POSTED:  FEB 5, 2013


I woke this Saturday morning of Corey’s 21st birthday. My list of things do seemed endless. After
getting out of bed I came out and found Scott sitting on the couch with a controller in his hand. 

“Wassup?” I asked.

“Just trying to see how this game plays. I’m gonna kick your ass once I get better. I know you’ve
been practicing,” he replied, sitting naked.

“Oh, a little when Corey was working…” I walked over and started the coffee on this cool January day
and saw a gift bag sitting on the counter for Corey. Scott finished his game of Street Fighter and
came walking over to the bar. He pulled out a chair and took a seat.

“Matt, I really admire you and Corey even more after dating Jess for about 6 months. It takes a lot
to endure as long you two have,” Scott stated.

I poured the freshly brewed coffee into Styrofoam cups and set one in front of him. “I can’t imagine
being with anyone else.”

“I can’t imagine you being with anyone else either. For a few moments back in our freshman year I
wanted us to give it a try.”

“I remember. We could have done okay I guess…”

“We could have, but I wasn’t ready or in the mind set to commit at that time to having a boyfriend.
My how things have changed since then,” Scott chuckled. “I would have bet big money Kris and Colt
would have never dated. Now I see they are made for each other, just like you and Corey are. One day,
I’ll find that person too. In the meantime I’m gonna enjoy being a free man.”

“I hope you do enjoy it,” I said and sipped the coffee.

“I know you’ve got a shit load of stuff happening. As I said last night, I’ll help you wherever I

“I appreciate that. I’ve invited over 20 or more people so we’ll need plenty of food and drinks.”

“I feel a kegger coming on here.”

“I think that may be the way to go. We’ll check the price and see the difference. Honestly, I don’t
know much about them.”

“Me either,” Scott laughed and peeked in the bag. I was wondering when his curiosity would come out.
“What’s in here? I know you know.”

“I know one thing, a bikini for our trip, but I really don’t know what else is in there,” I replied.

“I’ll say this. My ass will live in a speedo or bikini on our trip, and Jordy says he will too.”

I nodded, “No doubt. I will wear mine, but I wanna get the vibe first before going all out. Hey,
where was Jordy last night?”

“Oh, he went home and will be back tonight.”

“There’s nothing going between you two is there?”

Scott smiled and shook his growing blond hair, “Nah, we’ve been down that road. He’s hot as fuck, but
I’d rather be friends right now…”

“Friends with benefits?”

“Great benefits at that,” Scott said and laughed. 

I looked up and saw Colt coming out. He ran his hand through his messy brown hair and went past me,
slapping my bare ass. He grabbed a cup and joined us. 

“Colt, we were thinking of renting a keg. How much beer is that?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s really a shit load… say about 120 cupfuls,” Colt replied.

“Too much,” Scott said.

“Then go for a half a keg then,” Colt said. “I hate to say this, but now’s when we need Bishop. He
could make some killer drinks.”

“Oh well, maybe we can find something to make as well, but I doubt they’ll be as good,” I said.

I heard our bedroom door open and saw Corey coming out. I stepped up and greeted him with a kiss. He
grabbed the bag and lifted it up. 

“Wait ‘til Kris gets his ass up, then you can see what it is,” Colt said.

“I know what it is,” Corey said.

“You may be surprised,” Colt said.

We didn’t have to wait long before Kris came stumbling out. He rubbed his eyes and saw us staring at
him. He walked over and greeted Corey with a kiss. “Happy Birthday, bro, are you excited?”

“I guess so. Now I can dig in and see what color speedo you two turds bought me,” Corey laughed. He
dug in and pulled out a very hot looking blue bikini.

“I expect to see your ass in that,” I said.

“I’ll wear it,” Corey said and pulled out two shirts. One was a nice short sleeve one and the other
was a tank top. “Thanks a lot. Now I’ll have plenty to wear.”

“Awesome,” Colt said.

“I’ll give you mine at the party,” Scott said.

“Just as long as it’s not too risqué,” Corey said.

“It ain’t, but there’s still time,” Scott winked. “Hey Matt, I’ll run and get dressed and come back
here in say 30 minutes so we can get started.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said.

“Bro, you’re leaving Corey?” Kris asked.

“I wish I didn’t have to, but there’s a ton to do before the party. Besides, he might enjoy hanging
with y’all and he’s gotta wait on JJ and Teague,” I stated.

