Posted:  Mar 31, 2013

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As I was sitting in my chair looking across the pool with my friend surrounding me, I knew how lucky I
was to be here at this moment. It was a dream to come on a cruise and now I was really on one with all
my friends, and better yet a guy I had fallen in love with. Dad thought they were a big waste of money
and always opted for the cheap way out on vacations. We stayed in the cheapest motels and took food to
eat so we didn’t eat out much. I guess that’s one trait I had inherited from him, even though I did
spend money, just not foolishly. So far this cruise was shaping up to be worth every dime. It was
evident quickly that the extras, like drink, were where they got ya. 

“Mind if I taste that?” I asked Corey who was holding Matt’s drink.

“Here, it’s really good, but there’s not much alcohol in it,” Corey said, handing me the drink. It was
strawberry and was very good. I handed it back and continued to people watch. Our perch above the pool
was perfect for just that. There were some bold yet hot looking women in their bikinis that still
excited me. I saw a few teenagers, with one reminding me of Chase before he started working out. I knew
Chase was having a good time as well with Tabor, Deer, Levi and two other guys I didn’t know. He was at
the beach near where we had gone our freshman year. Once I think about it, he has followed right in
behind me but was doing better in his studies than I did my freshman year.

I looked around and was really surprised at the number of guys in speedos. It was a given that Scott and
Jordy would wear them, but Matt and Sergio kinda took me aback a little, especially Sergio. 

“Corey, if you’ll take off your shorts, I will,” I said quietly to Corey since we both had on our
skimpier suits underneath.

“I don’t know, Colt,” Corey said.

“Ah come on, dude. We can just lay out in them. Your shorts are rolled up almost like them,” I said
trying to persuade him.

“Ummm… okay, but I’m not walking around here in it,” Corey said.

“Me either,” I said and shucked my shorts to display my trunk suit they had bought me. Corey stood and
took off his shorts before sitting right back down. 

“Getting brave, huh?” Aaron asked me.

“Well, I wanted some sun on my legs,” I replied. 

“There are quite a few guys wearing them,” Aaron stated. “Man, I sure could go for a beer right about

“That does sound good,” I said. “You buy the first bucket and I’ll buy the second.”

“Your ass doesn’t want to get up and parade around?” Aaron laughed.

“Right on,” I said with Aaron getting up and heading to the bar.

“Would you look at that?” Matt said loudly and pointed below. 

My eyes looked around until spotting Kris, Ted, Myles, Bruce and Shawn in the pool. 

“I guess they were hot,” I commented and watched the guys become the center of attention. All the small
kids gathered around them. The next thing I know Kris had one big kid on his shoulders, with another one
on Ted’s. One thing I can say about Kris is that the biggest muscle in his body is his heart. He’s
always taken a shine to kids, especially the ones that weren’t the most popular. Ted was right there
with him, with the kids wanting their attention while the other three had left the pool. 

Aaron was right on the money and brought us a bucket of beer to share. I opened the bottle and sat
watching Kris and Ted playing with any and all the kids that wanted to play.

“Kris is something else,” Aaron said. “I’m really glad we met y’all. Bruce and I were talking on the way
down here about how damn lucky we were to meet you.”

“It’s a shame Grady couldn’t come along,” I said.

“Between us, he struggles like hell to make rent,” Aaron said.

“He can join the crowd. None of us are rolling in it,” I said and took a drink.

“My folks aren’t rolling, but they aren’t hurting. I’ve been lucky in that regard too,” Aaron said.

“What were y’all gonna do if you hadn’t come with us?”

“Fish a little and then sit on our asses,” Aaron laughed. “This is so much better, and way more fun.”

Shawn, Bruce and Myles returned from below. 

“Those kids were annoying as hell,” Shawn commented with a beer in his hand and showing his hairy chest.
My chest hair was beginning to sprout out a little as well. Now it seemed we were hitting the age when
more and more of us were sporting a little hair. 

“A little, but that Kris and Ted are amazing,” Bruce said.

I watched until Kris and Ted left the pool. Then Matt and Corey stood. I got a clear view of Matt’s
sizable bulge and knew we had picked out the perfect swimsuit for him. Corey put on his shorts and told
us to watch their stuff. We laughed and didn’t think it was going anywhere.

