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I was back in my apartment after getting a nice start on this semester and attending all my classes.
Some of them really intrigued me, like Business Law, whereas Marketing didn’t. Part of it had to do
with the professors and their style of teaching. My schedule was crazier than ever, with an 8 o’clock
start every Monday, Wednesday and Friday thrown in with a 1 o’clock on Tuesday and Thursday. Also, I
had seen Mr Jackson and started out working with him again. It was a job I really enjoyed and took
interest in, even though it wasn’t my major, accounting.

My phone rang and it was Shawn on the other line. He was seeing if I was around and needed to talk
with me face to face. I said I was and waited for him to arrive.

He was at the door in about 5 minutes. Quickly I could sense something was wrong and it was probably
why he wanted to talk.

“Great, you’re alone… he said.

“I am. What’s so important?”

He lowered his head. “God, I hate doing this, but is there any possible way you could loan me like a
hundred bucks ‘til next Tuesday? I’ll pay you back when I get paid.”

So far in my college days this was the first time anyone had asked me. Seeing the look on Shawn’s face
told me he really didn’t want to do this. “Shawn, I can do that. The only problem is I don’t have the
cash here on me.”

“Oh thank you… thank you… thank you! Damn, I hate asking, but I have a bill I really need to pay
thanks my fucking dumbass getting that ticket.”

“No problem,” I said and reached for my keys and wallet. “Let’s go.”

“Okay, but where?”

I laughed, “The ATM. Where else? Unless you know of another place where I can get cash?”

Shawn did laugh before we headed out the door. I had to drive since he was no longer able to make
these trips unless he was willing to risk even bigger trouble.

“Matt, please keep this between us. I know what people will say, but I was desperate here,” Shawn
stated while we rode to the nearby ATM.

I smiled, “I know too, but I could tell by your look and the tone of your voice it wasn’t easy coming
to ask me.”

“It wasn’t at all.”

“I don’t wanna delve into your finances but will you be able to go on our trip?”

“The trip is paid for. Hopefully I can save a little here and there to have some spending money, plus
I may need to ask Mom for a little help, even though she just sent me money for books. That damn
ticket is gonna kill me, but it might deter my drinking a little bit.”

“Just a little,” I said.

As soon as we returned, Shawn was gone to pay his debt. I didn’t ask what it was, though this was the
time of year when we had a lot to pay for, such as books, tuition and just basic living expenses due
to living off campus. While thinking about money, I remembered Corey saying something about him
receiving a check in the mail. I headed over and sure enough there appeared to be an envelope that
could be that check. It was great for him to get some extra money and made me proud that he took the
initiative to apply for a scholarship without me badgering him. Kris and Colt might be able to do the
same if they wanted.

Colt came walking in and looked beat. He flopped down on the couch and ripped off his shirt. Now he
was beginning to show a little hair between his nice pecs, along with going unshaven a majority of the

“Tough day?” I asked.

“Really tough. Now that the season is over my real work begins.”

“That’s good I guess.”

“It is in that the staff trusts me the way they do. I guess it comes from being around for a few years
now. So what’s the plan for this weekend?”

“Hopefully nothing. I think we could use a quiet weekend before another storm hits,” I replied.

“Is there a snow storm coming?” he asked with a little excitement.

“I meant your party. It is gonna get really cold.”

“Good. We can finally use that fireplace,” Colt stated and pointed to it in the corner.

“I guess we can. It is just an insert that we haven’t even lit.”

“It’s probably for show rather than heat,” Colt said and walked over to it. He messed around with it
for a minute before I saw the flames appear.

“That’s pretty nice,” I commented.

“And I think it does put out heat. That also means it will send our gas bill soaring.”

“It’s just nice knowing we have it. If it was up to me, we’d keep it on, but I have three roomies that
get hot in a hurry,” I said.

“Damn straight. So I’m gonna turn it off,” he said.

We talked a little bit before Scott came over. Then a heated game of Street Fighter ensued with Colt
there to watch the action. I enjoyed playing the game since it was something I was halfway decent at.
Colt did play a little after watching us but couldn’t seem to get the hang of the game. Scott stood
after a few games and invited us to go with him to Juan’s. We decided to stick around and wait on our

“Matt, I need some help here,” Colt commented once Scott was gone.

“Okay,” I said and hoped it wasn’t another request for money.

“I feel like Kris and I aren’t really dating. I think I’m ready for us to go out more and be alone…”

“Sometimes I feel the same way with Corey, but little trips alone sure do help.”