“I’ve had plenty of Matt’s hot dick and ass here lately,” Corey laughed. “I know this means a lot
that everything is fucking perfect tonight.”

I smiled and kissed him. Scott dressed and headed out while I headed to shower. I did entice Corey to
join me in showering for a little shower fun, but it was just a show of love and innocent groping. My
birthday nearly wore my ass out with as much sex as we had, but I did enjoy it so much. Looking back,
I should have had this more organized by now, but with buying food it couldn’t really be done.

Scott and I headed out on this cold windy day. His car was a little bigger so we decided to take it.
Our first stop was at the thrift store he wanted to visit to really go all out for tonight’s theme of
tacky attire. 

We headed inside and saw the store was loaded with tons of used clothes and various other items. We
found the men’s clothing and started going through the racks and racks of clothes. 

“Matt, I know where I’m coming to buy shit for our trip,” Scott said. “This place is loaded with
stuff we can bum around in.”

“I’ve noticed,” I said, looking and even seeing a few designer brands mixed in with the other

“Found it,” Scott said. I turned to see him holding up a bright purple silk shirt. He threw it on
over his long sleeve tee and said it fit good enough. I in turn found a Hawaiian print shirt that
made us both laugh out loud. They were both just a dollar so we snagged them before moving over to
find slacks. We went looking through those and found two great pairs to go with our shirts. 

Before leaving we looked around and found two old metal ice chests that would be perfect to open up
and let them grab some beers from. I stood and debated for a minute before deciding to grab them
since they were cheap as well. Scott spotted a bowl set that would be perfect for us to have a great
mixed concoction in if we could find a good recipe.

Our next stop was the liquor store. We were given the prices for half kegs and rental. I decided
against them this time and grabbed a good variety of beer and alcohol to suffice. There, we asked for
simple punch recipes. The guys were great and gave us two we could consider that sounded easy to
make. Our last stop was the grocery store. With the usual Saturday crowds, it took us quite a while
to buy everything I needed. I wanted a little food in the systems to slow the drinking down. 

Scott was very nice and did chip in a little cash as his part of the party, even though it wasn’t

We returned to the apartment with a ton of food, along with a cake that took a few minutes to have
decorated. We also came back with lots of cups, plates and napkins as well.  

I came in and saw Corey sitting with JJ and Teague. They both stood and greeted Scott and I before
helping us bring in everything we had purchased. 

“We’re glad you’re back,” JJ said. “Corey was about to shit his pants to open our gift.”

Corey turned and held it up. It was a big box. “It has to be something very special or else they
would have let you open it,” I said.

“I think so,” Corey said.

“No, hold on! Kris and Colt aren’t here,” Teague said. 

“Are you fucking kidding me? You said…” Corey asked.

“I know, but they will wanna be here. You said they should be back in a little while,” JJ said.

“Where are they?” Scott asked.

“They went to work out with Bruce,” Corey replied.

The four of us hauled in our purchases, not allowing Corey to move, even though he would see all we
would be having. JJ and Teague liked the old ice chest and poured the ice in them to ice down some of
the beer we had bought. Scott washed out the punch bowl while I mixed a little of one of the drinks
we decided upon. It was simple with ginger ale, pineapple juice and rum. I gave it a try and then
tasted it. It was actually pretty good. I walked over and let Corey taste it and give his opinion. 

“Yummm, that’s really good. What’s it called?” Corey asked and then finished off the rest.

“Fountain of Youth, I think,” Scott said. “Will that do?”

“We have no fucking idea,” Teague replied. “Corey downed the rest of it.”

I made two glasses and let them taste it. They agreed and said it would be a great punch for the

“Guys, I’ll guess I’ll run and catch ya later,” Scott said.

“No you won’t. You have wait and see what JJ and Teague bought him,” I said.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Corey, did you tell ‘em what Kris and Colt got ya?” Scott asked.

“A speedo to wear on our cruise,” Corey said.

“I want pictures,” Teague said laughing.

“He’s worn one before,” I said. 

“I’m glad it’s you, not me,” JJ said. “Plus my ass would be hanging out of it right now.”

Finally Kris and Colt came in the door with Bruce. They were laughing and having a great time.

“Happy Birthday, Corey!” Bruce said.

