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I woke up on the last full day of our cruise and was still in a daze from the night before. Colt
and I went back to our roots you might say. Over the past few nights these two girls, Grace and
Avery, had really been flirting hard with the two of us. We were tipsy enough to agree to their
desire for sex and went to their room. They were all over us as soon as the door was closed, with
Avery being Colt’s girl. They both sloppily sucked our dick and then we returned the favor by going
down on them for a few minutes. In the end, we fucked them and really enjoyed doing so, taking our
time to relish in the moment.  

I rolled over and when my eyes focused properly I saw that Matt was awake and was lost in deep
thoughts. I rolled out of bed and gestured for him to follow me out onto the balcony. It was
another nice sunny day with barely a cloud in the sky. Matt came out and sat next to me.

“How was your night?” I asked.

“It was okay,” he replied. “Yours?”

“Pretty damn good,” I said with a big smile.

“Good in what way?”

Matt always knew how to get stuff out of me, good or bad. Even though I’m dating Colt, Matt can
still read me like no one else could, or ever has, including Nathan. “Let’s just say Colt and I are

“I knew that…”

“We know it too, bro.”

“Kris, are you trying to tell me you hooked up with those girls?”

“Fuck yeah, I am. It felt so damn good,” I said. “It’s something you wouldn’t understand.”

“I do. I was beginning to wonder if you still had that desire…”

“Join the crowd. I think Colt knew he still had it, but I was beginning to think I’d changed teams
completely. Now don’t get all pissy on me for doing that shit, okay?”

“Bro, I wasn’t gonna. I can see you felt good about it so I feel good for you. I do sorta
understand the desire to be with a girl for you, though I’ve never had that desire. I’m happy… no
very happy being gay and am totally into guys, whereas you’re happy with both.”

I smiled at him, “I don’t ever see you being with a girl, but at one point I did, just so you could
have that experience. You know exactly who you are and have never changed that part of you for

“Thanks. Also thanks for being my friend for so long. I lose that sense of appreciation until I’m
around other gay guys who didn’t have someone as special as you. We know how it began, but you
still could have just blown me off and never said another word to me. You’ve always had my back.
You led the way like always when we came to college, and others have followed your example.”

“Damn bro, you’re making my blush over here. Looking back, I guess I was taking up for Nathan… no…
I had a friend who needed a friend at the time. Matt, I have never seen you as a gay guy, just as a
guy, like all our friends do.”

“That’s all because you wouldn’t let them see me any other way,” Matt said.

“Take some credit. I gave you a push but you’ve taken it from there and proved your sexuality
doesn’t define you. So what did y’all do last night?”

“Ummm… we sorta messed around with Bailey and Jeff,” he said.

“You damn horny dog, you!”

Matt then told me about how he and Corey blew Bailey and Jeff and how it was starting to go further
but Bailey wouldn’t let Jeff get fucked by Matt’s big dick so they just settled for oral. Here I
thought it would be Matt doing such a thing to Corey and giving him all the dick his ass could
take. Matt admitted that they had wanted to try something a little different and Jeff and Bailey
offered up that opportunity, but that stopped when Bailey clearly had issues with his boyfriend
fucking someone else. We kind of laughed at that because it had become almost normal for us to
switch and share every once in a while so long as it was just sex, or to invite extra people in for
some added fun, but we knew most didn’t see things like that and had to be completely monogamous,
which you have to respect. It made me kind of glad for the relationship Colt and I have since we’re
comfortable enough to let other people into our sex lives without ever worrying about it causing
trouble because we know we’ll always come back to each other.

“Kris, Corey told me last night he was going home after we get off here.”

“Really? Good for him, I guess. How do you feel about it?” I asked.

“I think he should. He says he needs to prove to himself he can withstand the temptation around the
other guys and be a big boy. If not, he’s not much of a person, his words” Matt replied.

“He’ll do just fine. He saw he fucked up one time and knows he disappointed himself more than
anyone. Honestly, all of us could use a few days apart to recharge our batteries, so to speak…”

“I agree there. That means you don’t even think about coming over…”

I laughed, “I might. I meant we need to be apart from our boys for just a few days. It’ll make
getting back together that much hotter.”

“It always does,” Matt said. 

We headed inside to start our day. Colt and Corey were lying on their sides in deep conversation. 

“We just knew y’all had gone to eat,” Colt said.

“We were out shooting the shit, just like you,” I said. “Eating does sound good right now though.”

