Posted:  Dec 9, 2012


Leaving the stadium, I felt like I had been kicked in the nuts. It wasn’t bad enough that the team
lost, but I felt like Colt and I were causing a big rift in our group. Those who were still with us
were talking about the game and all the missed chances while my mind was elsewhere. 

My phone rang and I saw it was Dad. He wanted to chat about the game. I spoke to him for a little
while to make him happy and mostly listened to him go off on some of our players. I hung up after
he finished and continued to walk back to our apartment. 

We said goodbye to Chase, Tabor and their friends. Tabor had said something earlier but it didn’t
seem to bother them at all about Colt and me. I really liked how Reese and Latham were right there
with them. It was a good sign that those guys were looking past their sexuality.

“Here I had it all planned out to party after the victory,” Shawn stated.

“Has that ever stopped you?” Scott asked.

“I see it as an excuse to get really fucked up,” Dillon said. “I’m not into it like you guys, but
we can forget all about it.”

“I like this dude,” Shawn said. “I was looking for an excuse. So Sergio, you knew Cody in high

“I did, homey,” Sergio stated. “He was quiet and not a partier.”

“College changes some people,” Corey said. “Ain’t that right, Matt?”

“It can, for the better or worse,” Matt replied. “For me, it has definitely been for the better…”

“It sure has,” I added. “Matt came out of his shell too.”

“Me too,” Sergio said.

“Not me. I partied in high school and have kept it going,” Dillon said.

“Bro, where are you from?” I asked and had been wondering that since we met him. I was trying to be
normal and put things behind me.

“Just outside of St. Louis,” Dillon replied.

“So how’d you end up here of all places?” Brennan asked.

“My uncle went here and raved about how great it was. The rest of my friends from high school went
to Mizzou. I guess I wanted to go somewhere different to experience another place in my life,”
Dillon replied as we were walking.

Once at the apartment, Scott and the rest went their own way.

“I guess I’ll hang with y’all since I may not be welcome back in my apartment,” Shawn said.

“That’s cool,” Colt said. “We need some more beer though.”

“Shawn’s 21,” Matt stated.

“That’s awesome,” Dillon said. “I turn 21 next weekend, but that’s never stopped me yet from buying
around here.”

“Damn, Scott’s birthday is next weekend too,” Shawn said. “I feel a big party coming on.”

“So y’all wanna kick it with us for a little while?” I asked and did like these two.

“I guess we can. It beats unpacking our stuff,” Sergio said.

“It can wait,” Dillon said. “It won’t be the first night I’ve ever slept on a floor.”

After we forked over some money Shawn headed off to buy us some beer and alcohol. We entered our
apartment and took a seat. 

“I guess y’all are still wondering what the deal was there tonight, huh?” Colt asked.

“I almost forgot about it,” Dillon said.

“We’ll tell you straight up. Colt and I are bi and just started dating about three weeks ago. Up
until now, it was all cool. Then this weekend shit has been coming out that makes me believe they
aren’t so cool with it after all,” I said.

“I’d never have guessed you’re bi. I’m shocked,” Dillon said.

“We were friends since we were freshman. We fucked around a little here and there. It just
happened,” Colt stated. “I broke up with a girl just to be with him. I guess that’s part of it.”
“I think them being friends first has been the biggest hang up,” Matt said.

“They’ve never said a word to us,” Corey said.

“Dillon, we did move into the right place after all,” Sergio said with a big smile. “Kris, you and
Colt aren’t the only two bisexuals that are boyfriends now.”

Hearing that made me excited. I stood, “Fuck yeah! Give me some! Now you’re not messing with are,

“Let us tell you our story,” Dillon said.

“Wait so you don’t have to tell Shawn separately,” Colt said. “I have a feeling it’s a good one.”

