Sunday, after I woke up, I really didn’t want to get out of bed, despite Corey being off to work. I
know he hated working almost every Sunday, but he did want to be around for the games so Trey
worked out where he could be off Saturday with a regular schedule coming in the spring. I clutched
Corey’s pillow tightly and relished his scent. As I was half asleep, my phone that was sitting next
to me went off with a text. It startled me for a second. I grabbed it and saw it was Ted. A big
smile came on my face since I hadn’t been able to see him much recently due to his demanding
schedule. It was a request for breakfast again. Naturally, I agreed and said I’d be ready in about
20 minutes at the most.

Ted and Myles were waiting when I came out the door in a long sleeve tee and jeans. Quickly I saw
it was a warm muggy morning even for November. They were dressed in grey tees and shorts with flip

“Thanks for asking me,” I said and shook both of their hands.

“You were on my mind,” Ted stated.

“Oh no, is something up with Reese?” I asked standing next to Myles’s car.

“Nah,” Ted said. “Hop in and I’ll fill you in.”

My curiosity peeked to say the least at his comment. I really hoped it wasn’t anything bad. Then I
thought it could be he needed help and this was his way of bribing me. 

As we were leaving, Ted turned from the passenger seat and said, “I don’t know if you heard about
that former Penn State coach…”

“I heard,” I said.

“It was big news yesterday,” Myles said. “Do y’all have a preference where to eat?”

“Just pick a place,” Ted replied and turned back to me. “Well… you and Reese were the first ones to
pop into my head when I heard it. I really felt for y’all and the bad light it shed on you. Then
Coach had our usual pregame meeting and gave us a big speech about the ordeal. It was a hot topic
in the locker room. Then a few guys started shooting their mouths about gay guys and talking shit
about them.”

“Shit is not strong enough,” Myles said.

“I listened and finally asked that they cool it a little since we had a big game ahead of us. Then
one wiseass said something about that I was a gay lover because my nephew was gay and I had a few
gay friends. Again I asked them to cool it and worry about the game and their assignments. Two
continued to go on and on about how terrible and nasty gay people were. It fell all over me.”

“We had to restrain him or else there would have been a big fight,” Myles said.

“I do appreciate it and I guess that’s why I was on your mind,” I stated.

“Coach had to calm me down and tell me to take my aggression onto the field…”

“Boy, you sure did that last night,” I said. “You were everywhere.”

“He was fired up like I’ve never seen,” Myles stated, driving.

“I can take so much, but they were getting personal about my family and friends. They come far
ahead of any fucking teammate. I did get my point across though,” Ted said, while Myles pulled into
a place for us to eat.

“I’m proud of you for taking a stand, Ted,” I said.

“I wasn’t alone. Myles and Luke had my back too. Remember Mike from our class?”

“I do. I think Colt has him in a class,” I replied.

“He and a few others were there with me,” Ted said while we headed inside. “I may have caused a big
divide in our team, but you know, I don’t really care at this point. I’ve seen with my own two eyes
that you and Reese are just people.”

“Trust me, he made that point very clear,” Myles said.

We took a seat and looked at the menu. Now I was debating in my head whether it was the time to
tell them about Colt and Kris. I didn’t know if they knew so I decided to not say a word. I’m sure
Kris and Colt will tell them when they’re ready to.

After we ordered, we started talking about our cruise.

“Ted, the question on everyone’s mind is whether you’ll even be around in March?” I asked.

Ted smiled, “I’m not saying just yet, but a lot would have to happen between now and then to
convince me to enter the draft. Oh I hear and have read that I would go pretty high, but it has
affected Andrew Luck a bit.”

The name meant nothing to me. Myles must have noticed, “He’s the quarterback at Stanford that
decided to return this year.”

“Okay. I just know our team and that’s about it. I do have both of you and Luke, along with a few
others that I meet to thank for making the games fun and exciting. On televised games like last
night, we do have a game where we have to drink if Luke throws a touchdown or the defense gets a
turnover,” I said.

Ted smiled, “Now there’s something I miss because I’m on the field. How fun would that be, except
for Myles here? That’s why I’m really looking forward to our cruise. I’m so ready to be a regular
guy again.”

“Dude, those days are long gone,” Myles said before we ordered.

“We’ll keep doing our best when the season is over. All of us know how much that means to you,” I
said and ordered.

