Posted:   Dec 18,2012

I woke about my usual time after the two birthday parties on Saturday here in early November. It was
great that Dillon and Scott’s were so close together so we could have a big blow out. I looked to my
right and saw Corey with his big veiny arms behind his head and his eyes looking at the ceiling fan
as it turned. I leaned over and kissed him.

“What were you in such deep thought about?” I asked.

“Oh just thinking and getting my shit together for today… say, would you mind it if we went over to
Trey’s house for a little while today? He’s been after me to go over for a while now.”

“Corey, you should have said something earlier and we could have gone. I take it he’s still with…
ummm…” I stuttered trying to remember Trey’s partner’s name.

“Towson,” Corey said. “He is. Trey always asks about you.”

“Then we’re going for sure. What did you think about last night?”

“My boyfriend did a great job. It was so perfect and wasn’t really overdone. I loved just listening
to everyone talk…”

“I noticed you were quiet.”

“Tell me, with all of them talking when did I ever have a chance to get a word in?”

I laughed, “True. Something tells me that Alex, and maybe Bishop, are going to take the hard road on
Kris and Colt.”

“More like be a jackass if you ask me. What does it really matter? We’ve made two new great
friends,” Corey stated. “They fit like a glove with us. Something tells me Sergio’s parents don’t
have a clue what’s going on there.”

“I think so too. I assume Dillon’s do, but he hasn’t said. Every day I realize how lucky I am. I had
Kris and Mom that never once questioned me. Then I struck gold finding you right off the bat. I just
knew it’d be a struggle to find that perfect one.”

“Me too, but damn we’ve made it over two years. It seems like yesterday when we first met. I don’t
even wanna think how different my life would be without meeting you.”

“Mine either. It’s been one hell of a ride plus I love your dancing last night.  That was so
perfect,” I said and kissed him. He pulled me closer and kissed me in return. We pulled on each
other’s lower lips and battled with our tongues. 

We untangled and went out with the intention of finding something to eat. The smell of cleaning
solution filled my nostrils when we opened the door. Kris looked up from wiping down the counters.
“Bro, since you did all the cooking…”

Colt emerged from the bathroom, “We had to do this or else our asses would be dirt.”

Corey laughed, “Matt wouldn’t dare.”

“No, I’d just do it, but I’m glad you two are.”

“Could someone please tell me how come no one can hit the toilet?” Colt questioned.

“Maybe their head was spinning,” Kris laughed. “Why do you think I wanted you in there?”

“I should have known,” Colt replied.

We grabbed some cereal and sat down with Kris finishing up. I could hear laundry being done as well. 

“Matt, you about shit last night when you heard there were cops here,” Kris laughed.

“I just knew it was our time. So far, we’ve avoided any run-ins with the cops.”

“Yeah, that was strange about them going in Dillon’s place,” Corey said. “No wonder we never saw

“All I know is they got some fucked up info,” Kris said and grabbed some juice. He pulled up a chair
and turned it around backwards with his cock sticking through the spindles. “Tonight, I suspect more
of the same with us watching the game.”

“Kris, is there any way possible maybe the four of us could watch it without everyone else?” I

“We could, but you know they’ll come down here,” Kris replied.

“It would be nice if maybe it was just a smaller group. I would feel better as well,” Corey said.

“Bro, I noticed you didn’t chime in,” Kris said.

“With you, Colt and now Dillon, along with Tabor and Chase, when do I have the chance?” Corey asked.

“Ummm…” Kris said and played with his stubble on his face. “Maybe we could have Dillon and Sergio
over. Bros, they need us and have said over and over how great it is to hang with us.”

“I could handle that,” I said.

