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This is pure one hundred percent fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent.

David pulled his old 97 Chevy truck into the small drive after another long hot day of working as a carpet and tile layer.  He opened the door to his old single wide mobile home and kicked his 7 year olds’ truck out of the doorway.  All he could see was toys that filled the living room floor.  He opened the refrigerator to enjoy a cold one while kicking off his dirty old tennis shoes.  He finished off his first one and stripped off his clothes to take a shower and not be interrupted by one of his two kids.  He enjoyed a nice hot shower and slung a towel around his waist.  He went to his bedroom and waded through the mounds of clothes that were still on the floor.  He found a pair of shorts and a hole-ridden t-shirt to enjoy the peace and quiet for a change.

He grabbed another beer and lay down on the couch.  Naturally the television was on cartoons when David flipped on the remote to the 27 inch TV.  He immediately switched channels until he found something for him to watch for a change.

He was about half asleep and had the third beer resting on his stomach when a quiet knock came to the door.  He was startled at first and went to the door.  It was Robert who lived two mobile homes down. 

“Ummm… David, you got any jumper cables?” Robert asked.

“Yea, they’re out in my truck.  Let me get some shoes on and I’ll find them,” David said and found his old pair just where he left them.

“Where is everyone tonight?” Robert asked while David laced up his shoes.

“My girlfriend went with the kids to her parents for the weekend,” David said.

“Lucky you,” Robert replied.  David headed out the door and found his jumper cables thrown behind the seat of his truck. 

“Your car won’t start, huh?” David asked.

“Mine’s just fine.  It’s my brothers’ car that won’t start,” Robert laughed.

David hooked up the jumper cables to Robert’s car and then to Robert’s brother’s car.  It started after the first click. 

“Thanks for the jump,” Robert’s brother said and drove off.

“I owe you a beer for that one,” Robert said.

“Let me put these up and I’ll take you up on that,” David headed back and tossed the cables in the same place and locked his truck back.  He walked back and found the door to Robert’s mobile home standing wide open. 

“Nice place here, Robert,” David commented nicely.  David looked around and envied the cleanliness and how everything was in this proper place.  With both he and his girlfriend working, house work took a back seat in David’s life.

“Yeah, that’s what happens when your old lady decides to leave,” Robert placed a cold beer in David’s hand.  “Hey,I thought Jennifer was your wife.”

“We’ve been together so long now, I call her my wife but we never officially got married.  We keep saying we are but something always comes up,” David sipped the cold beer.

“She told me the other day you scored again,” Robert laughed.

“Yeah, I don’t see how with one kid always in bed but we just do it when we can.  I guess I’m pretty lethal,” David laughed.

“Are you sure it’s your kid?” Robert asked.

“It better be!” David said quickly and took a big drink. “If not, her ass better find another place to stay.”

“You wouldn’t want that would you?”

“Damn straight I would. I don’t put up with that.  If I’m not good enough for her, she better find someone that is.”

“What about those other two kids of yours?”

“I would find some way to keep them.  Robert, you got any kids?”

“None that I’m aware of at this moment.  You never know that the next knock on the door might be one of mine who is looking for their daddy.  I’ve been with my share of women in my life.”

“I guess I missed out on that.  I was with a few girls in high school but when I was 19 and got Jennifer pregnant those days were finished for me.”

Robert just laughed and headed to the bathroom.  He returned with another beer for each.  “So you got that place all to yourself this weekend, huh?”

“Yeah, I’ll be lost without one of them waking us up at 2 in the morning to go piss or get a drink of water,” David laughed. “If I keep drinking though, I won’t really care.”

“Boy, kids do change everything, don’t they?”

“I never knew just how much,” David smiled.

“I sure hope that piece of ass was worth it,” Robert said.

“So far, I won’t change a thing.  Back then Jennifer was one fine little woman.  She had just a killer figure that made me droll every time I saw her.  With that first one, wham, she just ballooned on up there,” David laughed.