Kris and Ted came walking up just as Matt and Corey were headed off in the other direction. Ted was the
one with a full chest of hair covering his big muscular jock body. 

Kris sat down in Corey’s spot since Aaron was occupying his. 

“Did ya have fun?” I asked.

“Oh yeah bro, we did,” Kris replied. “Where’s Matt and Corey off to?”

“Matt wanted to walk around a little,” Scott replied.

“When are we eating?” Bruce asked.

“We could do it now if you want,” Myles said. “That’s what’s so great about this thing.”

“Ted, aren’t you glad they don’t charge by the plate?” Cody asked.

“Hell yeah! I’m getting my money’s worth in food on this sucker, and good food at that,” Ted replied.

Kris leaned over and whispered, “You look so fucking hot in that.”

“Thanks,” I smiled. “I’m not walking around in it.”

We stood and put on our shirts, along with our flip flops or shoes, since they were required in the
buffet, pulling my shorts back on too. Having something to eat did sound good since I hadn’t eaten since

We entered the crowded and noisy buffet. We had to stand in line for a moment to get our food. There was
just about anything you could want and Ted got it. His training regime did require that he stayed
fuelled up and he was following that to a tee.  

We finished eating and returned with Matt and Corey sitting and enjoying the sun. 

“Did y’all eat?” Kris asked them.

“We did. We had a burger on the other side where it wasn’t so crowded,” Corey replied.

“There’s just so much on here I haven’t seen or done,” Kris said.

“Eventually we’ll find it all,” I said and patted his bare shoulder.

We lay back and enjoyed the sun with a slight breeze blowing that made it really nice.  

“Kris, are you going to enter the belly flop contest?” Matt leaned up and asked.

“You bet I am. I’m here to take it all in,” Kris replied. “Hey Ted, do ya wanna join me?”

“I guess I could do that. I don’t think there’s a risk of injury,” Ted replied.

“Even if you do get hurt, there’s plenty of time to recover,” I said. “Besides what’s the worst you
could get hurt?”

Kris sat down and then rose up to remove his shorts to reveal his hot bikini that looked so great on
him. I removed my shorts and was getting more comfortable in my suit. I was glad it wasn’t a bikini but
was still sexy to me. We were soaking up the sun while Matt was taking as many pictures as he could of

I guessed I dozed off for a minute until hearing about the belly flop contest. Kris stood quickly and
went to pull Ted from his chair. 

“Jordy wants to do it too,” Scott said.

Kris motioned with his arm, “Tell him to get his ass in motion.”

“Kris, are you really gonna wear that down there?” Bruce asked.

Kris looked down and laughed, “You know, what the hell? I look sick in it though.”

“That and another word I won’t say,” Ethan said. 

Kris pushed down Ethan. “You’re jealous cause I look good.”

Jordy joined them in his speedo to walk down and sign up. It took a few minutes so I decided to return
the favor for Aaron. I was already a few steps from my chair before I realized what I was wearing. I did
return to get my ship card but headed down for a bucket of beer for us to enjoy.

I returned and put the bucket between Aaron and me. Soon I looked down and saw the contestants lined up
and ready for the contest. The announcer went down the row to announce the participants. There was one
other skinny boy besides Jordy, whereas the rest were big guys.

After one average flop, Jordy steeped up. He jumped off and threw his arms in the air. We groaned
hearing the loud splatter with his skin hitting the water. It was great seeing the water going

“Damn, he’s good,” Aaron said. “Proves you don’t need a big belly to do that.”

“He was great, but you know that hurt like hell,” Corey said.

Jordy emerged. His smile was from ear to ear while the others give him a high five. Ted was next to
attempt it. He jumped off and damn near drained the pool with great technique. Kris was on the edge
going crazy with Jordy. Our group was on their feet and cheering like crazy, just as we had done for

Kris was next and had two tough acts to follow. He jumped in and lacked the volume of splashing water as
either Jordy or Ted. We cheered Kris but knew his flop was sorely lacking. Kris came out and threw up
his arms our way while we pointed and laughed.

