Posted:  Jan 28, 2013


It was about 3 in the afternoon when Kris, Corey, VJ and I arrived at the massive stadium parking
lot to tailgate for this Friday night bowl game. The weather was great for tailgating and not
really that cold for January. We saw others had arrived earlier and could smell the cooking going
on all around us. Kris was quickly on his phone with Colt, wondering where he was since we needed
his truck to have two vehicles to tailgate. Walt and Jenny were tailgating as well but decided to
do so with some of Walt’s old college friends, thus leaving us to fend for ourselves. We weren’t
empty handed, with a load of fried and rotisserie chickens along with lots of other goodies my Mom
and Jenny had provided for us. 

As we were setting up, Shawn, Ethan, Cody, Scott and Jordy came walking up carrying a big cooler. 

“Fucking Colt needs to get his ass here,” Kris said pacing around.

“He’ll be here shortly,” I said.

“For one, I’m hungry,” Kris said.

“I am too, but we can wait,” Corey said.

Thankfully, Kris spotted someone he knew and headed off in that direction instead of making me a
nervous wreck with his pacing. I felt a pull on my arm and saw it was Scott. He pulled me and Corey
between a few cars.

“Just so you know, Jess and I broke up,” Scott stated.

“I hate to hear that,” Corey said.

“Me too. Are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m good as ever,” Scott replied. “It was just so hard for both of us to date right now. We talked
it over and still want to remain friends. We left the door open in case we want to get back
together at some point in the future.”

Corey smiled and patted Scott on the shoulder, “The most forgiving soul around. I wouldn’t expect
anything less. I don’t know how you did it in the first place.”

“Well… it wasn’t easy, as you probably know. Actually it was Jess who thought it would be best for
us,” Scott said. “Are we ready to kick some ass tonight?”

“You bet,” I said and returned to see Colt had arrived with Chase, Tabor, Deer and Levi. I had to
laugh seeing we were all pretty much wearing the same shirt, but it did show our support for our

“Next time we’re meeting before this shit happens again,” Kris said to Colt.

“Don’t bitch at me. Chase had to wait up on Deer and Levi,” Colt replied.

“Guys, it’s all cool now,” Shawn interrupted before it got heated over nothing. “We’re here in one
piece and ready to party a little bit before the game.”

We threw down some chairs. Now we had a divide between those of us old enough to drink and those
who weren’t. For the younger ones it was still a little too risky to let them do so, but they
understood, with the large gathering pouring into the lots to do just what we were doing.  

Soon we broke out the food before it got really cold. To me, cold chicken was still great to eat.
Mom had made potato salad and beans, along with deserts, while Jenny made some slaw and dip to go
with the chips we had. 

As I was eating, Kris could be heard above everyone and had a beer in his hand, as did Colt and the
rest of the older crew except for me and Corey. 

“Kris, what do we do if your dad walks up?” Chase asked.

“Bro, I’ll offer him a cold one for sure. Hell, two months ain’t a big deal,” Kris said.

“Tell one of the cops here that,” Tabor said.

“Tabor, they’ve got more shit to worry about than a few of us who are just shy of being legal,”
Colt stated. “Now this is tailgating if you ask me, a cold one and some good vitals.”

Kris lifted his can and hit it against Colt’s. “Next year this will be the norm.”

I could see VJ right in the middle of Chase and his friends. He was smiling and seemed to be having
a good time while enjoying the good food. We sat around eating and drinking with my choice being
water. I didn’t want to go to the game half wasted and ruin seeing it. 

Once we finished, we broke up a little, with the younger ones taking off to walk around the area
while the rest of us pulled our chairs close together. Scott was doing a super job and had been
signing to Jordy the entire time. I still admired Jordy so much, but he didn’t want to miss out and
we didn’t want to exclude him if he wanted to be around us.

We gathered around in our chairs while munching down on what was left, breaking out some cookies
and brownies too.

“Scott, what’d you do for New Year’s?” Kris asked.

“Not much,” Scott replied. “It sucked being stuck with Trevor and his boyfriend after that crappy
family get-together.”

“I feel for you,” Colt said. “You knew we were partying.”

“Now you fucking tell us,” Ethan stated. 

“Come off of it,” Cody said. “You were so fucking wasted it didn’t matter where you were.”

