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With Juan now at Colt’s 21st birthday party, it felt like the old group was back together. Before Myles
left to help his drunk jock buddies home, we grabbed him for another group picture of us.

It was the four of us, along with Scott, Juan, Jess, Bryson, Garrett, Brennan, Noah and Kendall closing
things down. We found some chairs and pulled them into a circle. Scott had shut down the music so it was
rather quiet in the room. Everyone who was still interested in drinking grabbed a cold one after they had
used the restroom. 

“I must have really missed one kick ass party,” Juan stated. “Hell, if it was half as good as Corey’s
then it was.”

“It was,” Scott said. “There were some really drunk people here.”

Colt lifted up his hand, “Then it was a fucking success!”

“Damn right it was,” Kendall stated. “Y’all know how to throw a party, but I knew that…”

“Then your ass should come around more, bro,” Kris said.

“Okay, now we wanna hear from the horse’s mouth exactly what happened between you two,” Noah said and
pointed at Kris and Colt with his beer. “Scott told us a little about it but we wanna hear it from you.”

“Fuck yeah dudes, I wanna hear it too,” Bryson said.

“Here it is then… I knew Kris was getting ballsy as fuck and was wanting to date a guy…” Colt said.

Kris interrupted. “I was, but I wasn’t sure how it would go.”

“Nobody did,” Corey said.

“Let me finish,” Colt said. “It was killing my ass, so… I broke up with Andrea.”

“Dude, you fucking broke up with her to be with a guy?” Bryson asked.

“I did, and I don’t regret it one bit. It’s been heaven,” Colt said.

“I’m happy for you,” Juan said. “You were always good friends, but I thought maybe you’d go for Matt,

“Really, Juan?” I asked.

“I thought so too,” Jess said.

“Guys, Corey would fucking die,” Brennan said.

“Maybe…” Corey said. 

“I love Kris, but Corey’s the one for me. For one, I couldn’t be like Scott and date a bi guy,” I said.

“It’s a challenge for both,” Scott said. “You don’t know when that pussy will appeal to you again.”

“You know all about that shit, don’t ya?” Jess asked glaring at Scott.

“Y’all don’t fight,” Juan said. “Hell, anyone who jumped me would never be a friend of mine, much less a

“We heard you and Jess dated…” Kendall said.

“We did, but I have too many responsibilities right now,” Jess said.

“You’re one brave guy, Jess,” Garrett spoke up.

“Are they any worse than we were, Jess?” Bryson asked.

“Well… some are for damn sure. I don’t recall that many of us sneaking girls in and out,” Jess replied.
“You thought we drank… Hell, you saw Colt’s brother and his friends, and they’re some of the calmer

“Damn!” Colt said. “I pity you.”

“He loves it,” Scott said. 

“We snuck in girls, or at least I did,” Juan said. “I did some crazy shit before I settled down.”

“Like what, bro?” Kris said.

“I skull fucked this one hot little girl in the bathroom one day between classes,” Juan said. “I really
didn’t even know her but she wanted me. She took my ass to the bathroom and wanted it.”

We laughed. “You gave it to her, huh?” Colt asked.

“Fuck yeah I did,” Juan said and stood. “Anyone ready for another one?”

“Ummm… one more and I’m finished,” Noah said.

“Bring me one, too,” Bryson said. “Hell, this could take a while.”

Kris ran off to the bathroom while Juan grabbed some beers. Kris returned and turned his chair around,
along with flinging his shirt off. It was a small miracle it had stayed on this long. Juan passed out the
beers and took his seat.

“Not many left,” Juan commented.

“Damn,” Colt said. “Bryson, do you regret leaving us?”

“Ummm… times like this I do, then I remember having to study…” Bryson said and laughed. 

“Bro, what are you doing now?”

“Oh, I’m going after my plumber’s license,” Bryson replied. 

Juan laughed, “Your little ass will fit in those tight spots.”

