” Colt said.

“I know,” Corey said, looking out the front since I had driven us in Kris’s ride. We left early so
Kris handed me the keys and trusted my driving.

“Can we believe this day is finally here?” I asked and found a place to park.

“No! Bring on the fuckin parteee!” Kris yelled.

We unloaded and headed to the terminal with all of our papers in hand and pulling our suitcases. We
arrived there and found Scott, Jordy and Shawn waiting with their bags.

“Jordy’s about to go crazy here,” Shawn said.

“He can join Kris,” I laughed.

“Corey, can you believe it?” Scott asked.

“Nope. I’m in shock. I’ve dreamed of this day for months,” Corey replied.

We headed in to what reminded me of an airport check-in desk. We handed in our papers and credit
cards to the woman behind the counter. After a long five minutes she handed us our things back, along
with our ship card. She explained what it was for and how everything purchased on the ship must be
bought with that card.

“So we buy our beer and shit with this?” Kris asked holding the card.

“Kris,” I said, shaking my head.

“Yes sir, you buy all of your drinks with that, and everything else like I said,” she said with a big
smile. “I would say have a good time but I have a strong feeling you will.”

“We will. Thank you!” I said.

We walked away and waited for the other three. We looked up and saw Aaron and Bruce coming inside.
They were lucky to be going with us since Brennan and Garrett decided not to come.

“Wait up!” Bruce yelled.

“We will, bro!” Kris yelled.

“Jordy’s ready to get on-board. We’ll see y’all inside,” Scott said.

“Party pooper,” Kris said.

We waited around, but Kris and Corey were getting antsy. Both were going around trying to get a good
look at the ship. Bruce and Aaron eventually joined us in their shorts and tees in full vacation

“OOO, I’m so ready to tan this body of mine,” Bruce said.

“Bro, by the end, we’re all hoping for a killer tan. Look how white I am,” Kris laughed.

“Great, here come Ethan and Cody,” I lamented seeing them enter the terminal.

“I think all we’re missing is Ted and Myles then,” Colt said.

“Bros, we’ll catch you on the inside! We’re ready to get on this thing!” Kris yelled to the two. They
waved at us.

We walked up the long ramps and through a metal detector. Just before we got on the ship a
photographer was waiting to grab our picture. We did our best to get everyone in the photo. A few
more steps and we were inside the ship. Corey’s head shot straight up and started looking around.

“Wow!” Corey said in pure amazement. 

“I know, bro. This is amazing!” Kris said.

We were asked if we needed help finding our room. We said we’d make it.

“Ummm… our bags?” I asked.

“They’ll be in your room shortly,” one guy replied.

We went to the elevator.

“Fuck yeah, we’re here,” Kris stated and pumped his fist with great excitement.

“I know,” Bruce said. “We’re lucky to be here.”

“All that matters is you are here,” Colt said with the doors opening up for us to get inside.

The elevator stopped on the sixth floor to let them off. We gave them our room number and continued
on up to the eighth floor. We exited and headed off to find our room. 

When we entered the room, there were two twin beds and a couch. 

“Please tell me this folds out into a bed,” Kris said. He lifted the cushions. “Fuck yeah!”

“I was worried for a second,” I said and smiled.

“Cause your ass would be on the floor,” Colt said. 

“Damn, no shower sex in this sucker,” Corey said, peeking in the bathroom.

I looked over his shoulder and agreed seeing the small shower. 

“Bros, check this out. This balcony is the deal!” Kris yelled.

Corey and I walked out to go on the balcony. It was big enough for the four of us but there were only
two chairs. It was looking right across the ocean and was a beautiful view. Corey leaned over and
kissed me.

“Unreal that I’m standing here,” Corey said.

“Bro, believe it. We’ve saved up for this sucker and now it’s time to enjoy it,” Kris said with his
shirt open.

We went back inside. We decided to call the others and head out to check what was offered to eat
since we hadn’t eaten since we left at about 8 this morning. We knew Scott and Jordy were a few rooms
away and went to knock on their door since we weren’t certain of their room number.  

Scott opened the door and let us inside. 

“Sergio’s had a bad day,” Scott said quietly.

We walked inside and saw he was distraught, with Dillon at his side.

“His fucking parents threw a fit last night when he told them he was dating me,” Dillon said.

“They told me I was a disgrace to the family and to never to show my face again,” Sergio said.

“We had to leave and find a room last night,” Dillon said.

Kris walked over, “Bro, I’m sorry. Try to put that all behind you. You’re here with a group of guys
that accept you and love you.”

“Thanks Kris,” Sergio said.

