Posted:  August 18, 2012

Corey and I entered our apartment after having a nice meal and catching a summer blockbuster. I was a
little taken back seeing our living room packed. There were so many faces I didn’t recognize, although I
did know Shawn and Bishop. Kris spotted us, stood and began winding his way to us.

“Damn,” Corey said under his breath.

“Bro, we said we should go meet people,” Kris said to us. “Guys, this is Corey and Matt that I told you

“The fags, huh?” one guy said who had his shirt off, showing his thin tattooed body.

“You’re such a dick, Gage,” the guy sitting on the floor next to him said and slapped the guy’s skinny

I looked at Kris and saw he wasn’t happy with the comment and was doing his best not to explode. “Sorry,”
Kris said to us. He went around the room and introduced all six people that were new here. There were
three guys and three girls. He could still remember names and faces like no other after just meeting

“Did ya have fun?” Shawn turned and asked us.

“We did,” I replied and pulled up the chairs from the dining table to join in. If nothing else, Kris was
happy as ever being able to host a new group of people. Corey and I sat in the background, listening to
and watching another game on the PS3. 

One guy got up, went to the fridge and grabbed two beers. He walked by and stopped. “Nice to finally meet
you, I’m Reed and am your neighbor. That’s my bride, Emma.” 

“Good to meet you as well,” Corey said.

“Man, I heard how lucky you were, Matt… it is Matt, right?”

“It is. Yeah, I dogged out you might say.”

“It’s a great place I must say. My dad is from Belgium so I’ve been to Holland a few times. Try your luck
again and win a trip there,” Reed said.

I smiled at him, “I’ll see what I can do. I hear Belgium is great.”

“The best,” Reed said and continued on to sit next to his wife.

Everyone was at least enjoying Kris’s hospitality and were having a nice time crammed in our apartment. 

Gage came walking over with his shorts sagging low on his thin waist. “Sorry about the comment there
guys. I really didn’t mean anything by it.”

“It’s cool,” Corey said while I kept quiet.

“That Kris is unbelievable,” Gage commented going to the fridge and grabbing a brew.

“He is,” I said. 

“He really seems like a great guy,” Gage said.

“Bro, bring me one too,” Kris said with Colt echoing the same comment.

“What do I look like your fucking slave?” Gage asked them.

“Bring us all one for being a smart ass,” his friend said.

“Kyle, you can get your own, dude,” Gage said to him and turned to us. “I admire you dudes to for the
determination and will power to stick to your routine.”

“It’s now a habit more than anything,” Corey stated.

“A good one, too,” one of the girls said, with Gage walking away. I think her name was Ginger but I
wasn’t sure about that. She was cute with short blond hair. Her friend Alisha was sitting next to her.
She had dark hair and was a little bigger but seemed to be very nice. Watching, I think Bishop had his
eye on Ginger. I wasn’t sure but he was talking to her a lot.

Finally, about midnight, they began to leave, except for Gage and his friend Kyle. Kyle was really cute
to me with thick blond hair combed to his face. He had his shirt unbuttoned, exposing his flat stomach
and cute treasure trail going down into his boxers. 

“Cool group,” Gage commented. “I’m glad I met you.”

“Me too,” Kris stated. “Bro, I will tell you something right now, though, you call Matt and Corey a
faggot again and you won’t be welcomed back.”

“I told them I didn’t mean anything by it,” Gage said.

“Still, I don’t put up with that shit,” Kris stated.

“Damn, you’re touchy,” Gage said.

“No Gage, he’s telling ya like I’ve been trying to. I’m sure it’s like you calling black people nigger
and shit. You’re just so insensitive,” Kyle said.

“I’m sorry. It was the way I was brought up,” Gage stated.

“No excuse,” Colt said. “I was around that shit too but I changed. Kris, Matt and Corey have taught me
people are people, white, black, gay, lesbian, handicapped… just imagine how it would be.”

“I’ll see what I can do to change. Hell, everyone calls me a redneck and I’m never offended,” Gage said.

“Me too, but then I am,” Colt said. “Redneck is different and not hurtful.”

“Do y’all get hurt by faggot?” Gage asked Corey and me.

“I don’t get hurt by it, but I don’t like it,” Corey replied. “I know some people use to be fucking

“Okay then. Now I know,” Gage said. “If you wanna know the truth, I’ve just never been around gay people

“Get ready then,” Kris said. “Get to know them and you won’t even think of it. Matt’s the best guy there
is around here, and so is Corey. I love Matt and Corey to death. We’ve been through so much together and
I’m glad he’s been a major part of it.”

