POSTED:  DEC 5, 2012


I woke this Saturday before the end of October and heard the rain falling outside. It was game day
on campus with what promised to be one of the biggest games of the year. Then I remember something
about ESPN being on campus and how we wanted to go to be a part of the crowd. I saw it was just
before nine and knew it started at nine. I woke Corey up before leaving the room. Kris was up and
sitting on the couch.

“Mom just called and said they weren’t coming since it was raining,” Kris stated in his usual
nakedness on the couch where we had swapped blow jobs the night before.

“Okay, that’s fine. Remember that today…”

“Oh shit, it is!” Kris shouted and jumped off the couch. He ran to his room and screamed at Colt.

I headed back in the room with no time left to dress. Corey was dressed in a school shirt and
jeans. I found my shirt and dressed in a hurry. It was crazy for a few minutes with us running
around and trying to find stuff to keep us dry more than warm.  

We bolted out the door with rain gear and drove to the campus. We parked and sprinted to the set in
a steady rain. I heard the cheering and was surprised to see how many had shown up at this early
hour in the rain. We were at the back but still could see the four up on stage talking.

“Thanks Matt or else we wouldn’t be here,” Colt said.

“You’re welcome,” I said, but didn’t grasp the full meaning of this. It was nice that they were
here on campus. I stood and looked for anyone I knew until spotting Reese, Tabor, Chase and more of
their friends near the front. 

“This is tight,” Kris said.

“It’d be even tighter if we were closer,” Corey said, still trying to wake up. “I heard no

“Duh! It’s raining,” Kris said.

We continued to stand around with me enjoying the working of a television show and all that went
into it. As we were standing in the rain and getting wet, naturally, Alex, Bishop and Tom walked

“This is tight ass!” Alex said. “I never thought I’d see the day when they’d be here.”

“It’d be tighter if it wasn’t raining,” Colt said.

“All I know is we better win or else my weekend is totally shit,” Alex continued.

“Why’s that?” Kris asked.

“Dude, you didn’t hear? The Rangers got beat last night. The kicker is they should have won the
night before…” Alex said.

“He went ballistic when the Cardinals came back,” Tom added.

“Not once but twice. Then I knew we were beat last night. Our team just better win tonight,” Alex

“I think we will,” Colt said with the show resuming.

I stood there between Corey and Kris while trying to listen what was going on. It still meant very
little to me.

“So how was the dance?” Bishop asked us.

“It was fine,” I replied.

“What you’d expect,” Colt said.

“I still can’t believe you two went,” Alex stated.

“Me either,” Bishop said. “I get this dating part, but you really stepped out there last night.”

“We did, bro,” Kris said. “It was different alright, but fun in a way.”

“Whatever you say, Kris,” Alex said.

“Bro, what’s your deal now?” Kris asked.

“I’m like Bishop and get you two are dating now. I didn’t see it coming at all and am still a
little taken aback by it. I’m trying like hell to accept you, but it’s tough. I still see both you
dating girls and not each other,” Alex replied while we were listening to the four on stage talk.

“I agree it is different,” Tom added. “It really caught me off guard as well, but I like how
everyone gels together as a group and accepts each other for who they are.”

“The problem is we’ve known them awhile,” Bishop added. “It’s not gonna stop us from hanging out. I
haven’t seen much of a difference really. We just know they’re together now.”

“All we ask is that you accept us, bro,” Kris stated in the rain. Now, it was getting annoying that
we were here and very little was happening, other than a bunch of guys talking on stage.

After another commercial break, they came back on live. 

Alex said to us, “Guys, this is the big part where the old dude puts on the mascot’s head to say
who he thinks is winning tonight’s game.”

We listened carefully while they spoke. The first one picked the other team and got a loud round of
boos. The next one picked our team so we cheered. Then another against us before the old man
reached behind him. He pulled out the head of our mascot and put on top of his head. A loud roar
went over the place like never before. I guess that was why we were standing in the rain in the
morning to see what the old guy would pick.

Once it was over, we waited around and found Chase and his group. They seemed excited and really
enjoyed what we had just seen. 

“Reese, how’d it go last night? Did you get any dick?” Kris asked.

