Posted:   October 16, 2012


It was nearly 10:30 when I woke up on this Saturday in late September. I came out of my
bedroom with Kris sitting on the couch. The most awful smell ever hit me. I pinched my nose
and saw Kris sitting on the couch giggling like a little kid. 

“Sorry bro, beer farts,” Kris managed to say.

“More like beer shit if you ask me,” I said and headed to the kitchen. I grabbed some spray
and sprayed him down, with him jumping up and laughing. I returned to the kitchen and saw
dirty pans in the sink. “What did you cook?”

“Some good shit, eggs, some of that turkey sausage. I mixed ‘em together for a scramble with
cheese on top.”

“Hmmm… sounds pretty good.”

“It was very tasty,” Kris said. “I guess Corey got up and off to work?”

“I guess so since I was alone when I woke up.”

“Was it me or did I hear you going outside? Tell me you got some of Corey out on our patio…”

“I don’t have to tell you then. It was hot though,” I smiled.

“I bet it was. It was a great way to end a kickass night.”

“I’ll say. Are you missing anything today?”

“Of course, I miss us not playing for damn sure, but not that guy if that was who you were
referring to.”

“I was, but you know I didn’t miss him at all last night, as bad as that sounds.”

“Me either,” Kris said and came over to deposit his trash, with his nice cock swinging a
little. He threw away his trash and patted my bare butt. “So when is that race we’re

“I think next weekend, but it could be the one after. I’ll check here shortly,” I said and
was looking for something to eat. I found some whole wheat cereal and put in some bread for
toast. Kris sat at the bar and waited for me to have everything together. I stood eating,
with Kris talking away about last night and the party.

I stopped him, “Bro, don’t get mad but I need to say something I noticed last night…”


“You try to force yourself on people at times, like you did with Jade.”

“I was being friendly.”

“I know that, but from a distance it could turn some people off. Just be yourself. People
love you when you don’t even try.”

Kris rubbed his chin, “Maybe I was feeling good at the time.”

“Okay, maybe, but… you need to let the real you shine. It’s always been your best quality
and something I’ve admired. You’re at your best when you don’t force yourself on people.”

“I’ve heard I’m an asshole to some people. I guess that’s what they’re talking about. Now
you mention it, I can see that. This week I’ve tried to get people excited about coming to
the Rec Center and being healthy.”

I swallowed some cereal, “Especially there. I noticed it last night but I can see it
happening at your work. You’ve been a great influence on me. Look at me. None of this would
be possible without you.”

“Or Corey… You do it for him as much as you did for yourself.”

I smiled, “I guess you’re right, but I’m very proud of my body.” I gestured with my hand
over my naked body. “This didn’t come without hard work.”

“Bro, I’ve got a fucking brilliant idea. You need to pose, flexing, and let me show it to
Corey to brighten up his day,” Kris said.

“Ummm… okay,” I said.

Kris ran to get his phone and returned. I put my hands behind my head and posed for him to
take my picture. The next one was the classic flexing of my arms, and then I did one with my
hands touching my abs.

“Holy fuck!” Kris said and thrust his iPhone in my face. “Corey will love these.”

“I hope he does,” I said.

Kris sent them to Corey while I went to grab my camera and download the pictures from last
night. Kris gathered around my laptop while we sat on the couch. My favorite one was of Alex
and Elise kissing. It captured their love. Flipping through the pictures, Kris seemingly had
his picture taken with everyone. Another favorite was Shawn, Kris and Corey posing but
covering themselves with their hands. While on the computer, we did see the race was a 5K
and not a 10K, like I originally thought, and it would be next Saturday morning. Kris and I
said we were prepared to run it but weren’t sure how’d we do. 

After shutting down my computer, I asked, “Bro, what’s on your agenda for tonight?”

“I know one thing that ain’t, your dance. I know you asked me earlier in the week but I’m
just not ready to get that far out there yet. I know and you know I’m bi, but I don’t want
others thinking maybe I’m gay.”

