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As I sat with Shawn and Jordy while we watched our friends destroy the other team here on Thursday
night, Reese came and tapped me on the shoulder. 

“Wassup?” he asked and was with another guy.

“Watching one horrible game,” Shawn replied.

“I take it y’all are winning,” Reese said and took a seat with his friend.

“We are,” I said. “What brings you here?”

“Tabor was on our case to come watch them play,” Reese replied as the third quarter ended. The score
was a bunch to a little. When Shawn and I sat down we had a feeling it wouldn’t be close after seeing
the other team. They were out of shape and showed it quickly. Now the game was a joke, but it did allow
everyone to play, including Colt and Corey. They’d played some in the first part but now were back

As Corey and Colt were coming onto the court, Reese leaned over, “Damn, Corey looks good in his

I smiled, “I agree, but all of our guys do.”

“Man, I’m glad our team doesn’t play these suckers. Look how built they are!” Reese’s friend stated.

“They live over here, Ryder,” Reese said.

“No doubt,” Ryder said.

We sat and watched. My hope was no one would get hurt and this game would hurry up and end. The first
play of the quarter Corey threw the ball away trying to pass the ball to Aaron. Kris was laughing while
they ran back down the court and had been his usual self, coaching on the sidelines.

Finally the game ended with Colt scoring a few buckets and Corey getting one. We said goodbye and
headed down to see the victors. 

“Some game, huh?” Corey asked with sweat running down his face.

“It was a good practice game,” Shawn said. “Knowing Kris he set it up that way.”

“I heard that,” Kris said while we left the court so they could play another game. I looked around and
saw Colt talking to Chase. 

“Kris, let’s stay around and watch them get killed,” Colt shouted.

“Ummm… I guess we could stay a few minutes,” Kris said.

I rolled my eyes since that was the very last thing I wanted to do. Instead Corey and I would catch a
ride with Scott, Jordy and Shawn. 

After they showered, we headed out into cold brisk night. Scott started his car for us to head back.
“Is everything set for Saturday night?”

“It is,” I replied.

“So it’s gonna be just like Corey’s party, huh?” Shawn asked, sitting next to me.

“I guess it will be,” I replied.

“Colt will like it if it is,” Corey stated. “I had a blast.”

“He’ll like it, or he can kiss our asses,” Scott said.

We arrived back at the complex and raced inside from the cold. We went inside while the other three
went to their places. 

“Good game tonight,” I said.

“I guess so. The other team was awful… really awful. It was like they didn’t care one iota.”

“I saw that. It kind of made the game a joke.”

“It was fun still. I’m not gonna worry about how I play and that I’m the worst one out there. I’m there
to have fun and enjoy it as I have in the past. It’s great we got a team together,” Corey said.

“I know how you feel being the worst, but it is what you make it.”

“It is. I know my ass is gonna hear it, but I have to study for a little bit tonight.”

“Hear it?” I asked.

“Because I didn’t do it earlier today and sleep sounded way better,” he said and headed off to study.

As I was having a snack of peanut butter and crackers, Kris and Colt came walking in the door. 

“Bro, you didn’t miss shit!” Kris exclaimed.

“Yeah, Chase and them are awful,” Colt said. 

“I’m glad we headed back then,” I said.

“Where’s Corey?” Colt asked.

I motioned to our bedroom, “He’s in there studying.”

“Like I need to,” Colt stated. “I guess now is as good a time as any.”

“Have fun,” Kris said and smiled with Colt leaving us.

“Kris, I’ve actually missed us being alone. With so much going on here lately…”

“Bro, we still run every other night,” Kris said, leaning over the bar.

“I know, but then we don’t talk much.”

“Grab a coat then and we can head out walking or something. I have a feeling something on your mind.”

I walked around, “There’s not really anything on my mind. I was just stating facts.”

“Okay then, it’s cool that you miss your best bud. I miss you as well.”

We grabbed some coats and headed out the door. We could have stayed at our place but for some reason
this felt right. We walked across the parking lot to the patio area and took a seat on the cold

“Between us and the stars, how are things really going?” I asked.

“I couldn’t ask for anything better really. I have great friends, one hell of a boyfriend and actually
like my classes so far. I emphasize so far. How are things going for you?”

“I have no complaints whatsoever. I have missed that closeness we had. I know we’re both so deep in
relationships right now that it’s tough for us to do even this.”