“Those would be nice, but I can’t right now,” Colt said.

“Say tonight, why don’t you and Kris just go out? I know he might object, but make him and say you
want to be with just him. Matter of fact, I was thinking of treating Corey tonight to a late dinner
with one of the gift cards I had. And if we wanted to have a drink, y’all wouldn’t be so jealous.”

Colt rubbed the stubble on his chin, “Errr… I guess Kris and I could do that. It would be nice, just
the two of us.”

“I think at this stage you need to do it the more I sit here and think about it. I know y’all are
different, but you can go alone and no one will think a thing about it, just two college boys eating.”

“Great idea! You sold me on that.”

“Say once a week, make him do something with just you. If you just go hit golf balls or shit like
that. Do something you enjoy. It doesn’t have to be romantic or mushy, whereas I kinda like that.”

“Like it my ass, you love it,” Colt laughed. “Another killer idea, bro!”

“Hey, one person saying bro is plenty around here,” I laughed.

“True… very fucking true,” Colt said.

We both text our guys and sat to wait on their arrival. Within an hour, the two came in the door.

“Alright, what the hell is going on here, bros?” Kris asked.

“We’re going out alone,” Colt replied.

“Why?” Kris asked. “Give me a good reason why.”

I spoke up, “Because that’s what people do when they date.”

“Kris, it won’t kill ya,” Corey chimed in.

“I know it won’t, but I wanted to maybe go over to Bruce’s for a while and hang with them,” Kris

“Alright then” Colt said, dejected.

I grabbed Kris’s arm before this got nasty and pulled him out onto the patio. 

“Kris, Colt wants you and him to do something alone,” I said.

“Bro, I got that part.”

“If you wanna go and hang out with Bruce or whoever, then why the hell do you even claim to be dating
Colt? He wants you to start doing things alone. I don’t think that’s too much to ask of you.”

Kris stared out across the way. He shook his head, “I had my heart set on going over there when he
asked me earlier today…”

“Go when you get back. Just say you and Colt are going to grab something to eat then you’ll stop by.
However… don’t go and rush things like you’d rather be with them than Colt. Take your time and enjoy
being with him. If not, then stop things right here and now.”

“Fuck, you are so right. I feel like a damn fool now,” Kris said. “I made it sound like I wanna be
around them more than I did Colt.”

“I suggest if you’re going to make a go of this then go out once a week, alone. There is more to being
boyfriends than a good fuck.”

Kris smiled, “Good way to put it.”

“Like I told Colt, you can go and no one will think a thing about it. They’ll just see the two of you
as college buddies. We see that all the time,” I said.

“You’re right as usual. I do need someone to keep me heading in the right direction,” Kris said. He
leaned over and kissed my cheek. “Now I gotta go in there and apologize.”

We headed in the door. I was glad to be back inside since it was rather cold. Colt was sitting on the
couch looking at the TV. 

Kris walked over and got on his knees, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me, bro.”

“Okay, but why does Matt have to set your ass straight?” Colt asked, with Corey walking out ready to
go on our little outing.

“I’m fucking hard-headed. I had it set in my head that we would go over to Bruce’s and kick it there.
I was a damn fool,” Kris said. He got up from his knees and gave Colt a long kiss while Corey came and
put his arm around me. 

“Let’s go,” Corey stated.  

I grabbed a jacket and he and I headed out the door.

“What did you say?” Corey asked.

“I just asked him if he wanted to keep dating Colt or not.”

“He got the message then, plain and simple. So where are we going?”

“I’m gonna use the gift card Mr Jackson gave me. It should be enough for us to eat on.”

“Great,” Corey said.

Since it was later, the chain restaurant was rather empty. When the nice waitress asked for our drink
order we proudly ordered two beers. She asked for our ID’s and smiled handing them back to us. It was
her duty that she did take more serious than some. 

“How was your day?” I asked. “Did you have to fire anyone?”

“Not today I didn’t,” Corey replied holding his menu far away.

“For God’s sake, go get your eyes checked,” I said. “There’s a ton of things worse than glasses or

“I know that. I’ll go next week.”

“I’ll hold you to it. How on earth have you been able to manage in your classes?”

The waitress arrived and placed the two beers in front of us. We ordered rather healthy yet filling.
“I’ve managed but barely. It’s not that bad.”