While we were getting washed and changed it really made me thankful for our larger bathrooms at our
place. It was a struggle to get us all ready, but being guys we made it pretty quickly.

Once out the door, I knew Matt and Corey were rehashing mine and Colt’s night. There was nothing we
could do about it now and really didn’t regret it, even after sleeping on it. 

We ate and enjoyed all the fine food they offered. It would be one thing I would miss when we left,
along with so many more things about cruising. We grabbed a seat and were pretty much away from the

“Where are we going next spring break?” I asked them.

“I love this, so maybe another cruise but longer…” Colt said.

“With better ports,” Corey added.

“That last one wasn’t bad, but the first one… ugghh!” Matt said.

“Bros, I wish there was a naked cruise. How fun would that shit be?” I stated while eating some
great pineapple.

“It would be,” Matt said. “Can you just imagine if this was?”

We laughed and shook our heads no. 

“We have a year to think of something,” Corey said. “It’ll be great wherever we go and always has

“Damn, next year is the last one for us as a group. Hell, next year there’s no way Ted can come,” I

We talked about how he and Myles really seemed to be enjoying every minute of this cruise. As a
matter of fact, we all were, including Sergio who seemed to over his parent’s horrible reaction to
him dating Dillon.

We went out to look around for seats until spotting Scott, Jordy, Dillon and Sergio already soaking
in the sun with plenty of spots around them. I so envied Scott, Jordy and Sergio’s ability to tan
and it was showing big time now with all three getting very dark. 

Heading out I forgot to mention who we saw again. “Bro, I ran into Jimmy and Kell again last
night,” I said to Matt.

“I’m surprised we haven’t seen them more,” Matt said.

“It is a big ship and there’s so much to do. I guess we haven’t been in the same places they have,”
I stated before we entered the room to change. 

We returned to our spots and without a doubt I was taking off my shorts and showing my bikini.
Actually I had grown to like the feel of it and loved how it looked on me, really emphasizing the
body I had worked so hard to get. Slowly everyone found us, with Shawn and Aaron looking rough.  

Ted sat next to me, “How did it go last night?”

I gave him a thumbs up. “Really good.”

“Of all people…” Ted said. “I guess if I’d have been trying I’d have got some too. I think Bruce
was begging for it.”

“Did he get some?” I asked.

“Let me put it this way, they left together,” Ted said.

“This is fag row right here!” a guy walking in front of us said. The problem was he was easily 260,
if not more with a big gut.

“What did you just say?” I asked.

“You heard me,” the guy replied. “Makes me damn sick!”

I was about to get in his face before Ted stood up. “Listen buddy, just move along.”

“I see the fags have their body guard with them,” he mouthed. 

“Yeah, a fucking ton of us, bitch!” Myles said, standing up.

“Buddy, when you lose that gut, come back and see us. Until then, I’d keep my mouth shut!” Ted

“Honey, let’s go,” a girl said pulling on his arm.

“They aren’t fucking worth it!” the guy said, flipping us off and walking away.

I was steaming mad but was so thankful Ted stood up. “Bro, I owe you one or two for that. My ass
would have been all over him.”

“It pisses me off. Just keep your damn mouth shut if you don’t like what you see!” Ted said.

“Pissed me off too,” Myles said.

“No doubt,” Corey said. 

“Dude was about to get an ass whooping he wouldn’t forget,” Colt said.

“If I had a speedo I’d wear it for sure now,” Ted stated. 

“Bro, you shouldn’t have said that,” I said. “I have another one packed that should fit you.”

“There you go, big boy,” Myles said.

“Let’s go,” Ted said, standing up.  The look on Myles’s and Colt’s face was so priceless that I had
to get him into it.

I stood and knew this would be worth seeing Ted’s ass in a bikini. He did want to prove a point. 

“You don’t have to do this. You’ve said enough,” I said.

Ted smiled, “I know I have, but I can enter the swimsuit competition now.”

“I guess I missed that one.”

“It was in our paper we get every day. I know this is it for me with y’all on spring break so I’m
making the most of it,” he laughed. “I’m proving you can wear one and not be gay.”

“Alright then.”

I really enjoyed chatting with him as we headed down to my room to change. He was doing all there
was, as were most of us, since we didn’t know if this chance would ever come again. I sensed he was
beginning to realize things were about to change for him in the very near future. 