Colt came out and sat down with us. We talked about the party. We laughed when Colt said he’d slap
Kris down if he bought him books for his 21st birthday. I didn’t see anything wrong with it if that
was what Dillon enjoyed. However, I was surprised to see printed versions with all the electronic
readers now on the market. Corey told them our plans to start our day. Kris agreed that Corey and I
should do that since Trey did ask him over often. We continued to talk and remembered Juan was
missing from last night. Colt told us Scott mentioned that Juan was taking him out tonight. 

Corey and I were out the door just before noon, heading off to visit Trey and Towson. We found their
place again but needed a little navigation help thanks to my phone. 

Trey greeted us at the door and welcomed us inside. Towson walked over and gave us a big friendly
hug. “We’re so glad you could come,” Towson said.

“We should have come earlier,” I said and couldn’t help but notice the huge tattoo coming out from
under Trey’s short sleeve Polo.

“I’ll have lunch ready in about five. Would you like a glass of wine while you wait?” Towson asked

“You know I do,” Trey said.

“That I assumed,” Towson said.

“I’ll have whatever Trey is drinking. I wouldn’t know the difference any way,” Corey said with a big

“I’ll have water,” I said.

We took a seat while Towson was in the kitchen. Trey told us Towson was excited and had gone all
out. For lunch, we were having roasted chicken sandwiches, homemade potato salad and salad. Towson
handed us our drinks and asked whether we wanted our sandwiches hot or cold. We said hot. Corey and
Trey chatted while I was in full observation mode. I watched how a true gay couple operated since I
was never around ones as mature like Trey and Towson.

Once our sandwiches were ready, we sat at their table. The sandwiches weren’t simple but had all the
toppings and Dijon mustard. The potato salad was homemade and the salads were romaine lettuce topped
with a vinaigrette dressing. Everything tasted great. I was munching away and listening to them

“Trey and I are going off for the holidays. We’re leaving right after Christmas to spend New Year’s
in New York,” Towson said.

“Wow, that sounds fun,” I said. “It would be awesome to see that ball drop.”

“I guess we’ll be there watching it,” Trey said. “Towson has always wanted to go to New York and
this is our Christmas present to each other.”

“Man, I know you’ll have a great time,” Corey said.

“I can’t wait to see a play and just see the great museums they have,” Towson stated.

“I’d like to see a real play once…” I said.

“Not me,” Corey said. “I’ve went with Matt twice… never again.”

Trey laughed, “Those are nothing compared to Broadway plays, Corey. I sometimes wonder if you really
are gay at times.”

“He is, but more masculine,” Towson said. “You are too, or else you’d never work at the Rec Center.”

“I don’t think he’d enjoy the museums either,” I added.

“Hey, I went in Amsterdam. I didn’t know what the hell I was looking at, but I was there,” Corey

“Oh my God, I’d die to visit Amsterdam. I know those museums are the best. Where else can you see
that many Van Goghs and Rembrandts in one place?” Towson said.

“I tried to tell him that,” I laughed. “The city is great.”

“I told you that Matt and Corey were going. Matt won the trip,” Trey said to Towson.

“Sorry, but I forgot. Sadly we didn’t win this trip,” Towson said. 

We continued to talk. We finished up eating with Trey helping Towson clean up. We moved into their
well decorated living room and took a seat. 

“So how long have you two been together now?” Towson asked us.

“Two years,” Corey replied and threw his arm around me. “I don’t know what I’d have done without my
man here.”

Trey laughed, “I know how you feel. I’d be so damn lost without Towson. He keeps all of our stuff in
line, like our finances and this apartment.”

“Someone has to do it,” Towson said. 

“Ain’t that right,” I stated. “We got to keep our guys in line.”

“Not in line, but organized. You should know by now, Matt, you won’t ever be able to totally control
him. I can’t control Trey,” Towson said.

“He tries,” Trey said. “Lord knows he tries.”

Corey cut his eyes at me. “Like y’all, we’re a couple. I’m learning everyday it takes two to make
this damn thing work. I’m glad Matt does keep some things in line, such as my studying.”

“We learn everyday still,” Trey said. “If there’s a problem, we work it out until it’s solved.”

