Posted:  November 12, 2012


The announcement that Kris and Colt were now a couple caught me off guard. I looked at Corey and
then at them. 

“Man, that’s great,” Corey said.

“Matt?” Kris asked, looking at me holding Colt’s hand.

I shrugged my shoulder while trying to think of the right thing to say. “It’s cool with me. You’re
both grown men and can do whatever you want. I can see just how happy you are. Colt, did you end it
with Andrea?”

“I did, but it wasn’t easy,” Colt replied.

Kris talked over the top of him, “Bro, you are not happy for us. I can see it in your face.”

“Kris, I’m very happy for you. I just wasn’t expecting to be hit with this walking in the door.
Give me a minute to digest it. It’s not like you’re telling me you went out and got drunk. This is
big time shit,” I said.

“All I know is things have changed,” Corey said. “I’m so happy for you. Matt and I said it would be
awesome if you two finally got together for real, rather than just fucking around.”

“We know things have changed, but we’re so ready for it. I got to the point where I knew I’d be
miserable as hell if Kris dated another guy. I’d have been great with another girl, but I had a
feeling he really wanted to date another dude. It’d have eaten me alive seeing that and knowing it
should be me. I manned up and told Andrea…”

“It took two trips though… Matt, it caught me off guard too since he rejected me the night before
and gave me a very valid reason why we couldn’t and shouldn’t,” Kris said.

“I guess we’re the last to know,” I said.

“No, the first actually, bro, we waited to tell you and really don’t want it spread all over this
state,” Kris said.

“We’ve seen we can be like we always have been but then get together at the end of the night or
when no one else is around,” Colt added. “I think it’ll work.”

“I think it will, but it does take compromise,” Corey said. “Matt and I had a small argument this
weekend but we talked it over.”

“About what?” Kris asked quickly leaning forward.

“Oh someone laughed at me when I took an unexpected fall into some water,” I said and started
laughing. “At the time, I thought he pushed me…”

“No, you just slipped and I was blamed. I got pissed as hell at him for thinking I did it,” Corey

“Did ya?” Colt asked.

“Hell no. Do I look stupid?” Corey said. “I was worried when he jumped up and said I pushed him.”

“I’d still like to have seen it,” Kris laughed.

“It’s funny now. I had mud all over my arm and jeans,” I said, laughing. “Then it was so cold
washing it off.”

“We heard you threw down after we left,” Colt said.

I cut my eyes over at Corey, “They did. Corey had the best time. We all did. That damn Bishop can
make some strong drinks.”

“Bro, I was serious about them coming for your birthday,” Kris stated and put his arm around Colt.

“They’ll be here, or at least they said they would,” Corey said. “I checked and I actually think
it’s just before we start the semester.”

“Time does fly around here. It’s not long ‘til Halloween. Right after that it’s Thanksgiving and
then the end of yet another damn semester. Boys, the light at the end of tunnel is coming fast as
hell,” Colt said.

“I know it is,” I said and got up. There was a lot to do before classes resumed the next day. Corey
followed me in our room while I was sorting through our laundry.

“Matt, show a little excitement for them,” Corey said.

“I’m trying my best. I was caught off guard. Corey, I worry that if it doesn’t work we could lose
Colt for longer than a week this time. I see they are happy together…”

“We said they’d make a nice couple. We need to show our support since they’ve supported us over the
past two years.”

“I support them since this was their decision… well Colt’s decision, since Kris didn’t sound like
he initiated it. They have been fucking around more than usual here lately and it is the right
thing to do, but I’m gonna worry just a little. We know it’s not the same as dating a girl. Sure,
around us it will be cool, but once the word gets out, then they’ll have shit to deal with, maybe
more than us since we’ve been the same this entire time.”

“They will have some shit to deal with for sure after denying it for so long. We have to be there
for them, and not just Kris.”

“I know. I actually worry more about Colt, knowing how his dad is. He also has to deal with his
brother as well. Still, it is odd to me knowing Kris is really dating a guy. First I was shocked
how well he liked gay sex and now it’s evolved to this point. It’s definitely something I didn’t
see coming.”

“Me either, for both of them at the beginning, but now I can see it. We can’t ever get in the way.
We need to let things work themselves out. Sure, we might have to intervene at times, but I think
we should stay on the outside and just be there for them.”

“I’ll be there for them, especially Kris. I owe him that and much more for everything he’s done for
me over the years. Now we’re not the only couple in this apartment,” I said and smiled.

