Posted:  January 9, 2012

The calendar had turned once again and it was now December. Some days I wondered if it really was
December and others told me very quickly winter was on the horizon. 

Kris and I left the apartment and began stretching for our run here on Thursday night.

“Bro, it ain’t long ‘til your big day,” Kris stated.

“It’s not…”

“Act excited about it. Dammit, your ass will be 21! Wanna change places with me? I would,” Kris

“I’d be more excited if I was at the end like you are. Instead I’m sort of the beginning. I guess I
could go out with Scott, Shawn and Dillon, but I’d rather not. I can wait until we can all go out
as one.”

“Bro, I can’t imagine what mine will be like. Someone won’t be able to fucking walk,” Kris said.

“I guess not, for two reasons,” I snickered.

Kris looked at me and then caught on. “We’ll be so fucking wasted fucking will be the last thing on
our minds. Can you believe we’ve made it this long? I should break up with Colt right now so we
don’t have to buy each other a present.”

“That sounds more like Colt than you,” I laughed. “It’s hard to believe you’ve made it this long.”

“Without a fight either,” Kris added.

“Amazing,” I said and headed off with him.

We made our normal run with a stop at the park to rest and watch some guys play some hoops on this
cool but tolerable starry night.

“Kris, have you thought about maybe getting a team together for the basketball season next

Kris, now with just a little hair on his chin, looked at me, rubbed the stubble and said, “That’s
not a bad idea. The only problem is we’re without a point guard.”

“You’ll find one, surely.”

“We’ll see, but thanks for the idea. It is a lot of fun coaching basketball,” Kris added.

We ran back to the apartment and headed inside to find Dillon and Sergio sitting with Colt and
Corey. Kris and I retrieved some water and caught our breath before taking our places. 

As we were talking, Sergio said his parents had no idea he was dating a guy, and the same went for

“I really don’t think my parents would give a fuck, but the time was never right to tell ‘em,”
Dillon said. “I didn’t catch my pops fucking around and blurt it out…”

“The best time ever for me,” Colt laughed.

“I doubt I’ll ever tell mine. They wouldn’t understand in the least,” Sergio stated. “Things are
good as they are and we have enough problems as it is without me adding to them.”

“It takes time,” I said. “Kris knew his would be okay with it since his brother was gay. I didn’t
think my mom would take it that well.”

“Bullshit,” Kris said. “Linda would be okay with whatever your ass does. You’re a momma’s boy if
there ever was one.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Sergio said.

We continued to chat and enjoy the company. After Sergio and Dillon departed we sat around just a
little while. We retreated to our respective rooms with our lovers. Even after countless sex
experiences with Corey he still continued to thrill me and make our sex the best. Some would
consider fucking the same guy over and over boring, but it never was to me. When you love the
person like I love Corey, it wasn’t boring and was our way of showing our love for each other. We
were so comfortable with each other and knew each other’s tendencies. Of course, fucking at
different spots, as we had done, was exciting, but that couldn’t be done a majority of the time,
but it didn’t matter because every time with him was amazing.  

My Friday was about as normal as they come. Our classes were winding down and we were heading
towards finals. My grades were great and were a great source of pride. In today’s tough job market
I deemed it important to continue to succeed in the classroom to show future employers I had what
it might take to be a productive employee. 

Piles of laundry had my full attention after my classes since Scott said he wanted to forgo our
weekly swim with Yancey under the weather, like a lot were with the constant change from warm to
cold. So far none of us had even a sign of a cold.

I headed across to the main building to grab our mail. I saw a few envelopes, including one with my
name on it. I felt it and knew our cards had arrived.

As I was walking back I waved at Ted and Myles when they got out of Ted’s car. I headed inside
before hearing a knock. Ted was standing there in his hoodie and shorts.

“What’s going on?” I asked, gesturing for him to come inside.

“Not a whole lot. I wanted to tell you that I’ve made up my mind…”

“And?” I asked in great anticipation.

“I’m staying,” Ted replied. On instinct I reached out and gave him a big hug. It was as if I
grabbed a tree. “Whoa, I didn’t know you’d be that excited.”

I stepped back and realized I may have overreacted, “I’m sorry. I’m very excited you might say. It
wouldn’t be quite the same without seeing number 48 out there. I really don’t know much that goes
into your decision so what made you stay?”

