Corey and I left work just after 6 in time for the gay student group’s Halloween dance this Friday
night before Halloween on Monday. Usually it was Saturday night but the game interfered with it this
year. Matt had been on my ass constantly to go so Colt and I gave in and decided to see what it was
about, agreeing to leave if we didn’t like it. Deep down, I wasn’t sure I was ready to make this
step and announce to the entire campus that I’m bi. So far, most of my friends had taken it with a
grain of salt and hadn’t really noticed much difference in the way we acted. However, I was feeling
different, but in a good way. Finally there was someone in this world that made me so happy with
just being who he was and who made me comfortable with who I was. 

“Bro, I’m still not sure about all of this tonight,” I said to Corey as we were leaving.

“You’ll do just fine. Sure there are some freaks that go, but you know a bunch of us who are going
to be there for you.”

“I know that. Thanks for all you’ve done. You’ve made it easy on me here lately.”

“Nothing you ain’t being doing for me for the past 2 plus years. I see a more content Kris. Matt
sees it too.”

“I’m still not convinced he’s fully on board with this shit.”

Corey patted me on the shoulder, “He is. He says he is. What more do you want?”

Corey and I got back to our place. We went inside with Colt fully dressed for the night. He wasn’t
being very original and was going as a football referee with the complete black striped shirt and

“What do you think?” Colt asked and signalled first down. “I look just like that NFL dude, I’m even
left handed.”

“Whatever,” I said. “I hope you got my shit.”

“Matt has it,” Colt said.

“I wanna see this,” Corey said. 

We opened the door with Matt almost ready in his 80’s hair band rocker costume. He had a great red
wig with a long fur trench coat and tight spandex pants. 

“Lookin good, bro,” I said. 

“Thanks. Your costume is right there,” Matt pointed to his bed. “I hope it fits.”

“What the fuck?” I yelled seeing a singlet on the bed. “What I meant was pro wrestler. You know the
fake shit ones, not some vulgar ass college wrestler!”

“I’m sorry. I had no idea what you meant. Today when I went to the costume store, I said I wanted a
wrestler one and that’s what they gave me,” Matt said quietly.

“Colt, come check this shit out!” Corey yelled before looking at his disco costume complete with a
blonde afro wig.

Colt came in the room. I held up the wrestling singlet. “Matt, you didn’t! If nothing else Kris will
look fucking hot.”

I put my hands on my head. “This is some fucked up shit. I’m not wearing it.”

“Kris, I’m sorry. You were looking for an excuse not to go and now you have one. Are you happy?”
Matt asked.

“Bro, y’all go without us then. I’m not wearing it!”

“At least try it on,” Corey said. 

“Yeah, try it on and give us a look see,” Colt said, trying to convince me.

“Fine,” I said. I stripped down and threw my clothes across their room. I stepped into the one piece
wrestling singlet. 

“Damn!” Colt said. “You look fucking hot!”

“I agree,” Corey said. “If you don’t want it, I’ll wear it.”

“I could come over there right now and wrestle you out of it so I can fuck your hot ass,” Colt
smiled with lust in his eyes.

I walked over to a mirror and looked at myself. Actually it looked great on me and showed my body

Matt walked over and admired me. He leaned over to me, “I wouldn’t go in that if I were you. Colt
will be so jealous at all the guys that will wanna get with you.”

I turned, “Okay, I’ll go.”

“After you finish wearing that I wanna see Corey in it,” Matt said.

It was settled that this would be my costume. I put on the shoes that came with it, but they were
tight. I pulled at the rear, with the material riding up my ass. Matt stated maybe I should consider
wearing underwear for once. I agreed and knew it would make it more comfortable.

With everyone dressed, including Corey, who looked great in his disco costume, with shades on as
well, we waited since we knew Scott was coming down to show off his costume. He came to the door and
entered as a policeman with his shirt unbuttoned.

“Damn Kris,” Scott said. “Colt, you’ll have to watch him. Better yet watch me. I might want a piece
of that. Y’all look fucking great.”

Matt was ready and handed Scott his camera to take our picture. We posed for a few, including me and
Colt acting goofy in our get ups. We hollered at Alex to take pictures of all of us. 

“Wow, y’all look ready for the party. Kris, I knew you’d be in something like that,” Alex said.

“What’s that supposed to mean, bro?”

“Anything to show off your body and get attention,” Alex replied.

“Take the fucking picture, asswipe,” I said and wasn’t happy.

