Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I kissed Corey goodbye and hated that I was stuck here another day with
some professor being a total asshole. Kris was gone too but Colt had to work for the team with a big
game left to play this upcoming weekend. It wasn’t as big as we hoped for after another loss on
Saturday. They said it knocked us out of a big bowl game, though I didn’t understand that part since we
would go to a bowl game anyway. My hope was that maybe they could land one near us so we could attend
and enjoy that.

Colt looked at me while I sat down, “It’s just us…”

“Two years of college has done you well,” I smiled.

Colt grabbed me by the neck and rubbed my head, “Two years has made you a fucking smart ass.”

I was laughing so hard. “Two years has made you like fucking guys.”

Colt continued rubbing my head with his knuckles, “Fuck yeah it has. Two years has made you the best
cocksucker around.”

“Something I’m proud of too with all the experience I’ve had.”

Colt released his grip and was laughing right along with me. “Boy, it’s a good thang we’re so close now.
No one else could that shit and not get pissed.”

“It is. Now what are we going to do?”

“It’s Tuesday so I guess we can hit the Rec Center if you want. It sure beats sitting here waiting for
tomorrow to come.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said.

We dressed and headed over. If nothing else, going there broke up our day. There weren’t as many people
around so it was easy to do our thing.

We finished a great work that left us sweaty and tired. Colt was great and encouraged me so much. We
returned to the apartment and sat around in our shorts. 

“It’s gonna be a different Thanksgiving for both of us,” he stated.

“Well mine’s not much different than last year’s, but yours will be for sure. Colt, you’ve handled
things so well with your parents.”

“Hell, what can I do? It affects me and Chase, but nothing like it does Mom. She said it should have
happened years ago…”

“It must be hard to admit your marriage is over. Any relationship really. I hope I never ever get to
that point with Corey.”

“I was about at that point with Andrea. We were on our last go around…”

“Don’t bullshit me,” I laughed. “She was great for you but your heart wanting something else and Kris
was about to date a guy…”

“Fuck yeah he was. I wanted it to be me. Matt, I’m so happy it’s unreal. This past week Kris has been
the best. He holds me close and tells me everything will work out in the end.”

“I’m sure Andrea would have done the same.”

“Maybe, but Kris is special. Not that I have to tell you.”

I laughed, “He is one of a kind for sure.”

“Let me tell ya our relationship is growing stronger too. Matt, you do know we’ve been fucking

“Kris told me you were. It shows how committed you are, or should be now.”

“I’m very committed to him. However, we did agree to be open to a point, but that hasn’t happened yet.”

“Corey and I agree, as long as it doesn’t go too far. Say one of us fucks for the hell of it, or keeps
going back, then that’s trouble.”

“Big trouble,” Colt said.

“And we made a deal that we’d always use condoms if we fucked anyone else, even if we know the guy is
clean. It just makes sense and gives us peace of mind so we can still fuck each other bare and not have
to worry.”

“Yeah. Kris and I haven’t actually said that but I think it was implied. Always play safe when we’re not
with each other, which won’t be often,” Colt said and stood. He left and returned with his can. He
grabbed a pinch and offered me one. I reached in and took a little, hoping it wouldn’t make me sick
since I hadn’t taken a dip of Skoal in a long time. “I was really just joking.”

I smiled, “You offered. What are you buying Kris for Christmas?”

“Man, I have no fucking idea. Do you have any ideas?”

I spit in his bottle, “I think buying him stuff for our cruise would be nice. You know what he likes.”
Colt rubbed his beard. He had stuck to the ‘No Shave’ November, as had Kris, but Corey and I shaved a
few weeks ago. I liked my look better without. “I could do that. We both could use new clothes.”

“We all could. That is one thing I will have to say… we are not clothes hounds.”

“Like Dillon. That dude must spend a fortune on his shit. Every pair of jeans he wears is like True
Religion and shit like that.”

“I noticed that as well. We are pretty simple guys. If our TV hadn’t gone out, I’d still be trying to
think of a nice gift for us,” I stated and spit.

