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Saturday, with school starting back up on Thursday, Corey and I decided to work out in our apartment
complex’s exercise room. I had been before and got a nice workout. However, I warned Corey beforehand
about the equipment. He said he was cool with it and could do a lot of reps instead. We entered with only
one girl on the treadmill. There were only three machines in there, which was sufficient for me. Corey
didn’t say a word and started doing his workout. Impressive wasn’t the word to describe seeing his
muscles bulge as he worked them. We did end up having a nice workout and headed back to our room to
shower together.

As we were eating, my phone rang. I raced to grab it and saw a number I didn’t know. I answered it and
finally figured out it was Mr Jackson calling for me to stop by his office on Monday or Tuesday to get
our plans squared away. After hanging up I called Gloria’s number again and still didn’t get an answer. 

“Corey, I have a really bad feeling,” I said.

“So what do you wanna do about it?”

“Let’s just drive to Dad’s house. There’s no telling what could have happened,” I stated.

“There you go worrying about something that hasn’t come to pass.”

“You’re probably right. There’s probably a perfectly logical explanation. Say how’s your mom? You haven’t
said a word.”

“About the same, which is good,” he replied. “As long as she keeps doing okay, everything will be fine.”

“So are we going?” I asked.

“We’ll go to ease your mind.”

We left the complex in my car and stopped to get gas since I was running low. I handed Corey two twenties
to pay for it and called Mom to tell her the situation. She said what Corey did in that I was just
worrying again. Corey entered the car and set down five one-dollar scratch off lottery tickets.

“Corey, tell me you didn’t spend my money on those,” I said after hanging up.

He reached in his wallet and handed me a five, “Here you go then. It could be fun.”

I rolled my eyes, “Just wait and we’ll scratch ‘em off later.”

He put the tickets in my glove box while I drove off.

As we neared Dad’s, Corey’s phone rang. He answered it while I was driving. “Really? No way, Scott! Are
you fucking serious?” Corey asked. “Let me tell Matt.”

“What is it?”

“Bryson backed out and ain’t coming,” Corey said with his hand over his phone. 

“Wow!” I commented. “Why?”

Corey returned to the phone and kept talking. I was just getting bits and pieces. He hung up.
“Unbelievable that he’d wait ‘til the last minute… Garrett said he found a job he really liked and would
rather work than go back to school.”

“I get that, but he’s left Bishop and Alex high and dry.”

“He said he’d pay the rent until they found someone, or at least his dad will,” Corey stated. “Do you
know anyone?”

I thought for a minute and navigated the roads as I neared Dad’s old house. “I don’t know anyone who
isn’t already set.”

“Me either,” Corey said. “Surely with all of us we’ll find someone.”

“Maybe, but it sucks the way he did it.”

“I agree. Garrett said Bryson struggled so he wasn’t surprised.”

I arrived at Dad’s place. My stomach dropped.

“Man,” Corey stated.

The grass was high and it appeared as if no one had been around the house in a while. I parked the car
and got out. “Corey, what’s going on here?”

“I can’t tell but it looks as if Gloria just left,” Corey said.

We walked up and peered in the front window. I could see very little furniture inside.  

“Hey, what are you boys doing here?” came a loud deep husky voice.

Corey and I wheeled around to see an older, balding gray haired man hobbling in our direction. 

“Sir, I tried calling Gloria but didn’t get an answer,” I replied. “This was my Dad’s house.”

“Oh, I see. Frank McAllen,” he said and extended his hand. “So you are Larry’s boy?”

“Yes sir,” I replied shaking his hand.

“Sorry about your dad. Larry was a good man and kept this place in top shape. I guess Gloria will be
selling it here directly,” he said.

“No sir, it’s mine,” I said.

“Oh I see,” he said. “Just one day about say a month ago, I began to notice there wasn’t a car or nothing
here. I wonder where she ran off to.”

“Me too,” I said.

“Ummm… if you’re interested in selling it, my daughter would love to buy it,” he stated.

“I might be,” I said. “First I want to make sure Gloria isn’t coming back.”

“That’s pretty obvious,” Corey said while we stood in the hot sun.

“I’ve been watching the place since I noticed she was gone. I hate to tell you but someone broke into his
shed two weeks ago and got most of his good tools. I boarded it up so no one would tear it apart,” the
man said and wiped the sweat from his brow.
“Thanks,” I said and now was worrying like crazy about Gloria and then what to do if she had vanished.  