After six more jumps, it was down to the final three. Kris didn’t make the top three but Jordy and Ted
did. Ted was first and repeated his splash. Again it was great and had everyone cheering like crazy. The
other finalist went and jumped in the water. There was some oohs and aahs seeing the guy face plant in
the water. It did give us something to laugh about. Jordy was last and changed things up a little. He
jumped in with his hands in front of him. Again his flat stomach hit the water and made a loud noise. I
cringed hearing it and knew it would hurt. 

It was down to the vote of the crowd. I hate to say it but I was really pulling for Jordy over Ted.
Jordy got a lot of noise, with Kris urging on the crowd. The next one got a little cheer. Ted got the
biggest cheer. He looked almost embarrassed with the response. Ted was declared the winner and given the
big prize of a gift card to the shops and a hat. Jordy was second and got a hat and lanyard.

We waited until seeing the three come walking back with a beer in their hand, including Jordy.  

“Y’all missed it!” Kris yelled.

“We saw it,” Shawn said. “You were the worst.”

“I know I was, but damn it was so much fun!” Kris said.

“Ted, how much did you win?” Cody asked.

“I don’t know. Ask Jordy,” Ted replied.

“You gave it to him?” Ethan asked.

“Plain and simple, Jordy was the best one there, he deserved it more than I did so we switched,” Ted

Jordy was talking away to Scott. “Jordy wants to thank you for your support. He had a blast.”

“He was the best,” Sergio said.

Now it was calm again. We sat pretty quietly. I finished off my beers.

“Bro, do you wanna just walk around a little?” Kris asked me.

“Sounds good to me,” I replied.

Kris and I stood and put on our shorts. We started walking until we were clear of our friends. 

“Bro, we look damn good so I don’t see why we can’t show it,” Kris stated.

I smiled and slipped off my shorts. I felt his hand reaching for mine and let him hold it while we
walked. He smiled and winked at me.

“Colt, I’m sorry we haven’t had much time together…”

“It’s cool. I know how you are.”

“Still bro, we do need a little time just the two of us. I get a little wrapped up with everyone here,”
Kris said.

“I completely understand. This right here means the world to me,” I said, squeezing his hand and pulling
it up so we could both look at our linked fingers. Yeah, we were walking around holding hands and
showing off our bodies. We caught a few glimpses and even a smile while we walked to explore what else
was here on this massive ship. 

We turned a corner to see some stairs. There was a sign posted, “Adults Only. No one under 18 allowed.”

“Let’s check it out,” I said.

We climbed the stairs and walked a little ways. It was near the top of the ship. Kris looked at me when
we saw two women topless. I nodded before we decided to take a seat and enjoy the quietness. 

We didn’t stay that long but did get to see more boobs. They still were nice to see and were
appreciated. I sorta wish it was a nude area, but that would be going a little too far on this cruise

Leaving, Kris asked, “You wanna just go to the room and chill? I’ve had enough sun for the day.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

As soon as we hit the door, we threw our stuff down. Kris took off his bikini and pulled on his dick. “I
like that bikini, but damn it sure confines things.”

“That may be a good thing,” I said and got naked with him.

Kris pulled me close and dove for my lips. There was so much heat and passion behind that kiss and I
knew he had been waiting to kiss me for a while by how hungry he seemed as his tongue slipped into my
mouth. My hands went straight for his hot ass while his hand went down to my dick and his fingers
wrapped around the shaft as it started to plump up. 

“I’m so fucking glad you’re my boyfriend. Damn, I love your ass to death,” Kris said as only he could.

“I’m just as glad,” I said and went back in for more, this time pushing my tongue into his mouth.

Kris broke the kiss with both us getting hard. “Bro, I wanted to come back to sleep or something. Fuck
that. I want you instead!”

“Fuck yeah, baby. Why don’t we fuck out on the balcony?”

“I’d love to take your dick out there. Matt and Corey will be so fucking jealous we fucked there first!”

I grabbed the lube and a towel before we headed out on the balcony. It was shielded on both sides for
our privacy so we didn’t have to worry about anyone seeing us, though by that point I don’t really think
we would have cared since we just wanted to be together. I pushed Kris into a chair and got between his
legs with the waves crashing against the boat and a nice breeze blowing. I eyed his hot dick and wanted
that fucker in my mouth. My tongue licked up and down his shaft and toyed with his balls a little before
I moved up and the head of his cock went between my lips.