We sat around talking. They were juniors as well. What they said earlier about having to move was
true. Dillon was studying to be a lawyer while Sergio was in finance. I had a feeling they were
both pretty smart. Sergio came from a big family and was the youngest of six kids, while Dillon was
between two sisters. One was in her last year of law school while the youngest wanted to be a

Finally Shawn came back with our haul. “It’s a zoo out there. Never did think I was going to get
out of that damn store,” Shawn said with two cases in his hand. “I’ll be glad when all of y’all are

“Thanks, bro,” I said and jumped up to help him. He had another case out in his truck so I ran out
to grab it.

They told Shawn the news that Dillon and Sergio were just like Colt and I. 

“What the fuck’s going on here?” Shawn laughed. “I’m starting to feel like the minority instead of

“Shawn, why did you stay with them then if you’re straight?” Dillon asked.

Shawn opened a beer and took a drink. “It’s like this. Matt’s been my friend the longest. I like
hanging with these dudes and don’t have one problem at all that they suck dick. I don’t feel
insecure in my sexuality. I’m beginning to think those fuckers think it’s gonna rub off on them or
something. Alex has been saying that Colt and Kris are fake and should just say they’re gay. I keep
saying they’re not. Then he goes on about how Andrea was just a cover for Colt.”

“That’s some fucking bullshit right there,” Colt said quickly.

“I know that,” Shawn said. “I really don’t see a difference and don’t know why they even admitted
they were sleeping together now.”

“Then we would have been fake. We did it so everyone would know. We thought things we’re cool,” I

“Me too,” Shawn said. “So what’s the story with y’all?”

“Oh yeah,” Dillon said and took a drink. “Remember the frat shirts?”

“Yeah,” Matt said with the rest of us nodding. We told Shawn they were wearing one moving in.

“Well guys, we were in a frat last year. One night Serge and I got really wasted and ended up in
bed together at the frat house. Shit like that happens all the time, but not with other guys,”
Dillon said.

“So you fucked?” I asked.

“We did,” Sergio answered. “We caught hell about it for a day or two but everyone was like it was a
gay drunk where you’ll try anything once.”

“Thank God I’ve never been that fucking drunk before and I’ve been drunk many times,” Shawn said.

“That was it?” Colt asked.

“Oh no,” Dillon said. “Now I was curious about how it felt sober. I lived at the frat house then,
but Serge lived in a dorm. So I went over to his room and we fucked again.”

“I loved it and knew we had something,” Serge said. “It scared the fuck out of us. We avoided each
other for like two months.”

“How’d you do that in the same frat?” Corey asked.

“We would just say hi but never would talk,” Dillon said, “then came the spring. I was dating this
really hot chick, but it wasn’t happening for me. We fucked some but in my mind I was fucking Serge
each time.”

“Then he broke up with Dawn and one night about a week later, we got wasted again and ended up back
in bed…” Sergio said.

“It was almost the end of the year but we caught all kinds of shit for it. I was like fuck it and
moved out of the frat house. I knew I wanted to be with him. We found that house this summer and
had been living there ever since,” Dillon said.

“So are you still in the frat?” Shawn asked.

“I guess we are, but we haven’t given them a dime this year. I see these guys all over campus. They
act just like Alex did and love saying stuff to me,” Dillon said.

“Me too, but I still like it here. Inside, I’m screaming for joy I’m so happy that Dillon and I can
be with people who accept us as well as some guys who are just like us,” Sergio said.

“I’m happy for you,” Matt said. “That was a great story. We’re really glad to have met you.”

“I knew somewhere around here there had to be some decent people. We stayed to ourselves at that
house. We didn’t go to the games in fear we’d run into one of our frat brothers,” Dillon said.

“I feel for you,” Shawn said. “Last year Matt had to beat some frat boy ass for him to get the

“That was you?” Dillon asked loudly and pointed at Matt. “It wasn’t our fraternity but we heard
about that shit. You kicked his ass.”

“I guess so,” Matt said. “It was something I had to do.”

“Matt, he’s left school and transferred. They gave him all kinds of hell from what I heard about
some gay boy kicking his ass,” Sergio said.

