Posted:   October 29, 2012


When Corey came in the room, he was just a little early.  I jumped and grabbed him for a long
wet kiss. 

“Damn, what’s up with you?” he asked.

“Just showing you some love.”

“Okay then.”

“Remind me later I have a special present for you.”

“Matt, I told you to stop buying me things. Stop doing that!”

“I didn’t buy a thing,” I said, with Kris walking in the door. 

“Corey, did you ask him?” Kris asked.

“What?” I asked.

“I was thinking we should grab some pasta tonight for fuel for tomorrow’s race,” Kris replied.

“He didn’t give me a chance,” Corey stated.

“Okay then bros, but my ass is starving. I know a cheap place where we can get some good pasta,”
Kris said.

“Where? Pizza Hut?” I asked, sarcastically.

“No… this little joint just off Rogers, close to downtown,” Kris said. “It’s where I went with
Dean that one disastrous time.”

“By the way, did he come to the Rec Center today?” I asked.

“I think so,” Corey said. “Why?”

“That explains it then. Some guy overheard Scott and me talking. He bashed you, bro,” I replied.

“Fuck his sorry ass then,” Kris stated.

“Also, I ran into Kwan and Hayden while I was out. Did y’all know they were couple or that Kwan
was gay?” I asked.

“I’ve seen them together a time or two but I didn’t think anything about it,” Corey said. 

“Oh well, he’d be great for Hayden,” Kris said. “Let’s get moving before I starve to death over

I followed Corey into our room for us to change since I had on just some loose athletic shorts.
“Is my surprise in here?” he asked.

“I’ll let you see when we come back, but don’t mention a word of it to Kris,” I replied.

Kris insisted on driving and drove us to the restaurant he mentioned. It was small, with just a
few diners at this late hour of past nine. We ordered pasta and waited.

“Bro, I heard Scott, Shawn, Garrett and Brennan aren’t going with us next weekend,” Kris stated.

“That’s cool,” Corey said. “Maybe we can all stay at JJ’s house then.”

“I didn’t figure Garrett and Brennan would go,” I said. “They like to be alone.”

“All I know is we’re gonna have a great time whoever goes,” Kris said. 

“Yeah, JJ’s excited about us coming and showing us a good time. I hope Colt gets our tickets,”
Corey said.

We continued to chat while waiting on our food. When it arrived, it was a generous bowl of pasta
with marinara sauce covering the noodles and mushrooms mixed in. Kris had meatballs, whereas
Corey picked the one with chicken and spices.

Once we finished and were completely full of pasta, we left and headed back to our apartment. 

“Bro, I’m gonna see what everyone else is doing,” Kris said once we were parked and heading

“Kris, remember we are running early,” I stated.

Kris rubbed my head, “I will. I’d hate to try to run hung over. I’ll be back. I’m gonna to see
what’s been happening with everyone.”

Corey took my hand and walked with me inside our apartment. Once inside, I left him and went to
prepare my ass for the night. While cleaning my ass, I debated on whether to come out in my jock
or wait. I decided to don the jock to entice him, though it wasn’t usually needed to get him in
the mood. 

In only my jock, I slightly opened the door and beckoned him inside with my forefinger while
hiding my body behind the door.

“Okay, I guess you wanna show me your surprise,” Corey said, getting up. He walked over and
pushed the door open. I stood with my hands on my hips. “Damn! You look fucking hot as hell in
that jock!”

I moved over and kissed him. “I bought it for the race tomorrow.”

“Oh… okay… It would be so hot to fuck you in it.”

“MMMM… it would,” I smiled, but I wasn’t thinking tonight would be that chance. I walked over
and grabbed my phone. I found the video and handed him my phone.

I watched and saw his eyebrows raise when he began watching it. I reached over and ran my hand
over his shirt and down across his jeans while hearing my own voice in the video.  

“Fucking hot!” he said, reaching down to his jeans. “Your dick looks huge… fuck!”