We finished ordering and talked a lot about the cruise. As we were talking I spotted a girl of
maybe 15 walking towards us. She passed us and turned back around. “Excuse me but my brother thinks
you’re Ted Wilcox. Are you?” she asked.

“In the flesh,” Myles said.

“Awesome. Can he have a picture with you? He thinks you hung the moon,” the girl said. 

“Of course he can. My buddy here plays too,” Ted said and grabbed Myles’s shoulder. Ted waved the
boy over. He was all smiles with a mouth full of braces. Ted asked his name, which the boy replied
Brandon. Ted introduced Myles to him and then me as a friend. The sister took the picture with the
small boy between them. Their parents walked over and shook their hands and thanked them, along
with telling him what a great game he’d played the night before. Before they could sit down, two
brothers walked up and asked for a picture as well.

Our food arrived and allowed the two stars to take a seat.

“So much for a regular guy, Ted,” I laughed. “You are too nice.”

“It gives the name a good image. Imagine if I was rude then it’d make the entire team look bad,”
Ted said.

“Coach always preaches about the positive image and the little things,” Myles stated.

While we were eating, I did think to ask how Ted was faring with Alicia, his girlfriend. He didn’t
comment much and just said they were still together, as were Myles and his girl, Vera. 

As we were heading back after finishing up eating, Ted turned and asked, “Say Matt, is there
something going on between Colt and Kris?”

“Ummm…” I stuttered and tried to act cool.

“Well is there?” Myles asked, looking at me in the rear view mirror. “We think there is, but we
really don’t wanna ask Colt, especially in the locker room.”

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Come off it, Matt. We know you know. It’s cool either way with us,” Ted stated in his deep voice.

“I guess you can ask them when we get back,” I stated.

“That’s a true friend right there, not ratting out your buddies,” Myles said. “It almost tells me
there is something going on.”

“Myles, Matt’s not telling us so we’ll just ask them ourselves when we get back. Matt, have you
seen Reese lately?”

“I saw him last night… no, make that Friday night,” I replied. “He, Chase, Tabor and few other guys
came over. We had… they came over.”

“I know he’s been seeing this guy, Latham. You know I’m really glad he’s doing so good, maybe too
good… I know he’s been drinking some. Was he drinking the other night when you saw him?”

“Dammit Ted, quit asking me these questions,” I said and laughed.

“I’d take that as a yes,” Myles laughed.

“That boy! I want him to enjoy college, and yes I drank, but he’s more like my brother than my
nephew. We’re all going to experiment and try different things. I guess he’s just trying to fit
right in,” Ted stated.

“He is,” I said. “He’s doing really well and is trying to fit in, just like I did.”

We made it back. Ted and Myles followed me to our apartment. I knocked as I entered as a warning.
Kris was sitting on the couch in his usual nothing while Colt was in the kitchen. 

“Bro, what’s up?” Kris asked.

“Not much,” Ted replied. 

“Great game last night,” Colt said. “I see Coach’s game plan worked to perfection, plus someone
played their ass off too.”

“He was fired up,” Myles said and laughed. “I see y’all haven’t changed a bit.”

“Nope. We’ll grab some shorts if you want,” Colt stated while we took a seat.

“Guys, I’ll just ask ya. Is there something going on between you two?” Ted asked.

“Fuck,” Colt mumbled under his breath. “Kris, I’ll just tell ‘em. Yeah, there is. Did Matt tell

“No, he didn’t, but we had a feeling you were maybe together,” Ted said. “In a way, I’m not shocked
at all. I know you’re both bi, and I guess it just happened, huh?”

“It did,” Colt replied. “Ted, Myles, I beg you not to say a word around the team. I’d probably have
to find another job if they find out.”

“You might have to, but we’ll keep our mouths shut,” Myles said. “It’s really no one’s business
what the hell you do when you’re away.”

“I warn you, though, there’s some shit going on with the team right now,” Ted said and continued to
tell about his incident. Once he and Myles finished telling their story, things were as normal as
they could be. We sat around for a while talking and catching the pregame for the NFL games that
were about to start. 