“It wasn’t just once, remember? We were at their party and that dude threw beer on Matt. Matt
nailed his ass good, but he didn’t learn his lesson then and thought he could terrorize Matt,” I
said to remind them.

“See it wouldn’t have been me kicking your ass today,” Corey laughed. “My boyfriend has fists of
fury when he gets pissed off.”

Shawn got up and grabbed a bunch of beer. I was about to but Shawn beat me up. It was great
drinking a cold one and getting to know our new friends. 

He returned, passed out the brews and sat down. He looked at Sergio, “What are you staring at? You
know I’m straight.”

“Funny, bitch!” Sergio said. “I was actually admiring your ink there. Were you in the military?”

Shawn rolled up his sleeve and laughed, “I’m sorry, Sergio. That’s for my dad. He was killed in
Desert Storm.”

“Man that’s tight, Shawn,” Dillon said.

“My brother just returned from his tour and was gone for over a year. I really admire you and I’m
sorry about your dad,” Sergio said.

“Is your brother okay?” Shawn asked.

“Benito made it just fine. I’ve got another brother that should have been with him. Instead, his
ass is sitting in jail thinking he’s a gangster or some shit,” Sergio replied.

“I hate to hear about your brother, bro,” I said. “We all have ink.”

“I could tell,” Dillon said. “We do too.” He pulled up his shirt and showed off his tattoo along
his side. He was fit with a nice set of abs.

Sergio pulled off his shirt to show a small one on his shoulder. He wasn’t fit like Dillon and had
a hairy flat stomach. I had to show mine off and explain about Nathan. Now I didn’t mind telling
people about my brother. We all showed off our ink.

“I wasn’t going to say anything, but damn you are some cut up motherfuckers,” Dillon said.

“You’re not bad either,” I said. “I saw those abs.”

“He’s obsessed with them,” Sergio said. “I try but I can’t get a six pack unless it comes in a

“Work out, dude,” Shawn said. “We go all the time. These guys got me into it. Now I love it.”

“I can tell,” Sergio said.

“We will,” Dillon said as someone knocked at our door. Matt went to open it. It was always a
mystery who was there. It was Scott and Jordy. 

“We were bored after Jess left so we came to see what was kicking here,” Scott said. He walked over
to me and gave me and Colt a hug, but I could smell he had been smoking. “We got your back on this
one. I feel like they are attacking me too.”

“Thanks, bro. I appreciate it,” I said and felt good that Scott had come to my side.

“Dudes, y’all are fucking high as shit,” Shawn said.

“Fuck off Shawn! You’re a damn drunk,” Scott said.

“I know I am. I’m a drunk and you two are stoners,” Shawn laughed.

“I guess we are. At least I don’t feel like shit in the morning,” Scott said and laughed. He and
Jordy sat on the floor.

“Nothing wrong with that. You wouldn’t believe all the trees that get smoked at the frat house,”
Sergio said.

“And the pills they take!” Dillon added.

“We’ve had our run with that too,” Matt said and told them about Garrett. I really hoped we weren’t
giving the new guys too much info, but we didn’t want to talk about something and leave them
Soon, Scott and Jordy knew all about Dillon and Sergio, but they offered up the info. Colt, Corey
and I were doing our best to keep up with Shawn’s drinking but we were losing that battle. Dillon
was a big drinker as well and was putting away a few too.

Shawn was the first to leave, saying he had to work tomorrow. We wished him well going into enemy
territory. Jordy left before Scott did. Thus it left the six of us. Corey headed off to bed but
Matt stayed there with us after kissing Corey goodnight. Dillon had his arm around Sergio and
kissed him as well.

“Bro, you’re gonna miss getting some of that ass,” I said and stood. I was sick of these jeans I’d
been wearing. 

“I’m good and will make it. Damn Kris, we have visitors,” Matt said.

“Whoa there Kris!” Dillon shouted in shock.

“Bro, I’m sorry.  I put em back on,” I said and reached for my jeans.

