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Friday now in the first week of February, I headed back to the apartment and was glad the weekend
was here. The week had been hell for me with a few tests and one project so my free time was very
limited. I did make it to their basketball games, which they won though both were close, including
the one last night. It took Sergio stealing a pass in the final seconds to seal the victory. 

As I entered the apartment, I saw Corey sitting and waiting. He was sporting his new glasses despite
having contacts as well. His adjustment to contacts was tough. He smiled and stood seeing me.

“Damn, you look exhausted,” he commented.

“I am. I’ve been was so ready for this weekend to get here.”

“I’ll drive then.”

“You can drive, but we’re taking my car since this is for me. We never know when your car will
finally call it quits.”

“Your car isn’t new so you better not say a thing.”

We gathered our things and sent a message to Kris and Colt saying we’d see them tomorrow. Kris was
able to get off early, not all day like Corey had been able to.  

With Corey driving, I buckled up and was ready for the 3 plus hour drive home for Mom’s wedding.

“If nothing else this weekend we can be together,” Corey stated.

“I’m sorry about that…”

“Don’t be sorry. Hell, I was up most of the night Wednesday studying. You had tests and projects
that demanded your attention. It’s the reason we’re here in the first place.”

“Thank you,” I said. “My fucking three computer classes are destined to kill me. If it’s not a
project for Business Intelligence then it’s a test for Operation Management.”

“My classes aren’t easy either. I do enjoy them though.”

“I enjoy mine, but they are very testing.”

It was nice just the two of us talking and listening to the radio. Since Corey was driving, he
picked country music to listen to. About an hour into the drive I dozed off in the passenger seat
for some much needed sleep.

My sleep was interrupted when Corey slammed on the brakes. I woke and rubbed my eyes to see we were
now stuck in traffic. 

“I bet it’s some wreck on the side of the road and now these assholes want to gawk,” Corey stated.

“Probably, but what a rude awakening,” I said.

“You were sawing some logs over there for sure.”

“I guess I was.”

We slowly inched our way forward in the traffic. I could see Corey was like me and got angry at very
rude drivers who thought they could cut in. Finally, after 30 minutes or so, we were past the
congestion. It was just as Corey thought, a wreck, but it did block off one lane of the interstate.
Once we cleared the wreck, then we hit rush hour traffic until finally arriving at my house. Corey’s
nerves were on edge driving my car and fighting the traffic.

We pulled in the drive. Quickly, I noticed a ‘For Sale’ sign in our yard. Mom had informed me
earlier that the house was hitting the market, but it didn’t really hit home until seeing the sign.
It was another signal my life was really changing as far as my Mom was concerned.

We grabbed our bags and headed inside. Mom was sitting down, waiting after I had called to say we
were running a bit late. 

She stood and walked towards us, “How are my two boys?”

“Don’t ask,” I replied and reached to give her a hug and kiss.

“Matt’s been studying like a fool this past week,” Corey said.

“Good to know you aren’t just having fun,” she said and moved to hug Corey and kiss him on the
cheek. “Corey, I swear you are getting more handsome every time I see you. Matt did a fine job of
picking a good guy.”

“Thanks,” Corey said.

“I bet two college guys are hungry. I was thinking we should go out and have a nice dinner since
most of my dishes are gone, plus there is very little to eat here.”

“Sounds like a plan to me. First let us put our bags upstairs and freshen up just a minute. The
traffic was hell,” I said.

“Y’all hit it at the worst time,” she said.

We put away our bags and used the bathroom. Mom waited patiently and was ready to treat us. She
drove us to a nice restaurant. There was a wait, thus we had time to kill. 

“Grab a drink if you want,” she said as we entered the bar to wait for a table.

“Ummm…” I stuttered.

“Matthew, I know you drink at college. You’re both legal to do so in a public place now. You really
want me to believe that you’re drinking sodas and juice at those parties you’ve been going to?” Mom
said. “I’ll have a glass of white wine while you grab a drink.”

Corey and I walked to the bar. “Man, your mom is so chill now.”

“I know… and she suggested we have a drink. What’s this world coming to?”

