Posted:  Jan 16, 2013

We exited the Hall, our arena here on campus, after going to a basketball game on Tuesday night
just before dead day. It was fun, I guess, or about as fun as a basketball game could be. Our
large group made it fun with our hollering and cheering.

Kris, Colt, Corey and I headed to Kris’s ride to head back. 

“Damn, Shawn’s girl wasn’t half bad,” Colt stated in the front passenger seat with Kris.

“Half bad my ass. She was hot, especially for Shawn,” Kris said, starting his SUV.

“The main thing was she was very nice. I’m not sure what Amber thought of us…” I said in reference
to Shawn’s new girl.

“We’re crazy and she probably wondered why Shawn hung around us,” Corey said laughing. “Man, what
does Ethan see in Margie?”

“The girl better be putting out is all I’ll say,” Colt replied.

“She wasn’t that bad,” I said.

“Bro, you need glasses. I guess Ethan needs her when he goes swimming with that damn inner tube
around her gut,” Kris said, driving.

“That’s just cruel, Kris, but damn funny,” Corey said.

“Don’t egg him on,” I said to Corey.

“Bro, I was making a joke. If Ethan likes her, who cares? It’s like Colt and me. I’ve stopped
giving a rat’s ass what they think now,” Kris said.

I didn’t want to argue, but I knew he was just saying that. He’d go crazy if some stranger said
something to him, but then again he and Colt didn’t show any signs of being together out in
public. I do it too much with Corey, but I’ve learned when it’s appropriate.

We made it back and entered our apartment. 

“Damn, who turned up the heat in here?” Colt asked.

I darted my eyes around and was guilty. “I was cold,” I defended myself.

“You pay the gas bill and you’re more than welcome to turn it up as high as you want,” Kris said
and took off his shirt.

“I hate to agree, but it is hot in here,” Corey said.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “You do know there are four of us in here.”

“We do, but majority rules too,” Colt said.

“Fine then. I’ll wear a fucking jacket in here,” I said.

“Don’t be like that, bro,” Kris said. “We were stating facts. We’re sorry if you’re cold, but
three of us aren’t, though it gives me a good excuse to lose these clothes.”

Corey, Kris and Colt did get naked and sat down on the couches. I waited a minute before joining

“One thing Matt doesn’t have to worry about is shrinkage,” Colt said with a big smile.

“It’s cool we can do this. We haven’t done it that much here lately,” Kris said. “Colt, we’re set
for tickets, right?”

“We’re all good,” Colt said. “It’s gonna be rough since it’s so close…”

“Thank goodness you work there,” Corey said. “No way would I pay what they want for those suckers.
Have you seen the price?”

“Yeah, fucking one fifty,” Kris replied. “That’s highway robbery right there.”

“I know. Corey showed me the regular price last night. I almost had a heart attack,” I stated.

We sat discussing our plans for the break and what big tests we had coming. I felt great knowing
there wasn’t much pressure on me to make a good grade. Something told me Kris was really going to
rely on his finals to up his grades. 

While we were talking, it wasn’t hard to notice Kris and Colt being very frisky with each other to
the point they kept grabbing each other’s cocks. I had done a little of it to Corey since he and I
hadn’t had sex in a few nights. It wasn’t a bad thing since we were busy and tired as well. 

“I hate to say this but I’m horny as fuck right now,” Kris stated.

“Babe, I love it when you’re horny,” Colt said and kissed Kris on the cheek. “I can damn sure do
something about it.”

“I’m horny as fuck just watching you two,” Corey said. 

“Let’s do something about it then,” I said.

With that, I had three expressions of shock staring straight at me. 

“Bro, are you suggesting we start a fucking orgy right here?” Kris asked.

“Ummm… well…” I stuttered.

“It would be hot,” Corey said. “No doubt we love each other so there wouldn’t be much wrong with

“Game on then,” Colt stated.

Kris walked over. Corey stood and met him. They threw their arms around each other and kissed
passionately while I watched and got a big thrill out of seeing these two chiselled studs going at
it. Colt joined them in this heated moment and slipped between them. Kris and Corey turned their
heads and managed to get both of their tongues in Colt’s mouth at the same time, even if they
weren’t going in deep. I really would have loved to take a picture of this, with cocks starting to
rise until they almost met in the middle.

