Posted:  Sept 13, 12


My mind was going ninety to nothing trying to think what was going on. Corey had practically
pulled me out the door and now he was pushing me into his car after we had won the first football
game of the year. 

“Dammit Corey, tell me what’s going on here,” I said exasperated as ever.

He started his car and backed up. “Just be patient for just a minute.”

I sat looking out the window and saw the lights of the stadium dim. I was thinking up every
possible scenario. He continued to drive with the traffic pretty heavy leaving the game. 

“I almost didn’t let you shower but then I thought we might avoid some of this traffic,” he said
and smiled at me. “Use your brilliant mind and think what could be the significance of this

Now my brain was in overdrive. Nothing was coming to me. “I don’t have a clue.”

“Two years ago…”

“Oh shit!” I yelled and then put my hands over my mouth. “Is this our two year anniversary?”

“Right on, boyfriend,” Corey replied.

I smiled and then turned sad because he remembered and I didn’t. I knew it must have meant a lot
to him to go to this trouble. “I’m sorry. I’ll pay for us wherever we’re going to eat. It never
even crossed my mind that two years ago on this Labor Day weekend we first went out. I remember
thinking there would be no way in this world you’d ever want to go with me to the Art Museum.”

Corey laughed, “I only went to be with you. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to, other
than I wanted to be with you. I was star struck and knew that maybe I had found the right one.
Little did I know what a ride it would be since that day.”

“It sure has been a ride. So, where are we going to eat?”

“You’ll see. I made reservations,” Corey replied, driving in the traffic.

“It must be really nice then. I don’t know of too many places that take them around here,” I

“I found the perfect place,” Corey said and continued driving. He approached the interstate and
drove to take it. 

We laughed about the good times we had, but soon we were out of the city limits heading northward
with the traffic thinning out. 

“Ummm… I thought we were going to eat,” I said.

“We are. Just wait.”

“Man, you must have really done your homework if we’re going this way. Actually there’s not a
whole lot up here.”

“Matt, I’ll tell you where we’re going. We’re finally going to the casino for the weekend…”

“Hold on, all I have is what I’m wearing now unless we’re just going for the night,” I said in a
slight panic.

“Your bag is in the trunk. When Kris went to find Mike, he first came over and put it in there.”

“So that’s what you were talking about this morning,” I said.

“Yes, I’ve had this planned for the past two weeks. It’s a small miracle you didn’t find out
before now.”

I leaned over and kissed him, “Thanks. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“We said all summer we would go away for the weekend and never did it. I worked all those hours so
I could be off…”

“I’ll need money, and you’re not paying for me to gamble either. If you are, I’m paying you back.”

“You can use your ATM card if you insist, but I have enough for both of us. Anytime we plan
something like getting away, something comes up. I know Valentine’s weekend wasn’t your fault at
all, but things happen. It was actually Kris who remembered this was our anniversary weekend,
minus that one month.”

“Never speak of that time again. We are so far past that now.”

“I do only as a reminder to me what could happen. It’s going to be nice weekend for us.”

“I know it will be,” I said and wanted to jump over the console that separate us.

We kept driving along. I spotted a branch of my bank and made him turn around so I could withdraw
some money. Once I did that we were back heading towards the casino. My phone started ringing. I
saw it was Kris and answered it. I could hear noise in the background while he asked if I knew by
now. I acted the part and said I didn’t until relenting to tell him we were on our way.

Corey and I were able to talk while he drove. We talked about the game and the tailgating. It was
good to see Bryson again. He did really seem to miss us more than he said after he was back with
us. He saw the good times he was missing, though was hanging around afterwards and probably
staying the weekend.

We arrived at the casino about 9:30. Corey went inside to get our room before returning with our
key. The casino and hotel looked very nice and was about six stories tall with a large parking lot
that was almost full for a Saturday night. 

Corey let out a loud sigh opening the trunk, “You never know but Kris did well.”

“We’ll see once we’re inside,” I said.

We walked inside and passed the lobby. We saw the casino and heard the familiar noise of slot
machines, along with cheers from the tables. We continued along and went to catch the elevator to
the fourth floor.

“I’m impressed so far. We get breakfast in the morning too with our room,” Corey said entering.

“It does look really nice,” I said and rode with four other people after taking in this casino.

After one stop, we arrived at our floor and exited to find our room down to the right at the end
of the hall. Corey opened the door and entered the dark room. I turned on the lights to see a king
size bed in our spacious room.

“Corey, I don’t want know how much this is. It looks very expensive.”

“Well… it was a weekend special they offered,” Corey said and grabbed me. 

