Posted:  Jan 12, 2012

As Corey and I were sitting on the couch, enjoying our time alone, my phone rang. I saw it was Reese
and answered. He wanted to see if it was cool if he and Latham stopped by. Naturally I said yes since
Corey and I weren’t doing anything at that moment.

Within a few minutes they were at our door. I went to open it and greet them. They looked so cute
together, with Reese having let his hair grow out and Latham with his regular fauxhawk and earrings.
Reese had on a long sleeve tee and jeans while Latham wore a button up shirt and jeans.
Corey stood and greeted the two with a fist pump.

“Thanks for letting come over, Matt. Brax was being a fucking dick tonight and has been all weekend,”
Reese said with disgust.

“I see… You know you’re welcome anytime,” I said.

Corey spoke up at the fridge, “Anybody want a beer?”

“Ummm… yeah I guess so, but we didn’t come here for that,” Reese replied.

“Just bring us all one,” I said while they took a seat on the sofa. “What’s up with Brax being a dick
to you?”

“He’s jealous,” Latham replied.

“Boy is he ever. Last night, Latham was spending the night with me,” Reese said, taking a beer from
Corey. “We agreed right when we first started rooming together to never interfere when we had someone

“He basically watched us fuck,” Latham said.

“That sucks,” I stated. “I’ve been there myself. Kris was sometimes in the room when Corey and I

Corey laughed, “I think he enjoyed the show.”

“Did he turn on the light after you finished and say that wasn’t much? I was like, damn, it was
great,” Reese said and took a drink.

“I don’t think so,” I said. “He really said that?”

“Yes, he did. I wanted to beat his ass,” Latham said. “Just because you’re not getting any…”

“I’m catching up, but I still have a long ways to go to catch up with that slut,” Reese said. “He’s so
jealous that I finally have a boyfriend.”

“I can see where that could be a problem when rooming with another gay guy,” Corey said. “It could be

“Rooming with a straight guy like me…” Latham said.

“Does he know you’re gay now?” I asked.

Latham smiled, “He does. He said it was cool as long as he didn’t see me doing anything with a guy.”

“It could’ve been worse,” Corey stated.

“Man, I just love being around y’all,” Reese said. “Latham, hopefully we can be just like them one

“I hope so. They’re so down with everything,” Latham said.

I didn’t bring up Ted’s decision since he asked me not to.   We did watch some TV and just hung out. I
believe they enjoyed being able to hold hands and kiss without a worry.  

About ten, the door opened. Kris, Colt, Dillon and Sergio came in the door.

“Bro, y’all missed a kick ass game,” Kris said loudly, heading to the fridge.

“It was sweet,” Dillon stated. “Our team has some ballers.”

“Hell, they ain’t got nothing on me,” Sergio said.

Kris perked up, “Seriously bro, you can ball?”

“Hell yeah!” Sergio said. “All Conference guard two years running.”

Kris came back, “Gimme some. I want us to have a team this year.”

Colt rolled his eyes, “Great. Now you can see Coach Kris in action.”

“Fuck you,” Kris said and handed Dillon and Sergio a beer.

“Where’s mine?” Colt asked.

“Same place mine was. I’m not your slave,” Kris replied.

“You are in bed,” Colt said. We all laughed and were able to do so since it was just us.  

It was but a few more minutes before Ted, Luke and Myles came in the door. Ted was shocked to see
Reese there.

“Reese, follow me,” Ted said and gestured with his head.

“I’m sorry, Teddy. I’ll stop drinking right now,” Reese said.

“It has nothing to do with that, but we do need to have a long talk about that,” Ted said.

They headed out the front door.

“I have a feeling I know what that’s about,” Luke stated. “Ummm… I really could use a cold one.”

“The fridge is right over there,” Colt pointed, with a beer in his hand. “You’re not shit here, big

Luke laughed before heading in that direction, “Thanks for reminding me.”

Ted and Reese returned. I knew that Ted had told him he was staying for his senior by the glowing
smile on Reese’s face.

“Next week, everyone will know after they tell us where we’re going. Next year we’re getting in one of
the big ones, even though from what I’m hearing this year’s won’t be too bad,” Ted stated.

“You bet we are. We’re going all in next year,” Luke said and gave Ted a high five. 