“Thanks,” Corey said and stood to introduce his friends to Bruce. “Man, it’s great to hear you’re
living here now.”

“We wore his ass out,” Colt said.

“I don’t know about that, but they are great work out partners,” Bruce said.

“Now they are here I can open my gift,” Corey said. Corey lifted it up. “It’s so heavy.” I felt it
and thought the same thing. 

“Open it, bro. It could be bricks in there,” Kris said, leaning over our shoulder to watch.

Corey tore open the wrapping and opened the big box. He pulled out a T shirt. He stopped and looked
at JJ and Teague. I looked over and saw they were both grinning ear to ear.

“Show ‘em,” Teague said.

Corey pulled out two yearbooks and held them up. Corey got very emotional with tears streaming down
his face. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Teague was on the yearbook staff and found these over the holidays. I had a feeling you didn’t have
them. I wish we’d found one from our sophomore year,” JJ said.

Corey stood and went to hug both of them. “The best gift ever.”

“I’m glad you like ‘em. I was messing around and found a few of these stored away in our garage. I
guess I took them home since we had a few left over,” Teague said. “I forgot they were even there. I
can tell you like them.”

“I’m sorry for getting so emotional, but we didn’t have the money for them. I never thought I’d have
one,” Corey stated.

“Man, that is so cool of y’all,” Bruce said.

“Yeah, I can tell Corey really likes ‘em,” Colt said.

“Bro, we have to see a picture of you,” Kris said.

Corey opened his senior annual and again had tears flowing down his cheeks. I looked over and saw
they had written, ‘Sorry for all the trouble we gave you. Hope you will enjoy this’. “Damn, how many
signed it?”

“Well, we just found a few,” JJ said all smiles. 

“That is so nice. Corey, find us a picture,” Scott said.

He turned and found his senior picture. He wasn’t anywhere near as big and held it up for all to see.  

“Corey, I marked the pages where you are. I think there are like four of you in there,” Teague said.
“Our junior year I only found two of you.”

I took the junior annual and turned to find his picture. “You were almost skinny.”

“That was right before I started working out,” Corey said. “I can’t believe this.”

“Bros, I think you made his day,” Kris said.

“They did. Just coming was good enough for me, but then this… I know they didn’t cost you a dime but
they mean so much to me,” Corey said.

Scott and Bruce left us while we continued to look through the annuals. It reminded me I needed to
find mine and pull them out. Sometimes the smallest and even free gifts mean the most. Corey was
engulfed in them and loved seeing them. Even though it was just a few years ago it was great to see
how much they had changed. It reiterated my desire to continue to take pictures of us, no matter how
much they despised it. We had a lot of laughs over the pictures. I loved hearing the three tell
stories about different classmates.

“Corey, you almost made me cry. I was expecting you to be excited,” Teague said.

“I was excited. I was just overwhelmed with emotion,” Corey said. “It’s something I never expected to

“My mom looks at hers all the time,” Colt said.

“Mine too,” JJ said. “I would have felt like a total ass if Corey would have said he had them.”

“I remember wanting one so badly, especially my senior year, but Mom said they were too expensive,”
Corey said. 

“Maybe we can look around and snag the others,” JJ said.

“That would be great, but these are fucking awesome,” Corey said. “Tell everyone thanks for signing
it too.”

“We will,” JJ said.

We sat around and then starting playing my game. Teague was great competition for me and ended up
beating me in our first game. It was a lot of fun, but I could see them drinking what I had bought. I
decided I’d had enough playing around and started in preparing the food. Sergio and Dillon stopped
in. Dillon was a big help to me and was able to make the punch, though a little stout in my

Going to dress, Corey was in there getting ready. He pulled me close for a long wet kiss. “Please
don’t let me overdo it tonight,” he said.

“Corey, I want you to really enjoy it. If it happens, then so be it. You know everyone will want and
expect you to have a drink with them.”

“Okay, but I can tell already you’ve gone way overboard.”

I smiled, “No more than you did for mine. We only turn 21 once so I want it to be special for you. I
want you to have the best time and well… sort of ignore me.”

“I can’t do that.”

“I don’t want to be all over you, I wanna let you mingle. I tried contacting everyone and hope they
come. I did forget Heath and Lane though.”

Corey laughed, “Good thing. It would have been crazy with them here. They don’t know how to take it
easy now.”

