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Just as soon as I sat down back after dropping Corey, Kris and Colt off at Todd’s house to play cards
and basically drink, I got a text from Shawn asking if I was around. I said I was so he asked if I
could meet him outside. I said I was alone and would leave the door open for him.

Shawn politely knocked before entering with his girlfriend, Heather, behind him.

“First off, Happy Birthday!” I said.

Shawn smiled, “Thanks. I’m not like y’all and don’t make a big deal about it.”

“I barely knew myself,” Heather stated.

“Anyway,” Shawn said and reached in his pocket. He pulled out the cash I had just loaned him. “Mom
sent me some money so I wanted to pay you back ASAP.”

“Thanks,” I said and took 2 twenties to hand back to him. “Here, have this as our present. You can
treat Heather to a nice meal.”

Heather laughed, “I’m treating him tonight.”

“I’ll save it for later. Thanks a million!” Shawn said.

“Y’all have fun,” I said and waved goodbye to them. 

About ten minutes later there was another knock at the door. I yelled that it was open. Sergio and
Dillon came walking inside. 

“Wassup?” Sergio asked.

“Not much,” I replied.

“Hey, where’s everybody at?” Dillon asked, taking a seat on the couch with Sergio.

“They’re over playing poker at one of Ted’s buddies from the team place,” I replied.

“You’re not with them?” Sergio asked.

“Nah, I wasn’t in the mood tonight, plus it allows Corey some time with them where he’s not worrying
about me,” I replied.

“Damn, that’s fucking nice of you,” Dillon stated. 

I shrugged, “Corey and I have been together constantly for the past month. I love him to bits but
sometimes you just need some time apart.”

“Dillon, I hope we’re going as strong as those two are in two years,” Sergio commented.

“Me too. I don’t see how you do it, Matt,” Dillon said.

“Now it’s not too hard…” I said.

“Do you wish you’d hooked up with Kris instead?” Sergio asked me.

“No, not hardly. Kris and I work well as best friends…” I said.

“Still, you could have been lovers,” Dillon said.

“I know, but I fell in love with Corey and don’t regret it one bit,” I said. “Say, do y’all want
something to drink?”

“I’m breathing, aren’t I?” Dillon replied.

I stood and headed over to grab them some beer. I grabbed some water and returned. 

“Aren’t you drinking with us?” Sergio asked.

“Not tonight. I’m their driver tonight,” I replied.

“Fuck dude, you are way too nice,” Dillon said.

I smiled, “It beats one of them getting a ticket.”

We sat chatting with the TV on. Dillon seemed to have a rough semester ahead of him as he made strides
to becoming an attorney. It was nice talking about our semester ahead.

“Ummm… I hate to ask this or seem like we’re barging in on you guys, but would you guys mind if Sergio
and I went with you on your cruise? It sounds like it could be a lot of fun,” Dillon asked.

“I don’t see why not. You’re more than welcome to come. I hope you can get a room though,” I replied.

“I hope so too,” Sergio said. “It’d be fucking hot to see you four in bikinis.”

I smiled, “It’d be just as hot seeing you two in them…”

Sergio laughed, “You may be waiting there, homey. I don’t see my ass in one.”

“Me either. Man, I bet Scott and Jordy are smoking ass hot in one,” Dillon stated.

“Errr… they are. They have the perfect body types for them. Also, they don’t mind being seen in one
either,” I stated.

“I bet you don’t either, Matt,” Sergio said.

“Well, I’m not quite as forward as they are, but I do enjoy wearing them,” I said.

“You should,” Dillon stated. “So you don’t think anyone will mind if we go?”

“No, not at all,” I replied.

I was able to use my iPad and showed them which cruise we were booked on. I emailed them the
information so they would have it later. As I was doing so, Scott and Cody came knocking. If I had any
reservations about being alone those were now gone. Naturally they wondered where my three roomies
were so I had to tell them.

“Hey guys, I think Sergio and I are going with you on the cruise,” Dillon stated.

“Man, that’s awesome,” Cody said. “They won’t know what hit them after we’ve been there.”

“Ain’t that the truth?” Scott added.

“It’ll be a blast though,” Cody said. “I know Ethan excited about it.”

“Hell, we all are,” Scott said.

“Matt, do you care if I have one?” Cody asked, pointing to a beer.

“I don’t. There’s plenty in there,” I replied.

“Scott?” Cody asked after standing. 