I couldn’t resist and dropped to my knees. I grabbed Colt’s nice cock since it was pointing
straight at me and shoved it between my lips. He stopped kissing them and put his hands on my

“OOO fuck yeah,” he moaned. “Feels so good.”

“Best dick sucker around,” Corey stated.

I continued to work Colt’s hard cock as Corey and Kris leaned over me to continue kissing each
other. The feel of Colt sliding between my lips was so fantastic. I had to reach down and feel my
hard cock while his was lodged in my mouth and I started to bob up and down. 

“Let’s say we can’t have sex with our boyfriends,” Kris stated when he finally pulled back from a
heated kiss with Corey.

“I agree,” Corey said, panting slightly. “Are we all clean?”

“Fuck no,” Colt said. “I wasn’t expecting this.”

I pulled off his cock and hated to break the moment but I felt as though my ass needed cleaning.
“Me neither.”

“I say we all clean up,” Kris said, “then whatever happens we’re all ready.”

We all agreed and Colt and I raced off to the bathrooms to cleanse. It was a quick cleanse before
I returned.

Corey was on the couch with his leg up, his arm draped over the backrest and Kris’s head buried
between his legs. It was just so damn hot to see Kris sucking Corey’s thick cock like it was a
lollipop. Colt came out and saw this. His dick was rock hard. He dropped to his knees and took my
cock in his mouth. Corey and Kris stopped and raced to the bathroom while I took a seat to get

“Fucking great dick,” Colt said before he went back down on me. I put my hands on his thick,
brown, growing hair and got lost in the moment. His mouth felt so good sliding up and down my
rigid shaft. He had that gleam in his eye when he glanced up at me with my cock in his mouth and
one hand at the base. He used his other hand and rubbed on my six pack. My head was tilted back,
feeling the electricity flowing through my body. I heard footsteps and then felt another mouth on
my cock alongside Colt’s. I glanced down to see that Kris had joined him. They ran their tongues
up the side of my shaft and it felt so good to get worked over by both of them. Colt moved down to
my balls while Kris had taken over on my cock. I threw my head back and moaned as Kris sucked my
dick into his mouth and started working me over as Colt let my balls slip from his mouth.

“Relax and enjoy this,” Kris said taking a breath.

“I will,” I said breathless.

I looked over to the other couch to see Colt now sucking Corey’s thick cock. Colt was so into it,
running his hands all over Corey’s hot body while he tried to take every inch of his fat cock.
Corey looked so hot and was moaning like he does when I suck it. Kris pulled my attention back to
him when he took my cock out of his mouth and slapped it against his cheek before diving back down
on it.

“Suck my fucking dick, Kris. Suck it. I know you want it.”

Kris pulled back with spit streaming from his lips, “Fuck yeah I want this motherfucker. I want it
in my ass too.”

“I’ll fuck your hot ass for sure,” I said, feeling my dick twitch at the idea.

Colt pulled off Corey’s cock with Kris going back down on mine. “Such a fucking hot cock, Corey, I
want you to fuck me tonight.”

“I’d love to ram my thick fucking dick in your ass,” Corey said and pulled Colt up for a kiss. 

It was like we were being filmed for a porno but this was really happening in our living room. It
was a surprise this hadn’t occurred earlier, but now seemed like the perfect time for us to enjoy
fucking around with each other.

The sound of slurping and moaning bounced off the walls. Kris was doing a great job and had
improved to be a fine cock sucker in his own right. I suppose his nightly experience with Colt was

I pulled Kris off my cock and he moved up until he was laid on top of me with his dick pressed
against mine. It felt so good having his big muscular body on top of me. He took my face in his
hands and kissed me so passionately it took me a moment to recover. When I did I pushed him back
onto the sofa and licked my way down his body until I reached his hot cock. I licked the precum
from the tip and then sucked him into my mouth.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw that Corey stood and led Colt over to where we were sitting.
Corey got on his knees while Colt took a seat next to Kris. I pulled off and kissed Corey before
he went down on Colt. 