“OOO fuck yeah! Suck me!” Kris said loudly, running his fingers through my hair.

I pulled off and kissed him. “You might wanna keep it quiet just in case…”

“My bad,” Kris said while I kissed back down his body and licked all over his hard, throbbing dick. I
sucked it back in my mouth and loved hearing his soft moans, along with the sounds of my slurping and
sucking. There was no better prospective than looking up at him with his dick in my mouth and seeing the
pleasure he was getting. His body always looked so insanely hot when I could see the ridges and mounds
of his muscles running up his body. He pushed on my head a little, wanting to make me go a little faster
without actually fucking my face on his cock, and he continued to moan like crazy. 

Kris pulled me up and rammed his tongue into my mouth, holding on to the back of my head so my lips were
pressed tight against his. He stayed seated while I stood and he moved down to flick my nipples with his
tongue before sliding down to work on my dick. He played with my balls in both his hands and mouth,
rolling them around on his fingers and tongue respectively before taking my dick between his nice wet
lips and teasing the tip with his tongue. My head was swimming feeling his great wet mouth swallow me
and encase my cock in such smooth warmth. He started attacking my dick with great vigor. It was like he
couldn’t get enough or like he had missed it, even though he got a good taste the night before. Maybe
seeing me in my skimpy swimsuit really did get him going. I closed my eyes while my hands rested on his
shoulder and he worked me over so well I was leaking constantly into his mouth. 

He stopped, leaving spit trailing from the tip of my dick to his tongue, “Damn, I love sucking your

“I love you sucking it too,” I said.

He continued sucking and licking my dick. It felt so damn good and had me so hard I could feel my cock
throbbing on his tongue. The thrill of fucking around with my boyfriend on our balcony had me going and
I was as excited as ever. I lifted him up and kissed him hard.

Kris laid the towel down and moved to the lounge chair. He scooted down and spread his legs as wide as
he could while I grabbed the lube. With his legs wide and pulled up toward his body it exposed his
winking hole, which looked so pink and tight. I couldn’t help myself and dove down between the cheeks of
his hot bubble butt to feast on that hole, circling the opening with the tip of my tongue and then
pushing it in deep and fucking him with it, getting further and further inside him while he was

“Oh God! Colt! Fuck me!” Kris moaned with the words almost getting caught up in his throat.

I pulled back and licked my way up over his taint and balls and then along the length of his shaft while
I poured a little lube on my fingers and slid one into his ass at the exact moment I took his cock back
in my mouth.

Kris screamed in pleasure and I quickly moved up to muffle the sounds with my mouth as I kissed him and
continued to slide my finger into his ass. His back was arching and he was trying to push his ass
against my hand as I wiggled my finger inside him. His hands came up and he grabbed my head, kissing me
so hard. I pulled my finger out of his ass and heard a disappointing groan. That as soon replaced by a
gasp though when I rammed two fingers into his ass and it seemed to take the breath out of him because
he inhaled so deeply he sucked my tongue into his mouth and I was afraid he might swallow it. Pained
whimpers then took over as I fucked his ass with my fingers, getting him ready for my cock, which was
about to fuck him good.

Slowly withdrawing my fingers from Kris’s ass, I moved back a little so I could apply the lube to my
bare cock, which was still throbbing so hard in anticipation of being inside my amazing boyfriend.
Kris’s body was almost limp as he lay on the chair and was panting so hard it sounded like he had just
come back from a ten mile run around the deck. His abs were so tight and were tensing with every breath,
making him look so sexy, especially with the first beads of sweat beginning to form on his flushed skin.

My dick was so stiff and Kris’s cock was harder than ever against his abs. I stepped up and was so ready
to be inside of him. Using my hand I guided my cock into position and just pressed the head against the
opening. His mouth was hanging open and he was panting so hard. I could even feel his hole twitching
against the tip of my cock like it was inviting it in.