“It is your place, homey,” Sergio said.  “I don’t mind at all if that’s what you’re into.”

“Well you’ll like hanging with us,” Colt said. “So y’all don’t mind?”

“Of course not. This is your place,” Sergio said. Colt lost his clothes and sat next to me. 

“You guys are nudist, huh?” Dillon asked.

“We are,” I replied. “We all love it.”

“No reason not to with those bodies,” Sergio said.

“Thanks, you’re welcome to join in if you want,” I invited them.

“Kris, not everyone likes to be naked in front of others,” Matt said.

“I was being nice,” I said in defense.

“It’s cool. We really need to leave. We’ve way overstayed our welcome,” Dillon said.

“Bro, that’s fucking nonsense. I know for a fact your bed ain’t made. We have an extra one…” I

“And one in that couch you’re sitting on,” Matt added.

“You wanna?” Sergio asked Dillon.

“I guess we could since they are offering,” Dillon replied. 

“Awesome! Let’s have another beer then,” Colt said.

“I’m with ya,” Dillon said with Colt leaving to get us a beer.

“Before we let ya stay, there is a house rule…” I said.

“Kris, you didn’t make VJ do it his first time here,” Matt said.

“We’re naked until we shower or get dressed,” I said and took the beer from Colt.

“Serge, we’re that way in the morning. You want to try it now?” Dillon said.

“I will only if Matt will,” Sergio said.

“No problem then. I was being nice and didn’t want to make you uncomfortable like my pals over
there,” Matt said and got naked. Sergio and Dillon lost their clothes. Sergio was wearing the
hottest blue pair of underwear. He was small and uncut with lots of hair. Then Dillon’s nice cut
dick flopped out and was about my size. He was hairy and had some low hangers as well that looked
nice on his body.

“Matt, excuse me, but you’re fucking hung and hot as hell. Corey’s one lucky guy to be with you,”
Dillon said.

“Excuse me, boyfriend,” Sergio said.

“I was stating facts. Use your eyes and tell me this room has nothing but hot naked guys in it,”
Dillon said.

“I think you’ve had plenty tonight,” Sergio said.

“Maybe, but I’m telling you guys right now, this night is the best so far of my college life. One,
you walked up and helped us move in. You’ve treated us like you’ve known us all your life. Then we
find out we have something in common. Now for the first time, Serge and I have been able to be
affectionate around others without one single worry. You can’t ask any more than that shit right
there,” Dillon said.

“I agree one hundred percent. Y’all are a Godsend in my book. We just knew we’d be stuck in our
apartment and hiding like we always do. We still might, but I feel like this is the fastest I’ve
ever made friends in my life. I see why y’all are so close. You make everyone around you feel
special and part of the group. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Senors,” Sergio said.

“You’re more than welcome,” Colt said. “My boyfriend is sort of the driving force if you haven’t

“I see why you’re attracted to him. He’s so lovable,” Dillon said.

“Kris is special, but we all have faults, as you’ve seen already,” Matt stated. 

“Matt’s our worry wart over there and our mother hen. He keeps us pretty straight,” I said.

“Nothing wrong with that,” Sergio said.

We talked and killed our final beer. I said goodnight to Matt and watched him go into his room. 

“Bros, if the urge hits ya, fuck your asses off in there,” I said.

“We might just do that,” Dillon said. “Again thanks!”

I reached and hugged both of them. They hugged Colt as well before Colt and I went to my room. I
threw Colt down on our bed and climbed on top of him as I started kissing him with such passion.

I broke the long hot kiss and said, “Fuck Alex and those guys. I don’t care if we never see them
again. We’ve made great friends tonight and it’s something we haven’t been able to really do here.
I feel so good.”

“I feel the same way and I’m glad you said something. We don’t need them around if they’re going to
be like that. We saw who our real friends are and have made two new ones. I think they make a cute
couple. No doubt who is fucking who over there.”

