Posted:  September 27, 2012


Late Tuesday night, or early Wednesday, here in September, Corey rolled out of bed and walked quickly
to the bathroom. He had been so restless since we went to sleep. Within a few moments of him entering
the bathroom I heard him throwing up. It didn’t sound pretty or fun while he was puking up his guts
in the toilet. I lay there thinking of what he had eaten and knew something had torn up his stomach.
I got up and saw him with his hands on both sides of the toilet. I grabbed a wash cloth and wetted it
to wipe his face. While running the water, he started throwing up again. It was sad to see him in
this state.  

Once he was finished, I moved over and washed his face.

“I’m sick,” he muttered the obvious.

“It’s okay,” I said, patting his shoulder. I glanced down and saw dried cum around his ass as
remnants of our lovemaking just a few hours earlier. While deep inside him there were no signs of
this illness, just two lovers showing their great love to each other sexually. Now, maybe three hours
later, he was sick and hurting. 

“Let me help you,” I said and began cleaning the toilet as he headed back into the bedroom. The smell
of his vomit nearly had me joining in.  

Corey was back under the covers, balled up in the center of our queen size bed. I went over and threw
my arms over him and kissed his cheek. While holding him, my eyes closed tight and I drifted off back
to sleep.

Almost an hour later, he was back in the bathroom. His leaving my arms woke me so I went to make sure
he was okay. This time he was on the toilet so I didn’t hang around. He came out to lie back down.
“Coming out of both ends now.”

Going back to sleep was impossible. Finally, before my alarm went off, I got out of bed to start my
day. After showering and shaving I returned, with Corey sitting up in bed but looking awful.

“Don’t think you’re going to class or work today. You have a bug and more than likely I’ll have it
before I know it,” I said.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s nothing you can help. I’m surprised this hadn’t happened earlier,” I said before dressing for
class. I put on a polo shirt and jeans, though shorts would have been okay since it was still rather

I headed over to wake up Kris and found him curled up. He jumped when I tapped his shoulder. “Time to
get up,” I said.

“Ahhh, not again,” Kris mumbled.

“It is. So you know, Corey is sick and has the stomach virus,” I said and saw him trying to get back
to sleep. “Get up Kris. Did you hear me?”

“I fucking heard you. Corey is sick, which means all of us will be,” Kris said and stretched out his
arms to show his hairy pits. He got up with his cock hard and continued on to shower. 

I grabbed something to eat and waited for Kris to appear. He came out with a bright orange tee and
shorts, with a necklace on. He spiked his hair a little bit. His backpack was over his shoulder while
his tee outlined his fit body. 

We were out the door. 

“Corey had me up most of the night,” I said walking with Kris.

“Fucking or sick?” he laughed.

“Sick. I know I’m next since we kissed like crazy…”

“And fucked.”

“Grow up, Kris. We’re a couple. We have sex. Damn!”

“Bro, I was just fuckin’ with ya. Chill!” Kris said.

“I know you were, but enough for now,” I stated before we crossed the street a block before campus.

We sprinted across to the other side and caught up with Jordy. He smiled and looked great, with a
shorter haircut now. I did my best to communicate that Corey was sick and to stay clear of us for the
next few days. Kris pulled out his phone and sent Jordy a text since I wasn’t sure if he understood.

At campus, I split from them and headed to my first class. The material did interest me and kept me
from thinking about Corey. 

I finished and was headed to the student center. I fired off a text to Corey while walking. 

“Watch where you’re… Matt! How are you?” I heard, not paying attention to what I was doing.

“Hayden. Man, it’s great to see ya. How’s it going?”

“Let me tell ya, things are really going great now,” Hayden replied sounding so positive. He was
looking great in a nice blue AE polo and shorts. His hair was shorter on the sides but with long
bangs hanging down. “How are you?”

“Great. I was texting Corey. He’s sick and kept us both up half the night.”

“That sucks.”

“It does. Something tells me you’re seeing someone right now.”