“If that shit happens, I’ll have to change rooms. Luke’s head won’t fit through the door,” Myles

“Fuck off Myles. When you have people looking at you, holler back at me,” Luke laughed.

“Cocky,” Ted said. 

“I still can’t match Mr All American over there,” Luke laughed.

“It’s your goal though,” Colt said.

“It should be,” Corey spoke up. “I’m sure it’s Myles’s goal to at least get All Conference.”

“Hey now, I’m working on it,” Myles said.

It was great to have them away from the field and back among us. Luke seemed to enjoy being around us.
We heard all about the game while I wondered what Ted thought of Reese and his boyfriend. 

As Ted and his friends were leaving, he turned to ask Reese, “Do ya need a ride back to the dorm? Your
ass ain’t driving back either.”

“We’ll handle it,” Kris said quickly. “They can shack up here.”

Reese smiled broadly.

“Okay then,” Ted said at the door. “We’ll catch y’all later.”

“See ya, Teddy,” Reese said.

Dillon leaned over and patted Reese’s shoulder after Ted was gone, “Boy’s gonna get him some.”

“I hope,” Latham said with a smile.

“Who wants another one?” Colt asked standing.

“One more and we’re out of here,” Dillon replied.

“Don’t wanna get too wasted, huh?” Reese asked.

“You know it,” Dillon said.

After Dillon and Sergio had another they were gone. 

“Kris, thanks for speaking up earlier,” Reese said.

“Bro, you can stay, but you know the rule,” Kris said.

“No clothes until we leave tomorrow,” Reese replied. “Is that okay with you, Latham?”

“I guess so,” Latham replied. “Man, I can’t thank y’all enough for putting us together. Reese has been
so perfect for me.”

“We’re glad to help,” Colt said. “So how’s my brother doing?”

“Oh, he’s doing great,” Reese said with Latham’s arm around his shoulder.

I don’t think Colt wanted that reply. We were looking for dirt, but Reese didn’t say much we didn’t
already know. It was basically the same stuff we had done when we were living one floor below. They
didn’t sound as close as we were and had various groups that stayed to themselves.  

We bid each other farewell to end our night about two. I offered to get Reese and Latham some sheets
for the sofa bed but Colt wouldn’t hear of it, saying he would stay the night in Kris’s room so they
could use his bed. Corey and I laughed seeing them realize Colt gave them permission to fuck in his
bed by the two huge smiles that spread across their faces.

Entering our bedroom, there was only one thing on my mind and that was getting fucked by Corey. It was
a given that each room would be well used, with lovers showing affection for each other and having
sex, but there was a look in Corey’s eye that told me he had something in store for me that may top
anything happening in the other rooms.

I quickly headed into our bathroom to clean out while Corey started stripping down. I was quite
annoyed that it took so long because I just wanted to get back in there and ride Corey’s cock, but I
needed to do the job properly so we both got the most out of our sex.

As I dried off I saw my mesh underwear on top of our laundry basket and grabbed them, quickly pulling
them on, knowing Corey would soon have them back off me. I quickly checked myself in the mirror to
make sure I looked good for my boyfriend and then headed back to our bedroom.

I expected to see Corey lying on the bed, naked, with his cock rock hard and already lubed, ready and
waiting for my ass to slide down on it. Instead he was laid on his side with his head propped up on
his elbow, which made his bicep look huge, and rather than his cock being free it was trapped beneath
the fabric of a speedo that looked so fucking good on him I almost came.

“Fuck, you look sexy in those,” Corey moaned.

“Look who’s talking,” I said. “I don’t think you’ve ever looked hotter.”

“Really?” Corey asked as he jumped up off the bed and stood up, letting me see every inch of his
amazing body.

His usually spikey hair was almost floppy and hung down around his forehead, which made him look so
cute, despite the rest of him looking so manly. There was the tiniest bead of sweat running down the
thick neck I so loved to nuzzle against and kiss. His huge pecs rose up and down as if they were
trying to direct my eyes to his hard nipples. His toned and defined abs always excited me, but they
looked so much hotter with him in that speedo as they were all on show, all eight of them. The exposed
cuts and curves at his hips seemed to work together with his abs to form an arrow that pointed to his
thick, throbbing cock as it pulsed beneath the fabric.

