Posted:  November 26, 2012


Kris and I walked back to our apartment holding hands. We were both adjusting to being boyfriends.
Now everyone knew and had seemed to take it well, though I’m not sure how Bishop and Alex really
feel. I think they accept us but I’m not sure they’re crazy about Kris and I being lovers. 

We opened the door and heard Matt moaning as loud as ever and heard their bed shaking, which was
rather unusual to hear. Normally they were pretty quiet when they fucked.

“Damn, Matt sounds like a fucking whore in there,” I commented and heard him scream ‘fuck me harder,
Corey!’ like he was desperate for it.

“Bro, I know we’re dating, but you call Matt a whore again…”
“Kris, we’re all fucking whores. Most of our friends are whores. To me a whore is someone who loves
sex and is willing to do it at any moment.”

“Still, I don’t like the sound of it,” Kris stated.

“Tell me what I said that wasn’t true? Hell, I love being a whore, especially with you.”

Kris rubbed his chin and kissed me, “I guess you’re right, bro. I’m a whore and damn sure know Matt
is, and so is Corey, he really wanted that dick earlier.”

I went to the bathroom and used it to prepare my ass for the night. Getting ready to get fucked was
the worst part, but it was something I was growing used to, plus I knew what pleasure I would have
later. I sat down on the couch with Kris. I put my arm around his shoulder and loved how it felt
there. Now there was silence in Matt’s room. “Honestly, can you blame Corey now? Matt’s hot as fuck.
He’s cut up and has the perfect body to go along with that big dick of his. If he were in porn he’d
be a big star.”

“Colt, why don’t you date him then since you think he’s so fucking hot?”

“Two reasons. He and Corey are so in love it ain’t even funny. Most importantly, I fell in love with
you. Kris, I was too chicken shit to ever make this step before I saw it was now or never. I love

“I love you too,” Kris said. “I’ve never been happier in my life. I love one hot guy and can feel he
loves me. For some reason I felt I forced it on the girls I dated like it was expected of me. I’m not
saying I didn’t love them at the time and didn’t enjoy being with them, but there’s that something
special I feel with you, even though we don’t show it publicly.”

“I feel the same way,” Colt said. “I think I stuck with Andrea to prove a point to myself and the
others, but each time you and I have fucked I loved it. It was so special. I thought I liked it so
much because it was different.”

“Bro, it ate my shit alive at the beginning. You remember how fucked up I was emotionally. I wanted
to love you and to have you love me. Now I have that peace within like never before.”

“Kris, I’ve been thinking… Do we want to be exclusive?” I asked with Kris’s hand on my leg.

“What do you want?”

“We’re a couple now. We have to think together as one. If not, we’ll be throwing punches again.”

“I know what I want, but I want to hear what you want. I don’t want be one hundred percent exclusive.
I’d like us to be a little open. Say you wanna fuck Matt, which I know you do…”

“Forgive me but fuck yeah I do!”

“I’d say between the four of us, it’s open as fuck! However, I know those two, well, one bro that
ain’t going for it.”

“Hell, that night we fucked Corey he crawled in there with Matt like he’d done something wrong. To me
they’re wasting away lots of fun here in college. Like I said, we’re goddamn whores,” I laughed.

Kris laughed as well, “Colt, I don’t want us to run off fucking other guys and thinking it’s cool.
I’d say if we have the chance among our friends then we should go for it. Also, if one of us found a
hot ass guy that was willing, or even a girl that was willing, I’d say a threesome would be the best
ever. I know I really enjoyed the threesomes I’ve had with you. You know we really fucked the hell
out of that girl in Amsterdam.”

“Didn’t we? I know that pussy was sore the next day,” I said. “So we’re saying be sort of like those
two but not among our friends?”

“I think so,” Kris stated. “Why waste our fucking college life just on each other? We enjoy sex too
much, but I kinda like the way Corey and Matt do it. If they know and are there, it’s balls to the
wall then.”