“No doubt about that, but I know who is getting fucked in here. That would be my ass,” I said and
started kissing my way down his hot body until I reached his throbbing cock and sucked it into my
mouth, tasting his precum, which got my own dick rock hard.

I bobbed my head up and down on his veiny cock, using my hands to jerk the shaft while I worked on
the head with my lips and tongue. Hearing Colt’s moans always got me so turned on and I attacked
his cock even harder, playing with his balls and teasing his ass with my finger. As I gently
pressed against his hole I heard him growl in total lust and felt myself being pulled away from his
ass and thrown down on my back on the bed.

Before I really knew what was happening, my eyes rolled back in my head and I felt Colt’s nose
pressed against my pubes as he swallowed me whole in one go. It was fucking incredible and had me
moaning and gripped the sheets. When he pulled off my cock and ran his tongue up over my abs I ran
my hand through his hair and asked him to turn around so I could suck his cock. I was so hungry for

Keeping me on my back, he straddled me so his knees were on either side of my head and his dick was
rubbing against my chin as he thrust down against me and took my cock back into his mouth. As he
started sucking on me again, pulling my legs back so he could finger my ass while he blew me and
humped down against me. I turned my head and opened my mouth, trying to take his cock inside, but
he moved and his dick was rubbing all over my face, leaking precum that smeared on my cheeks and

It was driving me fucking wild. All I wanted was his cock in my mouth and I started trying to push
against him to get what I wanted. Then, as I opened my mouth to protest, he changed the angle of
this thrusts and his dick plunged between my lips and slid straight down my throat without making
me gag. He buried his dick balls deep in my mouth as he took mine down to the hilt as the same
time. I shivered and felt my dick throb from knowing we were both fully inside each other and were
as close as we could possibly get.

We were moaning around each other’s cocks as Colt started to fuck my face. I just lay back and
opened my mouth and throat to him so he could slide his dick in and out of it. I couldn’t believe
how easy it was to take him in that position when I struggled so many other times.

When Colt slipped a finger fully in my ass as he continued to suck me I almost lost control and had
to push him off me. I pulled him to me and kissed him harder than I ever had before. I loved him so
much and wanted to feel his hard dick inside me so bad.  

I quickly grabbed the lube and covered Colt’s dick with a condom. I was thankful for cleaning out
after I took my last piss because I really needed this. Pushing him down on his back, I straddled
him as he held his dick up and my ass slowly slid down on his slick, wet cock. I moaned as it
penetrated my hole and pushed inside. It was getting easier every day to take his hard dick and I
loved that my body was getting used to him being inside it. I shut my eyes and really relished the
feeling of my boyfriend deep inside me.

I pushed my ass down as far as I could, wanting all of Colt in me, and then I rotated my hips,
moving up and down just a little, almost not wanting to pull up off his cock in case it left me.
Eventually my body started moving and I moaned in pleasure with the great sensation of Colt’s hard,
hot dick going in and out of my ass, sliding back and forth and filling me up so good. It wasn’t
easy keeping it in though. I was still adjusting to how far I could pull back and his dick kept
slipping out of me. The first few times I quickly put it back inside me, but when it happened again
Colt held my hips still and just drove his dick back up into me, making me scream.

“OOO Kris, go for a fucking joy ride! Ride my fucking dick!” Colt groaned as he bounced me up and
down on his cock.

“I love it, bro. I love you fucking me!”

Colt was drilling his dick up into me as I was pushing my ass down to meet him, sending him in deep
and hitting my spot. My dick was so fucking hard and was flapping all over the place as I picked up
the pace and really hammered my ass down on Colt’s cock to the point that it was almost painful.

“Ride that motherfucking dick! Ride it!”

I rode him up and down with our skin slapping together and us both moaning and yelping until Colt
leaned up to kiss me, pulling me against him. His hand was on my back and his dick was ball deep
inside me as we made out and he held me. I was delirious and loved the feeling going throughout my

Colt maneuvered me a little so there was a bit of space between our bodies and then he took over
and started pounding my ass, really fucking his cock up into me.