“I assumed you weren’t going and just wondering.”

“I’ll do something…”

“You always do. Do ya wanna go with me to the store real quick?”

“I guess I could,” Kris replied.

I headed off to shower and get ready. As I was dressing, I got a text message from Corey. He
loved the pictures and said they made his day.

Going to the store with Kris was always an adventure. Without Colt, he was calm but did fill
our basket with food. I ventured out a little and bought some hair coloring for the party
tonight. It was a purple tint that said it was easy to apply. Kris laughed at me and said it
would be a disaster.

When we returned, we put away our things, with Kris anxious to see how the hair color
worked. My hope was it would be as easy as the package said since I only wanted a little
purple on the ends and not completely purple hair. If it was a disaster, it did wash out

Corey came in the door and found Kris and I watching TV.  

“Kris, what are you doing tonight?” Corey asked.

“Don’t you start in on me, bro. I’ll figure something out other than going to the dance,”
Kris stated.

“Well… Dean Parker came in today and was asking all about you. I got his number if you wanna
call him,” Corey said.

I looked at Kris, “Who’s Dean Parker?”

“A really hot guy that comes in usually about six every night,” Corey replied.

“What did you tell him?” Kris asked.

“Really nothing. He gave me his number,” Corey replied. “Here’s your chance, big guy.”

Kris took a deep breath, “Give me his number. I take he knows I’m bi.”

“He said you told him last week while you were talking to him. He was wondering if you dated
guys. I said I didn’t know if you would or not and left it at that.”

Kris took the number and put it in his phone. “We’ll see.”

“If I recall, you said you didn’t want to date any guys here. Here’s that chance,” I said.

“I know I said that… me and my fucking mouth,” Kris said.

“Matt, wake me up in about an hour,” Corey said and went to take a nap.

Once Corey was asleep, Kris headed to his room. I was alone in the living room and turned on
the TV. A few minutes later, Kris returned.

“I called Dean and we’re going out to eat. Are you happy?”

“I am if you are.”

“We’ll see how it goes. He is a really nice guy.”

“You’re just going to eat, bro. Think of it as you going to eat with a friend.”

“That’s what I’m trying to think of it as. I’m going with an open mind and will let things
fall where they may.”

Kris sat next to me but I could see how unsure he really was about just going out to eat.
His mind seemed elsewhere while we watched TV and chatted just a little.

When the time came, I went and woke Corey so we could get ready for our night. He woke up
and stretched before heading off to shower. He invited me to join him so I went with him. We
showered and enjoyed our time together. It was close quarters and unlike our last shower
that had ample room. 

Once my hair was dry, I asked Corey to apply the hair color. He laughed at first but did do
it. After he finished, I stood and looked in the mirror. It wasn’t perfect but did look
exactly like I wanted it to. I hollered for Kris to come inspect. He came running in and
said it looked good. The big thing was the mess it made in our bathroom. 

“So how do I look?” Kris asked with his arms open wide. He had on a button up shirt and

“Great,” I said and sprayed some cologne on him.

“You’re really following through with this and asked Dean out?” Corey said.

“We’re only going to eat and then we’ll go from there,” Kris said. 

“Are you expecting to get laid?” Corey asked.

Kris laughed, “Well… I can only hope.”

I shook my head, “Do you really think you’re going to have sex on your first date?”

Kris patted my shoulder, “No, but if he’s willing, then I’m not turning him down.”

“Let him ask or suggest it,” I stated. “The main thing is to have fun.”

“And get some dick while you’re at it too,” Corey joked. I poked Corey in the side and
didn’t think it was that funny.

Kris primped in the mirror for a moment before announcing he was gone. We wished him well
before he left. Corey and I debated a little bit about what would happen. I said if he went
in the right frame of mind he’d at least enjoy his first date with a guy.

Waiting for my color to dry put us a little behind. We had little choice but to eat fast
food before heading over to the dance.  