My body shivered and I felt so much love for him in that moment. I knew it was special when he could
still make me giddy just from seeing his body after two years together. It was still as much of a
thrill as it ever was to know I would soon be in bed with this stud, feeling his thick cock inside me
as he made love to me.

I stepped up to him and ran my hand over his chest. He shuddered at the contact and then growled as he
pulled me against him so our bodies crashed together and his lips attacked mine with so much passion I
was glad he wrapped his arms around me or I may have struggled to stay on my feet. When we broke the
kiss we pressed our foreheads together.

“Fuck, I love you,” Corey said.

“I love you too,” I replied before I slid my hand down his body until I had my hand on his cock.

I was about to reach inside the tight speedo so I could stroke his beautiful bare cock but he pulled
my hand away. I looked at him in confusion and he moved in to kiss me again.

“You’re mine tonight, babe,” Corey said with a mixture of lust and love. “I’m taking the lead and
you’re just gonna have to trust me.”

“Okay,” I nodded.

He put his big hands on either side of my face and kissed me again before he picked me up and threw me
back onto the bed. I had barely landed when he was on top of me, his whole body covering mine, and
again his lips were on me. It was so hot having him take control and basically dominate me because I
knew at the same time he would never hurt me.

He buried his face in my neck and used his lips and tongue to tease a spot he knew drove me wild. I
threw my arms around him and clawed at his back. He was making me feel so good and my dick was so hard
I thought it might tear the mesh of my boxers in desperation to get out.

He licked his way up my neck and nibbled on my ear. I was moaning beneath him and my cock was leaking
as he began to slowly thrust his thick dick against me. I let out a yelp when our cocks rubbed against
each other and felt my back arch. Corey just pushed me back down onto the bed and covered my mouth
with his, slipping his tongue between my lips to muffle the moans and cries as he humped against me.

He pulled back from the kiss but never let up on the rhythm he used to send his dick sliding up and
down the length of mine. I gasped at the sensations he was sending through my body and then screamed
as he lustfully bit my lip and tugged on it slightly.

I had never been so hot for him in my life. My hole was literally twitching, wanting him to just shove
his hard cock inside and fuck me so damn hard until we both shot our loads.

“Fuck me, Corey,” I moaned. “Please fuck me.”

“Not yet, babe,” Corey said, still grinding against me.

I was panting so hard and he just kept rocking his hips back and forth, rubbing his cock against mine.
My dick was leaking so much I could feel my precum as it pooled on my skin and started to trickle down
the side of my leg. The fact we were still wearing our underwear make me so fucking horny. I just
wanted to feel his bare cock on me, rubbing all over my body until he rammed it inside me.

“Please Corey,” I gasped. “Fuck me.”

Instead of answering me with words, Corey pressed his lips back against mine and made out with me
again as he kept humping against me. He had me so worked up I was just about at breaking point and
tried to push him off me so we could fuck.

Usually he let me roll him onto his back so I was on top, but this time as I pressed my hands against
his chest he just gripped them in his own hands and pinned my arms back against the bed. He leaned
over so his face was hovering over mine and our eyes were fixed on each other. I saw nothing but lust
in his and knew I was in for one hell of a night.

With me pinned to the bed and unable to move under his strong grasp, he thrust even harder against me
and the friction felt incredible. The mesh on my underwear was pressed against the head of my cock and
the sensations made my whole body jerk. I could feel Corey’s cock actually dripping precum onto mine,
even through two layers of fabric and knew he wanted me just as much as I wanted him.

I spent maybe another minute at his mercy with his beautiful eyes staring down into mine. I was
panting for breath and was covered in sweat, but he had every part of me tingling and I had to have

“Fuck me, Corey!” I begged. “Fuck me now! I need your thick fucking dick inside me so bad. Just shove
it in. I don’t care if you don’t use lube I just need to feel you pounding my fucking ass.”

“You’re so fucking hot, babe,” Corey smiled, leaning down to kiss my lips.

“Fuck me you fucking hot stud,” I said, staring into his eyes.

“You want me to fuck you?” He asked and I knew he was teasing me.