“No, we’re not, but they may be right. There might not be as much change as we think, only when
it’s just us. I don’t see them being like us around our friends,” Corey stated.

I picked up our laundry and headed out to start. Kris was sitting on the couch with Colt and looked
pretty normal at the time. As I was filling the washer, I felt two big arms around my shoulders.

“Bro, I know we caught you off guard…” Kris said.

“You did, but Corey and I talked about it. I want you and Colt to be happy,” I said.

“We’re very happy. In fact I’ve never seen Colt so happy. Please… I’m asking and need your honest
sincere approval.”

I turned around and smiled, “Kris, you have my approval. I love both of you and wish you all the
best.” I kissed him on the cheek.

“Thanks, I feel better now. It’s gonna work. I feel it in my bones.”

“It’ll work, just like it has for Corey and me. We’re gonna be there for you like y’all have been
there for us.”

“We hoped you would and we’ll need it,” Kris said and walked away to let me finish up starting the

I returned with Corey telling all about our night with JJ and Teague. He told them about how Danny
and Lucas were able to see past the fact we were gay. I knew after having a few that night made it
easier as well. 

As we were talking, Scott came to the door. Brennan was there with him.

“We’ve come to get hear what we missed,” Brennan said before grabbing a seat, with Scott moving
next to Kris and Colt.

“Where do we start?” Colt joked. “The game was a blow out.”

“Forget the game. We watched most of it. We wanna hear all about the party,” Scott said.

“You missed it. JJ and Teague went all out for us. They had some good shit too,” Corey said.

“Not a single one of you can ever say I smoke too much ever again,” Scott stated with conviction.
“Y’all are as bad as I am.”

“Scott, please! Cut the shit!” Brennan said. “You were high during the game and afterwards.”

“Bro, he’s busting your balls over there,” Kris joked.

“Okay, maybe not as bad,” Scott conceded and laughed. “Again, I fucking miss all the good shit.”

“We asked you,” I said. “You said you wanted to be with Jess for longer than a day.”

“I know what I said, but even that didn’t work out. I ended up going home,” Scott said.

“See, you could have gone with us,” Colt said.

“I know. Man, I didn’t realize it but my sister is growing up,” Scott said.

“We all are,” Corey stated.

“I know that, but when you’re gone and don’t talk to her you really see it. She just had her first
period not a month ago. Now there’s shit all over the bathroom. Nothing like opening up a cabinet
in the bathroom and fucking tampons come rolling out,” Scott laughed.

“Bro, we missed that fun,” Kris laughed along with him. I was keen in observing Kris and Colt, but
there wasn’t anything at all different. Also this is the first time I can remember Scott talking
about his sister.

Scott looked around, “I guess you did since none of you have a sister.”

“Scott, how was Trevor?” I asked.

“Wait ‘til you hear this,” Brennan said.

Scott shook his growing blond hair. “I saw why he broke up with Reese. Something happened and now
Trevor thinks he’s the shit all of a sudden. He’s got this really cute boy now that must have
boasted his confidence.”

“That’s awesome,” Corey said. “A good guy will do that. We can all agree on that.”

I held my breath.

“A good girl can as well,” Kris said while I could finally breathe. “I’m happy for Trevor and am
glad to hear he’s coming around. Is he coming here next year?”

“If he can ever pull his head out of his ass, he might. He keeps goofing off and isn’t making a
very good ACT score. I keep telling him he’s gonna end up in Junior College and will be behind,”
Scott replied.

“Hey bros, I have something to do this week,” Kris said. “Ted wants us to go to the fair with him.”

“Jess and I went Saturday night and it blows,” Scott stated.

“Okay, we’ll count you out then,” Colt said.

“I’ll see if I can drag Garrett’s ass out of the room,” Brennan said. “You’d think he’d get tired
of sitting in there. I do.”

“Is he there now?” Corey asked.

“No, he went home for a few days, but do you ever see him around?” Brennan asked. “I love him to

“Bro, we could have told you how he is. He’s always been quiet,” Kris stated.

“Except when they’re fucking… The boy lets it out then,” Scott laughed.

“Look who talking, bitch,” Brennan said. “I never ever fucked a girl that ever moaned like you do
with Jess.”

“It feels so fucking good I have to. Ain’t that right Corey?” Scott said. “It feels fucking great
to get fucked by a nice dick.”

