Posted:  Nov 7, 2012


After a long drive, our place never looked so good. Ethan was really pretty quiet and slept some of
the way, as did Colt, while I drove. Colt and I said goodbye to Ethan and grabbed a few things from
the car before heading inside.

I went straight to the fridge for a beer since I couldn’t have one at the game. It tasted so good
and was really refreshing after the long drive. Before we settled down, Colt and I decided to
gather some things we might need to go hunting and tossed them by the front door since had a
stupidly early start in the morning. We just wanted to get up and go and not have to worry.

With everything ready I walked over and kissed Colt on the lips. He pulled back however. “Bro,
what’s the deal?”

“Kris, we really need to have a long talk before we do anything else,” Colt said.

“Okay,” I said, but didn’t like the sound of that. I knew in my head this could be our night.

Colt put his stuff away and returned with his can. He offered me a dip so I took it after staying
away from it for a while. 

“Kris, you know I love you to death…”

“I love you too, bro.”

“I don’t know exactly how to put this but I’m gonna try my damnedest,” Colt said and spit. “I’ve
really been thinking a lot about us lately.”

“So have I.”

“Kris, just listen. I proved when I was away that you mean the world to me, but so do Corey and
Matt. When we made up, I can’t tell you how good it made me feel. But I’m really conflicted. On the
one hand I wanna break up with Andrea and just be with you so we can see how things go, but… I saw
that if something was to happen, and the shit hit the fan, my ass is left out in the cold.”

I sat listening as he struggled to put his words together, taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly
as he tried to think of how to say what was on his mind.

“You have Matt and Corey, whereas I really only have you. Yeah, Corey and I are pretty tight, but
he’s got Matt fine ass. There’s a big part of me that wants to see how things work out between
Andrea and me. She’s amazing. She loves me for who I am, and I have to be honest, Kris, she may be
the one for me since she has no problem with us fucking around. So, if I did break up with her and
say we dated and then we had another nasty ass fight,” Colt said and spit, as I did as well, “then
I’d have blown away everything. I may never get another chance to be with someone who is pretty
much my perfect woman and I’d probably lose my three best friends. Just imagine if Matt and Corey
broke up. What would Corey really do?”

“Ummm… we’d take care of him,” I replied, still processing everything Colt was saying.

“No, just imagine how fucking uncomfortable that would be every day. Now put me and you in that
equation. The same shit would happen. I know without a single doubt I don’t wanna risk it at this
point. Things are great the way they are right now and I don’t see why we should fuck that up.
Maybe one day it could happen. Do you catch my drift?” Colt asked.

I spit, “Bro, I really do. I love you, but what you said makes perfect sense. I’m a fucking time
bomb. Say I did go off and really damaged our relationship, you’d have no place to go really if you
weren’t with Andrea.”

“Kris, we can still fuck around whenever.”

I smiled and kissed his cheek. “Bro, I understand. You’d be risking a fucking lot more than I
would. Are you at ease with being bi now?”

“Fuck yeah, the variety is fucking great. I don’t see why other guys don’t just say fuck it and try
it. I love being with a guy and actually don’t mind sucking a dick,” Colt stated.

“Okay then, if a hot girl with big titties walked in and then a fucking big dicked guy came in as
well, who would you get with?”

Colt rubbed his chin and spit, “Hell, I’d try to get with both of them.”

I laughed, “Me too.”

“So are we cool right now?”

“Bro, we’re cool as ever,” I said.

He stood, “I’ve got some more shit to do so I’m going to do it since we have to be up early in the

“Yeah we do,” I said and watched him leave. I sat on our couch staring at the TV, even though it
wasn’t on. Everything Colt said made sense. The last thing I wanted to do was have something happen
that would endanger what we all now had. I saw how envious JJ and Teague were of us, along with
knowing how Ethan and Cody tried to force their way into our circle. I did love him and thought
maybe I could convince him we should be together but he had his mind set on keeping things as they
were and I couldn’t really argue with him.

I put my hands behind my head and heard his door open. He walked out with a strange expression on
his face. “I’m running out to see Andrea for a little bit.”

“Okay,” I said.

“I’ll be back though,” Colt said with his keys in his hand.

“I may just go on to bed,” I said.

He left out the front door.

