Posted:  Jan 21, 2013

After waking up here at my house the Friday before Christmas, I rolled out of bed and started to
leave my room before remembering I was home and needed some clothes. I grabbed some underwear and
shorts before finally leaving. I walked in the kitchen and headed straight for some aspirin and water
after going out the night before with Tanner, Brady and Kris. Kris was great and was our driver. 

“There’s my man,” Mom said.

“I guess,” I replied. 

“I take it someone had too good of a time last night?”

“You could say that,” I said and took the pills. 

“Matt, I hope this won’t become a habit, or worse, a problem for you. I know you’re experiencing life
as a legal adult now…”

“I hope not,” I said. “Things just happened last night. We went bowling and had a few beers.”

“I see… but you heard what I said?”

“Yes ma’am, I heard it, but I’d hope you’d know me better by now.”

“It’s just a mother’s concern knowing our family history and today’s world. Drinking is such a big
part of society that I don’t want to see you fall to its evils.”

“I hope I have enough sense to know better.”

“I’d hope too, but I see a completely different person to the one that left here two and a half years
ago. I see one who is very confident, in a good way. I see one who actually enjoys being sociable,”
Mom stated. “I also see a man now in so many ways, especially with your physique.”

“Thanks, I guess,” I said with a slight headache from last night. “So what’s shaking for this

“Oh yeah, we’re heading to Vince’s house Sunday night and staying there that night to enjoy Christmas
together,” Mom replied.

“Are you kidding me? This was gonna be mine and your last Christmas here,” I said loudly with

“Vince really wants us there at his house.”

“Fine then, I’ll go,” I said and got up to walk to the fridge.

“Mister, I don’t like your attitude about this.”

“You’re right, I’m not happy.”

Mom stood from the table and grabbed my arm. “Why do we have to do everything you want? I have
sacrificed so much over the years for your happiness. I think I deserve the same courtesy that I’ve
given you over the years. I’m the one who suggested we do that.”

I dropped my head and felt ashamed since she put that way. “I’m sorry. We’ll go over there and have a
great Christmas as a new family.”

“Thank you, son,” Mom said and kissed me on the cheek.

“I feel like a complete ass now. I opened my big mouth before I thought of you first. I acted like a
little spoiled kid,” I said. “Mom, I’m really sorry, but I guess things change. You need to establish
your new life with Vince because shortly I’ll be out on my own.”

“That’s why I suggested it this year rather than wait. Let’s start new traditions together, even
though you and VJ may not be around much as the years pass,” Mom said. “Matt, sometime while you’re
home you need to get with someone about your finances.”

“Yes ma’am,” I said.

I kicked it around the house and was so anxious to see Corey again. We talked every night since
separating after my great birthday. Tears usually came to my eyes thinking about how great everyone
was. I called Kris to inform him about the change coming the next night. He was excited and wanted to
see my new place. 

Christmas Eve, Saturday, Mom had a nice breakfast waiting when I woke up. It was hard to believe it
was that time of year again. I exited my room and found her cooking pancakes and bacon. The smell
filled our house up.

I took a seat at the table, “Mom, when’s the big day coming?”

She turned, “I hope soon. If you don’t care, we’re going to have a private ceremony.”

“That’s fine by me. I just ask that I be there.”

“For sure, Matthew, I wouldn’t do it without you,” she said. 

“What are you waiting for?”

“I wonder the same thing. It’s not like this is our first wedding.”

“I agree. Are you ready?”

“Matt, I’m so ready. Now that I know everything will be great, I’m ready to be married again. I think
Vince is too,” she said and placed the pancakes and bacon in front of me.

“I don’t see the hold up.”

“Maybe it will be sooner than later. We’re sleeping together quite often,” Mom said and sat down.

“I know, and I’m happy for you in that regard. Did you miss being with someone?”

Mom smiled, “Wow, I can tell you’ve grown up. I really did miss it. It took me a while to adjust, you
might say.”

“Ummm… okay,” I said.

“Matt, I know you and Corey are very sexual. Do you get tested?” she asked while eating.

“Yes ma’am, we do. I believe as a gay man that it’s a must if you’re going to be in a sexual

“I’m proud of you and just assumed you did get tested.”

“We did not too long ago,” I stated.

“That’s very mature of you. I’m sure you’re ready to see Corey again and enjoy your time alone.”

“You bet I am. I miss seeing him.”

“And being with him?”

I gave her a wry smile after swallowing a big bite, “Of course. I miss being around him. Actually,
I’d love to be married to him.”