“Not if I keep drinking like this. I’m amazed y’all stay so fit.”

“We wanna see that plumber’s crack,” Scott said.

“Fine,” Bryson said. He turned around and pushed down his jeans just a little before bending over. We
laughed. “See I’m perfect for it.”

“Damn right you are,” Brennan said laughing.

“So, how the hell do y’all manage to stay so fit?” Kendall asked.

“Same as always,” I replied.

“We really don’t drink all that much,” Colt said.

“Bullshit, right there,” Jess said.

“No bro, I can’t think of even having one during the week,” Kris said.

Corey picked up, “Kris is right. I don’t recall one of us having one during the week.”

“Corey, you’ve barely drank tonight, or have I missed it,” Noah commented.

“I haven’t. I’m taking a break. The last two weekends nearly did my ass in,” Corey stated.

“Noah, what do y’all do?” I asked.

“Well, we both have girlfriends at the moment…” Noah said. “We’ve made a few friends but nothing like
y’all. We kick it and party a little.”

“I don’t know how much longer I’ll have a girlfriend for,” Kendall added. 

“She’s not putting out?” Bryson asked.

“She is, but we’ve hit the skids you might say. I’m fucking bored with her and her nagging ways,” Kendall

“Be married,” Juan said.

“Dude, you love it,” Scott said.

“I do, but women know how to nag like no other,” Juan said. If it ain’t doing something with Britney then
she’s on my ass about how nasty I am.”

“Dude, I wanna see a picture of her. I don’t know if I ever have,” Garrett spoke up.

Juan reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone. He messed with it and passed it to Garrett. “That’s
my world right there.”

“She should be,” Brennan said, looking over Garrett’s shoulder before Garrett passed it around.

“Bro, you of all of us are the only one that could handle that shit,” Kris said. “I’m proud of you.”

“Me too,” I said. “It’s easy to make a kid and just leave.”

“I know all about that,” Corey said. “I’d bet good money Colt would have been next.”

“My money is on Bryson. Wanna bet?” Colt laughed.

“It could be,” Bryson said. “Don’t go betting my ass.”

“That’s for sure,” Garrett said.

“Are you still gambling?” Kendall asked.

“I’m breathing ain’t I?” Bryson laughed. “The damn Giants better fucking cover next weekend at the Super

“Don’t bet on it,” Noah said. “Wait… you already have I take it?”

“I have,” Bryson said and headed off towards the bathroom. It gave us a chance to stand for a minute and
finish off what was left of the food. There wasn’t much but there was enough to tide us over.

Back with everyone gathered around, we talked and relived all the fun times we had together. The sound of
laughter filled the room until it was time to leave. It was nearing 3 in the morning when we left the
room. Juan said he was sober enough to drive after only having 2 beers. We told him to be careful but he
said he knew what he was doing and would roll the windows down on the car and take it slowly since it was
too far to walk.

Once in our place, Colt kissed Kris with lots of passion before giving me and Corey a great kiss. “You
three are the fucking best ever in my book. The party was great, but I really enjoyed the end,” Colt

“I agree,” I said. “I think some don’t know what they’re missing until it’s gone.”

“Bro, you’re right there, but we have some of the best friends ever that money didn’t buy,” Kris said.

We said good night and headed to our room. I fell on the bed. “Whew, just one more to go thank goodness!”

“I know. It’s so tiresome,” Corey said before joining me. 

I stripped out of my clothes, as did Corey, before we met in bed. We kissed. “I’m exhausted,” I said.

“Good, I am too, but I’m sober,” Corey said.

“Is there any reason why you are?”

“As I said earlier, two weekends in a row of being wasted is plenty. I know next weekend we won’t be
either, but then comes Kris’s party,” Corey replied.

“Yeah, but his birthday falls on a Monday so maybe it won’t be that bad,” I said.

“Who are you kidding? I have a strong feeling there won’t be many going to class that Tuesday, which is
Valentine’s Day,” Corey said.