“Who here wasn’t?” Ethan asked.

Scott raised his hand. “Jordy?” Corey asked.

“He was,” Scott laughed. “At least he wasn’t doing crack.”

My eyes darted around and looked at Corey. “Who the fuck told you that?” Corey asked.

“Bro, I did,” Kris replied. “We all fuck up.”

“I told you I’ve done it, but just once,” Shawn said.

“Corey, it’s not a big deal,” Cody said.

“But it’s something I’m not proud of,” Corey said.

“We all have those moments,” I stated. 

We sat around and continued to talk. I think we were about ready for our break to end and be back
together. So far, Corey had been with me or vice versa since we left after our stay. Mom didn’t
mind and really wasn’t around that much to really care either.

Soon the others were walking back and were seemingly having a great time. I was glad VJ was
enjoying being around Chase and the others. 

“Matt, your step brother is fucking crazy,” Tabor stated. “He got three girls digits while we were
walking around.”

“Really?” I asked. “VJ, you actually spoke to a few?”

“I put on the charm,” VJ said with a wink.

“He’s a real lady’s man,” Levi said. “How, is beyond me?”

“Bro, we get your ass on campus next year and you’ll have ‘em all over you,” Kris stated.

“Unlike you,” VJ said.

“Or Matt,” Tabor laughed. 

“Matt found what he was looking for and hasn’t let go of it,” Shawn stated. “I’m trying like hell
to find that one.”

“Maybe you need to run faster and catch ‘em when they’re running away from your sorry ass,” Ethan
said and laughed.

“Bro, have you seen Amber during the break?” Kris asked.

Shawn smiled with a beer lodged in his hand, “I have for a few days.”

“Getting ya some while we’re gone, huh?” Cody asked.

“You know it,” Shawn said.

“Ethan, are you still with Margie?” Corey asked.

“I am. She came over and partied with us New Year’s Eve,” Ethan replied.

“Then where the hell are they?” Tabor asked.

“Probably looking for tickets,” Colt said. “You’re lucky my ass works with the team or else not
many of us would have tickets.”

“Yeah, the prices for this are fucking crazy,” Deer commented. “My dad wanted to come and even he
wouldn’t fork over the money they were asking for this game.”

“They must be high,” Chase stated. “I think we’re big timing it spring break. Deer is hooking us up
on the beach.”

“Following in his brother’s footsteps,” Scott said. “I wonder if Tabor gonna fuck you like Kris did

“Fuck no, he aint!” Chase said loudly.

“Amen to that nasty ass shit,” Tabor said. “My dick’s reserved for real pussy.”

“Don’t knock it ‘til you try it,” Colt said. “That’s all I’m saying.”

“We don’t even wanna hear about it,” Deer said. 

“VJ, you better get used to hearing two guys going at it,” Shawn said. 

“I know… I know… but I’m cool with it as long as I don’t have to see it,” VJ said.

“I gotcha there,” Chase said and high fived VJ.

“Bro, maybe one weekend we can all come back and go to the amusement park over there,” Kris
pointed, since we could see the vacant park clearly.

“I’ve been so many times it ain’t even funny,” Deer stated.

“I guess your ass won’t come then, bro. I was actually talking to my crew,” Kris said.

“We do need to do that one weekend,” I said.

“For sure. It’s been years since I’ve been,” Corey said.

“Really?” Shawn asked. 

“Really,” Corey said. “I barely remember even going. Some of us didn’t just come for the hell of

“Come on Corey. Stop kidding with us,” Scott said.

“Actually I don’t think he is,” I stated. “Some people aren’t as lucky as others.”

“Damn bro, I’m sorry,” Kris said.

“Corey, your folks were really that poor?” Tabor asked.

“They were and still are. I’m really lucky to have done what I’ve been able to do. Growing up, a
new wardrobe to me was hand-me-downs. You don’t notice it much until you get away and see all you
didn’t get to do.”

“Corey, I’m sorry. I just knew you were kidding with us. I know none of us are what we classify as
rolling in dough, but I assumed you’d go every so often,” Scott said.

“It’s all cool now,” Corey said.

“I forgot, but when we went to the beach our freshman year that was your first time to ever see
one,” Colt said. 

“Man, I didn’t realize just how lucky I was,” Deer stated.