“I want you to fuck me every which way you want, Corey. I want you to fuck me all night long and then
again in the morning.”

“Am I the best you’ve ever had?”

“YES! No one compares to you. FUCK ME!”

He kissed me again and then let his grip go on my arms, leaning back so his ass was sitting on top of
my hard cock, pinning it beneath him. He moved his hips in slow circles, grinding his ass against me,
so even more jolts shot up my dick and ran through my whole body.

I tried to beg him to fuck me again but the breath caught up in my throat. I lay beneath him knowing
that I was totally his. He could have done whatever he wanted to do to me and I would have just taken

That seemed to be what he wanted because he was studying my face and when I completely submitted to
him he jumped up off me, pulled me to the edge of the bed and almost ripped off my underwear before
pulling his off and throwing them across the room. We were done with foreplay. He was gonna fuck me.

No more words were spoken as he rubbed lube all over his cock and then lifted my legs so they were on
his shoulders. He didn’t bother applying lube to my ass, he just thrust in and we both screamed.

The friction inside my ass was unbelievable when he drove his dick into me, but his cock was slick
enough that it didn’t hurt. He pulled completely out of me and then rammed his dick back in, repeating
the process over and over again, drilling me so hard I was screaming as he actually moved me up the
bed with the strength of the thrusts.

Corey never missed a beat though and moved up with me as he started to hammer my ass. He pinned my
legs back and just wailed away on me, pounding me so hard his balls were almost hurting me as they
slapped against my ass. Even though he was being so hard and rough there was still tenderness as he
fucked me. I loved every minute of it. It was exactly what I needed.

“Yes! Fuck me, Corey! Fuck me!”

“Your ass feels so fucking good on my cock. Take my fucking dick,” Corey groaned.

I loved feeling him slide in and out of me. His dick felt so different to Colt’s when that was inside
me. Corey filled me up like no one else and stretched my ass, making it feel more like he was taking
me and claiming me as his own. I loved it.

He kept fucking me hard for another few minutes until I heard his breathing change and knew he was
getting close. Instead of pounding in to me to finish off, he slowed down and pushed my legs from his
shoulders so they were on either side of him and he could lean in for a kiss.

His thrusts became slow and rhythmic and his tongue slid into my mouth as he held me close. In
literally less than a minute he had gone from fucking me senseless to making love to me.

He made sure I felt every inch of his cock as he continued to hold me and pulled back to look in my
eyes again. His dick was almost slipping out of me with how far he pulled back, but he never let it
fall from my ass before he pushed it back in and gave me the most amazing long dicking of my life,
really driving his dick in deep.

I was moaning and clutching on to him as he moved in and out of my ass and I pulled him down for
another kiss as he made me feel so good. His dick was running over my spot almost constantly, but I
hadn’t touched my dick once since we started and it lay hard against my abs, desperately wanting
attention but getting none.

“I love you,” Corey smiled.

“I love you too,” I said. “Now fuck me hard again and make us both cum.”

Corey smiled and pulled his body up off mine. He took my legs in his hands and held my ankles so I was
spread eagled. With that he went back to pounding my ass and we were both screaming as the sweat
poured off our bodies.

I was clutching the sheets beneath me and throwing my head side to side in so much pleasure that I
didn’t even realize how close I was until my dick jumped off my abs and started spraying my body with

I collapsed back onto the bed and Corey pulled his dick out of my ass. He quickly crawled up the bed
and jerked his dick over my face until he covered my cheeks and hair with his load. I reached over and
milked the last few drops of cum out of his dick so I could lick them from his slit.

He fell down beside me, “That was fucking incredible, Matt. I was so worked up.”

“You were worked up? Neither of us touched my dick and I shot one of the biggest loads of my life. You
fucked the cum out of me, babe.”

“I hope you could feel how much I love you,” Corey said as he cleaned me up and pulled me into his
arms for a long kiss.

“I could. You gave me everything I wanted and so much more,” I smiled, cuddling up to his chest. It
wasn’t long before we were both fast asleep after the perfect mix of hardcore fucking and sweet, slow
love making.

I woke just before ten and exited my room. The aroma of coffee filled my nostrils once I was out of my
bedroom. Kris was sitting naked on the couch, staring blankly into the TV. It was on but his eyes told
me he wasn’t really watching. I grabbed a cup of coffee and could feel the slight chill in the air. 