“Man, I am and I’ve never been happier. He’s the cutest, but we all say that about our boyfriends.
Hey, you wanna grab something to eat in here so we can catch up a little?”

“Sure,” I said.

We grabbed a bite and found a table. We were looking around and saw Alex sitting alone. 

“Hayden, my man, wassup?” Alex asked.

“Nothing. Ran into Matt, or he ran into me would be more like it,” Hayden said.

“I was texting Corey. He’s got the bug,” I said.

“I hear it’s going around,” Alex stated.

“So is the gang still together?” Hayden asked.

“Oh yeah, and strong as ever, but without Bryson. His punk ass didn’t come back,” Alex stated while I
got a text from Corey.

Corey said he was still sick and Colt was helping him out. 

“Hayden, you need to stop by sometime and catch up with everyone,” I said putting away my phone.

“I might, but I feel weird seeing Scott now. I ran into him last week. He’s still the same old
Scott,” Hayden said.

“He is,” Alex said. “The boy can’t decide which sex he wants.”

“He hasn’t changed,” Hayden stated.

“Hayden, how are things with your parents?” I asked.

“So much better now. I guess they realized I was gay and couldn’t change it no matter how much they
didn’t like it. They’re actually cool to me now and are forking over some bucks for me to live off
campus,” Hayden said.

We asked where he lived. It was across campus from us and near the nice college golf course. He knew
about where we lived as well. We kept talking and shared a few laughs before we were off to our next
class. I bid Hayden goodbye and hoped to be in touch with him again soon.

After my next class I headed to Mr. Jackson’s office. Now Corey was going to try to sleep so I could
relax and do whatever he had for me. 

“Where’s the big smile today?” he asked.

“Oh, Corey’s sick.”

“I see. Someone is worried about their lover. I get that way when Kevin gets down. Is it anything

“I think it’s just a bug,” I replied taking my seat.

“I guess, it is going around,” he said. “It should damper your sex life then.”

“Ummmm…” I stuttered.

“Matt, I know you and Corey probably have a vibrant sex life. I see how much you are in love so it’s
only natural that two young men enjoy sex to its fullest. I know I still do.”

It was so awkward and uncomfortable to have Mr Jackson talking like this. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Oh, you’re embarrassed to be talking about it with me,” he said.

I wanted to relax but couldn’t at this moment. “Just a little, you might say, sir.”

“Matt, you do know I would be willing to answer any questions you have. We gay men need each other.
Who else is going to give you the answers you need?”

“You’re right, but I don’t have any questions at the moment,” I said and began grading some homework.
I sat quietly and did enjoy grading his papers. 

“Matt, if you need to run and check on Corey, feel free to do so,” he said just as I was about

“I will when I’m done. He needs to rest.”

“Do you think you might get it?”

I laughed, “There’s a good chance since we do sleep together.” I finished up and handed him the
papers so he could log in the scores.

“Matt, I apologize for delving into your private life. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“It’s okay. My buddies seem to like to do the same.”

“I’m not one of your buddies. I overstepped the boundaries of good taste there.”

“It’s fine. Give me time and I’ll open up more. I’m a very sexual person,” I said.

“I am as well, despite what you might think.”

“It’s good to know there’s life after twenty,” I joked.

“Lots of life after twenty… You’re just getting started on a wonderful journey. You and Corey will
enjoy a great life together. It impresses me so much to see two young men so in love and there for
each other. Being together for two years is a great accomplishment for a twenty year old with all the
various temptations the world has to offer.”

“Thank you, sir. I’m gonna run and make sure he’s okay. If I don’t show up Friday, you’ll know why.”

“I will, and I hope you don’t get his bug.”

Corey was asleep in our bed when I arrived. I logged on and did my stuff for my internet class. So
far, it had been a joy taking the class at my leisure. It was different than the tradition classroom
with no lectures. The only thing was it had deterred a little from my fitness schedule on these days. 