We ordered 2 draft beers along with a glass of white wine for Mom. We were asked for our ID’s in
doing so. We brought back the glass and took a seat with her while we waited. To me, it was so odd
drinking in front of her. We talked about our classes and a little about the wedding. 

“Linda, where’s Vince?” Corey asked.

“We won’t see each other until the ceremony tomorrow. It’s old fashioned but it gives me a final
chance to be with you two,” she replied. 

“Mom, how’s VJ doing?” I asked.

“He’s doing great,” she replied.

“Has it been hard since he’s really not your son?” Corey asked.

“Not really. If any discipline needs to be doled out, I leave that to Vince. It has been nice
cooking for more than just me. He’s a little different than Matt. He’s always on that phone of his
or playing some game,” she replied.

“Does he ever talk?” I asked.

“He is loosening up a little. This week, he asked me my thoughts about his college choices. I did
tell ya that he scored very high on his ACT,” Mom said.

“No you didn’t. That’s awesome. He can pick wherever he wants,” I said.

“He can, but he’s really struggling with that. I really think he wants to go with y’all next year.
He’s also intrigued by the idea of going to a very prestigious college as well. Also his little
girlfriend wants him to stay close,” Mom stated.

“He’s lucky. I barely made it in. There for a while I was thinking I wasn’t getting in but I made
it,” Corey said. “Matt, maybe you need to tell him to not worry about that girl. They come and go.”

“I told him that too. I think she’s at the bottom of the list unless things get really serious,” Mom

Finally we were called to our table. Corey and I had downed our beer while waiting. We decided on
water to have with our meal. Now I was very hungry after seeing and smelling all the great food. 

We finished eating and really enjoyed spending some quality time with Mom. On the way home, we
stopped by a nearby movie kiosk to grab a movie for Corey and me to watch while relaxing at my

Before Corey and I got settled in for our night, Mom came back out and was wearing her wedding
dress. It wasn’t your tradition white gown nor should it have been. It was a simple, long, light
blue dress.

“Mom, you look stunning,” I said and was about to choke up seeing her look so great.

“Linda, I love it,” Corey said.

“Thanks. I wanted something simple yet nice,” she said.

“It is very nice,” I stated. “Corey, we need our picture together.”

“Okay, but Vince hasn’t seen it yet,” she said.

“Really?” I asked and walked over.

“He hasn’t and wanted it to be a surprise,” she replied. “So don’t post it on Facebook.”

I laughed, “I’m not on there much, but it would be a nice picture. I’ll post it later. It’ll give me
a reason to get on there.”

I put my arm around her shoulder while Corey snapped our picture. I insisted he pose as well, and
then Mom took one of us. 

“So you know, tomorrow I’ll be long gone by the time you wake up. I’m going to get pampered for the
wedding. Matt, you know you are expected at the center at 3 for pictures,” she said. “That reminds
me. I have a nice shirt and tie I’d like you to wear with those nice pants you have. Also, there’re
two boxes here with things you maybe could use that I no longer need.”

“Wow, thanks,” I said with her going off to get the shirt and tie. She returned with a light blue
shirt and red tie while I glanced in the boxes to see more cookware and dishes. I quickly tried the
shirt on just in case it didn’t fit. The fit was a little loose. “Ummm… I don’t know how to tie a

“Let me show you,” she said. I watched carefully and then gave it a try. I was able to tie it,
though it wasn’t perfect. “You boys have a good night. I’m gonna try to get some rest.”

“We will and we’ll see you tomorrow,” I said.

Corey and I started watching the movie. It was great to be able to snuggle up close to him and watch
the film. His arm felt so comforting around my shoulder as it always did.

“Man, I’ll be glad when this is over. I’m so ready to be with you,” Corey stated.

“I know. We haven’t had sex all week since one of us was up studying.”

“That’s what I’m talking about. My ass wants some of you tonight.”

I took the remote and turned off the movie. It could wait for another moment. I too was ready to be
with him and had missed making love to him. He took me by the hand and led me to my room. We took
our time undressing each other until we were naked. 

The night was great and was just what I needed. I was as gentle as I could be while so anxious to be
inside of him. Not enjoying sex with him did make things shorter for us since we were so excited to
be together again. 