“Dude, your ass is rolling in it,” Tabor said. “We’re tagging along to get shit from you.”

“I’ll be honest. Mom and I never really went on vacations either,” I said. “For me, going to places
like that park or the water park across the freeway was my vacation usually.”

We continued to sit around, eating and drinking. It was maybe an hour or so before kickoff and a
few were getting restless and were ready to see the mammoth stadium that set off in the distance.
After seeing it several times from so far away, I often wondered what it was like inside. Before we
departed, I got a few pictures and had taken a few here and there of us enjoying the festivities
before the game. The best part was finding someone gracious enough to snap a group picture of us.
We cleaned up and started walking in that direction.

“Is it me or does that stadium look a mile away?” Colt asked.

“It could be, but at least we’re this close,” Kris stated.

It was hard not to take Corey’s hand or put my arm around him to walk to the stadium. We did walk
close and listened to Kris, Colt and Tabor talk non-stop. We passed fans of the opposing team and
enjoyed some fun trash talking. 

Once at the gate, we stood in a long line and waited to enter. They were checking every purse and
jacket for our own safety before we were able to step inside this domed monster. 

“Damn,” Corey uttered.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Cody said. “Fuck, this is one big joker.”

I too was amazed at the size of the stadium. The concourse was wide and offered a great variety of
food. Then I glanced up and saw it cost a small fortune to enjoy the variety. One thing we all
noticed quickly was the availability of beer and alcohol at the stadium, whereas at our games they
didn’t sell such things.

“Bro, buy me a beer,” Kris nudged me.

“Kris, you really wanna spend nine bucks?” I commented with all of us standing around and taking
everything in.

“Fuck, I didn’t even notice that,” Kris said.

“Damn,” VJ said and must have overheard us talking. “They really want nine dollars for a beer?”

“Nine bucks and you probably don’t get a good buzz either,” Levi said. “For that money, two of us
can get pretty wasted.”

We started getting our bearings straight and began heading in the direction of our seats. The
allure was too strong, seeing all the souvenirs for sale, so I had to get at least a program to
remember this by. 

As I was walking back, VJ came up to me. “Matt, can borrow a few bucks? I left the house and forgot
to ask Dad for any cash.”

I smiled and reached in my wallet. “Of course you can. Here.”

“Thanks,” he said and walked away with the twenty I had given him.

Our regular crew all had seats together thanks to Colt and his job. We said goodbye to Chase and
them before heading down to find our seats. Entering the main part, the big screen was there, ever
present in front of us. We were looking at it and missed our seats before retreating a few rows.
They were starting from the aisle and going inward for 9 seats. I was between Scott and Corey with
Jordy on the end of us. 

“Jordy says this is nice and I have to agree with him,” Scott said.

“Wow,” Corey said. “This is one big ass place.”

“Without a doubt,” Kris said. “Damn, I wish beer wasn’t damn expensive though.”

Shawn raised his cup. “Expensive but damn good.”

“Yeah Kris, it’s a shame you can’t buy,” Cody said holding up his cup.

“It is, or else I’d need a fucking loan,” Kris said. 

The guy in front of us turned around, “I agree. Fucking nine bucks for a beer.”

Kris gave him five, “I’m with ya there bro.”

I sat back and did pull out my camera to take a few pictures of us and the stadium. I leaned over,
“Colt, these seats are perfect.”

“Aren’t they?” Colt replied. 

“Scott, do you have anyone in mind since you’ve broke up with Jess?” I asked.

Scott laughed, “No, and not Jordy either. I’m gonna kick it and see what happens. I don’t have to
worry about stupid shit now. I can go on the cruise and have a blast.”

“Scott, do you think Brennan and Garrett will still go with us?” Corey asked.

“I have no idea. Those two never cease to amaze me. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they back
out,” Scott said. “Ummm… is there any way Jordy can go?”

“I see no reason why he can’t,” I said. 

Scott signed it to Jordy. I saw a big smile come on Jordy’s face. He talked back to Scott. “He’s
excited and does want to go. He can’t wait and knows we’ll have a good time.”

I nodded and smiled. 

It seemed like it took forever for the game to start. Finally we stood and cheered on our team when
they entered the field. As always, I looked for number 48 and found him in the middle, with Myles
at his side. Luke was always one of the last to appear and always seemed so calm and cool. 

