Posted:  Dec 13, 2012


The week passed by so fast. Actually Halloween was so tame it wasn’t even funny. I loved trick or
treating as a kid but that was in the past. We could’ve gone to a party or two if we so desired,
but with Corey and Kris working we stayed around our place.

We saw a lot of Dillon and Sergio, but mostly Dillon, during the week. They were really great guys
and were fun to be around. Dillon told us how Sergio had to work, whereas he was fortunate not to
have to do so. We totally understood the situation since Corey was in the same spot.

I never saw Alex or any of the others. I was to the point of not caring what they did or were
doing since they made no attempt to talk to us. It was fine if they had issues as long as they
didn’t pull any childish acts that some people resort to just to get back at others. 

My classes were going great. During the week, I put in lots of time studying for two tests and
felt like it was well worth the effort. I think Kris burned a little midnight oil Tuesday to
prepare for one of his classes and showed it the following day. I saw it as part of college that
was completely necessary. It made the weekends that much sweeter.

Friday was here and I had completed all I needed to, including a full week helping Mr Jackson.
Scott called and was eager for us to hit the pool. He said Jordy had a cold and didn’t feel up to
swimming. I hung up and called Dillon to see if he wanted to ride over with us since he had
enjoyed going with us before, and Sergio was working. 

He, Shawn, Scott and I headed over to the Rec Center. Scott and Dillon were ready for the party we
were throwing them. Shawn was happy that the dominoes were starting to fall where one by one we’d
be turning that magical age of 21. We arrived and said hello to Tabor. Dillon had met Tabor and
Chase at the game and during the week when they came by. Dillon and Shawn headed to work out while
Scott and I went to do some laps.

“Oh, Yancey won’t be here either,” Scott said while we walked to the locker room.

Here was my opening now we were alone. “Scott, tell me, is there something going on between you
two or what?”

Scott jerked his head around, “Matt, there is. We’re doing a project together for a class we have.
I’m not fucking him like you think.”

I smiled, “That makes sense then. Everyone has been scared to say something, especially around
Jess, just in case.”

“Thanks, but nothing at all is going on,” Scott said. “Matt, I’ll be honest with you. I have been
messing around, but not with Yancey.”


“No, not a guy. I’m bi and confirmed I really am. I’ve had this itch to get back with a girl. It’s
something you wouldn’t understand,” Scott said and opened the door to the locker room.

“So you’ve been unfaithful?” I said.

“I have been unfaithful. I need to tell Jess but I can’t break his heart. I still love him,” Scott
said, opening a locker. “I needed a woman for sex. You’ll see. Kris and Colt will have that urge.”

“Basically a fuck buddy who’s a girl?”

“Yeah, it is. I know it’s wrong but it’s something I wanted. Sex fucks up everything.”

“It does when it’s not with your lover.”

“How true,” Scott said.

“At least we have that clear now,” I said. We got down to our Speedos and hit the water. As
always, it was a great change of pace for me. To appease Scott, I did race him at the end but he’s
too fast for me. I tried my best to keep up and gave it all I had.

We finished up and hit the showers to wash away the nasty smell of the pool water. As we were
showering, a guy walked in.

“Hey Matt, how’s it going?” he asked.

“Not bad,” I said. “How are you?” The problem was I had no idea who this guy was. He was cute,
with a small hairy cut cock and a nice swimmer’s body.

“Not bad either. You left the party too soon last week. It got fucking crazy,” he replied and
started the water.

“I guess we did then,” I said and finally recalled his name. I wasn’t like Kris who could remember
names, especially when he was naked. “It was good seeing ya, Will.” He was someone I knew from the
club and talked to for a minute at the end of one meeting. He was friendly and did say hi to me at
the party.

“You too,” he said and showered.

I walked out of the shower with Scott and explained how I knew him. Scott laughed and was
surprised I remembered his name. We dressed and found Dillon and Shawn out in the hall talking to

“Bro, the party doesn’t start ‘til Corey and I get there,” Kris said.

“I know,” I said. “You told me that last night.”

“Just a reminder,” Kris said. “Now I kinda wish we were at our last dorm. Then we’d have a big
room and everyone could come.”

“All but the homophobic pricks,” Shawn stated.