“Thinking about it, I should buy Kris a new top, since I kind of ripped his the other night when I was
desperate to get it off him so he could fuck me,” Colt laughed.

“He’d probably like that. Maybe get him some more lube too,” I joked. “You must have used a lot the
other night. You were fucking for ages.”

“You heard us?”

“It was hard not to. Kris must have fucked you good.”

“Oh, he did… I know why you and Corey love barebacking now,” Colt smiled, “but we better not talk about
that or I’ll get hard and might not be able to control myself… What are you buying Corey?” he asked.

I smiled, “You heard my idea. Corey needs new shorts and shirts.”

It was a lot of fun just hanging with Colt. Corey called me and said he was home and was going over to
see JJ. Kris called Colt to relay the same message that he had made it home safely this time. 

Just after eight Shawn came down since he didn’t want to sit alone in his apartment. It seemed just
about everyone was gone, whereas the year before we stayed around. 

“Grab ya one,” Colt gestured with a beer in his hand.

“Here I’m trying to cut back a little. I knew I shouldn’t have come down here,” Shawn said.

“What the fuck is cutting back? Six instead of eight a night?” Colt asked.

“More like two on special occasions. I feel like shit the morning after drinking,” Shawn said.

“We could take up smoking more weed,” Colt laughed.

“I have been doing more of that lately,” Shawn admitted. “The smell is the worst part about that.”

“I agree there,” I said.

“If y’all want, I do have a joint on me…”

“Fire that fucker up!” Colt yelled.

Shawn reached in his pocket and produced a fat joint. He lit it, took a big hit and passed it to me. I
followed suit and took a big hit. If I so desired and let myself go, I could be a regular toker like
Scott. The high was intoxicating. We passed it around and enjoyed it greatly. Shawn got the munchies and
ordered pizza for us. 

The smell lingered in our apartment so I lit a few candles to offset the smell. The delivery boy arrived
and smiled. We knew he knew what we were doing. We devoured the pizza like it was the best in the world
while downing a beer. Shawn didn’t linger too long after we finished. I felt sorry for him in a way
since he would have to be back to work Friday at his retail job.

Colt and I sat around for a while and just chatted. Both of us were still a little buzzed. I started to
stand up and was about to call it a night when Colt grabbed my arm. I looked down at him and saw a
really intense and serious look on his face. “Matt, I really wanna fuck you tonight.”

“Well… I… We…” I stuttered, feeling the nerves suddenly turn my stomach. At the same time it was a
little exciting to hear him voice his desires. Corey knew sex between Colt and I was possible. We
discussed it last night when we knew I’d be alone with Colt. He told me not to worry if it happened so
long as it was just sex. All day the possibility had been in the back of my mind, but I wasn’t going to
up and ask him in case I read things completely wrong.

“Please Matt… It’s my chance to show you how much you mean to me. If tonight’s not the night then I’ll

I hesitated for a moment, wondering if I really wanted to do this. “Let me go clean up first…”

“So does that mean?”

“I wouldn’t clean up if it didn’t…”

I walked to my bathroom and my legs were shaking as I stepped into the shower. I knew the day would come
when Colt and I had sex, but the mixture of nerves and excitement wouldn’t go away now it was here. I
almost felt like I was virgin again who was about to have my cherry popped. I wanted it but I also
wondered if it was the right moment.

As I started to clean out my ass I thought about how it would be the first time I got fucked by someone
other than Corey in a one-on-one situation for more than two years. Corey had always been with me
whenever I bottomed for anyone else and I wondered if he should be here for this too.

Then I thought about how Corey and Kris had their time together during the summer and, as I slipped a
finger inside my ass to make sure I was ready, any doubts I had about letting Colt fuck me disappeared.
I wanted to feel him inside me and knew this was the night for it to happen.