The dance was at its usual place, with a few cars there when we arrived. It was odd not
having a big crowd with us, but Corey and I were determined to have fun. We paid the fee and
entered the building with plastic covering the walls. Corey and I were dressed in shorts and
tees that were old, anticipating being soaked by the foam. I heard my name and looked up to
see Stephan and Grayson standing together. 

Walking over to catch up, I could see Stephan had put on some weight. The added weight did
look great on him. It was easy to see the full sleeve tattoo they now both had. 

“How’s it going?” Stephan asked.

I smiled holding Corey’s hand, “Great. I’ve looked for y’all at the meetings.”

“The nights just don’t work for either one of us,” Grayson replied. “Damn, I will say you
two are looking so hot together.”

“Thanks,” Corey said. “Hard to believe Matt has hung with me this long.”

“Harder to believe Grayson and I are still together,” Stephan said, with his blond hair now
all in his face. “Where’s everyone else?”

“Actually I don’t know,” I said. “Did you know Jess and Scott are dating now?”

“Get the fuck out,” Stephan said loudly.

“They are. Jess is back and an RA in our old dorm,” Corey added.

“Good for them. I’m really glad to hear everything worked out for them,” Grayson said.   

We stood around talking until Terry and his boyfriend, Dalton, came up to us. We commented
on how the crowd seemed a little down but the night was still young. I walked over and got
some water, since I knew they couldn’t mess with it, and spotted Cord there talking to a

Returning, Corey had been cornered by two guys, with Parker and Yancey walking up to me. I
kept talking to the other ones while Corey talked with them. He came back over and said they
were acquaintances from the Rec Center but he didn’t know their names. 

It was a while before the DJ grabbed the microphone. I’d estimate there were about 60 people
with 85 percent being guys. “Are you ready?” he asked.

We screamed at the top of our lungs. The machines started up and out came the foam. We
weren’t close so we didn’t get to feel the initial blast. The music started so we began to
dance. All the while I was looking and looking for Reese and maybe Cord. Now it was dark
once the music started, so there was little chance of spotting either one of them. Corey
pulled me around before I began to feel the foam. As advertised it was wet. Now foam was
beginning to fill the dance floor, with barriers being placed around the concrete floor to
keep the foam in place. 

After four songs, I pulled Corey off the floor. We laughed seeing how we were both soaking
wet. Corey pulled off his shirt and threw it over a chair. 

“If I’d worn underwear, these shorts would be off as well,” Corey stated. 

“I wasn’t really expecting it to be like this.”

“What did you expect? You make foam with soap and water,” Corey laughed with Terry and
Dalton coming off the floor.

“Fuck,” Dalton exclaimed. “I’m soaked.”

“We all are,” I said and came out of my shirt. “My guess is a few bold ones get naked.”

“Yeah, after that punch kicks in,” Terry laughed, now with Parker and Yancey walking up to

“It’s pretty fun if you can get past the fact of how wet it is,” Parker laughed.

“I hate being wet,” Yancey commented before taking off his shirt and putting it on a pile of
our clothes, with Cord walking up and standing in the background.

As we were standing around, a few guys came up and began talking to us. I knew their faces
from the meetings. I think they were checking us out and really gave Corey the eye. Corey
and I walked back out on the dance floor to feel the foam again. It was getting crazy out on
the dance floor but it wasn’t so crowded you couldn’t move. All I could think about was the
times in Amsterdam when we went to the clubs. I looked over and saw one skinny guy and his
boyfriend had their shorts in their hands and waving them around with foam up to their
waist. We continued to dance and really have a great time.

The DJ announced a slow song for all the lovers. It was what I was waiting on. I pulled
Corey close to me to feel his wet skin. We kissed, as were many others around us. It was
great to be able to show our affection to our boyfriends while not being able to do so
publicly around our campus. 