I leaned back, “Fuck yeah! Fuck me Colt! Fuck me with that hot dick of yours!”

“Take it, Kris! Fucking take it!” Colt screamed as he held my hips and rammed his dick into me.

I think he was beginning to tire of that position so he pushed me forward to the end of the bed and
put my legs up on his shoulders. He lubed up some more and gently pushed back inside me. He
proceeded to make hot love to me. It was slower but felt so fucking good. Matt and Corey had
nothing on us with the passion we showed each other.

He kept eye contact with me the entire time his dick was moving in and out of me and I could see
the love he had for me in them. It made me feel so special and only heightened the pleasure I felt.
I hope he could feel the same feelings coming from me.

I reached up to stroke his face as he continued to make love to me and turned his head to kiss my
fingers, sucking one into his mouth. He sucked on the finger like he would my dick and it blew my
mind. My cock pulsed and sent precum flowing out onto my abs as he continued to slide in and out of

When he let the finger slip from his mouth I wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead and put my
hand to my own mouth so I could lick it off. It was a little funky, but it tasted of pure man, my
man, Colt.

My chest was heaving and my whole body was tingling. It was slick from sweat, but I didn’t mind
that we were sweaty and breathing hard as ever, it was just so fucking hot to be taken after a long
day, plus the alcohol in us fuelled things even more. 

Colt then pushed my legs from his shoulders and bent down to kiss me. His tongue slipped into my
mouth as he moved his hand to cradle the back of my head. His dick continued to move in and out of
me slowly, rubbing over my spot every time, which had me moaning into his mouth and almost clawing
at his back.

Colt leaned up after we kissed forever. I felt the familiar tingling throughout my body. “Oh fuck,
I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me, Kris!”

“Fuck the cum out of me!” I yelled and felt my dick releasing its cum. Cum hit my abs as shot after
shot flew from my untouched dick. It was a great cum and was so intense it left me lifeless. “Colt,
pull out. I can’t take anymore.”

Colt gently pulled out and threw off the condom. He leaned down and licked some of my cum from my
body, swallowing it as he started jerking his cock. He licked up some more and pushed his tongue
into my mouth, feeding it to me. He then moved and knelt above me, right next to my face, and was
stroking his hot dick. I extended my tongue a few times to swipe it across the tip of his cock, but
my body was still limp and exhausted. Finally he groaned and stuck his dick in my mouth. It pulsed
and started firing. I took his cum and swallowed all he had to offer, using my mouth and hands to
milk him dry. 

We lay there in our bliss and stared at the ceiling. Colt kissed me and said he loved me. I said I
loved him as well before we moved around to go to sleep.

I woke the next morning with the worst case of dry mouth and a slight headache. I knew Colt was
already up and gone so I rolled out bed and headed for something to drink. It seemed I was the last
one up. After using the bathroom, I saw them all sitting around naked.  It was a great sight to see
especially Colt.

“‘Bout time,” Colt said.

“I guess. So how’d y’all sleep?” I asked the two.

“Not bad,” Sergio said.

“You don’t have to ask, Kris. They fucked…” Colt said.

“Well you said…” Dillon stated.

I grabbed a glass of water and downed some pills quickly. I sat down next to Colt and kissed him.
“Matt, were you the only one that didn’t get laid last night?”

Matt smiled, “I guess I was. There’s a first.”

“Matt was telling us all about Corey and how they met,” Sergio said. “It was so sweet.”

“I didn’t realize it but this weekend is our two year anniversary,” Matt said.

“Bro, that was Labor Day,” I stated.

“No, it was two years ago that Corey and I got back together and have been basically together ever
since,” Matt said.

“I guess it was,” I said. “They broke up for a month after Matt caught Corey in bed with another

“I don’t blame you, but I see why you took him back. I lost one girl over that myself,” Dillon

“I’d say it turned out of okay for me,” Matt stated.