Reese laughed, “It went pretty well. Latham is a nice guy. And no I didn’t get any dick.”

“Not from him,” Deer laughed. “I bet you did from Brax.”

“Him either, asswipe,” Reese stated. “That was dope, huh?”

“I guess so,” Colt replied. “We’ll see you punk ass guys later.”

“We’ll see your gay asses later then,” Tabor said.

I grabbed Kris’s arm and knew he wanted to reply back. The veins in his neck bulged out, with his
face turning read. “Ignore that,” I said walking away.

“What the fuck is it?” Kris asked angrily, “First Alex and now them!”

We ran back to the car with the rain coming down hard as ever. Kris was fuming mad and let us hear
about his anger. We got out at the apartment and ran inside. Wet clothes went flying off when we
were inside the door.

“I’m fucking pissed as hell!” Kris shouted.

“Kris, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy,” Colt said.

“Why don’t they just keep their damn mouths shut?” Kris asked.

“I don’t know why, but until now we really have made it okay without much trouble,” Colt replied.

“Bishop, Alex and Tom were stating their true feelings I think,” Corey said. “I don’t think they
meant anything bad by it. Bishop did say it wasn’t going to stop us being friends. If they really
had a problem with it, we’d never see them or hear from them.”

“Bro, I’ll be honest. It was a shock to me at first. Think how long I’ve known you and Colt and how
close we are. They are adjusting to something they didn’t see coming. Now Tabor was trying to act
hard around his friends,” I said. “I know he didn’t mean much by it.”

Kris sat down after drying off. “Fuck! I wanted things to be the same as they were before.”

Colt put his arm around Kris, “They aren’t the same, nor will they ever be the same. We haven’t
changed, I don’t think, but our situation has. I know everyone was so matter-of-fact at first but
now they see it as a reality. They haven’t blown us off or anything.”

“I feel like they don’t accept us,” Kris said.

“I think they accept the fact you’re dating. Like me, it takes a while to see nothing has changed.
You don’t really show it,” I said.

“Maybe we should have never told them and kept it here,” Kris said. “It’s really none of their
fucking business what we do.”

“I agree,” Corey said. “I dealt with way worse shit. JJ and the guys at high school were cruel…”

“We’ve heard it before, Corey,” Kris said.

“I know you have, but I was stating a fact. You have it so easy here. Yeah, they’re questioning it
and don’t see it. You two don’t act gay,” Corey said.

“We’re not,” Colt added quickly.

“I know, but still some see bi as gay,” I said. “I hate taking Corey’s side on this but it’ll blow
over in time. Matter of fact, we’ll all sit together tonight like we always do. If they had a big
problem with you two, then they’d sit far away and we’d be hearing everyone cancel on our cruise.”

Kris stood and quickly walked to his bedroom. The three of us looked at each other. Colt started to
stand but I interrupted, “I know you’re his boyfriend, but can I talk to him?”

“Ummm… yeah, have at it,” Colt replied and sat down. 

I walked into his room and found him sitting on the edge of his bed. Kris had his head down and
looked up to see me. I took a seat on his messy bed next to him. “Not easy, huh?”

“No, it’s not easy,” he said shaking his head.

“You can’t let a few words here and there get to ya like this.”

“I know I shouldn’t, but damn!”

“It’s almost like you’re looking for a reason to bust someone’s ass if they say a word to you about
you and Colt.”

“I don’t do that.”

“I disagree. You didn’t blow up with them around, but you did when they were gone. I remember there
was this guy that was there when people didn’t agree with my lifestyle. He stood by me no matter
what. He was always there when I needed a boost and never let things or words get in the way. Now
it’s my turn to return the favor. I’ve been where you are right now. We’re not going make everyone
happy, but no one has shunned you and Colt yet.”

Kris turned to me, “It just hurts and pisses me the fuck off.”

“I know saying get used to it ain’t gonna help, but you should get used to it for a little while. 
Then like me and Corey, people will adjust and forget about it. I have never seen you so sensitive
and caring about what others think either. What happened to the ‘fuck it if they don’t like it’

“You’re right. I have cared more than normal about what others think.”