We sat talking while I told him a little about my day and about helping Mr Jackson. While we were
chatting, his phone rang. I took that it was his mom. It was a short but pleasant chat. Then he got a
call from Shawn asking where we were, and a text from Scott asking the same thing. Finally he turned
it off so we could enjoy our time together.

We ate and finished off our beer. It was nice having the gift to use, even though we went a little
over. We left and headed back.

“I really enjoyed that,” Corey commented back in my car.

“I did as well.”

“Just the two of us alone and enjoying each other’s company.”

Before going back, we stopped by the store to stock up on a few needed groceries and other items. It
was nice since it was later in the evening when we did so. We were able to get what was needed and get
out in a very short time.

We returned to an empty apartment, which was rather cold and gave me a great excuse to use our
fireplace. As I was storing things away, like our paper towels, detergent and such, Corey emerged from
the bedroom modelling his new bikini we had purchased him for his birthday. The sight was jaw dropping
to see Corey’s great body in it. I grabbed my phone quickly and snapped a picture before he objected.

“I take it you like it,” he said.

“Like it? I fucking love it.”

“I do too. It’s perfect and feels really nice. Now if I can only grow the balls to wear it,” he

“I’m sure you will. Have you tried on the underwear?”

“Ummm… no… They’re still in the package,” he replied.

“Well then, let me see you in those too, stud.”

He left and gave me a great view of his hot ass tucked inside. I had to adjust my jeans a little. He
returned in a pair of stylish briefs. “These are okay, I guess. They’re a little snug,” he said
pulling at the front.

“They look smoking hot on you, but then again I’m biased.”

“Just like me,” he said. Corey stripped out of those and tried on his mesh trunks. He looked down and

“I love those. How do they feel?”

“Actually they feel great. I don’t feel so stuffed in these,” he said and tried on the last pair,
which were orange trunks as well. He liked those too. He kicked them off and stayed naked. He smiled
at me, thus I lost my clothes as well to join him. He turned out the lights with the glow of the fire
being the only light. 

We sat on the couch with his arm around me and me cuddled up against his body. 

“I just hope that in five minutes we aren’t interrupted,” Corey commented.

I looked up at him, “Me either. This is very romantic.

“It is. Nothing better than holding you like this. I could do this for a while and be so content.”

We sat on the couch. It was great just hearing his heartbeat and his breathing. His big arm around me
felt like heaven while my hand was on his knee. We couldn’t help but get in some nice kissing and
caressing while we sat there in the quiet, expecting at any moment our silence to be broken. 

We did have to break for a few minutes, but we returned quickly. My arm was draped over his shoulder.
This really had set the tone for our night. We welcomed the quietness and soon retired to our bedroom
to continue our romance. Corey was so great and made hot love to me for quite some time. It was slow
and deliberate with lots of kissing. I was so fulfilled with our sex and filled up as well with his
nice load in my bowels.

I was sleeping so soundly until I heard something. I quickly shot up from my sleep and listened

“Go back to sleep. It’s just Kris and Colt,” Corey said quietly.

It was after 3 in the morning. As I rolled to my side to cuddle against Corey I realized my dick was
hard as it pressed against his ass. He reached around and grabbed my cock, guiding it to his ass. He
opened up to let me slide inside him with nothing but my precum to lube the way. The friction was
incredible and his ass felt so tight wrapped around my dick. Instead of being tense he was totally
relaxed and reached behind and pulled me closer, forcing my cock deeper.

“Fuck me, Matt!” Corey moaned in pure pleasure so I knew I could start moving inside him.

“I’ll make love to your hot ass just like you did to me,” I said quietly, with just a small amount of
light shining through our blinds. My arms wrapped around his body while my hard cock began sliding in
and out of his warm ass. My hands moved all over his body, caressing the huge pecs and abs I loved so
much while I was kissing his neck and fucking him. He started moaning quietly while I was grunting,
thrusting my cock in him.

“MMMM that feels so fucking good,” he whispered between breaths.

I kept kissing his neck and shoulders while my hands travelled down his torso. He arched his back and
pushed his ass against me, fucking himself deeper on my cock. I ran my hand down his abs until finding
the cock that had fucked me so well just hours before rock hard and leaking so much precum my palm was
covered. My cock slipped out, allowing me to quickly grab some lube to reduce the friction. 