“Bro, this shit is easy.”

“Tell me since we’ve returned for this semester when have you actually sat down. You’re either working,
at class, with Colt or at Bruce’s or some other friend’s place.”

“I see where this is going.”

“Kris, I don’t mind, but I was stating facts and giving us solid excuses why things are different,” I

“Bro, that shit ain’t excuses but reasons.”

“Okay then, reasons.”

“It might not be the best or the way we wanted things to go, but we knew it was going to happen at some
time, Matt,” Kris said. “We were always going to drift apart slightly when we both found someone we
love and want to be with. It’s natural.”

“I know… I just didn’t want it to come so soon. I thought maybe it wouldn’t happen until after college
when we started to settle down and got our own houses.”

“It doesn’t change anything though, bro. I might be in love with Colt and focus so much of my attention
on him, but I still love you so much and you’re the best friend I’ll ever have. I hope we’ll always be
close to each other, but it doesn’t matter if we’re living together or if we’re on opposite sides of
the country, you will always be my best friend and I know that no matter what happens we will always be
there for each other and would come running if one of us needed the other.”

“That’s true. I guess I just hate that things have to change. We’ve grown so much since high school and
have helped each other every step of the way since. No matter what has happened or who has come in or
out of our lives we always gravitate back towards each other and I know that will always be the case.
I’ve loved rooming with you and being so close to you. I love Corey so much and I can see that you love
Colt the same way, but even though we’re all living together we do spend a lot more time with our
lovers than each other.”

“We do, but again it’s only natural, bro. Here I’ll change the subject. Are you excited about next

“I am for Mom and knowing she really wants this. Vince is an awesome guy, and so is VJ. However, I want
us to get past this weekend first,” I said with my phone ringing. It was Corey wondering if things were
okay. I said they were great and that I was just talking with Kris.

“Bro, you’re rubbing off on his ass big time. Never in the past would he have called to check on you,”
Kris laughed.

“It may have been two fold with Colt behind it,” I smiled.

“Matt, I think the honeymoon is over for me and Colt…”

“Oh no!”

“No, I’m stating facts. You know how it is when you first get together where you can’t wait to see

“Yeah, it happens. You start really high and then level off,” I said gesturing with my hands. “The key
is not to go beyond the leveling off. You’ve been together for a few months now and you’re finally
getting into a groove. It’s stopped being new and you’re done with kind of exploring things with each
other. This is the time when your true test comes and you see whether or not you really want to be with
him for more than just sex. You start seeing past the superficial things and really start to see who
the guy you’re with truly is.”

“That’s for damn sure. I love him to death, but… it’s now a real relationship and seeing shit I don’t
really like. His snoring is about to drive my ass crazy at night, and the way he uses mouthwash…” Kris
said. “He swirls it around in his mouth making these awful noises and then spits it everywhere.”

I patted Kris’s shoulder, “Welcome to the real world, bro. You look past those things since there are
things that annoy the shit out of him that you do too.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Bro, this joint will be on fire Saturday night. I can’t wait. So everything’s in

“It is. Mr Jackson loaded me up the other day with free stuff…”

“Damn! Remind me to tell Corey to be on the lookout for free shit at the Rec Center. That can be the
big present,” Kris said.

“I hope he’ll know it’s a joke.”

“Me too, but we did that on you as well with the all your shit for cleaning and cooking,” Kris laughed.

We continued to talk with Kris pleased with the game. I told him that game wasn’t a test, which Kris
agreed with. We stood, wiped off our rears and headed back to a warm place. It wasn’t that cold with
Kris and I chatting and catching up.  

We opened the door with Corey and Colt sitting naked on the couch together. 

“I thought you two were studying,” Kris commented and began stripping.

“We were, but we finished,” Corey said.

“We were talking here and… you know… we talked about switching up,” Colt said as I was joining them.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Kris said. “Matt and I can catch up even more. It’ll be like old times.”

“Matt?” Corey asked looking straight at me.

“I don’t see where it would hurt a whole lot. We’re not in the least bit jealous of each…”

“Thank god for that shit!” Colt exclaimed.

“If I was a tiny bit jealous Matt and I wouldn’t still be together. I understand what he and Kris have
together,” Corey stated. “I hate to say this but it would break the monotony a little.”

