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I woke Sunday morning after my great party. As usual, Matt was not at my side and was an earlier
riser than I was. My sleep was important on my off days. My mouth was so dry with a slight
pounding in my head after a night of enjoying the benefits of now being a legal adult.  

I exited my room just after noon and saw I was the last one up.  

“Bout damn time there boy,” JJ stated.

“He loves his sleep,” Matt stated and came up to me. He kissed me. As always I loved the passion
he showed. 

“I do that,” I said and headed for some water to drink as well as taking some pills for my head. I
looked around and found some great bars to fill my hunger.

“I keep saying that was the best time ever, but last night was fucking awesome,” Colt said.

“You just wait,” Kris said.

“It was pretty sweet,” I said, leaning on the counters in the kitchen. “Y’all are the best ever in
my book.”

“Bro, what did you like best?” Kris asked in his shorts. 

“Oh, just being able to see and talk to everyone. Michael really seemed to have a great time,” I

“I think everyone did,” Matt said.

“Everyone but Matt,” Colt said. “He was worried about everyone else and didn’t even get drunk.”

“Oh well,” Matt shrugged his shoulders. “I put Corey and the rest of you ahead of me. It was his
night just like it was for me last month.”

“I’ll give him that,” Teague said. “Corey, you better not let him get away.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan on it,” I said.

“Corey, I hate to say this but Teague and I really need to be heading out,” JJ said.

“Please stay…” I said.

“I wish we could but we have so much to do. We’ve gotta get back and then head off to college
ourselves,” Teague added.

“Damn,” I uttered. “I understand completely. I know you did have to sacrifice a little to be able
to come.”

“It wasn’t a sacrifice at all, not when you have a great time like we did,” JJ said.

“Bros, y’all are always welcome anytime,” Kris stated. “There’s an empty bed that will be waiting
on ya.”

“If it wasn’t so damn far, we’d be here so much,” Teague said.

JJ and Teague headed to Colt’s room to grab their things. I followed them in the room. 

“I hate to see you go, but I shouldn’t have slept so long,” I said.

“We weren’t leaving until you got up,” JJ said. 

“I can’t thank you enough for everything, but mostly just for coming and being a part of
yesterday. The annuals were a sweet surprise that I will always cherish,” I said.

“We wouldn’t have missed this for nothing. Corey, you really do have the greatest group of friends
ever here. You’ve more than made up for high school. You should be very proud,” Teague said.

“I am very proud, especially of those three out there. They are the best three ever,” I said.

“As well as they should be. I’m a little shocked though at Kris and Colt,” Teague said. “I damn
sure didn’t see that coming.”

“Me either,” JJ said.

“They’re still adjusting, you might say,” I stated.

“Corey, every time I’m around you just proves to me that the sexuality of a person, or for that
matter anything else, doesn’t matter except for what’s inside a person,” JJ said. “Matt told us
how torn up you were about smoking crack.”

“That’s a moment I’m not so proud of and wish I could erase,” I said.

“Hey, it happens,” Teague said. “I understand once Matt said how you just wanna be accepted by
everyone. My advice to you is just be Corey. If people don’t like you for that, then fuck ‘em.
They aren’t worth having around.”

“You’re right, and I’m beginning to realize that every day,” I said. I walked over and hugged
them. We exited the room. They got hugs from the other three before I walked them out to JJ’s
truck. Seeing them leave wasn’t easy, but it was getting easier. We had come so far in a
relatively short time and now I felt like they were true reliable friends. My only wish was they
could come around more often since they fit so well with our group.

I walked back inside and collapsed beside Matt. His arm went around my shoulder with my head lying
on his chest.

“Someone hanging over there like he should be,” Colt said.

“He’s fine,” Matt said. “I love having him here with me.”

“Matt, you should be so proud. You didn’t smother Corey at all last night. I knew you said you
weren’t…” Colt said.

“It was his night and his time to be the center of attention,” Matt said and stroked my face.

“Still bro, I was beginning to think y’all were fighting,” Kris said.

“I just have a question,” I said. “Did someone clean the room up?”

“Bro, get fucking real over there,” Kris laughed. 

“Scott and I made sure it was back to perfect,” Matt replied. “Corey, you shouldn’t even have to
ask that.”