I dressed in my Hawaiian print shirt and slacks. Corey burst out laughing. He was dressed nicely
since I wanted him not to be dressed tacky but classy to stick out as someone special. He was wearing
a nice blue Polo shirt and dark jeans hanging low on his hips, just like I liked them. 

Before leaving I reached under the bed and pulled out my gift to him. He knew about the underwear
that I had bought him, but not the nice necklace, shoes, jeans and more shorts. 

I left and with lots of help began carrying over all the supplies for the party. The room was perfect
and plenty big enough for our party. We were setting things up when I saw Corey walking in holding
the mail. He held up a card and smiled.

“Mom told me I needed to check the mail. I’m shocked,” he said.

“Why?” JJ asked.

“She gave me a hundred and fifty bucks,” Corey replied. 

“That’s nice of her,” I said.

“I suppose I need to call her and thank her,” Corey said and turned around to see Scott and Jordy
walking in the door. We burst out laughing seeing Scott dressed for the party. The shirt was perfect
and was unbuttoned half way down with his crazy slacks and shoes and shades on top of his head. Jordy
was dressed in a funky colored sweater. 

“Damn, now my ass feels like I didn’t even try,” Kris said. He had on an oversized sweatshirt and
sweats, which were tacky to me. Colt had on a plaid shirt, tight jeans and a cowboy hat. That wasn’t
so tacky except he had a hanky in one shirt pocket and a can of Skoal in the other. JJ was wearing an
old sweater and dress pants, with Teague wearing a bright orange tee shirt and jeans. It really
didn’t matter what anyone wore but it did make it a little more fun.

“Colt, we didn’t say a redneck party,” Scott laughed.

“Fuck you, asshole,” Colt laughed. “I didn’t raid Goodwill either.”

“Hey, it’s in the spirit of the party,” Scott said, holding out his arms.

Kris grabbed me by the arm and pulled me aside. “Scott gave me an idea for Colt…”

“Exactly, redneck party for Colt,” I smiled and cut him off.

It was still a little before the announced time of 8 for the start of the party. Rico stopped by and
gave us the rules, which were simple in that we had to finish up by one and clean up before noon the
following day. We invited him to stick around if he wanted to do so but he said he had a hot date
planned for the night and might check in later.

Sergio and Dillon came in next. Dillon was dressed in all white whereas Sergio had on overalls
without a shirt. Next was Ted and Alicia with Myles and Vera. Luke walked in shortly thereafter
alone. It was easy to see what the main attraction was with the beer being pulled from the ice
chests. Few had the big bowl of punch. 

Shawn, Heather, Ethan, Margie and Cody were next to arrive. Corey was in the center and was
graciously taking the birthday wishes. I was excited for Corey to see most come bearing gifts,
sitting them on a table with the cake. 

Bruce, Grady, Aaron and two more girls came in the door just before I saw Juan and his wife Felicia
entering. Then Toni came with Cord before seeing Trey and Towson walk in the door. Trey and Towson
were a hit and had really dressed hiatus with crazy shirts and slacks. 

I looked up after putting more beer in the coolers and saw Cord standing there.

“I thought you’d forgot me,” he said.

“No, but I never see you around,” I said.

“That’s fine,” Cord said and walked away. I saw Brennan and Garrett walking in the door and was
really shocked to see Bryson right behind them. Bryson was looking great and didn’t have a beard this
time. He was wearing a green shirt and shorts that really didn’t match, thus were quite tacky. Bryson
walked over and said hello while grabbing a beer and food. Now I had my camcorder out to document
this occasion.

“This is really nice, Matt,” he said. “I hope you don’t mind me crashing the party.”

“Are you kidding me? Of course not,” I replied. “It’s great to see you.”

“I hate to say it but I really miss y’all now,” he said. 

“We miss you too, and Kris will really miss you this winter for his team,” I said.

“Damn, I’ll add that to the reasons my ass should be back here. The grass ain’t so green on the other
side,” he said. “I’ll catch ya later.”

I finished with my duties and walked out to mingle a little, as well as taking more video. I saw
Michael and Brianna standing there. At first I didn’t recognize Michael, Corey’s old roommate, since
he had really slimmed down. Brianna was dressed in a dress that made her look pregnant.

“Matt, she’s not knocked up,” Michael said. “That was the first question Corey asked me. It’s a

“Well… I wasn’t gonna say anything, but…”

“That’s part of being tacky. Barefoot and pregnant,” Brianna laughed. 