“Kris, you should on some things, but when it comes to your personal relationship that is your
business and your business alone. I can see you are so happy with Colt and love him. If it gets too
bad, then it will be the four of us living life to its fullest. The others will just miss out on
some great days ahead.”

“Won’t they? I do love Colt with all my heart. Every time I see him I get that funny feeling…”

“Love, bro. It still happens to me when I see Corey.”

Kris leaned over and kissed me on the lips. He broke the sweet kiss. “Thanks, bro. You said shit I
needed to hear. Best buds are still fucking awesome to have, especially those that know me inside
and out. Now, how come Colt didn’t come in here?”

“Cause I know you inside and out, though he really knows you inside,” I said and winked.

“His dick damn sure knows the inside of my ass. I love bottoming for him, even more than I do
topping his hot ass. There’s such a thrill feeling him hard inside me and knowing that he loves me
and that even though he’s the one on top and in control I know he’ll never hurt me or do something
I don’t like. I feel so safe in his arms. Matt, Colt and I were talking last night… When did you
and Corey know it was okay to ditch the condoms and go bareback? I want to feel his raw dick up in
me and have him cum inside me. See it makes me hard just thinking about it,” Kris said and pointed
down to his hard cock. I saw he was getting an erection from talking about it, but I got one as
well seeing him so turned on.

“To me, it is the ultimate in trust and is such a personal thing between two lovers. First, you
need to be tested, just in case. When you do, holler because Corey and I need to be tested again.
You are putting your life in your lover’s hands.”

“Do you ever worry with Corey?”

“If I start worrying, then it’s over. It means I don’t trust him anymore.”

After letting our erections fade, we headed out. Kris exclaimed he was fine and that I had told him
what he needed to hear. Colt understood which was why he allowed me to talk with Kris. They did say
Shawn had invited us to their place to party before the game tonight. Kris leaned over and kissed
Colt. A very hot make out session ensued with lots of cock grabbing and hands running all over
bodies. Their action got Corey heated a little so we followed suit and he took me in his arms as we
kissed and rubbed our hard cocks together.

Corey and I headed off to shower. I told him what I said to Kris and how Kris seemingly was looking
for someone to say something. Corey agreed that Kris had a chip on his shoulder but thought the
same about Colt as well. We agreed the two were lucky to have us and we were lucky to him them.

With the hot water running over us and still feeling horny as hell from making out, I soaped up his
ass as I washed his back and my hard cock slid into his ass. I wasn’t sure he was expecting to get
fucked in the shower but he didn’t object. He turned and smiled once I was balls deep in his great
ass. He moved his ass in circles, grinding it down on my cock to make sure he had every inch of me
inside him. He arched his back and reached a hand back to grab my hair as my lips found his neck
and I slowly started to fuck him with the water still hitting us. My hands moved to feel his great,
hard body and I ran my still soapy hands all over him, tracing his abs, playing with his nipples
and even squeezing his big biceps while my cock felt so good deep inside of him as I moved it back
and forth, fucking him slowly and making sure he felt all 8 inches of me. 

Corey turned his head for a wet kiss, with his hand still gripping my hair. I ran my hand back down
his abs and wrapped it around his hard cock, jerking it in time to the long thrusts I was making
into his ass. We kissed a moment or two before he leaned forward and pressed his hands against the
tiled shower wall, arching his back again to give me better access as I ran my hands up and down
his back before letting them settle on his hips. He moaned and cursed while we fucked, pushing back
off the wall to drive himself harder onto my dick as I started to pick up the pace and hammered his
ass with our flesh slapping together and the water flowing down the curve of his spine. It was just
so hot to have a boyfriend that was willing at any moment to have sex and who loved every moment of
it just as much as I did.

I pulled out at the precise moment of my orgasm and groaned as my cock pulsed and shot my load. My
cum hit his legs and the side of the tub. Corey screamed while I was cumming and I saw his legs
tremble as he released his load. I grabbed him and kissed him after our orgasms, running my hand up
and down his slick but softening dick. It was hard getting out of the shower but it was a great
long shower that left us both satisfied.