“I figured that, but I wanted to make sure so we could use it again. How perfect was that?” I

“So perfect we’re doing that shit again in two weeks,” Kris laughed. “I hope Colt won’t be
standing by the end of the night.”

“You’re not the only one,” Colt laughed. “I think VJ called it white boy wasted. I don’t think
that will describe me.”

“I have seen you wasted,” Matt said. “So wasted you got your shit shaved.”

“Now they wouldn’t have shit to shave. Then I was so fucking pissed, but now I keep nice and
tidy…” Colt said.

“Me too,” Kris said. “It makes it so much nicer when you’re sucking dick.”

“I know,” I said.

We finally got up and started moving around. I headed to my room and saw the list Matt had made of
my gifts. Between Christmas and my birthday I had a whole new wardrobe. Still, it was hard to
fathom that I was now 21 and was able to do everything I wanted without worrying about getting
caught or arrested. 

Matt came into our room and found me looking through the list as well as eyeing my clothes. He
stripped down and was naked. “You care to join me in the shower?” he asked holding his big dick.

“Well yes, I do,” I said and quickly got up. He undressed me quickly before we walked in the
bathroom to shower.

Once the water was warm, we stepped into the shower together. It was smaller than our shower last
year but was still big enough for the two of us. My joy was being able to freely touch Matt’s hot
body. Now he was beginning to see what I saw a year ago. His body was so damn perfect with the
best set of abs I’ve seen and the best V cut at his small waist. His chest was perfect now,
whereas when we met it lacked any definition. His shoulders were so rounded going down to his nice
well-proportioned arms. 

He turned me around after we had been stroking each other’s dicks. He licked and tongued my ass
with water running down my front side. His tongue was making me delirious but it always did. Then
his hard dick was beckoning to enter me. My ass opened up to let my lover be inside of me. His
arms wrapped around my wet body with his dick going deeper inside of me.

I turned, “You are the horniest fucker I know.”

“I am because my boyfriend is fucking hot and gets me horny.”

Submitting and being taken by him was the best feeling in the world. I too loved having sex with
him and sometimes others. He was always so gentle and loving to me. It was a great expression of
our love.  

The water was turning cold before we busted our nut. Mine splattered against the shower wall while
Matt shot his steamy load up my back. I felt weak in the knees exiting the shower.  

We came out and got on the bed.

“Corey, tell me if we’re too sexual.”

I smiled and kissed him. “You’ll be the first to know.”

“I hope so, but my sex drive has been off the charts here lately.”

“When has it not been?” I laughed.

“True… so true… I’m very lucky that you love it almost as much as me. I’m beginning to think I
addicted to it,” he said.

“If you are then all of us are. To me, it has been fucking perfect. We really don’t go out of our
way to have sex… ummm… hell, we’re fucking 21 year old gay guys.”

“Still, I don’t want to drive you away by my needs. I have to rein in my desire sometimes.”

I kissed him again. “Thanks for the most perfect night.”

“You’re more than welcome. I loved doing it for you. You deserved a special night.”

“And I got one.”

We lay there together on top of the bed until we were both sound asleep. Suddenly I heard
screaming and woke up. Matt woke as well and sat straight. He was about to get up before I threw
my arm across his body.

“Let them work it out,” I said.

“I know Kris far too well. It could blow up and ruin what has been a picture perfect three

“Alright, you won’t be happy until we see what’s going on.”

We got up, threw on some shorts and opened the door. Kris was standing in the kitchen while Colt
was on the couch.

“What was the hollering about?” Matt asked.

“That asshole keeps beating me at your game,” Kris replied and started laughing.

“He’s acting like fucking 10 years old,” Colt said.

“Matt, don’t worry. It was just a small argument over a game and nothing else,” Kris said.

“See I told you,” I said and starting laughing. 

“What else would you expect, Corey?” Colt asked.

“Bros, get dressed. We’re hungry,” Kris said.

“Great! It’ll be my first chance to legally buy alcohol,” I said.

“Asswipe!” Colt yelled. “We’re going where they don’t serve so you can’t rub it in our face.”

We dressed and headed out to find something to eat. It was fast food so I wasn’t able to buy
there. The urge to buy was too strong so I made Kris stop at a convenience store so I could buy. I
was able to buy and was asked for my I.D. I proudly produced it and handed it to the clerk. She
smiled and congratulated me on my birthday.