I finished up and grabbed a towel to dry myself off. As I stepped out of the shower I knew it could be a
one time deal with Colt and that if I was going to do it I had to go all out. I searched out my mesh
underwear that I knew Colt loved and pulled them on before heading back out to him. 

When he saw me he stood and met me half way. He grabbed me for a long, hot kiss. “Fuck, you are so
goddamn hot, Matt.”

“You are too, Colt,” I said as I pressed my lips against his again and ran my hand up his hot body.

Our lips parted as we continued to kiss and Colt slipped his tongue into my mouth. We made out for about
a minute, with our tongues swirling around each other. I pulled back slightly and wrapped my lips around
his tongue, sucking on it and bobbing my head up and down a little as I teased the tip of his tongue
with my own.

Colt moaned, and when I let his tongue go he pulled back gasping and said, “that was the hottest fucking
thing ever!”

He pulled me back into a passionate kiss and then moved his lips along my jaw. I threw my head back and
moaned. His lips felt so good and the beard he was growing made my skin tingle. Holding me close, he
nibbled on my neck and shoulder to excite me as he ran his hand all over the front of my body. He bent
down and pressed his lips to my chest, moving to caress the nipples with his tongue until he gave the
left one a playful bite. My body shuddered as he moved down and kissed my abs with his hand massaging my
cock through the mesh. He got on his knees and pulled down my underwear. My big cock flopped out right
in front of his face. “Damn! What a fucking dick! Corey’s so damn lucky…”

“Kris is too,” I said, with Colt grabbing my cock.

He ran his hand along the length as he kissed the tip and then began licking the full extent. I put my
hands on his head while feeling his tongue wet my cock. He moved up and down the shaft, trailing his
tongue across the underside of my cock while his lips trailed along the side. It felt so good.

He held up my cock and pushed it against my abs as he began working my balls. His tongue lapped at them
and he sucked each one into his mouth before licking his way up my cock. My dick then slid between his
lips. The heat of his mouth as it wrapped around my cock was intense and I moaned as he started licking
and sucking on the tip. My head was spinning, though I should be used to getting my cock sucked by now.
Colt took one hand and started jacking me off at the base while his mouth and tongue were all over my
hard cock and he started bobbing up and down.

My nipples grew so damn hard they needed attention. I ran my hand across my chest and played with one
while Colt was down on my cock. A few soft moans came forth, with electricity flowing in my body. He was
slowly working my cock and pulling off with his saliva streaming off the tip. He’d glance up at me so
our eyes met and then go back down. It didn’t matter how much of me he took for he had me so horny and I
wanted him more than ever. 

I grabbed him and pulled him up for a wet kiss. “That felt so fucking good.”

“I love sucking your big dick,” Colt said and kissed me again while we stood in the middle of our living

I broke the kiss and travelled down his hard body with my lips. He wasn’t as big as Kris or Corey but he
was bigger than me. His chest was to die for, but not so big it looked out of place. His pecs were
almost perfectly symmetrical and his nipples looked so inviting. I continued down to his cut abs and
kissed each one. They seemed to run all the way from his chest to his pubes. My tongue made it to his
throbbing, hard cock. The tip was glistening with a drop of precum, but not for long. I licked it off
and began licking all over his veiny, hard tool. He tasted so good. His hands were on my shoulders while
I was on my knees worshipping his cock.

The head slid in my mouth. I heard Colt grasp and felt him shiver as I used my hands to rub his big
thighs. You’d think by now he’d be used to getting a blow job too. My mouth and tongue worked his hard
cock and savored the taste. It was different to Corey, and even what I remembered of Kris, but it was
still so damn good. I wanted more of him. I went all the way down and felt him in my throat.

“OOOO fuck, Matt,” he moaned. I pulled off and smiled as I looked up at him and then I went back down
again. “Damn! That feels so fucking good!”