Once finished, Corey was awake. I suggested he might go to the Campus Wellness Center to be checked
out. I called to see if it was possible for a doctor to see him. Once I told them his symptoms, they
insisted that Corey stay put and prescribed some medication for him, with extras for the rest of us.
Rather than him exposing others, they put the prescription in my name so I could pick it up at a
local pharmacy.

I returned and applied the medicine to his wrist. It was odd but it was what was prescribed to him.
There was a temptation to apply it to my wrist as well. I sat with my arm around his weak body. Colt
came in after his day with the team.

“Bad news today, Myles twisted his ankle late in practice,” Colt said before taking a seat.

“That sucks still,” Corey said.

“Dude, you should be in bed. You look awful,” Colt said.

“I’m tired of being in bed and wanted to sit for a while,” Corey said.

“So does it mean Myles won’t play?” I asked.

“There’s a chance he won’t. He was pretty upset by it,” Colt said. “Well, I’m not hanging around here
tonight for sure. I know I was exposed, but maybe by leaving…”

“Good idea,” I said. 

“Y’all go on and do something,” Corey said.

“Colt, we could run to the Rec Center since I didn’t make it today,” I said.

“Great idea,” Colt said. “I didn’t do much either.”

After Colt and I dressed and ate something, we left Corey alone, but I made for sure I had my phone
on me in case he needed me. It was odd entering the Rec Center after six. Tabor was at the front desk
and asked how Corey was, along with saying Chase and another guy were there as well. He also told us
to tell Corey another worker was sick as well.

We went back and tossed our things in a locker before searching out Kris. He was helping out in the
free weight room so we decided to do that. It was easy to see he loved his job and was always eager
to help those in need, including giving pointers along the way. He did chat with us but almost
avoided us in a way so it wouldn’t look like he was socializing. 

We left and went to the basketball courts, since Colt thought Chase might be there. Sure enough he
was there playing with some other guys. Sweat was running down his shirtless body and he was looking
good. He spotted Colt and waved us over.  

“We need one more,” Chase said.

“Good. I was hoping you weren’t asking me,” I said.

Colt laughed and patted me on the shoulder. He threw off his shirt. 

“Dude, your brother is f’ing huge,” one guy said that needed to be in the weight room.

“Yeah, he is. He’s trying to be like Kris,” Chase said.

“Two years of work,” Colt said and took a shot. 

“Maybe in two years you’ll learn to ball,” Chase laughed with the ball hitting the rim and bouncing
far away.

When they started playing I decided to walk around the Rec Center a little. I watched a two try the
wall but fell short of reaching the top. I ventured around and saw an exercise with students doing
all sorts of moves to music. I returned just as they were finishing their games. 

We walked away from the courts with Chase and another guy. We entered the locker and went to our

“Colt, we’ll see ya,” Chase said.

“Aren’t you showering first?” Colt asked.

“No, I can shower at the dorm,” Chase replied. “Why would I wanna do it here?”

Colt shook his head, “I guess, but it is nasty getting back in your truck all sweaty.”

“Chase, we do reek, dude,” the guy said. 

“Levi, I… I guess we could,” Chase said.

Colt and I undressed and grabbed a towel to enter the open shower. There were two guys already using
them so we picked the opposite side. Chase and Levi came walking in with their towels and looked
nervous. It did remind me of when I was a freshman and was about to bare my goods to total strangers.
Chase dropped his towel and shouldn’t ever be ashamed to show off. Levi, who wasn’t as defined as
Chase but had a flat tummy, tossed his towel aside. He was about 6 foot tall with short brown hair.
His cock was small while Chase was hung. While showering, they looked straight ahead at the tiled

Colt reached over and slapped Chase on the ass. “Loosen up a little there. We’re all guys here.”

“It’s just fucking weird,” Chase stated.

“I know you showered in football…”

“I knew those guys though. I’m not a nudist like you,” Chase said.

“And you are younger,” I said. “It takes some time to get used to this.”

We finished and grabbed our towels.  We dried our hair a little with two more guys coming in and
dropping their towels.   