“We go for a walk before it becomes a major problem,” Corey stated.

“That’s a great idea. Never go to bed mad, plus there’s no way you’re getting laid,” Trey said.

“I know that’s right,” Corey said. “I hate to ask, but who else can I ask about this? Is the sex
still great after as long as you two have been together?”

“You make us sound old,” Towson replied. “Yes, Trey still thrills me to no end…”

“We have intercourse about four to five times a week,” Trey said with Towson slapping his arm. “Hey,
they’re friends. I assume they wanna know about this shit or else Corey wouldn’t have asked.”

“I know, but you didn’t need to tell them that,” Towson said.

“Sometimes more if we’re horny. I’m sure you two know how that is,” Trey said.

“I do,” I said. 

We continued to have a very frank and mature conversation about sex. It’s not often we can do so
like this with two gay men who have a very stable relationship. I didn’t feel embarrassed like I did
around Mr Jackson since they were closer to my age. 

We left after spending about an hour with them. Corey had three glasses of wine during our stay so I
took the keys. We thanked them for having us over and left on this windy, cloudy day. 

“Remind us to do that again,” Corey said.

“I will. It was different prospective than what we usually hear.”

“I know that’s right, but it was a good one. That’s how I see us in two or three years.”

“I do too,” I said and leaned over to kiss him before driving off.

Since we were out, I decided now was the time to buy Corey a new computer. His old one had been
running okay but there was no telling when it could crash. If that happened, he’d lose lots of
important material he had stored for his classes.

“Ummm… what are we doing here?” Corey asked when I drove into the parking lot to Best Buy.

“I don’t wanna hear it, but we’re buying you a new laptop.”

“Mine’s doing okay.”

“It may be now, but tell me how old that thing is?”

Corey thought, “I don’t have a clue. Mom got it right before I came here. Matt, it suits me just

I exited his car and started to the door. Corey followed right behind me. We entered and were
pointed the way. We walked over and started gazing at the many that were offered. A salesperson did
speak to us but let us look. 

“Corey, don’t worry about the price. We’re a couple, like you said earlier. I have plenty of money
so pick one out and we’ll get it,” I said since he was looking closely at the prices.

“I’m not letting you buy me one.”

“No arguing. This is for you. I want to buy you it so you will succeed. That can be your payment to
me,” I said firmly without being loud.

Since Corey wouldn’t settle on one, I chose one that would suit his needs for now and in the future.
I told them which one we wanted and saw Corey stand there with his hands on his hips. We took the
new laptop and were escorted to pay for it. I pulled out my debit card and paid for the computer.

We walked out to his car and got in. He didn’t say a word and spoke up once we were in the car.
“Matt, thanks. I probably do need a new one. I let my manly side shine through right there.”

“Corey, you have never ever asked me for one thing. I had to force you to get new clothes. I know
we’re really just dating and living together, but I wanted to do that for you.”

“We aren’t just dating. We are way more than that now.”

“We are to me.”

“If not for Kris and Colt, we’d be damn close to Trey and Towson. In a way I don’t look forward to
the day when we leave those two, but then in a way I do.”

“I know what you mean,” I said with us talking in his car. “We love them to death and love living
with them. I know now we’d make it together alone, but we’re so happy living with them.  We all know
that day is coming when you and I will move on.”

“Thanks, I owe you.”

“You don’t owe me one thing. You give me so much.”

We returned after trying to shop for groceries but saw way too many people trying the same thing.
Kris was sitting with Colt’s arm around him and was leaning his head on Colt’s bare chest. Both had
shorts on. Kris straightened up when he heard us enter.

“How’d it go?” Colt asked.

“It was nice,” Corey said.

“Bro, you finally broke down and got a new computer I see,” Kris said.

“Not without some persuasion,” I added.

“Matt bought it for me,” Corey stated, almost embarrassed to say so.