I knew he was enjoying my work so I continued. It was different to Corey and was such a thrill. It was
like discovering something completely new and exploring it with my tongue, whereas I knew every inch of
Corey’s thick cock, even with my eyes closed. Colt felt great in my mouth and his dick didn’t feel like
it was really stretching my limits. I could really take my time and enjoy it, pulling out all the tricks
that I knew drove Corey crazy. I had been down on Colt before, but tonight it was different. We had
never been alone when it happened and I had never been able to spend so much time sucking his beautiful
cock, which really did deserve to be worshipped. 

He pulled me up and kissed me with great passion. His tongue explored my mouth and it seemed like he was
trying to taste himself on my tongue. As we continued to kiss his hand travelled down my back until his
finger slipped in my ass. I moaned in his mouth and pulled back as he gently fucked me with it. 

“In a bedroom or out here?” he asked.

“In your room,” I replied.

He took my hand to lead me to his room. He turned me to face him and pulled me in for another hot kiss
that took my breath away. When our lips parted he put his hands on my chest and pushed me onto the
unmade bed. With me lying on my back he threw my legs high in the air and got down on his knees beside
the bed. Leaning in, he kissed around my balls and ass until extending his wet tongue at my puckered
hole. I shook a little at the great feeling and was stunned Colt would rim me, but he really got into it
and had me whimpering. With his tongue, he darted around my hole and excited me greatly. He buried his
face in my ass and my eyes rolled up into my head at the incredible feelings he was sending through my
body. He pushed my legs back even further and pressed his face harder against me. I could feel his
tongue actually inside me and screamed with such pleasure. 

“Oh God! Fuck me Colt!”

He pulled away and went to grab a condom. He ripped open the package and unrolled it down his throbbing
cock. I grabbed the lube and poured some into my hand, reaching forward and stroking it up and down the
length of Colt’s dick. My body shivered feeling the heat coming from his cock and knowing it would soon
be inside me. When I had him nice and slick I lubed up my own ass and laid down on my back, lifting my
legs, ready for him. 

He put my calves on his shoulders and ran his hands up and down my legs as he moved closer to me. “Matt,
I’ve waited for this for a while.”

I smiled and waited for the invasion. I could feel my hole twitching in anticipation. Colt’s covered
cock pressed against my hole and I moaned. Feeling that contact and knowing what came next made me want
it even more. I pushed open and allowed Colt to enter me. He gently eased his cock inside me. I moaned
feeling his dick pushing against the walls of my ass as it moved into me. Getting fucked was such a
thrill to me. Yes, I loved feeling Corey’s cock in me, but having Colt inside of me felt so different.
His dick wasn’t as thick and just seemed to glide in, while still filling me up and rubbing all the
right spots. I moaned a little feeling him slide deeper.

“Feel good?” he asked, making his dick twitch and jump inside me.

“OOOO fuck yeah! Fuck me Colt!”

He pushed all the way in and lifted my legs higher, causing my ass to rise off the mattress. He started
slowly fucking me, pulling almost all the way out before easing it back in, building in tempo until he
found a nice rhythm. I closed my eyes and relished the great feeling. My mouth was emitting a deep moan
with each push that sent his cock deep inside me. I opened my eyes and saw Colt and his hot body fucking
into me. There was sweat glistening off his pecs, and his biceps tensed with every thrust. Then there
were his abs, which seemed to tighten and get more defined every time he moved his hips and drove his
dick into me. I started pushing back with my ass as best I could and moved it to excite him as much as
he was exciting me. He was grunting with each hard thrust while my moaning was getting louder.  

He pushed my legs off his shoulders and leaned over to kiss me while he continued to fuck me. “Matt, I
hope you can fucking feel how much I appreciate all you’ve done.”

“I can Colt! I can! Keep fucking me! It feels so good!”

“Fuck! You are one hot fuck!”

“You’re a hot fuck too!” I said in a dizzy.

He ran his hands up my body and I heard him groan as he felt my muscles while his cock never missed a
beat on my ass. He put his hands on my shoulders and began drilling my ass, pulling me down onto his
cock and really impaling me, shoving his dick in deep. I was delirious feeling his hard cock going in
and out of my ass with his balls slapping against me. I tried saying fuck me but it was so hard between
breathing so hard and moaning. He could tell from the pitch of my moans how good it felt though.