I kept sucking Kris and loved seeing him and Colt kiss while Corey and I worked over their hard
cocks. I moved Kris down slightly, exposing his hole, and rammed a finger in his ass to feel him
jump. Colt took Corey’s head and began face fucking him. I rarely did that but Corey took it and
never moved. Kris and Colt were both moaning and groaning with their arms draped over each other’s

Kris stood and pulled me up. “Bro, I’m so fucking ready to get my ass fucked.”

I kissed him before he went to my room to get condoms. I was glad he did and didn’t want to go
bare. I believe that was in our best interest, even though we were tested and clean. He came back
with two boxes and our big bottle of lube. 

“I wanna take your dick in my ass while I suck Corey’s thick cock,” Kris said, positioning himself
on the sofa with his ass hanging over the edge.

“Where’s that leave me?” Colt asked standing with his cock so hard and pointing straight out.

“I’ll suck your dick while I fuck Kris. This really will be an orgy,” I replied and had always
wanted to do that.

“Fuck yeah,” Corey said. “Fucking hot doesn’t come close to this shit!”

I ripped open the Magnum condom and slid it down my hard cock. It had been a while since I’d worn
one but now was the time. With some lube, I smeared all over the condom and jacked my cock to its
ultimate length. The lube had made my fingers slick so I inserted one inside Kris’s hot puckered
pink hole as he was kneeling in front of me. He gasped, feeling my finger slip inside him, and
began moaning like crazy once I started shoving it in and out. Another was added along with more
lube to open his hole to take my cock. Colt had taken over and was stroking my covered cock to
keep it hard while I finger fucked Kris. Kris moved his head and took Corey’s thick hard cock in
his mouth. Corey moved up onto the sofa so Kris had better access to his cock as he bobbed up and
down on it in time to my fingers as they fucked his ass.  

I pulled out my fingers and moved closer to him. His hole was quivering and looked so hot waiting
to take my hard cock. My hands grabbed his hips while the head was aching to get inside. I lined
my dick up and started to apply a little pressure. Kris opened up and allowed my cock to penetrate

Kris pulled off Corey’s cock, “OOO fuck yeah!”

“Back on my fucking dick,” Corey said with force. He grabbed Kris’s by the head and made him go
back down on him. “Fuck his ass, Matt! Let him feel all of that big fucking cock!”

Slowly my cock sank deeper into Kris. His ass was hot and gripped my cock like a glove. I reached
up and grabbed Colt’s cock. I stroked it a few times and then pulled it to my lips so I could
start sucking it. It was tough in the position he was in beside the couch so I told him to hop up
onto it so he was at the right height. He jumped up and threw one leg over Kris so Kris was now
between his legs as he stood with his dick perfectly level with my mouth. I leaned forward
slightly and put his dick in my mouth to suck it. My hand pushed him back a bit so I could suck
his cock while pumping my hips back and forth to truly start fucking Kris. I loved the sensation
of Kris’s ass gripping my dick and Colt’s cock sliding between my lips. It took a second to get
down the rhythm but after a few pushes I was good to go and sucked Colt while I fucked Kris.

“Fuck, he’s talented,” Colt commented with his hands on my head.

“Take my boyfriend’s cock you little whore! Tell me you don’t love his big dick rammed deep inside
your boy pussy!” Corey said while I was fucking Kris and sucking Colt’s cock. I heard the slap of
his cock on Kris’s cheek before it was shoved back in.

Kris pulled off, “I fucking love it! You’re one lucky motherfucker, Corey, to get this shit every

“Damn, this is so fucking hot!” Colt said.

“Oh man…” Corey said before going silent.

I wondered what he was saying that about because it didn’t sound like it was Kris’s awesome skills
at sucking his cock, but with Colt between us I couldn’t see him. Then suddenly I felt Colt’s dick
jump in my mouth and he let out such a scream of pleasure.

“Oh fuck, Corey!” Colt screamed. “Eat my fucking ass!”

Now it all made sense. While Corey still had his dick in Kris’s mouth he had Colt’s ass waving in
front of his face as Colt’s cock disappeared between my lips and the views as just too good. He
had leaned forward and buried his face in Colt’s crack, assaulting the hole with his tongue. If it
was possible Colt’s dick seem to grow harder and longer in my mouth.