I entered the room and went through my bag until finding the older speedo Matt had bought last
summer. I brought it just in case I didn’t like the new one. Ted didn’t even think twice and
stripped down in front of me. When he was naked I took a moment to admire his hot body. He had a
nice cock that I had seen a few times before. It was about my size, but it looked like to would be
pretty thick when it was hard.

He pulled up the speedo and looked in the mirror before starting to laugh. “Damn!”

“Is that a good damn or bad damn?”

“Both. This thing does confine you,” he said pulling at the front. “Not much breathing room there
for the boys.”

“Nope. It takes a little to adjust to that,” I commented. “You’re just lucky it’s me down here with
you or you might be getting an offer for someone to help rearrange you into a more comfortable

Ted laughed and adjusted himself again. He turned around and looked back over his shoulder, trying
to see his ass in the mirror. “What do you think?”

“You look damn good, bro,” I said, meaning every word. He really did have an amazing body that was
showcased so well in the speedo. He was a mountain of a man, standing well over six feet tall, with
wide shoulders and a broad chest. There was barely an ounce of fat on his body, and even though his
muscles weren’t defined and toned like mine they seemed more natural but were still just as big, if
not bigger. His biceps were huge and every muscle in his body tensed as he moved. His skin was a
nice light brown color, benefiting from the sun without burning like his neck nearly had the first
day. He was covered in a fine coating of hair that seemed darker and thicker around his nipples, in
the crease between his pecs and on the trail running down into those speedos where his cock was
trapped behind the tight fabric creating a pretty impressive looking bulge. When he turned around I
had to hold in a gasp seeing his big bubble butt framed so perfectly in the speedo with the
material rising just high enough to leave the lower curves of his ass cheeks visible. I think any
of us on the trip who had been with guys before would have gladly spent a night with Ted. He was
the definition of a hunk.

Ted laughed again and said, “I’ve got to admit that I do feel pretty sexy in them, not that I’d
ever let the team see me in them.”

Ted put his shorts on over the bikini and we left to head back. When we returned all eyes were
focused on Ted. He dropped his shorts and gave them the big reveal. 

“No pictures for public consumption,” Ted laughed.

“Have we ever?” Matt asked. “We respect you, Ted.”

“Good, no rude ass comments either,” Ted said glaring at the others.

“Okay, I’ll keep my mouth shut,” Ethan laughed.

“I was talking about you specifically,” Ted stated. 

“Damn, I want a picture to post in the locker room for sure,” Myles said.

“You do and there’ll be less one guy on defense,” Ted said. “If there is one I’m coming after your
ass cause I’ll know where it came from.”

I sat in the lounge chair soaking up the sun with Colt at my side. He smiled at me before gently
touching my arm. It was so kick ass to watch all the people parade by. Behind my shades, I could
see the slight head turn or head shake. Ted was right about keeping your mouth shut on things you
didn’t like. There would be pictures of Ted in my spare bikini, especially one for Luke. 

When the attendant came around with the special drink of the day, I was ready, plus they had cool
souvenir glasses. Matt and I bought one of the fruity drinks despite it being only about noon. Time
on the ship really seemed to escape me. I took a drink and enjoyed it before passing it to Colt to

An hour or so later we headed to the nearby buffet for lunch in our shorts, tees and flip flops. I
really was gonna miss the great food so much when were left. Colt and I shared a table with Ted and
Myles, with Matt and Corey sharing one with Jeff and Bailey. 

“Ted, do you regret not turning pro?” I asked.

“Are you kidding me? I was thinking about that earlier. Yeah, the money would be great, but it
should still be there next year…” he replied.

“Unless you get hurt,” Colt added.

“I know, but still dude, there’s more to life than football. No matter what happens in my life,
whether I become some big star or never make it, I’ll have memories of all the great times I’ve had
with y’all. I hear other big time guys just live, breathe and eat the sport. There’s so much more
than that, like this trip,” Ted continued.

“Every day someone asks him if he regrets his decision,” Myles said. “Y’all see how he doesn’t, but
some people don’t get it like Ted does. His attitude will make him one hell of a player.”

“It sure will. I can’t wait to see you on TV,” Colt said.

“Okay, enough about that,” Ted said. “Are we going to enter the swimsuit competition or not this

“It’s a given you are,” I replied. “I think Scott and Jordy want to.”

“I may not stand a chance then,” Ted laughed. 

We finished up, stopped so Colt could buy some brews at the bar and returned to our spot. We took
our seats and took off our shorts to sun a little more before the swimsuit deal. Soon they
announced for those interested in competing to come forward. Ted, Scott and Jordy jumped up and
headed down.