“Are you saying you’re bored with this big dick?” I said, laughed and grabbing my long soft cock.

“Fuck no, but… ummm… how do I put this?” Corey said.

“You want fucked by a different dick that doesn’t wear your ass out,” Kris laughed.

“No, I love it, but it’s nice to feel a different sensation every now and then,” Corey said.

“Liar!” Colt said and laughed. “Just admit Matt’s big dick is about to drill your ass a new hole.”

“It fucking did that a long time ago,” Corey laughed.

“Seriously, I’m with Matt and don’t see it hurting one bit. We know how things have changed around here
due to Colt and I being together. I miss what we once had. One night won’t change that but it could
help. Hell Colt, you and Corey were close too,” Kris said.

“We were and still are. A nice break could do us some good,” Colt stated.

With our agreement, we sat and chatted. Throughout the week very few brews were consumed while we sat
around or ate. We all now enjoyed them but saw it wasn’t always needed. The weekends presented a time
to relax and have a few while on the weekdays too much was going on to partake. The semester had the
promise of really being a big test for my intellect and time management. I could foresee many projects
on the horizon that would require my full attention and time.

About 11:30, we stood. Now the realization of what was about to occur hit us. Corey grabbed me as soon
as we stood and kissed me with lots of passion while Kris was doing the same to Colt. We broke the long
kisses and stood staring at our boyfriends.

“Maybe…” Colt said.

“Bro, we agreed. It’s our time to show our roomies and best friends how much they are loved. Now you
show Corey what he means to you while I show Matt how much he means to me,” Kris said and took my hand.

“Come on Colt. It’s our chance like we never have had before,” Corey stated.

Kris and I walked toward my room but I did glance over my shoulder to see Corey and Colt walking away
toward Colt’s bedroom. Kris slapped my bare ass playfully before we shut the door. He jumped on top of
my bed and gestured for me to take my spot.

“Kris, how long has this been in the works?”

“You really think I’m totally behind this?”

“You didn’t answer me,” I said and got on the bed.

“It was a shocker to me. That’s the truth,” Kris said, lying on his side so he could look me in the
eyes. “Yeah, I mentioned a few nights ago that we needed to do this, but I wasn’t expecting it to be
tonight. I think they saw how we need and miss that closeness we once had.”

“Having sex ain’t the answer though. However, tonight us going over there did help matters. We know how
the dynamics have changed since the summer, or for that matter since Corey and I became lovers.”

“They have for sure. It’s part of life. Maybe they needed tonight as well. I don’t think they were at
all sexual last year… well I know they weren’t. Colt told me he’s never had sex with Corey when they
were alone. They’ve only ever done it with one or both of us around. I don’t see this hurting either of
our relationships at this point. I know you and Corey are so fucking tight while Colt and I are trying
to be like that. Sometimes though I still don’t feel like you and Corey.”

“That takes time and effort. Kris, continue to do things with Colt alone to advance things. Like last
weekend, you can do it for a few hours then have your time with the others,” I said with Kris’s hand
resting on my stomach.

“I do wanna do that,” Kris stated and we continued to just talk and chat like we always used to. At
some point Kris’s hand started to move. First it was his fingers just gently rubbing against my skin
and then he started caressing my body and kept running his hand over my abs. I don’t know if it was
intentional or not but the whole time we talked, which must have been more than 15 minutes, he was
constantly moving his hand around my body until finally his fingers stopped moving on my abs and he
looked up into my eyes. “Damn, these abs are so fucking tight.”

“Yours are hot too,” I said, looking down at the 8 pack abs that were so hard and defined.

“Did you ever think you’d be so fucking built?”

I smiled, “Nope, but I had a lot of great encouragement to get this way. It’s very addictive.”

“It is. Almost as addictive as this shit,” Kris said. He leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. 

My eyes rolled back a little feeling his warm mouth engulf my cock. I hadn’t even realized I was hard
until his lips wrapped around the tip. “Dick sucking is addictive.”

Kris stopped, “Especially this big fucking one… and Colt’s.”  He went back down on me, cupping my nuts
in one hand while rubbing my stomach with the other. I could tell that he loved the feel of my body by
the way his hand couldn’t stop touching me and tracing my abs. His mouth worked so hard on me and I
knew he was really turned on, especially when his beautiful blue eyes cut up at me sparkling with lust.
He looked so hot with his mouth full of my cock. Even after my previous times with Kris and knowing he
was with Colt, I still couldn’t believe the sight of my best friend sucking my dick, something I always
wanted in high school but never dreamed I would get to experience.