Despite buying the beer, when we returned none of us were interested in drinking it. It would be
there when the desire hit us. Kris decided to call and text around to see who would be interested
in playing some hoops to see if we had the making of a team.  

An hour or so later, we gathered at the Rec Center and found we had about 10 interested, with Matt
staying back at the apartment. If nothing else we had a little size thanks to Garrett and Aaron.
All of those guys were interested in being a part of our team.  

“Well, if nothing else, no one will wanna fight with us,” Bruce commented. 

“Yeah, maybe we should be in some MMA shit instead,” Colt laughed.

Despite losing Bryson, Sergio was a great addition and was perfect to take his spot. He did shoot
as well, but may have been better at handling the ball. We shot around before scrimmaging a little
to get a feel of who could play. I was a little rusty, despite shooting around at various times
when I had time over the last month.   Seeing everyone, I have to say Kris may have been the
worst, thus he was suited perfectly for his role as our coach.  

We finished and were nothing but sweat, with none of us having on a shirt. We entered the locker
room as a team and started undressing. Scott nudged me and gestured with his head. I looked over
at Grady and saw one fucking big dick. Even soft, he made Matt look small. It was dark, thick and

“Damn Grady, how do you even jump with that fucking 10 pound weight attached to you?” Brennan

“Guys, please! We’ll never hear the end of it,” Aaron said. He was rather normal and hairy.

“Boys just look and admire,” Grady said. “If I cut off my dick, then I could jump and touch the
top of the backboard.”

“My question is how the hell does any girl take you?” Kris asked.

“Patience,” Grady said, smiling while we walked to shower.

We joked around and had good playful fun. Kris said it was good for us to do so to become at team.
We dressed and left the Rec Center.

The three of us with Scott entered the apartment and smelled the fresh linen mixed with a few
cleaning products. Matt was sitting on the couch folding towels. 

“Matt, you missed the thrill of a lifetime,” Scott said.

“Bro, Grady didn’t lie when he said he had big dick,” Kris stated.

“Yea, he put your ass to shame,” Colt said.

Matt smiled, “Sorry I missed that. He really must be hung. So, how did it go?”

“Oh, I think we can do okay, but I don’t know about winning as much as we did last year,” Kris
replied. “We’re missing a good shooter.”

“Give me time,” Scott said. “I’ll get it down.”

We drank some water and juice we had in the fridge. Scott stuck around and wanted to join Kris and
Matt when they were off to run. Colt and I enjoyed our time when they were gone.  With them out
running, I kicked back and watched some TV with Colt.

“Colt, have you heard from your dad lately?” I asked.

“I have. He sent me some cash for Christmas with a note apologizing for the trouble he was causing
since I won’t take his calls.”

“I see. I may be wrong but wouldn’t you like to hear his side?”

“Fuck no!”

“There are two sides to every story,” I said.

“I know that, but I don’t have any interest right now in hearing his side.”

“Colt,” I said and grabbed his knee. “The sooner you do the quicker the pain might go away. I know
you’re very hurt by it, but there could be a very valid reason.”

“He fucked around on my mom,” Colt said and grabbed his can. He packed it and threw it in his lip.

“I don’t know the full situation. I’d be very angry too, but he’s still your dad, something I
really never had. Maybe… ummm… he wasn’t getting it at home…”

“Maybe, but that’s no excuse,” Colt said and spit.

“Okay. Say Kris decided he didn’t wanna have sex with you anymore. You’d start looking around and
start fucking around on him.”

Colt looked at me, “I would do that. Kris has been telling me the same exact thing but I didn’t
wanna hear it. I do need to get over it and possibly hear Dad’s side of the story.”

“That’s the only way you’ll know for sure. If you don’t like what you hear then you can choose not
to see or hear from him. What does Chase say about all of this?”

“Not much. He said Dad hasn’t offered up any info or reason.”

“You’re older so he might tell you. He could see Chase as too young to understand, though we both
know he does. I know my mom still wants me to be her little boy.”

“Thanks Corey. When I get up the nerve and put aside my pride, I’ll call him privately. Then I can
decide. You’re probably right about Chase. Mom is pretty naïve about him and doesn’t think he does
anything bad. She should know better now,” Colt commented and laughed. He leaned over and gave me
a big hug. “Thanks!”