We won the coin toss and decided to kick off. Still, after three years, I didn’t understand that
logic, but Colt said we’d get the ball first in the second half. I didn’t really see an advantage
in that but then again my knowledge was limited to what I saw in front of me. At least I knew
enough now to be able to enjoy the game. 

The other team did make a first down, but we held them after that. Ted didn’t make any tackles but
Myles did break up a pass. After a punt that I thought was going to hit the video screen, Luke
calmly jogged onto the field. He handed the ball off for a short gain. The next play he dropped
back and was destroyed. He came up limping but stayed in the game. He completed the next pass but
it was short of the needed yards.

Our defense was back on the field. After two good stops, the stadium erupted, but it was the other
team’s fans after they hit a short pass and the receiver ran past our defense to the end zone. 

We sat and rooted on our team. We did make a first down but had to punt. The other team took the
ball and ran it down our throat for another score. It was not the beginning our team had hoped for.

“We better get our head out of ass or else this is gonna be a very long night,” Colt said.

“We will,” I said. “I have faith.”

“Glad someone does there, bro. We look like shit right now,” Kris commented.

We did score with the next possession. Luke finally got a little time and was able to complete a
few passes. It let us run the ball and we scored. 

When the first half ended, we were down by two touchdowns thanks to a long field goal by Todd at
the very end. 

Colt leaned over to me, “Now we get the ball to start the next half and that’s why you do that.”

“I see,” I said.

Corey and I decided to stretch our legs and walk around a little bit. I was able to call VJ and
make sure he was okay. He said he was fine but the game sucked. We went out and used the restroom.
It was so much nicer and cleaner than the ones at our stadium. 

Corey and I walked around and heard our names being called out. I looked around until I spotted

“How was everything without us?” Walt asked.

“Much better than the game,” Corey replied.

“I hope Kris is behaving himself and hasn’t wasted a bunch of money,” Walt said.

“None of us have. I bought a program,” I said.

“I just knew he’d have had a few beers by now,” Walt said. 

“They’re too expensive for some of us,” Corey said. 

“Y’all have a good time and pull just a little harder for the guys. We need to come out and score,”
Walt said.

“For sure,” I said and waved goodbye.

“Kris is pretty lucky to have him as a Dad,” Corey commented.

“Yes he is,” I said.

We headed back and told Kris we saw his Dad and how he expected Kris to have blown lots of money on
beer. Kris laughed and said he was making it okay. 

Shawn and Cody on the other hand were really enjoying the fact they served beer here. Corey leaned
over and told Kris there was no way Shawn would even attempt to drive back like he had planned. We
all knew this so I said he could stay at my house while one of us drove his truck. 

We did get the ball to start the second half. On the second play, Luke threw a ball that went off
the hands of a receiver into the hands of the other team. They returned it close to the goal line
and then scored two plays later. Now it would take a miracle for us to win. 

With the ball back, we did score quickly and held them on the next possession thanks to a great
sack by Ted. So far, he hadn’t made that many tackles like he usually did. We got the ball back and
were able to get a field goal.

That was as close as we got. We thought we’d scored with about 4 minutes left but there was a
penalty that negated a touchdown. 

We headed out when the game ended with a loss to end our season. As we were walking out, Kris
grabbed Shawn. He didn’t put up a fight and handed over his keys.

As we were waiting for VJ, I sent Mom a text to let her know the game was over and we were about to
head back. I got a return text saying she would stay at Vince’s and VJ could stay with me.

Finally I saw Chase, VJ and the rest of them. Quickly I noticed VJ’s shirt tucked in the back of
his pants.

“Someone got beer poured all down the back of their shirt,” Tabor said.

“I wonder who that was,” Colt said.

“Oh well, at least the game wasn’t outdoors,” VJ said.

“VJ, Mom said for you to stay with me tonight rather than driving back,” I said.

“Bro, why don’t we all just stay at your house?” Kris asked. “Shawn can’t drive as it is and Colt
wanted to stay with me…”

“I guess you can,” I said.

“Matt, do you care if Tabor and I stay too rather than driving back alone?” Chase asked.

“Great idea,” Colt said. “I know Mom won’t care and it is about a two and a half hour drive.”

“It’s cool with me,” I said and really couldn’t say no to them.