With Colt gone I headed to my room and stripped down, intending to sleep, but I just couldn’t get
comfortable and felt restless. After a few minutes I got up and tried to think of something to make
me fall asleep. I looked at the clock and realized the Rec didn’t close for another 45 minutes. If
I hurried I could get in a quick work out and be back in plenty of time to get a good night sleep.

I threw on some shorts and a tank top and made it to the Rec with about 30 minutes to spare. There
was hardly anyone else there so I pretty much had the run of the place. I started out on one of the
treadmills, starting slow and building up so I was really kicking it, hoping it would help when
Matt and I went for our runs. It really got my blood pumping and I could feel the tension oozing
out of me.

About halfway through my run a guy got on the treadmill beside me. I turned my head and smiled at
him, taking the opportunity to check him out. He was pretty hot with his dark hair spiked up and
his shirt tight around his good body. He was pretty cute too.

He smiled back at me and I noticed he was checking me out too. I wondered if that was why he had
taken the machine beside me. We continued to run but the silence was uncomfortable so I decided to
break the ice and introduced myself. He told me his name was Adam and then the conversation just
flowed. We stayed together as we moved into the weight room, spotting each other as we talked about
last night’s football game and how our team was doing this season.

We were still talking when they announced they were closing the place in five minutes. We finished
our sets and headed out, swapping phone numbers so we could keep in touch. He seemed like a great
guy and I was interested in getting to know him better, even if it didn’t lead anywhere.

I headed back to the apartment and had a quick shower before getting in bed. Colt still wasn’t
back, but I wasn’t worried since he was going to see Andrea. Even though I felt great after my
workout I still couldn’t get to sleep so I went and searched our cabinets for something that might
put me to sleep quickly. Otherwise, there was a chance my ass would toss and turn all night. I
found a few Tylenol PM and downed just one so I could function the following morning.

I headed back to my room and cussed seeing the pile of clothes that were sitting on my floor. My
closet doors were wide open and half my drawers were pulled open. I added my workout clothes to the
pile. Once back in bed, my phone offered ample entertainment with a few games. Angry Birds was such
a challenge, but did it pass the time. Before I knew it, my eyes began to close and I set my phone
for early the next morning so I didn’t forget. Just before sleep took me, the front door opened and
closed signaling Colt coming back.

“Fuck!” I screamed hearing my alarm at just before five on Sunday. “Why the fuck did I wanna go
hunting?” It was hell dragging my naked body from my comfy bed and jumping in the shower to wake my
sleepy ass up. 

Colt came in our bathroom and playfully slapped my bare ass as I was brushing my teeth. “You ready
to get one today?”

“I guess so,” I replied and finished what I was doing. I dressed in jeans and an old tee for the
day and was still trying to wake up. Just before we left Shawn came to the door and asked if we
were ready. 

We got in his truck with Colt calling shotgun like some high school kid. It would have been nice to
lean against the door and catch some z’s while we drove to Shawn’s place he had. 

Once down some dirt road in the middle of nowhere, we got parked. Colt had his bow while Shawn had
an extra for me. This was my first time with one, though we had been earlier in the week and
practiced at a park. We donned our orange vests and headed out. Shawn knew the area fairly well and
pointed Colt and me towards what he called a good area. We’d keep our phones handy and use them to
call when one of us shot one. I picked an area and climbed up in a stand. I was hopeful someone
wouldn’t come and order me out of it since I didn’t place it there. 

If nothing else, it was very peaceful up in a tree. All one could do now was sit and wait. It was
great having a fresh can, a honeybun, milk and my phone to occupy my time. It allowed me time to
sit and think more about what Colt had said. I didn’t want to be selfish but knew I needed to get
back in the dating scene. I wanted to find a girl, but if some guy came along that I clicked with
I’d be more than open to that as well, which made me think of the guy I met at the Rec the night
before. Maybe he could be the guy for me.

About nine or so, there was a sound of something coming through the woods. My heart began pounding
harder while I looked all around for any sign of wildlife. Looking to my left, there was a nice
buck with a good rack. My hands were sweaty waiting on this buck to get within my range. It moved
slowly closer while I pulled back the bow. I released the arrow only to see the buck run off. I
cussed and cussed before jumping down to search for my stray arrow. Getting down, there wasn’t a
sign of blood anywhere. Then there it was, stuck in a tree, my wayward arrow. 