“I hope you do marry him. I love Corey as well. He’s very handsome and such a nice young man. You two
have been together for a while now. You should be very proud of that.”

“I am and I can’t see myself with anyone else. Mom, I can’t thank you enough for all the support
you’ve given me. I know having a gay son isn’t ideal…”

“Oh Matt, it’s who you are. Unlike Vince, I don’t have a worry in the world about unwanted
grandkids,” she laughed. “I’m sure you and Corey would have one by now if it were possible.”

“Probably two,” I laughed. “Seriously, you’re the best mom a gay son could ever wish for. I really
appreciate it so much. I’ve never worried that you were ashamed of me or you didn’t agree with my
lifestyle. Thanks to you, I’m proud of who I am.”

“I have never been ashamed of you. Yes I got those looks at work when I told them my son was gay.
You’ve never given me one ounce of grief. When I do hear some say how awful it must be, I have to
tell them how lucky I am. You’re in college on a full scholarship. You’re not on drugs and have never
committed a crime, whereas I have to hear about this one and that one having a child or being
addicted to drugs or alcohol. I want to stand up and say don’t ever say a word to me about my son
being gay. He’s the best!”

I smiled. “I feel pretty good now.”

We finished eating. I helped her clean up our mess, though she didn’t want me to. I kissed her cheek
and said I love you before heading off to shower and get ready to head over to Vince’s for our
Christmas. I had to pack not only for the night there but for my stay with Corey too. We were just
going to stay close but go into the city, which we rarely did. I had scoped out the spots where we
could go and have a good time. I was looking forward to us being like tourist in my own town. It’s a
shame I didn’t take advantage of it. but it was at least a thirty minute drive since I lived in the
burbs. There were nice parks, great museums and good shopping spots that I had yet to visit.

I dressed in the shirt VJ had given me for my birthday and the jeans I got since I like how I looked
in them. I carried our presents to Mom’s car and rode with her to Vince’s house since Corey was
picking me up there for our trip. 

We arrived at Vince’s house. He greeted us at the door and gave Mom a nice kiss. I headed up the
stairs with my bag and saw VJ playing a game with another guy. I said hi and continued to my new
room. Nothing had changed since I was there before. 

“Matt, this is Liam,” VJ said, pointing with his controller while he sat on the couch without a

“Cool,” Liam said. He had shoulder length dark hair that was tucked behind his ears. Both ears were
pierced. He looked to be bigger than VJ, but most were.

I extended my hand to shake his. “Nice to meet ya. What are y’all playing?”

“Battlefield 3,” VJ replied. “It’s wicked.”

“It looks it,” I said. “I better head down and help Mom out. Nice to meet ya.”

“Same,” Liam said.

I went back down and helped Mom and Vince. They had almost everything inside the house by the time I
got back down. 

“What was VJ doing?” Vince asked.

“Just playing a game with… Liam,” I replied.

“Naturally,” Vince said. “That’s all they ever do if they aren’t on their phone.”

VJ’s friend left shortly after I was up there. He was polite and said goodbye to us. VJ came down the
stairs with his phone to sit and talk with us. He didn’t say much, but then again his phone kept his
attention. He did ask if his girlfriend could come over for a little while. Vince agreed but said
only after we ate and she couldn’t stay after nine. 

About five, we had a very nice meal that both Mom and Vince had prepared. I thought it was a bit much
considering we’d have another big meal the following day. When we finished, VJ’s girlfriend came over
with a gift. I was introduced to Heather and thought she was a nice match for him. After they
exchanged small gifts, they headed up the stairs to enjoy a movie.

As Vince, Mom and I were watching “A Christmas Story” on TV, there was a knock at the door. Vince got
up and answered the door. I heard Kris’s voice.

“Merry Christmas,” Kris said, making his way inside with a gift.

“So much for watching this movie,” Mom said to me.

“Merry Christmas. I see you found the place,” I said.

“Yeah, this is really a nice home here, Vince,” Kris said. “Bro, you dogged out.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Let me show you my room.”

Kris followed me up the stairs. VJ was sitting with Heather on his couch. “Bro, this is tight up
here. You’ve got your own place to chill and kick it.”

VJ smiled and introduced his girlfriend to Kris. “It’s nice.”

“Bro, the parties…” Kris said and elbowed VJ.

“My dad is just downstairs,” VJ said.

“Still bro,” Kris said. “Show me your room, Matt.”

I continued on and showed him my room. He said it was nice. “Bro, I’ve got the perfect plan for us
for Colt.”

“Okay, lay it on me,” I said.