We kissed to seal our agreement. My hand slipped down to Kris’s crotch and began rubbing it while he
was biting my lower lip, tugging on it gently. He was such a great kisser and showed so much
affection in the way his lips worked mine. I couldn’t believe I almost let him slip away. He broke
the kiss, though I tried to follow him so we didn’t lose contact, and I gasped as he stood and
dropped his jeans. The sight of his incredible body and his beautiful hard cock will never cease to
amaze me. As usual, he was going commando and I smiled seeing how thick and angry his cock looked as
it escaped from his jeans and sprung up, slapping against his abs. I stood and got down to my boxers.
Kris reached out his strong hand and began rubbing my dick through my boxers. His touch always made
me shiver because it was so much firmer than any girl I had ever been with and I could feel the power
in the fingers, but he was so gentle stroking me that he always made me feel special and as though he
really treasured my body.

He kissed his way along my hard shaft that was still encased in my boxers, making sure to focus on
the head. Then he used his teeth to pull my boxers down while I was stood in front of him with my
dick twitching and bouncing in front of his face. His tongue extended and he looked up at me with
those blue eyes as the tip hit my dick. It sent shivers down my spine and made my legs tremble,
though it always did no matter who was licking my dick. He bathed my dick with his tongue, running it
up and down the length and swirling it around the head before he moved down to suck my nuts. He
rolled each of my balls around on his tongue and sucked them into his mouth as my hard cock rested on
his face. He pulled back and looked me in the eye again, never breaking eye contact as he took the
head of my hard seven inch dick in his mouth. It felt so damn good feeling his warm mouth cover my
dick. Kris didn’t just attack my cock any more, he made love to it with his mouth, gently bobbing up
and down, caressing it with his lips and tongue and using his hand to stroke it while he sucked me.

“OOO yes, Kris… fuck yeah, suck that dick!” I hollered out.

He glanced up at me with his lips curled into a smile around my cock and started sucking me with such
vigor. I put my hands on his head and guided him on my dick just like I used to do Andrea. He was
more receptive to it and seemed to enjoy it more than Andrea. I think he likes giving himself to me
and giving up some of his power and control. Sex is the one time when he lets go and allows someone
else to take the lead. He kept sucking and occasionally licking me until my cock really started to
pulse. He stopped then and slowly kissed his way up my body, spending time on my abs and chest,
licking each of my nipples and nuzzling in against my neck, which had me closing my eyes and throwing
my head back as he took me in his big arms. He kissed my chin and I lowered my lips to meet his,
feeling his tongue slip into my mouth. I could taste dick on his breath but I loved it, knowing it
was mine. 

I took his hand and led him to my bedroom for a change. His room was a wreck but then mine wasn’t far
from it. I sat him down on my unmade bed where Chase had slept the night before. I pulled him close
and kissed him with as much passion as he had showed me. When I pulled away I noticed something
glistening on his forehead and leaned in to lick it off; knowing it was some of the precum my dick
had leaked onto face when he was sucking my balls as soon as the taste hit my tongue. I was so turned
on and that only made me want to taste Kris more. I ran my hand down his body and dropped to my
knees, sucking his gorgeous cock into my mouth. I started giving his great dick the same treatment he
gave mine. He moved his hands to stroke my hair and then pushed my head down while I was sucking him,
wanting me to take more, but I didn’t mind at all. There was no gagging now so it was easy on me to
take his entire seven inch dick deep into my mouth. My nose hit his pubes where I could take in that
Kris musk that was uniquely his while he was shoving his dick in and out of my mouth, fucking my

“Fuck yeah! Fuck!” Kris yelled constantly, like always when I sucked his dick.

I was taking his dick in my mouth, with the head starting to pummel the back of my throat, groaning a
little knowing Kris was loving it. My mouth grew tired so I kissed and licked up his great hard body,
loving the feeling of the muscles against my tongue. I stopped and sucked his nipples, getting a deep
groan out of him that made my dick jump, before moving up to kiss him deep, pushing my tongue into
his mouth to feed him some of his own precum. 