About 11 or so, Colt sent me a text saying he was coming down. I got out of my stand and waited on

“Bro, I fucking missed a nice one,” I said.

“Stop joking,” Colt said. “I saw one but it never got close.”

“I’m not joking,” I said and showed him the arrow stuck in the tree.

“Damn you, Kris,” Colt laughed. “That should have been me up that stand. I’d have put his ass on
the ground.”

“I tried and must have shot just over him,” I said. 

We walked and walked until meeting up with Shawn at his truck. 

“Kris missed one,” Colt said.

“Make it two of us then,” Shawn said. “I don’t know how in the hell I missed it either.”

“Oh well, I did enjoy it,” I said while we stowed away our things, knowing Shawn would have to work
later in the day. For some odd reason, Colt said he might work a little and get some extra money,
using our upcoming cruise as an excuse, though he never mentioned going to work on Sunday before.

We drove through and got fast food for lunch on our way back. Shawn and I talked nonstop while Colt
really didn’t say a whole lot. 

Once back at our apartment, I confronted Colt, “Bro, what’s your deal? You didn’t say much the
entire time.”

“I couldn’t since you were blabbering the whole time. Anyway, I didn’t have that much to say,” Colt

“Alright then, I was just checking. I don’t like seeing my buddy down but I guess we all have those
days when we don’t feel like jacking our jaws.”

“Exactly. I guess I’ll head over and earn a few bucks since I didn’t kill one today,” Colt said. “I
can show those guys a thing or two working out too.”

“I may run to the Rec Center. It closes at six but they may need me. Either that or I feel like
pumping some iron as well.”

Once Colt left, I dressed and headed over to the Rec Center to see what was shaking there. Entering
the parking lot, it was clear there weren’t many people in. I entered and continued on back since
there was no need in me working. 

I started out on one of the bikes and can’t have been on it more than ten minutes when I spotted
Adam coming my way. I smiled and waved to him. He came up and said hello as he got on the bike next
to me. This time there was no awkward silence and we just started chatting like we had known each
other for years. I felt so comfortable around him and we had so much in common that we never
struggled for something to say.

Having him there with me was good for my work out because we started to test each other and he
pushed me to my limits as we moved around the equipment, working up a good sweat and getting my
blood pumping, helping each other out and offering words of encouragement.

When we were done I headed for the locker room with Adam right behind me. I stripped off and
grabbed my towel, throwing it over my shoulder as I walked towards the showers. Adam was staring at
me and his eyes were wide as they scanned my body up and down and he unknowingly licked his lips.

I was soon under the hot spray, which felt so good on my skin. Adam soon joined me and we quickly
showered before heading back out to get dressed. We chatted the whole time and I asked him if he
wanted to come back to the apartment for a drink. I wasn’t even sure why I made the offer but I was
kind of glad when he accepted.

When we got there I handed him a beer and we both sat on the sofa. Again the words just flowed from
us and we got closer together until our legs were touching and I very slowly put my hand on his
knee. When he didn’t pull back I relaxed and left it there until we heard the front door slam and
looked up to see Colt standing there looking at us.

Adam quickly jumped up, telling me he had to go, and before I could say anything he was out the
door. Colt was staring at me and I had no idea what he was thinking but I didn’t like that look. He
walked straight past me and headed into his bedroom, closing the door behind him.

I went to the kitchen to make a drink but the thought of a nap sure was appealing to me. Once I
finished my mix to replenish my body, I headed to my bed for a really good nap that lasted over an
hour. I felt so good and was ready to take on the night.

I came out in my shorts and saw Colt sitting on the couch clutching a beer bottle with a big fat
dip in his lip.

“Bro, are you okay?” I asked and saw he wasn’t looking so hot.

“Who was that guy?” Colt asked, but he wouldn’t even look at me.

“Adam. I met him at the Rec yesterday and then saw him again today,” I explained.

“Are you dating him?”

“No,” I said, truthfully.

“But you’d like to?” Colt asked as he spit.

“Yeah, I would,” I admitted. “He’s great. When I told you before that I’d love to find a guy who’s
hot and who I can really talk to, that’s him. You know, after Dean I wasn’t sure it could work with
a guy, but now I’m thinking maybe it can and I’d really like to give it a try.”

“With him?” Colt asked, sounding a little hurt.

“Why not?” I said, keeping my eyes on Colt the whole time, looking for some kind of reaction.

“You can’t,” he whispered.