I started to push and his ass opened up and let my dick slide inside him. His body showed no resistance
and my cock slotted in like it was meant to be there. The look on Kris’s face was the best ever and
always was when my dick goes in him. His mouth hung open but in the shape of the biggest grin and his
beautiful blue eyes looked up at me with a sparkle in them that showed a combination of desire and
pleasure before they rolled up into his head as he let out the most amazing moan.

“You like having my dick inside you?” I asked.

“Oh fuck yes!” Kris moaned. “There’s nothing better in the world!”

He groaned a little while I continued to slide deeper inside him. His ass squeezed my cock so good and
never showed any signs of getting loose no matter how many times I fucked it. I loved being inside him
and the feeling of him being wrapped around me, a part of me enveloped within his body, feeling his
warmth as it radiated through both of us.

When I was all in him I ground my hips against his ass and started gently fucking him. We stared into
each other eye’s before he pulled me down for a long kiss. I continued to move inside his hot ass that
was gripping my dick like never before. He held me close and I made love to him there on the balcony.

Between us, his dick was so hard and was rubbing against my body. To heighten his pleasure even further
I leaned down and pressed my body almost completely on top of his, trapping his cock between our abs.
Now when I thrust into him it sent his dick sliding up between our abs and he was whimpering at a pitch
I had never heard from him before. It sounded like he was about to pass out and go into some fantasy

After a short while, I pulled up and continued to give him all he wanted. His eyes were locked on mine
and he was staring at me with such intensity. I felt like everyone else, everything else, even the ship
and the noises all around us, they all disappeared and it was just the two of us, together in the most
intimate way, floating above the waves, locked in an embrace that bound us together and made us one. I
had never loved him more.

My dick was twitching inside him as I continued to slide it back and forth, using longer strokes now to
fuck his ass. His head was going back and forth while he was moaning and groaning. My breathing was
getting harder and it seemed like my dick was too. Just as I was really getting into it and found the
perfect pace, I slipped out by pulling too far back. 

“Let me lean over the rail while you doggie fuck me,” Kris said before pulling me down into another hot

When we broke apart he stood up and moved over to the railing. He bent over and positioned himself so
his forearms were on the rail, holding up his weight and his ass was pointing right at me. He spread his
legs wide for me and clenched his ass cheeks, making it look so incredible I couldn’t wait to get back
inside it. I moved in behind him after applying more lube to my cock and then ran my hands over his back
and ass. Then my hands gripped his sides while I pushed back inside him.

He turned his head and said quietly, “Damn, this is so fucking hot!”

I wrapped my arms around his chest and pulled him up until my pecs were pressed against his sweaty back.
I bottomed out in his ass and kissed his neck. It was such a rush to be out in the open having sex, even
if it was pretty private and it was almost guaranteed that no one could see or hear us. My dick slid in
and out of him with such ease and I relished in the feelings his ass created as it massaged my cock and
made me feel so good.

Kris reached up and ran his fingers through my hair before gripping it in his hand. My dick continued to
fuck his hot ass as he held onto me and my lips never left his neck unless it was to whisper into his
ear how good his ass felt.

He thrust his ass back to meet my cock and we built up a great rhythm so that while I was fucking him he
was also fucking himself on my cock. I’m not sure sex had ever been better. We seemed to be totally in
tune with each other’s bodies and they worked together to heighten our pleasure.

My hands freely roamed his great body until finding his hard dick. It was leaking so much precum I
thought maybe he had shot already because it was so slick. I grabbed it and used the precum as lube,
spreading it all over his cock as my strokes along his shaft got in a good rhythm with my deep hard
thrusts into his ass. He was moaning and seemed to be enjoying this as much as I was. 

“OOO fuck,” Kris said. “I’m about to cum.” 

I pulled out and saw streams of cum hit the metal balcony floor. Seeing his cum splatter all over the
floor did it for me. I groaned and shot a nice load all over his back and ass. He reached around and put
my dick back inside of him, pushing some of the cum I shot between his cheeks inside him as he did. We
kissed while my dick grew soft inside him and eventually slipped out.

We moved back and took a seat together on the lounge chair. It was tight but I didn’t want to be in
another chair, I wanted to be with him. We were reeling from our sex and began kissing.

We sat there listening to the waves and feeling the breeze. 

“Kris, did we shut the curtains before we came out here?” I asked, noticing they were closed.