“Colt, is it cool if me and a few guys come to watch the game Saturday night with y’all?” Chase

“We’ll see how it goes between now and then,” Colt replied while drying off.  Neither Colt nor I care
who saw us nude.   The locker room was pretty cool with a variety of guys coming and going.

“Alright,” Chase said. “Levi, we’ll just be stuck in the dorm. I wanted you to meet all my brother’s
cool friends.”

“Chase, it’ll be cool if we chill at the dorm. Jess said we could all watch it together,” Levi said.

“I know, but I don’t watch the games with those dudes,” Chase said.

“Chase, you can come over, but…” I said.

“Since Corey is sick we may all have it by then,” Colt said finishing off.

“Yeah, I heard it’s going around,” Levi said.

While we were talking and about to dress, another guy walked in and opened the locker next to me.  It
was obvious I was being checked out but didn’t mind him just looking.  He pulled his shirt over his
reddish blond hair before exposing his nice average shaven cock.  We smiled at each other before he
proceeded off to shower. I finished putting on my clothes.

“He was checking your ass out,” Colt said quietly to me.

“That’s fine,” I said. “I checked him out as well.”

We finished dressing, grabbed our bags and headed out of the locker room.  We waved to Kris before
exiting the Rec Center. Colt stood around talking to Chase before we drove away. 

Corey was in bed, asleep, when we got back to our place. Colt and I downed some protein mix and water
after a good workout. 

“Colt, don’t you remember when you were a freshman?” I asked while we stood in the kitchen.

“I do. Why?”

“It wasn’t the easiest thing to shower with the guys, or it wasn’t for me.”

“I figured it was the highlight of your workout,” Colt laughed.

I chuckled, “It was, but it was uncomfortable. I did what was needed and got out of there. Chill just
a little with Chase. He may not enjoy showing off his body for all to see like we do.”

“I forget sometimes, since all of us just jump in there and act like it’s normal. Hell it is normal
for us. We’ve been to a damn nude beach more than once,” Colt laughed.

“We’re just so accustomed to it that showing our stuff isn’t a big deal.”

We didn’t talk much more and went to do our homework. While I was at the table, Kris came in from the
Rec Center. He grabbed a drink and headed off to do his studying. It was nice to see that I didn’t
have to ever say much. The three knew the effort it took to make it in class.

An hour or so later, Kris came out of his room in his shorts and headed to the kitchen. “That was
weird,” he said to himself, I think.

“What was weird?” I asked from my computer.

“Megan just broke up with me by sending me a text message. It was the easy way out by saying we
should start seeing other people. The thing is I’m cool as hell with it. I just sent one back saying
okay and wished her good luck.”

“I don’t find that so weird.”

“Bro, I’m not pissed,” Kris laughed before downing a beer in one long drink. He belched and grabbed
another one. 

“A few more like that and you won’t remember she broke up with you.”

He downed the next one as well. “You know, bro, I think that’s the first time ever I’m the one that
got dumped. I usually dump ‘em.”

“Welcome to the club,” I said.

He grabbed another beer and walked to tell Colt. Colt came out of his room naked. “Seriously? And
you’re cool with it?”

“Have you heard me yell and cuss like a sailor?” Kris asked.

“One reason is you said that you were ready to end with her,” I commented and got up from the table.

“I guess I was more ready than I realized. I thought things were going pretty good for us recently.
Oh well,” Kris said and threw up his arms.

“This is weird as hell if you ask me. Kris is taking it like a man. I don’t guess she meant that much
to you after all.”

“She did, but what can I do? I see it as an opportunity…”

“Oh great,” I said. “We better install a revolving door.”

Colt laughed, “Here’s your chance to see if you’re bi.”

“Bro, I’m so fucking bi. Now, it doesn’t matter if it’s a girl or guy I fuck. Both are great to me,”
Kris stated. “Feels good… shit, can y’all see me dating a guy?”

“More than I can see myself dating a guy. I thought I could and even fucked this dude…” Colt said. 