“Because he’s not me,” Colt said, looking up to meet my eye for the first time.

“What?” I asked, taking a seat across from him so we could continue talking.

“I can’t lie to myself anymore, Kris,” Colt said and I could tell he was serious. “I really thought
I was happy to keep things as they were so I could be with Andrea and could still fuck you too, but
I can’t. I’m not happy.”

“So what are you saying?” I asked with my heart pounding.

“I’m ready to throw caution to the wind and see what the fuck happens. Last night,” he said and
spit again. “I went over to Andrea’s…”

“I know. Bro, is she pregnant?”

“No! I went over there to spend some time with her and see how things were, but it didn’t feel
right. On the ride back this morning, and the whole time at work, my mind was racing with all these
different thoughts about what the future holds and I couldn’t take it. I went over to her place
straight after work and told her everything… I broke up with her… so we could… be… together.”

“Colt, why?”

“Kris, you can’t tell me you don’t love me. I’m happiest when we’re together.”

“Bro, I do love you, but are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, I’m very sure. I know what I said last night but I’d hate myself if you fell for another guy.
My heart nearly broke seeing you with that guy earlier. It’d eat me alive seeing you with him, and
worse knowing you were having great fucking sex with him and not me. I barely slept last night
thinking about us and knowing what I really wanted. I know we can make it work. I can feel it. We
just need some agreement here so that if it doesn’t go well we’ll still remain friends.”

I sat there in total amazement at what I was hearing. My mind was clicking like crazy trying to
come up with some agreement where this would really work.

“I’ve got it. We can give it a try for a little while and see how it’s going. I’d say every week we
assess how it’s working and go from there. If it doesn’t, we can’t get mad, but I think we’ll both
know if it ain’t working.”

“Sounds good to me,” Colt said and spit his dip out. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and
pulled me in for the hottest kiss ever. We kissed for ages with our hands going all over each other
and our tongues battling. 

“Damn, this shit might work,” I said, breaking the kiss. “Before we get naked and fuck, I’d say we
grab something to eat.”

“Okay, ‘cause I’m fixing to fuck your brains out,” Colt said. “I was going to show how much I
fucking love your hot ass right now, but I’m hungry for some food too, then I want some ass.”

I smiled and kissed him. We dressed and headed out to find something to eat. All time while we
talked and ate at this restaurant, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. We were pretty much on a date
and I had never felt happier. 

“Kris, I wanna keep it quiet and tell Corey and Matt first…”

“For sure, bro. I can send them a text if you want.”

“Unlike Megan, I believe things are better told in person, including this. Do you think they’ll be

“Not really. I can’t wait to hear Matt’s lecture though.”

Colt laughed, “Oh it’ll be an epic one for damn sure.”

“I don’t think Corey will say much.”

“Me either.”

We ate everything on our plate. The shocker was that Colt offered to pay for the entire meal. I
didn’t fight him and let him pay for us. We stopped at a store where I knew I could buy and grabbed
a few beers to help celebrate this occasion. 

As we were walking to our apartment, I heard Shawn and Cody’s voices calling out our names, with
Bishop there with them. 

“It’s cool,” Colt said quietly.

“Hey bros, what’s happening?” I asked, trying to sound as normal as possible.

“Oh we were wondering where the two party boys were,” Shawn replied and continued to follow us

“We went to grab something to eat,” Colt said. “Hey, how was it after we left?”

“Dude, we fucking threw down,” Cody said.

“We did, and those dudes came back and partied with us,” Bishop said.

“Tell me Matt didn’t show his ass up,” I said.

“I was expecting it, but he didn’t. Corey, JJ and Teague were downing ‘em like no one I’ve ever
seen,” Bishop stated.

“Yeah, Bishop threw together one of his mixes and got us really going. Like my ass needs it,” Cody

We sat down in our living room. Shawn raced back to get their supply, knowing the house rules. I
didn’t mind them drinking our stuff but it did get a little crazy since we gathered in our place
most of the time. I acted normal and didn’t even think of mentioning the news. Colt seemed to have
his burden gone and started to enjoy himself. 

After we’d been there for a few minutes, Alex stopped by and knew we’d be there. He hated that he
missed the game but said he was rewarded for missing it. We knew exactly what he meant.

