Posted:  April 8, 2013


We exited the ship just after 10 like we had decided the night before at dinner. Right when we got off it
was easy to see this Mexican town offered so much more than the previous stop. We walked out after
passing all of the shops and had looked around. I saw Kris directing Sergio over to a van driver and
turned to Scott who explained that Kris wanted to see if the driver could take us to a nice beach with
plenty to do but where it wasn’t so crowded. I liked the sound of that.

Sergio returned and filled us in on what Kris had asked. I loved that I was able to lip read most of what
was said so I didn’t always have to rely on Scott to know what was going on. We piled into the van and
were jam packed inside it with our bodies pressed up against each other. Even though I couldn’t hear I
knew there was some banter being thrown around from the vibrations coming from the guys on either side of
me and I relaxed, enjoying being around such a great group of guys.

Sergio turned around from the front seat and I watched his mouth as he explained some of the things that
would be at the beach we were heading to. It was great having Sergio along so we could communicate with
the people here. I sat looking out of a window while we were being driven to our destination, enjoying
the sights that zoomed by. My parents had taken me on another cruise when I was younger, but it was
completely different. I had to stay close to them since no one else was deaf. Now, I was so lucky that
Scott had picked up on sign language and was able to communicate with me effectively here on the cruise
and at our apartment. It even allowed me to join in on group discussions and laugh along with the rest of

We arrived at the beach and paid the driver, with instructions to return at 2:30, giving us plenty of
time to explore the little city. We paid a fee to get into a bit of an enclosure and walked out to see
the beautiful clear water and white sand beaches. We rented chairs again and were shown to them. The nice
part was it wasn’t crowded, with only a few people there, and it looked to have plenty of fun things to
do to occupy our time.

I put down my towel and slid off my shorts. Ever since I was young I was thin and considered myself very
lucky to be so. Now, my body was exactly how I wanted it thanks to working out and staying active. Thanks
to the day on the ship and the other beach, my body was beginning to darken much like Scott’s. While
sitting there in my old bikini, I looked across the blue water and saw the waves. I wondered what sound
they made coming to the shore, as well as the different sounds from the others. I could smell a
difference from the salt in the water and it made the hairs in my nose tingle a little.  

Scott poked me in the arm, smiled and signed what a nice place it was. I agreed how it was just how I had
it pictured looking on the internet at this Mexican tourist town. The sand was so white with palm trees
and lush plants behind us. The sun was the perfect temperature too, warm enough to tan nicely but not to
the point where you were sweating just being out in it.

Sergio sat next to me with Dillon at the end. I felt sorry for Sergio being treated the way he was for
coming out to his parents. When I came out my parents were very accepting, like I know Matt’s mom is.
However, my sister came out first so maybe it was easier for my parents to accept. I felt bad in a way
since we were both gay, but there was little I could do about it.

I looked up and saw Corey heading off. I got Scott’s attention, “Where’s he going?”

“Matt forgot his towel,” Scott replied to me.

I smiled and knew how particular Matt was about stuff. Matt was a really great guy, like the rest that
were on this cruise. Each one did their best to communicate to me, even if some weren’t very successful.
I liked that they tried, though I knew at times I was on the outside, which is why I jumped at the chance
to take part in the belly flop contest. I was going to try to do everything possible to just be one of
them on this trip and to make the most of the awesome experience.  

I sat in my chair and continued to look across the blue water, surrounded by nothing but hot guys. I
could only wish it was a nude beach like we went to last spring break. It was so nice being able to strip
down and show off. Scott and I frequently went around our place naked, like I knew Kris did at his place.
In a perfect world I would want Kris, Corey, or even Ted as my boyfriend. I loved muscular guys yet had
never had one as a boyfriend.

Seeing all the activities in the water I knew they were planning on trying a few of them. I asked Scott
what they were talking about and he said they were going to rent the yellow banana boat for us to ride
later on. I smiled and nodded, liking the idea, while watching more tourists come in. Seeing them made me
proud of myself, and all of us, since we weren’t overweight. There were a few very nice looking women,
but not that many guys, plus they were older than us. 