He kissed me with his hands running down my back into my shorts. My hands were grabbing his face. 

Soon our clothes were scattered all over the room with us in the middle of the bed. The room had
the smell of sex after I made hot fucking love to my boyfriend. It left us lifeless and in each
other’s arms.

“Damn, your big dick fucking me never gets old.”

I kissed him, “I hope it never does. Your ass never gets old to me.”

“Are you up for a little gambling now?”

“Ummm… after I finish laying here in your big arms,” I replied and felt so good.

After a few more minutes we got out of bed and put back on our clothes to head down to try our
luck at the casino. We exited the room with Corey having a big smile plastered across his
chiselled face. His hair was spiked after a little attention, with his earrings shining. 

Our first stop downstairs was the slot machines. We found some that looked interesting, or as
interesting as they could get. We fed our bills in the machine to begin.  

Just as we began playing, the cocktail waitress came over for our drink orders. Boldly, Corey
requested a beer while I settled for water. She didn’t ask for I.D. and continued around to serve
the other gamblers.

“Do I look 21?” Corey asked.

“As much as anyone else,” I replied. 

Things weren’t happening for us at these machines. Corey was about even while I was down around
twenty. We waited for our drinks before walking around the fairly crowded floor. We found some
other machines and took our seat. My luck changed there to bring me even while Corey went in the
opposite direction. We were having fun and enjoying being with each other.  

He motioned towards a café which sounded so appealing at the time. We took a seat as the hour
approached midnight. We ate lightly and fast before heading back to the floor. 

“Wanna try blackjack?” he asked me.

“For sure. It’s not mindless like slots. You actually have to think just a little there.”

“I thought you’d say that. I wonder what everyone is doing.”

“Who cares right now? Let’s put them behind and have the best time possible.”

Corey smiled, “That’s right. I don’t even know why I said that shit.”

We found a table with a low minimum bet. We took our seat at the table with two older men and a
lady. We got our chips and placed our bets. The very first hand Corey hit a blackjack. He gave me
five before I took a hit and stopped on twenty to make me a winner. 

The man next to us started a little small talk to make things interesting while we played. My
stack of chips was going up and down while Corey was amassing a nice little pile in front of him.
We continued to play until Corey stood and suggested we walk around. 

We left the table but I could hear chips in his short pocket.

“How much did you come away with?” I asked.

He reached in his pocket and produced five twenty-five dollar chips. “About one fifty I’d guess.”

“You dog,” I said. “I’m a little behind right now. So should we call it a night?”

“Hell yeah, I’m ready to walk away,” he replied.

Back in the room, the door barely closed before I attacked Corey. Despite the fact we had fucked
earlier, I was ready and wanted more of him. We kissed while slowly taking off each other’s
clothes. Once he was naked, I pushed him into a chair and climbed up so I was straddling him. I
reached my hands forward and gently massaged his broad shoulders, making him moan. Then I moved my
hands down to his big pecs, running my fingers over the hard muscles as I leaned in to kiss his

Pulling back from him I gave him a quick kiss on the lips and then moved off the chair, pushing
him back down into it as he started to get up. Leaning in I began using my lips and tongue to
cover his muscular upper body with kisses, running my tongue between every groove I could find.
His nipples were great to suck on while my hand moved down and found his thick cock hard and
already leaking. 

“OOO fuck yeah. I’m all yours,” Corey groaned and sounded as though he was enjoying this.

I kept kissing and licking his body until making it down to his cock. My tongue slurped on his
nuts while one hand jerked him slowly with the other placed on his rigid abs. Looking up at his
face, he was relaxed in the chair. My tongue went to his hard cock and began licking every inch of
it. The head went in my mouth as my hand was cupping his nuts. My lips were massaging his cock
while it slid between them. My tongue worked the underside as well. He was emitting soft moans
before pulling me up for a deep kiss.  

I broke the kiss and returned to his dripping cock. The taste of precum was on my tongue while I
began sucking and licking it. My throat opened up to take all of him. My nose caught the scent of
his essence while I moved back and forth, which only made me hotter for him. I pulled off, caught
a breath and went straight back down. His arms grabbed under my own and he pulled me up again.

“I want you to fuck me, Corey. I want this hot cock in me in the worst way.”

“Babe, I’ll fuck that hot ass all you want,” he said in his sexiest voice.

I leaned over the side of our king size bed and offered up my ass for him. Something about being
in a hotel room made me horny as hell. I felt his hands spread my cheeks before he stuck his
tongue in my crack. His tongue felt so good and had me squirming, especially when he swirled it
around my hole. He stuck a few fingers in me to really excite me even further. 