We said goodbye, leaving. Tabor said he’d see us tonight. That was news to me but I had a strong
feeling Kris invited him.

When we returned, I told the two birthday boys I’d see them later. Shawn and I were going shopping
for the party so it would be more than just alcohol. We headed in my apartment for me to grab my

“Damn you’re so organized,” Shawn said laughing.

“If not, I would buy crazy stuff,” I laughed.

We headed off to the store with my list in hand. As we were heading in, I saw Kwan and Hayden
coming out. It was great to see all kinds of people I had come in contact with over the past two
plus years. We stopped and talked to them. It hit me that maybe they’d like to come over. I
stepped away and called Scott before asking someone from his past to attend. Scott had no problem
with it and would enjoy seeing them. I invited them over. They agreed to come and said they’d see
us later.

Leaving them, Shawn said, “If you’d asked Terra to my party, I’d be like fuck no.”

“Scott is different…”

“Very different… Anyone who takes the guy that jumped him is way better than me.”

“Do you miss having a girlfriend?”

“I do, but I don’t miss the trouble. You know how it is, or you might not,” Shawn snickered as we
grabbed a cart. “I’ve never known you not being with Corey.”

“I don’t guess you have. Shawn, I appreciate you sticking by us. It’d been easy to diss us.”

“I remember those who came to my rescue. You and all your roomies have been nothing but great to
me. If I hadn’t met you Matt, I know without a doubt I wouldn’t be here now. I’m glad I did.”

We did our shopping. Naturally Shawn’s main purpose was to buy what beer we needed. He went all
out and bought 5 cases with the cash we provided him. It wouldn’t be a BYOB party since it was a
special occasion. We returned to the apartment with Shawn pulling out a few ice chests to ice the
beer down. I had two small cakes since it didn’t feel right putting both of their names on one. I
started preparing the sandwiches and needed a call to Mom on how to cut them to finger size. She
laughed at me and couldn’t believe I was making such a call. I did feel stupid but I wanted them
to be right, even though no one would have noticed otherwise. Along with sandwiches, Brennan had
given me some real easy recipes to make a few sour cream dips.

Colt was home shortly after we got back since the team was on the road for tomorrow’s game. He and
Shawn moved around the furniture to maximize our space. After they finished, Shawn headed to his

“Matt, I see you’re all prepared,” Colt stated, standing at the bar in front of me.

“I am. Having Dillon’s birthday is an added bonus. I really want to do something nice for Scott.”

“That’s cool. I really like Dillon and Sergio. For some odd reason we weren’t able to click with
anyone else here. I just knew by now we’d have at least 20 people in our crew.”

“Me too, but I guess we found the right ones. I was thinking about that the other day,” I said.
“When we first came together we were really looking for something like a family unit. We were
pretty much total strangers who came together and formed a very unique bond. I suppose here those
people were looking for say what Shawn or some others were looking for.”

“I think you could be right. I think they couldn’t get over the fact we accepted everyone,
including the gay people. They’d shit now!”

I snickered, “Wouldn’t they? Dillon and Sergio were looking for friends, just like I guess you
were when you came into the picture. The rest had established friends and were looking, I think,
to party. I agree, however they weren’t keen on the number of gay guys like me and Corey.”

“Keen’s understatement,” Colt laughed. “You’re right about looking for friends. I was miserable
and was wondering if I’d made a mistake coming here. I just knew Bryan and I would be great
roommates. Boy was I ever wrong. I found the best three ever. Now I don’t see you as my roommate,
more like family.”

“Same here. At first I was a tad jealous of you and Kris, but then saw you two were perfect as
friends. You provided Kris with that someone I can’t be when you first met. Now, you make a great

“Thanks. I’d be lying out my ass if I said I thought I’d end up with a guy, but things happen in
life you sometimes can’t control. I never dreamed I’d be so happy with a guy. Matt, I don’t know
how I’m gonna break it to my folks.”

“You’ve seen here sometimes it’s just best not to tell. I wouldn’t until you’re caught… maybe not
caught, but until you feel it’s necessary. They may surprise you,” I said.

“The only surprise I’ll get is a fucking shotgun against my nose,” Colt laughed. “You’ve seen how
my Dad acts.”