“We are getting married this summer though,” Michael said, beaming.

“Congratulations,” I said and shook his hand. “I’m really glad you two could make it.”

“I wouldn’t have missed this,” Michael said.

Just as Michael and Brianna walked away, Kris came up to me holding a beer in his hand, “Bro, you did
fucking awesome. Corey’s eating this up.”

“I can see that,” I said.

“I need to introduce you to Cole and Troy,” Kris said.

“And who are they?” I asked.

“Two guys we work with that I sort of invited,” Kris replied.

I walked over with Kris and was introduced to the two. Cole was tall and just short of being
Garrett’s height, whereas Troy was very fit looking. I did remember Troy from our New Years party,
but I hadn’t really spoken to him so it was nice to have a more formal introduction. They were both
nice and told me how much they enjoyed working with Corey. I scanned the room to see the many faces,
with everyone seemingly having a good time. The only two I could think of that didn’t come that I had
invited were Parker and Yancey. 

JJ and Teague were standing by the coolers. I walked over to speak with them and take a break from
shoving the camcorder in people’s faces. “Guys, I’m glad you’re here.”

“We’re glad we are too and wouldn’t have missed this. Damn it is so great to see Corey having such a
good time,” JJ said. “He really deserves this.”

“I wish some more of our class could have come and seen this,” Teague stated. “Everyone is great.”

“Thanks for the annuals…”

“Boy, Corey really liked those,” Teague said.

“He did,” I said. 

“Matt, I have hardly seen you around ole Corey much,” JJ said.

“He sees enough of me,” I stated. “I told him I would be here but wouldn’t get in his way. Tonight is
his night to enjoy.”

“You’re one of a hell of boyfriend,” JJ said. “Give me the camcorder and we’ll take over from here.
You need to be with him.”

As I was talking to them, Toni walked up and kissed me on the cheek. “Can I talk with you just a
second?” she asked.

“I guess,” I replied and moved away to follow her to a private spot just outside the room.

“I heard you weren’t real pleased with me hooking up with Kris and Colt,” she said.

“Pleased may not be the right word. I felt like they probably took advantage of your situation.”

“That’s where you are so wrong. I was the one who took advantage of the situation and I don’t regret
it either. I’ve lusted after both those hotties since the day I first saw them.”

“I can see that.”

“Believe or not, you guys aren’t the only ones interested in having sex,” she said with a smile. 

“I know that, but I know those two far too well…” I said.

“Thanks, but it was my own doing. I hope you understand me now.”

“I do. I just didn’t want them to hurt you in any way,” I stated.

“Trust me, they didn’t hurt me one bit. The best night of sex I’ve had in a long time,” she stated
and smiled.

“We all need that,” I said and smiled. “Just so you know, Bryson just showed up.”

“I have no problem with that. He’s been very nice to me. It is great seeing him again.”


“You’ve done very well tonight. I think everyone is enjoying this.”

“I hope so.”

“Don’t worry. They are,” she said.

We walked back inside. Corey waded through the crowd and came up to me. He kissed me. “You’re the
fucking best ever. You did great.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying it,” I said. “Are you ready to cut the cake and open your gifts?”

“I guess so,” Corey said.

I found Kris and let him announce we were cutting the cake and watching Corey open the gifts. I put a
few candles on the cake and lit them. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Corey and watched him blow out the
candles. I cut the cake and handed the first piece to Corey. Corey took the plate and started to take
a bite before Kris and Colt shoved the piece in his face with JJ taping it for us. We laughed and
knew it was in good fun.

“How’s that cake bro?” Kris asked.

Corey wiped his face, “It fucking smells great since most of it went up my nose! You just wait!”

“Bring it on,” Colt said.

I handed out pieces of cake with Scott’s help. 

“Nothing better than a cold beer and cake,” Cody stated.

“Only you’d say that,” Ted said.

“I don’t see your All American ass shying away from it,” Cody said.

“Hell no, I’m not,” Ted said. 

Once cake was handed out, Corey began opening the gifts that had been brought. It was an array of
alcohol, shot glasses, beer mugs, gift cards and even more shirts. Scott had bought him a choker that
matched mine perfectly, along with a game he might enjoy.  