“I plead the fifth there…” Corey replied with a big smile.

“He does,” I said and kissed his cheek. “Nothing wrong with doing it. I do when I feel like it.”

Scott turned to Colt, “Does Kris moan for you when you two fuck?”

“Sometimes,” Colt said quietly.

“Garrett does when he’s not cussing his head off. He loves his dirty talk,” Brennan said. “Scott’s
right, it’s the only time he talks.”

“How do you make it then, bro?” Kris asked.

“We make it fine since it’s better than fighting,” Brennan replied.

We talked until Brennan got a text message from Garrett. He left first, and then Scott left. 

As soon as the door was closed, Kris stood up, “Matt, you wanna go for a good run? We need to keep
it up.”

“I could do that,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind entering another race or two. It was fun.”

I headed to change and came back out with Kris wearing only his shorts, while I had a tank top on.
We left Corey and Colt there while heading out. 

“See, nothing has changed,” Kris stated. “I’m not all over Colt.”

“I saw that. It could work as long as no one knows,” I said and began stretching.

“All that matters, bro, is that I’m tickled to death and so is Colt. Our happiness should mean

“It means a lot. Kris, I’ll be honest with you… I’m gonna worry…”

“That’s a fucking given.”

“I worry that if something happens Colt could be gone for good. I don’t want that to happen.”

“I can’t promise you it won’t happen but I’ll do my best to make sure it doesn’t.”

We headed out on this crisp night. Kris was going at a good pace and was causing me to stay up with
him. We entered the park where we normally turn around and grabbed a seat to rest.

“Kris, do you see you and Colt together in five years?” I asked.

“Bro, I have no fuckin’ idea. Why?”

“I was just thinking about that since you and him have said you want kids and want to be married.”

“Right now, I’m looking at it as I’m dating someone I love. If it so happens we’re still together
in five years then we’ll deal with those other things. I see what you mean though…”

“Just something to think about, but I think it’s great you two are dating. I can see the connection

Kris smiled and hugged me, “Thanks. I love hearing that.”

We ran back and didn’t stop. Kris stayed up with me while I was testing my kick that I had
developed by conserving a little ‘til the end. We were both exhausted but felt great, knowing we
ran as hard as we could. Our faces were so red, with sweat rolling off our bodies. I pulled off my
tank and slung over my shoulder.  
Kris patted me on the abs, “Bro, those are so fucking hot. I know Corey loves how great you look

“Colt probably thinks the same way about you. He’s a very lucky guy to have you.”

“Say Corey wasn’t in the equation… would you ever have considered me?”

“Yes,” I said quickly. “You know how I felt about you in High School and that I think you’re one of
the hottest guys I’ve ever met. But I just knew I would have been barking up the wrong tree and
would have never had a chance. This is not how I saw things working out.”

“Me either,” Kris laughed. “Love is fucking crazy.”

“It is. If you’d asked me two years ago if I’d be with a muscle stud like Corey I would have
laughed in your face. I saw me more with a guy like Scott,” I said.

“I didn’t see that either. Scott would have been more what I figured you’d go for too, but you’ve
found an amazing guy in Corey.”

“I have and he’s perfect for me. So yes, love is fucking crazy,” I laughed and opened the door.

Corey was sitting next to Colt on the couch watching TV. They looked at us and continued.

“Where’s the love?” Kris said holding out his hands.

Colt grabbed his crotch, “Right here is your fucking love.”

We laughed at Colt’s humor, as did Kris as he was going for some water. 

“I see how this shit’s gonna work,” Kris laughed while grabbing a bottle.

“Like it always has,” Colt said loudly. 

I grabbed some water and went to see that we were watching some reality show that now dominated
television. We laughed when Corey brought up how he could see us on one. We finished watching it
before Corey and I headed off to bed.

He shut the door and kissed me. “That’s for this weekend.”

“Which part?”

“Both actually. You let me do my thing like I said with JJ and Teague and then showed me love on
our trip.”

“I know where my place was in both instances. You were the best camping.”

“Now guess who wants to go with us next time?”

I rolled my eyes, “I guess they could, but it has been our little retreat.”

“I hinted at that fact as well,” Corey said. “Are you okay with Kris and Colt?”

“I am now that I’ve had time to let it sink in. I did bring up one thing to Kris while we were

“What’s that?”

“Where he saw them in five years,” I replied. “He really didn’t give me the best answer. I hope I’m
right about where I am in five years.”