“That’s awesome,” Kyle said. “I heard some of your stories. Y’all seem like a close knit group. I can’t
wait to meet the rest of them.”

“They’re coming,” I spoke up. 

“Alright, then. Kyle, you bout ready to head out,” Gage said.

“I am and guess I’ll need to carry your ass,” Kyle joked.

“I’m good. See ya later,” Gage said and stood. “I had a great time and a lot of fun.”

“We did too,” Kris said.

The two left out our front door. 

“Thanks Kris for what you said,” I said.

“It flew all over me when he said it. I had to say something to Gage. Now Kyle was really chill, as were
the rest of them. Gage… I’m not sure about him,” Kris said.

“Me either,” Colt stated.

I stood and took Corey by the hand to signal goodbye. We left them and entered our room. I grabbed him
for a long wet kiss after our date. We made it to our bed and ended our date like two loving boyfriends
would with hot sweaty sex. 

Even though Corey had to work, he was given the liberty of getting up later than usual. I was still
asleep when he left but woke hearing him shut the front door. I cherished waking with him there next to
me, even though I usually was up first. I showered and threw on some very sexy mesh boxer briefs that I
had picked up on my trip. It was nice eating in peace before sitting on the couch with my laptop to do a
few things, like check my schedule. 

Kris came out about 10 and sat next to me. He did a double take seeing my underwear. “Bro, why don’t you
just go nude? You can see your big dick.”

“I just wanted to wear them.”

“Hell, it’s like wearing nothing. I bet Corey enjoys them.”

“He’s only seen me in them once, but yes he did love them. He picked them out for me.”

Kris laughed, “The boy loves your big dick. Who can blame him?”

“You know I don’t mind showing it off either,” I giggled.

“Bro, we have been showing our great bods and nice dicks in public. God, I wish I was back in Holland
right now and heading to that park.”

“It was a trip we’ll always remember for lots of reasons.”

“I still can’t believe you got in that sling and got fucked by not only Corey but some other guys.”

“I’ll never say I don’t love sex.”

“Me either, and with both,” Kris said.

“Level with me. How much have you been with Colt lately?” I asked.

“Bro, fuck! Asking me private shit like that…”

“Sorry I asked then, but I thought you’d be honest with me. I really don’t care.”

“You say that, but you do. Let’s just say,” Kris said, grabbing his limp cock. “He knows this dick very
well, and I know his very well.”

“That’s fine. So is it just sex like it was with Corey or was it more?”

“A little of both,” he answered. “You know something about sliding my dick into an ass feels so fucking
good and getting my ass pounded feels great too.”

I looked to see his cock was growing, as mine was being withheld by my underwear. My willpower to resist
was being tested. My hand touched his hard abs. He pushed it down to his hard cock. My hand wrapped
around his shaft while he was now digging in my underwear for my dick. He grabbed it while I had begun
stroking his. 

“Whatcha doing?” Colt asked from behind us.

“What the fuck does it look like? We’re giving each other a hand job,” Kris replied, with Colt walking
around seeing our hands wrapped around each other’s cocks.

“Well fuck yeah,” Colt said with Kris reaching with his other hand to grab Colt’s growing cock. 

We stood together with Colt taking over from Kris on my cock. I watched two very hot studs kiss while
Colt continued to stroke my cock. 

“Oh fuck, I’m about to cum,” Kris groaned.

“Let her fly,” Colt said. 

I pushed Colt’s hand away and bent at my knees wanting Kris’s fresh hot cum on my body.  The tip of his
cock touched my chest and soon hot cum came shooting out of it. Seeing every muscle pop out was an
awesome sight, just as it was with Corey when he erupted. The feeling of Kris’s cum running down my body
felt so good. 

“Move to the couch,” Kris instructed us.

Colt and I moved and sat down. I know I had touched his nice cock before but really didn’t recall it. We
sat there stroking each other’s cock with Kris on his knees watching and waiting. 

“Oh shit!” I yelled. Kris’s face was at the end of my hard cock. “OOOO,” I moaned as cum shot on Kris’s
face. He didn’t move and took my load.

It did take longer before Colt tensed up and released his load onto Kris’s waiting tongue. While cumming,
Colt leaned over and grabbed me by the back of the neck for a passionate kiss. 

I looked down to see Kris’s cute face covered in cum. He smiled with one eye open. 

“One day, Matt, I want to fuck you. I do love you and appreciate you so much,” Colt said. “Corey doesn’t
know how fucking lucky he is to be with you. You’re now fucking perfect and one hot fucking dude.”

“Ah, thanks,” I said.