I sat next to Kris and put my hand on his knee. “Is there a problem? I don’t want to hear you and Colt
have hit that point where…”

“Colt’s fucking awesome, bro,” Kris cut me off. “Nine years ago Friday, I lost my best friend…”

I leaned over and kissed the tattoo he had for his brother on his big chest.

“Bro, I had a dream last night that Nathan was here with us and loved every minute of it. It felt so
real,” Kris said with emotion in his voice. “You’d think by now I’d be well past that shit. I’m pissed
it took a dream to make me realize I forgot a day like that.”

“You may never be past it. You have done great lately and have handled it so well.”

“How do you handle your Dad’s passing so great?”

“Bro, our cases are so different. I did love him, but we weren’t close like you and Nathan were. Now,
I will miss him, since this was about the time we had our own little Christmas together.”

“I guess so. I’ve been awake since five thinking about Nathan. Fuck, we’d have such a good time
together now. I know he’d just love Colt as much as I do,” Kris said.

“Oh I’m sure he would. He’s probably been smiling and maybe laughing a little that you have that
someone who is a man,” I stated and took a sip.

Kris smiled, “I still laugh a little at how it’s all worked out. It’s weird how he left me but I’ve
found a great replacement that understands me so well.”

“Colt is a great guy…”

“Bro, get real. I was talking about you. You understand more of my crazy shit than anyone. We may not
be exactly like we used to be two years ago, but we’re still there for each other. I don’t know that I
could be quite as open to Colt, whereas I can tell you just about anything,” Kris said. “Well most

While Kris and I were talking and drinking coffee, Latham and Reese came out of their room. They were

“Hey, thanks a million,” Reese said.

“What’s the hurry?” Kris asked.

“We’ve been here way too long,” Latham replied. “We need to get moving today. I know I have a shit
load of studying to do.”

“Understandable,” I stated.

“We’ll see ya,” Reese said, heading to the door.

“Bye,” Kris and I said together.

Once they were gone, I commented, “They are so cute together. Reese seems so happy.”

“Yeah, he’s getting some dick, bro. Remind me to tell Colt to change his sheets later,” Kris laughed.

“He is getting some. He was telling me earlier about him and Latham in their room having sex with Brax
watching them… sound familiar?”

Kris laughed, “I never watched you and Corey.”

“I call bullshit on that,” I laughed.

“Okay, maybe a few times,” Kris conceded. “I feel better now. Now when Corey gets his lazy ass up,
we’re going shopping. Tell me something I should get Colt.”

“You pretty much have the same taste in things, so buy whatever you’d want.”

“I guess I could, but I was hoping for something really sweet.”

“That credit card is burning a hole in your wallet,” I said.

“Nah bro, I just wanna get him something he’d really like,” Kris said with Colt coming out. Kris stood
and kissed him. 

It wasn’t long before Corey was up. He did give me a good chuckle seeing his hair a mess and going in
every direction. Still he was so cute and adorable. We had breakfast before Corey and Kris readied for
their shopping trip. I can only imagine how that would go and what they would buy.

Once they were gone, I dressed and headed out to get away for just a few minutes. I drove around our
area before feeling like I was being directed towards the cemetery. Since Kris was speaking about
Nathan, guilt entered my head for not visiting Dad.  

I parked and headed out to his grave. Nothing had changed since the last time I was there. The thought
was maybe Gloria had stopped by, but if she did there was not one sign. I sat down next to his
headstone in my hoodie with the wind blowing. 

“Dad, I’ll miss not coming to your house for Christmas this year. It was usually about this time of
year I’d come. I guess you’re still wearing that shirt I bought you last year. You probably know, but
Mom is getting remarried. Vince is really a super guy and treats her well, but it won’t ever be the
same. I wish you’d been around when I was growing so I could have great memories of Christmas of us as
a family,” I spoke quietly to his grave. I stood and wiped off my jeans. “I’ll be back. Don’t worry
about me. I’m making it just fine. Even though we weren’t that close I miss knowing you were close

It was a quiet and slow walk back to my car. It was eerie walking alone among the many graves. Inside,
it felt good knowing I had come and said a few words to him. I can only imagine how it could be for
someone like Kris who really lost someone they were very close to. 