“First off, just keep it quiet and don’t mention it to Reese either. It’s fine for you four to know
but I’ll announce it to the world next week,” Ted stated while we took a seat. “Matt, I wanted to
stay all along and found nothing that screams at me saying I needed to enter the NFL…”

“You’d do awesome, but then again what do I really know?”

“I saw a scout after the game last week and asked his honest opinion. He said I could go late first
round depending on how I did at the combine, but there was no guarantee. He told me what I already
knew and had been reading. If I desired, hell I’d be gone, but I know the average NFL career is
about 4 years. Then what? I want to graduate and have something else to fall back on. Who knows, I
could be a high first round pick and rip out my damn knee in preseason? Then I’m basically fucked.”

“It is smart that you’re staying then, if nothing else to have something to fall back on. You seem
to enjoy being a student too. I guess there are those that see college football as a stepping

“Exactly,” Ted stated with his arm thrown over the couch opposite me. “I do enjoy being regular Ted
more than football Ted. I’m ready to hang with the guys and enjoy life again. Sorry I haven’t been
able to do much of that.”

“We totally understand, plus you have a girlfriend. Right?”

Ted smiled, “Yeah, Alicia and I are doing okay. We had a little trouble but things are better now.”

“That’s cool. You need a good one, Ted.”

“I do, and it’s been great having a nice girl around, if you know what I mean there… Hell, I didn’t
forget either,” Ted laughed. “It was like riding a bike you might say. Boy was I ever nervous that
first time we were intimate, but I made damn sure I had protection.”

Now all I could picture in my head was Ted fucking a girl. I know it would have been so hot to see,
even if it was straight sex. “It’s scary for sure.”

Ted shook his head, “Some guys on the team are like proud to knock up girls. This one guy has the
third different girl pregnant in three years.”

“Damn, he should know better by now. Cover that shit up,” I laughed.

Ted laughed, “Tell me about it. I did put two boxes of condoms in his locker last week and told him
to use them. I mean come on! If you fuck, use a condom.”

“What did he say?” I asked.

“He laughed. You’d have to know him. He’s a wannabe, if you get my drift. He’s all tatted up and
thinks nothing about it, like some of the others on the team. Coach lit into our ass too about it
and said it was being so irresponsible. He was talking to all of us and trying to make us more than
football players by being good men. Some won’t listen.”

“It’s nice that he’s trying to show you there’s more to life than football. It is very
irresponsible. I can see it being a mistake one time, but three times is no mistake.”

“Amen, Matt. That’s exactly what I thought,” Ted said. “Changing the subject, I’ll be honest with
you, that cruise can’t get here soon enough. I can’t wait. I know it’ll be a blast.”

“You aren’t the only one,” I said. “When’s your birthday?”

“The first weekend in March, so I can really have a good time. Myles’s ain’t ‘til May, but like
that affects him. When’s yours?”

“The middle of this month,” I replied with a smile.

“Somebody is going to really get fucked up,” Ted laughed. 

“Maybe… but you’ve seen me fucked up… remember that party here?” I said.

Ted laughed, “Ummm… yeah! You were!”

We kept talking. I asked how he was doing in his classes. He said he was surviving. We talked a
little about Reese before Colt came walking in the door. Colt knew already but did have to pat Ted
on the back. He grabbed three cold ones and returned, handing one to each. 

This was the life like I never imagined, but it was great to sit around with friends and drink.
Colt had a few choice words to say about those on the team that fathered children as a badge of
honor too. 

Once Ted was gone I asked Colt if he was interested in going with me to the mall to do some
Christmas shopping. With little else to do, he agreed to go and thought I could pick something out
for Chase. Before we were gone Scott came down, so it was now the three of us. 

Colt showed his true manly side and didn’t have a clue what Chase would like. I easily picked out a
few shirts that I knew he’d like, along with getting one for VJ. Scott joined us and had one for
Trevor as well. We continued to shop, with me getting a few things for Corey, including a shirt. 

As we were coming out we ran into Toni. We talked with her for a few minutes and invited her to
come over and catch up. Colt saw an advantage to having Scott along and had him buy us some more
beer, along with a bottle of vodka and whiskey.  