“Bro, you are. You have the perfect amount of muscle on you now with some tight fucking little abs…” Kris

“We’re all lucky and very fucking hot,” I commented. “Colt, I love you too and have really enjoyed every
minute we’ve been together. Kris, you know I love you too.”

“I know,” Kris smiled and was wiping the cum off his face.

Kris and Colt headed to shower while I resumed what I was doing. As I was looking around on the computer,
I heard a phone go off. It was hard to tell whose phone it was. 

After they finished, I mentioned someone’s phone was blowing up. Kris went and saw it was his and called
them back. While talking, he walked out still on the phone, “Bro, y’all wanna go to the lake today with
Shawn, Bishop and Ethan?”

“Well hell yeah I do,” Colt replied.

“I guess so,” I replied.

Kris finished his call and returned. “Bros, Bishop is renting a boat so we can go wake boarding and

“Awesome,” Colt said.

“Man, I wish Corey wasn’t working,” I stated. “I better call him so he knows.”

I got up, with Colt noticing my mesh boxer briefs. He said the same thing as Kris in that he didn’t see
why I even wore them. I called Corey and told him what I was doing. He said it was fine with him since he
was working and told me to have fun. I changed into some old board shorts I had and threw on a sleeveless
tee shirt and shades along with flip flops. I did remember to take off my ring and would die if it got

Kris and Colt were waiting on me, with both wearing loose tank tops. We met in the parking lot outside
our apartment. We tried getting everyone in Kris’s SUV, but with the extra stuff, like the tube and
wakeboard, it was useless. As Bishop, Shawn and Ethan were getting out, Scott and Jordy walked up in
their Speedos.

“Where you going?” Scott asked behind his shades.

“To the lake to rent a boat to wakeboard and tube,” Bishop replied. “If you want, I don’t guess two more
would hurt.”

“As long as they don’t wear that,” Ethan commented and pointed.

“I wouldn’t. Let me ask Jordy to see if he wants to go,” Scott said. He turned and signed. Jordy’s face
lit up with a big smile and he began to talk with Scott. “Give us a minute to grab some stuff and we

“Make it quick,” Shawn stated.

“Y’all go ahead and get the boat rented while we wait,” Kris stated.

“I would, but remember you coming to my house at spring break? We’d see your ass sometime tomorrow,”
Bishop said with the rest of us laughing and agreeing.

“Yeah, wait, since I don’t know the way exactly either,” Colt said.
We didn’t have to wait very long before Scott and Jordy came running out. Kris turned to them, “Sorry I
didn’t even think to invite you.”

“It’s cool,” Scott said.

Riding with Kris was, and always had been, a thrill ride. How he didn’t wreck more was beyond me. His
attention was on everything but the road. Then I had to endure his and Colt’s singing to country songs.
Jordy didn’t know how lucky he was.

We made it to the marina and parked. Bishop had rented us a very nice boat, which we all helped pay for.
If the boat wasn’t expensive enough, the gas to fuel it was outrageous and way more than regular gas. It
was a cloudless, sunny hot day, as had been the case for most of the summer. Bishop drove us out and
stopped. Ethan jumped out with Shawn tossing him the wakeboard. 

“Y’all watch this,” Shawn commented while Ethan prepared. Bishop hit the gas and had Ethan up. I watched
in amazement while Ethan was doing his thing. With Kris’s encouragement, Bishop turned the boat hard and
had Ethan losing control. 

“Fuck, that boy is good,” Colt said while we motored to pick him up.

“Who’s next?” Bishop asked.

“I’ll go,” Shawn said while Ethan climbed in the boat. 

I reached out and patted Ethan’s wet freckled back. “Impressive.”

“Thanks. Kris, you sorry ass motherfucker,” Ethan stated.

“What did I do?” Kris asked.

“Don’t give me that shit,” Ethan replied. “I saw you telling Bishop to dump my ass. You just wait. Your
time is coming.”

We were laughing as Jordy was smiling since Scott was doing his thing to make sure Jordy got most of what
was said while having a big smile on his face.

Shawn was pretty good but wasn’t as impressive as Ethan. He climbed in the boat while we waited to see
who was next. Kris dove off the side without his lifejacket and emerged in the water. Colt tossed his
jacket in but made sure he had to swim to retrieve it. Then Ethan tossed the board as far as he could.
Swimming Kris flipped him the bird. 

“He has no idea what he’s doing,” Colt said.

“We’ll see if he’s a fast learner,” Scott stated.

Ethan and Shawn barked out the basic instructions while Kris listened. Now it was time to see if Kris
could wakeboard. Bishop powered the boat forward and had Kris up in a matter of seconds. I watched Kris
move in and out of the wake but he was nothing close to even Shawn. Then it was time for redemption.
Ethan instructed a hard right turn but Kris held on with his big arms bulging. After a little longer,
Kris let go and dropped the rope. 