Parking back at our apartment, I saw Bishop getting out of his ride. I threw up my hand to wave. I
knew he saw me waving but he continued right on walking. I will never understand why there was a
sudden change in attitude from him, or it could have been that he and Alex kept their true feelings
hidden for a long time before the blow up.

Once inside, it was easy to see and hear that no one was home. I pulled out my laptop and organized
what was needed for the coming weeks. I hated the schedule I was given for finals, but I could deal
with it. After finishing, I called Mom to talk and tell her about my day and visit. While doing so, I
remembered what Kris said about Colt’s bed probably needed the sheets washed. I said goodbye to Mom
and headed to Colt’s room. It was trashy as usual, with Colt’s clothes piled near his closet. On the
night stand, there were two condom wrappers and a used condom, along with an open bottle of lube. I
picked up the condom and did see a tear in it before disposing of it. Once the comforter was pulled
back, it was clear to see a few cum stains littering the sheets. It didn’t disgust me but made me
smile since Corey and I would have done the exact same thing, and had done it before. Reese had come a
long way from never been kissed to now enjoying the full benefits of a steady boyfriend.

As I was doing laundry, Kris and Corey came in the door laughing and carrying on. They really seemed
to be having a good time.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Kris was modelling shit and got hit on by this guy,” Corey replied. “He really knows how to act gay
when he wants to.”

I laughed, “I’ve seen the act before.”

“Bro, I’ll be honest, I had no idea there were that many gay guys around here,” Kris stated. “Here let
me show you.” He pranced across the floor with his hand on his hip. After spinning around, he headed
back across the floor. 

Now Corey and I were laughing with Kris really embellishing his act. “No wonder you got hit on.”

“No shit,” Kris laughed. “So where’s Colt?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. I went out for a little bit and he wasn’t here when I got back. So what’d
you buy?”

“We’re not telling,” Corey replied. 

“Good, I love surprises,” I said.

“You have two big days coming up so you’re one lucky dog,” Kris said with the door opening. Colt came
inside red faced and sweaty. “Damn, where’d you run off to?”

“Chase called and said they needed another player at the courts. There wasn’t anything else to do,”
Colt replied, removing his shirt.

“You missed your gay boyfriend,” Corey stated.

“Ummm… I guess so,” Colt said.

“No, he put on this act at the store…” Corey stated and continued to tell him what they had told me.
Kris got back into the act and really did it all up, adding a few touches to Colt’s sweaty taut body.

“Hey, when’s the next dance of y’all’s?” Colt asked after he stopped laughing.

“I smooth forgot it,” I replied and laughed. “It was last night, but I don’t think we missed much.”

We settled down and kicked it together for a while before Kris and I headed out for our run this
Sunday night.

“Kris, I went to see Dad today,” I stated as we were stretching in the cool night air in our shorts
and shirts.

“Bro, how was he?” Kris asked. 

“Nothing had changed. I see now why you don’t like going to Nathan’s grave. It was real peaceful
though. I went and told him a few things.”

“When I get home, I need to do that. I have a shit load to tell him, but he already knows. I talk to
Nathan a lot and I know he’s listening. Sometimes it feels like he answers me. I know that’s weird.”

“Not at all, it’s your way of making things better,” I said and hoped that came out okay.

“Bro, Corey and I have all the plans for the holidays,” Kris said, changing the subject.

“Like what?”

“Well, for one, we’re celebrating New Year’s here,” Kris said while we started out. “Tonight we should
find out where we play. You can bet your ass we’ll be there if it’s anywhere close. Then it’ll be
Corey’s big day.”

“I see you do have it planned out to a tee,” I said, running next to him.

“Bro, we’ve got it all planned out. It’ll be fucking epic!”

“I’m sure it will,” I said.

We continued our run and returned back to the complex. Kris and I entered the room and found Colt,
Corey, Shawn and Scott gathered around the TV. 

“Five minutes and they’re gonna tell us where we’re going,” Colt stated looking up.

“Awesome,” Kris said and moved to get a clear view of the TV.  

I stood and drank some water as the show began. They announced the big bowls first, which meant
nothing to me. 