“Well… I hope we’re not in this apartment,” Corey stated.

“I meant still with you,” I said and slapped his big arm.

“Oh yeah, me too…” Corey laughed. After a moment his face got serious and I was a little worried.
“Matt… I need to ask you something.”

“Okay…” I said, feeling nervous, even though I didn’t know what he wanted to talk about.

“Now we’re alone I need to ask you what you really think about Kris and Colt.”

“I told you I was fine with it.”

“I know you said that,” Corey said, “but I also know how you used to feel about Kris. I don’t think
you ever thought you’d see the day when he was in a relationship with a guy and I think you always
had it in your mind that if that did happen then the guy he would have been with would be you.”

I closed my eyes and sighed. I thought something like this might come up with Corey, but I held on
to the hope it wouldn’t. I took a little time and really thought about how I felt. Corey let me sit
in silence thinking over my answer, which I really appreciated.

“I guess it’s no secret I thought he was the most amazing guy I’d ever seen when I first met him in
high school. I lusted after him like crazy and wanted to be with him. When I got to know him better
I really liked him and started to love him. For years I dreamt of what it would be like if he was
interested in gay sex or if he developed feelings for me, I just never thought it would actually
happen. I longed for the day when he would come to his senses and realize he was in love with me,
but he never did.”

I looked at Corey, expecting some kind of response, but he just sat silently waiting for me to
continue, so I did. “When we came to college and were rooming together I thought maybe something
would happen between us, but Kris never showed any signs of being interested in men so I gave up on
the idea. When I met you and started falling for you I stopped caring about Kris in any way other
than as my best friend. I still thought he was sexy as Hell and wanted to sleep with him, but I
didn’t want him as my boyfriend anymore.”

“How did you feel the night he fucked me? You never saw that coming,” Corey said.

“No, I didn’t, and I couldn’t believe it was happening. The two hottest guys in the world had sex
in front of me. It was amazing, and yes, I was jealous. I wished it had been me Kris fucked, but I
was happy it was you. After that I thought maybe there was a chance for me and him, and even more
so when he started fucking around with Colt, but then something happened that changed everything.”

“What?” he asked, looking a little agitated.

“When Kris and I finally had sex and nothing changed between us I knew I didn’t want it to ever
develop beyond us being best friends. I love him with all my heart, but as a best friend and a
brother, nothing more. Then when you and I had our fight and I drove through the night to be with
you I felt a completely different kind of feeling when I held you in my arms. It made me realize
that I don’t love you, Corey.”

“What?” Corey asked with a look on his face and a sound to his voice that made me feel as though I
had just kicked a puppy.

I put my hand under his chin and lifted it up so I could look directly into his eyes that were
starting to fill with tears. “I am IN love with you. And there couldn’t be a bigger difference.”

I punctuated my point with a soft kiss to Corey’s lips and felt a smile creep onto his face with
our lips still pressed together. His arms wrapped around me and held me tight as the kiss became
more passionate and he pushed his tongue into my mouth.

When we broke the kiss I pressed my forehead against his and moaned. “I don’t want to be with
anyone else but you, Corey. You’re the man I want to spend the rest of my life with and you never
have to worry about me wanting someone else because I’ll never want them as much as I want you.”

“God, I love you,” Corey said, kissing me harder than he ever had before.

Corey had never been so aggressive with me and I knew he was overwhelmed with emotions and this was
his way of showing me how passionate he was about the two of us. He attacked my body with his lips
and had me moaning like never before. Pinning me to the mattress he lifted up his body and
straddled me, impaling himself on my cock without so much as spit to lube the way, wanting to feel
me completely bare and raw inside him. We moved in sync and we alternated between him fucking
himself on my cock and me driving up into him until we both exploded and collapsed against each
other. With a final kiss and my dick still deep inside Corey we fell asleep holding each other,
knowing there was nothing but love between us.

I woke Wednesday morning after Corey nudged me from my restful sleep. It was great seeing him and
getting a nice kiss to start my day. The best part was being able to express our love for each

I showered and looked in the mirror at my stubble that had grown over the past few days. I cleaned
it up a bit and decided to let my beard grow a little longer to see how I looked.  