With Scott off to see Jess, we waited for our guys to arrive from work. Before they got there,
Dillon arrived with his stash and Sergio right behind him. Sergio looked beat from working and
collapsed on the couch. 

Corey was a little ahead of Kris, who stayed to work out with Tabor. As we were sitting around and
having a nice cold one, we heard a knock. We yelled enter. The door opened with Toni walking in. 

“Hey girl, you did come,” I said.

“I didn’t have much else to do and thought I’d see what y’all were doing. I think I see now…” Toni

“Help yourself. The fridge is full,” Colt said.

I shook my head and headed over to get her one. Our selection was slim as far as beer went, with
only one kind. Toni didn’t mind and took one. 

“So what’s been happening around here?” she asked.

Corey and I looked at Colt. Colt spoke up, “Ummm… well… Kris and I are now together.”

“What? I damn sure didn’t see that coming,” Toni said, almost losing her drink.

“It just happened you might say,” Colt stated just as Kris was walking in. He hugged Toni and
headed straight for the fridge. He grabbed some water and a beer.

“Man, what made you stop by?” Kris asked and laughed.

“Oh I saw Colt, Scott and Matt at the mall. Now I’m glad I did. I hear you switched teams,” Toni

“Not switched teams, no, but we’re seeing how the other side lives,” Kris said. “I take it you met
our buddies, Sergio and Dillon.”

“Fuck no. I was beginning to think we were invisible,” Dillon laughed.

“Sorry,” I said and introduced them to her. I wasn’t thinking and should have done it when she

As we were sitting around Ted and Myles came over to join us. It was great for us to enjoy each
other’s company. Dillon and Sergio did liven up after a few and were in the mix. Toni was her great
self and was laughing up a storm. 

Dillon and Sergio were the first to leave and thanked us as they always did. Ted and Myles hung
around a little while longer. Ted told them about his decision to stay, which caused us to take a
few shots in the celebration. Myles still abstained and just watched.

About one or so, Ted and Myles headed back over to their apartment. Toni was reaching for her purse
when Kris stopped her. “Toni, we’re not letting you leave.”

“I’m fine, Kris,” Toni stated.

“Toni, you’re not,” I said and put my arm around her. “There’s plenty of room here for you.”

“I wouldn’t feel right,” Toni said.

“I don’t give fuck if you feel right. I’m taking your keys,” Kris said. “However, I won’t enforce
our stayover rule.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“No clothes until we shower or get ready in the morning,” Corey said.

“Damn,” Toni said and tried to snap her fingers. “Here I thought I’d get an eyeful. I miss seeing
your hot naked bodies.”

“You might get to do that for sure,” Colt said.

“Since I’m staying, get me another one and then I’m done,” Toni said.

Kris went over and grabbed her another one. I was done and was ready to head off to bed. Before I
left, I made certain we had clean sheets for the sofa bed. Toni stated it would be an honor to
sleep where so many had before.

Corey was passed out in our bed when I came in the room. It was fine by me so I just held him close
after making sure his alarm was set for the next morning. 

I was up on Saturday morning and felt the chill in the air. We didn’t turn on the heat much since I
lived with three guys who were always hot. I did remember to grab some shorts and left to start a
pot of coffee. It was beginning to be my new addiction. I came out and saw the sofa bed had barely
been touched. 

Kris came walking out naked while I was sitting and eating. I looked at him while he poured a cup
of coffee.  

“Damn, it was good to see Toni last night,” Kris stated.

“Why Kris? Why?” I asked.

“What the fuck?”

“Don’t what the fuck me. I’m not fucking stupid!”

“Bro, for your information, it’s none of your fucking business what we do in private!” Kris said,
raising his voice.

“Just tell me why you had to have sex with Toni, of all people,” I said and was trying to hold back
my feelings. I wasn’t sure whether I was pissed or just disappointed.

“Fucking ask her ass why! She wanted us!”

“You have no restraint whatsoever.”

“Fuck you, Matt! I know what happened and you don’t!”

“I don’t give a flying fuck how it happened. All you and Colt had to say was no!”

“So we fucking didn’t! Live it with it! We both fucked her and she fucking loved it!”