“You’re right,” I said and kissed him again as my way of saying I was going to sleep. 

Sunday, I awoke about 10 and knew the room needed to be put back together. To my surprise, Corey woke
just as I was coming out of the bathroom. He said we’d get the room cleaned so we could stay in the good
graces of the complex. I sent Scott a text to see if he wanted to join us, though I let him know it
wasn’t necessary. He said he would help us to make things go faster.

We arrived at the room and surveyed the damage. It wasn’t much since we did pick up the trash while we
were talking.

“Dudes, last night was pretty bad ass,” Scott stated while we were sweeping. “I think Colt really enjoyed

“I think so too,” Corey said. “So how was it seeing Jess again?”

“You’re talking to Scott, remember?” I laughed.

“It was okay I guess, since it was the first time I’d seen him. I still really like… well, love him, but
for us dating isn’t on the cards right now,” Scott replied. “You know he really takes being an RA very
seriously. He loves it more than I really thought he would.”

“It takes a special person to do that,” Corey said. “I’m glad there are those that wanna do it. I don’t
know if I could take the shit that comes along with it.”

“Corey, you could,” Scott stated. “You can control your temper pretty well. I don’t know if I’ve seen you
lose it that often.”

“He can,” I stated.

After an hour, if not shorter, we stood back and looked at the room. Everything was back in order and was
ready for the next group that chose to use it. It didn’t seem like the other residents cared or were that
social to use it though. It’s a shame, since it is a nice big open space.

We walked out and passed the covered pool. I longed for when it would reopen and we would get to enjoy
being lazy next to it. So far our winter wasn’t harsh at all, with no wintery precipitation, but we still
had about 6 weeks left before spring started budding up.

Corey and I came back and found Kris and Colt sitting on the couch naked having a bowl of cereal. We
announced the room was clean before I grabbed a snack. 

“Thank goodness, just one more party,” Corey said.

“The best is always last,” Kris said with his mouth full.

“I agree with Corey,” I said. “For one, it’s about to break all of us around here.”

“Fuck yeah it is,” Colt said.

“I know that’s right,” Kris said. “I think we really need to watch our dollars over the next few weeks. I
was looking in the cabinets and noticed we’ve got shit we need to eat before buying more.”

“Ummm… you’re right,” I said. “I guess I’m to blame there.”

“Maybe, but we’re in this together,” Corey stated.

“From now on, I think we should make a list and only buy what is completely necessary. Matt, I trust you
can stick to that list?” Kris said.

“I will. I’m in total agreement. Not that we don’t love the parties, but damn it’s expensive. I was
thankful Scott helped out with the booze yesterday…” I said.

“I need to thank him then. I hate to say it but I noticed nothing was from him,” Colt said. “It didn’t
matter, but it did make me wonder a little.”

“I know one way we can cut costs around here,” Corey said.

“What’s that bro?” Kris asked.

“We can stop eating out and buying so much beer,” Corey replied. “We buy the cheapest shit out there, but

“And we make the others bring their own. We’ve kinda been lax on that lately,” Colt said. “We could stand
to cut back. Do we really need a 24 pack every weekend?”

“I agree,” I said and sat next to Corey. “We can still drink with all the booze y’all have been given for
your birthdays. We don’t need to get completely crazy ass drunk every night of the weekend. I will say we
don’t drink that much during the week.”

“Bro, we’re too damn busy,” Kris stated.

We rehashed the party for a while before Colt said, “I need to talk to Chase. That fucker and his little
buddies got too crazy last night.”

Kris grabbed Colt’s leg, “Bro, we were the exact same way, if not worse if you remember. I know he’s your
brother, but damn he was just having fun like we did when we were freshmen.”

“Kris, are you okay over there?” I asked.

“My head hurts a little but yeah,” Kris replied.

“I was wondering where that sudden burst of brilliance came from. I was thinking the same exact thing and
actually commented last night how they were you two,” I said.