“Everyone, I don’t know what to say other than thank you! I’m so happy to see everyone here. Each one
of you has a special place in my life. I have my friends from high school here. My first real
roommate is here, Michael. Then I have all my best friends that I’ve made from my journey since
starting college. Lastly, I have the love of my life that has made all of this possible, Matt! I love
him so much!” Corey said and kissed me with everyone watching and clapping.

“So is everyone ready to get their groove on?” Scott asked loudly.

“Bring it on, bitch!” Grady said.

Scott had his small but loud system set up and ready to go. Music came forth. No one was left out
when it started. We were dragging everyone in and dancing. The alcohol consumed sure was helping
everyone lose any conscience about their inability to dance. 

After a few dances with Corey, I retreated back to make sure everything was done. The beer was
getting low but we had enough alcohol to make it for what time we had remaining. The food was almost
gone as well. Luke walked over and thanked me. I looked across the room and began seeing lots of
shirtless guys dancing around with drinks in their hands, including Corey. 

Scott stopped the music and suggested we needed to take a shot or two. It was very crude since all we
had were plastic cups. Corey offered up a bottle of whiskey that Cody and Ethan had gifted him. I
poured out the shots before almost everyone turned up their cups. For good measure, as Kris put it,
we had another shot before Scott started up the music. Corey grabbed me and insisted I dance some
more with him. After a fast song, then came a slow one. It was our time to dance together. Now I
could really taste the alcohol on Corey’s breath and didn’t mind it at all. We smiled seeing Colt and
Kris dance together as a couple. 

Slowly the night started winding down with various ones leaving, the first to go being Juan and his
wife. I hated that I really didn’t get the chance to talk to them but hoped they’d had a good time.  

The biggest shocker was the fact Michael and Brianna stayed to the very end. Those of us sober enough
cleaned up the trash while the others finished off the remaining beer. I know a lot of people that
really would feel this in the morning, including my boyfriend, his two high friends and my two
roommates. They had great company though.

We turned out the lights and headed across, running to get inside with a cold wind blowing and
freezing temperatures. We slumped down on the couches and chair with Scott and Jordy with us.

“My boyfriend is the fucking best ever,” Corey said. 

“He is,” JJ said. “Matt, you pulled it off.”

“Bros, he did. Bruce said they had the best time ever and didn’t think it was too gay at all,” Kris
said with his arm around Colt.

“Jordy didn’t think it was gay enough,” Scott laughed.

“Actually, to me it was fucking perfect,” Teague said. “Other than the big smooch, you really
couldn’t even tell Corey was gay.”

“That’s what he means,” Scott said. “I forgot to do my strip tease.”

“There’s still time,” Colt laughed.

Without warning, Jordy jumped to his feet and pointed at himself. 

“I guess Jordy’s doing the stripping then,” Colt said.

Jordy nodded and pulled his shirt over his brown hair. He shook his head and starting moving his nice
body while getting closer to Corey. He took Corey by the hand and moved him to a chair in the center
of the room while we sat and watched. He slowly removed his jeans and turned around to shake his hot
little ass in Corey’s face. He danced around while moving his hands down into his skimpy blue briefs.

“The boy is good,” Kris stated.

“He is,” Corey said.

“This is exactly what happens when you get too fucking drunk,” JJ laughed.

Jordy moved over and ran his finger from Corey’s crotch all the way up to his nose. He stuck his
finger in Corey’s mouth before removing it quickly. He danced a little more before he started pushing
down his briefs. His nice, big uncut cock flopped out. He danced a little more with his hot cock
swinging back and forth. He reached over to grab Corey by the back of the neck, pulling him close to
his cock before releasing him. He turned around and slapped his own ass and took Corey’s hand to feel
his ass. He moved it to touch his swinging balls before pushing it away and running away. He came
back slowly, holding his big cock. He got close and moved to sit in Corey’s lap. He gave him a nice
short lap dance before moving off. 

“Scott, you’ve been teaching him,” Colt said.

Kris leaned over and whispered, “Damn, I’m horny as fuck after seeing that shit.”

Me too,” I whispered back.

Jordy stood back and took a bow. Corey smiled and started clapping. Those of us who knew how signed
thank you and clapped as well. 

“Okay, now that was gay enough,” Teague said.

“It was, but I really liked it,” Corey stated.

“Matt, you’re next,” JJ said.

“He can save it for our bedroom,” Corey laughed.


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