“Here, let me give you my number for when you decide to sell it,” he said and gave me his number with
Corey putting it in his phone. “Boys, it’s too dang hot out here or else I’d like to visit with you. Say,
you did say you were Larry’s son?”

“Yes sir, his only son,” I replied.

“I see,” he said rubbing his chin. “Larry told me he had one in college here. Y’all have a good day.”

He walked away. 

Corey and I started around back. I saw Dad’s shed was boarded up like he said. “Matt, he knows about

“I think he does too,” I said. “Oh well. I have more shit to worry about than that.”

We walked around and looked in the kitchen window. All the appliances appeared to be there. Corey tried
the back door but it was bolted tight. We came back around front. I went to the mail box and opened it to
find it stuffed full. I grabbed it and took it to my car. 

“I guess there’s nothing more to do,” I said.

“Nope, it doesn’t look that way.”

I got in the car and began driving off. There were so many questions I didn’t have the answer for. Corey
played with the radio while I drove in silence. Just before we got on the main road, Corey said, “Pull
over. I’m driving us home so we don’t get killed. You almost ran off the road twice. I know you are too
worried about what we just saw to concentrate on the road.”

I pulled over and got out. He was right in that my mind wasn’t on driving. “You’d be worried too.”

“I’m worried for you too.”

“Why did she just up and leave? Why didn’t she call me? Now what am I going to do with that house? I
guess this explains why there’s no headstone on Dad’s grave. Fuck, I know she took me for about 2 grand.”

“Two grand, how?”

“My part of the granite headstone,” I replied. “Now I’m going to be out another four grand buying a new

“That sucks,” Corey said driving. “Matt, how well did you know her other than the fact she was your dad’s

“I don’t guess that well, but she was always so nice to me,” I replied.

“Honestly, there’s no telling where she went. It did look like she took some furniture with her.”

“I saw that,” I said shaking my head. “Get us back to the apartment. The day is looking like a total
disaster. First we hear Bryson isn’t coming back and now this big pile of shit I’ve got to deal with.”

While Corey drove, I took out my phone and called Mom. She didn’t know what to say or have an explanation
since she didn’t know the situation. She did say I could sell the house and add the money to my account.
The only problem there was I didn’t have a clue about the value of the house and land. It had to be worth

Nearing the apartment, Corey’s phone started to ring. I answered it for him since he was driving. It was
Scott, wondering where Corey was since they were playing golf. Corey estimated he’d be there in 20
minutes and said to wait on him. 

“I just forgot all about that,” Corey stated after I hung up.

“I hope you have a good time with them. I know you enjoy playing.”

“I do but it’s just for fun. One day, you should…”

“Nope, I’m sticking to my guns. It’s your chance to do something without me,” I stated.

We made it back with Shawn, Bishop and Scott waiting patiently on this hot day. Corey raced in, found his
clubs and was out the door. 

I wasn’t alone for very long before Kris came in. After informing him about both Bryson and the house, I
had to do it all over again with Colt. 

“Tell me so I don’t open my mouth,” I said. “What do your girlfriends know about this summer?”

“Everything,” Kris replied. “Megan’s to the point now where she’s beginning to understand my desire to be
with certain guys.”

Colt laughed, “Andrea knew mine and I know her pussy eating tendencies as well.”

“If it works for you…” I said.

“It does. I’m lucky to have her,” Colt said. “Now it just sucks that Bryson backed out. I understand a
little bit, but why did he wait until the very last minute?”

We discussed a few scenarios but really didn’t know the full story. Soon Kris and Colt got up to shower
since they were going on a double date this night.  

As they were showering, I answered the door and was happy to see Garrett and Brennan at the door. I
welcomed them in.

“Spill it, Garrett, I want to know what’s up with Bryson,” I said.

“It was a case of him looking for the best possible excuse not to return,” Garrett said. “I had a feeling
this might happen. He hated studying.”

“We all hate it,” I said.

“He was working with this guy all summer and enjoyed his job installing tile and counters,” Garrett

“Garrett tried to talk him out of it but he was dead set on working,” Brennan said. “Hey, we wanna hear
all about your trip.”

Before I could start, Kris and Colt were standing there with Colt having a towel wrapped around his
waist. Garrett told the two exactly what he told me before they left to dress.

“Ummm… did they shower together?” Brennan asked.

“I think so to same time,” I replied. I started telling them about my trip but only things I thought were
suitable. I did tell them about my night in the sling.

“Was getting fucked by foreign guys hot?” Garrett asked.

