Posted:   October 12, 2012


Friday, I was sitting and doing my online class when I heard the door open. Colt was coming in. 

“We’ve missed you!” I said, since we hadn’t seen him all week. We knew he’d been around but Kris,
Corey and I hadn’t seen him. We had been rather down since one of us was missing.

“Good,” Colt said sharply. “I’ve come to get some shit and head home for the weekend.”

“Please Colt…” I begged. 

He headed to his room and shut the door. I tried to open it but it was locked. I waited until he
came out. I stood in front of him only to have him gently push me aside. 

“Colt, we love you,” I said.

He walked past me and continued until he was out the door, slamming it behind him. He was barely
gone before Scott came to the door with Jordy. “We’ve missed a few weeks in the pool and need to
get back in the swing of things. Yancey’s waiting on us,” Scott said.

“I’m not in the mood right now,” I said. “Colt came in and just left. I tried to talk to him but
he wouldn’t give me the time of day.”

“Don’t let Colt’s stubbornness and hard-headedness rule your fucking life,” Scott stated.

He was so right. I turned off my computer and went to change quickly. I left and jumped in the
car with them to ride over to the Rec Center. 

“Colt came and got some things saying he was going home,” I said.

“Dude, I really don’t understand the full situation, but you three need to get your shit
together. Kris says he’s sorry and ready to make amends, but it takes two to do that,” Scott said

“We haven’t been that bad,” I stated.

“That’s some bullshit,” Scott said. “I stopped by Wednesday night and you’d have thought Colt had
died or something. I came to get some pep but instead left feeling worse, hearing you three
bitching about Colt and wondering why he hadn’t come back.”

“I guess it has affected us,” I said. “It really has put a damper on…”

“What? You and Corey aren’t getting busy every night because of this shit?” Scott asked loudly.

“No, we haven’t. The mood hasn’t been there.”

“Colt is acting worse than any girl I’ve ever known. Just get over it, unless Andrea is that
fucking good.”

We arrived at the Rec Center. I had been here every day this week to relieve the stress of my
studying and Colt’s disappearance. I entered and saw Tabor working the front desk so I asked
where Corey was. He told me he was back helping someone with the new program in place that he and
Kris had devised. We continued on back and found Yancey, along with Parker, waiting on us.

“‘Bout time boys,” Parker said. 

“I had to get Matt going,” Scott said and pointed at me. 

“So are you swimming with us, Parker?” I asked.

“MMM… I’m not wearing a Speedo for nothing,” he laughed, standing in a blue speedo and looking
pretty damn good in it. 

“Other than for me to look at,” Yancey said with a smile.

We hit the water once we shed our things. Parker and I swam leisurely while Yancey, Jordy and
Scott hit the water hard. We did a few laps and got out to watch them. 

“You and Corey will be there tomorrow night at the dance, right?” Parker asked me while we were
sitting on the edge.

“We’ll be there.”

“I hear the theme is a Foam Party. That sounds fun.”

I laughed, “It could be. The first idea was end of the summer but we nixed that. I love to see
hot guys in swim stuff, but we wanted something more original.”

“Yancey and I will be there for sure,” Parker said while we watched them raced. As always it was
very close, with Jordy barely touching them out at the end. Jordy threw up his hands as the
victor and celebrated his win, only to have Scott push him under the water. That caught the
attention of the lifeguard, or the person that thought he was the lifeguard. Scott said they were
just messing around and swam over to us. We swam a few more laps before calling it a day. 

Before we headed out, I did find and speak to Corey just for a minute to tell him I had seen
Colt. He said he’d tell Kris when he saw him again. 

We headed back to the complex. I got out and headed inside the apartment after a nice swim that
had relaxed me somewhat. I tossed my shorts in a pile and saw how large it was. With little else
to do, I gathered up mine and Corey’s clothes to wash them. As I was loading the washing machine,
someone came to the door. 

“It’s open!” I yelled.

I heard the door and then Alex asking where I was. Now I realized I was naked and just assumed it
was Scott at the door.

“Sorry,” I said, standing there naked.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before around here,” Alex laughed. “Y’all do like to hang out naked.”

“We do, but I’ll run grab some shorts,” I said.

“You don’t have to on my account,” Alex said in his shorts and ragged tee that was sleeveless and
showed his tattoo. He had let his blond curly hair grow out a little while sporting hair on his

I smiled but headed off to grab my shorts. I returned with Alex helping himself to a beer out of
our fridge. Since Colt’s departure the beer in our fridge had been hardly touched.

“I owe you one and hope you don’t mind,” he said holding up his beer.

“Don’t worry about it,” I said and took a seat.