“That bad, huh?” Corey asked.

“Really fuckin bad,” Dillon replied. “What’s worse is I showed my ass and cussed them out, but I was
pissed listening to them call him every name in the book. I could only take so much.”

“Bro, just hang in there. Oh, by the way, we came to see if y’all want to go eat,” Kris said.

“I guess so,” Sergio said.

“He hasn’t eaten a thing,” Dillon said. 

Scott had the other room numbers by the room phone and was able to call everyone to see if they
wanted to join us. We left their room and headed to the elevator. Just as we were about to get on we
heard voices and knew it was Ted, Myles, Ethan and Cody.

“Damn bro, you’re ready for this,” Kris said, seeing Ted and Myles in tank tops, shorts and flip

“Bro, you don’t know how ready we are,” Myles said.

“The only thing I don’t know is if we’ll make it with these two,” Ted said.

“Dude, you love us,” Cody said. “Would you rather be in the room with Matt and Corey, or even worse,
Kris and Colt?”

Ted smiled, “I guess we’re stuck with you two then.”

We headed up two floors and exited the elevator. We started walking, with everyone taking in the
views of the pool.

“Man, this is so nice,” Corey said.

“It is sweet,” Dillon said.

We entered the restaurant and could hear the buzz. I looked around and took in all of the people we
would be cruising with for the next week. I didn’t see that many kids but did see a few college aged
people sitting around eating. We stood in line and started in on the buffet.

“Thank goodness this is all included,” Colt said. “Look at Ted’s plate.”

“I’m hungry as hell,” Ted stated.

I laughed and saw it piled up. “Wow at the food. I don’t know what to get.”

“Just start grabbing,” Kris said.

We headed out to grab a few tables that were close together. We saw found Bruce, Aaron and Shawn were
reserving a group of tables for us. I took a seat with Jordy and Scott but was close enough to hear
everyone else. Just before I sat down, I saw Kris talking with two guys and he waved me over.

“Bro, look who I found,” Kris said. It was Kell and Jimmy, two guys we went to high school with. I
knew them but was never what you called friends with them. It was only right that Kris would know
someone on the cruise.

We talked for a minute before re-joining our crew. Kris had to brag a little to the others. I had
just put some chicken in my mouth and saw Ted talking to two girls. He too had gone to high school
with them. 

“How appropriate it is for Kris to know someone right off the bat,” Scott said. “Then Ted.”

“It is a small world, but we’re not that far from home,” I said.

“Jordy says there are some really hot looking people on here,” Scott said.

“I noticed that too, but not too many that are young,” Corey commented.

“I’m totally out of luck,” Scott said and laughed. Corey and I did as well since he went after the
young ones on our first spring break.

We finished up eating, after waiting a few minutes for Ted to finish all that he had piled on his
plate. Our large group headed out to explore all this big boat had to offer. We climbed a few flights
of stairs and got a nice glimpse at the sports area which included a basketball court. They said
playing basketball was the last thing they wanted after losing in the first round of the intramural

We journeyed back down near the pool and felt the ship leave the dock. We went to the railing like
some of the others. It was fun waving to people and acting like complete fools.  

“I guess we better get ready for the muster drill,” Scott said.

“What’s that?” Corey asked what I was thinking.

“That’s where they show us what to do in case this damn thing starts to sink,” Shawn replied.

“Boy, what fun that would be,” I commented.

“Bros, just imagine us out in the middle of nowhere and some shit happens,” Kris stated.

“Kris, don’t even say that,” Dillon said.

Walking away, I could see the land disappear and knew without a doubt we were now on our way. We had
a plan to meet after our drill and go from there. We went back to our rooms and kicked it.

“Boy, this is some ship. I know a bunch of guys about to have the trip of a lifetime,” Corey said.

“I thought we already had that,” I said and smiled.

“Bro, Holland was off the hook, but this is so fucking tight,” Kris said.

“It is, but we don’t get to smoke on here,” Colt laughed.

“What will Scott and Jordy do?” Kris questioned.

“They’ll manage, or they better manage,” I said.

We headed out on the balcony and took a look down. It was a long ways to the ocean below. It was
however so beautiful looking across the ocean and seeing nothing but water.  

We heard the announcement and gathered our little orange life vests. If nothing else, this moment
would offer some great pictures. We were in a group of Scott and his roomies, along with Ted and his
group. I think Shawn was on the other side while Bruce was a few decks below. I took some great
pictures of us posing with our orange life vests before we were given our instructions. It didn’t
take very long before we were allowed to go.