Corey and I spent the early part of the day shopping for Kris’s birthday gift. Try as I might, it
was hard finding anything unique for him. We did the best we could and would have to be happy with

I dressed and did remember how to tie my tie. For some odd reason, my stomach was in knots. As the
time approached, I was excited yet nervous about the wedding. We arrived at the community center a
few minutes early. I walked around until finding a lady who looked like she knew what was going on. 

“Excuse me, where can I find Linda?” I asked.

“Oh my God, are you Matt?” she asked.

“Yes ma’am, I am,” I replied.

“I’m Vicki. I’ve worked with her for so many years. Now I finally get to meet you in person,” she
said. I had heard Mom talk about her in passing as one of her co-workers that had troubles with her

“It’s nice to meet you,” I said.

“Linda’s waiting for you. Let me show you where she is,” Vicki said.

We walked back until finding Mom in a room. She looked so beautiful with her hair done and makeup

“Wow!” I said.

“I guess they can do miracles,” Mom said.

“You’re so beautiful, Linda,” Corey said.

“Thank you very much,” Linda said. “I take it you’ve met Vicki?”

“We have,” I said. “Well… I didn’t introduce her to Corey.”

“I figured that was who he was. Linda said Matt had a very nice looking boyfriend. I think she cut
you a little short. Both are very handsome young men. I know Linda is so proud of you two,” Vicki

“Matt, I have a decision to make here. I need either you or Vicki to stand with me,” Mom said.

“Linda, I see nothing wrong with Matt standing with you. Matter of fact, I insist that he does,”
Vicki said.

“Matt, are you okay with that?” Mom asked.

“I’m fine with it if that’s what you want,” I replied.

“It’s settled then,” Vicki said. “It may look funny to some, but surely they will understand.”

“They better,” I said.

After sitting and waiting for a while, we were escorted out to take a few pictures in a small area.
After the pictures, I walked out and finally saw the area where the ceremony was being held. 

“Bro, there you are,” I heard Kris’s voice. He was dressed very nicely with a nice shirt and slacks.

“We were back taking pictures,” Corey said while I was looking at the nice flowers and the five rows
of folding chairs that were set up. Kris, Colt, Walt and Jenny already occupied one row on Mom’s

“How’s Linda doing?” Jenny asked.

“I think she’s doing okay,” I replied.

I stood around and chatted with them until returning to Mom. 

“This is it, huh?” I said.

“I guess it is,” Mom replied. “There were times I wondered if I’d ever be at this moment again.”

“I really appreciate everything you did for me in getting to this point. I know you put me first
until I went to college. I know it may get old, but you’ve made it so easy on me. I hear about other
gay people and how rough it was, but you never questioned me.”

“Matt, I knew there was nothing I could say or do to change who you really were. All I’ve ever seen
is my son and not my gay son.”

“Thank you,” I said and gave her a big hug. “I love you.”

“Are you ready to give me away?” she asked.

I smiled, “I guess I am giving you away, but not like a father does to his daughter. I’m giving you
to Vince to spend the rest of your life with him. Maybe one day you can give me away to Corey.”

She laughed, “I don’t know if that will be necessary. You already have him.”

“I do,” I laughed with her.

When the moment arrived, Mom and I stood together. I was very proud to be doing so and began
escorting her down the aisle with the traditional Wedding March playing. My focus was on her and not
those there, even though I could see some had gathered. Walking down, Vince was looking straight at
us with VJ at his side. Vince was wearing a nice suit while VJ was dressed like I was in, but in a
white shirt and tie. The minister smiled and asked who was giving her away. I replied her son and
handed her to Vince. I moved to her side while Mom and Vince looked at each other. There was a glow
about her I had never seen before, but then there should be on this big day. 

The ceremony was short and sweet. The minister kept the vows to the bare minimum. When he announced
them as man and wife, tears welled up in my eyes. It was pure joy knowing Mom was finally married

I walked down the aisle with VJ. He turned and smiled at me halfway down. We turned and saw the
happy newlyweds behind us. Vince released Mom’s hand and hugged me while Mom hugged VJ. The minister
announced the reception was to follow at the adjoining hall. Vince told us to stick close since we
would be taking a few pictures. 