“I stopped to tell ya I saw Colt today after class. I’m telling you something is up with him. He
would barely even speak to me. All he said was he was at Andrea’s and was enjoying it.”

“Join the crowd. He won’t talk to us either. He came by today and wouldn’t talk to me.”

“Matt, I hate it. Bryson leaving was understandable, but he’s a part of y’all that we all look
to. Without you four I seriously doubt I would enjoy college anywhere near as much as I have. You
have always something going on…”

“Colt will come back around.”

“But what if he doesn’t? It wouldn’t surprise me if he decided to move in with Andrea. I actually
considered moving in with Elise.”

“Ummm… if he does decide that then we’ll adjust. It was just me and Kris in the beginning.
Besides… he’s paid his deposit for the cruise. He’s too damn tight to let that money go.”

Alex laughed, “He could if it’s as bad as I heard. I hear Ted came to the rescue or else it could
have been worse.”

“It could have been. Alex, I’d rather talk about something else. We go over and over this when
Kris is here.”

“I completely understand. I just wanted to tell you I saw him today,” Alex said and stood. 

“Alex, you’re welcome to stick around.”

“I was getting up to go to the bathroom and grab another one if you don’t care.”

“No, I don’t. Bring me one too. It sucks to drink alone,” I said.

Alex used the bathroom and returned with two beers. I tried to think of a time when he and I
talked alone but couldn’t. 

“So, how are things with you and Elise?”

“They’re good as ever. You know she does her thing and I do mine. She has her set of friends and
likes to do things with them too. I have mine so it works for us. We do talk all the time and get
together often.”

“It sounds perfect if you ask me.”

“It is. She came to see me some during the summer…”

“Your dad didn’t mind?”

Alex looked at me, “Does your mom mind if Corey stays with you? He’s not stupid and understands.
Hell, a bunch of my buddies back home are shacking up with their girlfriends.”

“I guess you’re right. It is a perk of getting older,” I said.

Alex laughed, “It is. Now instead of sneaking around to get laid, she’s there with me. There’s no
mystery what’s going on, but it has taken a little of fun out of the chase.”

“How’re Tom and Bishop working out for you? Everything seems great.”

“It is. Tom’s a great guy. I really have gotten close to Bishop too. Bishop has taken the place
of Brennan now,” Alex said. “We need that friend we can turn to, like you have with Kris. Does
that cause problems with you and Corey?”

“It really hasn’t. At times, I think Kris misses what we once had when it was just me and him,” I
said and finished off my beer.

“I will say one thing for Tom. He doesn’t interfere if Bishop and I want to drink. It has
curtailed my drinking a little but Tom told both of us from day one that we shouldn’t change due
to him being there. He said he’s had his fun but learned he couldn’t handle it. The only thing I
don’t like is the fact he smokes, but he does do it outside and not that much,” Alex said and
stood, shaking his empty beer can. “One more and I’m done. You want another one?”

“I guess so.”

Alex returned and handed me another cold one, “I’m shocked Kris hasn’t been sick like you and
Corey. I just knew he’d catch it too.”

“You’d think he would,” I said. 

We kept talking. Alex was really looking forward to our cruise but said it was a long ways off.
He liked the fact we were again going to another away game and looked forward to seeing how JJ
and Teague lived at a different college. 

After talking for about an hour, Alex stood, “Matt it was awesome talking to you like this. We
need to do it again sometime.”

“For sure we do. I really enjoyed it,” I said.

“Me too. I know I’ll see ya around this weekend. Hope things work out for all of us.”

“Me too,” I said with Alex walking to the door. He said goodbye and left. The laundry was sitting
in the washing machine and needed drying. I went and put the clothes in the dryer. 

As the clothes were drying, Scott called me and said Juan was on his way over if I cared to see
his girl Brittany. Of course I wanted to see her and hadn’t seen her yet. I finished what I was
doing and headed over to Scott’s apartment. 

Juan, his wife Felicia and their baby girl had arrived just a few moments before I did. Jess was
there as well with Scott. I said hello and took a seat. It was easy to see how proud Juan was to
have her and to show her off to us. 

“Kris and Corey are going to hate they missed seeing y’all,” I said.

“We’ll come back,” Felicia said. 

“Matt, do you wanna hold her?” Juan asked holding out the small child.

I extended my arms and waited for Juan to place her there. Brittany was awake and looking at me,
or so I thought she was. “Wow, she’s awesome.”

“We think so,” Juan said and pulled his wife to him. 

“I can see why you’re so proud. Juan, I think she has your looks,” I said.

“We said that,” Jess said.