“I have, but you never know. He might change since you are his own blood. You might start by
saying you love sex with all kinds of people, then work your way to the point of saying you’re
with Kris now,” I said.

“That’s one way to go about it,” Colt said. He reached in his pocket and grabbed his can of Skoal.
He had cut back so much that now I was stunned to see him dipping. He packed his can and put the
wintergreen stuff in his lip.

“Try to get him to understand you’re bi, not gay,” I said.

“Fat chance of that,” Colt said and spit in a cup. “Bi still means you suck dick, thus meaning I’m
gay to him.”

“Well, he doesn’t understand bi at all. Do you still look at girls?”

Colt spit again, “Dude, I saw this hot girl in class wearing this tight ass sweater. Man, she had
the nicest tits and the best ass ever.”

“See. I respect girls, but I’d never notice that. I’m sure you were thinking nasty thoughts about

“Was I ever… The shit I’d do to her,” Colt said.

“Something I’d never ever think about.”

“One day… one day you need to get you some pussy and just see. It might turn you bi as well,” Colt

“I doubt that.”

“Hey, dick turned me bi,” Colt said.

“You have a point there. I have to say I’m one percent curious to see. You know just to compare
the difference.”

“Boy, they’d love your big hard dick. You think Corey screams. You’d be asking them to stop
screaming,” Colt laughed.

“Colt, I’m not like you… oh shit! Wanna know what Scott told me today?”

“Well yeah, dude! It has to be good,” Colt said with great curiosity.

“He told me he and Yancey aren’t fuckin’ around like we think…”

“Bullshit. I can smell it a mile away.”

“No, he said he’s been fuckin’ a girl.”

Colt nearly swallowed his dip and spit. Now I could smell the wintergreen like never before. “I
don’t believe him for a minute.”

“I do. Why would he just up and lie like that?”

“Cause he wants to believe he’s more bi than me and Kris.”

“He said you’ll get that urge to be with a girl.”

Colt rubbed his stubbly chin. Around campus, it was officially ‘No Shave’ November. I was giving
it a go but doubted that it last very long since it was already starting to itch. “He might be
right, but I’m not to that point. I can see what he means though. Like I said, it’s different with
a girl. Does Jess know?”

“I don’t think so, but they are open according to Scott.”

“Kris and I are too to a point. You and Corey need to let go a little.”

“We’ve talked about it some. Colt, I worry…”

“Naturally,” he said.

“I worry that there’s a point where you go too far and it becomes cheating. Now us messing around
is fine and dandy. I enjoy it.”

“I would… if one day, I get the chance to fuck your hot ass,” Colt bluntly stated.

“Ummm…mmm… okay, one day,” I said and really didn’t know if he was coming on to me or what. “Colt,
there’ll be the right moment. I don’t want us just to fuck to say we’ve fucked.”

“Me either. Like you did last year with Kris that one time, I wanna show you how much you mean to
me. Maybe we can swap boyfriends one night. I’m starting to feel pretty secure with Kris, and if
you’re not secure with Corey, you’ll never be,” Colt said. He stood, spit out his Skoal and walked
around for a drink.

When he came back I grabbed him and kissed him. I wanted to show him he was loved by me. I loved
him a lot like I loved Kris. It got pretty heated there for a second with our hands all over each
other. Colt pulled away. “Matt, let’s stop before we do something we regret. I see you love me.”

“Good idea,” I said. “Sorry, it just happened.”

“I know, shit happens,” Colt said and adjusted his shirt and jeans.

It was awkward for a few moments. 

“Colt, I way overstepped my boundaries there.”

“I did too. Our night will come.”

The door opened. One of our guests of honor was coming in. “Wassup?” Dillon asked.

“One week and he just walks right in,” Colt said.

“I feel at home here,” Dillon said, looking around. “Wow Matt, I can see you’ve been working

“Don’t feel so special,” I said and laughed. “I’m kidding, Dillon. It can be your welcome to our
group party, along with your and Scott’s big birthday.”

“So how does it feel now?” Colt asked.

“You’ll both see. I did go buy today just so I can say I did. It felt great knowing if they asked
I was fucking legal. Poor Serge has to wait ‘til May.”