Corey returned with Matt’s towel. Scott gestured to me to follow him and grab my wallet. He signed that
the shop had some really cool items. Jeff, Matt and Sergio went with us. Once inside, I was looking
around and saw all kinds of cool things. We went to the swimwear section that really excited me. I had
just one suit with me so I began searching their selection, as did the others. I found a really nice blue
bikini and had to try it on. It was nice, but it really confined my junk. I returned and saw Matt
modeling his selection. I pointed and loved how it really showed off his big bulge. Through Scott, Matt
pointed to where he found that style. I searched until finding a different color and a slightly different
style. After I tried it on, it was mine, since it was great feeling and not confining. I stood staring in
the mirror until Jeff tapped me on the shoulder and gave me the thumbs up.  

Leaving, we headed to the bar to grab some drinks. Despite not yet being 21, I enjoyed being able to buy
here. I told Scott to buy me a beer and handed him some cash. The other ones bought some drinks before we
started walking back. As we did, I nearly came out of my skin when some lizard looking thing ran right in
front of me. Scott was probably laughing but it scared me to death. Sergio was bent over and picked one
up. It took a minute before I figured out it was an iguana. I shook my head and continued to my seat
while Sergio teased Kris and Ted with the iguana. 

Sitting there with a beer in my hand was great. The sun was beating down. Now the others had gotten up
and were getting something to drink as well, with more arriving to this nice beach. An older couple,
probably my grandparent’s age, were strolling hand in hand along the water before they decided to test

While watching them, the older man started looking around in a panic. My eyes combed for the woman but I
didn’t see her. I set my beer down and saw a flash in front of me before I started running to the water.
The flash was Shawn, racing into the water while I waded in as well. I turned and signaled with my arms
there could be trouble while inside trying to remain calm. Shawn dove into the water while I began
sensing a dire situation. The older man was trying to say something. I pointed to my ears to say I was
deaf. While doing so, Shawn emerged with the woman in his arms. I raced over and helped him carry her to
the edge. The man reached for her hand while I saw all my friends watching. While Shawn was carrying her,
the woman began moving and was frightened. I tried my best to help but Shawn was in full control. He
brought her to the edge and sat her down in the sand.  

The man reached over and gave her a big hug before hugging Shawn. The woman sat there a minute before she
staggered to her feet and hugged Shawn as well. All I could make out was thank you by both. Scott came
out to me and patted me on the shoulder while the man took his wife away. 

“I saw her go under and waited for a second. Then I saw the man looking around so I just ran like hell,”
Shawn said through Scott.

“Jordy saw it too,” Scott said.

“I was glad to see him in case I needed him,” Shawn said. “I was so happy when she came to. I was scare
shitless there for a minute.”

I got several pats on the shoulder and ass. It felt good helping someone, though really Shawn did
everything. The man came walking back and gathered us around. 

Scott began signing as the man talked. He first asked where we were from and what ship. We were on a
different one than he was. He then made a big mistake by offering to buy our drinks while we were here.
He said if not for Shawn it could have been a tragedy. 

“I think buying all of us drinks would break ya,” Shawn said. “I was just happy to help.”

“Me too,” I signed to Scott.

“How about two rounds then? But I am buying you and your friend,” the man said, pointing at me, “all you
want. How’s that?”

“Sir, you may regret that,” Aaron said.

I could see them smiling and knew they were laughing. I too was smiling and thinking the same thing. We
stayed out and decided to play a little in the water. It was easy to see what had happened since the
undertow was rather strong at the point where she went under. It was also nice and clear to make finding
her easier. Being so clear, the fish were easy to see and it was so amazing. 

We got out and took up the man’s offer for drinks. As always, I did my best to read lips when they were
talking, but sometimes I couldn’t move my head around quick enough to find who was talking next. Scott
was always there and kept me filled in the best he could, sometimes signing almost unconsciously and not
even looking at me but focusing on the guy who was speaking, which was cool. All that mattered to me was
that I was part of the group and not on the outside like some of my other deaf friends are. My deaf
friends tell me how lucky I am that everyone accepts me for being both deaf and gay since they invite me
to everything that is happening, like all the fun parties. 

Kris, Bruce and Corey left and headed to reserve our boat with Matt up taking as many pictures of us as
he could. With two beers in me, I grabbed my new suit to wear it a little and to use the restroom as
well. When I entered, I saw Ted and Myles using the urinals and took the one between them. It was a dream
to be sandwiched in between these two studs with their dicks out. Trying to focus was hard with my mind
thinking nasty thoughts about these two. All my nasty mind could think about was one dick in my ass and
the other in my mouth. I knew a few others had the same fantasy as well. 

After we washed our hands they patted me on the back.

“Good job,” Ted said slowly.