He snapped a few pictures of us and handed Matt his camera. “Kris, honestly, you look so gay in

“Fuck you!” I shouted.

“We are going to a gay party,” Matt stated. “Thanks Alex.”

“No problem. Y’all have fun,” Alex said and left.

As soon as the door was closed, Colt commented, “What was up his ass?”

“I know,” Corey said. “He was fucking rude.”

“He was, but… I’ll keep my mouth shut,” Scott said. “I guess Jess and I will see you dudes there.”

“Now, I’m fucking pissed off,” I stated, letting my feelings be well known.

“He was probably jealous you looked so good,” Matt said. “Kris, you do like attention and showing
off your great body. You always have.”

“That’s part of what attracts me to you,” Colt said with us standing around. “We knew it wasn’t
going to be easy.”

“Now you see what I have to put up with. Some gay guys give me hell because I’m not gay, while the
straight ones say I’m gay or else I wouldn’t be sucking on a dick,” Scott stated. “See ya hot things

Scott left out the door with us following him. I did think enough to grab a coat to cover up before
we left. We stopped to grab something to eat before we headed over to the building where they held
these dances. I normally like to drive but now the trust in my ride was low after Matt, VJ and I had
to stop for a night. 

I got out and felt Colt’s hand take mine. “I’m nervous,” I said.

“That makes two of us. We don’t know what to expect,” Colt said.

“It’ll be cool, bro,” Matt said. “Relax and have a good time.”

“I’ll try. Damn I wish we were back in Holland so I could get high before we did this shit,” I said.

Walking up, there were various costumes being worn. Some I wondered if they didn’t grab some old
clothes and throw them on. Matt paid our way in to the dance. I scanned the dim building and saw
about 30 or so brave souls had shown up. A few came up and welcomed us to the party.

Corey walked to the back and returned with cups of punch. After a good whiff, the drink was slammed
down my throat. The taste of the vodka burned a little but it was needed to cure my nerves. Colt
laughed seeing I had downed it. I walked back for another cup, said hi to a few more to be friendly
and returned to see Scott, Jess and Reese had joined the group. It wasn’t much longer before we saw
Garrett in his basketball uniform and Brennan in his baseball uniform. 

“Hey, are Parker and Yancey coming?” Matt asked.

“Yancey said they were,” Scott replied. We were still unsure what was going on between those two and
had seen Yancey more than once alone at Scott’s. Here wasn’t the place to ask, with Jess around to
bring it up, but we assumed it was innocent.

“Reese, what you see or hear tonight stays in this building,” I said.

“Hell Kris, I know all about you and Colt so you don’t have to worry. I hope y’all give me the same
courtesy as well. Teddy doesn’t need to know where I am or what I’m doing,” Reese stated in his
pirate costume.

“We told him that on the way here. Besides, Reese is looking for a guy here tonight,” Jess said.

“Boy wants him some,” Colt said.

Reese blushed a little, “It wouldn’t hurt.”

I looked over and saw Colt talking to someone just as Parker and Yancey came up. Colt walked back
over to me, “Fuck, I have that fucking dude in one of my classes. Now he knows.”

“So? You only see him in class. Forget about it,” I said. “Remember he’s gay too.”

“I was hoping we wouldn’t run into anyone,” Colt said.

“It was bound to happen here. I was expecting it, but what can I do? Just relax and try to enjoy
this,” I said. I had seen a few I thought I knew, but they were in costume while I really wasn’t. I
was hoping for a Mexican wrestler one that came with a mask. Here I was out there and hiding very
little in this skin tight wrestling singlet. A few eyes were cast my way, but to me it was a

Matt and Corey were gone from our group now, talking to some other people. It was great to see Matt
and Corey being so comfortable in whom they were. Really neither one had ever shied away from the
fact they were gay. Matt was becoming more active in the gay student group. It was great to see him
being active and getting to know more and more people. He worried me when we arrived here two years
ago that his sexuality would hold him back in becoming the person I knew. It hadn’t, but he did have
one hell of a partner now. Colt and I were just beginning and trying to ease into this different

We started laughing when we saw Grayson and Stephan walking towards us. I don’t how the others knew
it was them. They were dressed up as women, with Stephan making a very hot girl. We had to explain
what Colt and I were doing there. They welcomed us to the ‘club’.

Colt was looking uneasy and very antsy. We went to get another drink to help calm him down. While we
were back there, the restroom was needed. Quickly I saw the downside to this wrestling singlet. I
was practically naked getting out of this singlet. Colt did get a good laugh from my struggles, plus
I gave two others a good look at my naked body since the damn thing was at my knees while I pissed.
We did get to hear two guys fucking balls to the wall in one stall, but it wasn’t anything I hadn’t
heard before thanks to the trip to Holland.