While Corey and I slow danced close to each other, I saw two guys, one white and one black,
doing the same, with a cute white guy and Asian guy dancing and kissing next to them. Two
girls were behind them dancing close together. It was great to witness everyone enjoying the
dance and being who they really were, if only for a few hours. I was lucky and had been able
to be who I was since coming here. I felt for those who weren’t as lucky or who hid their
sexuality for various reasons. I looked into Corey’s eyes and saw nothing but love, as I had
for two years. I kissed him and said I love you with the foam above our waist.

The music stopped for the DJ to take a break. Leaving the foam, Corey and I walked off with
our arms around each other’s waist. A girl from our club walked over to us with her
girlfriend and began talking to us. Then another guy joined us. We talked about how fun this
was but how bad the clean-up would be. Without a doubt we knew the theme for the next dance
since it would be near Halloween. 

The music started back up with everyone hitting the dance floor. Before going out, Corey and
I decided to use the bathroom. We entered it and found one guy washing his hands while
another one used the urinal. Instead, Corey and I headed to one of the four stalls. Corey
looked at me strangely with us entering the same stall. There were at least four condom
wrappers littering the floor, along with one used condom. The thought of sex in a cubicle
was appealing to me and must have been to the two next to us in the large handicapped stall.
One was moaning loudly with the sound of skin slapping together. After we did our thing, I
kissed Corey.

“I want to suck your dick,” I said quietly.

Corey pushed me down gently until I was on my knees in the tight stall. He unbuttoned his
shorts to allow his cock to flop out. My hand cupped his balls while my mouth slid over the

My mouth was barely on his cock when I heard, “Fuck yeah… fuck… fuck… ahh!” from the next
stall. The sound drove me crazy. I started sucking and licking Corey’s cock with great vigor
and so much lust. Then I heard the other one grunt and moan while I was servicing Corey.

“I love this,” Corey said quietly.

I looked up at him with his cock in my mouth. I pulled off and licked the underside, with my
cock aching to be free from my wet shorts. I stood and kissed Corey. He reached down and
freed my hard cock while hearing a toilet flushing. Corey dropped down and began using his
great mouth on me.

“OOO yes,” I cried feeling his mouth. He looked up at me and started moving his mouth at
warp speed. It felt so good while hearing the stall door open and close. Then the main door
opened and closed. Corey kept sucking and licking my hard cock while I knew others were
using this restroom. It was evident what we were doing behind the closed door, but at the
time I didn’t care since it was my boyfriend sucking my cock and not some random guy that
was picked up. 

After maybe four or five minutes, I said, “I’m about to cum.”

Corey’s mouth clamped around my cock. My eyes rolled back in my head with my cock pumping my
load into his mouth. He took my load and pulled back, swallowing as he did so. 

I went straight down on his hard, thick cock and sucked him until he came in my mouth. It
was hot feeling his warm love juice hitting the back of my throat. I waited until the final
drops were out before leaving his cock. I stood and kissed him with our wet shorts around
our ankles. 

We pulled up our shorts and left the stall. Cord smiled at us before we washed up and exited
the bathroom. We grabbed some water before returning to the dance floor. We danced to a few
more songs before calling it a night. I was glad we did, since I was tired of being wet and
in my shorts. Now I could see a few bold ones had ditched their clothes and were dancing
nude. I smiled knowing if Kris would have come that would be him. 

We found a towel and dried off before locating our shirts. We saw Stephan, Grayson, Parker
and Yancey before leaving and said goodbye to them. 

In the car, Corey said while driving, “Now I wonder how Kris’s night went.”

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that. That was pretty fun, huh?”

“It was, but the best part was us blowing each other in those stalls. Reminded me of our

“On our trip though we did it in the open for everyone to see,” I laughed.

We drove up to our apartment and parked. I was glad to be back and to get in some dry
clothes or just dry off. I opened the door and found Kris there with Shawn, Tabor, Levi and
Deer around our table playing cards in their shorts and jeans with shirts lying in the

“How was the dance?” Kris asked.

“It was fun,” Corey said.

“Y’all are fucking wet,” Shawn stated with a beer in front of him.