“I’m good,” Scott replied.

It was a nice change with us talking and then engaging in some heated games. It really helped pass the
time with them being there and with us gaming a little.  

About midnight they were gone and left me wondering when I’d get the call. Twenty minutes later I grew
tired and called Corey. I could barely hear him but he got the message I was on my way.

I arrived at Todd’s and headed to the door. I could hear music playing when I got out. I knocked on
the door and was greeted by Ted. He gave me five.

“Fuckers, your ride is here!” Ted yelled. “Man, we missed you.”

“The fuck we did,” Todd said. “Someone else won instead.”

I saw Corey staggering towards me. He put his arm around me while Colt and Kris were about in the same

“Later, asswipes!” Colt said and waved.

I rolled my eyes and knew it would be a fun ride home. 

“Baby, you’re the best,” Corey slurred.

“Well, I can see you had a good time tonight,” I said.

“We all did, but we lost our ass, bro,” Kris said.

“Ain’t Matt just the cutest thing ever?” Corey said. Now I was really seeing a very drunk Corey. 

Colt grabbed me and kissed me. “He is.”

“Damn, y’all are wasted!” I said and opened the door.

“That was our full intention,” Colt said.

“Damn, I need to piss,” Kris said loudly.

“Ummm… not here,” I said and pushed him in the back seat.

“You better drive fast motherfucker or else I’m pissing all in this car,” Kris said.

“You do and your drunken ass is licking it up,” I said.

I got in and headed towards our apartments. Corey found some country music where they could sing. It
was the worst singing you’ve ever heard in your life, but they didn’t care. 

“Hurry the fuck up!” Kris said.

“I am and will be there in five minutes,” I said. “Just hold it.”

I made it back. Kris stepped out of the car and just began pissing. I shook my head and ushered them
inside before anyone saw us. 

Corey headed straight for our bedroom while I helped Colt. He went to his bathroom and was soon
throwing up. Now I began wondering just how much these three had in their systems. Kris was stretched
out on the couch and about to pass out. 

“Bro, we had the best time ever. Corey got fucking plastered!” Kris said.

“He wasn’t the only one,” I laughed. “Come on, I’ll help you get to bed.”

“I’m good, bro,” Kris said. He stood and grabbed the end of the couch. I went over and helped him to
his room with Colt coming out of the bathroom. Colt staggered to the bed and lay down before I could
get Kris there. I threw Kris down the best I could and shut their door.

I went across, turned out the lights and locked the door before going into my bedroom. Corey was
passed out on top of our bed fully clothed. I shook him and got him awake long enough to get him
undressed and in bed. After I undressed I got in bed and held him. The light was barely off before he
was snoring.

I was up early the next morning, around 8. I knew the other 3 would be sleeping in and would be
hanging when they woke up.  

Corey was first up and came to where I was watching TV and messing with my iPad. He sat next to me,
threw his big arm over my bare shoulder and kissed me. 

“I feel like shit this morning, but it was well worth it,” he said. “I appreciate you letting me go…”

“I didn’t let you go. You wanted to go and I didn’t. I don’t ever want you feeling like I’m holding
you back from doing what you want. I had a fun night too hanging here with Scott, Cody, Sergio and
Dillon. I’m really glad you had fun.”

“You talk about some drinking…”

“That was obvious.”

“Yeah, but keeping up with them…” Corey said and shook his messy hair. “You know how macho straight
guys have to be and how they try to outdo each other.”

“I do. You showed them a gay guy could do it as well…”

“No, I was right there with them as a guy and not a gay guy.”

“I’m sure the competitive spirit came out in all of you.”

“Hell yes it did. Again thanks. I know it was a sacrifice for you.”

“One more time, I didn’t mind at all.”

Soon two very rough looking guys appeared from Kris’s bedroom. Kris stretched out his body and
screamed, “Fuck!”

“Damn, not so loud,” Colt said.

“Matt, how did we even get home last night?” Kris asked, still dressed in his clothes from the night

“I picked 3 drunk guys up from Todd’s,” I replied.

“Oh yeah,” Kris said. “Corey, do you feel like pure shit today?”

“Boy do I ever, but tell me it was worth it,” Corey replied.

“Fuck yeah, but I’m feeling it today,” Colt stated.

Kris threw his arm around Colt, “That’ll be lightweight compared to next weekend.” He pulled Colt’s
face and around to kiss him. 