My arm went around Colt’s shoulder as we were leaving with our drinks in our hand. I said hi to a
guy passing us by while we made our way to our group. Now the place was pretty crowded with more
people than I imagined or thought were gay on campus. 

I walked up to Reese and put my arms around his neck. “Bro, you’re not gonna find a soul standing
here with us.”

“I know that but I haven’t seen anyone I like yet. It’s so hard with everyone dressed up,” Reese

“Kris, give him time. Not everyone can walk up to someone and strike up a conversation like you
can,” Matt commented to me.

“I wish I could do that,” Reese said just as the music started. The DJ got on the mic and was
screaming out to us to get on the dance floor. 

I grabbed Colt’s hand but felt tension there. We followed Matt and Corey to the floor. One thing is
for sure, except for Scott and maybe Brennan, none of us would ever be accused of being good
dancers. I tried moving to the loud upbeat songs but felt so damn stupid. Colt was trying as well
with his head down.

After 3 songs, Colt grabbed my arm. “Let’s go!”

We walked briskly and told the person manning the door we’d be back. We stepped outside and had to
fan away the smoke, with one guy pacing back and forth while dragging hard on a cigarette. 

“Not feeling it, huh?” I asked.

“Fuck no! I’m so ready to bolt this place. I feel so uncomfortable and out of my element here,” Colt

“We said we’d try and we did. I know it wasn’t gonna be easy…”

“I feel like I have a million pairs of eyes focused on me. I fucking hate it!”

The smoker stopped, stomped out his smoke and barged in on our conversation, “Excuse me, but I know
how you feel there, man. I feel the same way.”

“Bro, we just started this dating shit a few weeks ago…” I said and noticed he had blood running
from his mouth and on his chest only to realize it was his costume.

“It’s hard as hell to admit you’re gay. I came tonight hoping I could resolve a few issues and be
who I really am, but I’m like this guy,” the guy said.

“I know where you’re coming from,” Colt said. “This shit is harder than it looks.”

“So bro, you are just coming out?” I asked him. He did look cute with a fauxhawk hair cut and

“I guess so,” he replied. “I thought I was ready to take this first step. I was looking for a
boyfriend actually. It seems those dudes in there are just interested in getting their dick sucked
or worse.”

“Really?” Colt asked.

“Man, one dude who I thought looked hot came up and started talking to me. I thought he could be it,
but then he wanted to drag my ass to the bathroom and blow my shit. There has to be more than that,”
he said.

“Bro, there is,” I said. “I may have just the one for you. He’s cute and a nice kid.”

“Reese?” Colt asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. “Oh by the way, I’m Kris and this is Colt.”

“Nice to meet ya. I’m Latham. I’m a sophomore here. Finally I meet someone who is nice and hot to
boot. I guess I could meet this guy or else I’m bolting out of here.”

“Cool bro,” I said. “Colt, do ya wanna go back in try just a little while longer? I know this is
totally different than being around our friends. Those guys and girls in there should be accepting
and not judgmental.”

“I agree,” Latham said. “I came to be accepted for who I was and not judged. You’d think they would
just accept people and not think twice. I felt so uncomfortable… like I didn’t belong.”

“I know that’s right. I felt like I was being looked at. Kris and I have been friends for a while
and did just start this dating thing. Kris, I’ll try but no promises.”

I put my arm around Colt. “If you still don’t like it, we’ll leave. Matt and Corey will understand.
Latham, follow us and I’ll introduce you to Reese.”

“Okay,” Latham said.

We walked back inside. In the dark, Colt and I searched around until finding Reese standing away
from the dance floor. I walked up and introduced Latham to him. Reese was shy but polite. He agreed
to dance with Latham. We went back out to the dance floor and combed the masses to find our group.
It was useless so we stayed around with Reese and Latham at the edge. We laughed and mocked each
other’s awkward dance moves while Reese and Latham got adjusted to each other. Colt seemingly
enjoyed it better at the edge since we weren’t surrounded. 

After a few songs, the music stopped to let us have a break and catch our breath. We finally found
Matt and the rest of the group while Reese and Latham stood there with us. I introduced Latham to
the group and told them how we met him.