I replied thank you the best I could. I think they understood and then they left before I changed.
Putting on the new swimsuit made me feel so sexy. I had no qualms about wearing it or about what anyone
would think. All that mattered was that I liked it and liked how it made me look. 

After having something to eat, it seemed everyone was ready to enjoy the water and make the most of it.
Scott told me that we would take the second time around on the boat while we snorkeled. It sounded good
to me, especially since underwater I’m no different to anyone else. I had snorkeled a little before so I
knew what to do. It was funny watching the others trying to get the hang of it. Kris struggled the most,
so I did my best to help him out. Finally he got the hang of it. It was tough looking at the fish and
trying to see what the others were doing on the long yellow boat. When the boat pulled near the end, it
turned over and had the guys pointing and I’m sure laughing. 

Now came our turn to give it a try. It was our four and Kris’s four. We donned the life vests for safety
and began pulling away. I had to rely on my senses since I couldn’t see Scott and he needed his hands to
hang on anyway. The boat started bumping, with me hanging on. Matt poked me and showed me how to ride
without gripping so hard. I was just getting the hang of it before the driver made a hard right turn. It
sent all of us sailing across the blue ocean water. 

I barely went under and saw the guilty party of Kris and Colt, who were seated in the back. We climbed
back aboard and continued our ride. It was great bouncing along and trying to have as much fun as
possible. We were ready when the boat started nearing the end. It was only fitting we end up just like
the others had and in the water at the end. 

We swam the short distance and came out of the water.

“Did you like that?” Scott asked me.

“I fucking loved it,” I replied back to him. “Let’s do it again.”

“Too expensive and not enough time,” he signed.

“Okay,” I replied and headed in. The others were waiting on us to see how we liked it. I knew Kris
enjoyed it by his crazy use of his hands while telling the others.

I began walking to my chair and saw the older couple again. They signaled me over and again thanked me.
They stood talking to the others while I walked to get a towel. 

“They’re telling the guys how nice it is for them to bring you along,” Scott signed.

I smiled, “I know it is. I’m very thankful, but they’re just as lucky to have me here as well.”

Scott smiled and patted my shoulder. We took a seat and saw Sergio bring us drinks. The beer really hit
the spot while I stretched out to take in everything around me. The people gathered were very interesting
to me as they walked along the beach. Now I carefully watched just in case anyone else went under. I
finished my beer and headed to the water with Matt, Sergio and Jeff. We swam around and started splashing
each other. It was great, except when the salt got in my eyes.

We hung around with some of the others playing volleyball. I could have stayed here all day and night to
enjoy the great view. When it was time to leave, we headed out and met our driver as expected.

We were dropped off in the middle of this small town. It was just as I had pictured it, with lots of
shops, bars and restaurants for the tourists. After a few shops, some of the guys, like Ted, Myles, Cody,
Ethan, Bruce, Aaron and Colt headed to a restaurant to wait on us. It was great seeing all that was
offered for our American dollar. At the third stop, I bought souvenirs for myself and my family.  

As we were heading to another store, Scott elbowed me and pulled something from his pocket. My eyes lit
up seeing a small joint. I have to admit it is one of my big downfalls. I started smoking in high school
and found I loved the high. My smoking stopped until I meet Scott. Now we smoked, but not every night.
Scott made an excuse for us to leave the pack and find some isolated place to enjoy the Mexican delicacy. 

We found an alley a few blocks away. Scott had his lighter just in case we found some. He lit it up and
passed it to me. I took a big hit and let the strong drug fill my lungs. It hit the spot and was exactly
what I needed. We finished off the joint quickly before any trouble came our way. 

“Good shit,” I signed to Scott at the end.

“Fuck yeah it was. I’m glad I bought it.”

Functioning normally was rather easy when I was high. We walked around and knew we reeked of the drug. I
had no problem taking off my shirt and walking around until we located the others coming out of a shop.

“Damn, y’all are fucking stoned,” Kris said as Scott signed.

“Hell yeah,” I signed.

Kris shook his head and asked where we got it. Scott had asked around and found it without much problem.
They didn’t give us much shit since they knew we liked it. 

We headed in the restaurant and found the others sitting at a big table waiting on us. We grabbed a seat
before a cute guy came to take our order. Scott ordered another beer for me, but I knew it would be my
last one. Once we had our drinks, we ordered off the menu. 