“Fuck me, Kris. I want your hard dick up my fucking ass,” I said to him as I pulled back and held him

“Bro, I’d love to take that ass,” Kris said, moving his hands down to squeeze it. “My ass is a little
sore after you’ve been fucking me so much lately.”

I kissed him and moved up onto my bed. I knelt over and faced the wall. Almost immediately I felt his
strong hands pull my cheeks apart and then his tongue hit my hole. I reached back and stroked my dick
while feeling his tongue dance around my hole, teasing it so good as he pushed against my pucker,
making me want his dick in me that much more. 

Kris pulled back and gave my hole one last kiss that really made me moan. He stood up and I felt his
leaking dick slide up between my cheeks as he started to thrust his cock against me.

Then he stopped, “Fuck! The condoms are in my room.”

Knowing it took me longer to get off than him, I lay there stroking my dick with thoughts of his
mouth being my hand as he ran to his room. In no time, he was back with the box and lube. He pulled
out one condom and slung the others on the floor. I got back on my knees, looking over my shoulder
and watching eagerly as Kris unrolled the condom on his hard dick.  He poured some cold lube into his
hand and smeared it around my ass, pushing his finger inside me to get me ready, before lubing up his

Kris moved up behind me and stuck his dick at my ass, pushing the head hard against my ass. For some
reason, it was opening up. “Open that pussy for me,” Kris said with his dick pressing against my

“Dammit Kris, I’m trying. Fuck!” I screamed as my hole stayed tight and tense.

“Don’t get mad.”

“I’m not. I’m pissed because my body ain’t giving in,” I said.

I pushed out hard in my frustration and then felt his dick slide in me, popping in and sinking about
half way in. I groaned and still felt the pain of the initial surge as my ass tightened around his
cock. Kris’s hands grabbed my hips and he slowly pushed more of his dick in to me. I was grabbing the
sheets in pain and couldn’t believe this shit was so painful after all these times. 

“Relax, bro.”

“I’m trying like hell. Just give me a second. I don’t know what the fuck is up.”

“Just think of it as me making love to you and not fucking you.”

I tried, but I still felt really full and uncomfortable. Kris bottomed out in me and left his dick
balls deep inside me as he leaned over and placed kisses all over my back. Soon the most of the pain
was gone and Kris gently eased out of me and then pushed back in slowly, letting me get used to the
feeling of his cock being inside me. I began moaning as it started to feel good and I remembered why
I relished in the feeling of being a bottom. Kris could sense I was ready for more and upped the
pace, taking shorter, quicker thrusts as he started to fuck me. 

“Damn your ass is fucking tight!”

“I know, but your dick is so damn hot and feels so good in me! Fuck me!”

“Fuck yeah, bro. Take my dick! You fucking love feeling my hot cock fucking you, don’t you?”

“Give it to my ass! Fuck me, Kris! Fuck me!”

Kris slapped my ass and started grunting with each deep push as he fucked me nice and hard. I was
saying fuck yeah or just fuck with each thrust. He slipped out and applied more lube while I grabbed
my hard dick and jerked myself off a little. I must have loved it because my dick was rock hard. When
he drove his dick back inside me he leaned over and started licking my back up to my neck. I turned
and battled tongues with him while he fucked me, ramming his dick into me and making me moan and yelp
into his mouth.

We changed positions to where I was on my back and he slid back inside me. It was my favorite
position with Andrea and now it was with Kris. I could see his face and look into his eyes while
feeling his dick inside me. He moved in and out of me at a slow pace as he gently fucked me with my
own hard cock twitching against my abs. When he slid out this time he just slid his dick back in me
with my legs high in the air. He pushed forward and pinned me back a bit. It was uncomfortable so I
said move down just a little. When we were both comfortable he leaned over and kissed me while we
were going at a great pace. There was the sound of skin slapping together and lips smacking. He
leaned back up and grabbed my dick to jack me off. I was able to moan and groan while getting so lost
in our hot man sex. 