When the dancing resumed we went back out on the floor knowing at the next break was their contest
thing for best costume and whatever else they could dream up. While walking out I recognized a
patron from the Rec Center. Now I was feeling uncomfortable as well, with Colt rubbing off on me. We
tried dancing to the songs the best we could. It was fun watching the better ones and the ones who
got into it. A few moves were vulgar but I’d seen it before. 

Before another song, Colt and I reached for each other’s hand. We looked at each other and knew we’d
had enough for one night. I found Matt and Corey dancing and had to pull them away. 

“We’re ready,” I said.

“That’s fine!” Corey shouted.

“It’s all good, Kris,” Matt said and patted me on the butt. “You and Colt had a good chance to win
hottest couple.”

“Let’s get the hell out of here in a hurry before we’re put in front of everyone,” Colt stated.

We waved goodbye to the others and gathered our coats at the door. We walked out and saw Reese and
Latham just out the door. They were holding hands while Latham was smoking.

“We’ll see ya, bro,” I said.

“Thanks. I’m sure I’ll see ya at the game or maybe for GameDay,” Reese said and waved. It took me a
second but I did remember that ESPN was coming on campus to host their pregame morning show called
GameDay. It was a big deal around campus and the first time they had been.

We headed back to our apartment with it being about 10:30. “Bros, we’re sorry,” I said from the back
seat of Corey’s car.

“Why?” Matt asked. “I’m proud of the fact you went with us. It’d have been easy to say no, but you
stepped out of your comfort zone.”

“We most definitely stepped out of our comfort zone,” Colt said. “I felt so out of place there.”

“I did the first time Matt and I went. It really tests who you are, unlike when we were on our trip.
There no one knew us so we could do that shit, whereas here we might run into those same people
tomorrow,” Corey said driving.

“I admire the hell out of you two now. You were so at ease there,” I said.

“We are gay,” Matt stated proudly. “You two are bi so it was more of shock to the system than before
in Amsterdam.”

“We weren’t fucking high either,” Colt laughed.

“Amen to that,” I said. “You’d think it’d be easy since everyone is just like us, but it wasn’t.”

“I felt like I was being watched,” Colt said.

“You really weren’t. I’m sure some who recognized you two were surprised to see you there. You’re
just beginning and you’re not out to everyone so you’re conscience of that. I agree, for some odd
reason there’s a lot of eyeing up other guys, but I think it’s the fact everyone there is attracted
to guys. So… they see two very hot guys and have to look, like I did at the fair,” Matt said.

“I’m proud of you two though,” Corey said. “Now I know what four white boys need to do next

“What’s that, bro?” I asked.

“Take fucking dance lessons,” Corey replied and laughed hard. He slapped the steering wheel hard

“They say gay boys can dance, but that’s where they are so wrong. Either that or that’s about the
only straight boy thing I have in me,” Matt said laughing.

“We can’t dance worth shit, can we?” Colt said.

“Fuck no!” I agreed. “I’d hate to see a video of us dancing. How funny would that be?”

Our apartment was a very welcome sight. It wasn’t that the dance was all that bad but it was nice to
be back where I felt at home. We should be thankful to Matt for making our place liveable and clean.
I can only imagine how it would be if not for his nagging. 

In the door, the singlet came off of me. It felt great to be out of it and back in the nude. I went
to the fridge to grab a beer while the others undressed. Colt emerged naked and was carrying a
baggie of green stuff. 

“I don’t give fuck what Matt says. My ass is getting smoked out,” Colt stated.

“Fuck, I love you,” I said and kissed him on the lips, getting a little feel of his ass too. “So
where’d you get the shit?”

“Like you have to even ask,” Colt replied. 

“I swear, but now I’m thankful so I don’t end with a nasty hangover in the morning.”

“That’s what I was thinking when I got it. We need a little change.”

On the countertop, Colt proceeded to pour out the stuff and did his thing to roll a joint for us to
smoke. While he was, Corey and Matt came walking out.

“Hey, I need your stuff to take back in the morn… hot damn, Corey!” Matt said.

“So you don’t care?” Colt asked.

“Hell no! I kinda wanted to get baked rather than drink,” Matt replied.

“Bro, how much do we owe ya for the costumes?” I asked and had been meaning to ask all along.

“It’s on me. I pestered you to go so I figured that was the least I could do,” Matt replied.

“For that my friend, you and Corey can share a joint,” Colt said.

“Did Scott get you that?” Corey asked while we watched Colt.

“There’s way more selling it than Scott,” Colt said. “Scott’s a consumer, not a dealer.”

“But you said I didn’t even have to ask,” I stated and was wondering where he got, but it really
didn’t matter that much if it was good.