“It was a foam party,” I said. 

“We need one more,” Tabor said. “I’m tired of taking these dudes fucking cash.”

“Bitch, please!” Deer said.

“We want Corey. Matt is a master at this shit,” Kris said.

“Alright, give me a minute,” Corey stated.

Before we went to change, I motioned with my head for Kris to join us. They made jokes with
Kris pushing Tabor’s head into the table.

In our room with the door closed, I asked, “How was your date?”

Kris shook his head, “Dean’s a nice guy but wasn’t for me. He started asking me stuff like
what I thought of Obama and other political questions. I didn’t know what to say. Then he
started talking about other shit I had zero interest in.”

“You didn’t click, huh?” Corey asked, drying off.

“Not at all. I was so ready for that meal to end,” Kris replied. “I was barely here when
Tabor sent me a text message asking to come over since he and his buddies were bored at
their dorm. Then Shawn came over.”

“I hate to hear that about you and Dean, but at least you went,” I commented and heard the
doorbell ring.

“It’s pizza for us,” Kris said about the doorbell. “There’ll be others. They had a good
laugh about it though.”

“You told them?” I asked.

“Yeah, I told them since I thought it was funny,” Kris said. “Deer and Levi didn’t know what
to think and found it hard to believe I’m bi.”

“I’m sure. I see they’re drinking, so I guess they’re staying the night, or Corey and I can
drive them back to the dorm,” I said.

“I was hoping you and Corey weren’t drinking. They’re fine if they wanna stay here,” Kris

We left the room and returned to the smell of pizza in the apartment. Our table had the
extra leaf inserted so there was enough room, but it did make things tight. They were eating
the pizza and drinking their beer. 

Once the table was cleared of the pizza boxes and plates, the poker game was back on. It was
really small stakes, with only nickels and dimes. The banter continued among them while I
sat and watched. I was behind Corey but could sense when they were trying to bluff. After a
few hands, my assignment was to get beer from the fridge whenever someone needed one. 

While they were talking, I got a sense that both Levi and Deer’s parents were pretty well
off by them talking about some trips they had taken. Then Tabor mentioned about the nice
Avalanche that Deer drives so I knew then his parents were well off. 

They kept playing and drinking, with our trash being filled with empties again. Tabor called
it quits and pulled out his can for a dip. Shawn bummed one from him while he had it out,
while Kris got one from Deer, who also partook of the nasty habit. By the end, there was no
clear cut winner. 

With it close to two, Shawn said good night and left us. Kris gave the freshmen a choice.
They decided to stay the night with us since we had the room. Corey said he was exhausted
and could hardly keep his eyes open. I stood and gave him a kiss, knowing three pairs of
eyes were on us.

“Bros, was that your first time to see guys kiss?” Kris asked.

“It was mine,” Deer said.

“I think I’ve seen them do it before but I know Corey loves Matt,” Tabor said before getting
up to use the restroom.

“It wasn’t mine. I saw two of the guys on our hall kissing,” Levi said quietly.

“I don’t ever see me kissing a guy,” Deer said.

Kris smiled and winked at me. He leaned over and kissed Deer on the mouth. “Now you have,”
Kris said, with me and Levi laughing. 

Tabor came out of the bathroom, “What’s so funny?”

“Kris kissed me on the lips. Nasty!” Deer said.

“He said he’d never kiss a guy,” Kris laughed.

“Do it again. I missed it,” Tabor said.

Deer balled up his fist at Kris, “Don’t you fucking dare.”

“I won’t,” Kris said.

We sat around talking until Levi was asleep next to me. We decided to call it a night. Tabor
would sleep on the new couch while we woke Levi for him and Deer to sleep in Colt’s bed. 

I woke Sunday morning with Corey barely moving the entire night. It was about 10 by our
clock. I threw on some shorts and needed to get something to eat.