Finally, after having a really good time with my buds, they left Colt and me alone. It was just
after midnight. As soon as the door was closed, he grabbed me and kissed me with beer on our
breath. It didn’t matter at all. Our lips never parted as we ran our hands all over each other and
gently pulled each other’s shirt off. Then we slowly removed each other’s pants and underwear until
we were naked. I was rock hard knowing what the night held. 

Colt licked his way down my body until he was on his knees, holding my dick while his tongue went
along the top and circled around the head. “Fuck, I love my boyfriend’s hot cock.”

“I thought you’d never say that, but I love my boyfriend lickin’ my dick.”

He stopped and stood up, kissing me again. “This is going to be magical.”

“I think so too.”

“I’m so fucking horny right now it wouldn’t surprise me if we fucked ‘til the sun comes up,” he
said while holding our hard dicks together and rocking his hips back and forth so our shafts rubbed
against each other as he slowly stroked them with his rough manly hands.

“Fuck yeah! Forget blowing each other. I want your dick inside me,” I said looking into his eyes.

Colt got off me and ran to grab the lube and condoms. He pulled out a condom and tossed the box on
the floor. “I can go without this if you want,” he said holding the condom.

“I’d feel safer if we used it. Let’s make for damn sure we’re for real,” I said, but I did wonder
what it was like to be fucked raw like Matt and Corey do. 

Colt threw off the wrapper and handed me the condom. I went down on his hard dick for just a
minute. The temptation was too strong not to have his beautiful dick in my mouth. I rolled the wet
condom on his dick and felt Colt sliding a finger in my ass. 

After he had me almost crazy with lust, finger fucking my ass, I threw one leg on top of couch and
spread the other one. He put a pillow under me and got between my legs. He leaned over and kissed
me while I felt his dick running over my nuts. 

He pulled back and looked into my eyes as he grabbed his dick and pressed it against my hole. I
pushed out feeling it wanting to invade my ass. My eyes clinched shut feeling his dick enter me.
There was just a little pain still but it was worth it to have Colt inside me. 

“Damn, Kris, your ass feels so fucking good.”

“Colt, just fuck me. I want fucked!”

“I’m making love to you, Kris. Pure fucking hot love to you,” he said going deeper in me. 

I squirmed a little until I felt his lips on mine and his tongue slid into my mouth. He wrapped his
arms around my neck and started giving me his hot dick, using his whole dick to fuck me, making
sure I felt every inch of it. He felt so good inside me. My hands found his ass while we kissed.
When he broke away his thrusts got quicker and he was moving at a great pace. I started moaning
loudly matching his grunts. We maintained eye contact while he fucked me. I saw nothing but my hot
boyfriend fucking me and I loved the idea that I had someone. I couldn’t help but think that Matt
and Corey were probably fucking their asses off as well, but he soon made me forget those thoughts
by the incredible feelings his dick was causing in my ass.

When he slipped out it gave me the chance to move. “I wanna ride your dick.”

“Fuck yeah, it’s all yours.”

He sat down on the couch and lubed up his hard cock a little more. I moved over it and guided it
dick back inside me, throwing my head back as it sliced through me. I let it go deep before I
started riding it, pulling myself up and the slamming my ass back down. My dick was hard as well
and started bouncing up and down while I rode Colt, slapping against his abs. We stared into each
other’s eyes and he used his hands on my ass to guide me a little.  

My body felt so good riding his dick. I had come a long way from my first year and from meeting
this country boy. Now we were in our living room with me getting my ass royally fucked because we
were lovers. It was hard to realize I was going to be in a real relationship with him. First we
were friends, then great friends and now lovers. 

Colt was kissing my chest and playing with my nipples as he continued to thrust up into me while I
rode him. My legs went to sleep so I had to adjust with his dick leaving my ass and making it feel
so empty. Without hesitation he rammed it back inside me.

“OOOO fuck yeah!” I screamed feeling his hard dick go deep inside me.

“Fuck Kris, I love seeing you ride my dick. Your ass is so fucking hot.”

With his dick hitting the right spot, it was hell not cumming all over him before I wanted to. We
stopped and kissed, with his hands all over my ass. I rose up a little and let him take control as
he started hammering his dick up into me. I repeated ‘fuck’ and ‘damn’ with each hard fuck into me. 

“OOO Colt,” I said and knew I couldn’t hold off any longer.