I continued to rub his body while he watched me. I reached down and undid his jeans to let them
fall to the floor. His boxer briefs were tented and strained. He pushed them down and reached
for his cock. I pushed his hand away and got on my knees. His thick cock entered my mouth while
my hand worked it. I glanced up and saw he was enjoying this combo of my mouth and the video. 

Hearing it close to the end, I pulled off and threw myself on our bed. I spread my legs wide as
ever. “This is for you.”

“Fuck yeah!” he said loudly. “I love the video and then I get to have sex with you.”

I smiled, holding my legs. “Well… I made it when I was horny.”

“Now I’m fucking horny as shit!”

He put my phone aside and grabbed the lube while I waited. He pushed my legs forward and put his
slick cock at my ass. My sphincter opened and allowed him inside me. It was hot submitting to my
boyfriend and his fucking fat cock. His cock was always so damn hot and hard. I pushed back a
little once he was fully in me, stretching my ass. 

Corey began fucking my ass while I laid back to enjoy the incredible sensation. My head began
going side to side while he fucked me and his cock crashed into my spot. He leaned forward for a
kiss while my hands wrapped around his neck, holding him close. His kiss was so wet while he
continued to give me his fat cock. He pulled back and pulled on my lower lip when his cock
escaped my body. I reached down and guided him back inside me. We were breathing hard as ever
while my hands went randomly over his body, feeling the amazing muscles that never failed to get
me hot. My loud moaning and his deep grunts filled the room, along with our skin slapping
together. Now the jock was confining my hard cock so he pushed it down just a little to free it. 

While he was fucking me hard, I gasped and felt my cock start pumping out a load without me
having to touch myself. He pushed deep and exploded inside me. The climax was so exhilarating
and caused me to grab him for a long kiss.

Corey broke the kiss and rose above me, still buried in my ass. “Babe, now I have one hell of a
video anytime I need it.”

I kissed him again. “Just keep it private.”

“Ummm… okay, but it’s almost too damn hot to not show at least Kris and Colt.”

“Okay,” I smiled and felt his cock leave me. His cum felt like it was oozing out of my ass. I
went and cleaned up my cum and then cleaned his out of my ass. Corey was under the covers and
waiting when I returned.

“I wish you the best tomorrow.”

“Thanks. I’m looking forward to it.”

While we lay there, I heard the front door open and close twice, meaning both Kris and Colt were
probably home. I dozed off to sleep in Corey’s arms after setting my alarm for seven.

I was awake just before the alarm, about six thirty, and was a little excited about the race
though I did sleep great. I showered and got ready before waking Corey. I headed over and went
to Kris’s room to wake him. I opened the door and saw him and Colt together sleeping and both
were naked. I tapped Kris on the shoulder and woke him. After he woke up, he woke Colt as well.

“Bro, I don’t wanna hear it,” Kris said, passing by me with Colt trailing him.

“We were both horny,” Colt said.

“I’m cool with it,” I said. “It’s really none of my business what you do.”

“Good, bro.  I take you’re ready,” Kris said stopping.

“I am and will be waiting on you two.”

I went out and threw together a quick breakfast for all of us. Colt explained he could let Kris
and me go without being there and watching. He said next time he and Corey would run if it
killed them. I knew it wouldn’t since they were in top shape. 

We left in ample time to make it and get our things. I thought the race was at 8 but that was to
sign in and get our packets, which included our number and a nice tee shirt at this race just
off campus and near the campus golf course. Kris and I stretched, along with all the many others
gathered for the race. 

While stretching, Kris said, “Bro, if I beat you, we’re partying for sure, unless we get beat

“Kris, you always have to make it a competition…”

“It keeps it fun,” Kris said while stretching near two girls.

It was finally time to start. Kris and I were in the middle of what I guessed to be about three
hundred other runners, with more guys than girls and of all ages. We were dressed in tees and
shorts while some wore tanks and a few went shirtless on this great fall day. 