“He’ll make it,” Colt said.

We stood there a few minutes chatting before Scott and Jess entered. We said about eight, but it
was only just after seven. I reiterated what Kris said about us not starting without him. Dillon
echoed that with Sergio working most nights until eight. Shawn was next at seven thirty with Jordy
right behind him. Then came Brennan and Garrett. 

“Well, since they are here, we can make the big announcement if anyone cares,” Scott said.

“Okay,” Colt said.

“Garrett and I are taking Jordy’s one bedroom while Jordy moves in with Scott,” Brennan said.

“We’ve talked about it and think it’s for the best,” Scott said. 

Jordy was talking away to Scott. “Jordy said his parents would feel better now since he’s no
longer living alone.  He’ll be safer that way in case something was to ever happen.”

“It works for all four of us,” Garrett said.

“That’s all that matters and Jordy will be safer that way,” I said. “I guess we have more
furniture to move.”

“I hope not,” Colt said.  “If it works for all of you then who are we to question you.”

“We’ll use Jordy’s stuff for a while and just move our clothes,” Brennan said.

Next to arrive were Chase, Reese, Latham and Deer. Levi had gone home and hated to be missing
this. I still didn’t quite understand why they were here. Reese and Latham were casually dating
and getting to know each other better before really getting serious. I think they both wanted it
that way and it was probably a great approach. Again I loved how Chase and his friends hadn’t
shunned Reese. 

The door opened. “Let the party begin!” Kris shouted with his big arms high in the air.

“No, not until Serge gets here,” Dillon said with Corey and Tabor walking in behind Kris.

It didn’t stop Kris from heading to the ice chest and pulling out a beer. He sat down next to
Shawn. “So how’s it in enemy territory?”

“It’s fine. Though, I feel like there could be a few ready to switch allegiances. I mention party
and it’s like saying treat around a damn dog. Those ears perked up when they heard that. Get this,
Ethan has a date tonight though,” Shawn replied.

“Good for him,” Corey said.

Our next arrivals were Hayden and Kwan. Both seemed timid when they entered, but we tried to make
them feel as welcome as we could. Scott helped matters by hugging Hayden and Kwan. We told them
who we were waiting on before the real stuff began. 

Dillon got a call that Sergio would be here in 10 minutes. Then we heard a knock at the door. Sure
enough it was Cody. 

“Am I welcome or not?” Cody asked.

“Bro, you’re welcome. I felt betrayed a little bit,” Kris replied and stood.

“I’m sorry, Kris. I was caught in between. I knew all along who the best ones were, no matter was
going on. It’s your fucking business what you and Colt do,” Cody said.

We sat waiting with each of us comparing beards. The freshmen were lagging behind, with Hayden and
Kwan not having a clue what we were talking about. Most said they didn’t mind not shaving and were
anxious to see how we all looked with a beard. I grabbed a picture so we could compare later in
the month. 

Finally Sergio arrived. He came holding a big present for Dillon. It was a very nice touch. Dillon
unwrapped it to find two books he wanted, along with some cologne. They kissed thus Cody knew
about Sergio. 

We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Dillon after I presented the cake. We were saving Scott’s until he
turned 21 at midnight. Then the scavengers took over and began grabbing the food that I had
prepared, along with going for the cooler. 

I stood around with my plate and moved to talked to Hayden and Kwan. “Thanks for coming.”

“Thanks for asking us,” Kwan said. “It’s nice to see everyone again. So where’s the rest?”

Kris heard this and interrupted. He told them about the divide in our group caused by him and
Colt. I looked to see Sergio and Cody talking and laughing. It seemed everyone was having a great

We kept talking and having fun. Brennan came busting in the door after stepping outside for air or
to grab a smoke.

“Fucking cops just pulled up!” Brennan said.

Fear ran through my veins. 

“Freshman and beer in the bedrooms!” Kris announced. “The last thing we need is to get fucking
arrested for contributing.”

We sat quietly and had the beer stashed away. We knew at any second there would a loud knock on
the door. 

“Bros, I’m telling ya right now if Alex called the cops…”

“He’s not stupid,” Cody said. “He said there were differences of opinion and values. That was it.”