Kris pulled out and threw off his condom. “I’m fucking nutting! Oh fuck yeah!” 

I watched and felt his stream of cum hit my nuts, abs and one up to my chest. I scooped up a little
and used it to jack my dick with.

“Sorry bro. I wish I could last as long as you do.”

“It’s cool. I loved it,” I said and watched Kris go down on me, taking my dick deep into his mouth
and working me to perfection. It didn’t take much doing before I felt the urge to blast my load. “I’m
about to cum!”

Kris pulled off and put the tip at his cheek while stroking me hard. “OOOOO fuck!” I screamed and
felt the on rush of a fucking great orgasm. My head went back while feeling cum bust out of my dick.
“Shit… fuck yeah… ooo yes!” I said while shooting my load.

Finished with a great orgasm, Kris leaned over. I could see my load splattered across his cheek and
nose. I pulled him forward for a kiss while soaking in the afterglow of our sex. My room reeked of
cum, sweat and some other funky smell, but it was worth it to have Kris inside me.

Kris went to grab our pillows while I cleaned up. He jumped back in my bed and snuggled against me.
“Fucker, this is going work. I love you!”

“I love you too, Kris. I’m living a dream.”

Kris smiled, “Good. As long as it doesn’t turn into a nightmare…”

Compared to sleeping with Andrea, Kris was a bear most nights. He hogged the covers and rolled all
over the place. Worse was the fact he snored most nights. Last night, I had to make him roll over to
his stomach to stop him from snoring.

The next morning, Sunday, I rolled out of bed, smiled seeing Kris sleeping naked and headed to take a
piss. I finished and saw Matt sitting naked on the couch with his laptop.

“Wassup?” I asked, grabbing his knee.

“Oh just looking at different things. I was mostly looking at places for our trip.”

“Any good nude beaches?”

“None that I can see,” Matt replied. “I wish though.”

“You dog,” I said and pushed on his shoulder.

“Yeah, I like it and enjoy it,” Matt laughed, like he was embarrassed to admit it.

“I will say I hope Kris and I make it ‘til then.”

“Don’t tell me you’re already fighting.”

“Nope, we’re not, but I don’t wanna get too settled cause you never know what could happen. I know
Kris far too well now.”

“Me too, and I’m worried for you.”

“Thanks. Now that the dust has settled, what do you really think?”

Matt inhaled, “Colt, I want both of you to be happy. I pray there’s more than sex between you two.”

“I feel that connection. You know, like you and Corey have.”

“You do have one thing going for ya in that you were great friends first, whereas I’ve never dated a

“I guess that’s why it hasn’t been that different, except for sleeping with him every night.”

“I noticed that too. So does everyone know now?”

“Everyone that matters, except my folks. Mom will be easier than Dad.”

“You know if you don’t want, you don’t have to tell them. You told Chase.”

“Hmmm… I’ll see how things go then. There’s a lot of shit they don’t know.”

“Aren’t we glad they don’t?” Matt laughed. “Honestly, I think they have some idea and don’t have
their heads stuck in the sand. Mom knew about Amsterdam and how weed was legal. I suspect she knows I
smoked some but she never said so.”

“True. If they only knew how much we drank. Just fucking wait ‘til that cruise.”

“Colt, promise me that you and Kris won’t be crazy ass drunk the entire time.”

“Hey, I’m not the one that gets so drunk, he starts wanting his boyfriend to fuck him in front of
everyone,” I joked.

Matt laughed as well, “I’ll have to watch it then.”

I got up and went to have some cereal and toast since that was easy to fix. While I was eating, Kris
came out and sat down next to Matt. He threw his arm over Matt’s shoulder and kissed his cheek. 

“Bro, I love you and especially that hot dude over there,” Kris said pointing in my direction. “So
whatcha doing? Looking at porn?”

“No, I see plenty of hot naked guys in my apartment,” Matt replied. “Just looking at Facebook since
I’m never on there.”

“Me either,” I said.

“Kris, I was looking at some other races we could enter,” Matt said.