Once the gun sounded, we were off. Kris and I followed the pack and were squeezed in the middle.
Kris found a lane that allowed us to escape the massive pack, though the leaders were far ahead.
We were going at a great pace with Kris right beside me. We made a turn and passed a few others
while gaining momentum. My goal wasn’t to win but to give it my best effort and see how things
came out.

I was able to ease ahead of Kris just a stride or two with the finish line in sight in the
distance. I pushed and pushed until reaching the finish line just ahead of another guy. Turning
around I saw Kris crossing just shortly after me. He came up to me while I was bent over and
trying to catch my breath.

“Bro, I went too fast at the start,” Kris said between breaths as he came out of his shirt. 

Corey and Colt waded through the crowd to find us. Corey came and gave me a big hug with my
camera in his hand. “I’m so proud of you. Twenty three minutes is impressive. I got a great
picture of you back there.”

“Yeah, all that mattered was you kicked Kris’s ass,” Colt joked.

“Bro, I tried my best,” Kris said and put his arm around me. “You beat me fair and square. Colt,
we aren’t drinking tonight, though. I said if I won we could.”

Colt snapped his fingers, “Damn you, Matt.”

There was such pride and elation for running such a good race. We walked over and saw we were in
the top 50, with me 46 and Kris 48. I was a few seconds ahead of him but to me we had great
times for our first race. We turned around and saw Liz and another girl walking up.

“Kris, I saw you earlier but couldn’t get to you,” she said in her shirt and shorts with her
hair cut short. “How’d you do?”

“Twenty two fourteen,” Kris replied.

“That’s great,” she said. “You look great as ever too.”

Kris gave her a sweet hug, “You do too.”

“This is Monica, my girlfriend. We both finished at thirty one minutes.”

“That’s great.  I’m really glad you saw and came over,” I said.

“What’s more impressive is that Matt beat him,” Colt stated.

“I saw Matt too with a number but I just assumed Kris was faster,” Liz said.

“Guess again,” Kris stated. “He outruns all the time now.”

“Well, I was hoping to catch you after seeing you. It was nice seeing y’all,” Liz said.

“You too,” I said, as did Kris. They walked away and went up to some other girls.

“She’s a full blown lesbian now if I’d say so,” Colt stated.

“I noticed it too,” Corey said. “Oh well, she looked happy.”

We didn’t hang around much longer and headed back to the apartment. We were barely in the door
when Walt and Jenny called to say they would be there in about twenty minutes. Kris and I raced
to shower and get ready for the tailgating. 

When I came out, Colt was on his phone and hung up. “My folks said they’d see me at the

“That’s great,” Kris stated.  “What really blows is I lost meaning no partying for us tonight.”

“Dammit Kris,” Colt said. “If I’d known that, I’d tripped Matt or held him back so you could

“Bro, he won fair and square.  I gave it my all and had to loss.  However, I’ll hand to Matt. 
He’s found his thing.”

We walked over and found Walt and Jenny along with Chase, Tabor, Colt’s mom and dad, along with
who I assumed were Tabor’s parents. Kris had to tell them all about the race while I showed a
picture to them.

“Kris, he really beat you?” Colt’s dad, Bob, asked.

“Fair and square, Sir,” Kris replied.

“Amazing,” Bob said.

“Dammit Dad, don’t start it,” Colt said with Andrea walking up. 

“I wasn’t. I know Kris is a damn good athlete…” Bob said.

“Fine then,” Colt said and walked away, but I knew that his dad had major hang-ups about gay

“I’m surprised as well, but Matt must be faster than he looks. Linda would have been thrilled to
see it,” Walt said.

“She would have,” I said.  