“I think she does too. She has his eyes and that look on her face whenever she gets mad,” Felicia

I really wasn’t sure what to do other than hold her. Scott walked over and wanted to hold her as
well. As soon as she got in Scott’s arm, the baby started crying. “Brittany, you are the only
girl I’ve made cry,” Scott said.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Juan laughed and went over to take his little girl since she was still
crying. She stopped when she was back in her dad’s arms. 

We sat around talking and catching Juan up on all the crazy things in and around our lives. He
hated to hear the latest between Colt and Kris and said he’s seen it before. Felicia was great
and sat listening to our stories. Soon she began feeding her baby, but she wasn’t breast feeding.

Juan and his family stayed around as long as they could before leaving. He hated missing the
others but said he’d return and would bring her back. We said he wouldn’t be allowed back without

I sat talking to Scott and Jess when they had a visitor. It was Cord coming to see Scott. He sat
on the couch next to Scott in his shorts and polo shirt. 

“Guys, you wouldn’t believe what good that game did. Reese is much like a celebrity, especially
Tuesday night when Ted came over to visit. You should have seen Reese…” Jess said.

“I bet Chase and Tabor wouldn’t let him breath,” I said.

“You know they were cool and got the big head too when Ted called them by name,” Jess laughed.
“You know Ted is a pretty good ole guy.”

“He is,” Cord injected. “If he’s nice to me, he’ll be nice to anyone.”

“So things have settled in now?” I asked.

“It has, or else I wouldn’t be here, plus about half the floor went home for the weekend,” Jess

“I’m glad to have you whenever,” Scott said and kissed Jess on the lips. 

We sat around chatting and watching TV. Cord said very little and was like Garrett. Garrett and
Brennan had gone home separately to see their families while I should have gone home too. I
wasn’t sure when I would be able to pull away and go now. I knew Mom had adjusted so well and had
her time taken up by Vince.

“Ummm… you know I don’t get much alone time with Scott,” Jess stated.

“You should,” Cord said.

I stood, “I think he was dropping a hint.”

Jess smiled, “Damn right I was. The next thing I was going to do was toss both your asses out of

Cord scampered to his feet, “I’m sorry. You did need time with Scott.”

Cord and I headed out the door quickly. I laughed when we got out the door. I should have left

“I feel like a total dumbass now,” Cord said.

“Hey, I know what it is to have a boyfriend…”

“I hope to very soon,” Cord smiled as we walked.

“We’re having a dance for our gay student association. You should come. There are usually lots of
hot guys there.”

“There will be if you and Corey go.”

I chuckled, “Some I think that are even hotter than me.”

“Damn they must be models or something.”

“Come and find out,” I said.

“I might do it. Where is it?”

I gave directions and gave him my number. He did seem rather shy and quiet but was a very cute
guy to me. There had to be someone out there for him. 

We parted ways, with Cord acting like he had more to say. I entered my apartment and cleaned
things up, including putting fresh sheets on my bed. My hope was they’d be stained with spots of
cum before the night was done.

About 9, Corey came in the door after work. I walked over and kissed him on the lips. “How was
work?” I asked with my arms around his neck.

“Very good. I really enjoy the new program we’ve got going. I hope it helps the ones that need

“I’m sure it will,” I said and got another kiss, with Kris coming in the door carrying two cases
of beer. “Someone has plans.”

“Someone is fucking forgetting about that asshole,” Kris said, walking to the fridge. “I heard
the prick left for the weekend. I’m sick and tired of talking about him. We’ve given him ample
opportunity to come back. I don’t wanna hear a single word about him.”

“Amen!” Corey said. “What can we do?”

“Party, bro… party,” Kris stated ripping open the beer. “I wanna party naked like we did in
Holland. We had a ball there.”

“We could, but you know we’ll have company,” Corey said.

“They can join us then,” Kris said. “Shawn will be here in a second since I owe him. So are y’all
joining me or what?”

“I guess so,” I said, with Kris losing his clothes.

“Would someone please tell me why my ass has to work after a party? Please just tell me,” Corey
lamented while getting naked.

“Cause you’re a champ and can handle it,” Kris stated with the door opening. 

“Whoa,” Shawn said.

“Bro, we’re partying with our cocks out tonight,” Kris laughed. “Lose the fucking clothes.”

Shawn was shaking his head, “Man, your ass enjoys being naked more than anyone I know.”

“Damn right,” Kris said. “It opens people up.”

“Whatever you say,” Shawn said. He lost his clothes and threw them in my room. His chest was
getting hairier but he was in great shape.