“Let me hear about ‘em,” Kris said. I didn’t mind at all that he and Matt enjoyed running and really
seemed to enjoy the race they were apart of. 

“Actually I found one I want all of us to do,” Matt said.

“Like what?” I asked.

“I stumbled upon this place about 3 hours from here that has a naked race in the spring…”

“Sign my ass up then, bro,” Kris said. “How fun would that be?”

“Not for Matt. His damn thighs would be bruised,” I joked and finished up eating. I walked over and
kissed Kris on the lips while Matt was showing us the site. It was interesting knowing there was a
place within driving distance that could be fun.

“I assume it’s mostly old people that run,” Matt stated.

“We’ll give ‘em some life,” Kris said. “I just hope it’s not when our cruise is.”

“It’s not. It’s in April,” Matt said.

We continued to look. Kris brought up a point, “I hope it’s not when Linda and Vince are getting
married either. Matt, what do you think about that?”

“I’m happy for Mom. VJ coming here this weekend really made it much easier. Remind me to thank Chase,
Colt,” Matt said.

“He did seem to open up around him, huh?” I commented. 

“He did,” Matt said. “I saw a totally different VJ than I knew previously and one I liked being

“Awesome, bro. Have him come here as much as he wants,” Kris said. “We’ll see if we can’t get him to
come here next year so you can watch out for him.”

“Kris, I’d bet that would be a huge minus, right Colt?”

“I agree, but it won’t hurt knowing you’re here,” I replied.

We finally got the day rolling. Kris and I showered together and enjoyed rubbing all over each
other’s bodies. We kissed a lot with Kris kissing all over my neck. He had found my weak spot, my
neck. His was when I played with his ears. 

It was hard to finish but we did, with the hot water just about gone. Getting finished with brushing
our teeth and shaving a little was tough squeezed into our smallish bathroom, but we made it.

“Hey, let’s run to the Rec Center and work out,” Kris said while we were leaving the bathroom.

“Really? We just got cleaned up,” I said.

“Bro, we had to wash away that funk,” Kris said. “Hey Matt, you wanna run with us to the Rec for a

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Matt replied.

After we dressed in old ragged stuff, which is what most of my clothes are now, Kris drove us over.
He parked in an employee spot and began to think he ran the place. 

While we were heading to the door, I heard first and then saw Chase, Tabor, Deer, Levi and another
guy coming in our direction.

“Guess who got him some at this party we went to last night with our buddy Austin here,” Tabor
practically screamed.

“Let me guess,” I said as sarcastically as I could. “You?”

“Fuck no, your brother here,” Tabor replied.

“Someone’s jealous,” Chase said with a big smile. “He can only get to first base with that girl he’s
been with. One look at me and wham!”

“At least one guy in the family gets him some,” Tabor said.

Kris stopped, “Bro, I don’t wanna hear it from you.”

“I was just saying,” Tabor said. “It was a joke. Chill!”

“We’ll remember that,” I said and opened the door. Corey was at the front desk and said hi before we
went on back. We threw our things in the lockers, along with Chase and his friends. Austin looked
like your typical freshman and had just stepped out of high school. Chase and Tabor wanted to get
Austin involved so they would have others to come here like we did. At least, we had influenced them
in one good area.

In the weight room, Kris really pushed me hard, but I was up for the task. Now we were very close in
pressing the same amount, but Kris had me beaten by a mile in squats. Matt did his thing after he did
a few presses. He didn’t seem interested in how much he could bench press. Instead, he worked on his
core, even though it needed little if any work. 

After we finished, Chase asked if we wanted to shoot some hoops in the gym. We said no and let them
run off to play some basketball. Even though they had worked out, they showed a ton of energy,
whereas I was tired.  

We returned to the apartment. Matt headed off to his room and said he was taking a nap. Kris liked
the sound of it as well.

“Come on. We can snuggle,” Kris said.

“I’m not sleepy right now,” I said.

“Please, for your boyfriend,” Kris said with those puppy dog eyes.