“OOOO Kris, it feels so fucking good,” I moaned.

He slid his mouth and tongue down the length of my shaft and trailed them back up. His experience was
showing and felt so good. He really did know how to suck a dick now and how to make me feel so much
pleasure. My fingers ran through his blond hair and I stroked his head, throwing mine back and moaning
at what he was doing to me. He was sucking and slurping on me until I looked down and saw his cock
bouncing around between his legs. It rock hard and glistening with precum. I wanted to get at his cock
as well and needed to feel it in my mouth. 

“Kris, let’s 69,” I said, licking my lips.

He pulled off, leaving a string of spit from the tip of my cock to his mouth, “Okay.”

Before we got to that, though, he moved up the bed to kiss me, pushing his tongue into my mouth so I
could taste myself. It drove me crazy. Kris had his hands all over me again as we kissed. I took the
opportunity to run my hands all over his body too. His pecs were smaller than Corey’s as I cupped them
in my hands, but not by much. I teased his nipples with my fingertips and then moved down to feel his
abs. They were so hard it was unreal. They felt incredible and were probably the most defined I had
ever seen on anyone.

Breaking our kiss, we positioned ourselves diagonally across my bed. I stroked his hot cock and took it
between my lips, teasing the tip with my tongue, while feeling his mouth going back down on my hard 8
inch cock. I forgot how nice a dick Kris really had and loved sucking on it. It fit in my mouth better
than Corey’s thick monster and I let it slide in deep and enjoyed taking in his manly scent. My mouth
slid up and down while he was doing the same and giving me so much intense pleasure. 

He really was amazing. He didn’t just work my cock, sucking it as deep as he could or running his
tongue up and down the length, but he moved around to focus on licking my balls while still stroking my
cock, or caressing my ass and even playing with my hole as he pulled me towards him, almost fucking his
own face on my dick.

After another few minutes of feasting on each other’s cocks, leaving us both hard as hell and dripping,
we stopped and sat up. We were both panting and our chests were heaving. Our eyes met and we held each
other’s gaze in silence for what felt like the longest time. Finally Kris spoke,

“Matt, can I fuck you?”

“I was hoping you would,” I said, feeling my hole twitch.

He lunged forward and kissed me. “With condoms, right?”

“Yes. They’re in the top drawer.”

Kris got up and found the condoms we had. I loved watching his hot, naked body moving around. His dick
was hard and covered in my saliva, sticking up at a 45 degree angle and moving up and down with every
step he took. When his back was to me I marvelled at the amazing muscles that ran down it toward his
gorgeous muscle ass that was so tight and firm.

I grabbed the lube that stayed in our night stand drawer and passed it to Kris as he quickly rolled the
condom down his rock hard cock. I found a pillow and towel and laid them out on the bed, getting ready
to take his cock.

I got down on the bed on my back so my ass was almost at the edge, lifting and spreading my legs so
Kris could get between them. He moved closer, but instead of going straight in to fuck me he leaned
over, with his hard cock pressing against mine, and started kissing me again.

I threw my arms around him and we made out for a couple of minutes. Kris’s dick was hard the entire
time and I could feel it twitching against mine. Some of the lube that was on his covered cock was
making mine slick and I knew that would help later if I needed to jerk myself off while he fucked me.

When Kris pulled back from the kiss he stayed close and looked so deep into my eyes I thought he may
have been looking straight into my soul. There was such love and intensity in the way he looked at me
and my whole body felt like it was tingling.

“Do you realize this is a first for us?” Kris asked.

“What is?” I replied, hearing my voice convey the tremors going through me.

“Me and you, alone like this,” Kris said.

“We’ve had sex before.”

“Yes, but there’s almost always been someone else with us, whether it’s Corey or Colt, hell even Scott
was there when I fucked you for the first time in that orgy this time last year. The only time we’ve
had sex alone was when I bottomed for you. This is the first chance I get to really top you, one on
one, just me and you. I want to cherish this moment.”