Kris climbed in the boat with Colt diving off the side of the boat in his jacket. “Nice try, asshole,”
Kris said and smiled at Ethan.

“He’s too strong,” Shawn stated.

“Damn right I am,” Kris said and flexed his arms. 

“I see working out has finally paid your sorry ass dividends,” Ethan joked.

Now it was Colt’s time to show his stuff. As hard as he tried he couldn’t get the hang of it. They tried
everything they knew but weren’t successful in getting Colt up on the board. 

He entered the boat. “Hey, I tried. That shit is way harder than it looks.”

“Maybe next time,” Kris said. Now I was surprised that Colt wasn’t pissed and Kris wasn’t rubbing it in
his face. 

Bishop asked who was next. Jordy stuck up his hand and wanted to try. He dove off the side of the boat
but forgot one little thing, to tie his shorts. We had a good laugh seeing them floating in the lake
before he swam to get them back on. Scott had to stand and sign to him every word they were saying before
Bishop took off at a moderate speed. Jordy fell off quickly but was determined to try again. The next
attempt he popped right up. Colt was in the front shaking his head while I was so proud of Jordy. He
didn’t last long and was taken out by some big waves. 

Bishop was next, since Scott and I were waiting to tube. Ethan manned the boat while Bishop showed his
skills. He wasn’t quite as good as Ethan but was still amazing. 

Now it was time for me to hit the water with the large tube. There wasn’t much skill involved other than
taking a tight grip. Ethan continued to drive the boat. After trailing behind the boat, I figured out how
to move the tube and was going in and out among the boat’s wake. It was fun when he sped up and had me
flying along the water. My demise was one big wave that sent me off the side and hitting the water face
first. I was stunned but had a great time.

After Scott did some tubing, we anchored the boat at a small island to enjoy the water and swim. Once
finished we headed back out to do more tubing. Just as we were leaving the shore, the water safety
officer stopped us to check things out. He was checking our life jackets and seeing if we were sober. We
didn’t bring along beer for the trip, which was a big shocker and saved us from a little trouble. 

We spent the rest of day tubing, with Ethan and Bishop both getting one more nice run on the wakeboard.
We left the lake about six. Getting out of the boat, we were now a bunch of tired college guys who had a
great time out on the lake. Each one of us had a nice tan going, except for Ethan’s fair, light

It was almost dark when we returned. Corey was relaxed as ever on the couch, with a paper plate on the
floor in front of him. “Did y’all have a good time?”

“Bro, you know we did,” Kris replied. “You should have seen Matt tubing.”

“Don’t rub it in,” Corey stated and sat up while I walked over and sat next to him.

“You know I wish you could have been there,” I said, touching his big muscular arm.

“I’m fucking okay,” Corey snapped at me.

“All you missed was my ass not getting up on the wakeboard. You should have seen Ethan and Bishop. They
were fucking awesome,” Colt said losing his boardshorts, as Kris had done.

“Why is it every time I work y’all go do something fun? Why can’t it be when Kris works or something?”
Corey asked.

“Bro, Bishop only called this morning, so blame him,” Kris said and walked to the bathroom.

“I’m not blaming anyone,” Corey said.

“Just say the word and we’ll do something fun next weekend,” Colt said.

“Name it and we’ll do it,” I added.

“I’m just tired is all. My new duties have me stressing like hell,” Corey stated.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Oh, one girl was late and acted like it wasn’t a big deal. Then two new guys think it’s just time to be
on your phone all the time. We can talk, but they take it to the extreme. Then to top it off the cards
for some new students have a glitch in them,” Corey said.

“I feel for ya,” Colt said.

Kris came out in his shorts, “Matt, are you ready to hit the streets?”

“I guess so,” I said. “Anyone else wanna go run with us?”

“Not me,” Colt said.

“Me either,” Corey said.

After I dressed, Kris and I were out the door on this humid night. We talked about our time at the lake
almost the entire time we were running so Corey wouldn’t feel so left out like he would if we talked
about it in the apartment. I knew it wasn’t anyone’s fault and he had a rough day working by the sound of

With our bodies wet with sweat, and our shorts wet as well, we entered the chilly apartment to see all
the lights on. I looked around and saw no one inside. Kris headed to shower in his bathroom while I
headed to mine. 

We met back out in the living area and wondered where Colt and Corey had run off to. Our answer came
about twenty minutes later when the door opened with Corey and Colt bringing in their clubs with them wet
with sweat as well.

“What the fuck?” Kris asked.