Slowly our other friends began arriving. Scott, Brennan and Garrett were first, with Ethan and
Cody behind them. Then came Tom, Bishop and Shawn. We sat around Chase and Tabor’s trucks
chatting and waiting until Jenny gave the okay to start chowing down on some food. This time we
had BBQ with beans, slaw and potato salad. The smell alone made me hungry. 

While the others were tossing around a football in the parking lot, I snuck off to call Mom to
tell her about my day. She was thrilled to hear how well I had done. As I was talking, I saw
Bryson and a girl walk up to the others. Bryson was looking nice with his hair cut short and
sporting a neatly trimmed beard as well. It was great to see all the guys gather around him and
welcome him back.

Now it was time to eat and enjoy the food. I filled my plate and stood around near Brennan and
Garrett with Corey.

“Colt’s dad is something,” Brennan said.

“We know,” Corey said.

“He saw us together and said that all Colt’s friends were queers,” Garrett said.

“If he only knew,” Brennan said.

As we were eating, Walt came walking up and stood by us with his plate in his hand. “Some

“Is there a problem?” I asked.

Walt shook his head, “I stood it as long as I could. Bob and Steve were over there laughing
about all the queers here.”   Steve was Tabor’s dad. “You’d think they would be adults about it.
I had to bite my tongue.”

“Did you mention that Nathan was gay?” Corey asked.

“No, Corey, I didn’t, but I should have,” Walt said with Jenny now joining him. “Had enough,

“More than enough,” Jenny said. “I tried to tell them there could be lots worse things than
being gay, such as being drug addicts or drunks. They laughed and knew their sons drank so it
wasn’t worse.”

“Thanks, Mrs Stanton,” Brennan said. “I’m glad they aren’t like their parents.”

“Me too, Brennan,” Walt said.

We finished up eating and tossed away our trash. Jenny broke out the cookies and brownies for
our dessert to complete our meal. Kris was being Kris and had made friends with the other groups
near us as well. It was easy to hear him above everyone else when he got excited and was having
a good time. 

We left the adults behind and headed to the stadium. On the way over Shawn and Bishop pulled out
small alcohol bottles and filled their cups, along with Ethan, Brennan and Cody’s. 

Kris was walking with me and Corey and said, “There’s a preview of next weekend.”

“JJ won’t care,” Corey said.

“Bro, my mouth is watering like a dogs,” Kris said.

“Kris, I’d say after the game go for it. I think we proved our point,” I said.

“We have. We need to do shit in moderation,” Kris stated. “I really haven’t minded it that much
you know. We can have a good time without drinking.”

“Speak for yourself,” Colt stated walking and holding Andrea’s hand.

As we continued along to the stadium, we passed a big group of girls. Kris stopped and walked
over to them. At first, I thought he was one brave guy until seeing that he was talking with
Megan. As a group, we stopped and waited. Kris came running back to us. 

“What was that all about?” Colt asked.

“Bro, I was just being friendly and showing there were no hard feelings,” Kris replied.

“Kris, Megan still likes you,” Andrea said.

“I still like her too,” Kris said.

“More like you wanna fuck her again,” Tabor spoke up. We laughed at his comment.

“Can you blame her… I mean him?” Colt asked.

“I sure as hell can’t,” Shawn said. “Kris, she’s looking good there.”

We continued walking and stood in the line to get in the student entrance. We easily got Bryson
and his girlfriend, Beth, in with us. A few stopped for drinks before we climbed the stairs to
find our place for today’s game. Looking around, the stadium was full of life since our team was
undefeated and moving up the rankings, or so I heard. All that mattered was they were winning
and the games were so much fun to attend. 

We got in our spots and knew we would be standing for a while. Deer and Levi came running up the
stairs to join us. Then I looked and saw Reese and his roommate Brax coming to be with us. Corey
treated Brax like a good buddy.

“Matt, can you tell Brax has really been hitting the weights?” Corey asked.

I looked at him. He lifted his shirt just a little to give me a small glimpse of his work. “Keep
up the good work,” I said.