“Corey, you’ve got to fuck me!” Colt moaned.

“I will,” Corey said. “I’m so goddamn horny right now. Your boyfriend sucks a mean dick!”

“Yours is the fucking best,” Colt said and pulled his cock from my mouth as Corey pulled his from
Kris. “And you have my ass so fucking ready for your cock.”

My head was now spinning out of control with the sounds and smells of sex permeating throughout
the room. I was sweating like crazy while I was fucking Kris at a great pace. The sound of our
skin slapping together was music to my ears along with his ever increasing groans with each
thrust, whether from me or from him driving his ass back onto my cock.

I leaned over onto his strong back to see every muscle in his arms bulging while pressed into the
sofa cushion. I turned his head ever so slightly. His tongue came out to meet mine while I
continued to slam his ass. 

“Your cock feels so good in me,” Kris said.

“Your ass is so hot,” I said and saw Colt on the floor with his legs in the air waiting to take
Corey’s cock. I slowed our pace while Kris and I watched Corey slowly enter Colt. 

“OOOO fucking shit!” Colt screamed when Corey bottomed out in his ass.

“Take me you bitch! Take my dick!” Corey said and must have really been feeling this as he pulled
back and thrust deep into Colt.

Kris pulled away from me and we stood as we watched Corey fuck Colt. I could see his dick
throbbing and bouncing as he saw his boyfriend get fucked. Corey was really drilling Colt and was
pounding his ass hard, but Colt was clinging to Corey’s big arms and they were looking into each
other’s eyes the whole time Corey was fucking Colt’s ass. Corey slowed down a little and leaned
down for a kiss before moving back and picking the pace back up.

“Yeah! Fuck me Corey! Feels so fucking good! Harder!” Colt cried.

“Fuck…” I heard Kris breathe.

He turned and pushed me on the couch so I was seated. He grabbed the lube and moved to mount my
hard cock on the couch, straddling my waist and moving so his ass was hovering above my dick. I
could hear Colt almost screaming while Corey fucked him. It excited me that much more seeing Corey
fuck another guy. It didn’t happen often, in fact maybe only the once with Scott. I saw what Corey
did when he saw me getting fucked or fucking another guy. Kris lubed my cock some more before
descending down it with ease. I just slipped back inside him. It was as though I could feel the
inside of his ass while my cock travelled deeper. I looked Kris in the eyes as he slid down and
eventually had my dick balls deep inside him. He kissed me and then began slowly riding me with my
hands clasped onto his ass.

“OOO fuck yeah,” Kris moaned with his head tilted back.

My hand travelled over his taut body until reaching his cock. I grabbed a little lube and began
stroking him in time with my dick as it slid in and out of him. He used even more newly learnt
skills on me as his ass was really massaging my cock, squeezing tight as my cock withdrew and
loosening as I plunged back in. He was such a good bottom now it was unbelievable. While he was
riding me, I was stroking his cock and leaned up to suck on his nipple. All the while, I could
plainly hear Corey and Colt fucking like crazy. The sound continued to drive me insane with Colt
now begging Corey to fuck him harder. 

Kris stopped and pulled up, placing his hands on my shoulders. I took over and began fucking his
ass like crazy. Sweat was rolling down his face while his head moved side to side. “Yes!  Fuck
yeah! OOOO Matt, fuck me!” Kris shouted. 

Kris leaned over and kissed me while I was long dicking his ass, making sure he could feel every
inch of my cock as I drove it back up into him. He leaned up and groaned. I could feel his ass
clamping tightly around my cock and saw his muscles tense up. 

“OOOO fuck!” Kris said as cum began flying out of his cock. Shot after shot hit my chest and began
dripping down my abs. Without any control, my cock twitched and began filling the condom. With his
strong hands, Kris grabbed my face and kissed me. We sucked each other’s lips and tongued each
other with his load drying on my body. 

“Fuck yeah!” I heard Corey screamed and peeked over Kris’s shoulder to see him blasting his load
all over Colt’s face and hair. They kissed while Kris moved off my shrinking cock.  