After Ted and Myles left, I decided to take a walk and clear my head. It wasn’t as bad as
yesterday, but I still thought it would be nice to be alone for just a little while. After saying
goodbye, I left and headed along the path Kris and I ran most nights. We were still rooming
together, but things had changed where we couldn’t have our nightly chats that we both treasured.
Now we were finding other ways to communicate. He seemingly was handling his situation with Colt
better than I could have imagined. His temper flared up on occasion, but nothing compared to the

I walked to the park and took a seat, with some playing basketball in the distance and others
skating by on their boards. Skateboarding was one skill I wish I had mastered, plus it didn’t hurt
that I found most skaters hot. I sat on the warm sunny day in November, seeing the trees show their
bright autumn colors. It was a mix of orange, yellow and reds that painted the nearby tree line. 

I sat, gazing off and thinking. VJ’s emergence as a great guy was going to make the next transition
much easier. Like with Kris, I’d miss those times with Mom. She wasn’t leaving my life but was now
living her own. She deserved the happiness she had after years of being single. Finally someone saw
what I had seen for years, a good caring person that had so much love to give. Her fault was she
focused her life on me and was afraid to love anyone else. I’m lucky in that aspect, since some
many only children of divorce are tossed back and forth and are considered a nuisance. 

My life really couldn’t be better. Sure, I had lost my dad and there’s a slight vacancy there
without him, but until coming here we had no connection, so us reconnecting was a joy. I still
wondered where Gloria ran off to, but some things in life will remain a mystery.

It wasn’t easy now, with the divide among our friends. Alex wanted to be a jackass and let his
mouth run off. Actually, he and Bishop weren’t that missed with Dillon and Sergio coming along at
the perfect time. It was fun getting to know some new people. Shawn is the one that has surprised
me. He has made me feel so good in sticking by us. Never once has he questioned anyone in the
group. He goes along with the punches. He, like the rest of us, has faults. We constantly prove to
each other we are not perfect, nor do we claim to be. 

I stood and waited for two sweaty basketball players to pass and started heading back. My time was
well spent just thinking and getting away. As I walked, my schedule burst into my head. There was a
lot to do as far as class work goes, but nothing was pressing at the moment.  

I returned after the walk and went inside. I did a slight double take seeing Andrea there with Kris
and Colt. 

“Hey, Matt, how’s it going?” she asked while I headed for some water.

“Good and you?” I returned the question.

“Great,” Andrea said.

Colt spoke on top of her, “She came by to check in on us since I know you’re wondering.”

“It’s nice that you can still be friends… I assume that’s still the case,” I retracted.

“We are,” Andrea said. “I see they haven’t changed a bit. I was wondering if they would.”

“Girl, you knew we wouldn’t,” Kris laughed. “The only change is we’re together at night.”

“That was a given,” Andrea stated. 

I sat next to her. It was nice to see them talking, somewhat like she and Colt were still together.
I still wondered if there was a hidden meaning behind her visit. 

As soon as she left, I smiled and spoke, “Alright, what was that about?”

“Beats the hell out of me,” Colt replied.

“I think she came to cause trouble,” Kris stated. “I’m just saying…”

“If her intentions were noble, then I respect that she can come over and act like you two are
friends, Colt,” I stated.

“It was just strange. I can’t lie and say I don’t care for her, but we’re done…”

“Bro, I guess you can still be friends,” Kris said. “Scott does it with all his exes.”

“That’s fucking Scott,” Colt stated.

“Hey, have we heard how his night went?” I asked.

“Not a word. Better yet, how’s he doing with Jordy?” Colt asked. “There’s something brewing there

“I think it was nice of Scott,” I stated. “We all think he’s a bad guy but sometimes he means well.
I can only remember one time he did shit to us.”

“Yeah, that time he thought we were better than him with Ted and Myles,” Kris said and laughed.

Rather than call or text, I decided to pay Scott a visit. I asked Kris and Colt to come along. Kris
was up for it but Colt said he had studying that needed doing. Kris and I headed out.

“Bro, I’m telling ya right now. I fucking hated seeing Andrea,” Kris said.

“Don’t worry your little heart,” I said. “Colt has found the right person in you.”

“It’s not that, it’s the fact I felt so awkward with them there together.”

“Colt seemed okay with it. He should be the one who felt awkward.”

“Bro, we’re in a struggle for his love,” Kris said.

“Again, don’t worry,” I said and knocked on their door. 

Scott answered it in his shorts. He welcomed us inside, with Jordy on his computer. Jordy closed
the computer, I guess to see what we were saying. He too was in his shorts. They made a good
looking pair of roommates.

“Bro, first, how’s this working for ya?” Kris asked.

“Great, in the day and a half we’ve been here,” Scott said while signing to Jordy. 