It was going to be a very lazy day with them trying to get over their previous night.

As Kris and Colt were watching a football game, we heard a knock. Kris was now naked, as we all were
after they had showered. He walked to the door and opened it without a care. Bruce and Aaron were
standing there and started laughing.

“Dude, what the fuck?” Aaron asked.

“It’s a lazy day. We’re nudist,” Kris replied.

“Ummm… okay then,” Bruce said. He walked over and grabbed Corey’s shoulder. “You tore it up last

Corey turned his head, “I wasn’t alone.”

“Ted is the baddest motherfucker around…” Aaron said. “I don’t know if I can handle this.”

“In a few minutes it won’t be a thing, bro,” Kris said. “We enjoy the freedom. You’re more than
welcome to join us.”

“I don’t think so,” Bruce laughed. “Now Grady would have been naked in a heartbeat. He’s our nudist.”

I stood seeing they were interested in the game and wanted to watch it. I allowed them to grab my
place. They tried not to look at us and seemed very uneasy by us. “You know the least we could do is
put on shorts,” I said to my three roomies.

“This is your place, dude,” Aaron said. “You’re free to do whatever you want.”

“I’m good now the shock has worn off,” Bruce laughed. “Matt, we heard you’re the king at Texas Hold

“Bro, he’s fucking awesome. Ted was sure relieved when I said Matt wasn’t up for coming. He’d ended up
with all of our cash,” Kris said.

“He can tell people’s bluffs,” Corey added.

“Damn, I needed your ass there with me last night. Colt got me fucking twice last night,” Aaron said.

“I wasn’t in the mood last night to take everyone’s money,” I said and left the room. I returned with
some laundry that needed to be done.

As I was sitting behind and just listening to the chatter about the game, Kris spoke up, “Say bros,
after the game, why don’t we go to the Rec Center and practice? We do have a game Thursday.”

Aaron laughed, “That’s what we came to ask.”

“I’ll send out some texts and tell everyone to meet about 7,” Kris stated.

Around that time we dressed and headed over. I wasn’t going to play but had text Shawn earlier to see
if he cared to join me and work out. He said he did and was meeting me there.

The guys were off to the courts while I entered the weight room. After a quick scan it was evident
Shawn wasn't there. He came strolling in with his face unshaven in a sleeveless tee. We decided to do
leg work today, which wasn’t my favorite part.

“How was your date?” I asked.

Shawn smiled, “Very good actually. I ate like a pig. Hey, thanks for spotting me that cash like you
did. It really got me out of a quick bind.”

“No problem,” I said. “I can see where everything hit at once.”

“You’re telling me. It was like every bill I owed was due at the same time,” he said doing his leg

“Heather seems like a really nice girl.”

“She is very nice, almost too nice for me. I have yet to figure out what she sees in me.”

I laughed, “You’re a good guy, Shawn.”

“A fucking drunk more like it.”

“Well, no worse than anyone else. I have some roomies that might join you there,” I said.

“We do like to drink and have a good time. I know I sure do,” Shawn said.

A guy next to Shawn said, “We’re in college, right? Party like hell then come here to work it off.”

We finished our workout with our legs aching. We walked over and found the guys playing basketball.
They were playing against Tabor, Chase and some more guys. The only problem was it was hard to tell
who was on which team with no one wearing a shirt. 

Shawn and I stood against the wall while drinking some water. 

“Our guys don’t look that bad,” Shawn commented.

“I don’t guess so.”

“Look at Garrett. His ass is so out of shape,” Shawn commented with Garrett bent over at the waist.

“He will after he plays a few games, they are just running up and down the court,” I said.

After watching for about twenty or so minutes more, the guys threw up their hands and said they’d had
enough. It was nice to see them thanking Chase, Tabor and those guys for playing against them. We were
greeted by nothing but smelly, sweaty guys.

We headed across to the locker room to take a shower. It was my first glimpse at Grady’s big dark
cock. It was bigger than mine and looked very nice. Showering was actually fun with some light hearted
joking about their play earlier. We came out and started getting dressed when Chase and his team
entered. The guys joked with them while they got undressed. It’s amazing how just a semester ago they
were a little nervous about bearing it all and now were freely doing so. I must say Chase was easy on
my eyes with his nice lean body, nice cock and cute trail of hair from his flat stomach to his bushy
cock. All those guys shouldn’t have any problems getting girls since they were all so cute.