“Still… They were acting like damn fools,” Colt stated.

“So was everyone else,” Corey said. “I agree with Kris. I wouldn’t say much unless it gets out of hand. I
too remember a bunch of guys as freshman that were just as bad.”

“I’m shutting the fuck up since I see it’s 3 to 1 on this shit,” Colt said in disgust.

“Bro, go ahead and call them out if you think it’s that bad,” Kris said.

We sat around a little longer. Kris and Colt did state they were coming to the wedding this upcoming
weekend, if nothing else to see my reaction. In my head it was a done deal and I was going to be happy
for Mom, who dearly deserved a good man.

Eventually we were up and moving after Bruce sent Kris a text message wanting to go to the Rec Center.
That was all that was needed to get Kris going this Sunday.

That night, I threw together a meal using what we had in the fridge. It wasn’t fancy but it did satisfy
our need for food after a gruelling workout. Kris and even Corey seemed fuelled whenever they had others
along. Kris’s deal was to impress, even though Bruce and Dillon knew his prowess around weights. They did
seize the opportunity to shoot a few baskets with a game coming up on Tuesday night.

Our normal Sunday night was cancelled due to the fact it was pouring rain out. It gave me a good excuse
to hit the books and be prepared for the week, as it did the other three. So far this semester, all four
of us had buckled down and were spending our free time with our nose in our books.

Corey and I retired to our room and shut the door. We lay next to each other.

“The weekends just fly by,” Corey stated.

“They do, and they don’t ever seem to last as long as they should, but we are so busy.”

“We are, but we make good use of them,” he said. “I need to pay you for my part in everything.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Tomorrow’s a big day.”

“I guess so.”

He smiled, “My glasses and contacts are ready. They called me Friday.”

I sat up. “I can’t wait to see how you look in glasses.”

“I picked out the best that were within reason. I wanted to surprise you.”

I kissed him, “I like surprises.”

“I’ll send you a picture just as soon as I get them tomorrow. I want your honest opinion.”

“You’ll get it, but you know I’ll love them,” I said and felt his hand on my stomach. It was a soft touch
and one only he could deliver. 

“Are you getting excited about next weekend?” he asked rubbing my abs.

“As excited as I can get. It signals a totally new beginning for mom and me, but it was bound to happen.”

“At least your mom is a good one,” he said, moving his hand to my pecs while my hand was on his rounded

I leaned over and wrapped my arms around his neck before extending my tongue for a wet kiss. While we
were swapping tongue, his hand travelled down my torso to play with my cock. He used his strength and
pulled me on top of him while we were lip locked. I stopped and used my tongue to swirl around in each
ear. He squirmed a little before I started gently kissing his veiny neck. He pulled me back up and kissed
me while cupping my ass in his strong hands.

“My favorite time of day is when we’re like this and showing our lover such great attention,” Corey said.

“Mine too, but it is so fucking easy to do since you are just too irresistible for me. I’m so lucky to
call you my boyfriend, and better yet, one of my best friends.”

“Damn, I’m just as lucky. Now get hard and stick that big hot dick of yours in my ass and fuck me. My
plan starting out wasn’t to get fucked but I’m so horny now I need you in me.”

My mouth went down and had to suck his cock before I fucked him. He was primed and ready since I fingered
his ass while blowing his thick cock. He had the lube ready and handed it to me. I lubed us up and was
ready to be inside of him. With a pillow and towel under him, my cock pushed and entered his ass as he
was on his back and his legs on my shoulders. 

“OOO fuck yeah!” he screamed with the look of pure joy on his face.

Our hands clasped together and we linked our fingers together while my hard, slick cock slid into his
warm inviting ass. It was still such a thrill and was so exciting each time we had intercourse. My hips
moved slowly while he moaned softly with pleasure. I pushed his legs forward and kissed him while gently
fucking him. My feelings towards him were so strong each time we made love. We were a bunch of sex crazed
college boys, but it did have meaning rather than just being some hook-up.