“No problem and I hope that helps.”

“Just hearing from a third party does help. Between us, I’ll credit Kris so he’ll feel like he did
it,” Colt said and spit.

After a fun night with lots of visitors, I was up early with lots to do with classes beginning on
Wednesday here for our spring semester. Matt knew I had things only I could take care of so we
only walked over to campus together before saying goodbye. I headed over to the financial office
and waited my turn to speak to someone in person about my finances. My account showed nothing due
which mystified me. Rather than do it over the phone, I knew seeing someone would be way better. 

Once my name was called, I headed to speak to a lady. She greeted me and asked for my name and ID
number. She pulled up her account on her screen. 

“What seems to be the problem?” she asked.

“It shows I don’t owe anything. That can’t be right. The last thing I want to happen is to get a
notice saying I owe a bunch of money.”

“Well Corey, you have your work scholarship here,” she said and turned to show the screen. “It
shows your money that the state gives you and then it looks like you have an additional
scholarship here as well. Matter of fact, we owe you money by what I can see.”

“Really? That’s sweet!”

She smiled, “It is.”

“I hate to say this but I haven’t seen a check.”

“It was cut Friday. It was mailed to this address.”

“You just made my day. Thanks a lot!”

“No problem,” she said.

I stood and left. I did apply for a scholarship early in the fall but never heard a thing about
it. It was my lucky day and had me very excited. I did have a student loan my first year, but
since then I didn’t thanks to Matt telling me about a few programs for people like me. 

I took out my phone and held it at arm’s length away from me to find Matt’s number so I could give
him the big news. He was excited for me and didn’t know or remember me applying for the additional
scholarship. I think I just did it online and didn’t make a big deal about it.

I went to work and came inside to see Tabor manning the front desk.

“Thanks!” Tabor said.

“For what?”

“My invite to your party,” he replied. 

“Don’t look at me. Matt did the inviting,” I stated.

“I’m hurt and heard Troy and Cole talking about it.”

“Tabor, the thinking was to invite y’all for Colt’s party.”

“Alright then,” Tabor said and smiled.

Just as I was walking away, Trey found me and asked to speak to me in private. He told what a
great time he and Towson had at my party while we walked to his office. He shut the door and took
a seat.

“Corey, I hate to tell you this, but we are going to have to cut staff just a little around here,”
he said.

My heart sunk. “Damn.”

He laughed, “Not you, but one of them up front has to go. We have no choice in the matter since
our funds were cut a little this semester. You know how it is.”

“Okay, then who are you cutting then?”

“I was thinking between Tabor and Gwen,” he said.

I shook my head. “Trey, if that’s the case, then you’re letting Tabor go. I can’t do it. I know
I’m biased but Tabor does way more than Gwen. No telling how many times I have to grab her phone
away from her.”

“Well, I guess you will let her go then,” Trey said. “I needed a solid reason for one of them and
you just gave me one.”

“Also I have numbers that show that Tabor checks in way more than she ever does,” I said.

“We have a solid case then. When she gets here, you calmly tell her we’re cutting staff and need
to let her go.”

“Okay, I’ll do it, but it won’t be easy,” I said and wasn’t happy about doing it. 

“It just comes with being a boss. You can handle it,” Trey said. “I hate doing it but our hands
are tied. Also, last month, the front cash box was usually short. I need you to keep a close watch
on it.”

“I have a solution for that. Have them keep separate drawers,” I said. “I don’t know why we had
one in the first place. I’ll have them check out at the end of the day and make sure their totals
match what should be there.”

Trey smiled, “Easy solution to that. I see you’ll be earning that raise you’re getting.”

“Sweet! It’s my lucky day!” I yelled. 

I went out and didn’t see Gwen around. I told Tabor and Bailey, the other worker, the new policy
that was to be implemented right away and how things would be done from this point forward with a
memo coming later outlining the new rules for those at the front desk. 

“One problem Corey, we have three people and two computers with drawers,” Bailey said. He wasn’t
the best looking guy around but had been here for over a year. He and Tabor seemingly got along
very well, while I don’t think they did with Gwen that much.

“That’s being solved as well,” I said and left it at that.