When I opened the door, Tabor’s eyes opened. He rubbed them and asked what time it was. I
told him before he went off to use the bathroom with nothing on. He came out and ran to grab
his shorts and boxers. 

“Sorry ‘bout that, Matt.”

I smiled, “You forget where you are or the rule.”

“I know, but I forgot. I sleep naked, as does Chase now.”

“I do as well,” I said looking around until finding a bar to snack on. Tabor walked over and
got a drink of water from the tap. I told him we had bottled water but he didn’t mind tap.

“Thanks for being a cool dude, Matt. More than anything thanks for showing to me and proving
to me that gay dudes can be cool.”

“You’re welcome, but you work with Corey.”

“I know, and you know I never think of him as being gay. I’ve had my eyes opened since Chase
first brought me here. I actually was scared when he said Colt roomed with two gay guys but
I had nothing to be scared of.”

“Well… some of us are normal but like guys.”

“Then some aren’t. Matt, I really love going to college here. It’s such a blast, but I know
I’m going to have to really work hard to make it here. I’m not the smartest guy in the world
so I’ll have to go that extra mile.”

“Keep that attitude and know it takes effort to succeed. Some think it’s just like high
school and don’t make it past their first semester. You have to get in a routine and study
every day.”

“I see that. Ummm… do you think it would be bad if I got a tutor for my math class?”

“Not at all, if you’re having trouble. I’m glad you see the need to get one.”

As Tabor and I continued to talk, Kris came out. He was in his boxers and continued past me
to grab some food. 

“Kris, once everyone’s awake, I’ll make breakfast,” I commented.

“I’m still hungry,” Kris said and put a bar in his mouth.

“Kris, I want to thank you personally for last night and every night. You don’t know how
much it means to me that y’all have been so great to me and my friends,” Tabor said.

“No problem, Tabor. I loved having you.”

“Maybe I can fill in for Colt if he doesn’t come back?” Tabor stated.

Kris just nodded and kept eating.

“Bro, are you okay?” I asked.

“I’m fine. Just having a tough time getting going this morning,” Kris replied.

“He’s fucking hung over like mutha,” Tabor stated.

“You got that shit right,” Kris said. “Whew, I don’t know if I can handle too many more
weekends like this.”

“I sure can, or at least wanna try. Last night was a trip, dudes,” Tabor said.

With everyone waking, Corey being the last to appear, I cooked a very late breakfast for us.
There was little doubt Levi was feeling the effects of the previous night. He was quiet as
ever with Deer not saying much either, nor having the chance with Tabor running his mouth

About one, our overnight guests departed to head back to their dorm. They were very nice and
thanked us repeatedly for allowing them to stay and hang out with us for the night. 

“They are really cool guys. Kris, you just love having them here,” Corey said.

“I do, but I have this sinking feeling like Colt ain’t coming back,” Kris said. “I love
Tabor but he’s not Colt.”

“True, plus you haven’t been intimate with Tabor,” I commented.

“Sex has nothing to do with it. Colt’s much more than that to me.”

“Kris, are you in love, like romantically, with Colt?” Corey asked.

“No, I’m not. I love him, but not like you love Matt. There’s this bond we’ve formed like
Matt and I have but on a different level. It’s more like we’re brothers. It’s kinda hard to
explain right now.”

“He is our best friend,” I said. “I know what you mean. He’s your semi straight best friend
that you can lay stuff on and he’ll know what you mean. I understand what you mean, but Colt
does understand it better at times, especially with girls. I try to relate from my
experience but it is different.”

Kris pointed at me, “Exactly, bro. You still know me better than anyone on some levels.” He
turned on the TV to watch some football. I didn’t have an interest and left to do some
homework while Corey stayed there and watched. Corey didn’t stay that long and came to study
as well.

While Corey and I were studying, we heard the door open. We bolted from our room and saw
Colt standing there with a bag over his shoulder.

“I’m out of here. I’m moving in with Andrea,” Colt said, hanging his head.

There was complete silence. I didn’t know what to think. Was he for real?


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