Leaning back and impaling myself fully on his dick, my cock twitched and began spewing my hot load.
One shot hit his veiny neck, another hit his nice chest and the rest dribbed down the crevice of
his defined abs. Cumming left me lifeless for a second but it felt so fucking good.

He grabbed me and kissed me, pulling me forward onto his body, which allowed him to slam his dick
into me, time and time again, still hitting my spot, making my ass twitch. He pulled back. Inside
of me, I felt his dick pulsate, knowing he was cumming in the condom. I kissed him while he filled
it up. 

With my arms resting on his shoulders, he said, “If nothing else, you’re one hell of a fuck.”

“You are too. We’ll at least enjoy the sex part.”

“Damn right we will.”

I dismounted, feeling his dick soft in my ass. It was hot seeing the condom full of cum after it
came out of my ass. He pulled it off and went to flush it down the toilet. 

I waited until he returned and then took his hand to lead us to my bed. “We’ll work everything out
over time.”

“Kris, I just don’t know about everyone knowing about us, especially Chase. Please don’t say a
fucking word about this to Tabor at work.”

“I won’t. I have my reputation to cover as well,” I said and threw him on my bed. “Bro, you haven’t
said a word yet about how Andrea took you breaking up with her.”

“I think she knew. She took it as well as she could. She did understand and wished me well with

“No crying and all that shit?”

“Nah, not a tear was shed so I think it may have been what she wanted as well, you know, to give
her the freedom she wants. I just hope I didn’t fuck up, but I don’t think I did.”

“Bro, how long have you wanted to do this?”

“Pretty much from the minute Megan broke up with you, but I was too fucking scared to do anything.
I saw I could have an opportunity to be with you but there were so many things on my mind and I was
too afraid to take that leap. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, about you, about us. I was so
frustrated with myself and I hated how things were, that’s why our fight was so heated. I just
snapped and had enough. I took all my anger toward myself out on you and then I just couldn’t be
around you.”
I listened silently as he poured out his heart to me and I ran my fingers over his chest.

“When I was at Andrea’s after the fight I was so glad I didn’t say anything to you about getting
together ‘cause I thought it would have been a huge mistake and we’d have been over. I had all
these second thoughts and really believed we were better off just as friends, but then the longer I
was away from you the more I missed you and I didn’t realize how happy you make me, Kris, until I
saw you again. That’s when I knew.”

I put my hand on the side of his cheek and turned his face so I could kiss his lips, but I could
tell he wasn’t done so I put my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat as he continued.

“When I found out you’d been on a date with that Dean guy it really scared me, more than I was ever
prepared for. I couldn’t believe you’d actually go on a date with a guy and it terrified me to
think things could have worked out between the two of you and I would have never got my chance to
be with you. It finally dawned on me that I don’t want to ever see you with another guy because I
want to be the guy who makes you happy, Kris.”

“You do, Colt,” I whispered, placing a kiss on his chest.

“Every time we’ve had sex since I came back I’ve found myself wanting to be with you more and more.
I’ve never felt like I do when I’m with you, Kris. You make me so happy and I feel content when I’m
with you. It doesn’t matter who’s on top or who’s on bottom, but when he have sex or make love, I
just know it’s right and that you’re the person I should be doing that with, maybe for the rest of
my life, and the idea of you being with someone else, as more than just sex, made me want to cry. I
wouldn’t be able to handle it if you fell for another guy. Was that really an option for you?”

I pulled my head back so we were looking into each other’s eyes. “I was just gonna see how it went.
There was no way I was going to approach you and ask you to break up with Andrea to be with me.
That really would have been so selfish of me, but I sure wanted to, especially that night we made
up. I knew then we had that spark.”

“I knew without a doubt we did and just needed to stop being a pussy. Kris, this won’t be easy.”

“I know, but tell me one person that’ll wanna fuck with us,” I said and stroked his face.

“Well, we could meet another Lee that thinks he can take us down.”

“Bring that shit on then, motherfucker. I know what people are going to say, that I’m gay since
Nathan was…”

“Your brother doesn’t have shit to do with this. You are Kris and no one else.”