He stopped and went to get the lube that was next to the bed, along with grabbing a towel. I felt
the cool lubricant smeared in and around my hole and waited for his hard, bare cock in me. The
slick head was pressing against my hole. I pushed out and felt his slippery cock slip past my
sphincter into my ass. I let out a soft groan and felt his hands on my shoulders. 

“OOO fuck me, Corey… fuck my ass!” I let out with such desire.

He slapped my ass and began fucking me. His hands gripped my shoulders and pulled me back onto hi
cock while he was moving at a nice pace. I was moaning with every plunge.

“Damn, your ass feels so fucking good,” he said.

“MMMM, fuck yeah… Keep fucking me,” I groaned, in another world with the feeling. He slammed his
cock deep. “OOOO yes!”

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up with one hand and was slapping my ass with the other. He
was giving it to me rough and hard but I loved it. He stopped, flipped me over and lifted me off
the bed. “I wanna fuck you against the wall.”

I moved around with my back up against the outer wall. He lifted me up and slid me down on his
throbbing cock. It took some strength and balance to get the hang of it but it was nice seeing his
face while he was slamming my ass, driving me back against the wall and making me scream with

I tired so we moved to the bed again. I lay on my side and threw my leg over his. He slipped back
inside of me and turned my head for a kiss. We kissed on and off while I started grinding my ass
onto his cock and he wrapped his arm around my chest for extra leverage as he rammed me. His hand
then moved and grabbed my hard cock while I fucked myself on his dick. 

“I want your fucking nut in me,” I stated while we were both now breathing hard as ever.

“You’re about to get your wish. I’m really close.”

He kept jacking my cock and now was fucking me fast. After one hard deep push, he grabbed my face
and kissed me. His cock started pulsating and pumping jizz inside of me. The urge hit me with him
breeding my ass and I pulled from his mouth. I began cumming and screamed like a little girl. He
covered my mouth while my cum was hitting the towel and a few drops landed on the bedspread. 

Corey held me close with his soft cock still in me. We were basking in the glow of our sex. 

“I love you,” he said softly.

“I love you,” I repeated to him.

“Those are my favorite three words.”

I smiled and kissed him. “Mine too, besides fuck me Corey.”

He laughed, “You horny little fucker.”

“I am that. We’re a mess now…”

“A shower would be great.”

After a shower that was little more than Corey and I kissing all over each other, we returned to
bed. I looked over and saw it was 1:24. Corey moved close to me.

“Happy Anniversary. Were you shocked?” he asked.

“You better believe I was. Happy Second Anniversary, baby. I hope there are fifty more of these.”

“I just hope for one more…”

“Excuse me?” I said and looked at him.

“I don’t want to ever take you for granted.”

“You’re so sweet.”

“You are too. It’s a shame Kris can’t be here to double fuck your ass again. Did you really enjoy

“I really did. The two guys I love the most were both inside of me at the same time. It hurt like
a bitch but it was well worth it.”

Corey snickered. “I bet it did. Are there any of our friends you’d like to fuck your great ass?”

I thought for a second before speaking, “I’ve never been fucked by Colt and wouldn’t mind having

“That’s a given. I forgot he hasn’t got to join the fun.”

“He has a girlfriend so it’s not needed.”

Corey laughed again, “It hasn’t stopped him and Kris from fucking.”

“True. One day I’d like to be with him, but I’d like for him to fuck you first. You’re closer to
him than I am.”

“I’m surprised it hasn’t happened by now. I would like him to fuck me, but there’s no one that
ever compares to you.”

“No one for me either. We have that love between us or else we wouldn’t be shacked up in a hotel
room celebrating two wonderful years together. One day we will be married but who knows where?”

“Won’t that be something else?”

“It sure will.  I do feel like this is sort of like a honeymoon for us,” I commented running my
finger over his big chest.

“I feel that as well.  Mostly, I’m glad we are together alone.”

We kissed goodnight before Corey rolled over and put his back against me. I tucked my arm under
his and felt him grab it. The bed was so luxurious and made it easy for me to fall into a deep

Sunday, I woke rubbing my eyes. I enjoyed staring at Corey for a few moments before getting up. It
sucked now being stuck in the room with him sleeping away. 

Once he was awake, we dressed and headed down to take advantage of the free breakfast that was
included in our stay. It was a buffet with plenty to choose from. We ate with Corey smiling the
entire time back at me. 

“After next week we can do this more often,” he stated while eating his eggs.