Matt leaned over, “I hope Jordy does well in this like he did in the belly flop. I think he wants
more love after Shawn got it all yesterday.”

“He’ll do fine,” Colt said. 

I grabbed one of Colt’s beers and took a drink. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the three

“Did you chicken out?” Bruce asked.

Ted laughed, “Sort of. It was going to be us three and a bunch of fat guys along with some really
hot babes. For the guys it was going to be more for fun.”

I laughed. “Bro, still you should have done it.”

“This just wasn’t the place for it,” Scott said. “Wait. You’ll see…”

We waited and stood to move to check it out. When they walked out we saw what they were taking
about. To be under 250 pounds you’d have been skinny next to these guys. However, the girls were
smoking hot. 

As we were watching I felt an arm go around my waist. “We’ve been looking all over for you,” Grace

“We told ya we’d be somewhere around here,” Colt said with Avery at his side. We had the others

“Kris, you look so damn hot,” Grace whispered to me.

“Thanks,” I said.

“Almost as hot as you did naked last night,” she said.

By the tone of her voice, it was evident last night wasn’t enough for her or Avery and they wanted
more. I turned and took her hand while gesturing with my head for Colt and Avery to follow me.
Grace was really hot, with a nice body poured into her bikini. She had long brown hair and the best
smile ever. Avery did have bigger boobs with shorter blonde hair.

They keep talking until I found a nice private spot. When we did Grace kissed me with such great
passion. “I hate that today is the last day. Maybe we can still see each other when this cruise is
over,” she said.

“We should try, Grace,” Avery said with Colt and I looking at each other.

“We could try,” Colt said.

“Bro, let’s get real here for a minute. For one, y’all live like a thousand miles away from us…” I

“I see where this is going, mister. You got what you wanted from us and now it’s the see ya later
deal,” Grace stated.

“Yeah, I see it too,” Avery said.

“I knew you guys were after just one thing,” Grace said.

“Excuse me, but we didn’t suggest we go back to your room last night,” I said.

“Don’t give me that bullshit, Kris!” Grace said. “You know you wanted to.”

“Hell yeah I did, but never once did I suggest we hookup. You two said you wanted us and didn’t
care if we did it next to each other,” I said.

“Let’s just go, Grace. I don’t wanna hear any more of their lame ass excuses. You were right when
you said we picked the wrong two,” Avery said. “Besides, they look so fucking queer in those
swimsuits. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were fags.”

“Fuck you, bitch!” Colt said. “You whispered in my ear last night how much you wanted my dick.”

“You’re a liar Colt! I did not!” Avery screamed. “Let’s go now!”

They stood and started walking away in a huff. “By the way, we are dating. Have a nice fucking
life!” I said and put my arm around Colt.

“Faggots!” Grace yelled.

Colt and I walked away laughing. “Were you going to tell them about us?” Colt asked.

“No. I was going to take the easy approach and rationalize with them. I was going to try and be as
nice about it as I could and say we wanted to spend the rest of our time with our friends since it
was our last day on here.”

“We did get some pussy though,” Colt smiled.

“We sure did, and not bad pussy either,” I said.

We returned just as the girls were down to the final three. 

“Hey, what happened?” Shawn asked me.

“We said goodbye to them,” I replied.

“He’s being nice. They got pissed off thinking they were used…” Colt added.

“That’s bullshit right there,” Aaron said. “They were all over you two last night.”

We leaned over the rail and watched from above until the end of the contest. We returned to our
chairs but didn’t last very long. Together we all left and knew a nice long nap was needed for most
of us.

The four of us entered our room. Colt pulled out the sofa bed so we could lay on it. We stripped
down and got on the beds.

“Kris, what did you say to those girls?” Matt asked, laying there with Corey and showing what a
nice tan he had going.

Colt and I told them everything that happened and how short and sweet it was. 

“That was it?” Corey asked. 

“It was. We were being a little cold to them,” Colt replied.

“Bros, it just goes to show you girls are evil things,” I said and laughed. “Guys wouldn’t have
shit to do with them except for that one thing that attracts every one… well most of us.”

“Again, you proved to each other you’re bi?” Matt asked smartly.

“Actually that didn’t enter my head…” Colt replied.

“Mine either. I was attracted to them and thought they were fun to be with… just thought that is.
Here I was gonna be nice about it,” I said.

“Matt, you’ll never understand the attraction we have to girls.”