We left the area and gathered just inside to carve out a plan until our dinner, which was late. After
a short wait, the rest joined us. 

“What’s everyone’s plans?” Kris asked and naturally took the lead.

“I’d say we look around the ship and then we can decide what we wanna do,” Ted replied. “Frankly I
have no clue what is really on here to do.”

“Does everyone agree?” Kris asked.

Our large group headed off to explore the ship even more. We took the elevator to a lower floor. We
got off and began wondering around, with my eyes taking in all there was. I found the shops and
enjoyed going to one that was open. It had almost everyone’s attention with low prices offered on
liquor. The only problem was that it couldn’t be consumed until the cruise was over. We looked at the
gift shop for just a second before walking through the casino.

“We may have to come here and win some big bucks,” Aaron stated.

“We will. Maybe we can see who’s the luckiest,” Colt said.

“My money’s on Matt,” Myles stated.

“The casino is different. They don’t give away their hands like y’all do,” I said.

We headed over and looked at the theater. It was big and offered some really nice shows. My biggest
problem was getting the rest of them to go along with me after hearing them moan once we saw the
lineup that was being offered.

After we finished walking around, they wanted to head to the first open bar we could find. There was
a nice pub themed one near the stores that offered a wide range of beer. 

Colt got a glimpse of the prices, “Damn, we’ll be washing dishes after this damn thang. Beer’s

“That’s why we’ve been saving up,” Corey stated.

“You could buy our drink sticker that lets you have up to 15 a day for $50,” the bar tender
commented. “The only problem is, say if you want to buy, then that means everyone in your room over
21 has to buy it. There’s no sharing either.”

“So you’re saying that if I buy one then all my roommates have to buy one that are over 21?” Kris

“Dude, he just said the exact same thing,” Cody said.

I pulled Colt, Corey and Kris aside. “Think about it just a second. We’re talking two fifty a

“You’re damn good,” Kris laughed.

“That is expensive,” Corey stated.

“Exactly. That’s almost half of what we paid to get on this boat. Then you factor in that we’ll be
off of it for two days,” I stated.

“Matt’s right. Hell, it’d take ten beers a day, plus I don’t see Matt and Corey having that many,”
Colt said.

“Bros, you’re right. We can just get one or two here and there,” Kris said.

The others overheard us talking and agreed with me. We ordered up and used our cards for the first
time. We sat and watched a very interesting parade of people march in front of us. The mix was
similar to the buffet but we did notice a few more younger people as well as a few more older people
as well. Seeing older people holding hands was such a delight to see.

“Whoa, can you feel that?” Colt asked.

“Feel what?” Dillon asked.

“The boat rocking,” Colt replied.

“I can now,” Scott said. “Jordy noticed very quickly.”

“If it’s like this the entire trip, I’ll be so damn sick,” Colt said. “I can usually handle a small

“Colt, you do know we’re out in the ocean now,” Myles said. 

“I know, but I wasn’t quite expecting to feel it like this,” Colt said.

We finished up and decided to head up by the pool to kick it while there was a little sun. Once
there, shirts came off while we relaxed. It was so restful that it could rock you to sleep. 

It wasn’t long before Kris and a few decided they had enough sitting around and wanted to keep
exploring. It left just me, Corey, Scott, Jordy, Dillon and Sergio. 

“Sergio, are you making it so far?” Corey asked.

He shrugged, “I’m trying like hell to put it out of my head. This big group sure has helped. It still

“We’ll make it,” Dillon said. “I know we will, just like everyone else. It’s a small bump in the road
that came at a really fucked up time.”

All the while, Jordy and Scott were talking. “Jordy thinks this is so fucking tight. He has been on
one before. He says this is way better since his parents aren’t with him.”

“Just imagine that,” I said. “I love my mom to death but I wouldn’t want her to be here. I really
think Kris would be okay with it.”

“That’s one nice thing about getting older. You can tell your parents some shit you’d never tell them
in high school. Never once did I really say I was going out drinking,” Dillon stated. “Now they will
call and I don’t mind saying I went out and got shit faced. They know.”

“They know now more than ever,” Scott said. “My dad is a little surprised I don’t drink that much. I
think he partied like crazy in college.”

We sat until we decided to head back to the room. Next on the agenda was meeting and sampling the
food offered. I heard it was one of the highlights to enjoy the fine food each night. 

We opened the door with Kris and Colt almost dressed. “Get your asses ready, bros. We’re eating early
cause there’s so much shit we wanna do tonight,” Kris said pulling up his jeans. 

“I thought…” I said.

“There’s a karaoke thang, then we’re hitting the casino…” Colt said.