Suddenly Colt pulled out and moved up on the bed with me. I moved to my side and he got right in behind
me so I threw one leg over his and he pulled me close. His beard tickled my face while his slick cock
went back inside me, slipping in like it was meant to be in me. He started fucking me, wrapping an arm
around my chest and placing another on my ass to pull my cheeks apart as he humped into me and delivered
a great fuck. His hand then moved down my abs and found my rigid cock. He wrapped his hand around it and
slowly stroked me while I reached back and tried to pull him harder into me, wanting more. 

Sweat was mounting on us while Colt continued to fuck me. His hand was in rhythm with his thrusts and he
never faltered once. Every time he drove his dick into me he ran his hand up and down my cock. He had my
whole body buzzing. I let out a few squeals of the euphoria he was giving me. He was so good.

I felt the tingle in me and gasped, “I’m about to cum.”

“Cum for me Matt. Shoot that fucking load for me,” Colt said, jerking me as fast as ever and still
fucking my ass.

I grunted and screamed, “OOO fuck!” I felt cum hitting my chest and his sheets. He pulled out of me and
I groaned, not just from the feeling but from watching him as he took the last shot on his chest. It was
so hot seeing my cum slowly dribble between the crevice of his pecs. I pulled him to me and kissed him.
I felt such great bliss. 

We lay together in his bed while I was stroking his cock. I mixed it up a little by playing with his
balls and pinching his nipples while I jerked him, as well as kissing his neck, which I soon found was a
weak spot for him. It took a little while but then he grunted with every muscle tensing up. He arched
his back and sent cum flying all over us.

He collapsed next to me in his bed. I pulled his head around for a really passionate kiss. “Thanks!”

“No thank you!”

I pulled myself away from him and wen to climb off the bed, “I’ll go to my room.”

“Like hell you will,” Colt said, grabbing my arm. “Stay with me. Don’t get fucked and run.”

“Okay then…” I said, sitting back down on the bed.

We cleaned up and lay together, just holding each other with the occasional peck on the lips. At that
moment I wasn’t sure exactly how Corey would take it, or how Kris would. Knowing Kris he’d want every
last detail and would be proud of Colt. Corey had given me the okay if it happened but still I wondered
what his real reaction would be. I knew for sure I’d downplay how great Colt was.

I woke Wednesday with Colt looking at me and stroking my arm. I pulled it back quickly. 

“What the hell?” he asked.

“I was wondering the same thing.”

“I was showing you some attention…”

“Corey gives me plenty.”

“Damn!” he said and started to get out of his bed. I reached out and grabbed his arm.

“Colt, it felt like you were treating me like you should Kris. It’s what you do when you have feelings
for someone. Is there more to last night than just two buddies fucking?”

“Hell no!”

“Sit down, please. Colt, I do love you, but I also respect Kris and what you’ve made together. It’s very

He looked at me with his big brown eyes. “You are so right. I’m a sad sack of shit, aren’t I?”

“No, you’re not. I appreciate your affection, but it can go too far. We can’t act like lovers because it
won’t lead anywhere good. We’re both in great relationships right now.”

“Yes we are. I’m sorry and shouldn’t have done that.”

“Remember that kiss a few weeks?”

“Ummm… yeah, before the parties…”

“I went too far then. The last thing either one of us wants or needs to do is fuck up a good thing,” I

Colt snickered, “Ain’t that the truth? I’m really gonna miss Kris. I know you’ll miss Corey.”

“It is just two days. We’ll live.”

“Man, what am I becoming? Matt, I really don’t know who I am anymore,” Colt said.

“Do any of us?”

“You do. You’re gay and know it without a doubt. You haven’t changed one iota since I met you. Me on the
other hand… Boy, I don’t what the fuck is going on.”