After a nice long fuck, we lay there together and held each other tightly. Corey drifted off to sleep
just before I did to end our weekend.

My eyes opened and looked at my phone. Panic struck me seeing I had fifteen to get out of bed and to
class. I raced to the bathroom and did what I could with my hair before throwing on some clothes and
shoes. I was out the door in the frigid late January weather with little time to spare. My feet were
moving fast until I reached my building. I entered my Business Law class and was relieved to be there.
After assessing the situation, I was lucky to have opened my eyes when I did. Not that missing a class is
the worst thing ever but I’d felt guilty. 

After getting something to eat for my growling stomach, I headed up to work a little while. As I entered
Mr Jackson’s office, he was deep in thought while looking at his computer. 

“Oh, hey Matt, how was your weekend?” he asked.

“Very good,” I replied.

“How’d your party go?” he asked since I told him during the week about it.

I laughed, “It was a college party, sir.”

“I see… with lots of alcohol consumed,” he smiled.

“You could say that. How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?”

“Ummm…” he said. I could tell by his tone maybe something didn’t go so well.

“It’s cool if you don’t wanna tell me. I was just…”

“It’s not that,” he cut me off. “Kevin is transferring, thus I’m… errr… leaving at the end of the

I took a seat after hearing the news. “Is it a good thing or bad thing? You don’t sound like it was
really good news.”

Mr Jackson put his reading glasses on his head, “Matt, it was a rough weekend for me. I love Kevin so
much and know he is so perfect for me. At first, I really considered it the end of our relationship then
he reminded me that he moved here five years ago on account of my job here. We were really getting
settled in the community and our house was just getting perfect. I had a tough time accepting it, but I
can get a job at another college despite how much I enjoy it here.”

“I see. Man, personally I hate to hear it, but I can find work elsewhere,” I stated.

“I know you will. It really tested me and my love for him. In the end, you see what won out.”

I smiled, “Your love.”

“It did. You and Corey may encounter that one day in the future. I hope love wins out for you two as

“Me too, but it must be hard to choose between your career and your partner.”

“Matt, once I was able to think about it, it was an easy decision. We’re moving to the central part of
the state…” he said and told me the area where Kevin had been transferred to.

“Look on the bright side of it, Mr Jackson. You’ll be close to the nude beach we love,” I said.

He chuckled, “Yes, I will. I haven’t even thought of that aspect of it. It will make the move easier if I
can keep that in mind.”

“It will,” I said.

“Matt, are you a nudist or do you just like that beach?” he asked.

“I guess I’m a nudist, but not full time. My roommates and I do enjoy it when we get the chance.”

He smiled, “I need to stop by unannounced someday… wait, that was highly inappropriate with all the shit
going on about that football coach. The last thing I want to do…”

“Sir, I know you were just kidding. It is a crying shame all the crap that has been going on. Do you feel
like now we gays will be looked at differently?”

He rubbed his chin, “Not you, but someone of my age will be that much more. There is the perception in
society that older gay men are pedophiles and this Penn State ordeal gives them another reason to think
so. I don’t think it should affect you younger ones.”

“I hope not, but I can see your point,” I said. “I guess I better get started. You are leaving at the end
and not anytime soon, right?”

“Of course,” he replied. “There’s plenty to keep you occupied as long as you want today. However, there
may not be as things wind down.”

“That’s fine by me. Sir, I will miss working for you,” I said.

“I will miss you as well, Matt, but I know you will be a success in whatever comes your way in life.”

I smiled and walked over to begin. He was correct in saying I had plenty to occupy my time. It seemed he
had piled on the homework over the past few days with all of it coming in at the same time. 

While I was walking to my next class, I got a message from Corey. I opened it up and saw a picture of him
in his new glasses. I smiled and did like the look of them on him. He’d done a fantastic job of choosing
a style that looked hot. I couldn’t wait to see them on him in person.


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