“You’re something else, you know that?!”

“Damn right I am. You need to come off your high horse!”

Colt came out and must have heard us arguing.

“What’s going on?”

“Matt thinks he can fucking rule over us!” Kris replied.

“Fuck that!” Colt said. “You’re not perfect, you know?!”

Now we were all mad. “I know I’m not, but at least I don’t fuck a good friend!” I shouted and

“The hell you don’t! How many times have you fucked around with Scott?”

“Scott’s different!” I shouted and started walking away.

“That’s bullshit and you know it! When you fucked us was that different too? We’re adults here and
can do whatever the fuck we want!” Kris shouted.

“Good! Show me you’re a goddamn adult!” I said, turning around. “You two were made for each other!”

“Damn right we were!” Colt shouted. 

I went to my room and slammed the door. I paced around the room and was so mad now, whereas before
I was just disappointed. I sat down on my bed and looked in the mirror. I wasn’t perfect by any
stretch of the imagination, but I felt like somehow this wasn’t all Toni’s doings. I know them both
so well that I’m sure it was on their mind if she even hinted at it and they took advantage. I
guess I should be disappointed in Toni as well if she suggested it. 

I played on my phone and tried to get my mind off the little argument. We had a tendency to let
little things blow up into full-fledged disasters. 

I was stewing over things when I saw my door slowly open. Kris was knocking quietly, with Colt
right behind him.  

“Bro, is it cool if we come in?”

I nodded. They sat on either side of me. Kris’s arm went over my bare shoulder while Colt’s went
around my waist.

“With this show of love it’s gonna be really hard to stay pissed at y’all,” I said.

“We know this is the best way. Yeah, maybe we were wrong, but shit happens,” Kris said.

“Matt, please understand we proved we are bi,” Colt said.

“You didn’t need to prove that, at least not to me,” I said.

“I did to me, if nobody else,” Colt said. “Remember all this is so new to us. Both of us are still
trying to sort this shit out. Other people can think what they like, but we need to know the truth
about ourselves.”

“I know,” Kris said. “We want you to realize that we are adults and make our own decisions. We have
to live with the consequences of those things, or try to at least. You didn’t make it easy by
questioning me a little while ago.”

“I was disappointed with both of you…”

“Add Toni to that,” Colt said. “Don’t just make us out to be the bad guys.”

“Okay, her too,” I conceded. “Part of it is respect as well.”

“I respect her. Sure we were all drunk as fuck, but she said how hot it would be to see how bi we
were,” Colt said. “I wanted to say no darling but her hand was rubbing my dick and she got me so

“Believe or not, girls need dick too, unless they’re lesbians,” Kris said and chuckled.

“From now I guess I’ll keep my mouth shut,” I said.

“You can ask, bro, but accept what we say. I’ll admit I got a little fuckin’ pissed when you asked
me. I really didn’t wanna be questioned,” Kris said. “While we’re at it, don’t get pissed or throw
a fit if we use our new cards.”

“I won’t, but just watch it,” I said.

“Our limits aren’t much so we really can’t spend a ton,” Colt said.

“It really was none of my business what you do with it or what you use it for. However, I might
suggest you leave a little so you can use them on our cruise. Now, I see it as a big step in our
process of growing into men who will have responsibilities. Try as I might I can never rule over
you. I saw that I was overstepping my boundaries a little. It’s just that I care so much for both
of you,” I stated.

“We care for you too, and we appreciate every thang you do for us. We need at least someone
watching over us, but let us fall on our ass a few times or we’ll never learn,” Colt said.

“Bro, are we cool now?” Kris asked.

“We are. I’m proud of you two for coming in and settling this on the spot,” I said. 

Kris pulled me close and gave me a wet kiss. Colt waited and gave me another kiss. Both were great,
but they weren’t enough. I leaned back over and kissed Kris with lots of tongue and the temptation
to grab his cock like I often did with Corey. I finished up with Kris and gave Colt the same exact
treatment, but with more hands. He did push my hand down and make me feel his bare cock. 

“I love both of you,” I uttered.

“I love you, too,” Colt said.

“Me too. You know I love you,” Kris said. “Well great, now that is over and done with. Tomorrow he
and I are taking our turn and going shopping.”