“I do too, Kris,” I said, realizing he was right. “I’ve wanted this for so long. I can’t tell you how
many nights I spent in high school lying in my bed jerking off to the thought of being with you, of
having you inside me and feeling you make love to me. For years it was all I ever wanted, and now it’s

I could feel the tears rising in my eyes, thinking about how much I wanted this and how happy I was
that it was finally happening. It wasn’t going to be like all those dreams I used to have where Kris
would fall in love with me and would show me that through his actions, but it was something equally as
special, shared between two best friends who loved each other and totally understood each other.

Kris smiled and wiped a tear from my cheek. He leaned back down and kissed me so passionately it took
my breath away. Any thoughts I had about maybe not going through with this switch up were gone. I
wanted Kris so bad and I hoped Corey was getting somewhere near this kind of pleasure with Colt.

He leaned back and grabbed the lube and applied some more to his cock and then poured some into his
hand which he then smeared on my hole. At first he just teased the opening, but then pretty quickly he
slipped inside and fingered me to excite me and get me ready for his dick. He moved back in and lifted
my legs onto his rounded shoulders. He kept moving closer until his cock was at my hole with the tip
pressing in but not quite entering. He used his hand to rub his cock against my hole and I threw my
head back and moaned at the sensation, which had my dick throbbing and leaking as it lay on my abs.
When he started pushing forward that little bit harder I opened up and allowed him to slowly slide his
dick inside me. 

“OOO fuck yeah!” Kris groaned with his cock going deeper into me.

My eyes rolled back into my head and I moaned feeling him pushing into me, sliding against the walls of
my ass and filling me up so good. He wasn’t as thick as Corey so his cock seemed like it glided into me
with ease, but it still pushed all the right buttons and he kept moving in until he was balls deep
inside me and I could just feel his trimmed pubes on my ass. Being a little bit longer than Corey meant
the tip of Kris’s cock was pressing against parts of me that rarely got fucked, so while the journey in
may have been easy and didn’t really push my limits, the head of his dick was now stretching the point
deep inside me where it was lodged. It was amazing.

I looked up and saw and felt my best friend inside of me. He meant so much to me. Without him, I doubt
I’d be half the person I was. He had shown me the true meaning of friendship when I needed it the most.
We had shared so many great times besides this moment, but I could tell that he too was savoring the
feeling of being inside me like this.

Slowly he started to withdraw his cock until only the head was left inside my ass as it clenched around
him, not wanting to let him escape. He then gently eased it back in, letting me feel every inch of him
as he pushed all 7 inches of his cock inside me. For the next few minutes he kept long dicking me
slowly, making us both moan. He was gripping tight onto my ankles that were still on his shoulders and
I had to settle for balling the sheets up in my fists as I threw my head from side to side. He was
driving me crazy.

“OOO fuck me, Kris!” I moaned, trying to buck my hips up to force my ass onto his cock. I needed him to
go faster.

“I will, Matt! Your ass is so fucking hot!” Kris said as he thrust inside me much harder than any of
the previous thrusts.

He kept my ankles in his hands but took them off his shoulders so I was spread eagled before him. He
then bent his knees just a little and started humping forwards. By doing that his cock plunged into me,
crashing right into my spot and making me scream. His dick slid so smoothly through me, moving in and
out at a perfect pace that had my whole body tingling without driving me over the edge.

I didn’t feel slutty or like a man whore with Kris fucking me. We were showing our love and
appreciation to each other through sex. Not everyone would see it that way but for us it was our way
since we were very sexual people. 

Kris’s dick felt so good inside me and he had my legs at a great angle so I could see his hot body
between them. A strand of his blond hair was stuck across his forehead from the sweat that was building
up as he continued to fuck me, the same sweat that made his gorgeous pecs glisten. His awesome 8 pack
abs tightened and tensed with every thrust he made into my ass, making him look so fucking sexy. There
was a smile on his face, a sweet grin that showed his pleasure and how much he was enjoying this. His
gorgeous blue eyes were looking down, locked on mine, and I could see the pure love he had for me
displayed in them. It was beyond special to be here with him after all we’ve been through together,
best friends, sharing something so intimate. He was right, it was something I have wanted for so long
and I couldn’t have been happier that it was finally happening.

He must have sensed what I was or had seen the love that I have for him in my eyes because he let go of
my ankles and pushed my legs around his waist, allowing him to bend over and capture my lips in an
amazing kiss.