“I take it she’s still a good lay then?” Robert asked.

“So so, I guess. A quick lay is about we have time for now,” David laughed.

“Well, you must doing something right to get her pregnant three times,” Robert said.  “I bet you don’t even get to touch her now.”

“Touching is all that’s allowed now with her knocked up again.  It sucks for a guy that’s 26 to have to suffer through a pregnancy.  It’s hard enough to get her naked and have sex when she’s not, plus, like I said, one of the kids is in bed with us. Little DJ caught us one night but he had no idea what we were doing,” David laughed again.  He felt the beer running through him and headed to the bathroom.  He stopped at the frig and grabbed another for both on his way back.

“One last here Robert.  I best be heading back after this one,” David said and opened the beer.

“Oh I sort of like talking with you,” Robert smiled.  “When you last get to feel Jennifer on you?”

David just looked at Robert, “About two months ago before she knew she was pregnant.”

“Wow, I bet you get awful horny.  She ever go down on you when she’s pregnant?” Robert asked.

“Robert, you're asking some personal questions over there.  Ummm… I think it’s time I headed back,” David said.

“I was just asking a question to keep the conversion going,” Robert said.

“I do need to get back.”

“That’s your choice.”

“No, she doesn’t do that. She never has liked doing that for me,” David said.

“Do what?”

“Go down on me.  I can’t remember the last time I had a blow job,” David said.


“Well what Robert?”

“I might be able to help you there,” Robert said.

“It is true then you are queer,” David said and shot Robert a look.

“Not totally.  I do like women when the opportunity rises but I see a friend in need,” Robert said.  “I’ve been told I do a good job on guys.”

David sat back down.  He killed his beer with one last drink. He unzipped his shorts and out flopped his thick cut cock.  “I guess I could use a good blow job,” David said and wondered if 6 beers were talking to him now.  The thought of a good blow job did sound nice in his muddled intoxicated mind.

Robert got on his knees and pulled off David’s shorts to the carpet.  He kissed David’s cock and saw it start to rise.  “I see what Jennifer sees in you,” Robert grabbed the base of David’s manly cock.

David watched as Robert opened his mouth.  He saw his cock disappear slightly into Robert’s wet mouth and felt Robert’s goatee tickle his cock.  “Feel good?” Robert asked.

“Hell yeah, keep going now that you got me hard as a rock,” David said. 

Robert slid his mouth back down on David’s hard cock.  He let his tongue massage the underside of the cock while he bobbed up and down on this nice cock.  David put his hand on the balding head of the 38 year old Robert.  David moaned and groaned with excitement and pleasure like a high school kid getting his first blow job.  Robert attacked David’s cock with a fury and enjoyed pleasing his neighbor, who had secretly lusted for. 

“Damn Robert, suck that dick, man!” David moaned while enjoying Robert’s wet mouth.

Robert stopped, “Nice cock.  I love this!” Robert returned and continued to please David.  David closed his eyes and soon felt his nuts churning while Robert played with them.

David pushed Robert off.  Robert jacked David’s cock three times quickly.  “OOOO yeah!” David moaned.  Cum shot forth and landed on Robert’s chin and neck.  He jerked one last time and a small drop oozed out.

“Let me take care of that,” Robert said and licked the last drop.  “You like that?” Robert looked at David.

David smiled, “Hell yeah I did!”

“I liked it too,” Robert said. “You need to run now?”

“I better but thanks for one hell of a blow job,” David pulled up his shorts.

“My pleasure,” Robert said.

“Jennifer is gone until Sunday so come borrow my cables whenever you want,” David said.

“I will see you tomorrow then?” Robert asked with a smile.

“I know you will,” David stood at the door.

“I do hope that kid is yours,” Robert said.

“If not, you just live two trailers down,” David laughed and shut the door.  He walked back to his trailer with the biggest smile he had had in quite a while.  He locked the door once inside and went to bed.


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