The small crowd came out. Kris, Colt and Corey walked up to me.

“Were you about to pass out?” Colt asked.

“No, why?” I asked.

“Bro, you were white as a sheet up there. I knew any moment your ass would be hitting the floor,”
Kris replied.

“I was waiting and thought I would be catching you,” Corey laughed.

“I was nervous, but I didn’t realize I was that white,” I said.

“You were,” Corey said. “Look at the sweat stains under your arms.”

I glanced down and saw big sweat stains under my arms. In the moment I didn’t realize I was
perspiring like that. Vince walked over and told me it was time to take a few pictures.   

Coming in, there was a man that I assumed was Vince’s brother. He looked at me and gave me the
coldest stare ever. Vince walked over and introduced me to his brother William. The handshake was as
insincere as any I had ever received. We began taking pictures, lots of them I might add. There were
more taken than I figured there would be. The best ones promised to be of the four of us standing as
a new family. 

As we were leaving, VJ and I followed behind.

“Excuse my Uncle. There’s an asshole in every family,” VJ said under his breath.

“I noticed.”

“I noticed too. Dad said he couldn’t believe he was marrying a woman with a gay son. How insane is

We walked to the reception and stood in line to receive warm handshakes, well most were. Never was I
so ready to sit down and eat. I grabbed some food from the buffet they had set up and joined my
three while VJ sat with his girlfriend and another guy his age.

Colt got up and headed back for more while I sat and talked with Corey and Kris. Colt came back and
sat down. “Some dude nearly got his ass beat over there.”

“Why?” Corey asked.

“He was talking about how Linda had a gay son and how appropriate it was for the fag to be the
bride’s maid. Pissed me off!” Colt replied.

“Where is he?” Kris asked. “I’ll whoop his ass.”

“Kris, whoever it was probably isn’t worth it. It may be Vince’s brother,” I said shaking my head.
“VJ said he couldn’t believe Vince was marrying someone with a gay son.”

“How crazy is that?” Corey asked.

“Some people are like that,” I said.

“Yeah and some are just dicks,” Colt said.

While I was eating, glasses of champagne were being passed around. After they were finished, we
toasted Mom and Vince. Still champagne wasn’t my favourite, while Colt and Kris acted as though it
was theirs.   

We finished eating and sat around. I was able to speak to a few others, like two of my neighbors.
Both couples were very nice and complimented me on how I had grown up so much. 

We gathered outside and stood around to watch Mom toss away her bouquet. It was grabbed by Vicki who
stood there laughing. 

“I’m surprised her son didn’t fight for it,” I heard William say.

“Fucker,” Kris said with his jaw clinched tight.

Walt reached over and grabbed Kris by the shoulder. “Now is not the place, Kris.”

“I know, but it pisses me off,” Kris said.

“It pisses me off too, but the man is ignorant,” Walt said.

“He’s a complete homophobic asshole if you ask me,” Colt said. 

“True, but remember there are lots of them out there,” Walt stated.

Kris, Colt, Corey and I made our way to our vehicles. 

“Vince’s brother put a damper on a really nice wedding,” Corey said.

“Doesn’t it piss you off too?” Colt asked.

“I shouldn’t be, but I’m so damn hardened now by all the gay shit talking that goes on,” Corey
replied. “I’ve learned to just ignore them and go on. You learn that when you take a lot of shit in
high school.”

“I don’t care if you did or didn’t, bro,” Kris said. “It’s wrong!”

“It is. I think you’ve seen how we show them we’re people just like they are. I’m with Corey and
just ignore the comments unless someone was to get in my face,” I said.

“Bros, y’all wanna kick at my place for a little while?” Kris asked.

“I guess we could,” Corey replied.

“Fine by me,” I said.

“Y’all wanna to stop and grab some brews so we can chill?” Colt asked.

“I’m good,” I replied. “You can if you want.”

“I’m good too. I’m waiting for next weekend,” Corey said.

“Damn right we are!” Kris said and high fived Corey. “We’re bringing that shit home big time!”