Colt fired one up and took a big hit. The smell brought back nice memories as the burning joint was
handed to me. I took a hit and let the drug fill my lungs while Matt and Corey shared one.

“This shit will never be legalized here,” Matt stated exhaling. “Not bad, Colt.”

“I doubt it either,” Colt said. “It is some good shit.”

We agreed nowhere in the US would marijuana ever be legal, even though there were good points to it.
After the next hit Colt shotgunned the smoke into my mouth and got a feel of my dick. At that
moment, I saw why Matt and Corey loved doing it, plus the soft feel was a big bonus. 

After smoking the joints, we grabbed some snacks and headed to the living room. We sat munching on
the salty pretzels and chips. Matt stood and relived some of our dance moves from the night. His big
dick was swinging back and forth and was a great sight. We were laughing and carrying on.

Sitting down, Matt said, “I’m one stoned motherfucker right now.”

“No doubt, bro,” I said laughing.

“Yeah, my boyfriend is stoned off his ass. Thanks, Colt!” Corey said.

“No problem,” Colt said.

Corey attacked Matt with his mouth like crazy and they made out with Corey’s hand gripping Matt’s
hair to keep him from getting away. After a moment of watching those two hot fuckers exploring each
other’s mouths, Colt’s lips hit mine and we went at it hot and heavy. I couldn’t see what they were
doing but could hear muffled moans as I focused on Colt. Our hands were all over each other’s great
bodies, with Colt focusing on my pecs and abs while I ran my hands up and down his strong back and
squeezed his nice ass. 

Colt broke the kiss, “I love the fuck out of being your boyfriend.”

“I love you being my boyfriend, too. We are made for each other,” I said and went in for more. I
grew hard as hell with all the touching and knew Colt was as well.

“Oh fuck yeah, suck my fucking dick, Corey!” I looked over and Corey was there on his knees with all
8 inches of Matt’s cock buried in his throat.

Colt waved them over. At first, the two were so lost in each other until Corey let Matt’s dick fall
from his mouth. They walked over with Matt’s dick sticking straight out. Colt grabbed Corey for a
kiss and pulled him close so their bodies were pressed together and their hard cocks were sliding up
and down against each other. It was so hot and I quickly grabbed Matt, pulling him to me into a hot
kiss. My hands travelled down his great body while our tongues swirled around each other. His hands
did the same and found my hard dick, slowly running up and down the length as his lips still battled
with mine. It wasn’t a regular little kiss but one like I had shared with Colt. 

We switched it up. I took the hunk Corey and kissed him as passionately as I did Matt, loving the
feel of his muscular body in my arms as we kissed and he melted against me. His hands were roaming
all over my body, getting a good feel of my ass while I saw Colt and Matt going at it just as hard
and passionately.

We stood after the long kisses, needing to catch our breath. “I love my fucking roomies,” I said.

“No doubt,” Colt said. “Y’all are the fucking best. It’s a good thang we aren’t the jealous types

“I know,” Matt said.

“I love that y’all are together now. I think it’s so fucking hot!” Corey said.

“I do too. I love seeing how passionate you are,” Matt added, “though Corey has some unfinished
business to get to.”

“Hell yeah I do,” Corey said.

“We need to go to one of these couches and let our boyfriends suck our fucking dicks for sure,” Colt

“How about just suck anyone’s dick?” I asked. “All I know though is I don’t feel like getting my ass
cleaned out to get fucked tonight. That sucks!”

“Don’t it, but it’s so worth it,” Corey said. “I don’t feel like cleaning out either so dick sucking
is in order tonight.”

Matt and Colt sat down on the sofa bed, with Colt putting his big arm around Matt’s shoulder. I
moved between Colt’s hairy thighs while Corey did the same to Matt. Both were rock hard and ready.
My tongue extended and hit the tip of Colt’s cock, tasting that sweet juice that I loved so much
coming from my boyfriend’s cock. It was like a treat now and was so much better than cookies or
chocolate. Sucking Colt’s dick was no big deal now and rather enjoyable, especially since I knew how
much he loved it and how much pleasure he got out of it. It made me want to work harder to please
him. Two years ago, I never saw myself between a guy’s legs, sucking his dick, let alone that I
would enjoy it. It took a while to reach that point, but again I knew the pleasure I was giving and
loved feeling his body tremble beneath me and hearing the deep moans escape from his lips as I
worked him over good.