“It was, but Corey was right near me,” I replied.

“Wow, I wish you’d taken a picture of that,” Brennan stated. “That’d have been fucking epic.”

I smiled at them, “I guess it would have been. So, what did you two do all summer?”

“First off, I had to tell my Dad I had a boyfriend and I was gay,” Brennan replied. “He didn’t take it so
well to begin with but he’s cool with now. He really likes Garrett.”

“He should. I was there most of the summer,” Garrett said.

“We went to that nude beach a few times since it’s only like two hours from my house. I saw now what
y’all did in that place,” Brennan stated.

“It’s a lot of fun,” I said with Kris coming out dressed.

Kris talked with Brennan and Garrett until Colt was ready. They said they’d probably not be back until

“So how’s Scott going to be as a roommate?” I asked once Kris and Colt were gone.

“He’s going to be great,” Brennan replied.

“He’s like he always is,” Garrett replied too.

We talked together until Corey, Scott, Bishop and Shawn came in our apartment. Corey walked over to me.
He smelled like sweat and beer.

“Remind me next time not to volunteer to be the designated driver,” Bishop said carrying a case of beer.

We laughed at him while Corey took a seat next to me on the couch and put his arm around me. “Did you
have fun?” I asked.

“We sure did. Scott and I whipped that ass,” Corey replied.

“Oh please,” Shawn said. “Wait until next time.”

“Sober I’ll still beat your ass,” Scott said. Scott seemed worse than Corey and Shawn.

Bishop took out a beer and chugged it while Garrett and Brennan told them about Bryson. “All I know for
his sake he better hope we find a roommate fast.”

“No shit,” Brennan said. “He’ll be paying for nothing.”

“Or just a place to sleep for the games. He did say he’d come for the games,” Garrett stated.

After a while, everyone was gone since they were tired. “Matt, are you pissed at me?”

“Corey, I’m really glad you went and had a good time. You don’t have to ask if I’m pissed. You did drink
a little but you were smart enough to do it after Bishop said he’d drive.”

“So Kris and Colt really said they wouldn’t be back, huh?”

“They did,” I smiled. 

Corey kissed me and stood. “I’ll go take a shower now. You’re welcome to join me for some preliminary

“Hmmm…” I said rubbing the stubble on my chin. “Sounds enticing… I think I will join you.”

It was a hot steamy warm up in the shower. Once we dried off, Corey went to the living room, sat on the
couch, raised his big legs and spread his ass cheeks. “Babe, I am so ready to get fucked.”

“Not before I get to eat out your ass,” I said and loved hearing Corey was ready for sex.

With Corey on the couch I dove straight in and delighted in eating out his clean ass. He held up his legs
and started moaning with such joy. While eating his ass, my hand stroked my cock to get hard again after
it had gone down following the shower. My mouth and tongue worked his ass and then moved to suck his
thick cock. 

“Damn,” I cussed leaving to get the lube. Returning, Corey was a sight of pure heaven while he was
stroking his cock, ready for me. I lubed up a few fingers to enter him while I kissed him.

After my fingers were done, my cock head was at his hole with his legs pushed near his face. His hole
opened and allowed me inside of him. The few days of not having sex made this encounter hotter, plus we
were doing it in our living room on a Saturday. 

“OOO fuck yeah, Matt. Shove that big fucking dick in me,” Corey said. 

My cock went deeper before slipping out. More lube was applied before I was back in his hot ass. We
looked each other in the eye while I moved in and out of him slowly. His hands were on my ass while I
fucked him. 

“You feel so good in me… fuck me, Matt!”

“Your ass is so fucking hot, Corey! I love fucking you!”

I built up a nice pace. The sound of our skin slapping together was mixed with his deep moans and my
grunts. I love pounding his ass only to slow down and let him feel me in him. 

Corey moved and leaned over the arm rest of the couch. My cock slid back inside him while my hand found
his cock. After a few hard deep thrust, he turned so we could share a kiss. We kissed, broke it off and
kissed some more. 

The sex was shorter than I wanted. He excited me so much I couldn’t hold off. My cock came out of his
ass. I grabbed it, groaned and began shooting my load all over his back and ass. 

Corey turned around and fired his load onto my face as I knelt down. Closing my eyes was a necessity,
though I missed seeing his great body contract. Stream after stream hit my face while Corey let out a
loud scream. 

Opening my eyes, I could see my boyfriend limp as a dishrag after we enjoyed a great orgasm. He grabbed
me with cum running down my face and kissed me. 