“I will thanks to Corey and Kris,” Brax said and reached out to hit Kris on the shoulder.

“I guess I should go more than I have,” Reese said.

“Come and I’ll work you out and show you the ropes,” Corey stated.

“I might,” Reese said.

Soon the game started, with all of the students fired up to see our team play again. Luke came
out on fire and was throwing the ball all over the field to start the game. We scored quickly
but couldn’t stop the other team on their first time. The game was back and forth until half,
with us leading by a touchdown. Ted didn’t have his name called much during the first half but
sacked the quarterback once when we needed it.

During half time, the urge was there to head down to the bathroom. It was a mass of guys doing
the same thing. I made it to the urinal and looked straight at the wall, though I would have
enjoyed seeing some cock, but this wasn’t the place. I was most thankful no one wanted to talk
with me since that was rather awkward when you’re using the urinal. I headed back up on this
great day and made it to my seat with a few minutes to spare.

The second half, our team started to dominate, with Ted getting in on a few tackles. The thrill
was watching Reese watch his uncle on the field. It was always either excitement that he made
the play or disappointment that Ted didn’t. Brax was sort of like me my freshman year and was
doing more people watching than watching the game. 

Just before the fourth quarter, there was an injury on the field. I saw Ted standing.

“It’s Myles,” Colt said, turning around. “I bet it’s his ankle again.  He’s been fighting all
during practice this week.”

I watched them lift up Myles and carry him off the field while dragging his right leg. 

“Thank God that wasn’t Teddy,” Reese said to me.

“I know, but I still hate it. Myles is a good guy,” I said.

“Cute, too,” Brax said leaning over.

We continued to stand and cheer our team on to a nice win. We headed out and were leaving the

“Y’all, let’s run by and see how Myles is,” Colt said to us, with his arm around Andrea.

“Yeah bro, you can get us in,” Kris stated.  “First I better tell my parents goodbye.”

We waited and waited until Walt and Jenny came walking up.  We all said thanks for coming and
the food especially.  Kris hugged both of them and said goodbye.

We walked to the locker rooms just off the north end zone, with the rest of the big crowd filing
past us. Colt walked in the building and came out a minute later giving us the go-ahead to
enter. There were about a dozen of us following him and acting like we knew what we were doing.
We saw a few of the players milling around before Colt went in the locker room. We followed
behind him. The locker room wasn’t as I had imagined and was very nice, with big lockers and it
was quite spacious. The players were doing their thing and walking around in various states,
from fully padded to towels around their waist. It was a sea of well-toned athletic bodies that
were so easy on my eyes.

We found Ted sitting at this locker in his undershirt and pants. 

“What’s the word on Myles?” Kris asked.

“Right now they are x-raying it to see if it’s broken,” Ted replied. “We hope it’s just a bad

Luke walked up to all of us and said hello before leaving to go to the back of the locker room. 

“Teddy, you did great out there as usual,” Reese said.

“Reese, I really didn’t. They double teamed me all game or ran away from me,” Ted said. “All
that matters is we won the game.”

“And kept your ranking,” Shawn said.

“I guess we did,” Ted said. “Guys, I hate it, but I need to run and get some treatment and get
the hell out of here.”

“We understand, bro. We should be around if you care to stop by,” Kris said.

“I might do it,” Ted said and stood. 

We didn’t hang around much longer and left the locker room. I did feel very out of place and
like I was intruding on their space after a game. Once outside, the freshman said goodbye to us
and headed off to their dorm.  

“It’s time to celebrate,” Kris said.

“Hell yeah!” Colt shouted. “We’re throwing down for sure tonight.”


There's another chapter for you in this long running series.   Hopefully I have enough steam to
make it to graduation.   LOOK FOR A HALLOWEEN STORY in the next day or so.   I know the story
isn't there yet but there will be one coming that is not directly tied to the story like last
year's Halloween story.

I've loved all the comments.  It really has made it easier to continue. 

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