We headed to Kris’s ride and started back to the apartments.

“Colt, we haven’t seen or heard from Chase and those guys in a while,” Corey said.

“I know. Chase is dating this sophomore. I think he’s been getting him some older pussy since he
didn’t come back last night by what I heard Tabor and Deer saying,” Colt replied.

“Bro, can you blame her? Chase is pretty damn hot,” Kris stated, driving.

“Dude, he’s my brother,” Colt said.

“You and Kris were steady on the hunt when you were freshman,” Corey stated.

Colt laughed, “We were. I have to tell myself that all the time.”

“I remember very well you and Kris being so proud of each other when you got laid,” I said.

“I remember how pissed you got the time I left a big cum stain in your bed after fucking the shit of
that bitch, Monica,” Colt laughed.

“I sure was,” I laughed.

We made it back and ran inside with the temperature very cold. After eating something we separated to
study for a little while. Kris’s goal was to get a 3.0 after falling just short the semester before,
whereas Corey had a 3.25 and Colt had a 3.0. 

About 11 we adjourned in the living room to finish off our time together. Once Corey threw up his arms
to stretch and yawned I knew our night was over. 

We entered our bedroom and kissed. He threw off his shorts and underwear and crawled into bed. I did
the same and snuggled up next to him.

“I’m sorry but I’m so tired. Between playing basketball and being hung over, I’m worn out,” he said.

“I understand,” I said. “We really don’t need to have sex to show our love to each other. I feel it
just by how you’re holding me.”

“I just know how you are and how much you love sex.”

“I do, but it wasn’t me that shoved my dick in your ass after we woke Friday night,” I said.

We kissed and said I love you to each other. In a matter of minutes I was out.

After my first class that was at eight, I headed over to Mr Jackson’s office earlier than normal. My
hope was he’d allow me to come in early some days, but then again he could be teaching a class.
Nearing his office I could see he was there. I knocked politely since I wasn’t expected.

“Matt, what are you doing here?” he asked.

“I was finished and thought maybe I could get an early start,” I replied.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. However, I do have an eleven and twelve o’clock class. I suppose you
could be here if I wasn’t if you had the work to do.”

“Man, I really appreciate that. I’ve been meaning to mention it earlier since my classes are at such
odd times.”

He smiled, “That happens now once you get past the required classes. I have a few things that are
waiting on you. As always, if you have a question you can just leave it for me.”

“Yes sir. By the way, Corey and I used that gift card you gave us.”

“Wonderful. I hope you enjoyed the meal. Kevin and I just love it.”

“We did. Another thing while it’s on my mind, do you have any like freebie stuff… you know like
pencils, pens and stuff like that?”

Mr Jackson looked at me funny, “I do.”

“It’s a joke we’re gonna play on my roommate for his birthday this weekend. You see, he gave us shirts
for Christmas that we know he just grabbed.”

“I see,” Mr Jackson said. “Tell you what. I know of a few things that would fit the bill. Let me run
see if they still have them.”

“Great,” I said and headed over to my small desk area. I saw he had homework that was screaming for my
attention. Mr Jackson left me alone while I started in grading them by his master.

He returned with a coffee cup, water bottle and small bag, all with our school’s logo imprinted on
them. He set them down. “Here you go.”

“Wow! Thanks! Those will be so perfect,” I said.

He laughed and returned to his desk. Barely starting, I came across a paper that really had me
baffled. I looked at it and nothing matched at all. I headed over and presented it to him to look at. 

“Ummm… I think someone got over by a few lines,” Mr Jackson stated and began looking on his computer
through his reading glasses. “She’s in my noon class so I’ll see if she can correct it.”

I returned and continued. Mr Jackson and I chatted lightly while I graded papers. I did tell him about
my mom’s wedding since he’d heard me talk about her engagement. He offered up a little bit of info on
his personal life with his partner as well. 

I finished up shortly after he had left for his first class. I appreciated the trust he had given me.
I locked his door and headed back to my apartment.

Just after I returned, Corey came in the door with a sandwich. He walked over and kissed me. While
doing so, he freely ran his hand down my jeans. It excited me so that he did that and found what he
was looking for. 

I pulled back a little, “You devil, you.”

“Guilty as charged. I didn’t think you’d really care.”

“I didn’t at all,” I said and kissed him. Two could play this game with my hand running down his jeans
and into his underwear.