“Still, you never know what someone will do to get back at ya,” Colt said.

My leg was bouncing up and down until Corey stopped it by placing a hand on my knee. Kris and Colt
thanked him for doing so, but I was so nervous I felt like I was about to puke. 

“Well, are they coming to bust our ass or not?” Jess asked aloud.

“You think they’d be here by now,” Brennan said. He got up and walked to the door. He peeked
outside. “Ummm… they’re at Dillon’s place I think.”

“What the fuck?” Dillon shouted, bouncing up. 

“Bro, is there something we should know?” Kris asked.

“Hell no!” Sergio said and trailed Dillon out the door. We stood and went to the door. It was
almost comical with all of us trying to look out the door. 

“I’ll go with ‘em and see what’s up,” I said since I really hadn’t been drinking.

I caught them while we walked slowly. Sure enough, three policemen were in their apartment. We
walked to the door and knocked as we entered.

“Hands up where we can see them!” one officer screamed. A gun was pointed at the three of us. Our
arms flew in the air, with my stomach in my throat.

“Yes sir, but this is our place,” Dillon said.

“Keep your hands where I can see them!”

“Yes sir,” we said.

“This is your place?” the officer asked. I could see the other two looking through drawers. 

“We just moved in last weekend,” Dillon replied. Sergio was as scared as I was.

“Men, he’s gone,” the officer said and dropped his gun. Two officers appeared, with one being
plain clothed. “We had someone tell us that Jeremiah Lofton was living here.”

“No sir, I think it was Ken something,” I said with my arms extended.

“That was his alias. He was running a gambling scheme as a bookie and must have caught wind we
were on his case,” the officer stated. “You can put your hands down now.”

“So, do you know where he went?” the plain clothes officer asked me.

“I don’t have a clue. I didn’t even know he had moved until we saw these two moving in here last
week,” I replied and shook out my tired arms. “You could speak to the manager, Rico. He might tell

“We will. We’re sorry for this. It was an honest mistake,” the main officer said. “We’ll clean up.
Did you know your door was open? If it wasn’t, we’d be fixing a door.”

“We were down next door,” Dillon said.

“Partying a little, huh?” the one asked with a smile.

“You could say that. It’s my 21st birthday,” Dillon replied.

“Congratulations,” the plain clothes officer said and shook Dillon’s hand. “I know you’re partying
then. Just keep the noise down as much as possible and you won’t hear from us. That’s the least we
can do.”

“No problem,” Dillon said.

“We’ll clean up and lock the door on our way out. Sorry for your trouble,” the main one said.

“You did have me scared for a minute,” Sergio said.

“I almost shit in my jeans,” Dillon said.

They laughed. “Have a good time. I’m glad you don’t have far to go. At least you’re not out on the
road tonight.”

“No sir. You guys have a good night. Thanks for giving us something we can all laugh about now,”
Dillon said.

“That’s wasn’t our intention, but we’re glad we could help. Enjoy your night. I’ll leave a card on
the bar just in case you have any problems,” the main one said.

Walking back, we were able to breathe and laugh. We stepped inside with everyone interested in
what was going on. Dillon told the story of what we had witnessed and heard.

“Here you had us holed in that bedroom,” Tabor said. “What’s worse was Latham shit his pants.”

“Oh my God I thought I was going to gag,” Reese laughed.

“Sorry,” Latham said. “I didn’t think it would stink.”

“Okay, enough of about your shit,” Kris said. “I was freaking.”

“Matt was white as a ghost,” Garrett stated.

“Tell me who here didn’t think your ass was busted,” I said in defense. 

“It happens to all of us at one time or another,” Cody said. “It’s part of being a teenager.”

“Cody, you never did shit in high school,” Sergio stated with the rest of us laughing.

“He does now!” Tabor said loudly.

“You’re following right behind me there Tabor,” Cody said. “Needless to say, I came out of my
shell. Y’all fucking study your ass off during the week and see if you don’t want to party on the

“I don’t guess I am following in your footsteps then,” Tabor said.

“He doesn’t study,” Chase said.

“I do too. So what I’m not gifted and talented like you,” Tabor shot back.

“So Jess, how do feel about your boys over there having a few?” Kris asked.