“What do you mean by that?”

“You’re getting more money with the sale of your dad’s house.”

“Maybe we can. Corey, I need of us to think of something really nice we can all use at the
apartment, especially Kris…”

“Why Kris?”

“He did get me a much better price. I was ready to dump the place and not have any worries.”

“I see now. I’ll think of something, but we pretty much have everything thanks to y’all’s parents
chipping in.”

“I know and that’s why I was asking for some help. Maybe I can just buy him something special, but
then again Colt might feel hurt. Corey, you and I are going shopping if nothing else. I hate to
say it but you’ve worn the same things for the last year.”

“I know, but I have better things to spend my money on. I’ve got it…” he said loudly.

“Alright, what is it?”

“You pay for us to go on a cruise during spring break,” Corey replied.

“Okay, but I did win us a trip. I was thinking of something electronic but can’t think of anything
we could use.”

“Yeah, you’re right there. I guess one trip is good enough. We’ll think of something.”

We finished breakfast and went back up to the room. We were barely in the door before Corey hit
the bathroom running. As soon as he was finished, I was right behind him and had to endure the

I came out and found him in the center of the bed. “Whew, that breakfast ran right through us.”

“It sure did,” I said and joined him.

“What do you wanna do today?”

“We have three choices, gamble, sit in the room or fuck each other’s brains out,” I chuckled.

“We can do all three without any trouble, especially the last one. Man, I hate to say this but I
needed this trip to energize my batteries a little. I know we don’t have sex all the time now…”

“We don’t, but I’m fine with the way things have been.”

“Liar! You’d have sex with me every night. It’s me that’s been lacking in the sex drive. You know
if this trip didn’t cure it I was going to the doctor to see if maybe I had some sort of trouble.”

“I think a little of it is the new stress of your position. I get that and am proud that you don’t
take it lightly. Part of it could be that the newness has worn off of us having sex.”

“Babe, I hope the newness never wears off. I’m so lucky to have a fucking hot boyfriend that wants
to have sex with me.”

“My sex drive is higher than yours.”

“I said that and agree, but I think the stress has been a main source. It will get better once
things settle down.”

We lay on top of the bed in each other’s arms. We kissed a lot before deciding to head back down
and see how our luck was going. As we were in the elevator, Mom called to see how I was doing. She
told me Corey had called her earlier to give her his plan so she knew as well. She explained they
did need to get back so it wasn’t any trouble. I hung up as we were walking to the casino.

“So who didn’t know about this?” I asked.

“You, but still not very many. I did well, huh?”

“You sure did,” I said.

We went to the slots first to see how they were going. Being early, there weren’t many around
testing their luck. It didn’t take us long before going back to the blackjack table since the
slots weren’t hitting at the time.

We played for almost two hours with Corey giving back some of the money had won the night before.
I was up a little for the day, thus making me about even for the trip. We left the tables to rest
in our room while not understanding how Bryson could spend hour upon hour at the table. It’s fun
when you’re winning but sucks when you’re not.

Our room was now cleaned so we sat on top of the bed to watch a movie together. Corey grew
disinterested in the movie and began messing with me. He had his hands all over me while I was
interested in the movie. I gave up and turned off the movie. We slipped out of our clothes and
eventually I was back inside my boyfriend fucking his hot ass. After blowing our loads in each
other’s face, we cleaned up a little and took a nap.

That night, we had a very nice meal at the casino restaurant. We gambled more and had a great time
as well, with Corey coming out ahead whereas I was a small loser. Before going to sleep, we fucked
again for our fourth time since we arrived. Corey topped me again and fucked me so damn hard. I
loved him using me and giving me all he had for at least twenty minutes.

After we ate the next morning, we packed up and were headed back to the apartment. Corey checked
out and came back to the car. 

“Seriously, we need to do this about once every six months,” I stated with him shutting his door.
“Just the two of us need to get away alone.”

“I couldn’t agree more. I feel like so revived and loved more than ever,” he said. 

I leaned over and kissed him. You’d think as much as we had kissed our lips would be chapped but
they weren’t. 

As we were heading down the interstate, Corey spoke up, “Hey, if you don’t mind I might take a
little detour to check up on Mom.”

“Sounds okay to me. You better call her to make sure she’s home.”

“No, I want to surprise her…”

“No, you want to sneak up on her so she doesn’t know you’re coming.”

“That’s right. If I call her, she’ll have time to clean shit up and act sober…”

“So you think she’s drinking?”