I wrapped my legs around him and held him close as he slowed back down to feed me every inch of is cock
as we continued to kiss. He seemed to be getting even deeper than before and every time he slid his
cock in and his balls came to rest on my ass I let out a groan of pure pleasure.

He pulled back from the kiss enough so he could look into my eyes. There was such intensity to his gaze
and I wondered just how long he really had wanted to do this with me. He ran his hand up my body, never
letting up on the deep thrusts he made into my ass, and moved his hand up until it was cradling the
back of my head. His forehead came down and pressed against mine and the thrusts of his hips seemed to
get more forceful, driving his cock harder and deeper into me while he held me close and stared down
into my eyes. I was lost for words. It was incredible.

After a few minutes in that position Kris pushed in as far as he could and held still as he pulled my
head to his for a long, wet, tongue-filled kiss. He then slowly withdrew his cock, letting it slip from
my ass, and pushed me up onto the bed, following me until we were lying in the middle of it.

He rolled me onto my side and moved in behind me, slipping his arm under mine so it was around my chest
and he could pull my back against his sweaty pecs. His mouth immediately nuzzled against me and he laid
kisses along my shoulder and up my neck, even teasing my ear with his tongue as he lifted my leg and
slid his cock back inside me so he could continue to fuck me. 

Everything was such a blur now to me. I could feel his cock moving inside me, slotting in deep. His
hand caressed my body as his thrusts grew a little quicker and harder until he was fucking me at a nice
pace. He then moved his hand down and gripped onto my cock, stroking me up and down in time to his dick
sliding in and out of me.

It all felt so good and as his dick worked my insides and his hand pounded away on my cock I knew it
wouldn’t be long before I blew a huge load. As the need to cum grew I began pushing back to fuck myself
on his hard, throbbing cock. We were moaning loudly and really enjoying this moment.

My cock began twitching until I couldn’t hold back. I let out a high pitched squeal while cum was
blasting out of my cock. Kris grabbed me tight and began shooting in his condom at almost the exact
same moment.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes while catching our breath and enjoying the pure bliss that
comes from great sex. Kris kept his dick inside me until it went soft and slid out. He quickly pulled
the condom off and threw it in the trash before lying back down beside me.

“I really enjoyed that,” I said.

“Bro, I fucking loved it. You are one great fuck!”

“You’re a great fuck too. Colt’s very lucky.”

“Just as Corey is. We’ve done well.”

“We sure have.”

“I hope you could feel how much I love you.”

“I could and I hope you felt the same.”

“I did, bro, we have an awesome friendship that I never want to lose.”

“Same here.”

Normally after sex I’m more than ready to hit the hay, but tonight Kris and I talked for about an hour
about anything and everything before we fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was great being back with
Kris but I missed Corey when we were cuddled up. Even though Kris had big muscular arms too and I liked
being wrapped in them, they just didn’t feel the same as Corey’s and I couldn’t wait to be back in my
boyfriend’s arms.

I was up early and showered and shaved before leaving for my early class this Friday. While walking
over, my mind was going crazy making sure everything was in place for the weekend. 

After my first class, I headed over to the building that housed my computer classes. The time was well
spent progressing on a future assignment along with two others from the class I really didn’t even
know. I fired off a nice text to Corey and hoped he would have a great day. I was able to squeeze in
some time for Mr Jackson before my next two classes. 

After my classes were done, I was determined to hit the pool since we hadn’t done it that often. Scott
was more than eager and went regularly despite me not going. It was great seeing Yancey as well. 

When I returned from a nice swim, Colt was sitting watching TV. Scott was with me so we sat down and
joined him. 

“Are you excited about tomorrow?” Scott asked.

Colt shrugged, “I guess I should be, but I can’t right now.”

I quickly sensed something was wrong. I wanted to ask if last night was any factor in his mood. “Ummm…
anything I might help ya with?”

“Nah, things will work out,” Colt replied and put in a dip.

“We’ll help ya. We’re family, Colt,” Scott said.

“I know that,” Colt said and spit. 

We sat there a few minutes before Scott headed to grab us some water. I quietly asked, “Is this about
last night?”

Colt shook his head no before Scott returned and handed me some water.