“Then we’re gonna hit the bars ‘til who knows when,” Kris said.

“I guess we better get to moving then,” Corey said.

“Damn, this ship is the best!” Colt said before pulling a shirt over his head. “There’s just so much
to do.”

“Good, we’ll get our money’s worth,” I said.

I called Scott to let him know there was a slight change in plans. Corey jumped in the shower whereas
I just dressed without one. I finished up and went out on the balcony. I got to see one of the
hottest kisses ever with Kris and Colt lip locked. 

We headed down and waited for a large table that would accommodate all fifteen of us since we were
dining ‘free style’. That meant we had no set time to dine. We were all dressed nicely since we knew
that was a requirement. I was able to grab a few pictures while we waited.

We were seated and handed the menus. I looked it over and saw a few things that really caught my eye.
Our waiter began going over the menu and pointing out the highlights to us college boys.  

“So we can pick one of each?” Ted asked the waiter.

“No sir, pick whatever and however many you’d like,” the waiter replied while another one placed
bread on the table and water in front of us.

“Hot damn,” Kris said.

He left while we decided. The bread was warm so we started in on it. First we gave our drink orders
and then we began giving our meal orders. It was fun to see which of us would be adventuresome and
which ones wouldn’t. I was determined to try a few new things, such as the oysters as a starter.
Corey wanted the grilled snapper, which sounded very good and was something I wanted to try. Instead
I tried the filet. I wasn’t the only one getting the oysters since Ted was giving them a try, but
then again he was going to try a lot of things. Aaron, Jordy and Sergio on the other hand stuck to
food they knew. Colt surprised me a little and ordered the snapper as well.

Our starters were first along with our drinks. I had never tried oysters. 

“Bro, that’s the last thing you need, something to make you horny,” Kris laughed.

“That’s just an old wives tale,” Myles said.

“I hope not,” Corey laughed.

The oysters had a funny taste to me but I did eat three of them before passing them around for the
other brave souls to try. It was fun trying other things, which some of us did. It wasn’t long before
the main course arrived. Seeing the snapper made me regret not getting it, or I could have been like
Ted and Myles and ordered both. My food was excellent but I did get to sample Corey’s while he
sampled mine. While having the main course, we found out just how picky Aaron was after he sent his
steak back since it was overcooked to him. 

I didn’t think I could handle another bite after eating all that I had until the dessert menu was
placed in front of us. It was a hard decision between the cheesecake and chocolate cake with ice
cream. Corey picked one while I picked the other so we could share it. We weren’t alone in sharing
desserts as it was a fairly common theme.  

The really nice thing was being able to get up and leave after we finished without worrying about the
bill. The cost of a meal like we just enjoyed would have been a fortune so this could be a really
sweet deal in the end.

We headed back to our rooms to change and relax for about 20 minutes. 

“Bros, I’m ready for that karaoke tonight,” Kris said.

“Don’t tell me you’re getting up there and singing,” I said.

“Who gives a fuck if we do?” Colt asked.

“Y’all are gonna make a fool out of yourself,” I said.

“Like Colt said, who gives a fuck? You need to chill the fuck out, bro and live a little!” Kris said

“Don’t get mad at me,” I said.

Corey took me by the arm and led me out on the balcony. “Matt, we’re here to have a good time.”

“I know we are, but you know them… They’ll get up there and show their ass,” I said in defense.

“Maybe they will. If you’re going to act like you can stop them, or worse, act like some… ummmm… mom
or something, then we should have just stayed at home and never come. We’re on a vacation. We’ve
studied our asses off and now is the time to let loose and have some fun, me included in that group.
Yeah, we might act like fools at times, but that’s the fun of it. Besides, you know you’ll laugh at
them and be able to tell stories if they do get up there.”

I hung my head and knew they were right. “I’m sorry. I want us to have a great time…”

“We will. You do need to chill out and let loose, but don’t overdo it if you know what I mean,” Corey
said with a wicked smile.

“I do. Thanks for setting me straight. I forget we’re not at school anymore and this is our time to
have fun,” I said. “I just don’t want us to come off looking like stupid idiots.”

Corey smiled, “Who cares if we do? Our friends know how we are and… well just fuck what everyone else

I kissed him and headed back inside. 

“Kris, Colt, I’m sorry. I’m gonna loosen up and not give a fuck!” I said.

“That’s my boy. You need it. You’ve studied so hard and really need to let go a little,” Kris said,
patting me on the shoulder.

“Let’s go. I’m thirsty as hell,” Colt said.