Kris whipped his head around, “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“I guess you call it an affair or some shit,” Colt said. “Remember last week how moody I was?”

“Yeah… Matt, did you know about this?” Kris turned and asked me.

“I told him early last Saturday. I felt terrible and needed to tell someone,” Colt said.

“Bro, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I wasn’t sure how you’d react since we’ve fucked around,” Colt said and was really calm about it.

“I see who your best friend is around here now,” Kris said. “See if I let you fuck me again. You’ll
have to fight Corey’s ass to get with Matt.”

“Colt, you’ll have to rely on Andrea then,” I said.

“I’m joking. So was he hot?” Kris asked.

“I thought he was…” Colt said and continued to tell Kris what he had told me.

“You little fucking horny bastard,” Kris laughed. “Getting some ass and keeping it from us.”

“It’s something I’m not proud of. I don’t see how my dad could live with himself when he had his
affair. Hell, he could still be seeing that woman for all I know,” Colt stated.

“So, Matt, do you see me dating a guy?” Kris asked.

I had been thinking about it. “You know, I could see you giving it a try…”

“I might do it, but I want to date someone who I really don’t know. That way it’ll seem like a real
date rather than two friends going out,” Kris said. “Colt, are you cool with that?”

“I am. I see us friends with benefits or fuck buddies. We’re too close to date,” Colt replied.

“Whew, I feel so fucking good right now. I’m a free man,” Kris said.

“The world better watch out. Kris Stanton is back on the loose,” I said.

“You’re damn right there,” Kris said and headed for another one. “No man or woman will be safe.”

“He’s taking it like it’s no big deal,” Colt said to me quietly.

“I think he was ready for it,” I said.

“I was. We were at the end,” Kris said.

“Bro, I hate to bring up bad news but… if you date a guy it ends it for you two. If you find a girl,
it better be another Megan or Andrea. You know those aren’t just walking around,” I said.

“Fuck!” Kris yelled.

“I’m down with it if Kris finds a guy or girl that doesn’t like us fucking around. I’ll miss it but I
can live,” Colt said.

“You can just fuck around again and keep it from us,” Kris said.

“Not hardly,” Colt said. 

It wasn’t long before we ended our night. I said I was sleeping on the pullout sofa. Both Kris and
Colt offered to let me sleep with them but I said I could make it one night. 

I woke with my alarm and went to get dressed in my room the next morning. After I showered and came
back out, Corey was getting up.

“Man, I feel good now. That medicine is the real deal,” Corey said.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. I just hope I didn’t miss much. I’m sure I didn’t…”

“Wrong! Megan broke up Kris via text message last night,” I said, reaching for some underwear. I
found a blue thong and put it on.

“Fucking hot! I love seeing your great ass in that, but you have to be joking about Kris.”

“I’m not…”

“I didn’t hear screaming, cussing or glass breaking,” Corey laughed.

“We saw a new Kris. I think he was waiting for this,” I said sliding on some jeans. 

Corey moved over and wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. “Thank you so much for taking care
of me. I felt so loved.”

I turned and kissed, “I love you and saw you were in need.”

“What would I do without you?”

“You’d make it,” I said. “Now let go of me so I can finish getting dressed.”

“Mood breaker,” he laughed.

I left for class and made it on time to my first one. After another boring class, thanks to a very
monotone professor, I returned to our place. I threw our sheets in the laundry and grabbed the ones
from the sofa bed as well. Ours needed washing after Corey had been sick.

After my next class, I came back and found Kris alone. He was sitting on the couch. I walked up to
him and grabbed his knee. “Is everything okay?”

“It is. I’ll miss Megan but I’ll make it. There’s a big world out there just waiting for me. Bro, you
were right, I was the one who wanted to break up, but it still hurts just a little,” Kris said.

“It’s only human nature. I don’t envy you now. Once word spreads you’re a free man your phone will
blow up,” I said to encourage him.

Kris smiled, “Thanks. I don’t wanna rush into another relationship right off the bat. I see the
benefits of one and see it with you and Corey. I envy you so much for sticking with him.”