“I’m a fucking dumbass,” Corey said after we kissed.

“No you’re not…”

“I don’t know why I felt used or that getting fucked by you was an obligation. It’s an honor and
privilege to share my love with you like we just did.”

“Maybe the layoff excited us more and added that spark. Looking back it was rather the same old shit
every night…”

“It may have been, but it was our way of showing our love to end the day,” Corey said.

We moved to sit on the couch. Corey grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels before stopping
at a movie for us to watch. The part I enjoyed most was being able to rest against his body and to feel
his arm around mine. We did watch the movie some but mostly kissed and petted for a great night of
romance along with having some popcorn from our microwave.

To end the night, Corey carried me to bed and finished off by making great love to me. It was just after
midnight when Corey and I finished. I was lying there with his arm around me and his dick still inside
me. The day had been adventuresome to say the least with Bryson not coming back, finding Gloria gone and
our rare night alone.

Waking up on Sunday, I felt so rested. Corey had managed to get up and go to work without disturbing me.
After doing it so long, he was a master at being as quiet as he could. 

As I was just playing around on my computer and going over my classes, my phone dinged with a text
message. I picked it up and saw it was Ted asking if I was awake. I replied saying I was and to call me
if he wanted or needed something. Within a minute, my phone was ringing with Ted’s deep voice on the
other end. He wanted to see if I was possibly free for breakfast. I said I was since Corey was gone and
no one else was around. 

I dressed and saw I needed to shave but it could wait another day. I was out the door and went to ride
with him for what I thought was the first time. He greeted me with a firm handshake before we got in his
older smaller car. He was wearing a grey tee shirt, shorts and flip flops with a hat turned around
covering his buzzed haircut.

“How’s practice going?” I asked him.

“As well as a hot practice can go. It really zaps me and leaves me with so little energy.”

“You give it your all each day.”

“I try,” he said. “Matt, I hate to burden you with this but Jess called and said Reese appeared to have a
little too much to drink last night. I don’t know what to do.”

“Ted, he’s in college now and is trying out new things…”

“It’s not Reese at all to go out and do that, though.”

“People change. I did for sure. You get away from home and there’s temptation after temptation, as you
should well be aware of.”

“I know, and I’m trying to look out for him for his own good. I should just let it slide but it really
bothered me, especially since it’s his first weekend here. I feel responsible for him and him being

“I wouldn’t worry about it unless it becomes a problem for him. He may have been caught in a situation
where he thought he needed to show the others he wasn’t a wuss or wimp.”

“You’re right,” Ted said pulling into the restaurant. “I sound like his dad rather than his uncle right
now. Hell, I drank when I first got here so why should it be any different for Reese?”

We got out and headed to the door. “I wouldn’t say a word to him since you really didn’t catch him. He
won’t trust Jess in the future if he knows Jess is telling you everything he does.”

We were seated and handed a menu. “You’re right. He’ll blame Jess for being a snitch, but Jess was
concerned,” Ted said while looking over the menu. We ordered when the young waitress came to take our
order. Ted’s order was quite impressive with 3 eggs, bacon, pancakes, toast and hash browns. I got an
omelet and toast.

“Now I see the reason you wanted me to come eat with you,” I said after she left with our order in the
busy restaurant.

Ted laughed, “Well I needed to talk to someone who understood Reese. He really likes the roommate he got.
I’m impressed they put the gay guys with each other rather than letting them suffer. I see we are making
some progress.”

“I guess we are, step by step,” I said.

“Matt, I’ll be really honest with you. Before I met you I worried about how Reese would make it in this
world. You, along with Corey and the rest of the gay guys I know, have shown me that you’re not bound by
your sexuality. You’re very regular guys to me now. Now, I know Reese can make it. I guess you do know
how much he looks up to you and Corey.”

I smiled, “It’s a compliment if anything that he does. I wish I had the same role model a few years ago.
I worried about how I’d make it too, but Kris led the way and still does.”

“Kris is amazing like that. I’ve never once heard him cut someone down because of their skin color,
sexual orientation or mental capacity.”

“He’s just like that,” I said. “So how’s the season going to shape up?”

“We’ll see, but I hope it’s a big success,” Ted said.

We got our food and continued to talk. I tried to limit the questions about football since I was sure
others hounded him with them. I think that’s why we’ve become good friends over the past year. Now I see
him first as a friend rather than some All American football star. 