Jordy talked away. “Jordy loves it. He’s no longer lonely and feels safer too.”

“I can see that,” I said, looking around and noticing no changes.

“Bro, tell us about your night,” Kris said.

“Oh fuck dude, let me tell ya. It was a blast. First off, Jordy’s a hero for driving for us. Juan
had the idea of taking us to this strip club…” Scott said. 

“Damn…” Kris said.

“There are all types of women there. Some were down right hot as hell, while others were looking
for their next hit,” Scott said.

“What did Jordy think?” I asked.

“Probably like you. Nothing but tits bouncing around,” Scott laughed with Jordy nodding in

“Not all nude?” Kris asked.

“Nah, there’s not one around here that is,” Scott said. “We did get pretty wasted.”

“Weed or alcohol?” Kris asked.

Scott smiled, “It was a good mixture I must say. Y’all just wait ‘til you turn 21. Something about
knowing all the shit we wanted to do we can now do legally.”

“I can’t wait,” Kris said. “It won’t affect Matt whatsoever.”

“You never know,” I said.

Scott gave us a full run down of the girls at the club. We had a few good laughs on some he
described as nasty. It was great to hear that he and Juan were able to go and enjoy Scott’s
birthday together. Scott said Juan needed a night away and it came at a great time. Not that there
were problems, but Juan needed to have time with his old friends. 

We returned and found Corey on his new computer, while Colt had left to visit his brother for some
unknown reason. Kris told him about the visitor that came while I told him about Ted and Myles. 

That night, with the time change now in effect, Kris and I headed out on our run with the weather
still nice. Colt had returned, saying he needed a break and to discuss their hunting trip this
upcoming weekend.

Kris started out our running going on and on about their trip and how he was hoping to kill a nice
deer. He said he’d gut the deer and have meat for us. I laughed and said he and Colt would be
cooking and eating it. Deer meat wasn’t my thing, but then again I’d never really tried it. 
We headed in a different direction and went running around campus. It was great for a change. After
a short distance, we both lost our shirts and tucked them in our shorts. We got a few passing
glances, but most people were used to seeing runners in and around campus.  

Back at the complex, Kris and I took a seat to catch our breath and cool off. 

“That was fun,” Kris said grabbing my knee.

“It was. Now tell me your true feelings after a month of being with a guy.”

Kris turned his head, “It’s not just any guy, Matt. It’s one of my best friends. I can feel that
connection like I have never felt when I’ve been dating before. Yeah, the sex is blazing hot, but
there’s more to us than that…”

“I hope so. Sex is better with someone you love with every inch of your body. It’s great otherwise,
but there’s something special about having it with your lover.”

“I agree, bro. I hate the part where we have divided our group. True feelings have reared their
ugly head. However, that isn’t going to stop me and Colt. We’re way too deep and emotionally
involved. Seeing Andrea today didn’t help things…”

I reached and grabbed his shoulder, “Don’t let that bother you. I’m sure it kindled old emotions
for Colt, but I can tell he knows he made the right decision.”

“I hope so,” Kris said. We continued to talk and discussed our plans for the rest of the month. 

We stood and wiped off the dead grass from our shorts. We walked back and entered our apartment
with Corey and Colt watching TV. 

“Bro, you wanna shower together?” Kris asked me.

“Corey?” I asked.

“You’re really asking me for my permission?” Corey asked.

“Yes, I was, rather than just doing it,” I replied. “You can say no.”

“You’ve done it before and will do it again. If I’m jealous of you and Kris, I’d be in a world of
hurt,” Corey stated.

Kris and I went to my bathroom rather than theirs. We jumped in the shower once the water heated
up. Kris grabbed and wrapped me in his big arms before he laid a very passionate kiss on my lips
with the water running down my back. “Bro, I just love you to death. I love Corey to death as well.
My heart is plenty big enough to love everyone in this fucking place.”

“Mine is too,” I said.

Kris grabbed my cock and held it, “Corey’s one lucky man to enjoy this big thing whenever he

I returned the favor, “Colt’s just as lucky.”

As we continued to hold each other’s cocks we both started to get hard and neither of us could help
but stroke the dick we held in our hand. We shared another heated kiss, with our hands running up
and down each other’s shafts, but then it dawned on us where things could end up going and we both
knew it wasn’t the time or the place.