“Hell if I know,” Kris replied.

“Oh well,” I said. We lay together and enjoyed the bond. 

Kris suggested we go inside, plus we needed to clean his cum off the balcony. I opened the door and saw
Matt and Corey sitting on top of the bed with two other guys I hadn’t seen before.

“Thanks for the show,” Corey laughed.

My face immediately started burning. “No problem. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m Kris and this is my
boyfriend Colt.”

“Nice to see your face… I’m Bailey and this is my boyfriend Jeff,” he said, extending his hand. They
were sitting together in their speedos and looked great together. Bailey had brown hair while Jeff had
short reddish blond hair. Jeff was skinny and lanky while Bailey was toned like Scott and Jordy.

“Don’t worry, dude. Bailey fucked me on the balcony last night,” Jeff laughed.

“It’s hot as hell, huh?” Kris asked.

“So hot it was unreal,” Bailey said.

“How did y’all meet?” I asked. 

“They came up and sat near us after y’all left,” Matt replied.

“We were thrilled to find some guys that were gay and acted normal,” Jeff said.

“We’re pretty normal,” Kris said. “Excuse us, but we need to clean up a little.”

“No problem,” Jeff said and smiled.

We cleaned up quickly, threw on some shorts and returned to sit on the couch. 

“Matt’s told us how great your group is. I just wish where we go we could find at least a few people
that didn’t see us as the two gay boys,” Bailey said. 

“Where do y’all go?” I asked.

He told us. It was a school about 120 miles south of ours.

“Are they cruel to ya?” Kris asked.

“Not cruel per se, but it’s like we have a disease or something. We joined the gay group but it wasn’t
for us. We try to act as normal as can be, whereas those dudes wanted everyone to know they were gay,”
Jeff said. “What’s better is seeing the mix of guys that aren’t scared to be seen with you. You’re damn
lucky in that regard.”

“We are,” Corey said. 

“Are y’all here alone?” I asked.

“We are. We wanted to enjoy a little relaxation after one hell of a semester so far,” Jeff said. “We saw
you in the belly flop contest. We knew the deaf guy was gay and saw how he was right there with ya. Then
we kinda made our way over and were hoping we’d find some nice guys. Everyone was really nice to us.”

“I hate to be a party pooper but I was hoping to go to bingo,” Matt said. “Do y’all wanna go?”

“No thank you!” Kris replied.

“I knew that, I was actually talking to Jeff and Bailey,” Matt said.

“We’ll go. It sounds fun,” Jeff said. “I guess we better jet and throw on some clothes.”

“We’ll meet ya there,” Corey said with the two leaving. They shook our hands and left.

“Did you really see us?” Kris said and laughed.

“It was like watching a fucking movie,” Corey laughed. “Matt quickly pulled the curtains.”

“We had no idea y’all would be back,” I said. “What a great intro for them.”

“No better one,” Kris laughed and slapped my leg. “So they really came here alone?”

“They did,” Matt replied, dressing. 

“I could see you and Corey doing that,” Kris said.

“Me too, but it is more fun with y’all,” Corey said. “They did just come up and start talking to me.”

“That’s cool,” Kris said. “I’m glad everyone was nice to them.”

“What else would you expect?” Matt asked. “We’re with the best group ever. We’ll see ya. Remember
tonight is the captain’s reception. Jeff said that meant lobster will be served.”

“Hot damn. I can’t wait,” I said. “Win some money.”

Corey smiled and shut the door. Kris and I headed out and cleaned the dry cum from the balcony and
started laughing at being seen by two guys we didn’t know. Here we were worried about the people next to
us. We sat down in the chairs and looked across the blue water. 

The next thing I knew was Corey opening the door to the balcony. “Matt won sixty five bucks!”

I shook my head while Kris opened his eyes. “Awesome. Drinks are on him tonight.”

“Maybe, but the first round is on Ted. He got pretty red today,” Corey stated.

Kris leaned up, “Did I get burned?”

I laughed, “Not completely, but there’s one big spot I missed.” There was big bright red spot on his
back. Corey started laughing too with Matt coming out to see what was so funny.

“Great!” Kris said while I leaned up. “You’re good. See if I let you put the sunscreen on me tomorrow.”