After I removed the cum filled condom, Kris and I moved closer to watch Corey suck Colt’s cock to
completion. After a few minutes, Colt grabbed Corey’s head and held on while he tensed up. “Take
my fucking load,” Colt groaned. “OOO yes, Corey, take it.”

Kris leaned over and kissed me. Corey pushed Kris out of the way and shared some of Colt’s cum
with me. Kris walked over and kissed Colt. We sat in a circle and revelled in what had just

“Fuck,” Kris spat out. “That’s all the needs to be said.”

“I agree,” I said. “I love every one of you so fucking much right now it’s not even funny.”

“I’m with Matt,” Corey said. “My heart is filled with so much love right now it’s about to

“The three of you are the fucking best,” Colt said. “Here I thought we’d have a quiet night.”

We stood and kissed each person with so much passion. 

“If there was a bed big enough, I’d say we all sleep together,” Kris stated.

“Good idea, but there’s not,” I said. “Man, I could really use a shower about now.”

“We all could,” Corey said.

I reached out and took Corey by the hand. We kissed and walked to shower. Our kissing didn’t stop
once we were under the water and continued until we finished rinsing off the sweat and cum from
our bodies. One distinct advantage of lowering the heat was the fact I could curl up next to Corey
in our bed. 

“Babe, you were on fire tonight,” Corey said in my ear.

“You were too and gave Colt all he could handle.”

“It’s the first time I’ve fucked him. He was a great fuck, you know, just like Kris was for you.”

“Kris is a great fuck. Hell we all are,” I said. “We love sex, but more importantly we love each
other. It was a little crazy but there was love out there.”

“I could feel it. I know a lot of people would consider us freaks but it’s our way of showing love
to each other. There’s no better way if you ask me. Damn, I’m so happy Colt and Kris are lovers

“I am too. I’m even happier that my lover is holding me right now,” I said and glanced over to see
it was a little before one.

We talked a little while longer before we fell asleep. I don’t suppose we moved since I woke with
Corey’s veiny arms wrapped around me. I quietly moved his arms and put my pillow in place before
squeezing out of bed. It was just after nine here on Wednesday for Dead Day before finals.

I went out and started a pot of coffee with the rain falling outside. It was nice not going to
class in the rain and enjoying a day of studying. After the coffee was made, I sat thinking about
what I needed to do and the order that things needed to be done in. 

Colt came walking out and came straight for me, naked like I was. He wrapped his arms around my
neck and kissed me with our naked bodies rubbing against each other. “Good morning,” he said.

“Good morning to you.”

“I hope you didn’t mind the kiss…”

“Not at all. You didn’t see me resisting.”

“Man, last night will be so hard to beat. Hell, Kris wanted more when we got in bed last night, we
were up ‘til after two fucking each other,” Colt said and grabbed a cup. “He really loved you
fucking him.”

“I loved it too. I think you enjoyed Corey fucking you.”

“Fuck, did I ever! His thick cock filled my ass up so good,” Colt said pouring his cup. “Matt,
Kris and I were talking after we fucked… say every so often… you know we could switch things up
for a night.”

“Ummm… we could do that, but let’s not overdo it.”

“Exactly… Maybe once every month or so… maybe when we’re feelin’ it… Nothing planned…”

“Was last night?”

Colt smiled, “It’s been on our minds. We didn’t say tonight we’re having an orgy. It’s best when
it ain’t planned.”

“I agree. I suppose we could try and see what happens. Good thing none of us are the jealous
type,” I said.

“Ain’t that the fucking truth? I do love you and Corey so much, maybe more than ever. It’s weird
how I fought like hell deciding whether or not to be with Kris and now I don’t see me going back.”

“Are you saying you couldn’t date a girl again?”

“Man,” Colt said shaking his growing hair. “I don’t know if I could. These past two months have
been the very best. Am I gay now or what?”

“That sounds just like Kris. I still see you as bi. You proved that with Toni.”

Colt laughed, “Thanks for reminding me. You don’t know how great it is to be bi.”

“I’m happy being gay and wouldn’t have it any other way,” I said with pride.

“So you wouldn’t change it if you could?”

“I know no other way, Colt. There’s nothing I can do about it. I love guys.”

“I see that, but at least you aren’t overly gay… if you know what I mean?”