Corey moved around until he was on top of me. It was such a thrill seeing his big body on top of mine
and knowing that he was going to take control even though he was still the one getting fucked. I had
heard people refer to it as topping from the bottom and it was so hot. He reached down and stroked my
cock, sliding the tip back and forth over his entrance until we were both moaning and desperate for my
big dick to be back inside that amazing ass. He lifted up and then slowly sat down, pushing out as my
slippery cock sank back inside of him, gliding in until it was buried in his depths. He was so turned
on he started bouncing up and down on my cock, driving his ass down to impale himself so hard it
almost hurt as his ass collided with my hips and all 8 inched of my dick were buried deep inside him.
He then slowed down a little and moved his body down until he was fucking himself on my cock while
lying on me. I reached up and grabbed his head to kiss him while he continued to move up and down.

“OOO fuck yeah,” he moaned constantly with each plunge. 

My hands moved over his sides until finding his cock again. Our breathing was becoming so labored with
each passing moment. It felt so great and had me delirious with lust to satisfy his desire. 

I took over after a little bit and continued to fuck his ass while we kissed often. My thrusts got
faster and faster, knowing I was about to climax. He grabbed my face and rammed his tongue in my mouth
just as I released my load into him. My body quivered while shooting inside of him. 

He grunted loudly just after I finished and while I was still deep inside of him. His ass tightened
around my cock while he began spraying our bodies with cum. He was still perched on top me after his
orgasm. We kissed for a little time before he rolled off of me.

“Remind me to thank Kris and Colt for waking us up,” Corey said.

“I will, but you may regret it in a few hours,” I said.

“Never do I regret having you fuck me. Never!” he said.

The next morning here in January, I left the room just after 9:30 and found Kris sitting on the couch.
He quickly set down my iPad like he was doing something wrong.

“I don’t mind you messing with it at all,” I stated.

“Oh, I was worried you’d think I was invading your privacy.”

“Nah, there’s not a thing on there that is that private,” I said and walked over to grab some coffee
and something to eat.

“Here I was hoping it would snow but ain’t gonna do shit.”

“We had enough last year to last me,” I said pouring some cereal.

“Not for me, bro. Hey, you and Corey missed a kick ass time last night over at Bruce’s.”

“I’m glad you had a good time. Corey and I were just fine here.”

“I guess. How was eating free last night?” Kris asked and walked over to me.

“It was nice.”

“Bro, I know you had a beer or two, didn’t ya?”

“Well… we did and did it since you and Colt weren’t around.”

“Damn, Valentine’s Day can’t get here soon enough,” Kris said, since his birthday was the day before.

“Then you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about…”

“I highly doubt that,” he laughed. “So, are things in order for next weekend for Colt’s big day?”

“I guess so. I’ll email invitations out on Wednesday so they’ll plan for it,” I replied.

“Awesome. I know Colt’s so excited and loves the red neck theme.”

We discussed a few things about his party before I asked, “Did it kill ya to eat alone with him last

Kris smiled, “No, it didn’t. I had my head set we were going over there. Come to find out we didn’t
miss a thing. Thanks for steering me in the right direction.”

“Any time,” I said.

Just as I was finishing up eating, Colt made his appearance. The kiss between the two was so hot, with
both reaching and grabbing each other’s asses while they kissed. 

“Colt, how are you feeling?” I asked.

He brushed back his growing bangs, “You know we didn’t drink that much, did we?”

“No, just the right amount,” Kris replied.

“I didn’t wanna feel like shit all day either,” Colt commented.

“You usually don’t,” I said.

“I’m a good actor then,” he said. 

I sat down and grabbed my iPad to mess with it. While doing so, I knew something was happening or the
day was important but I could not lay my finger on it. 

“Colt, is there anyone special you wanna have at your party?” I asked.

“Just the regulars I guess. I can’t think of anyone special, like from work that would be really
interested, other than Ted and those guys,” he replied. “I take it you’re inviting Chase?”

“Just him and Tabor…” I said.

“Go ahead and ask Deer and Levi while you’re at it,” Kris stated. “I think Tabor really got his
feelings hurt being left out of Corey’s party.”

“I thought about it but knew Colt’s was a few weeks after. They lived,” I said. “I’ve got it! Today’s
Shawn’s birthday! Now I remember!”

“Okay,” Kris said. 

“We should do something low key for him…” I said.

“Yeah, he’s really beating himself up over that ticket,” Colt said.

“It’s either that or something else,” Kris said. “He hasn’t been good ole Shawn that has stood by us.
Low key would be nice.”