“What’s the plan tonight?” Matt asked. “We talked Jeff and Bailey into joining us for dinner. They were
gonna eat early.”

“Bro, I have no idea. I do wanna do a few different things,” Kris replied.

“See a show maybe?” Matt asked.

I shook my head, “Corey, you go with him again so he won’t bug the shit out of us. I didn’t come on this
thing to see a show.”

“I was kidding,” Matt said.

“I guess we could just check it out,” Kris said. “It could be fun.”

Seeing Kris on Matt’s side I had to relent and agree to go. We did agree to sit in the back just in case
it was boring. We headed inside to shower and get dressed for our night out on the ship. We were going
casual to the show and returned to get our jeans for dinner. It was a shame we couldn’t wear shorts and
tee to dinner. We could do that if we wanted to go to the buffet, which was an option for another night
when they weren’t serving lobster.

When we arrived, Scott said it was useless for Jordy to come. We agreed and did comment how he was
making the most of every opportunity. Bruce arrived alone and said he couldn’t get Shawn or Aaron awake
enough. Bailey and Jeff were already there and were waiting on us. 

I took a seat and was next to Sergio. “Were you able to enjoy today?”

“Dude, I really did. I’m over it for now. What can I do? Just because my rents don’t agree or like that
I’m bi I can’t change it. I really love Dillon,” he replied.

Kris leaned over, “Bro, Colt and I found the topless deck today when we were walking around.”

Sergio smiled, “I could stand to see a few breasts. Were they hot?”

“Hell yeah they were,” I replied.

“Colt says he’s not a breast man, but you couldn’t prove otherwise by me,” Kris said.

“We need to check it out for sure,” Dillon stated. “I really enjoyed today. I need just to fuckin’ chill
out and relax.”

“We all do,” I said.

The show started with an energetic guy who was the activity director on the ship. He said a few things
and tried to make us laugh. To keep the laughs going the first act was a comedian. After a few lame ass
jokes, he said, “I don’t think college break has begun so we don’t have to steer clear of those drunks.”

Kris nodded on cue with a few of us standing, “Guess again, bro. It has begun.”

“Wow, I see it has. Turn around and take a good look at those faces back there. If you hear noises
outside your room at 2 in the morning, it will be one of those guys puking their guts up or falling in
the hallway,” the comedian said.

We held up our hands and gestured that the guy was one hundred percent correct. It was pretty fun being
involved in the show. He was pretty funny and provided us with some good laughs.

We stayed until the end since it was entertaining, with jugglers and a few singers. We left and went
back to the room.  

“I’m sorry I had to drag your asses to that show,” Matt stated and smiled.

“It was boring as fuck, bro!” Kris said.

“I didn’t see you leaving,” Matt said. “Just like eating, try something different every now and then.
Who knows, you might actually like it.”

“I think we hit it lucky, just like you did today at bingo, or those two horny fucks,” Corey said. “If
it had been all singing, I’d be gone.”

We went down and stood in a line to greet our captain. The best part was they were serving free
champagne. We each grabbed a glass and started to drink it. Champagne wasn’t my drink of choice, but it
did contain alcohol. We stood in line for another picture. We did get a big group shot, along with
individual pictures. 

“I guess we should have brought something dressier,” Scott stated, walking away.

“I didn’t have any more room in my suitcase as it was,” Bruce said.

We checked in and were given a pager to let us know when there would be tables available. Since there
was a bar nearby, we headed to it for something more my style and taste.

“Bros, I’m not sure, but I think Ted is buying the first round,” Kris said once we arrived at the bar.

“Yeah, I won today out there twice,” Ted laughed with his face red from the sun.
Our tables were ready after I had downed two beers waiting, as had most of the others. We had to split up
but our tables were close by. I opened the menu and saw the lobster as the main course as expected. The
starters were interesting to say the least. I wasn’t feeling adventuresome so I just played it safe in that

As with the night before, the meal was awesome. The lobster was good, but so was the Baked Alaska I had for
dessert. We left and knew the night was only just beginning. However, there were a bunch of tired college
guys after a long day in the sun. That wouldn’t stop us, but it might cut the night a little shorter.


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