“I know exactly what you mean,” I said and saw Corey coming out. He walked over and kissed me
before kissing Colt. 

“Roommates that fuck and kiss stay together,” Corey said.

“So true… so fucking true,” Colt said with me laughing. “I’d really like to see someone fuck with

“They’d have a real battle on their hands,” I stated.

We grabbed something to eat and weren’t in the mood to really cook anything at the moment. We ate
cereal or whatever was quick and handy. Kris exited his room and came walking in with his hair a
mess. I stood and scooted away my chair. I went to him and kissed him on the lips.

Kris wasn’t sure exactly why but didn’t put up much of a fight. He pulled back, “Bro, I know I was
a good fuck but was I that good?”

“Showing some love to you,” I replied and saw Corey come. He kissed Kris passionately. Then Colt
did the same.

“Am I missing something here?” Kris asked.

“No, can’t we show each other some love?” Corey replied.

“I wondered exactly what Matt would think the morning after,” Kris said and took a seat. 

“We’re highly sexual guys here, like always. I thought it was beyond great, even after I’ve had
time to sleep on it. Colt mentioned about us maybe swapping every so often…” I said.

“And?” Kris asked.

“As long it isn’t too often…” I said.

“We’re young and should enjoy it. Once we get out of this joint then we’d regret not doing shit,”
Colt stated. “You and Corey need to share more often.”

“I guess we do, but I’m with Matt. There is too much of a good thing,” Corey stated.

“Bros, I agree…” Kris said.

“Just like last night we’ll make it a spur of the moment deal. If it happens once a month then
that’s okay and if it just happens one time, then that’s okay too,” Colt stated.

We sat around and rehashed the highlights of last night while we finishing eating. As soon as we
finished, we separated for an hour to get our thoughts and studies in order. We had agreed to meet
up and head to work out, which we did with Dillon, Sergio, Shawn, Scott and Jordy. After we worked
out, Sergio and Dillon headed to the courts. I was pleased to see Sergio would be a nice and ample
replacement for Bryson. Now Kris had to assemble the rest to have a nice team, with Colt on board
since his knee wasn’t giving him any trouble.

The night was a mixture of socializing and eating with studying thereafter. 

As I was gathering my things in my room with Corey, he said, “Matt, I really need to do well this
week. I can feel the pressure on me.”

“Do the best you can.”

“I’ll give it everything I’ve got. This week our sex life may suffer a little…”

“It will, but we have lots of time afterwards to make up for it. There’s more to life than us
having sex,” I stated.

“I know that. If we never did, I’d still be happy to know I’m with you.”

“Don’t give me that line of crap. We’re human and need that satisfaction.”

“Well… I guess you’re right. I was just trying to say I’m just happy as an old pig in slop.”

I laughed and kissed him. I hauled my things out to the kitchen table that would be my home for a
few nights. Our apartment was so quiet it was downright scary. I had a few interruptions with Kris
coming for some water and Colt coming out to take a break. 

It was well past three before I crawled into bed. Corey was still awake and held me close. My
first test wasn’t until 11 so I could sleep a little. 

Thursday and Friday night were about the same. We did use the Rec Center to get away and relieve
the stress and tension built up from our tests. My three roomies were the best in the world and
stayed very quiet both nights. The crazy part was having a test on Saturday morning. I hate that,
but I wasn’t alone and didn’t understand their reasoning for the schedule.

I returned and was both mentally and physically exhausted. I walked in the door on this cool
Saturday morning and saw Kris slumped on the couch. I said hi and headed to the fridge. The sight
of a cold one sure looked too tempting. I grabbed two, just in case Kris wanted one, and returned
to sit next to him.

“Just exactly what my ass needed,” Kris said, opening the bottle. “Bro, I’m fucking beat.”

I took a drink and let the beer drizzle down my throat. “Me too. Here I thought I’d have this down
pat by now, but it seems to be worse than ever. I could fall asleep right here.”

“I stayed up all Thursday for nothing,” Kris said and took a long drink. “I’m pissed! I fucking
bombed that motherfucker!”

“Bro, you’re giving it your best. I can see that. We’re all going that extra mile.”