When the bill arrived, we fought over who was going to pay. There was little I could do when he wouldn’t
let me pay, other than leave a tip for the waitress.

When we got back, Ted was gracious as always and thanked me for going with him. It was a treat that he
wanted me to go above the rest. I returned to our apartment and started laundry for me and Corey. Kris
and Colt did know how to do laundry and would have to find the time.

After finishing up laundry and talking to my Mom, I decided to take advantage of another hot sunny day. I
went to put on my swimsuit and debated for a second which one to wear. After a little back and forth in
my head the bikini went on. If others didn’t like it they’d have to deal with it, plus it looked great on
my body.

Entering the pool area, I noticed Terry and Dalton out catching some rays as well. It was a small relief
seeing Dalton in a bikini as well and filling it out quite well with a good bulge in the front. I grabbed
the chair next to Terry and caught his eye.

“Damn Matt,” he commented. “Thanks for putting us to shame there, hottie.”

“He does look good,” Dalton said.

“Thanks guys, but you’re embarrassing me,” I said. 

“Dude, you got it so flaunt it,” Terry said.

“How have y’all been?” I asked.

“Great as ever, and you and Corey?” Terry replied.

“We’re doing great. He’s working today so I decided to catch some rays,” I said.

“It looks like you have been,” Terry stated.

Just then another guy took the chair next to me. I looked and recognized his face. He was tall and thin,
like Garrett, with thick blond hair. “How’s it going?” he asked me.

“Not too bad,” I said.

“Where’s Kris at?” he asked.

“Oh I don’t know… do I know you?”

“Yeah, I’m Madison. You probably remember my brother that day Kris came over. He’s still an asshole like
always,” he replied.

“Yeah, sorry, sometimes I’m not good with faces and names,” I said.

“That’s cool, dude… what’s your name again?”

“Matt,” I replied. 

“That’s right. Y’all been having some kick ass parties I hear in your apartment,” Madison said.

“Where’s our invite?” Terry asked.

“Well they just happen. You’d have to know my roommates,” I replied. “I’m sure we won’t kick ya out if
you show up out of the blue. Kris believes the more the merrier.”

“I’ll remember that,” Madison stated and put in his earplugs.

I was kicked back and taking in the rays when I heard my name called and knew it was Scott. He and Jordy
were together in their speedos with a towel thrown over their shoulders. I moved down next to Dalton so I
could be next to Scott.

As we were talking, Dalton leaned over to me and said quietly, “Damn, all your friends are hot as fuck,

“They are,” I said with a smile. I introduced Scott to Dalton, Terry and Madison. Madison joked about how
I had moved on him and moved next to Terry. 

We hit the water after a while to cool off. Getting out, I looked up and saw Kris walking in my direction
in his bikini and shades. 

“Matt, how did you ever get him in one? Whatever it was, it really looks so hot on him,” Scott said to

Kris was walking along and stumbled. We got a nice laugh out of him but he acted like nothing happened.
He threw down his things with what seemed like everyone looking at him.

I left Kris and headed back after getting my fill of the sun and water after hanging around another hour
or so. I came inside and saw Corey sitting on the couch. I went over and saw he needed a big fat kiss by
the look on his face.

“Exactly what I needed, seeing my boyfriend in his bikini,” Corey said.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Oh just shit at work,” he said. “It’s stressing me out so much I had to take it out in the weight room.”

“Anything major?” I asked.

“Just a bunch of cocky ass freshman who think they rule the world now they’re in college.”

“Was it anyone we know?”

“No, or else they’d have got told how things were. For some reason everyone wanted to complain to me
today. I don’t know if I can handle much more of that.”

“I know you take your job seriously but I wouldn’t let it get to you. Mom used to come home and throw
stuff after a long hard day,” I said.

“Surely not sweet Linda?”

“Surely sweet Linda does,” I laughed. “So what’s your schedule like this semester?”

“Same as always, but this year on weekends I don’t have off I may work like Saturday and Sunday with
Friday. They did tell me if I get in my hours this semester for the month I could have one or two three
day weekends.”

“That’s great,” I said.

“I know. JJ and Teague want us to go up the weekend we play each other. We can stay at the house they’re

“I guess we have plans one weekend then for sure, but can they handle all of us?”

“They said they’d try. We’ll see,” Corey said.

“I guess they’re content with their decision to stay where they are.”

“They talked hard about it but in the end decided it was really best for them to stay where they are.
Hell, who wouldn’t want to come and be a part of us?”

“You’re right there,” I replied.


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