“You dog!” Colt said. “I love you too, Matt.”

“Bro, Matt’s got the cash. When he’s been fucking your ass for two straight years, then he’ll buy
you one,” Kris joked. “Now Corey take Matt and fuck him ‘til he can’t stand it.”

“It has nothing to do with sex or him whoring out for me,” I said.

“I was kidding with you, bro. You’re lovers and do stuff like that,” Kris said.

“Exactly, plus Corey was gonna let his die before he bought one. Then it’s too late,” I said.

Corey and I took a seat on the sofa. Corey opened the box and pulled out his new shiny laptop. 

“Kris and I were talking earlier. We think we should ask Dillon and Sergio to go with us on our
cruise. We do have 2 spots open,” Colt said with Corey starting his computer.

“Nice idea,” I said. “Let’s wait just a little while longer. We thought we had a few others around
here that would be in our group…”

“Yeah, what’s up with that shit?” Kris interrupted.

“I guess we weren’t good enough or something,” Corey spoke up.

We talked a little bit while Corey let his new computer come to life. In short order, he had it up
and running. He took his old computer and transferred his old data to the new one. Kris and Colt
gathered behind as we marveled at the speed and a few gadgets it had, like a good webcam. 

“Tonight, who is coming over?” I asked with all of us standing near.

“You wanted just us, so I guess it’s just us… well maybe Dillon and Sergio,” Colt said. “Chase
called earlier and said he and his buddies were taking in the game at their dorm with Jess since
Juan and Scott are going out.”

“I’m glad Juan and Scott are doing something together,” I stated. “I hope nothing happens…”

“Like what?” Kris asked.

“Driving drunk,” I replied.

“They are smarter than that, or I hope they are,” Corey stated surfing the web. “Hey, what’s this
about this coach here?”

“We heard that on the news earlier,” Colt said. “Knowing the press it’s probably a big lie. No coach
would openly molest kids in a locker room.”

“God, I hope not,” I said. “I hate that though.”

“Our coaches will be on their toes though,” Colt said. “Coach hates it when there are kids around
and now I see why.”

“Really y’all think that shit is true? If so, what a sick bastard!” Kris stated. “No old man should
ever do that shit to a kid.”

“Let’s hope not,” I said. “I just hope they see it as some sick dude and not how gay men really

“We know how they look at us. Hell, they think we are child molesters,” Corey said. “Look at how
many straight guys do that shit too.”

“I know, but the press wants to throw negative shit at the gay community, especially with all this
wedding stuff around the country,” Kris said.

We sat around with Corey and me playing on his new computer. Whether he wanted to admit or not, I
think he liked it. He was finding new things on it every time I turned around.  

About four, Dillon sent Kris a text to see if we were interested in grabbing something to eat before
watching the game. Even though Corey and I ate earlier, we still agreed to go along with them. We
dressed and soon had Dillon and Sergio standing at our door hungry and ready. In the time I had been
around them both I noticed they were always nicely dressed. Dillon always had on designer jeans and
shirts while wearing some nice shoes. We were quite the opposite, especially Colt in his Wranglers
with a nice ring on the back pocket. 

We were about to get in when Shawn pulled up in his truck and asked where we were going. We said to
eat. He said he’d be ready in five minutes and to hold on. 

Shawn came back out and was followed by Cody. I was beginning to see that our night wouldn’t be so
quiet after all. I drove and didn’t trust Kris or his driving, while Dillon took his car. 

“Don’t say a word, Matt,” Kris said in the car.

“I wasn’t gonna,” I said. “I can always dream.”

They laughed. We headed out to eat BBQ at a place a little ways from campus.

We headed inside and found a large table to accommodate the eight of us. They took our drink orders,
with Cody, Shawn and Dillon ordering a pitcher of beer. 

“How cruel and mean are y’all?” Colt asked.

“Sorry, but since we’re of age why not enjoy the benefits,” Dillon replied.