“I do, but I know you two far too well. I can see where you needed a little female time since it
was nothing but us guys,” Matt said. “I do see two guys who are in love over there, though.”

“We are,” Colt said. “It was nice being with a girl last night. But there was that little spark

“There was, but we were both so fucking horny that didn’t matter,” I laughed. “It was pure sex, and
good sex at that.”

“We haven’t lost it either,” Colt said.

“Well hell no. You practice with each other all the time,” Corey laughed. 

“I guess we do,” Colt laughed and reached down for my dick. “I still would rather have this hot

“You’re more than welcome to enjoy it all you want,” I said, turning my head.

“I love sucking my boyfriend’s dick!” Colt said while I turned over to let him at it.

“Fuck yeah! Me too!” Corey yelled.

Colt was between my spread legs and smiled up at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes focused on mine.
I pushed his head down a little to start sucking my dick and moaned as I felt the wet warmth of his
mouth wrap around the tip and then swallow half of my shaft. On cue on the bed next to us, Corey
dove down and took Matt’s big dick in his mouth, nearly taking it all in one go. My dick shot up
immediately to full mast between Colt’s hot mouth on it and seeing Corey go down on Matt.

“Oh, suck my fucking dick. Fucking take it all,” Matt yelled with his head tilted back. “OOOO Corey
that feels… sooooo fucking good!”

Now I was rock hard hearing Matt’s dirty talk and the slightly higher than normal pitch to his
voice that told me how good he was feeling. It had the same effect on Colt, with him attacking my
dick with great vigor and sucking me like never before. He was twisting his head back and forth and
really going after my dick.

“OOOO damn Colt,” I moaned and saw his eyes look up at me again while I ran my thumb over his

Colt stopped and moved up to kiss me. “Damn, I fucking love you so much.”

“OOO fuck Corey… OOOO yes!” Matt continued with Colt traveling down my body with his tongue until
reaching my throbbing dick. He licked the shaft and under the head while playing with my nuts.

I moaned softly and looked over to watch Matt’s dick disappearing in Corey’s mouth. Matt turned his
head my way, made eye contact and smiled, with his hands running through Corey’s growing blonde
hair. My hands rested on Colt’s rounded, muscular shoulders while he was back sucking my dick. My
head tilted back while enjoying the feeling of his mouth and tongue sliding up and down my rigid
shaft. His hands were roaming my torso while using his mouth and tongue to excite me to the

I hated when he pulled off, but I was ready to dive down and take his great dick in my mouth. We
kissed for a little while. It was so damn hot feeling our naked bodies rubbing together while my
hands were all over his back and ass. Colt broke the kiss and stood up to position himself at the
end of this sofa bed. I crawled down and saw his hard dick waiting, while Matt was now sucking
Corey’s thick piece of meat.

With his dick at eye level, my tongue began working it over. I made sure to take my time and relish
in licking his hot dick and balls, coating every inch in my saliva. I rose up just a little to take
his dick in my mouth. It felt so good sliding between my lips, feeling so soft and yet so hard at
the same time. Now I enjoyed… no I loved sucking a dick. My boyfriend’s dick had the best taste and
texture of any that had been between my lips. 

“OOO shit, Kris,” Colt moaned while I was taking about half of his seven hard inches. I closed my
eyes and just got lost in sucking and licking his dick, wanting to please him and taster him in the
worst way. His hands were running through my hair while my mouth was sliding on and off his rock
hard dick. 

I stopped and need a short break to let my jaw relax. To keep the mood going I wrapped my hand
around his cock and slowly jerked him as I moved up to look into his eyes again. We kissed briefly
before I went down to suck on his nipples, still stroking his dick. After his nipples, my tongue
traced the ridges of his defined abs before licking all around his dick again. I swirled my tongue
around the head before letting it go back inside my waiting mouth. 

“OOO fuck Matt! Oh damn, I’m cumming!” I heard Corey scream.

The excitement must have got Colt because his cock began pulsating like crazy with his hips moving
at warp speed so he was really fucking my mouth. “OOO Kris!” he moaned. My mouth clamped tight
around his dick and waited while every muscle in Colt’s great body tensed up and looked so hot.
There was no time to pull off and let his hot cum cover my face since wave after wave of hot cum
began flooding my mouth. Quickly my mouth was filled so I swallowed with his dick still pumping cum
onto my tongue. He stopped and pulled out, leaning over to kiss me while I shared a little cum with
him that was still on my tongue after swallowing a little more. 