After dressing, I headed across to wake up Kris. I opened the door and saw the two cuddled together
with the sheet only just covering their waists and their hot bodies on show. Standing and staring,
it was clear to see they had that something special between them. Colt and Kris never looked so hot
together with Colt’s arm tucked under Kris’s as they were sleeping with their fingers linked as
their hands rested on Kris’s chest. There was a big bottle of lube on the nightstand, along with a
large box of condoms with a few sticking out. I poked Kris in the chest and saw his blue eyes open
slowly. He seemed to squirm a little and then he tried to pull away from Colt but the arm around
him seemed to tighten even though Colt was asleep, not wanting to let Kris go. Kris gently lifted
Colt’s arm and pulled away from him, kissing him on the forehead, which brought an unconscious
smile to Colt’s face.

“Another day, huh?” he asked before giving me a big hug and kiss.

“Yes it is. It’s back at ‘em,” I said before he let me go. I watched Kris walk away with a strong
hard on and saw Colt’s hard cock as well, with the sheet hanging from his naked legs, and I knew
what Kris had squirmed against.

While I was eating, Kris came out in his jeans and long sleeve tee that showed off his great body.
“I fucking love that dude so much,” Kris said, smiling with his earrings showing.

“I saw that,” I said. “It feels great, huh?”

“Fuck yeah, I never felt better.”

We headed out to our classes and walked briskly on this windy cool day with fall definitely upon
us. It was a great change seeing Kris in a good mood to start his day.

I finished up my classes and did a little work, though not much, for Mr Jackson. While with Mr.
Jackson, he reminded me that registration would start soon for the spring semester, another sign of
how fast things were moving.

Back at the apartment, and just finishing my online class, I got a text message. It was from Alex
asking if I wanted to work out. I said I would in about fifteen minutes. He suggested we go here
with clouds approaching. 

I came out the door and saw Alex walking across the lot. I yelled at him so he stopped and waited
on me to catch up. We talked about our weekends first and how things were going. Naturally I didn’t
say a word about the change with us. 

“Matt, I really wanna push it again. I’ve been slacking up,” Alex stated while we entered the
complex gym.

“Okay,” I said.

“Well, our cruise is coming up so damn fast. I wanna be in tip top shape like you. How do you stay
so damn lean and cut?”

I grabbed a towel and answered, “We watch what we eat…”

“That would be a good start for me lately and I need to cut back on the brews.”

“With the four of us, we eat pretty healthy I guess. It also helps that I run about every other

“I gotcha. Tell me, Matt, some of us have been wondering when Kris and Colt are going to admit the
obvious now. I think their fight had more to do with them wanting to be lovers than being pissed
off at each other.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know if that’s true. Kris is a ticking bomb.”

“True, but you have to see that they like each other. Hell, we all know they fuck around with each
other. Colt’s damn lucky he has Andrea,” Alex said and began to do some presses on the machine.

“I guess there could be something more, but they haven’t said if there is. I think they like the
freedom,” I lied.

“Yeah, I can’t blame Colt there,” Alex said. “So are we all going out Thursday to the fair like we
did last year?”

“That’s the plan for now,” I replied.

We worked out on the machines and had a good sweat going. Alex removed his shirt before we hit the
bikes. He really looked great and didn’t have much to work on as far as I could tell, but I never
considered myself perfect either and saw areas of my body that needed improving.

We finished up and were sweating like crazy. Alex thanked me for joining him since he didn’t want
to do it alone and enjoyed the time we spent together.

After showering, I was in the kitchen putting together a nice salad for something to eat. Just as I
finished, Colt came in the door and sat at the bar. 

“Want some?” I asked.

“If there’s enough.”

“I’ll split it and throw on a little more, then there will be.”

“Okay then,” he said. “Matt, you are cool with me and Kris, right?”

I turned around, “Yes, I’m very cool with it. Now that I’ve slept on it a little I see nothing
wrong with it.”

He smiled, “Awesome, ‘cause Kris is worried shitless you don’t like this.”

I finished his portion and sat it down in front of him. “Colt my only worry now is about you. I
love you. I would hate it if something happened and you were forced to leave. We’re a foursome. We
saw that when you were gone.”

“I’m a little worried about that too. We agreed to talk things over after we’ve been together for a
little while and can assess things. If it don’t work, I hope things will be good. I put my ass on
the line for this.”

“Kris didn’t talk you into it?” I asked for confirmation.

“Not hardly! He did try when we got back Saturday night but I gave him good excuses. Then I sat
thinking about how I’m always happy with him and if he was to find a guy I’d fucking hate it,” he
said and started eating.