“They wanna see me slobbering over here,” Kris laughed.

“Boy, I can’t ‘til after Colt’s birthday,” Corey said. “Every night before Kris turns 21, the three
of us are going to be just like this.”

“Fuck,” Kris said with the waiter right behind us. We ordered with Corey and me splitting a plate. 

“How was Ethan’s date?” Corey asked Cody and Shawn.

“He was pissed he didn’t get any,” Cody said. “He’s trying again tonight.”

“At the frat house, we lived by the three date rule. No pussy after 3 dates and her ass was not
worth dating,” Dillon laughed.

“I think Ethan likes her so that will be a test of whether he’s just looking to get laid or not…”
Shawn said.

“That’s where gay guys have it made. Tell me a guy who isn’t looking for sex on the first date,”
Sergio said.

“Sergio, everyone is different,” Corey said while we were served our drinks. I know Shawn had to
feel the eyes on him while he poured the beer. 

“I was looking every time to get laid when I went on a date,” Dillon said. “Boy, this is some great
beer. Sorry Kris you can’t enjoy it with us.”

Kris flew up the bird with us laughing.

“The question is how or why are you dating Sergio now?” Shawn asked.

“I found that something and someone I was looking for. I thought it would be a girl but that someone
just happens to have a dick. It scared both of us to death,” Dillon said.

“Did you ever look at guys before you and Sergio hooked up?” Cody asked before taking a drink.

“I did and admired them. I think Kris and Colt are the same way. I still look at girls and wonder
what it’d be like fucking them too. I still have all those urges,” Dillon said. 

“I’m with ya there, bro,” Kris said.

“I guess each to his own,” Cody stated.

“So you guys haven’t ever been with another guy?” Dillon asked.

“Never,” Shawn replied.

“Me either,” Cody said.

The conversation flowed effortlessly until the heaped plates of food arrived. Every plate looked so
good and smelled just as good. I grabbed a tasty messy rib and chowed down on it. Not much was said
while we filled our mouths. 

We left the restaurant with enough time to make it back before the game started on TV. Before we
came inside, Kris, Colt and Shawn grabbed a dip from Colt’s can. If nothing else, it would keep them
from drinking as much. 

Dillon saw them with the Skoal in their lips and stuck out his hand, “It’s been forever since I had
a dip. Now would be a great time after that fire barbeque we just demolished.” Dillon packed the can
like a pro and stuck the wintergreen stuff in his lip.

“Let me tell ya. There’s a ton that dipped in frat,” Sergio stated.

“Do you miss it?” Cody asked with a beer already in his hand.

“Truthfully, I don’t. There are some really great guys but you have to put up with so much shit,”
Dillon replied. “Then it’s trying to outdo each other in clothes, cars… you name it.”

“That’s the part I hated,” Sergio added. “Dillon could afford it, or his folks could, while I was
scraping by and still am.”

“I noticed Dillon was rolling,” Kris stated.

“I’m damn lucky,” Dillon said. “No offense to any of you guys, but I don’t see that you guys are.”

“We’re not,” Colt said. “Matt is and that’s just because his dad passed away. He’s an only child so
he got everything and did just sell his house.”

“What a suck ass way to get a little cash,” Sergio commented.

The talking stopped when our team trotted out onto the field. We commented on how fired up Ted was
for he was jumping around and slapping everyone’s shoulder pads.

“I wanna meet that guy,” Dillon said. “He’s a stud. Kris, I saw you and Colt talking to him Tuesday
in the parking lot.”

“You should have come over. He’s a great guy. I miss that he, Luke and Myles can’t hang around us
that much,” Kris said.

“He misses it too and told me Thursday he’ll be glad to start hanging around us again,” Colt said.

“Bros, before we start, we need a drinking game,” Kris loudly stated.

“Let’s do it so when Luke throws a touchdown or we get a turnover we drink, but not ‘til then,”
Corey said.