As our team flashed on the screen, I saw we were playing very close to my home. 

“Fuck yeah! Gimme some of that!” Colt screamed as he jumped. “I know a bunch fucking guy that will be
there for sure!”

“Hell yeah!” Shawn said.

“How perfect is that shit?” Kris asked. “Just like we planned it. Ted was right and said we’d be
playing there.”

“Yeah, let’s go see Ted!” Colt shouted.

“I’m with ya,” Shawn said.

Shawn, Scott, Colt and Kris bolted out the door with great excitement. I laughed with Corey sitting

“I’m not sure, but I think they’re a little excited,” Corey stated and laughed.

“You’d have thought they’d hit the lottery. It’s just a game,” I said and moved to sit next to him. 

“It is that, just a game, but I think we have plans,” Corey said.

“I heard you and him made our plans for the break…”

“More like Kris made the plans. They’re cool. It gives us something to do.”

“I guess you’re right.”

We waited until the foursome re-entered our apartment. “Get this, bro, Ted wasn’t that excited,” Kris

“It’s just old news to them. It means they have to practice more,” Corey stated.

“Hell fire, they love practicing,” Colt said. 

Kris sat and had the plans mapped out, with everyone staying at his place. Scott, Shawn and I reminded
them who would be of age at the game so we could really rub it in their faces. 

It took a little while for them to settle back down. Scott headed out and said he needed to get things
in order for his finals. His saying that didn’t affect anyone else. Something told me the upcoming
week would be a lot of late nights studying and cramming for finals. 

As we were sitting around, Kris asked, “Shawn, we missed you last night. Where were you?”

“Tell him, big boy,” Colt said.

Shawn broke off a smile and nodded his head in a cocky way, “I had a fucking date.”

“Good for you,” I said. “How’d it go?”

“It went just fine. A girl at work set me up with one of her friends. She was actually pretty damn hot
if you ask me,” Shawn replied.

“Did you get any?” Kris asked.

“Nah, but I really didn’t give it my best effort. I didn’t wanna run her off, you know,” Shawn

“Fuck that, dude. I always tried to see how far I could go so I knew what I was dealing with,” Colt

“I guess you wanted a fucking slut then,” Corey said and laughed.

“Nothing wrong with that,” Colt said.

“Bro, I hope it works out for you. You really need a good girl around,” Kris stated.

“Hell, if Ethan can have one, I know I can,” Shawn laughed. 

“I bet Cody is so jealous,” Corey said.

“Ah, he deals with it and goes on. You know I’ve been amazed at how really good they are to have as
roommates. I was a little sceptical at the beginning, but we really get along so well. They’re pretty
quiet and study a boatload during the week. Now I’m glad I didn’t get the assholes,” Shawn said. “You
know they won’t even say a word to me.”

“Join the crowd. I waved at Bishop earlier today but he acted like he didn’t even see me,” I stated.
“I get the four of us, but you?”

“No sweat off my back,” Shawn said. “I haven’t missed hanging around them. Bishop was really starting
to think he was better than us. He said something like he’s glad he doesn’t have to work like a dog
just to get by.”

“What an asshole!” Kris said. “So what if our folks aren’t rolling. Tell me one thing we’ve missed.”

“You’re right there,” Shawn said. “I do have student loans out the ass though, but that’s just part of
it the way I see it. Well, I guess a better head out. I’ll see y’all around.”

“See ya,” I said.

Once Shawn was gone, I got up and was about to head to my room. 

“Where you going?” Kris asked.

“I’m going to study,” I replied.

“I was actually waiting on our lecture,” Kris laughed. “I knew you were going to bitch us out for not
getting ready for our finals.”

“I promised I wasn’t gonna get in your business anymore,” I stated, standing. “If you don’t do well
then you have no one to blame but yourself.”

“I’m going. I can feel a royal ass chewing coming,” Corey said and stood. “I need to study so I’ll be
ready come next week.”

Colt turned to Kris, “I need to as well. You can do what you want but my ass ain’t failing.”

“Alright,” Kris said. “It has to be done or else no sleep all next week.”


I really hoped you enjoyed this chapter.   Again, I want to thank my editor for all his work.   Just
one more and the semester is completed.   

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