“You do have more to lose than he does,” I said, eating.

“A lot more, but I’m willing to risk to be with him,” Colt said. “Matt, this is really good.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Colt, I don’t know if I’ve ever said thank you but I feel like I need to.”

“For what?” he asked with his mouth full of salad.

“You have never once interfered between either me and Corey or me and Kris. You could have been
resentful or jealous of us but you’ve never once shown it. You’ve made it so easy on me and Corey,
especially last year. I feel like I owe you the same thing as you and Kris make this bold step.”

“Ahhh, it was nothing. I love y’all so much but always knew my place. If I did cause trouble, my
ass would have been looking for some more roommates. I can’t tell you how much I loved living with
you and Corey. You prove over and over two hot guys can be in love and make it just fine. I guess
that’s why I said fuck it and wanted to try with Kris. I know we’ll never be like y’all and we
don’t want to be. It’s just not in us to be all loving like you.”

“I can’t see you and Kris being like me and Corey outside the bedroom. I know Kris can be

“Very affectionate, and so fucking good in bed. I thought I loved fucking Andrea but that now pales
to what Kris and I have been doing. Sex is fucking great when you have a lot of love, not that I
didn’t love and care for Andrea. Matt, how do you and Corey keep fucking like you do? I can see
where it gets old being with the same person all the time.”

“Colt, it is love. I love Corey to death. I see our fucking as a way of showing our love to each
other. Even though we fucked like four times this weekend, I still fucked him last night…”

“You horny motherfucker,” Colt laughed and pushed on my shoulder.

“Look who’s talking over there,” I laughed.

“You’re right there,” Colt said with a big smile. “I know it’s not gonna be easy, but I’m so ready
to see what happens.”

“It won’t be easy, but I think you and Kris can handle it,” I stated. “Actually last night, I
couldn’t see any difference.”

“Good. That’s exactly how I want it to be. Kris and I were friends long before this…”

“And if it doesn’t work out, long afterwards as well,” I said.

“That’s what I want too. We can say we tried. I knew if I didn’t try I might regret it years later.
You never know what can happen.”

“Do you feel gay now?”

“I don’t really feel any different to be honest. I know I’m bi, but now I have a boyfriend,” Colt

We finished eating our salads and drinking water. Once things were cleaned up, I called Mom to see
if she was still coming with Vince and VJ. As far as she knew, everything was on go. We talked for
a while, with Mom being the same in all aspects, including not getting married just yet. We both
said Vince could ask her at any moment. Mom stated she would say yes, whereas she never really said
that before. 

About nine, Corey and Kris came home from work. I watched Colt and Kris carefully when Kris
entered. Kris found Colt and put a nice kiss on him while Corey did the same to me. 

Colt put his arm around Kris. They really looked great together. “Were your ears burning earlier?”
Colt asked.  

“No more than normal,” Kris said. “I knew Matt would talk to you, just like Corey did to me.”

“It was a great talk,” Corey stated. “I said we’re now more as one than ever before. We all have to
stand by each other through thick and thin.”

“I agree one hundred and fifty percent,” I said, with Kris losing his shirt and tossing it towards
their bedroom. “Whose bedroom are y’all gonna use?”

“Both,” Colt replied. “Well mess up one then go to the next.”

We laughed but couldn’t argue that point at all. We talked about our day, with me informing them
about registration upcoming for the next semester. It was rather normal, but there were a few more
kisses between the two and a little hand play. Corey had more studying to do with a big test
looming on Friday for him. We separated and did some studying to end the night before going off to

I finished up and went to my room after taking the dining room table. I also jotted a few things
down in this journal I was keeping along the way for memories of my college experience.

Corey had just finished and was shutting down his laptop. “Fucking piece of shit!” he screamed.

“That’s the thanks I get,” I joked.

“No, it’s my computer. I can barely do what I have to do before it wants to fuck up.”

“Sounds to me like someone will be spending some money here soon…”

“Yeah I guess I will before I lose everything on it.”

“Good idea,” I said and stripped down with him watching my every move. I got in bed and was greeted
with a nice wet kiss. 

Corey broke the kiss, “I hope it never ever gets old watching you strip. I love the moment when
this big dick of yours flops out. My mouth starts to water instantly.”

With Corey’s hand wrapped around my cock, I reached for his. “I hope it never does either.”


Thanks for reading this next chapter.   I was blown away by all the comments from the big last
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