We kept talking with our hands all over each other. It led to us getting horny again. I kissed down
his amazing body and sucked the cock that had just fucked me. I had him moaning until he said he
wanted to suck my cock too. Instead of letting his dick slip from my mouth I moved my body around
and we sixty-nined before I demanded to make love to him. He wanted it as much as I did. This time
felt so different than the many times we had fucked before. It felt so real and passionate, with
meaning behind our gestures and every thrust I made into his ass. We were showing our love and
affection towards each other sexually. Colt was the perfect bottom for me, taking everything I had
to offer and begging for more, calling out my name and clinging to me like he was afraid I was
going to leave him. After we came almost together and lay in each other’s arms, I never wanted that
feeling to end. It was like I was floating and I knew I was with the perfect person for me. We
kissed and said good night. Two rounds of very hot sex had zapped us.

Waking the next morning, Monday, here in October, it was great feeling Colt nibbling on my neck.
Normally neither one of us were morning people but his attention didn’t bother me. I grabbed him
and shared a long kiss with him. 

“Hmmm… I guess I wasn’t dreaming then,” I laughed.

“Nope, neither was I, but it feels so fucking good to wake up next to ya,” Colt said.

Before I knew it, he was on top of me and we were making out. It felt so damn good feeling his hot
naked body rubbing against mine. The next thing I knew he was sucking my dick, making me scream his
name as he swallowed me almost to the hilt. I loved it and soon returned the favor. When I had his
dick throbbing and covered in my saliva he pushed me onto my back, grabbed a condom and threw my
legs up onto his shoulders as he pushed his dick inside me. I moaned taking his hard dick deep as
he fucked me so good. I loved the ultimate pleasure of being a bottom and being submissive to him,
giving myself to him completely, in the most intimate way. It was too hot feeling his dick fucking
me and seeing his great body above me with his muscles popping out all over, especially in his arms
and chest. 
We blew our morning loads, but Colt took a while and continued to fuck me long after I came. My
patience was rewarded with a nice facial of his molten hot jizz. Then we kissed forever, relishing
again this moment in heaven.

“Fuckin great way to start the morning, huh?” he asked.

“I can’t think of a better way,” I replied.

“Kris, I love you. I love you whether I’m fucking your great ass or you’re fucking mine; whether we’re
just chilling or working out; whether we’re drinking or sleeping.”

“I love you too,” I said and accentuated it with a kiss.

We got out of bed and went to shower. It wasn’t easy since we were still in a romantic mood but we did
our thing. We didn’t shave and just brushed our teeth before heading out to find some food. It was
well past 11 but still eggs and bacon hit the spot for us. We weren’t the best cooks but we made do. 

Colt dressed and went to work about noon. I called to see if I was needed but I wasn’t. Instead, the
laundry was calling my name. It wasn’t hard to do but I still hated doing it. I washed everything in
cold, except my towels. After my stuff was done, I figured what the hell and threw in some of Colt’s
stuff since Matt did Corey’s laundry most of the time. 

Around five, Colt came in the door and smiled at me. He walked over to me and kissed me.

“I take it ya haven’t put on a stitch of clothes all day?” Colt said.

“Why should I?”

“Well, could I talk you into a run with me, Ted and Luke to grab a bite?”

“You could do that,” I replied and smiled. “I guess that means I have to get dressed.”

Colt laughed, “Most places have a no shirt, no service policy.”

“They do, but they don’t say anything about pants,” I joked along with him. 

We were out the door after I got dressed. While riding to grab something to eat, my mom called out of
the blue. Normally she didn’t but did just to say hi to me. I told her I was going out and could talk
to her later. 

“Bros, that was one hell of a game. Thanks for the tickets,” I said after hanging up.

“Thanks, but you didn’t need to be so rude to your mom,” Luke stated. “We understand.”

“I wish mine could call,” Ted said. “Appreciate them while they’re with you.”

“I will,” I said and felt awful. 

We talked just a little about the game, with me bragging on them mostly, but it was well deserved. We
found a place with a big buffet to feed their need, despite usually eating at their training table.
All the food looked great and smelled even better. My plate was full when we sat down. 

“Colt, how’s Andrea?” Ted asked.

“She’s doing okay,” Colt replied.

“I was thinking maybe we could double date sometime,” Ted said while I looked at Colt.

“We’ll see,” Colt said. 

“I was thinking maybe Thursday night since the fair is here,” Ted said. 

“I had no idea it was here,” I stated. “I think maybe we should all go like we did last year. Ted, I
need a favor from you.”

“Okay,” Ted said with his mouth full.

“Last year Corey kicked my ass at the hammer thing… you know the one where you ring the bell…” I said.