I looked up and saw Matt and Colt lip locked with Colt’s hand almost stroking Matt’s cheek, while
hearing Corey slurping on Matt’s hard dick. 

“Wanna switch?” Corey asked me, pulling off Matt’s dick, which was glistening with Corey’s spit.

I nodded and scooted over on my knees in front of Matt’s hard, wet cock. The head slipped between my
lips and into my mouth. 

“Oh fuck Corey!” Colt yelled as Corey swallowed all of Colt and buried his nose in Colt’s trimmed
pubes. “Matt, he knows what to do.”

“Kris knows what to do too,” Matt said, with me running my tongue up and down his huge shaft. “Oh
suck my dick, Kris!”

My mouth started moving like it did on Colt’s hard dick once I took Matt back in my mouth and used
my lips and tongue to work his length. I felt a hand reaching for my dick while I was sucking and
jacking Matt. Corey was so talented to stroke me while taking Colt’s dick and he never missed a beat
on either of our cocks. It was so hot, with Corey making my moan around Matt’s dick as Colt’s moans
were muffled by Matt’s tongue as it explored his mouth. 

“Damn this is so hot shit!” Colt panted as he pulled back from the kiss.

“It is,” Matt stated while I was licking his dick and rolling his balls around with my fingers.

The room was filled with slurping and moaning. Finally Colt and Matt stood while Corey and I were
able to stretch our legs. I sat down with Matt starting in front of me. 

“We’ll finish in front of our boyfriends,” Matt said.

I felt his tongue first lathering my dick with his spit. He ran the tip down until he was sucking on
my nuts. I leaned over and kissed Corey, running my hand over his big pecs, before Matt took my cock
in his mouth. Colt was good and was getting better each time, but Matt was so damn good. He should
be though with all his experience over the years. He never shied away and always said he loved
sucking a guy’s dick. Each time he sucked me I loved it and thought it was better than the time
before. I felt him at the base and knew my entire dick was in his mouth. I even thought I felt the
tip of his tongue lapping at my balls, which were pressed against his chin, and nearly blew my load
down his throat. Colt tried to deep throat me but it was a struggle, though he kept trying. Matt
took it without any problem though, and he kept rising up the to tip, running his tongue around the
head of my cock and then diving back down again until I felt his nose against my skin.  

Just as I was really getting into it and moaning loudly, like Corey was, they switched up. Colt
wrapped his lips around my dick and started sucking me. He sucked me faster than ever and seemed
really hungry for it.

OOO fuck yeah Colt!” I said and was feeling so good between the high and what Colt’s mouth was
doing to me. 

He pulled off and licked it up and down before taking it back in. My hands went to his short brown
hair. His big brown, sexy eyes looked up at me with love while his hand was on my abs, gently
teasing the muscles with his fingertips and sending tingles all over my body. My head leaned back to
really revel in this as his mouth was making me feel real good. 

The moment happened far too fast for me. “OOO fuck Colt! I’m about to nut!”

Colt pulled off. Matt tried to barge over. “Bitch, this is my fucking cum facial. Take Corey’s

Damn!” Matt said. 

Colt stroked my dick fast. “OOO fuck!” I screamed and felt cum blasting out of my dick. Colt kept
pumping me and taking my creamy hot load all over his chiselled face. 

OOOO fuck Matt!” Corey screamed just as I fired my last shot. Matt took Corey’s load all over his
face. Corey grabbed me for a kiss while he was cumming. We kept kissing and felt cum on us. I looked
up and saw Matt’s dick firing cum on both of us. Matt leaned over and kissed Corey after he finished
soaking mostly Corey.

“Now we’ve got get off marathon man,” I stated.

“I have heard you say shit about me cumming too soon,” Colt said with cum still on his face as he

I sucked his dick and jacked him too. Matt and Corey helped a little by playing with Colt’s balls
and nipples as I did my best to make him cum by sucking his hot cock. He took what seemed like
forever before shooting his hot nut all over my chin and chest. Colt sat down next to me while Matt
sat in Corey’s lap.

“We need to do this more often,” Colt said. “I love Kris to death now, but it’s a nice break.”

“We should,” Matt said quickly.

“I agree,” Corey said. “I love Matt too but that was fucking great. It’s not like we’re strangers or
just barely friends. We love each other and showed it tonight.”

“I’d say at least once a month,” I stated.

“I’d say like tonight when the moment is right, we should do it,” Matt said. “It’d take the fun out
of it if there was like a plan.”

“I agree,” Colt said. “Now my ass is sticky and smelly. Let’s take our boyfriends and shower.”


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