“Alright,” I said giving in.

He took my hand and led me to my bedroom. We undressed and got under the comforter. He started
kissing my neck and knew how to get me going. He reached his hand down and grabbed my dick. 

“Kris, I love you, but every time we are together like this doesn’t mean we have to have fucking

“Bro, I was grabbing something I love feeling.”

“Being boyfriends, lovers or whatever the fuck you wanna call it has to be more than sex. If not,
then why did we go to this trouble?”


“We could have just kept fucking around. I did it so we could be more than just fuck buddies. I want
us to look to each other in those times of need. Be there for more than just sex. I love fucking you,
but not every minute we’re alone. Sometimes, it’s nice just to be alone and hold each other.”

“Damn, I was hoping for a little action but I see where you’re coming from. Seeing you makes me all
fucking hard and shit. I’ll just hold you, which I love doing.”

“Good,” I said. Kris put his arms around me and held me. It wasn’t long before he was asleep. After
he was asleep, I dozed off as well.

I woke and heard the TV out in the living room. I got up and found my shorts. Matt and Corey were
sitting on the couch with Corey’s arm around Matt. I said hi before gathering up my laundry. I had a
hard time separating mine from Kris’s so I threw his in as well. 

After putting in the laundry, I saw a beautiful sight. Corey was kissing Matt with his hand up Matt’s
shirt. I could see Matt’s tattoo at his waist and never really noticed it that much. I tried not to
stare but I loved seeing how it should be. I continued to mess around and found something to eat.

“If you want, I’ll cook something for us,” Matt said.

“Good luck then,” I said after seeing our food was down to nothing.

“Matt and I will go shopping then,” Corey said.

“How about if we all go?” I asked.

“That’s up to you,” Matt said.

“I think we should. Y’all do it plenty,” I stated.

I went and woke Kris up. He rubbed his eyes and got up. I said we were going grocery shopping. He
said I could go but he didn’t wanna. Then I told Kris I wanted all of us to go. It wasn’t that I was
worried about the cash but it could be something we could do together.

Rather than eating out, we went back to the apartment and Matt threw together a quick and easy meal.
Finally one of us was starting to get the hang of cooking. It wasn’t gourmet but it sure filled us

After we ate, it was down to studying. I didn’t like it much, but it was getting a little easier
since now I knew what to expect and generally what to study. My hardest part was staying organized
and on track with my classes. So far, my grades were mostly B’s, with one A so far. 

After Kris and Matt ran, he and I decided to visit and see what everyone else was doing. We headed
over to Shawn’s place first but saw Cody and Ethan were studying and didn’t want to disturb them.
Shawn did go with us as we headed towards Bishop’s place. As we were leaving, we passed Yancey.

“Hey bro, wassup?” Kris asked him.

“Ummm… I was just going to see Scott and Brennan for a minute,” Yancey said.

“Bro, you should just go with us. We haven’t seen you in forever,” Kris said.

“I know, but I can’t stay for very long,” Yancey said and kept walking.

“That’s odd,” Shawn said. “Maybe Scott’s supplying him.”

I snickered, “With bud or butt?”

We knocked on Bishop’s door. Tom answered it and welcomed us inside. Alex was sitting with Elise,
while Bishop was gone for a little bit. We sat around and watched some Sunday Night Football, along
with flipping stations to watch the baseball playoffs. It seemed Alex was into both of them. 

“Kris, if you change your mind any time soon I know at least two girls that would date you in a
heartbeat,” Elise said. “You too, Colt.”

“Hey, what about me?” Shawn asked. “I need a girl way more than these two lovers do.”

“I’ll see what I can do then,” Elise said.

“Elise, you should. Shawn’s a great guy,” Kris stated.

“I know he is and I tried to explain that to Gena. They saw what a nice body he has,” Elise said. 

“There again my short dick does me in,” Shawn joked.

Elise laughed, “It’s not the size but what you do with it. I’ll work on her for you.”

“So that’s why you’re still with Alex,” Tom commented with a big smile.