Once out the door, dressed in our shorts and tees and looking like four college boys, I asked if we
could stop by to see if our photos were posted yet. They said there was so we took the elevator down
with an older couple. Kris had to chit chat a little but they were very friendly. We got off and
headed to the area where the photos were. Now it was like a treasure hunt looking for them. Colt
hollered and said he had found them. I waited until after Kris finished looking at it. Corey and I
stood there together.

“I’m buying this for sure,” I said.

“Bro, just wait, if you buy, you’ll have to take it to our room,” Kris said.

“I could take it to show the others,” I said.

“Matt, do whatever you want,” Colt said.

I purchased our picture and decided to take it to our room. Corey and I said we’d catch them at

“You know our alone time is going to be precious,” Corey stated.

“So that’s why you’re coming with me?”

“Of course,” he said and took my hand. 

Just as we opened the door, our cabin attendant was about to come in. “Beds together or separate?” he
asked in broken English.

“Together,” Corey said.

He disappeared for a moment so I went in and stowed away the picture. Corey grabbed me for a long
sweet kiss. He broke the kiss and looked at my hands while we held hands. “The best thing ever to
happen to me was meeting you,” Corey said.

“Me too,” I echoed. “I love you.”

“I love you too. I have a strong feeling this trip is gonna be so magical. I still can’t believe
we’re here.”

“I know. We’ve planned and planned until it is really happening. Now let’s go enjoy the night and see
how big of fools they can be.”

“Let’s,” Corey said and kissed me again.

We found everyone at a big table with drinks in front of them. Kris had a big book in front of him
with Colt, Ted and Shawn gathered around him. They were trying their best to decide on a song they
could sing while Corey headed to the bar to get us a drink.  

After four singers, I heard them call out the ‘Fab Four’. Kris, Colt, Ted and Shawn bolted out of
their seats. I could see Jordy talking to Scott. 

“Guys, hold up!” Scott yelled. “Jordy wants to join you.”

“Well, come on,” Kris waved. 

Jordy bounced up and headed up with them. The MC announced it was the ‘Fab Five’. They said their
names while Kris told everyone Jordy was deaf and would be signing the song instead. 

“Jordy was aching to get up there with them,” Scott said to us.

“He needs to speak… wait…” Myles said. “Wrong choice of words there.”

“I know what you mean,” Scott said.

“This should be fucking hilarious,” Dillon said.

With Jordy in the middle, the music started. Corey knew the song and told me it was “Friends in Low
Places” by Garth Brooks. The choice didn’t matter to me since I wasn’t interested in watching until
Scott pushed me out to take a photo.  

I walked up while they started. It wasn’t pretty at all, with the four singing their hearts out and
acting crazy while doing so. I grabbed a picture and was really watching Jordy more than anyone while
wishing I had my camcorder to record the entire performance. It was awesome to see Jordy’s big smile
while his hands were moving. Ted was great and could sing just a little while there was no hope for
Colt, Kris and Shawn. 

Now back in my chair, we stood and gave them a standing ovation at the end. Everyone seemed to enjoy
the mix of comedy, while I thought Jordy stole the spotlight. 

“Let’s hear it for the ‘Fab Five’!” the announcer said. “Those college boys need a few more beers in
them and they could really belt it out then.”

“Hell yeah, we could,” Shawn said.

They came back with all of us giving them high fives. Kris headed over for more beer while Ted sat
near me.

“How’d we do?” he asked.

“You did great,” I replied. “I was worried you’d make fools out of yourself but that was fun to

Corey leaned over, “We had to set him straight.”

“If that’s the worse we do, then the trip wasn’t any fun,” Ted said. “Man, I’m so glad to be on this

“Just wait and hear him if one person recognizes him,” Myles said.

Ted shook his head. “Ted, you’re a big star so go with it, dude. Maybe someone will buy you a drink
or something,” Aaron said.

“I’m just one of y’all for a week and I’m happy to be that,” Ted stated with Kris bringing back five

“Bros, it’s cheaper if you buy a bucket,” Kris stated and handed them out to his fellow singers.
“Wasn’t Jordy the shit up there?”

“He was,” Scott said and signed to Jordy. Jordy smiled and held up his hand like he was a big star.

We hung around to listen and laugh while others attempted to sing. We were loud, but that was part of
the fun. Bruce and Aaron were so tempted to give it a try but backed out at the last minute. 

We left the karaoke area but knew our night was only just beginning.


There's the beginning of the guy's Spring Break.  I hope you didn't mind the skipping forward.  Some
parts in the US can stand a few rays of sunshine as maybe other parts of the world. 

As always, I look forward to your comments.

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