“Okay, I need to get this off my chest. Corey suggested I call my Dad to hear his side of the story,”
Colt said. “It was a big crock of shit, which I plainly told him it was. The asshole wanted Chase and I
to meet him next weekend to clear the air as he called it.”

“At least you talked,” I said.

“Matt, next weekend is your Mom’s wedding. I told him that and got to hear all about how my friends
were more important than my family. Fuck his ass! He fucked up, not me!” Colt said raising his voice.
“If that wasn’t enough, I got to hear all about me and Kris. The son of bitch can go fucking die for
all I care!”

“He’s not happy you’re dating Kris?” Scott asked.

“No, but do I look like I give a flying fuck!” Colt replied. “I’m happier than ever. Being with Kris is
the best thing that has happened to me.”

“He doesn’t accept the fact you’re happy with Kris?” I asked.

“Hell no!” Colt replied. “He said he didn’t raise me to be no goddamn faggot! I tore into his ass about
that too. I cussed him out like he deserved. I gave it a good try, but all it did was piss me off. When
he doesn’t want to berate me then we’ll talk again… maybe.”

“I hate that,” I said and leaned over to give him a hug. Scott was behind me and did the same.

“It really sucks that I tried and was rather civil in the beginning. I thought we were making progress
until he said he wanted us to meet and then went off on me,” Colt said.

Scott finished off his water and stood. “Well, I guess I better run. Holler if you need anything.”

“We will,” I said.

“I’ll see you later. If not, Matt, call or text me so I can help you out with Colt’s party,” Scott

“Will do,” I said with Scott at the door. 

Once Scott had left, I asked. “Honestly, this has nothing to do with last night?”

“None whatsoever. Ummm… Corey was great last night, as I’m sure Kris was to you,” Colt stated.

“He was. We’re lucky to have really great boyfriends. Last night was very nice.”

“Oh I agree. Corey knows what he means to me now,” Colt laughed and spit out his dip. He stood and
walked over to the fridge for some water. “No regrets, huh?”

“None, but I haven’t spoken to Corey either,” I replied.

Colt walked over and grabbed me by the back of my neck. He kissed me on the lips. He broke the kiss,
“Thanks for sharing Corey and for listening to me.”

“Thank you as well for sharing Kris,” I said.

“Do you want the details about last night?”

“I’m not interested. I know you had sex, just as Kris and I did. Honestly, I would have been okay
without going there…”

“Me too, but why waste the time?”
“It has made me really wanna see Kris now.”

“I wanna see Corey as well. I’m sorry things didn’t work out between you and your Dad.”

“It’s okay, I guess. He did send me some money, as did Mom,” Colt said.

“That’s awesome,” I said.

“Now if I can only save it ‘til our trip,” Colt stated and chuckled.

We messed around and did our best to kill time. Sergio and Dillon stopped by to help make the time go by
faster. Then Scott came back as well. We began playing Street Fighter to make things interesting. I got
to see the competitive nature of Sergio while Dillon wasn’t quite so intense. During the game, we broke
out a few brews to enjoy while playing.  

Kris came in first after his day of work. He walked straight to Colt and landed a big kiss on him. “Pack
a bag. We’re leaving for the night,” Kris said with Corey coming in.

“You don’t know how badly I need that,” Colt said and kissed him.

“It’s my special treat for you tonight. We can get away alone,” Kris stated.

“Kris, are you sick?” Scott asked jokingly.

“No bro. I wanted to do something special for him,” Kris stated. “Corey planted the idea in my head
earlier so I figured tonight was as good as any.”

“Thanks Corey!” Colt said.

“No problem,” Corey stated and came over to greet me with a kiss. 

“I love how affectionate you guys are. Sergio, take note,” Dillon stated.

“Dickwad, I do,” Sergio said.

“Yeah, after I start it,” Dillon said. “You guys have fun and don’t wear each other out tonight. Tomorrow
is the big night.”

“It is,” Colt said and left with Kris to pack.

“Great idea,” I said.

“It was. Man, I hate to say this, but I was hoping you and I could go out tonight like we did last
weekend,” Corey said.

“Is that a hint or what?” Scott asked.

“Well… if Matt don’t mind I’d say we could all go out and grab a bite,” Corey said with Colt and Kris
coming out. “Hey, we’re going to eat if you wanna go with us.”

“We’ll take a rain check on that,” Kris stated.


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