“You know how he bought us all damn shirts you know he snagged from the team? They were nice, but
still that tight ass didn’t spend a dime,” Kris said. “I think when it’s time for his birthday we do
the same.”

I laughed, “Okay, but how?”

“Corey and I could grab some freebies like towels and shit while you can get some pens or whatever.
When we go back, be on the lookout for anything free you can get your hands on.”

“Okay, I’ll do that. I didn’t mind the shirt at all. We can all them wear to the game…”

“Still, he used the cheap way out for you and Corey. He could have given us those and still got you
and Corey something. You each bought him something.”

“If nothing else, we can have a good laugh over it,” I said.

“Exactly… Bro, I warn you my gift ain’t much. I didn’t know what to buy you after going balls to the
wall for your birthday,” Kris stated.

“Mine’s not much either,” I said.

We headed out and said bye to VJ and his girl. We went downstairs. “Whew, I sure could use something
sweet. How about you, Matt?” Kris asked.

“Kris, I wouldn’t expect anything different. There are some cookies next to the fridge,” Mom said

“Thanks, Miss Linda,” Kris said and headed that way. “Dang, this kitchen is nice, Linda. No wonder
you’re getting hitched to Vince.”

“It’s what sold her on me,” Vince yelled. 

“I can see that,” Kris said and returned with the chocolate chip cookies. “Ooops, I need some milk
with these tasty things.”

Once Kris had his milk and cookies, we sat down. He handed me his wrapped gift that I assumed Jenny
wrapped. I opened it and found a really nice long sleeve tee and a bracelet. I put the bracelet on
and loved the way it looked on me. Kris opened his gift. He liked the shirt I gave him, along with
the cologne. He squirted some on and noticed it was similar to what he used to grab all the time when
we were freshman. We had interrupted the movie but soon caught up. We did have some good laughs at
the old Christmas movie. Once it was over, Kris headed out and wished us a Merry Christmas. Right
after Kris was gone, Heather and VJ came down the stairs. He walked her out to her car I suppose and
returned up the stairs. I bid Mom and Vince good night and headed up to join VJ to get a feel of how
things would be in the future. 

After watching a little TV, VJ spoke up. “Ummm… Matt… can ask you something?”


“Ummm… I need some advice.”

“Alright, I’ll do what I can.”

“Well, maybe you aren’t the right person to ask about this, but I was wondering how I could get
Heather in bed with me,” VJ said and pushed back his growing bangs.

“If I’m not the right person, then you should ask your dad,” I laughed.

“Yeah right.”

“VJ, my main piece of advice before having sex with anyone is to make sure you really wanna… well… I
think you should be ready mentally. Are you a virgin?”

He lowered his head, “I am. I might have said I’d fucked a girl but I’ve never have. You know how
guys talk.”

“Do I ever… Guys are different than girls, but I think in either case you need to feel comfortable
with them and make them comfortable with you. Guys will have sex with anyone and there’s not much
wooing to do, whereas girls are a little different.”

“Ain’t that the truth? I’m so ready to fuck Heather.”

“You can’t just stick it in and start fucking her. You need to get her horny with lots of foreplay.
Kissing all over her body is a good start. I guess you could go down on her. It works like magic
with… you don’t wanna hear that.”

He laughed, “You’re so right. I do know what guys do though. I have fingered her pussy before. Liam
and a few of my buddies have said pussy is an acquired taste, just like dick is for you I guess.”

I smiled, “I guess so. Another thing, VJ, is that you really need to be very gentle since you’re hung
like I am.”

“Damn right I’m hung,” VJ laughed and grabbed his crotch, even though I had seen it before. “Gentle,

“Yeah, don’t ram it all in. Let her tell you how much she can take. You don’t want to hurt her. You
want it to be pleasurable for both of you,” I said.

“I got ya. I’m scared I’m gonna nut after ten seconds.”

“That happens. Some guys don’t ever nut and are too nervous.”

“I’ll be nervous for sure. Were you nervous your first time?” he asked.

“Scared shitless,” I replied and laughed. “It’s just natural to be nervous. The most important thing
for you is wear a condom no matter what she says. One little sperm produces a kid, and that’s the
last thing you want.”

“Or need. Thanks Matt. I see a benefit of having an older brother. You can’t talk to your rents about
that. Now that you’re 21, there will be other benefits too.”

“Guess again,” I said. “I know I let you drink at my place but don’t expect me to buy for you here.
It’s way too risky for both of us.”

VJ snapped his fingers, “Damn, I was hoping.”