Kris left the room and returned holding a piece of paper. It read “Warning. You may encounter
nudity past this point.” We laughed and knew he tried to mimic the sign at the nude beach. He
found some tape and taped the sign to our door.

The door was barely closed when Bishop, Alex and Elise came walking in. Alex reached over and
covered Elise’s eyes. “Really guys?” Alex asked. “You said there was gonna be a party, but you
left something out.”

“Okay it’ll be clothing optional,” Kris said. “I know Elise has seen dick before.”

Elise pushed Alex’s hand away, “Wow, what a sight! My girlfriends would eat up seeing a bunch of
hot, naked muscle guys.”

“Call ‘em,” Kris said. “We need some females around here.”

Elise reached in her pocket and stepped outside. “I guess we should expect this from Kris. Alex
said he saw Colt…” Bishop said and put his bottles on the counter. 

“It’s a no Colt night,” Corey said. “We’re not talking about him.”

“You’re getting plastered and forgetting about him?” Alex said with Elise coming back in. 

“There are 3 for sure who are coming. Can it just be topless?” she asked.

“I said clothing optional,” Kris said.

Bishop got naked behind the counter and came out with a smile. Alex lost his shirt while we
adjusted the furniture to allow more room for others that might come. 

“Dude, Elise might enjoy seeing you naked,” Shawn said. 

“I do enjoy it a lot,” Elise said and kissed him.

“Okay then, but I wasn’t sure if you wanted your friends to see me,” Alex said and got naked.

“I wanna make them so jealous,” Elise laughed and lost her shirt and bra. 

We heard a knock and went to find our neighbors, Reed and Emma. “We saw the sign on the door and
wondered what was going on,” Reed said with Emma looking over his shoulder.

“You’re welcome to join us,” Kris said.

Reed looked at his wife, “It’s up to you, hon.”

“I guess we could join them,” she replied. “Y’all are crazy though.”

“We are,” Shawn said.

Emma shocked us all and got completely naked to show off her cute body. Reed said she enjoyed
showing it off, whereas he was a little more self-conscience, but we saw why with his small cut
cock he had. We kicked back and were putting them away, though I was showing control and didn’t
have many for I remembered what too much does to me. 

Elise was on her phone and gave directions. The door opened with the four girls coming inside
laughing. The laughter stopped momentarily when they saw all of us. Elise stood and introduced
her friends.

“You weren’t shitting when you said there were some hot guys here,” Gena said. She was loud with
short blond hair. It didn’t take her long to lose her shorts and blouse. “Whatcha waiting for?”

“Girl, you just walk in and make yourself known,” Elise laughed. 

“Doesn’t she always?” Hallie asked.

The other three were very hesitant to lose their clothes. Kris walked over, “It’s clothing
optional if you want.”

“I’m glad your fine ass is naked,” Gena said. “Jade, Kirk ain’t got nothing on this fine stud.”

Corey leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Kris will eat this shit up.”

“I know,” I replied, seeing two of the girls pull off their tee shirts. I got up and headed to
the bathroom in my room. Upon returning with my camera, Hallie stopped me. 

“How’s it going?” she asked with a big smile.

“Not too bad, I’m Matt, Kris’s roommate. The big guy on the couch is Corey, my boyfriend,” I said
in case she had any other thoughts.

She snapped her fingers, “Just like always, the cutest ones are always gay.”

“I think so too,” I smiled.

“So what brought this party on?” she asked.

“Oh you’d have to know Kris…”

“I’d love to if he’s not gay.”

“He’s not, but as I was saying… He loves getting naked, plus it is something different for us.”

“It is. It’s cool since we’re all adults too.”

Gena walked up with a drink in her hand, “So who is the hot stud you’ve cornered?”

“Matt,” I spoke up. “Kris’s roommate.”

“Can I ask you a question?” Gena asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Where have all you hot guys been hanging out? It’s like some fit guy cult here. I swear I died
and am dreaming I’m at an underwear shoot,” Gena said.

“Oh my God, I was thinking the same exact thing. There are so many hotties here, but Matt here
likes guys,” Hallie stated.

“That’s okay with me. I like girls at times,” Gena said and elbowed me. “Just when the mood hits
me though.”

“I like guys all the time,” I laughed. 

Before I took one picture I made sure no one objected in case the picture went a little lower
than I wanted. Most everyone was cool with the idea and didn’t mind. I tried to keep the picture
waist level and above.  

Our apartment was full but we were able to walk around. Kris was a great host and was talking to
everyone he could. I left the two girls and found Corey talking with Reed. Corey was telling him
about his job at the Rec Center as Ethan and Cody walked in the door. They had beer as always and
laughed at the sight of us.  