We released the grip we had on each other’s dicks and managed to clean off our sweaty bodies,
helping each other out by gently soaping off each other’s backs and moving around to clean most of
the other’s body without it becoming too intimate again. We jumped out and dried off. We returned
and sat next to our boys. It was great with just the four of us alone and no outsiders. 

After a while, Corey stood and said we were retiring for the night. We walked into our bedroom and
jumped on top of the bed. We lay there holding each other and talking. Eventually Corey’s eyes were
shut and he was sleeping. I held him until moving us under the covers. No sex occurred, but it was
a great way to finish our weekend.

Monday night after Corey arrived home from work, we didn’t hang around too long and headed off to
bed.  Corey embellished things by stretching and yawning.  Once we were in our room, he was no
longer tired.

“Ummm… I thought you were tired,” I said.

He smiled, “More like fucking horny as hell for my hot ass boyfriend.”

“I like that and always love hearing you’re fucking horny.”

“Even after two years, I still think you’re the hottest dude on campus.”

I kissed him passionately.  “You sure know how to talk sweet.”

“I do when I want something like this big dick of yours,” he said grabbing my cock through my
shorts.  “I want the long version of sex tonight and not the short one.”

He was really turning me on but it really didn’t take much to do that. We rolled around on the bed
slowly removing our clothes.  Once naked, we continued to kiss and make out. 

We probably had sex for about an hour and half.  We came pretty quickly but that wasn’t enough to
satisfy our lust and desire for this night.  With more sucking and petting, our hard ons returned
quickly for more action.  Being versatile was beneficial this night with us desiring to feel each
other inside of us.

I fell asleep in Corey’s big arms wrapped around my body.  It felt so great having him do so after
one great sex filled night.

Tuesday, the four of us returned to our apartment after driving over to be tested. It was something
Kris and Colt wanted to do and something Corey and I needed to do to continue our sex life without

“Bros, that shit was scary,” Kris stated.

“I hate it, but it is a part of life,” I said. “Not only were we tested for sexual diseases but an
array of things.”

“The best part is it was free,” Colt laughed. “Now we wait…”

“It shouldn’t be long,” Corey said. “They have improved testing so much.”

My phone went off just as he was saying that. I read the email and breathed a sigh of relief
nothing at all had shown up. Then Corey’s phone went off. He leaned over and kissed me while
showing his message. Colt’s was next, followed by Kris. We were given a great report on all

To celebrate, we headed over to the Rec Center to continue our lifestyle. We tried calling Dillon
but he never answered his phone. Once we arrived, we saw that he was with Scott, Shawn and Jordy. 

We returned after working out as hard as we could. After two years of constantly being over at the
Rec Center, my results were more than satisfying. My body looked great as ever and I couldn’t feel
any better. 

We studied in what once was our normal time for over an hour. I made great progress on two projects
that were due at the end of the semester. I wanted to stay on top and not be rushed at the end like
a few I knew very well.

Kris and I prepared for our run after we ate. We headed out the door in our shorts and tees. Just
as we left, we saw Alex and Bishop coming out of their door. The stare we got were enough to tell
us they weren’t ready to make amends. I didn’t understand either of them. We had always been nice
to them. 

“I’ve got a good mind to lay into those two,” Kris stated.

“Okay, but what good would it do?”

“I’d get it off my chest and be done with that shit.”

“Kris, it’d do more harm than good at this time. Let them do what they want. If they’re happy
without us, then so be it. I’ll be honest… I haven’t really missed them at all. It is a few less
guys we have to deal with.”

“It sucks after all we’ve done together. Okay, I’m selfish and would hate like hell if we could
never go to Bishop’s house again.”

I laughed, “Now I see. We can go still to the area. I’m sure there’s a nice campground nearby we
can go when we wanna go.”

“You’re right there. I think Bishop now believes he’s better than us. Alex thinks we’re being fake.
I’m not gonna say I’m gay to show him he’s right. I’m bi with a boyfriend at this stage in my

Just before we were about to leave, Dillon came out the door. He asked if we could stand another
running buddy. We agreed, though I would miss a little of Kris and my time together. We showed him
our route and enjoyed having him running with us. He did have ear plugs and used them once we got
going. It did offer Kris and me more time to chat while we jogged along. 


Thanks for reading.  Maybe not the most exciting chapter ever but I hope you still enjoyed it.  
I've added a few new photos in that section.

I want to wish you the very best Christmas season!  


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