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Cody said.

We agreed to Corey’s plan that was similar to the last time we watched. I didn’t understand why we
needed to make it a game but it was pretty fun last time we did it.

Before Luke threw his first touchdown, the guys were getting antsy as could be. A loud roar went
over the room when he hit a receiver for a short score. Better yet, it put us up just before the end
of the first quarter. So far, Ted had played like a wild man and was seemingly in on every other
play. Myles was on the field and made one really nice tackle to stop a player short on third down.

Before the half ended, we were able to drink two more times with an interception and a long
touchdown throw by Luke. We were up by a touchdown, but most stated we were in good shape. 

During halftime, I headed out on the patio. Corey followed me out with Dillon out there smoking a

“Is there a problem, Matt? You haven’t said much tonight,” Corey asked me while I took a seat.

“Ummm… let me finish this smoke and I’ll leave you two alone,” Dillon said.

“You’re fine, Dillon. I just needed some air and space,” I stated. “Nothing against anyone here, but
I felt the walls closing in on me in there and almost felt trapped. I love everyone, but there are
times when it’s nice to be alone.”

“Dude, I can see what you mean,” Dillon said. “I can’t really speak for Serge but this past week has
restored my faith and energy in this school. The time Serge and I were at that house I felt trapped
as well. Now you guys have been fucking awesome. Things like tonight, last night and the week before
are why I came to college… well besides an education. You guys have made it fun again.”

“We try,” Corey said. “Matt gets like this every now and then.”

“It comes from being an only child I guess,” I said.

“I can see that. You need your space and privacy,” Dillon said and stomped out his cigarette. “We
all need that from time to time.”

Corey and Dillon talked about school, with Dillon telling him all about his classes and how he
wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps in being an attorney. It helped explain why he didn’t work
and still had cash. I sat and listened while just staring across at the next apartment building. 

“Guys, the second half is about to start,” Sergio stated, poking his head out the door.

We headed in with Corey putting his arm around me. “Are you okay?”

“It helped getting out for a few minutes,” I replied.

We returned just in time for the start. The third quarter was exciting with our offense clicking and
scoring three quick touchdowns. Much to the chagrin of everyone, Luke only tossed one touchdown. It
was nice having a lead going into the last quarter. Still, Ted was out there giving it his all and
playing like a man possessed. The only comment I didn’t care for was the one about him being
eligible for the draft in the spring. 

To start the next quarter, Kris put his arm around Colt. Colt quietly pushed it away without much
ado. Dillon and Sergio didn’t hold hands or put their arms around each other either, but it didn’t
stop Corey and me. I suppose Shawn and Cody were used to us. We won the game easily and without much

As soon as it ended, Dillon stood and took Sergio by the hand. “I guess we’re out of here,” Dillon

“You don’t need to leave,” Kris said.

“It’s cool, Kris. I need to start writing a paper,” Dillon said.

“What some shit that will be,” Cody said. “Good luck writing it drunk.”

After downing another one, Shawn and Cody left the four of us to be alone. Kris stood and lost his
clothes as soon as the door was shut. “If they hadn’t been here, my ass would have been like this
all night.”

“That’s never stopped you before,” Corey said.

Kris sat back down and put his arm around Colt. “Bro, I almost fucked up earlier. I’m sorry. I
wasn’t thinking.”

“Huh?” Corey asked.

“Kris put his arm around me, like you two were doing, but I gently pushed it away. I’m just not
ready for that yet,” Colt said.

“I love you, but you’re so right. I don’t think Cody and Shawn would have cared, but why start shit
when it’s not needed,” Kris said. “Okay Matt, what did you say out there? I know it was something
for Dillon and Sergio to leave right after the game.”

“Well… I just said I felt the walls were closing in…”

“And how you liked to be alone,” Corey added.

“It was cool, though,” I said. “We did have a good time eating.”