Reed and Emma were first to leave the party about midnight. It was going strong as ever with the
alcohol seeming to fuel a few and loosen people up. 

Shawn walked up to me, “I’m about to piss all over myself. Can I use your bathroom? The other one
has been locked for a while.”

“Sure, go ahead,” Corey said. “You don’t have to even ask.”

I looked over and saw Kris and Hallie coming out of the bathroom together. Kris was looking
around before heading for the fridge. I kept talking to Bishop and Jade and walked around to take
more pictures. 

It was after 2 before our apartment began clearing out. There was nothing but three bags full of
cans and trash. Shawn was the last to leave and staggered out the door without his shirt.  

“Epic as fuck,” Kris said. “I didn’t miss anyone.”

“I didn’t either,” Corey said.

“I did. I missed Kris for about 10 minutes,” I said with a smile.

“Fuck yeah you did. I got some head,” Kris said. “Hallie sucked my dick, but I wasn’t alone. I
know for a fact Bishop fucked Jade.”

“I thought she had a boyfriend,” I said.

“That didn’t stop her,” Kris stated.

“It’s bound to happen with alcohol and naked people. I think Shawn may have got some action as
well,” Corey stated.

“I hope to get some tonight too,” I said and put my head on Corey’s shoulder.

“Bro, he’ll give you all you want,” Kris said. 

“I will,” Corey said. “I’m ready to fuck you so damn good.”

I smiled and reached to grab his cock. Corey kissed me.  

“Well, I’ll see you two lovers tomorrow,” Kris said.

Corey stood and took my hand. Instead of leading me to our room, he headed out to the patio. It
was small but had two rarely used chairs. It wasn’t completely private but someone would have to
walk between the buildings to see us, plus it was dark. I grabbed Corey and began kissing him
with such passion. His lips felt so good on mine with our hands all over each other’s naked

I broke the kiss, “I love you.” I started kissing his big chest. My mouth moved down and sucked
on his nipples until they were hard. My tongue travelled down his abs before I got on my knees to
worship his cock. My hand grabbed his heavy thick cock and pulled it down to meet my lips. After
working the head, my mouth went down further until feeling his hard cock at the back of my
throat. It felt great to be sucking and worshipping his cock. I pulled back and really started
moving faster with Corey moaning.

He lifted me up for a long kiss before he was on his knees. There was just as much love flowing
from him as did from me. Even in the dark I loved seeing and feeling my hard long cock
disappearing into his mouth. I got lost in the feeling. My hands rested on his head while it
moved back and forth. He always excited me and made me want him that much more when he was giving
me oral sex. He stopped sucking me and kissed his way up to my lips. 

I pulled back, “Fuck me Corey. I want you.”

He kissed me again. I moved over and threw my hands up against a wall while spreading my legs. We
didn’t have the luxury of lube at that moment. I heard him spit and move behind me. His hard cock
was at my ass. It opened and allowed him to penetrate me. Electricity went all over my body
feeling his hard cock go in me. It was a little rough but it still felt just as good. He wrapped
his arms around my chest and began fucking me slowly.

“Feels so good babe,” I whispered.

“Your ass is so fucking hot,” he said with his breath on my shoulder. 

I turned for a kiss and reached back. His lips were on mine while I felt him fucking me at a
great pace. I pulled away, “Oh baby keep fucking my ass. Feels so damn good.”

He kept fucking me while I faced the wall and a cool breeze blowing made my skin tingle. He
slapped my ass while I let out soft moans from the joy he was giving me. 

We moved to a chair to continue. I had my doubts whether it would hold our weight. He sat down
with his hard cock pointing upwards. I mounted him and guided his cock back in me. My movements
were slow until we decided on a different way. 

I sat in the chair with my ass on the edge. He spat on his cock and re-entered me. It was much
easier this way. He went deep inside of me and started giving it to me a little harder.  Then he
pushed deep. His cock started to pulsate inside of me. Our lips met while Corey flooded my ass
with his seed. He leaned up, stayed inside of me and started jacking me off until I came all over
my abs and chest.

After the great orgasm, I grabbed him again for even more kissing. We do kiss a lot during sex,
but it adds to my excitement and pleasure, plus makes it an act of love towards each other. 

We went inside and headed to our room. I cleaned up and returned with Corey just about asleep. 

“That was well worth missing almost an hour of sleep for,” he said.

“Tell me that when you get home,” I smiled. 


Sorry for being a little later than I really wanted.   I hope you enjoyed this chapter as the
story moves along.   

Thanks for all the comments from the previous chapter.   I enjoy doing this for you!!!   Hell, if
I didn't, it would have stopped a long time ago...LOL!!

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