“Kris, surely you’re kidding us,” Luke said.

“I was hoping someone could show Corey up as a joke,” I said. 

“No, you’re still pissed he beat your ass,” Colt said.

“Kris, I won’t go if my only thing is to show Corey up. We’ll go and have a great time,” Ted said. “I
remember going as a kid and how damn scared I was of the rides.”

“I was scared of the clowns and balloons,” Colt said. “I still ain’t crazy about them.”

I laughed, “No, he’s not. Imagine a twenty year old scared of balloons and clowns.”

Colt put up his middle finger at me while eating some baked chicken.

“I’m fucking terrified of heights,” Luke said. “I get up on a ladder and freak out.”

“Mine’s snakes,” Ted said. “I can’t stand them.”

“Funny thing is I don’t mind snakes,” Colt said. 

It was great just sitting around talking and not about football. To me, Luke, Ted and Myles were one
of us who I enjoyed being around. Myles was still nursing his ankle or else he’d been here too. 

We finished up after Ted and Luke had another big plate of food. It was nice that no one came up to
them, even though I saw a few who just pointed thinking it was someone. 

We returned to our place. Ted was off to see his girl and Luke had studying to do while he had the
chance. Colt and I went inside. I remembered cutting Mom off so I called her up and talked to her a
little bit while Colt was on his phone to Chase, I think.

My conversation was brief while Colt was laughing and carrying on with his brother. He hung up and sat
next to me.

“I think this could work. Tonight, I felt like we were just friends as we always have been,” Colt

“I felt that way too. We’re not going to ever be like Matt and Corey, nor do I want us to be. That’s
not me. That’s not you,” I said and poked Colt in the chest.

“We know we’re now a thang. I really want to tell Chase just so he knows,” Colt said.

“Really? You wanna tell Chase?”

“I do, Kris. I want to be open with him. He did take me being bi very well,” Colt replied.

“He did since you had a girlfriend. I know people are gonna find out, but I’ll fucking freak the first
time… I just know I will.”

“I will too. Maybe I shouldn’t tell Chase just yet. Besides, we said we’d see how it goes.”

“Bro, I was thinking a lot today. I’m fucking scared shitless I’m gonna fuck this up for us,” I said
and felt emotional at the time.

“Truth is I’m scared I’ll get into this too deep and then want out. Kris, I don’t ever wanna hurt

“Don’t think about it and I won’t think about fucking it up either. We’ll go with the flow and see
what happens.”

Colt smiled, “Right now, it’s all good, but we’re alone. It really was now or never on my part. I
don’t think I could have done this with Corey and Matt here.”

“We have to get our feet under us and really see. Other than the sex and kissing, I’m not sure what
great difference there will be in our normal lives. I will try to make time to be alone with you.”

“I will too. We will need some alone time and can lean on Matt and Corey for advice on certain

“I think we have dating experience, but we are living together.”

“All I know is I couldn’t be happier to be with you and only you. I’m fucking stoked to see where
things go,” Colt said.

I leaned over and kissed him. The rest of the night, it was just me and Colt solidifying our
relationship. We talked a lot so we had a full understanding of each other, but we were on the same
page about so many things. The sex was fucking awesome again, as it had been every time with him. He
knew when to fuck me hard and when to fuck me slow. When the end came he made me cum without either of
us touching my dick and I almost passed out as he came inside me.

Tuesday, I was up earlier than usual, say about nine. I started doing homework while Colt was asleep
in my bed. Studying was easier than I thought and I was able to concentrate on my work.

Colt came and found me sitting at the table. He kissed me and looked so hot walking away to find
something to eat. He didn’t say much other than sitting eating and smiling at me. 

About noon, as Colt and I were watching TV, our front door opened. Corey came walking in with Matt
right behind him. They had their arms full of stuff but looked so happy. 

“Welcome home,” I said.

“It’s good to be back,” Matt stated. “So what did you two do?”

Colt looked at me and smiled, “Oh, we stayed busy.”

“Well, we had a great time. We didn’t do a lot but I really enjoyed it,” Corey said putting his stuff

“That’s awesome,” I said and felt so nervous. “Ummm… we have something to tell ya.”

“Okay,” Matt said.

Colt took my hand in his and linked our fingers together as he looked at Matt and said, “We’re a
couple now.”


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