“Now show me how to play that game you and your friend were playing earlier,” I said.

VJ smiled and tossed me the controller. It was fun learning the ins and outs of a new game. We sat
and played when VJ wasn’t on his phone. I did get a call from Corey so we were even in that regard.

Sleeping in a different bed wasn’t my thing. The unfamiliar surroundings and sounds made it difficult
for me to fall asleep like I did in my own bed. I guess I finally did after tossing and turning,
along with counting the proverbial sheep.

A knock on my door woke me. I rolled over and looked at my phone to see it was just about 8, early in
my book. I got up and threw on some underwear and headed out to take a leak. 

“Dude, I need some undies like those, they really show off the package,” VJ commented about some new
underwear I was wearing. Corey had bought them for my birthday and they really did show off my big
package. “Man that sounded really gay.”

“Nah,” I said and rubbed his messy hair. “So I take it you like these?”

“No comment. Hurry up. We’re opening gifts after we eat.”

I nodded and continued on to the bathroom. I looked at the toilet and shook my head. VJ had the same
problem as Kris and Colt and couldn’t find it. 

I came back out to see VJ raring to go in his sleep pants, so I threw on a shirt and shorts to head
down. We came down with Vince sitting in his chair while Mom was cooking. I went over and kissed her
cheek along with wishing her a Merry Christmas. She was in her element cooking waffles and sausage,
along with toast. 

“How’d you sleep?” she asked.

“Okay, but not the greatest. If it’s not too much to ask, could my mattress from our house be put in
my room?”

“We can arrange that. See this isn’t so bad.”

“Nah, it’s been just fine. I hope Corey can find this place,” I said and starting laughing. “I’ll
give him hell if he doesn’t since Kris found it.”

“I’m sure you will.”

I went out and waited. 

“Matt, are you ready to see Corey?” Vince asked.

“Yes sir, I am.”

“Maybe next year you can arrange it where he is here with you.  I know you’re ready for your little
trip. I like the idea of seeing things here. What do ya plan to do?” Vince asked.

“Dad, do ya even have to ask?” VJ asked and chuckled.

Vince’s face grew red. “Well besides the obvious.”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. I know we’re planning on having a nice meal one night and going out.”

“You could have done that here,” Vince stated.

“We could have, but it kept us from buying each other a gift,” I said and heard Mom holler that
breakfast was ready.

We ate the breakfast with Vince commenting on how he enjoyed the slow pace of what could be our
family tradition. I smiled and did like everything that had occurred so far. Sure it wasn’t just me
and Mom like it had been since I can really remember. 

After we finished, Mom and Vince cleaned everything up. VJ gathered around the nicely decorated tree
and started pulling out the presents. Vince had done a nice job of decorating the house for the
holidays. There weren’t lights on the house, but everywhere else was decorated nicely. 

I reached over and took the biggest box from under the tree to Mom since it was from me. I sat and
watched her open it and saw the excitement in her eyes. Mom doesn’t get real excited. “Oh Matt, you
spend way too much,” Mom said seeing her new stand mixer.

“I couldn’t think of anything else,” I said.

“He beat me to the punch, Linda. It was a good thing we talked or else you’d have two of them,” Vince

“Sweet!” VJ hollered. I turned around and saw he was holding up a new iPad. He ran over and gave
Vince a hug. 

“Man, this is awesome,” I said.

“Here Matt,” VJ said and handed me a present. “I think I know what it is.”

I opened it up to find Vince had gifted me an iPad as well. “Wow! Thanks a lot!” I said. The truth
was I did want one having seen them around campus. “This will be great. A bunch of people take notes
with them. How I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.”

“Matt, you can use it for inspiration for your major as well, since you said you’d like to get into
developing apps,” Mom stated.

“For sure,” I said and went to hug Vince’s neck.

We sat around opening the rest of the gifts. I was able to take a few pictures along the way with my
phone. VJ had done a great job of helping Mom out in selecting my clothes, which included a few pairs
of shorts and a cover for my new iPad. I also got some nice shoes as well that I could wear every
day. VJ ended up with a lot of new clothes that Mom had picked out for Vince since she knew what he
liked, as well as a new game and a few other gadgets. Mom got mostly clothes and a very nice necklace
from Vince. Vince got the regular stuff like clothes, though he also got a new putter since he
enjoyed playing golf. 

VJ and I headed up the stairs after opening our gifts. He was excited with everything he had
received. He really showed a lot of emotion around his Dad. 

“Dude, we scored big time,” he said.