I stayed around up front until I saw Gwen coming in the door. As usual she was on her phone. My
stomach was in knots seeing her, but it had to be done. I promptly asked to see her and took her
to an empty office.

“Is there a problem?” she asked.

“Well…” I stuttered and was so nervous. “We’re going to have to let you go due to… ummm… budget

“Seriously?” she said. “Why me? Tabor and I came here at the same time.”

“I know you did.”

“You are showing your true colors, Corey. I knew you’d take a guy over me any day. You fags stick

“Look Gwen, I highly resent that remark. I have numbers to show that you never checked in as many
people as either Bailey or Tabor.”

“That’s some crap. How can I when they’re flirting with every girl that walks in that door?” she
asked and was getting angry.

“My hands are tied, Gwen. You know we have people that quit here all the time…”

“I don’t need this damn job anyway. You can stick it up your ass!” she said and stormed out of the
office. I followed her out and made sure she left without going behind the counter. “You’re
nothing but a faggot, Corey!”

“See ya around,” I said and waved. 

“What was that all about?” Tabor asked.

“We were making cuts and had to let her go,” I replied.

“Good,” Bailey said. “She bitched every time I asked her to check someone in or take some money.
All she was interested in was checking out the guys as they walked in.”

“That bitch is lucky I didn’t jump over this counter and kick her little ass for calling you a
faggot,” Tabor said.

“So now you see how you can work it with just two of you,” I said and went to locate Trey to tell
him I’d done my duty. Now we had to do the paperwork to make it official.

Letting her go stressed me to no end. At the end of the day, Tabor and Bailey’s drawers checked
within a dollar each. I went back and needed to press some iron to forget my day. Tabor was
alongside of me and was always a good work out partner. 

I arrived home and went inside. I headed straight for the fridge and grabbed a beer that was so
needed at this moment. It was just Matt sitting on the couch on his computer. 

“How was your day?” he asked walking up to me.

“Great, and then fucking awful,” I replied and kissed him.

“Why awful?”

“I had to let someone go today.”

“Not Tabor, I hope.”

“No, it was this other girl. The dark haired one that’s there,” I said and took a big swig.

“I didn’t think she ever worked. Never once did she check me in.”

“I know, but it sucked ass big time. Matt, I was so nervous.”

“I bet, but it is part of being a manager.”

“Right, but we had to do it since they cut our budget. I tried talking Trey into doing but he said
it was my job,” I said. “Where are Kris and Colt?”

“Oh, they’re playing basketball at the park with the guys,” Matt replied. “Corey, don’t get too
down on having to let her go. It sounds to me like you didn’t have a choice.”

I killed the rest of my beer and put down the can. “True, but it sucks. Before that I was having
the best day ever. I got a raise too besides not owing any money.”

“That’s so awesome.”

“Yeah, start checking the mail every day. I should be getting a check any time.”

“I will. That will help you pay the rent here, too, like mine does.”

“It feels so good,” I said.

“Let me show you this really sweet beach I found that we have to go to,” Matt said and took my
hand. He led me over and thrust his computer in my face.

“Whoa there! Move it back a little so I can see it first,” I said since the screen was basically a

He looked at me, “Okay.” He moved it back until I said stop. I read it and saw it was really nice
with lots to do.

“Looks great,” I said.

“Yeah,” he said. “Are you having trouble seeing these days?”

“No… no… my eyes are fine, but for some reason they haven’t been good today,” I said, which wasn’t
the truth. I noticed about a month ago right before the semester ended how far I had to push
things out so they would come into focus.

“Are you sure? Because I’m not convinced,” Matt stated.

“Look, tomorrow they will be fine. Just something about today.”

“There are worse things than having vision problems.”

“I know,” I said and heard the door opening. In walked Kris, Colt, Scott, Bruce, Grady, Aaron,
Sergio and Dillon.

“Bro, we missed you,” Kris said.

“I missed you at work,” I said.

“I’m off ‘til Wednesday,” Kris stated.

“Sergio here is one hell of a baller,” Colt stated. 

“You didn’t believe me, homey. I said I was,” Sergio said.

“That shit don’t matter. I have a good feeling about this year. Matt, thanks for reminding me,”
Kris said.

“No problem. It’s something you enjoy doing,” Matt stated.


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