“Colt, my advice to you is to just forget about Kris, Corey and me for a while. Go to that special place
alone. Find the real Colt. Go hunting or whatever. Be yourself. That’s about all we can do is be
ourselves. The only person who knows the truth is you.”

“Boy, I’ll take your advice. I do need some me time to get things sorted out. I’m as happy right now as
I’ve ever been, but things have been going in a whirlwind here lately for me,” he said.

We eventually got up. I prepared to go to my one remaining class, but I still wasn’t thrilled. Colt
decided to go in early to see if he could finish quicker to start home sooner. In my class, I counted
the minutes while trying my best to listen. In the end he did give a quiz, which was just on what he had
covered to see if we were listening. 

I raced back and gathered my things. As soon as I was out of traffic and on the road I knew I had to
call Corey. Our conversation started out pleasant with him laughing like crazy that I went to class.
Then I told him about what I had done. He said okay and quickly changed the subject to what he’d been
doing. I resisted going back to my encounter and sensed he was perturbed just a little. 

Not long after hanging up, Kris called. He lit into me and called me every name he could think of. I
knew it was a joke, at least I hoped it was. Sure enough, he ended up laughing and wanting to hear my
side. I was brief and to the point. That’s all I deemed was needed.

I arrived home and went inside with my bag over my shoulder. Mom was in the kitchen, filling the house
with the smell of her great cooking. I threw down my bag and was greeted with a warm hug and a kiss on
the cheek. Without saying a thing, I grabbed two warm oatmeal cookies.

“You haven’t changed one bit,” she laughed.

“Nope! The smell was driving me crazy. So, when are Vince and VJ coming over? Or are we going to their

“We’re going over to their house. Ummm… you need to see your room.”

It hit me then that shortly this wouldn’t be where I came home to. “Okay.”

“Matt, I know what this place means to you and means to me. I’m moving on with my life to a better place
in so many phases. You act like I said something awful.”

“I’m sorry, Mom. Give me some time. You’ve adjusted so well and now’s the time for me to do the same.”

“I know you will. The bad news is VJ is just eating and then off to his mom’s. It’s killing him that he
can’t stay around longer. I don’t know what you did but he really adores you and thinks a lot of you.”

“I was nice and let him be himself. Around people his age he does open up. Has he decided on a college
yet?” I asked after stuffing a cookie in my mouth.

“Who knows? He’s not telling Vince if he has. You do know he has a lot of scholarships out there for
him?” Mom replied.

“He told me how well he scored,” I said and made my way to grab some milk. 

We stood around chatting, which really made me so happy. 

“Matt, I need ideas since you have both a birthday and Christmas coming up very soon,” Mom stated.

“I don’t have a clue. Clothes are always great.”

“Okay, but I don’t know what you’d like.”

“Take VJ with ya. He can pick some out.”

“That’ll be an adventure in itself right there. I guess I could just ask him to point,” Mom chuckled.
“So… what are the big plans for the big all-important 21st birthday?”

I smiled, “I have none right now. It sucks that I’m first among Kris, Corey and Colt.”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something. I pray you don’t do anything stupid.”

“You never know,” I laughed. “It’s just hard to believe I’ll be 21 with just another year and half to go
in college.”

“Where does the time go?” Mom said shaking her head. “Seeing you get that college diploma will be one of
my happiest moments ever. I knew early on you were so bright. Remember you could say the Pledge of
Allegiance before you were three?”

“A little, but I don’t think I got the words exactly right,” I replied.

“Your dad thought you were a little boy genius then,” Mom said. “Have you been out to his grave lately?”

“No, I haven’t. I need to put some nice flowers out there for Christmas,” I replied.

I left her alone so she could finish cooking. I knew she would have way more than we could ever eat in
three meals. It was a big joy of hers to cook. While in there, I did see something she needed to make
things easier on her if Vince didn’t have a good mixer.  

I put up my things and started laundry. I tried calling Corey to tell him I made it home safely. He
didn’t answer so I asked him to call. Now I wondered if he was upset with me.