We were out the door a little early but we had little else to do. Opening the door, I saw it had
stopped raining, but was much cooler like it should be for the end of October. I looked to my left
and noticed a moving van parked in our lot, with two guys hauling in boxes to the apartment on the
other side of Reed and Emma.

“Maybe we should help them,” Kris said.

“We could since we would be early,” Corey stated, holding my hand.

We walked over to the moving van and waited until the two guys came back out. “Need some help
there, bros?” Kris asked.

The two looked at us. “Sure, we’d love some,” one guy stated. He was about six two and pretty fit
looking with shaggy blond hair. The other one had short dark hair, was shorter and looked to be
partly Hispanic, which was common around here. Both were pretty nice looking, wearing frat party
shirts that were common around campus.

Kris and Colt grabbed the couch and with ease moved it in their apartment. I grabbed some boxes
that were light. They just happened to be the closest ones within my reach while Corey grabbed a
chair and showed his strength.

Entering the apartment, it wasn’t hard to see that it was one bedroom. That made me wonder a
little. We finished up emptying out the van and came inside their place to rest a moment.

“Just so you know, we’re not a couple,” the shorter one stated. “I know it’s a one bedroom but we
were desperate for a place…”

“Our goddamn landlord sold the bitch we were living at so we had to find a place fast,” the other

“I had no idea there was even an open place here,” Kris stated, which was what I was thinking too. 

“One of us will sleep on the couch and the other in the bed,” the tall one said. “Oh by the way, my
name is Dillon and his is Sergio.”

“Bro, it’s cool,” Kris said and gave out our names. We shook their hands and took a seat where we
could find a place.

“Please tell us you guys party around here and this ain’t some boring ass quiet place,” Dillon

“Matter of fact, we were about to party some,” Colt said. “Generally, it is pretty quiet, but there
are times it’s not.”

“Well hell yeah then,” Sergio said. “This place may be the spot then Dillon.”

“You can come with us if you want. We’re going to the game after we party, or those of us who can
are,” Kris said.

“I don’t care how wasted I get. I’m going to that fucking game!” Dillon said. “Serge, I think we
have plans then. Beats unloading our stuff.”

“Before we go, there’s something you should know. It’s not all straight boys partying,” Kris said.

“I saw those two holding hands,” Sergio said, gesturing at me and Corey. “It’s not like all gay,

“Not all and yes, I’m gay,” Corey said.

“I don’t have one problem with that or your boyfriend,” Dillon said with an accent. “I’m sure you
could kick my ass if I did.”

“Not Corey,” Colt laughed. “So are y’all in a frat?”

Dillon looked down and laughed, “No, we’re not. We were invited and grabbed these things on our way
out. They’re old as hell, dude. Are you guys? You bowed up suckers look like you could be.”

“Nah bro, we’re not. It’s not our thing,” Kris replied.

“Ours either,” Sergio added. “So what time is the party?”

“Now,” I said. “We should get going.”

“They can wait,” Corey said. “It is BYOS.”

“Huh?” Dillon asked.

“Bring your own shit. None of us are rich so we have to bring what we drink,” Corey laughed at his
humor while I was wondering what BYOS meant as well.

“It’s cool, homey. We understand,” Sergio said. 

We waited for a few minutes for them to throw on some different shirts in their room together. They
grabbed some beer and headed out the door with us. We stopped by our place and grabbed a little as
well since Corey had brought it up, though they were still very in debt to us over the years they
had bummed off of us.

We knocked and entered Shawn’s full apartment. The first person I saw was Jordy talking away to
Scott on his hands. It had been the first time I’d seen him in a few weeks. I walked over and said
hi while Kris proceeded to introduce the two new guys. They seemed a little taken back by the
number there. As I was standing there, Toni walked over and gave me a big hug. I missed having her
around and really wish she’d come around more often than she does. 

“Holy fuck, if it ain’t Sergio Torres,” Cody shouted with a beer in his hand.

“Oh my God, Cody. You’ve changed,” Sergio said.

“Not a bit. I knew your ass went here. So how did you run into these cocksuckers?” Cody asked. I
thought Kris might go off for a moment, but it was slang, though still not right.

“Dillon and I were moving in and they came to help us,” Sergio said.