After we finished up eating, a girl with big tits came around offering shots. Since there was time, Cody
wanted one. Scott said the girl asked him to lean back his head which he did. With her tits above his
head, the girl poured the liquor in his mouth. Cody swallowed and raised his head, shaking it. After the
straight guys saw that, it was one after another taking a shot. Bailey and Corey took them as well and
probably didn’t get the same thrill as the others. It was fun watching Ted do it, with his eyes getting
really big before she poured it down his throat. 

We finished up and headed out to wait on our ride to the pier. We stood around for about five minutes
while we were beginning to wonder what was going on. Kris suggested we start walking that way. It would
be hard with Bruce, Aaron and Ethan pretty drunk and Shawn and Colt not far behind. 

We started walking in our big group. Someone said we had 15 minutes before the ship left. “Run,” Scott
said to me. I hated running in my flip flops, but did as I was told. We started running with it hard on
some, but we made it thanks to Myles practically dragging Ethan to the ship.

We made it back with 5 minutes to spare and entered the ship. The crew didn’t look very happy since we
were late and some of us were drunk. It probably wasn’t the first time it had happened though. A few were
visibly upset that we were late but the main thing was that we had made it back before the ship left the

It was great to finally be in our room. While running with the guys I began to wonder if we would make it
back in time. My biggest fear was seeing the ship pull away with all of us standing on the pier, but that
didn’t happen. As soon as the door closed I came out of my clothes, as did the other three. 

Sergio pointed at me and I read his lips. “He’s getting fucking dark.”

I smiled, “You are too.”

“We all are except for Dillon,” Scott said while signing to me.

“Sorry, I’m not dark skinned like you three fuckers,” Dillon said. “I’m just happy I’m not red.”

Sergio sat on the bed with Dillon and his small cut cock hanging between his legs, “Jordy isn’t getting
the love he should be. If he’d been a little faster he’d be the big hero.”

“It’s okay. Shawn did great,” I signed.

“It wasn’t like Shawn was the only one to see her,” Dillon said with his arm around Sergio.

“She’s lucky someone did see her. A minute or two more and there could have been big danger for her,”
Scott said. 

“Still, they didn’t have to buy every fucking thing for Shawn,” Dillon said.

“I thought that was going overboard while they didn’t do shit for Jordy, here,” Scott said while I
watched and tried to take it all in, moving my head from one to the other, focusing on their lips.

“I guess we three could do something for him,” Sergio said and smiled with his lips curling up into a bit
of a devilish grin.

“What?” I asked.

“I bet you wouldn’t mind us three sucking your big, hot dick,” Sergio said. 

“Fuck no, I’d love it,” I signed.

Sergio looked at Dillon, who nodded, and then got up and walked over to me, pulling me forward. He kissed
me before dropping down in front of me. I looked over to see Dillon coming closer to check out what
Sergio was doing, while Scott made me stand and then moved behind me to run his hands over my back and
ass. Sergio pointed to my tan lines, which were great, and gave me the thumbs up before he ran his
fingers around the line at my hips, making me shiver slightly and moan. He took my uncut dick in his hand
and stroked it a few times, pulling the foreskin back so the head was exposed while looking up at me with
a smile on his face. I smiled back at him to show him I was happy about what was happening and then felt
his breath on my cock, which made it twitch and jump in his hand. He started licking under the foreskin,
circling his tongue around the head of my cock while one of his hands was cupping my low hanging nuts and
the tips of his fingers teased my taint. While Sergio was licking my dick, alternating between the head
and running his tongue up and down the shaft, I felt Scott begin kissing all over my ass. He knew that it
thrilled me so much to have my ass played with and was behind me starting to do so. Sergio licked up my
cock again and stuck the head of my dick in his wet mouth. He used his tongue so well on the tip of my
cock while Scott was parting my cheeks and blowing on my hole.

I motioned to Dillon to come over. I wanted his nice dick in my mouth and tried to make it clear but he
shook his head no. I was standing naked with Sergio working my dick like a real champ and Scott’s tongue
began finding my hole. My head was spinning like crazy thanks to all the beer, lingering effects of the
weed and two hotties servicing me. I started rocking by hips back and forth, sending my dick into
Sergio’s mouth and then pushing my ass back onto Scott’s tongue.

Dillon must have got impatient for what he really wanted because he moved Sergio aside so he could start
sucking my hard dick. He wasn’t as good as Sergio but was still keep me so damn hard. I could feel
Scott’s tongue flickering around my ass with chills going up my back.  