Corey returned my call about an hour later as I was sitting around taking it easy. Before going off to
college, I could easily sit around and do practically nothing for hours on end, but now I was eager to
move around and do something. I stepped into my room and wanted some privacy. Eventually I got around to
Colt and me. Corey said he was fine with it and stated he knew Colt would fuck me given the least chance
since he wanted to in the worst way. 

I did run that night, just like I had all summer, but it was a little cooler. As in the summer, it
helped clear my head.

I was up on Thanksgiving morning about nine. Mom was finishing up her cooking and was running around to
make sure everything was done and was perfect. I had to stop her and remind her it was just us and that
whatever she made was more than enough.

I let Mom drive to Vince’s house since she knew the way. We entered the subdivision and started driving
back. Most of the houses looked very nice and maybe about ten years old, but then again I didn’t know
for sure. She pulled in the driveway to the house. It looked very nice and well-kept from the outside.
It was a two storey brick house with a large entrance. Vince greeted us at the door and helped us bring
in the food. He had done the honors and had a turkey cooking in the oven.

I looked around and didn’t see VJ. Vince noticed I was curious and walked with me and Mom up the stairs.
“I’ll show you your room,” Vince stated.

“Cool,” I said and looked at Mom.

We came to the top of the stairs with VJ kicked back playing a game with his phone at his side. 

“How’s it going?” I asked.

“Good,” he said and returned to his game. 

Vince directed me to a nice room. It was larger than mine at home with a queen size bed. “What color are
you thinking?” Vince asked me.

“The color now is fine with me,” I replied with the walls a toupe color.

“Matt doesn’t think he’ll be here much,” Mom commented.

“Still, I want you to have a nice place when you do come home,” Vince said.

“I appreciate that. I’ll be here some, depending on what happens between now and the summer,” I said.

We walked out of the room. Mom and Vince headed down to get everything ready for our meal. VJ hadn’t
moved an inch since I arrived.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“No. I’m pissed I have to go to Mom’s this afternoon and be with her and that asshole for the entire
weekend. I wanted to maybe follow you back and go to the game with y’all.”

“I see. I guess that means you’ll be here for Christmas?”

“I guess, unless Mom gets her panties in a wad. I’ll be so glad when I graduate and can do whatever the
hell I want and go wherever the hell I want,” VJ said.

I sat and watched him play his game. He was great at multitasking and could talk while playing his game.
He said nothing at all and was back to being the VJ of old. I guess I wouldn’t be happy either being
told where I was going on holidays. 

Vince came up the stairs. “Guys, our meal will be ready in about 10 minutes. I’ve been thinking that
maybe we could take a nice summer vacation as a family. Linda said that you’ve never been anywhere
together in a long time. So where would you like to go?”

“I don’t have a clue. VJ, you decide,” I said.

“It don’t matter to me as long as it’s a long ways away from this hell hole,” VJ said.

“Son, tell me what’s so bad about this hell hole.”

“Where do you want me to start?” VJ asked. “Matt, you choose and I’ll go along with it.”

“Let me think about it and I’ll get back to you,” I said.

“Okay, you two give me a few ideas or else I’ll pick,” Vince said and headed back. “I expect to see you
in a few minutes.”

“VJ, you pick. It’s your dad who’s paying for it,” I said.

“You know, I really don’t give care. Just don’t pick somewhere like San Francisco.”

“I’d like to go there, but I know what you mean. I’ve heard there’re great places around there, but now
is not the time. I’d really love to go to New York,” I said.

“I guess it would be different,” VJ said. “How about Disney World?”

“There’s a good idea too,” I said. “We better get down there. I hope you’re hungry.”

We headed down. Now I could see the rest of the house. The kitchen was Mom’s dream and was much larger
than ours. I smiled seeing her standing there. The living room was nice as well with a big flat screen
over the fireplace. Looking out back, there wasn’t a pool but there was some land.