“Damn Matt, did I start something here?”

“Maybe, but are you willing to finish it?”

“This sandwich can wait! Fuck yeah, I wanna finish this!”

He took my hand and ushered me into our bedroom just in case Kris and Colt cut class or got out early.
He slammed the door and locked it. He approached me with that look glaring from his blue eyes. He
kissed me again while unbuttoning my jeans, never breaking the contact with my lips. He smiled seeing
my skimpy blue briefs and after stroking me for second through the fabric he pulled my cock from them.
He got on his knees in front of me and started licking my cock, running it up and down the whole 8
inch length. “We can have a quickie,” he said while I was pulling off my shirt.

“I’ll be happy going to my class while you’ll be going to work.”

“Damn right I’ll be happy.” He held my cock while licking just the head. Slowly my erection shot forth
and he used his hands as well as his mouth to please me. His lips kissed the head before opening his
mouth to take my cock in it. His strong hands moved around so they were caressing my mounds while his
mouth and tongue worked my hard eight inches. 

I leaned back and put my palms on our bed while Corey continued to work my hard cock over. It was so
exciting and felt so damn good to feel his lips sliding over my dick. He stopped and kissed my star
tattoo at my waist before using his wet tongue to travel up my body. We kissed passionately with our
hands going all over each other. 

I lifted up his arms to rid him of his shirt. His body was so hot and I loved being able to touch it.
I kissed his pecs and abs before starting to lick all over his hard cock. I moved down and sucked each
ball into my mouth before returning to his cock. I loved hearing him moan. I started working the head
and using my tongue while his hands were on my shoulders. 

“Just a little before you fuck me,” he said.

I nodded and continued to work him over. He let me suck his cock for a few minutes. He seemed to be
enjoying it so much and was softly moaning. He grabbed under my arms and lifted me up. 

We kissed again while my finger found his hole. I hoped he was clean as I slipped it in and gently
fucked him with it, but my finger didn’t come back shit covered. He broke the kiss, spun around,
grabbed the lube and leaned over our bed. His ass looked so big and hot and was waiting to have me
inside of it. It really was an ass that was made to be fucked.

After smearing on lots of lube, I pushed down on the small of his back before sticking my hard cock at
his hole. As always, the initial feeling of my slick cock penetrating his hole sent shivers all over
my body, especially when his ass wrapped itself around my shaft so tightly, even after two years, and
the warmth from inside him seemed to rush up my cock and into my soul. He groaned a little as I moved
in further and reached back to find my hips while my hands were on his sides. 

“OOO fuck yeah, Corey,” I moaned feeling his ass gripping my long cock.

“Shit, your fucking dick feels so good in me. Fuck my ass, Matt! Fuck me!”

I began slowly fucking him. He was softly moaning and peering over his shoulder at me. I leaned up and
kissed his tattoo on his back before beginning to move faster.

“OOO yes fuck that ass! Harder! Fuck me harder!” Corey screamed.

I leaned back up and started slamming his ass. I slapped it a few times and could hear the sound along
with our skin slapping together. I leaned back over, turned his head and kissed him. We kissed and
shared tongue while my hips kept moving, driving my dick in deep.

We switched positions with Corey on his back. I applied more lube before slipping back inside his ass.
He threw his head back and moaned with so much pleasure as I sank in deep again. He reached down and
started stroking his hard cock with my cock buried inside him as I began fucking him again. He started
moaning loudly while stroking his cock in time to my thrusts.

“Fuck the cum out of me! Fucking do it!” he screamed.

This wasn’t our normal slow lovemaking. It was a good ole lunchtime fuck between two boyfriends. 

“I’m close,” he said.

“Me too.”

“Don’t cum in me. I don’t want it leaking out my ass at work.”

I grabbed his legs and fucked him hard. He screamed and began shooting cum all over his abs. I pulled
out quickly and added my cum to his. 

We kissed with cum drying on his torso. 

“Damn, I wasn’t expecting to get fucked here at lunch,” he said.

“Me either, but it was hot.”

“I’ll say. We need to clean up and get moving.”

I agreed. He washed the cum off his body and dressed. I hitched a ride with him since he would be
going close to the building for my next class. I got out and waved goodbye. 

I did have to smile knowing I had just fucked my hot boyfriend. It sure would make the rest of the day
that much nicer. Now I would have to focus on my two remaining classes without thinking about what we
had just done.


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