“Except for the fact they were able to drink. What some rude ass guys!” Kris said.

“Just hang in there. Our day is just around the corner,” Colt said.

“Not a day too soon,” Kris added.

We sat around talking until Corey took me by the hand. “I need time to show my man here some love
and appreciation,” Corey said.

“That’s right. You need to fuck him for that sweet computer,” Colt said.

“That, and the fact I just wanna fuck him because he’s so hot and lovable,” Corey said.

We entered our bedroom and Corey locked our door so we wouldn’t be interrupted. I headed to the
bathroom to clean out and clean up knowing Corey wanted to fuck me. For a change, it would have been
fine with me if we didn’t have sex, but his tone told me he wanted to and he never rejected me. 

I walked out in my mesh underwear and saw a big smile on Corey’s face while he lay on our bed naked
and hard, looking so damn sexy. 

“Dammmmnnn, you are looking so fucking hot. Matt, I swear you’ve surpassed us all and look like a
damn model now. You’re so fucking perfect… that perfect V cut… those damn abs… perfect chest… God I
love you.”

I crawled over and kissed him with passion, straddling his body and rubbing my covered crotch
against his throbbing cock. “You’re so sweet, but look who’s talking there, stud.”

He attacked me with his mouth, letting his hands roam all over my body, caressing my back and ass
before he pushed me back a little, never letting our lips part, so he could run his fingers over my
chest and abs. His tongue slipped into my mouth and within just a few seconds I was so into him and
wanted him so bad. I reached for his thick, leaking cock while his hand was rubbing mine through my
underwear, running up and down the length, making me moan into his mouth.

He flipped us over so I was on my back and ran his hands all over my body, focusing on my pecs,
nipples and abs. I could see in the way his eyes were slightly glazed and how he kept licking his
lips that he thought I was the hottest guy in the world and it really turned me on. He looked so
beautiful and my dick was throbbing in anticipation of feeling him inside me. It amazed me that I
could find new ways to love him after two years together.

My breath caught in my throat when I felt his fingers trace along the lines of the V at my hips. He
was so loving and tender and made me feel so special. I felt something wet drip onto my calf and
looked down to see that a drop of Corey’s precum had fallen from the tip of his impossibly hard

His hands then moved down to my underwear and he ran his fingers softly over the bulge my cock made
as it threatened to rip the material and break free from the mesh. He pulled the waistband up for
just a second, letting my cock free as the cool air rushed around it, and then he let it go,
slapping back against my cock and trapping it beneath the fabric. He then moved his head down toward
my crotch and blew through the mesh, sending shivers all along my cock and up my body.

Pulling the underwear off and tossing them across the room, Corey climbed back up on the bed, so his
body was covering mine, and he again used his hands to caress and worship my body. I moaned when he
reached my neck and ran his fingers over the sensitive skin there, carrying on until he moved them
along my jaw and then gently on up over my lips.

I kissed his fingers and then he slowly bent down, covering me completely with his big body, and
holding my head in his strong hands, he gave me the most passionate kiss of my life as our hard
cocks slide against each other. I embraced him and we continued to kiss and roll around on top of
our bed.

The next ten minutes of kissing and petting had me raring to go and ready to enjoy sex with his
fucking great body that I loved running my hands over as we kissed. We ended up with him on top of
me, pinning me to the mattress. He pulled back from my lips, flicking his tongue over them, followed
by a smile that made my dick jump.

He moved down and nuzzled against my neck, using his lips and tongue to drive me wild. He knew just
what to do to get me moaning and I had a handful of his hair as he made me squirm under him. Then he
moved down and placed kisses all over my chest, gently biting on my nipples, which made me yelp and
my whole body trembled with my back arching and me pulling Corey’s face harder against me.