Corey drove Shawn and I back in Shawn’s truck while Kris and Colt were in Kris’s ride. VJ rode with
Chase and Tabor. The traffic was hell leaving the crowded stadium but we made it. I did stop by the
liquor store since Kris had given me money before we left to do so.

Driving up, I saw Kris and the others waiting on us. “Damn!” I shouted.

“What’s the problem?” Shawn asked.

“Look… Deer and Levi are here too,” I replied.

“Like two more are going to hurt anything,” Corey laughed. 

We got out and carried the beer inside. Hands started reaching and grabbing for them once I got
inside. It didn’t look as though 36 beers were going to last very long. 

Chase walked up to me, “Matt, I’m sorry, but they heard us talking and asked if they could come as

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “It’s not like they’re strangers.”

“Thanks,” Chase said.

“Hey, listen!” Kris said. “Matt, Corey, Colt and I are calling 5 beers apiece right now. The rest
of you shitheads will have to divide the rest.”

“Dude that leaves us with… ummm…” Tabor said.

“Tabor, go back to damn college algebra,” VJ said. “It’s 3 apiece with one left over.”

“I knew that,” Tabor said.

“How much you wanna bet he didn’t?” Deer said.

“Hey, what about Shawn?” Chase asked.

“I’ll take the left over. My ass has had enough to drink already,” Shawn replied.

“Bro, how much did you fucking spend?” Kris asked.

“Too damn much,” Shawn laughed.

“No shit,” Deer said.
We sat wherever we could find space. I can’t remember 10 people being in my house before, much less
finding a spot for 10 to sleep. We had all the chairs pulled from the table, with Deer and Chase in
the floor. 

“Hey Matt, how are you going to like having a brother?” Tabor asked me.

“It’s cool,” I replied. “Ask him.”

“Yeah VJ, do like having a gay brother?” Chase asked.

“Do you?” VJ asked and laughed. “Matt’s cool. I don’t have to worry about him taking my girl.”

“That’s for sure,” Corey said.

“Chase, you still have to worry ‘bout my ass,” Colt said.

“Dude, you haven’t had pussy in so long you probably forget what it’s like,” Chase said.

“Yeah, don’t you and Kris miss fucking a good wet pussy?” Tabor asked.

“I see what’s on their minds 24/7,” Shawn laughed. “Hell, it’s on my mind that much too though.”

“Hell yeah,” Levi said and stood. “Who wants another beer?”

“Bring as many as you can,” Kris said.

“Levi was getting a fucking boner and needed to stand up. Ain’t that right?” Deer said.

“Fuck you dude!” Levi said. He returned and brought the box to pass out the beer. “Matt, thanks for
letting us stay here.”

“No problem,” I said.

We did turn on the TV but it was almost useless trying to watch and listen to it. We were drinking
and ended up having a great time. Once we decided to call it a night about three thirty, I had to
find pillows and blankets. VJ was lucky and got the couch while Shawn was passed out in the
recliner. Deer and Levi got the floor while Tabor and Chase took my mom’s bed. 

Corey and I lay in my bed and talked. Then we heard the headboard in the guest room start hitting
the wall. No doubt Colt and Kris were going at, but that wasn’t unexpected.

Corey turned to me, “You wanna join ‘em? Hearing that shit makes me horny.”

I kissed him. “Makes me horny too, but I think we can be a little quieter.”

Something about fucking Corey in my bed made it so special. I loved every time we had sex there,
which now was becoming pretty regularly since we had been together since Christmas. About the time
we got started the banging of the headboard had stopped. I slowly and lovingly made love to him. My
bed did squeak a little, but it wasn’t that loud. It did get louder though the more I got into him.  

I was up around ten or so. I slowly got out of bed to survey the damage. I came out and found VJ,
Deer and Levi still asleep, with Shawn gone. He said he’d get up and leave so he could work that

As I was cleaning up and disposing of the trash, one by one they started to wake up. It soon was
nothing but some fit hot guys running around my house in their underwear with boxers being the main

They were all very nice and did thank me for allowing them to stay over. It really wasn’t that bad
and ended up being a lot of fun. Winning the game would have made things much better but it was
still a great night. Now, I was about ready for the next semester to start.


I hoped you enjoyed this chapter based around their bowl game.   The next chapter is the beginning
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