“Sounds good to me, but don’t let him…” I started to say and stopped. I laughed. “I can’t rule him

“You sure as hell try to,” Colt laughed. “He likes it, especially here in this bed of y’all’s.”

“Maybe I do rule him in that area,” I said and smiled. “I sorta like it when he rules me in here,
though. I don’t mind submitting to him.”

They laughed and departed. If nothing else, they both had great asses and I sure as hell looked,
even though I’d seen them so many times. Just like with Corey, the sight of their taut naked bodies
never got old.

By the time I was up and about, Kris and Colt were nowhere in sight. It did free me up to tidy up
the place without them being around. I went through our fridge to see what needed to be bought and
made a list. It wasn’t hard when beer dominated most of it. All I could do was laugh and see
college boys written all over it. 

While I was talking to Mom on my phone, Corey came home for work. I hung up but was finished
talking with her anyway. I stood and greeted him with a warm kiss. He grabbed my hands and held
them while we stood inches apart. 

“How was your day?” I asked.

“Much better now,” he replied. “It was the same shit as always. One of our machines broke. Two
people were late. One guy broke his arm playing basketball. So it was just your regular day at the
Rec you might say. What’d you do?”

We took a seat. “Well… I kinda got into an argument, or heated discussion, with our roomies. I take
it you noticed…”

“I did. What was up with that?”

“Like you even have to ask,” I said shaking my head. “I got a little mad.”

“You know you can’t control them.”

“I know, but it was also about respect as well. They said it was Toni who wanted it,” I said with
Kris and Colt coming in the door. They had their hands full with groceries. “We’ll talk about it

“Remind us not to fucking go to the store on a Saturday afternoon. It was awful,” Colt stated.

“Yeah, it was a zoo. Bitches don’t know how the hell to park or control their damn kids either,”
Kris stated.

“Thanks for going. I’d made a list and was going in the morning,” I said.

“We’ll sure let ya next time,” Colt said.

Corey and I went over to inspect what they’d bought, along with seeing the bill. They had done
fairly well and hadn’t purchased things we wouldn’t eat or didn’t need. Now it was a trick finding
space in the fridge and freezer. 

“So what’d y’all do after I passed out last night?” Corey asked.

“Fuck you!” Colt said and laughed.

“Bro, we’ve already been down that road. Here Matt, look at this shit,” Kris said and pulled out
his phone. It was a message from Toni: Luv u 2. Let’s do it again.

“Okay, I guess I was wrong then,” I stated. “I’m over it now so let’s move on.”

“So what’s shaking tonight?” Corey asked.

“Colt and I going to the basketball game if y’all wanna go,” Kris replied.

Corey looked at me. “Ummm… not really what I wanted to do. I guess Matt and I will stick around.
Y’all have fun and tell us all about it.”

“We will,” Colt said. 

Corey and I were sitting on the couch. “So how’s your mom been?”

“Alright, I guess. She sounded okay when I talked to her earlier. I’ve been thinking that I really
need to change when I’m at home. I do it here some nights. If not, I’m gonna turn out to be just
like her,” Corey replied with his arm around me. “Also, while I’m thinking about it, let’s keep our
Christmas gifts to a minimum this year. I’d rather us go somewhere between Christmas and New
Year’s. You know, just the two of us at maybe some hotel for a few days. I can see that I’ll need
that time with you.”

I smiled and kissed him, “I like the sound of that. Since we have birthdays so close that’s a great
idea. You do know that you can just stay with me at my house.”

“I know I can, but I want us to be alone. Right now, I really enjoy it being just the two of us,
even though I know Kris and Colt are still here.”

We sat and talked by throwing out ideas for where we could go for a few days. It got me excited
with the thought of doing so. Kris and Colt came out and were looking very hot. I grabbed my camera
and had to take a few pictures. My favorite one was of them kissing. 

“Bro, we’ll be back… unless we run into another girl that wants us to prove to them we’re bi,” Kris

“Have fun, and good luck,” I said.

“Sure you don’t wanna go? We’ve got a big crew going, including Ted, Luke and Myles,” Colt asked.

“Nah, we’ll go next time,” Corey replied.


Hope you enjoyed this chapter.   There are just two more before the semester ends and then a few
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