“Maybe, but you won’t be 21 until Monday, remember?” I said with a wicked smile.

“Hasn’t stopped us yet. Next weekend is prep work for Monday night,” Kris stated. “Colt, I think we
can do without this weekend. It’ll be weird waking up on Sunday morning without a hangover.”

“Yeah it will, but y’all are right. We’ll just chill,” Colt said.

We followed Kris and Colt to Kris’s house. We went inside to the familiar surroundings of it. I took
a seat with Corey while Kris and Colt sat together. 

Walt and Jenny came walking in just as we were seated. “We stopped and got doughnuts if you boys are
hungry. They’re hot!” Jenny said.

“Well bring ‘em in here and watch those suckers disappear,” Kris said.

Jenny set down the hot doughnuts in front of us. The smell was too much to resist. 

“Matt, Linda looked so pretty. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile so much,” Jenny said.

“She did look great,” I said and stuffed the hot doughnut in my mouth.

“Milk,” Kris said with his mouth filled with doughnut.

“Boy, get your ass up and get it yourself,” Walt said. “You’re 21 years old.”

Kris stood, “20 for another week.” He walked and returned with glasses and a gallon of milk.

“I know this is exactly what you four do at your apartment. Sit eating doughnuts and drinking milk,”
Jenny laughed.

“Mom, look at us. We can stand to eat a doughnut or two…” Kris said.

“I don’t think we have milk on weekends,” Colt said.

“Oh come on. You can’t sit there and tell me Kris drinks something other than milk on weekends,”
Walt laughed.

“Not in the past 3 weekends we haven’t,” Corey said laughing.

“We’ve heard,” Jenny said.

“I see nothing has changed since I went there, other than the fact we were legal back then,” Walt

“Really?” Colt asked while I was busy eating another doughnut.

“The drinking age was 19 when I went to college. They raised it to 21 just after I turned 21,” Walt

“It was like 16 in Holland,” I said.

“No wonder y’all enjoyed it so much,” Jenny said. “I believe something else was legal too…”

We looked at each other and laughed. “When in Holland, do as Hollanders do,” Kris laughed.

“I think they’re called Dutch,” Corey laughed.

“Same difference, bro,” Kris said, laughing, as we all were, at Kris. “I’ll admit that was some good
shit though.”

“Kristopher, your mom doesn’t want to hear that,” Walt said.

“Okay, good stuff then,” Kris said.

“No, you said it was good stuff,” Jenny said.

“Hey, Kris ain’t lying about that either,” Colt said. “We all partook a little bit. You know we had
to try it…”

“Like four or five times though, just to see if we liked it,” Corey laughed.

Walt and Jenny were shaking their heads. 

“Matt, I take it your new uncle is a real winner,” Walt said to change the subject.

“I’m not calling him my uncle for sure. I just met the man and really don’t care if we cross paths
again,” I stated.

“I was ready to jump him,” Kris said.

“I could tell. It was hitting too close to home now, huh?” Jenny asked.

“He was like that before,” I said.

“I guess so, but people need to keep their mouths shut. I’m sure the dude thought he was being
funny. How funny would it have been to have my fist crammed down his damn throat?” Kris said.

“Now that would have made things real interesting. I can just see me pulling him off Vince’s
brother,” Colt said.

“Bro, you should be right there with me. We all should and teach that dude a lesson he won’t forget.
If you get Matt pissed enough, he’ll light into your ass. Won’t ya, Matt?” Kris said.

I shrugged, “I guess so. I’ve had to do it before.”

Walt and Jenny didn’t stay around much longer. By the time they had left us alone, the box of
doughnuts was empty. We sat around and watched a little television before Corey and I decided to
leave the two alone.

We were up on Sunday after a nice night together. Corey and I enjoyed the freedom of parading around
my house naked until it was time to leave. We showered and dressed before carrying out the boxes Mom
had packed for us. Leaving the house, I turned around and took a good look at it. It could very well
be the last time I was here. The house would always hold a special place in my heart, but it was
time to move on, especially for Mom.

Hope you enjoyed another chapter!  Thanks as always for support.  It is greatly appreciated.

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