“It’s cool,” Jess replied, looking at them. “They better have a driver.”

“It’s me,” Latham said. “I lost the toss yesterday. I almost didn’t come.”

“I’d have kicked your ass,” Tabor said. “Jess, we see you drinking too.”

“I guess we’re even,” Jess said.

“You better have a ride too,” Chase said.

“He’s staying with me for a change,” Scott said. “I think I know four guys that better cover for
his ass too.”

“We will,” Reese said with a beer in his hand.

“Oh Reese, wait ‘til Ted hears you’re here drinking,” Colt said jokingly.

“He better not,” Reese said. “I love that he goes here, but he doesn’t need to know shit I do.”

“You’re cool, Reese,” I said. “But don’t think for a second you’re pulling the wool over his eyes.
He was a freshman too.”

“Ted can flat out put some brews away,” Cody stated. 

“How would he know?” Hayden asked.

“Trust me, Cody loves to pester the shit out of Ted and Myles,” Colt replied.

“Cause I don’t think their shit stinks like a bunch of people around here. I guess they appreciate
that,” Cody said.

We continued to sit around and talk. It was great hearing all the stories. We didn’t get very loud
and keep thing pretty quiet for the most part. There were numerous trips to the cooler and
bathroom in turn. Now Dillon and Sergio were used to our banter. They were catching up and doing
their best to fit right in. It’s hard to do when they just joined our fray.

“Excuse me, but it’s fucked up that Jess here is drinking with his guys,” Dillon stated.

“No, Jess is cool. He’s not some hard ass like other RA’s we hear about,” Deer said.

“Jess, don’t you worry about them running over you?” Kwan spoke up and asked.

“I know I would think they would,” Corey said.

“It’s like this. I came down on ‘em hard at first. Then I saw I couldn’t be their daddies or watch
over them night and day. They learn just like I did when I came here. Hell, I learned the hard
way,” Jess replied.

“Some still try to run over him,” Tabor said. “Now we don’t put up with that shit. We tell ‘em
before Jess gets to them. They know now if Jess has to intervene it’s trouble.”

“I have a good group. Not only them, but most of them. There are a few bad apples in every group.
I try to be there and listen when they have troubles. I had to coax a few off the ledge a few
times and not drop out. I won’t tolerate smoking weed in the dorm. Do like Scott did and do it
elsewhere,” Jess laughed.

“Yeah, go away and get fucking stoned as shit,” Scott said.

“There’s plenty that do,” Chase said. “I don’t have to even tell Jess who they are.”

“Chase, I can’t do anything about it if I don’t see them doing it,” Jess stated.

“Do you let ‘em drink?” Sergio asked.

“I tried not to at the beginning. I called Rick and talked to him on how to handle it. He said to
remember when I was a freshman. He’d let us drink as long as we didn’t cause trouble. If I busted
everyone, then the entire hall would be about empty. Ain’t that right, guys?” Jess said.

“Amen to that,” Reese said. “He knows we do. You’re the best, Jess.”

“I agree,” Deer said.

“Man, I wish he was my RA,” Latham said.

“Mine too when I was a freshman. Ours wrote us up if we had alcohol in our room. After a while, we
learned to disguise it,” Dillon said. 

We kept talking and drinking. I got up and began taking pictures. The main goal wasn’t to show
everyone drinking but to show they were having a good time. I was about to take Chase and Tabor’s
picture and saw the empty beer cans sitting next to them. They both had five. 

“I see VJ is rubbing off on ya,” I laughed.

“That was a killer idea,” Tabor said. “When’s he coming again?”

“I don’t know, but I’ll tell him you asked about him,” I replied.

“He knows we’re here,” Chase laughed. “I just sent him a picture.”

As I finished taking pictures, I heard, “Ten… nine… eight…” signaling midnight was upon us. When
it hit zero, Jess poured a half of a can of beer on top of Scott’s head. We sang ‘Happy Birthday’
to Scott before Corey came out holding the cake.  He was wearing my jock and started dancing the
best he could. He did as a pay back for Scott’s dance at Corey’s party last year.  It was all in
fun but wasn’t sure what the freshman thought.  They should be used to our shenanigans by now or
else they wouldn’t want to be around us.


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