I sent Shawn a text message to see if he had plans for tonight. Within a few minutes he sent one back
saying he and his girl Heather were going out. I replied with Happy Birthday. With him going out, it
squashed any plans, but that wouldn’t keep me from giving him a small gift.

Rather than doing nothing, I got up and got dressed. While in my bedroom I spotted the cum stains on
our sheets and stripped our bed to wash them. I came back out and saw Kris and Colt were now dressed.

“Wanna run with us to the Rec for a little while?” Kris asked.

“Ummm… not today,” I replied. “I’ll hang around here.”

“Our sheets need changing too,” Colt said.

“Wash them then,” I said. 

“I was joking,” Colt said and patted me on the back. 

“No you weren’t,” I said and continued on to wash our sheets. 

While doing laundry I was able to make a call to Mom and check up on her. By her tone I could sense
she was getting antsy to be married. After explaining about Colt’s party I agreed to come home the
following weekend and knew far enough in advance so Corey could find the time to get off as well,
since it meant Mom was going to finally set the date.

I was able to start on my studies and saw one rough semester ahead. Now they were really going to kick
it up a notch and test our knowledge. There were projects and papers that would be due throughout the
year, which was normal but stressful.

Kris and Colt returned from their workout and headed straight for the powder to refuel. Kris came and
sat next to me.

“Whatcha doing, bro?” he asked.

“Just getting organized,” I replied.

“Well… we saw Ted just a second ago and he wanted to know if a few of us were up for a card game at
Todd’s tonight,” Kris said.

“I guess, but that wasn’t really what I wanted to do tonight,” I said.

“Okay then, but Colt and I are going,” Kris said. “It’d be fun. You always win some cash.”

“I know, but I’m not in the mood tonight. You go and have a great time,” I said.

“We can’t force him to go. I wonder if Corey’s up for a good game,” Colt said standing near us.

“He won’t go without Matt,” Kris said.

“If he wants, he can go,” I said. “Matter of fact, I might suggest he go. It won’t kill us to be apart
for most of the night…”

“We’ll see when he gets here in an hour,” Kris said. 

An hour or so later, Corey came in the door from working. I was watching TV with Kris and Colt. 

“Corey, how does a good card game sound to you tonight?” Colt asked.

“Sounds like fun if you ask me,” Corey said.

“Bro, Matt’s not up for it,” Kris stated.

“Okay then, I’ll stick around here with him,” Corey said and took a seat.

“Just because I don’t feel up for it doesn’t mean you can’t go. I think you should go,” I said.

“Is there a problem between you two now?” Kris asked.

“Not that I’m aware of,” Corey replied.

“Me either. He can go while I hang around here. I tell you what, I’ll be a really nice guy and drive
you three there as well as picking you up,” I said.

“Awesome!” Colt said.

“You’d really do that?” Corey asked.

“Yes, I know you do more than play cards. The last thing one of you three needs is a DWI like Shawn,”
I said.

“Ain’t that the truth?” Kris said. “I guess it’s settled. Matt, you could go along and just watch.”

“Not hardly. Corey can have his guy time with y’all and not worry about me,” I said.

Kris reached over and felt of my forehead. “Nope, he doesn’t have a fever.”

We sat around until they decided to get ready to head over Todd’s. I was sitting and was interested in
a show before Corey called me in our room. I walked in there and saw he was half dressed.

“Are you sure nothing is wrong?” Corey asked.

“Nothing is wrong at all. Oh, your check is in the top drawer of the dresser. I meant to tell you that
yesterday. Also, the weekend after Mom is getting married…”

“That’s it! You’re upset over the marriage.”

“Not in the least. I said that to tell you so you could make plans to be off that weekend. You’re
expected to be there.”

“Are you sure that’s not the trouble?”

“Corey, I’m just about to get pissed off here. We’ve been together so much lately and it didn’t sound
appealing to me at all. I know we’re not together while you work, but after you get off we are. I just
think you’d enjoy this time like you always do. We don’t have to do everything together.”

He reached over and kissed me, “Thanks! I guess I could use what you called some guy time away from
you. We have been together so much lately.”

“I’m glad we’re clear on that,” I said. “By the way, you look really hot in that tee Kris and Colt
gave you.”

Corey looked in the mirror, “Thanks! It fits me well and isn’t suffocating me.”

We headed out the door and grabbed something to eat before I dropped them off at Todd’s house. I
wished them well.


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