Colt moved off and went straight for my dick. It didn’t take long until I was ready to blast my
load. “I’m cumming,” I warned. Colt pulled off and shut his eyes with the tip of my dick on his
cheek. My load busted out and flooded his cheek and nose, really coating his face. 

I pulled him up with my cum on his face and licked some off before we kissed. 

We lay together while Matt and Corey were making out like crazy. Matt was attacking Corey’s neck
and ears before he stopped. I could smell the scent of fresh man sex in our room.

“That was hot as fuck!” I said, holding Colt.

“It sure was,” Matt said.

“Bros, I swear I love all of you so fucking much!” I stated.

“Me too,” Corey said. “Tell me how many people can do that shit right there.”

“Very few,” Colt said. 

Matt got up and came over. “I love you two so much.” It was so hot with Colt and me kissing him.
Corey was right behind him giving us the same treatment. It was so great knowing how much the four
of us truly did love each other.

It wasn’t long before Colt was asleep in my arms. I cuddled up so close, as I was always did, and
fell asleep holding him.

I woke up to see Matt’s white ass sticking up in the air while he was bending over in the dresser.
It was such a beautiful sight to see and I knew how much joy it had given Corey. He pulled out some
clothes and put them in his suitcase. I untangled from Colt, hoping not to wake him.

“Bro, what are you doing?” I whispered, startling Matt slightly.

“Oh,” he replied. “I was packing. We have to have our suitcases out by the door tonight by

“I’ll wait and do it after we eat,” I said and headed to the bathroom.

When I returned, Corey and Colt were both awake now, with Matt on the phone. He hung up. “That was
our wake-up call so we could go eat.”

“Scott, huh?” Colt asked.

“It was,” Matt laughed. 

We scrambled around to get dressed for our final dinner here on the ship. I put on a nice shirt and
jeans that I hadn’t worn. We exited and headed down the elevators to meet up with everyone.   

It was a short wait before all of us, including Jeff and Bailey, were seated together. Looking
around, there didn’t seem to be as many people as previous nights. I opened the menu and looked it
over to decide what sounded good. I ventured out and decided to try the grilled swordfish with a

“Bailey and I would really enjoy buying a bottle of wine and sharing it with all you great guys
tonight,” Jeff said.

“Sounds fine with me,” Aaron said. 

“Dude, you’re gonna have to pick it out,” Ted laughed. “Do you really think we could?”

Bailey laughed, “I didn’t figure you could so we’ll choose a nice one for us. It’s our way of
saying thank you for letting us intrude upon y’all for this trip. We thank you for being so nice to

“No problem, bro. It was nice meeting you. You’re welcome to visit us anytime,” I said.

“We might just do that,” Jeff said.

We ordered our meals and started eating the great bread that they had for us each night.  

“Guys, are we doing this shit again next year?” Aaron asked after we finished ordering.

“We might,” Corey said. “We’ve talked about it already.”

“Y’all will be doing it without me,” Ted stated, sounding a bit sad.

“We know, superstar,” Cody said. “I know I could do this again.”

“Same here,” Shawn said.

“Next time, it should be for a week,” Bruce added.

Matt turned to Jeff and Bailey to inform them that Ted would be preparing for the draft this time
next year. He would be greatly missed but it would be worth it in the end. The waiter returned with
the bottle and began filling our glasses. I took a small sip of the white wine and looked to see
Ethan had finished his glass.

“What some class,” Shawn laughed.

“I was thirsty,” Ethan said.

“Dude, you don’t gulp it like a beer,” Ted said laughing.

“I know. There’s just a little left so I can have another glass,” Ethan said.

“You’ll have to excuse some of us,” Matt said to Jeff and Bailey, laughing.

“Hey, at least he enjoys it,” Bailey said.

Colt leaned over and whispered to me, “I’m glad he does. I’d rather have a beer instead.”

I nodded in agreement, but it was about trying different things. 

We finished up eating and watched the waiters put on a fun show of dancing and singing while
carrying small flags of their home countries. It was a sight to see with so many different
countries being shown. I was amazed these men and women would leave their families to do so.

We exited and stood by the elevators.

“Are we calling it a night or are we partying tonight?” Shawn asked.

“Hero, it don’t matter to me,” Dillon replied. 

“I’m partying and enjoying my final night here,” Bruce said. 

I looked at Matt. He shrugged his shoulders like he didn’t care one way or the other. First we
needed to get our shit together and then we could meet up, or those who wanted to meet could. 


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