“I guess we did. I’m still shocked at this new iPad.”

“Me too, but Dad knew I wanted one. Sure beats what Mom got me for Christmas. Get this shit, dude,
all she gave me was a shirt and a pair of jeans. Let’s get fucking real here.”

“Well, it depends on what shirt and pair of jeans.”

“They were Polo, but they came from the outlet store. I don’t wanna sound like a spoiled brat but
really, Mom? I think it was fucking David’s doing. He hates me, but the feeling is mutual.”

“Look on the bright side. Your dad came through.”

“Yeah, he sure did. Your mom did great. Heather will want me in these sweet new clothes, just like
Corey will really want you in yours.”

“I’m sure he will. Now let’s see what these bad boys will do,” I said and pulled out my iPad. VJ
seemed to know all the tricks and was really sharp even just getting one. I came to find out a few of
his friends had them so it wasn’t his first time messing with one.

As we were messing with them, I asked, “Have you decided on a college yet?”

“Nah, not yet. I retook the test a few weeks ago and am gonna wait to see how I did. If I just score
a few points higher, then I can really pick where I want to go,” VJ replied.

“Where’s that?”

He named two colleges nearby that were nice, prestigious and expensive. “Matt, I hope you’re not
offended but I have other things to consider beside just you and Chase.”

“I think that’s very smart of you. I have to remind myself all the time that the main reason for
going is an education. Those two schools are tough, but you’ll get a great education. Honestly, if
not for Kris, I would be going around here too. He was on my ass until I agreed to go room with him.
It was the best decision I ever made. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”

“Kris is a good guy. I bet he made it so easy on you. Were you worried at all… you know, being gay?”

“Very worried,” I replied. “My sexuality has never mattered to him and he didn’t let others bully me
either. He was always there for me. I too was shy and not the most sociable person…”

“There is hope for me then,” VJ said.

“There is. I can see you really blossoming in a college environment, wherever that will be. The main
thing is to pick the best one for you, because you’re the one that has to go and be there every day.”

We talked a little about college while messing with our iPads. He was on his phone texting his girl
and his friends. He said one of them was Chase. 

“Has Chase said much about what happened with his Dad?” I asked.

“Oh, a little about how he cussed him out for fucking around,” VJ replied looking up from his phone. 

“I don’t guess I’ve ever asked or know, but how old were you when Vince and your Mom divorced?”

“Umm.. I was thirteen, so about four years ago. Just the opposite of Chase… Mom was the one fucking
around, I think. Let’s put it this way, she married a guy she worked with about two months after they
divorced. She says nothing was going on but I don’t believe her.”

“Who knows? David has never hit you or anything has he?”

“If he ever tried I beat his ass. It’s just verbal abuse is all. He thinks I cheat to get good grades
because he’s stupid. I rub it in his face about my ACT scores,” VJ replied. “I’m glad it worked out
where I’m here for the holidays. They went on a trip.”

We continued to mess with our stuff. I went and showered before trying on my new clothes. Mom, with
VJ’s help, had done an awesome job. I loved my new jeans that fit me just how I like. My shirts were
awesome and great fitting. 

Our Christmas lunch was a little later than normal, which was okay since I was stuffed from
breakfast. Mom didn’t go all out like she normally did but it was plenty to suffice me. 

I was just up from the table and got a call. I saw it was Corey and answered. I stepped away to talk
privately and heard he was on his way. He was just getting on the road so it would be a few hours
before he arrived. He said he’d call if he had trouble locating the house.

The next few hours were hell waiting on him. About the right time, I heard the doorbell and raced
down the stairs to see Mom greeting Corey. He was dressed in a zipped up hoodie and new jeans. I did
quickly notice he had the top of both ears pierced. He set down his gift and gave me a nice kiss. It
was sweet with all eyes on us. 

“Someone is excited,” Vince commented.

“I am,” Corey said and handed a gift to Mom. “It’s not much.”

“Corey, it’s the thought that counts,” Mom said.

“Most of the time,” VJ said.

Mom reached and grabbed Corey’s gift. I knew what it was since I told her what to buy. It was more
jeans and a shirt. He smiled while Mom opened up an apron Corey had bought her. 

“Actually just what I needed,” Mom said.

“Whew,” Corey said and wiped across his brow. “I was hoping you’d like it. I couldn’t think of
anything else.”

We sat around and talked for a short time before I headed up to grab my bag for our short trip. We
waved goodbye and were out the door. He took my hand and led me to his car. 


Hope you enjoyed this chapter.   Just a few before the next semester kicks off.


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