“She says she’s not, but I know her far too well. Now find the road I need to take so we can get

I used my phone and found the shortest route to his hometown. It wasn’t far until we came to the
road that took us there. It was a two lane road that wasn’t exactly straight. It was a tad more
scenic. We talked and listened to his music. 

We passed the new Walmart just on the edge of Corey’s hometown. Then we went past JJ’s house
before arriving at his mom’s place. There were two vehicles in the drive so we were in luck. Corey
and I got out and went to the front door. He knocked rather than going on in. Larry came to the
door and looked so surprised.

“Boy, what are doing here?” he asked.

“Matt and I were out so I decided to stop by,” Corey said entering the house. Marie was in the
living room watching TV and dressed for work. She stood and came over to give Corey a nice hug.

“You’re lucky you caught me. I have to be at work soon,” she said.

“Mom, you are looking great,” Corey said.

“Stop flattering me, son. I’m getting fat now,” she said.

“No, it is great to see you putting on some weight. I know you’re doing okay,” Corey said.

“Corey, she’s trying like hell and has done really well,” Larry said.

“Yeah, I feel a lot better too since I don’t drink all the time,” she said. “Would you and Matt
like some tea?”

“I would,” Corey said.

She walked to the kitchen and brought back two glasses of tea. I took it even though I didn’t care
for iced tea that much. “So where are you going?”

“Matt and I went to the Indian casino for the weekend. It was our second anniversary,” Corey

“It’s hard to believe it’s been two years. Did y’all win anything?” Larry asked.

“Corey won a little bit, whereas I lost,” I replied.

“Matt’s luck ran out this weekend,” Corey stated. “We had a really good time though.”

“That’s nice,” Marie said. “Corey, I swear you get better looking every time I see you. I’m so
proud of you. I tell all the girls at work that my little boy ain’t little anymore and is now in
his third year of college. You’ll be the first one in our family to ever graduate college.”

“That makes me want to graduate that much more,” Corey said.

“Well son, I wish you’d called so we could spend more time together but I have to go to work,”
Marie said while standing.

“I understand,” Corey said. He hugged and kissed his mom on the cheek.

She came over and hugged me. “You keep taking care of my boy.”

“I will,” I said.

After shaking Larry’s hand, we followed Marie out the door since we were blocking her car. We
pulled out and began heading back to college. Just as we were barely on the road, Corey passed a
mobile home. “Damn that’s Heath!” We turned around and headed back. Corey drove in the driveway of
the small mobile home. Heath was in the driveway messing with his truck. He looked up to see who
was driving up.

“Damn Cuz, what the hell are you doing here?” Heath asked. He had short blond hair and wasn’t
wearing a shirt. I could see a few tattoos on his thin body.

“I came to see Mom,” Corey replied.

“Corey, I tell ya she’s a changed person now. I don’t know what you did or said but it’s working,”
Heath said. 

“I just told her to stop drinking or else I’d never ever come around. She did look good though,”
Corey said.

“Matt, I still see you’re stuck with my cousin,” Heath laughed.

“Stuck like glue,” I said. 

“Yeah, we were coming back from the casino. Heath, it was our second anniversary together,” Corey

“Ehhh boy, getting some of that big dick all weekend,” Heath joked.

“You better believe I did,” Corey said. “So how’s Lane doing?”

“He’s good, other than the fact he’s knocked up another girl. Fucker hasn’t learned yet to cover
that dick up,” Heath said. “He barely knew this one either.”

“Some people never learn,” Corey said.

“Fuck, I sure have,” Heath said. “My ass never fucks a girl without protection. It’s like Lane
doesn’t give a shit if he knocks a girl up.”

“That’s a shame,” I said. 

“Corey, y’all wanna a beer. I got plenty inside if you want one,” Heath said.

“We just had a glass of tea at Mom’s so we’re good,” Corey said.

We stood around in the warm sun talking to Heath. Corey caught him up on everything important,
including a little about our big trip. It was nice hearing the two laugh and carry on with each
other. I know how much Heath meant to Corey, especially when no one else would have a thing to do
with him.

We drove off after staying about an hour. “Excuse me but my cousin and Lane have to be two of the
biggest rednecks around. I still love ‘em though,” Corey said.

“I agree, but you are still friends. I could see Colt being the same way if he didn’t come to

Corey laughed, “I could too and me as well. However, I’d be a gay redneck. Every time I’m home it
just drives home the fact I made the right decision going to college. I have a bright future ahead
of me whereas I’m not sure about Heath or Lane.”

“Sounds like to me Lane needs to start a daycare,” I laughed.

“Or have that shit fixed,” Corey said.


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