“Give me a break,” Corey laughed. “We went to hit golf balls.”

“Great,” I said upbeat. “Did you have fun?”

Colt shrugged his shoulders, “I guess as much fun as you can have hitting balls.”

“Let a guy know next time,” Kris stated.

“Welcome to my world,” Corey laughed. 

Kris stared at Corey and started laughing. “I get it now. I’m glad you had fun. Matt needs to go with us
next time we hit the links.”

“I don’t think so. I’d just be in the way,” I said.

“If nothing else you could caddie for Corey,” Colt said.

“I’d suck at that too,” I said and headed to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and saw a roll of cookie
dough calling my name. “Anyone want me to bake cookies?”

“Hell yeah,” Colt said.

I took out the roll and found a cookie sheet that I think was Mom’s old one. After the oven heated up,
the cookie sheet went in the oven with about 18 chocolate chips cookies on it. I set the timer like the
package instructed and took out some water to drink. Corey walked over and stood with me while Colt and
Kris watched TV. 

The timer went off. With two rags, I reached in to pull out the hot sheet. I felt Corey’s hands around my
waist. Then my shorts were pulled down with hot cookies in my hands. “Damn, I wanna fuck this hot ass.”

I turned around and almost burnt him when I saw his cock out of his shorts. “What the hell?”

“Set down the sheet and let me fuck you.”

“Are you crazy?”

Then I heard two guys trying their best to contain their laughter while I set the cookies down to cool. 

“Matt, give Corey that ass!” Kris yelled and laughed.

I laughed. “I see what this is. I think someone put you up to this.”

“We’d never do that,” Colt said with a big smile. “Fuck him, Corey!”

“I would, but he’s on to our little joke,” Corey laughed. “Actually it was my idea.”

I reached down and stroked his thick cock. “If it was your idea then you must wanna fuck me.”

“I’d fuck your ass anywhere,” he said.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Fuck me then and give them a show.” I turned around, grabbed my
ass and spread my cheeks. “You want this.”

“OOOO fuck yeah,” Corey said.

The next thing I knew was that six and half thick inches of thick cock were invading my ass while I was
leaning over the kitchen counter.

“Goddamn Corey is fucking Matt’s ass!” Colt yelled. 

I heard the patter of feet coming towards us while Corey was sliding his cock in and out of my ass. It
didn’t matter if the two saw us fucking. What made it hot was the fact it was done on the spur of the

“OOO fuck me,” I moaned and was delirious at the moment with the smell of cookies near me. He slapped my
ass and continued to slide his great thick cock in and out of me. His arms wrapped around my chest while
he picked up the tempo. 

“Fuck him, Corey!” Kris yelled.

“Shut the fuck up, Kris!” Corey said and continued to use my ass. I began pushing back and loved being
watched. Corey now was having a hard time staying inside of me.  

I turned around and jumped up on the counter. My legs were spread wide with my cock rock hard now. The
counters were the perfect height for Corey to slide back in me. I leaned up after he was fucking me again
and wrapped my arms around his neck. We kissed while Corey was fucking me.

“Hot as fuck,” Colt commented.  

I could see out of the corner of my eye Kris and Colt jacking off to our sex. I leaned back down and felt
Corey’s hand wrap around my hard cock. 

“I love you,” he mouthed while stroking my dick and fucking my ass.

“I love you too,” I said and felt his cock slam into me. “OOOO fuck yeah!”

“Take that dick!” Kris said.

“I love taking my boyfriend’s fucking hot dick!” I said and could feel Corey stroking my cock. I pushed
away his hand and wanted to continue to enjoy our sex.

My enjoyment ended when Corey pulled out quickly and fired his creamy hot load all over my abs. After a
good five shots, he leaned over, licked the cum and was stroking my hard throbbing cock. I groaned and
blasted my cum all over his cheek and my lower abs.

I got off the counter and found his lips.

“Fuck, I love seeing Matt get that ass fucked,” Kris said while we kissed.

“Hell yeah,” Colt said.

“OOOO fuck!” Kris groaned. I looked over to see his cock pumping out cum. Colt soon followed Kris and
shot a nice load all over his abs.

I grabbed the spatula with the smell of cum in the air as well. I tried my hardest to slide it under the
first cookie. Finally it was under the cookie but when I pried it up the cookie flew in the air.  

“Damn, they’re stuck!” I screamed.

“Oh well, next time Corey will have to be faster,” Kris laughed.

“Next time, I’ll spray the pan first,” I laughed.

It was just bits and pieces of chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t know they tasted so good after sex. Not a
crumb was wasted as we ate them with a glass of cold milk.


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