I leaned over a little to let Scott eat my ass while Dillon was underneath me sucking and licking my
dick. Sergio joined Dillon and the two started servicing my dick how I liked it. They each focused on a
different side of my cock and ran their tongues up and down it with their tongue meeting and battling
around my shaft.

I was so damn horny and loved every minute of this action. Scott stopped and moved so I could see him. He
asked, “Do you wanna fuck one of us?”

I nodded and pointed at Sergio. Sergio stood and kissed me. 

“Dillon is that okay?” Scott asked.

Dillon nodded, “I want to see Jordy fuck Sergio. It’ll be so hot.”

I could sense quickly that Scott wasn’t very happy with my decision by the distance that he put between
us. He had been all over me so far but now he wasn’t touching me. Whatever was wrong with him I was
determined to enjoy myself with Sergio. I had seen Dillon fuck Sergio every night and longed to do the
same. Now was my chance to be in Sergio’s hot ass. Scott handed me a condom but didn’t try to put it on
me, while Dillon lubed up Sergio’s ass, slipping his fingers inside it and fucking it gently before he
moved and lubed up my cock, stroking it longer than he needed to get me nice and slick to go up his
boyfriend’s ass.

With both of us ready I bent Sergio over the edge of the bed and moved behind him. I ran my hands up his
back and gave his ass a little slap. My dick was then at his hot hole and after brushing the tip against
his opening I pushed and slid inside of him. I felt him tense up a little and his ass squeezed my cock so
I didn’t push in hard to let him get used to it.

“Sergio says you have a big dick,” Scott signed when I looked up at him.

I waited to let Sergio adjust to having a different dick inside of him. I knew from personal experience
how different dicks, even those of a similar size, can feel so different once they’re up your ass. I
leaned over to kiss between his shoulder blades and run my hands up and down his back. I wanted him to
relax. After a few moments I felt Sergio’s hole relax and knew I could push a little deeper. I leaned
back up and watched my dick began to disappear inside of Sergio. Scott signed that Sergio was moaning so
I put my hands in the middle of his back and could feel the slight vibrations with each groan. I pushed
my dick in further and couldn’t go any deeper. I put my hands on Sergio’s hips and felt his ass twitch
around my cock. I pulled back and slowly began fucking his ass. It was gripping my dick so tightly while
my slow thrusts went inside of him.

“He wants fucked harder,” Scott signed.

I smiled and pushed harder but I slipped out on a backwards thrust. I grabbed some more lube to coat my
cock some more as Scott dropped to his knees and started to suck Dillon’s dick. I love sex as much as
anyone around, but I really didn’t want a steady boyfriend. While I was young, I wanted to experience all
types of guys and to enjoy sex with a variety of guys.

I kept fucking Sergio and was really getting into him when he pulled off my cock and pointed at the bed.
I got on it and lay down on my back. He motioned that he wanted to ride me. I smiled and gave him the
okay, holding my dick up so he could sit on it. It was so hot watching his ass start to go down on my
hard dick. He slowly took me back into him with his head thrown back. I reached up and put my hand on
this throat so I could feel his vocal chords trembling as he moaned. He sat down completely on my cock,
grinding his ass against my hips and then he started moving up and down, sending chills all over my body.
I slapped his ass and saw the pleasure written all over his face. He really must have been getting off
since his dick was rock hard, bouncing up and down on me and slapping against my abs. I leaned forward
and began playing with his nipples. I think he liked it while I saw Scott was still sucking on Dillon’s
dick, really going to work on it. 

Sergio slowed down so I took over and he steadied himself over me, staying in the same position so I
could grip his hips and fuck up into him. He was jacking his dick while I fucked him as hard as I could.
His head was going in every direction while my dick was going in and out of his ass.  

I saw and felt him tense up. He leaned back his head and his cum hit my chest with his ass clamped down
on my dick. He shot four or five hot shots before moving off my dick and lying down beside me. He kissed
me and threw off my used condom. He ran his hand down my body as we continued to kiss and his fingers
wrapped around my cock. It only took a few jerks before I came all over my chest. It was a great orgasm
that left me lifeless and had my head spinning. 