“Hell yeah!” Alex said. “You know it!”

We stuck around and left about eleven so they could do whatever they needed to do before calling it a
night. As we were walking back, we saw Yancey in his car driving away. 

The next morning Kris woke me to start my Monday with a light kiss on the forehead. My eyes popped
open just in time to see a glimpse of my man walking away. He should have been walking funny after I
laid in to his ass the night before. It was the wildest sex we had enjoyed, with Kris wanting that
hot muscular ass pounded. I didn’t hold back and fucked him hard. No doubt we were loud but we
enjoyed it. I was hard just thinking about it, reliving the memory in my head. I threw my sheet off
and reached for the lube that was still on the nightstand, pouring a little into my hand so I could
coat my throbbing cock with it.

My hand glided up and down my shaft as I closed my eyes and saw Kris perched on the edge of the bed
on his knees, his back pressed against my pecs with my arms around him, holding him close and kissing
his neck as I drilled my cock up into him and made him scream. I jerked my dick harder and faster as
I saw myself push him down so he was lying flat on his stomach, trapping his own hard cock beneath
him as I pounded that tight muscle ass, giving it everything I had with my hips literally bouncing
off his ass as they slapped together and I drove my dick in deep. I could feel my cum bubbling up in
my balls as my mind switched to how I pulled out when he was screaming my name, flipped him onto his
back, threw his legs onto my shoulders and plunged back into him, folding him in half as I pummelled
his fucking hot ass and just hammered away until the cum came spewing out of his cock all over his
chest and face. It was one of the few times we pretty much came together and just thinking about that
was all I needed as my dick exploded and I shot my load all over my body after the first shot hit my

I cleaned myself up, got dressed and headed over to the campus on this cloudy, dreary day. My first
class wasn’t so bad and usually kept my interest. I enjoyed my next one with Mike, one of Ted’s
friends and a lineman. Talking to him I usually avoided the obvious questions about the game, but I
knew like Ted he wanted to be a regular student.

After finishing up and grabbing a turkey melt sandwich, I headed out. Leaving the main student
center, my name was called out. I turned to see Michael standing with a full beard and glasses. 

“Colt, how are things?” he asked.

“Not bad, and you?”

“Oh, the same.”

“Are you still with Brianna, right?” I asked, hoping that was her name.

“Over two years now. Can you believe it?” he asked, with me nodding no. “I assume Corey’s still tight
with Matt.”

“Oh tight as ever. I hate it but I’ve got to run.”

“Me too. Tell Corey I said hello.”

“I will,” I said and walked away holding my sandwich with my backpack over my shoulder. I walked
briskly back and jumped in my truck to head to work after throwing my shit in the apartment.

Entering, I saw the team in a meeting. Still there was plenty to do. My boss always had work for me
that would now keep my mind off what was going on all around me. Now, I’d really need to watch it or
else be scorned by the team. To start, I helped him repair one of the weight machines before running
off to have everything in place for practice. The head coach was particular about things and now
trusted that I would have things in their proper place for an efficient practice. The team headed out
to practice after I was just finishing up. Most greeted me with a fist pump or high five. It was
great having their respect and trust. It took some time but over the past year or so they did so,
especially the juniors and seniors on the team. 

After work, it was nice to be back home. Matt kept the place neat and liveable for all of us or else
the entire place would like mine and Kris’s room. I sent Kris a text and said I was home. I thought
it would be nice to let him know I was there and waiting on him. 


Thanks as always for reading Chapter 27.  I hope you don't mind the change in POV.  Some wanted it so
I have been going back and forth.  Let me know if it is too much.

Oh, by the way, you just read the 200th chapter of the story.  It is hard to believe there was enough
material and more importantly interest to write that many chapters.  Thank you doesn't seem to be
good enough or strong enough.  I really appreciate those who have read each one or those who just
started reading the story.  It's fun to write and now fun to read your reactions to each chapter.  
Don't expect another 200 chapters...LOL!!!  


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