“Guys, I wish we could sit here and talk all day but we can’t. We have an apartment down there that
needs to be put together,” Dillon said.

“I’ll go help ya,” I said.

“Good idea,” Colt said. “Matt, cook us some breakfast and we’ll all go help our friends here.”

“Okay,” Matt said and jumped up. He was fast and had us eggs, bacon and toast ready in no time. We
sat down and ate everything in sight.

We went down and helped them unpack and get their apartment in order. They were at least smart
enough to mark boxes so it was easy to know where they wanted their stuff. Matt got the kitchen in
order while Colt and I did our best in their bedroom. 

As we were finishing up, Colt turned around with a big dildo in his hand. “I think I found their
toys,” Colt said.

“Good thing we know about them,” I said and hollered to Dillon. 

He walked in and laughed seeing what we had found. “I see you found our fuck toys. Just put them
under the bed.”

“No problem,” Colt said. “Kris and I haven’t really gone there yet.”

“It adds to the fun. You should buy a few,” Dillon said.

“We’ve tried them. Matt and Corey have a few, but we might need to make a trip one day,” I said.

In no time, we finished unpacking their stuff. Matt showed them where he had put everything so they
would know. 

“We owe you guys big time,” Dillon said.

“Bro, it wasn’t anything,” I said.

“Next weekend, I’ll buy you guys a few cases to enjoy,” Dillon said.

“We’ll take that,” Colt said.

“Don’t be a stranger…” I said walking to the door.

“We won’t be, unless you don’t want us around,” Sergio said.

“Just come down, and now you know we could be nude,” Matt said.

“We might join ya then,” Dillon said. “Once I got comfortable, it was pretty cool.”

“We’ll see ya. I’m sure y’all have stuff still that needs to be done,” Colt said.

“Studying for sure since I work during the week,” Sergio said.

We left their apartment and went back to ours. I was feeling great and not too hung over to head
over and work out.

That night, Matt was aching to hit the streets. I grabbed my shoes and headed out with him. I
missed the nights when we’d talk just about anything, but things have changed. I can’t say for the
better or worse but they had changed. 

“What’s on your mind?” I asked while stretching on this cool night.

“I just needed to get out for minute. I’m proud of the way you handled Alex. I just knew you’d be
over there today.”

“I thought about it, but it’s really not my problem, bro. Dillon and Sergio couldn’t have come at a
better time.”

“I like those two…”

“Me too. We’re lucky to have each other and don’t have to go into hiding.”

“Are you beginning to see how I felt and still feel at times? It hurts when people don’t like you
just because you’re gay, or in your case, bi. It is something I try to overlook, like you did with
Alex’s first few comments. You had every right to jump his ass.”

I patted Matt, “Thanks. I was wondering if I had overdone it.”

“Not really. You had let a few things slide, but I was feeling like he didn’t care for your
decision,” Matt said as we started to jog.

“I felt he was attacking me more than Colt.”

“Me too, but you are the quasi leader here. I know some think you’re high and mighty but… without
you we’d be close to do nothings.”

“Do you think I’m high and mighty? I just think it’s me.”

“There are times, but you’re right. It’s just you. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Keep
being the Kris you’ve always been.”

“You keep being the Matt you always been,” I said before we started running.

We talked about various things while running. I did tell him that Colt and I were probably going
hunting at Colt’s place in a few weeks. It was my goal to bag a nice buck this year. Hunting was
fun to me, despite the action being slow at times. It was a good way to get away from things and
just gather your thoughts.   

We ended our run with a good race back. Matt had that kick at the end I so envied. If nothing else,
it did give him some pride in that fact he could outdo me in one sporting thing.

“Bro, no matter what comes of me and Colt, I’ll always need you in my life,” I said.

“I’ll always need you too Kris.”


As always, thanks for reading my story.   As you can tell, the story isn't in line with the time of
year and is behind.   Hopefully, it will before the spring semester begins. 

Your comments are great and inspiring me to write more. 


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