Sergio and I lay next to each other, caressing each other’s body, to watch Scott finish off Dillon.
Dillon blasted his load all over Scott’s tan face. Scott then stood up and started furiously jacking his
dick. Dillon pushed away Scott’s hand and dropped down to his knees, taking the throbbing dick in his
mouth to finish off Scott. Scott face-fucked Dillon while Sergio and I watched. I knew Scott was about to
cum by the expression on his face. Dillon pulled off and got a facial in return. Sergio jumped up, licked
Scott’s cum from Dillon’s face and then kissed Dillon sharing the cum with him.

“Very fucking hot,” I signed.

“I guess so,” Scott signed back to me, but he would barely look at me.

I moved over and got next to Scott on the couch, allowing Dillon and Sergio to have the bed.

“What’s your deal?” I signed.

“Nothing, bitch,” Scott signed before turning away from me.

I was confused by his actions so I got up and headed to the bathroom. When I returned, Scott was out on
the balcony. I headed that way and didn’t care that I was still naked. I opened the door and saw him
staring across the ocean.

“Why didn’t you pick me?” he asked when he noticed me.

“I wanted to fuck Sergio. We’re not a couple.”

“I know that, but you’ve wanted to fuck him since we got on here.”

“I have. He’s hot and someone I’ve never been with. Why are you mad?”

“I thought we had something going,” Scott replied and I could see a sad look on his face. I felt bad but
he knew where things stood with us.

“We talked about this so many times. We’ve even tried dating. But I told you I want to be free and enjoy
my life. I’m not like Matt and Corey. I respect them but it’s not what I want to do. I want to date
different guys. Fuck different guys. If I fall in love then things would change, but we’re not in love,
are we?” I signed.

“Fuck,” Scott signed. “You’re always right. I don’t blame you for not wanting to date me. I can’t stay
with one person very long anyway.”

“I know that and I’m the same way. I like the way we are now and don’t want to change that.”

“Okay. I think you enjoyed fucking Sergio.”

I smiled, “I did. He’s a great fuck.” I stood and kissed Scott. “I love all you do for me and I’m sorry
we can’t be a couple.”

“That’s okay. You’re right about us. Maybe tomorrow night we can do it again.” Scott said.

“I hope,” I replied.

“Now we know they’re in to fooling around, maybe I can get a piece of Sergio,” Scott smiled.

I laughed and then Scott did too. Things felt better between us so I was happy. We headed inside and saw
our two roomies napping in each other’s arms. We could not have picked two better roommates for us. I
didn’t know much about them before this cruise so it was nice getting to know them and seeing the love
they had. If you ask me they weren’t bi, especially after knowing how much Sergio loved me fucking him,
but then I’ve fucked a supposed straight guy who loved having my dick inside him.

A little later I found out that a decision had been made to eat at the buffet rather than at the formal
dining room since everyone didn’t feel like putting on pants. I didn’t see what the big deal was to dress
nicely and have a nice meal. It was something I always looked forward to. 

We met the others after choosing our food. Everything always looked great but I wasn’t that hungry after
eating a big meal at the restaurant. I was able to grab a few boiled shrimp and potatoes to eat. Scott
and I took a seat with Aaron and Bruce. They were nice and were very interested in what it was like
growing up deaf. I didn’t know any different since I was born deaf and mute. I’d been through a few
surgeries to repair my vocal chords but it didn’t help matters at all. I told them through Scott how my
school was small and how I’d tried regular school but found I enjoyed being with other deaf students
since we could relate to each other’s troubles. However, since coming to college I had really enjoyed it,
despite struggling my freshman year. 

Scott told me about their lives as well, getting into full translator mode where he didn’t even have to
think, he just signed everything as they were talking. They met last year and quickly hit it off as
friends, with Grady and Aaron becoming friends their freshman year. Their family was similar to mine in
that they were middle class, if not more so, since neither had to work while attending college. 

It was nice getting to know them more and even nicer that they didn’t even mention my sexuality. It would
have been okay if they had, but it showed they were interested in me as a person and nothing else. 

We finished up and started walking around the ship. We headed to the sports area to play some basketball.
I could shoot a little but was nowhere near as good as Scott or Sergio. It was mostly watching before
Matt, Corey, Jeff, Bailey and I went to the little putting course on board. It took me a second to get
the hang of it since I’d never had a golf club in my hand before.

We hung around the top together and were able to sit around as a group. It was nice just taking it easy
for a change. Tomorrow would be our last day so I wanted to make the best of it.


Some asked that the Point of View be Jordy.   I hope you enjoyed it as their spring break continues. 

Comments are always and appreciated.

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