“Now I don’t know any different, but I like knowing I have someone…”

“You always have, whereas I bounce around. I’m young still so I don’t have a thing to worry about,”
Kris said with Corey coming through the door. “Bro, how’d you make it?”

“Just fine. I feel a little weak, but I feel fine otherwise,” Corey replied. “Sorry to hear about you
and Megan. If there’s anyone I know around here that will rebound like a champ it will be you. Now
you don’t have to feel bad whenever a girl hits on you at the Rec Center.”

“Or guy,” Kris said.

“Yeah, a guy I guess,” Corey said.

Colt came in the door and saw Corey was doing okay. He said he needed to run to the Athletic Center
for a minute. Kris jumped up and was eager to go with him.

Corey leaned over and started kissing me. “Matt, do me a favor. I want a little hot strip tease from
my boyfriend. Seeing you in that thong turned my ass on so much.”

I jumped and wanted to strip for him. I seductively began unbuttoning my shirt. Once unbuttoned, my
shirt flew open to show him my body. Then it slid slowly off my shoulders. I flung it in his face and
pushed down my jeans to where they were barely hanging on my ass. I turned around and started dancing
for him and shaking my ass. He reached over and slid down my jeans. I pushed his hand away and
unbuttoned the top button. I pushed them down further to where the front of my thong was exposed.
Reaching down, I groped my cock and started playing with it.

“OOO so fucking hot,” Corey said, reaching into his shorts.

My jeans hit the floor and were tossed aside. Now only in my thong, my hips began moving around. It
was fun doing this private show for him. Corey lifted up and took off his shorts to show he wasn’t
wearing underwear. I turned around and bent over to show my ass with the thin strip of material
between my crack. My ass started shaking and moving.

“Fuck yeah,” Corey said.

I turned around and pulled my cock from the pouch. I danced a little before slowly removing the
thong. My cock was half erect while I danced more for him. Without saying a thing, my knees hit the
floor to start sucking his thick hard cock.

“OOO baby, suck that dick,” Corey moaned.

My mouth and tongue were working the head while a hand moved up his body. Now my cock was hard while
I was sucking on Corey’s cock. He ran his fingers through my hair.

Our doorbell started ringing. “Fuck,” I said and pulled off his cock.

“What some timing,” Corey said.

The doorbell rang again. Corey was able to put back on his shorts while I scampered off with my
clothes to our bedroom.  He went to the door.

I came back out dressed and composed to see Reese, Tabor and two other guys who looked familiar. 

“Hey how’s it going?” I asked.

“Great. We were out and wanted to stop by,” Tabor said. “You remember Paul and Quinn, don’t ya?”

“I do. I didn’t know they were going here,” I replied and moved to sit next to Corey.

“We’re here. Chase and Tabor nearly forgot about us,” Quinn stated. They were cousins who had visited
us last year. They still looked like twins to me but now Quinn had his brown hair cut very short.

“We didn’t forget about ya,” Tabor said. “Your ass isn’t around. Reese and I were chilling in my room
when they came over to visit. We started talking about y’all and decided to come see ya. Also, I had
to come check up on my boss.”

“I’ll be there tomorrow,” Corey said.

“Where’s Colt and Kris? Are they working?” Reese asked.

“Nah, Colt had to run and do something,” I replied.

“Y’all got a really nice place here,” Paul said.

“Thanks,” Corey said.

“Ummmm… it would be a great place to watch the game tomorrow night,” Tabor hinted.

I laughed, “I see the reason now. Chase put you up to this.”

“No, dude, he said something like we might. We were fucking bored,” Tabor said.

“It’s cool with me but it’ll be standing room only. We may have to see about moving it to our
clubhouse or something,” Corey said. “I have feeling everyone will wanna be watching the game.”

“Teddy said they were flying out tomorrow morning,” Reese said.

“I can’t believe you’re Ted’s nephew,” Paul stated. “How damn awesome is that?”

“It’s pretty awesome,” Reese said.


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