“We are, but for what? God, I fucking hate college!”

“No you don’t. You hate studying. I’m not a big fan of it either but it is a necessary evil.”

“Why couldn’t I have been born with your brains?” Kris asked.

“Don’t be so down about it. I’ve got your back in case things don’t work out. I’ve seen you
busting it every night. I’m proud of you, Colt and Corey for all the effort you’re giving. You
never miss a class and do study. Maybe your grades won’t reflect it.”
“That’s for damn sure. I’ve actually tried so hard this semester,” Kris said and took another drink. “I
wanna get so fucking wasted tonight… well not so much I can’t perform for Colt. How do you and Corey
handle it? Colt and I haven’t fucked since that epic night.”

“Bro, I handle it and have jacked off a few times in the shower just to relieve the tension…”

Kris laughed, “I’ve done that, but it ain’t the same.”

“It’s not, but we can handle it. I can see you and Colt are more than just fuck buddies now. You really
have surprised me.”

“Me too. I just knew by now we’d want to kill each other,” Kris said and took a drink. “Bro, one more
week and your ass is legal.”

“I know, but I have to make it first. I’m glad we’re staying until then. I can catch up on some z’s.”

“Me too,” Kris said.

Colt came in the door in his jacket, sweatshirt and jeans. He said hi and saw we had a beer. He headed
to the refrigerator and pulled out one. Kris hollered to bring him another one. I started to move over
but Colt just flopped down next me.

“Tell me y’all ain’t ready for this shit to be over and done with?” Colt asked. “I’m just about ready to
say fuck it and let the chips fall where they may.”

“Bro, me too. Even Matt said he’s tired,” Kris said.

“I’m about to go blind looking at my computer,” Colt stated and took a drink.

“Are you doing okay?” I asked.

“I think so,” Colt replied. “Man, you missed Kris’s breakdown last night. He went crazy.”

“I’m still not over it,” Kris said.

“I’m surprised I didn’t hear it,” I said.

“He screamed and yelled outside the Rec Center before we went to work out,” Colt said. “Where’s Corey,
by the way?”

“I think he went to work after his test,” I replied. 

“Better man than me,” Kris stated.

We talked a little more before I headed off to nap and maybe catch up a little on my sleeping. I woke
and saw it was dark outside with Corey next to me. I was sleeping so soundly I didn’t hear or feel him
get in bed with me. 

That night, we had the full crew over to catch up. Everyone was saying how rough it was going. We used
the night to unwind a little bit and enjoy each other’s company. After they were gone about one, I was
anxious and ready to be with Corey. Our lovemaking was long and noisy but we were showing our love and
fulfilling a need for sex. 

I woke Corey up the next morning with one hell of a blowjob that led to him topping me. It was exactly
what I desired. After we fucked, I didn’t want to get out of bed. 

Monday after my test, I headed up to Mr Jackson’s office to help him. I entered his office and said
hello. We chatted for a moment before I went to my desk. There sitting was a small gift sack. 

“Thanks, but you didn’t need to buy me a gift,” I said.

“It’s no problem. It’s not only a Christmas gift but my way of saying thanks for all your hard work,” he

I opened it to find a gift card to a local chain restaurant. “It will be used for sure. Thank you so
very much! I’m sorry but I haven’t had time to think to get you anything.”

“It’s no problem at all. I wasn’t expecting anything. Like they say, it’s better to give than to

I smiled, “That doesn’t make me feel any better.”

I did my work for him one last time. Before I left we talked and had things squared away for another
semester. I told him how much I enjoyed working for him. He complemented me and said I was a great
worker who he enjoyed having around. It had been nice to speak with him during the semester since he was
gay and understood me.

Tuesday, I finished my last test and felt a huge load coming off my shoulders. It was a gray dreary day
but one I was so glad to see. I knew three other guys that were glad to see the day come as well.

I entered the apartment with the three sitting around. 

“Bro, we made it!” Kris said with a beer in his hand.

“We did and not a minute too soon.”

“You know I’m glad that is over with, but I can’t wait for the next semester,” Corey said after I sat
next to him. 

“Yeah, what an adventure that will be,” Colt stated.

“Boy won’t it ever!” I agreed.


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