We sat down at the table with Vince saying a short prayer while we held hands. Vince stood and poured me
and Mom a glass of wine, stating that I was close enough in age. Everything looked so good, including
the turkey. I piled my plate full of beans, potatoes, macaroni and cheese and turkey. I didn’t go near
the cranberry sauce or the yams. I looked to see very little on VJ’s plate.

“So did we come up with any ideals for this summer?” Vince asked.

“Mom, is there anywhere you wanna go?” I asked.

“I’m good with wherever you chose. It can be VJ’s graduation trip too,” Mom replied.

“Oh boy,” VJ said sarcastically.

“We have two ideas, New York or Disney if they aren’t too expensive,” I stated quickly.

“I like both of those, Matt,” Vince said with excitement. “How about you, VJ?”

“Either one is okay,” he replied and kept his head down.

“They sound fine to me. I’ve never been to either one,” Mom stated. “I know Matt would really enjoy both
as well.”

“I would. They both have their good points,” I stated.

“They do and are so different,” Vince said. “I’ll let you and VJ hash it out. We’ll go wherever you

“Okay,” I said.
I ate the great food and tasted the wine. Wine wasn’t my thing so not much of it was drunk. I had water
too so it was better in my opinion. 

VJ picked at his food and left with his plate hardly touched. 

“That boy,” Vince said. “Let’s not ruin this great meal by letting some hard headed brat spoil it.”

I ate everything I could muster, including a piece of apple pie Mom had made. I was completely stuffed
and headed up to see how VJ was doing. He was sitting with his shirt off watching an NFL game with his
phone in his hand. 

Within a few minutes Vince came up the stairs and didn’t look real happy. “Mister, what’s the deal?
Linda is very upset and thinks it’s her fault.”

“Don’t give me that crap, Dad. You know what the deal is. I’m pissed!”

“We all get pissed, but you don’t have ruin a great meal. I told your ass there wasn’t shit I could do
about it. Live with it!” Vince said, raising his voice. “Sorry you had to hear that, Matt.”

“You go over and see if you can deal with that asshole for three days!” VJ shouted. “I hate him.”

“Son, I know you hate him, but hang in there for a few more months,” Vince said. “Now, I think you need
to march down there and apologize to Linda this very moment.”

VJ left with Vince taking a seat. “He has some hard hate going on his stepdad but I can’t say that I
blame him. Every time something goes wrong when he stays over there I get a call and VJ is always to
blame. Get this… David, his stepdad, called me one time this summer and said I had to have their air
conditioner fixed because VJ broke it. I almost came unglued on him.”

“Really? I can see now why VJ is so upset.”

“It’s like pulling eye teeth every other weekend. He gets like this each time,” Vince said. 

“When does he turn 18?” I asked.

“This April,” Vince replied. “Why?”

“He’ll be free to pick.”

“True, but his mom will not be happy at all.”

Vince and I had a nice chat before VJ came back up the stairs and announced he had done his duty. Vince
said thank you and returned downstairs.

“VJ, your dad told me about your stepdad…”

“He doesn’t like him either. He’s so rude to me. This summer I had some friends stop by to get me for
the movies. David saw that one of them had earrings and wouldn’t let me go. He heard it from me right
then and there. Mom got to hear me cuss like a sailor.”

“I see. I was going to tell you to make the best of it and stay out of his way. I guess make the best of
it and suffer ‘til you turn 18 would be the better advice though. Then just go see your mom and explain
to her what’s up.”

“She knows what’s up. She’s on his side of everything.”

“Like the AC problem?”

“Yeah, wasn’t that some shit? Get real, dude. Like I’d even know how to break your freaking air
conditioner,” VJ said.

I laughed, “Same here.”

“Matt, your mom’s pie is the bomb. I might actually put on some weight with her cooking,” VJ smiled,
pointing at his ribs.

“It could, but it’s never affected me,” I said.

We watched the game and went down after it was over. Vince was sound asleep in his recliner while Mom
was cleaning the dishes despite having a dishwasher.

We left them after Mom woke Vince up from his easy chair and kissed him goodbye.


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