When I was flat on the bed again and had loosened my grip on his head, he leaned down and used his
tongue to slide down my stomach, licking each one of my abs and plunging it into my belly button,
fucking it with his tongue, just like he had done to my ass so many times. His touch was
electrifying and I threw my arms to the sides, gripping the sheets in my fists when he began licking
my cock, tracing the length with the tip of his tongue. My head was thrown back while he was licking
over my cock and balls, sucking each one into his mouth and tugging on them gently before he ran his
tongue back up over my cock. No shaving was also in line for our pubic hair as well. 

I was almost constantly moaning now. Corey had me so hot for him and was working my body to
perfection. He took my cock into his mouth and kissed and licked the head, stimulating me to the
point that I was pretty much screaming out in pleasure. He used one hand to play with my balls and
gently probe at my ass, while the other was travelling up and over my body, feeling my pecs and abs.
He was bobbing up and down on my cock and deep throating me, almost fucking his face onto my dick.

After he sucked and licked my cock with great vigor, he threw my legs in the air and pushed them
back to access my ass. He kissed around my puckered hole and then blew on it softly. I was delirious
as ever and feeling on top of the world. I was barely able to suggest he move around so I could suck
his cock but I wanted to taste him so badly and give him just a bit of the pleasure he was giving to

When he moved around and held his cock in front of my face, I almost jumped up because I was so
eager to suck him. With his hot thick cock in my mouth, his tongue went back to working his magic in
and around my hole. I was trying to please him but could hardly remain still with the great rim job
I was getting. My body was jerking around and was almost lifeless with the intense pleasure I was
feeling. Here I didn’t think I wanted sex with him tonight. 

He moved around after a short time and lubed up my ass, slipping his finger inside me and teasing my
spot with the tip, which had me begging for his hard cock. He put my legs on his shoulders after he
applied the lube to his throbbing cock. The head of his dick was at my hole and waiting to get
inside. He stared me in the eyes while I allowed him to enter me. My head jerked back feeling his
thick, hard, hot cock penetrate my hole and fill it up. “OOO fuck yeah,” I moaned.

“Do ya feel my love inside you?” he asked, perched above me with his palms on the bed, still looking
straight into my eyes.

“Oh yes I can feel it. Fuck me!”
With his cock going deeper, he said, “I love fucking the hottest guy in the world. He just happens to be
my fucking boyfriend.”

I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him to me. We kissed with Corey starting to pump his cock in and out
of me. We stayed lip locked with me moaning in his mouth as he drove every inch of his thick dick into me.
I broke the kiss and started pushing back with my ass. I was feeling so loved and damn near hysterical
with how great he was making me feel. 

We rolled around on the bed with his cock lodged in me and he seemed to get deeper than ever as he
continued thrusting. I ended up on top but his cock escaped my hole. Feeling empty, I rammed his cock back
inside me and began to ride him. He was pinching my nipples while I bounced up and down on his dick. It
all felt so good. I was moaning loudly with the sound of my hard cock slapping against his hot body as I
rode him. Sweat began to mount on our brows, but it was well worth it. 

He pushed me back to my back and took back over. Our pace was so perfect with us moaning and groaning in
unison. He picked it up until he was pounding me, really giving me his dick nice and hard, thus signalling
he was close. He pushed in deep and kissed me. His cock pulsated inside me. He was filling my ass up with
some much love and I couldn’t get enough.  

He pulled out of my ass after breaking a long kiss. There was cum all over his cock but he dropped down
and sucked me into his mouth. Creating a really tight seal around my cock with his lips, he bobbed his
head up and down, using his tongue on my shaft and head, to give me the best blow job ever. My hands were
on his head while his mouth jacked me off.  

“I’m gonna cum,” I moaned. He didn’t move and took my hot load in his mouth. I shot stream after stream
into his mouth.  After the final drop, I was now as lifeless as ever. 

Corey pulled off and shared a little of my cum he had saved. Snowballing after heated intense sex is a
great way to cap it off.  

We lay there in our bliss and smiled at each other. 

“I love you, Matt.”

“I love you too.”


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