“We were coming here and that’s why we are late,” Colt added. “So how do you know Cody, Sergio?”

“Hell fire, we went to school for 11 damn years,” Cody said.

“I went to his dad’s church too,” Sergio added.

“Needless to say, it’s been a while since Cody has darkened the doors of anything like that shit
here lately,” Ethan commented. I stood listening and could tell those two were being normal and
pretty drunk.

Dillon put his hand on Sergio’s shoulder, “I’d say these two are pretty fucking close to being
white boy wasted.”

“Damn right we are. You two boys have some catching up to do,” Cody said and was getting louder by
the minute.

I waded through the crowd and took the first clear spot I could find. I sat down in front of
Garrett so I wasn’t blocking anything from him. We were sitting around having a few, or they were.
I didn’t feel up to being tipsy for the game, while it didn’t seem to faze many of the others. The
door opened and there was a rush to it. 

“Damn Rick, how you been?” Kris asked after hugging him.

“Oh pretty good,” Rick replied.

“Where’s the little woman?” Bishop asked.

“Oh, she didn’t wanna come with it raining,” Rick replied and was looking great as ever. He had put
on a little weight, but I’m sure my day is coming. 

Through listening and not really having to guess, Scott had told Rick where we’d be. Everyone
seemed to enjoy seeing him again. He was actually able to relax and enjoy being around us. With
Rick in the place, there were lots of good laughs and stories since he had been our RA. 

“Rick, what’s the worst shit you saw?” Kris asked.

“Yeah Rick, tell us. You can spill the beans now you’ve graduated,” Colt said.

“Can I Scott?” Rick asked.

Scott laughed, “I guess you can if it’s what I’m thinking about.”

“Brennan?” Rick asked.

“Oh fuck!” Brennan yelled. “He caught me and Scott fucking like damn dogs in the big room.”

“I thought someone was in trouble and found the key. There Brennan had Scott leaned over the arm of
a chair and just giving it all he had,” Rick laughed.

“That room was sweet,” Alex said. “Elise and I used it a few times ourselves.”

“Damn Alex,” Elise said hitting him in the shoulder.

Corey just looked at me and smiled. I knew he was going to tell about us fucking in there.

“So what was your favorite thing we did?” Kris asked.

“Well,” Rick said pondering. “I loved us watching the games when y’all were freshmen, and I really
enjoyed the party you threw for me at the end… no wait, I think you called it the ‘Turkey Run’.”

We burst out laughing.

“That was my favorite,” Toni said. “Nothing better than seeing a bunch of hot naked guys running
the hall.”

“You guys did that shit?” Dillon asked.

“It was the short week before Thanksgiving,” Scott said. “You’ll find out that a bunch of us aren’t
afraid to show our shit.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Rick said and laughed. “It took a while for them to warm up like in their
freshman year. By the end of the year, I just quit telling guys they needed a towel. Hell, by then,
everyone knew each other’s dick size and how much hair they had. Then last year, no telling how
many times I saw naked people in the hall.”

“That’s us alright,” Alex said, “especially Kris.”

Kris did look at Alex but he kept his cool. It was the truth. The time flew by with Rick there. It
actually deterred the drinking a little bit. We paraded to the bathrooms and gave them a good
workout before it was time to head over to the stadium. Rick didn’t want to leave, but neither did
I. If not for the big game, I could have spent the entire night with all of us reliving our past.
It did make me smile knowing we had a great experience to the beginning of our college life. 

Before we left, Kris ran over and was talking to Rick with Corey while Colt and I stood waiting for
them with Dillon and Sergio.

“Guys, thanks for inviting us. Even though we didn’t know any of that stuff was you guys were
talking, it was still a blast. I can tell you guys are tight,” Dillon said.

“We are tight,” Colt said. “Now I’m ready for a little kick ass football.”

“I guess so,” Sergio said. “We usually don’t go but we do have student passes for this game big

“They are so much fun. Colt works with the team and Luke, Ted and Myles have an apartment over
there,” I said and pointed.

“I bet they are dicks like every jock is here,” Dillon said.

“The exact opposite,” Colt said. “They’re going on a cruise with us this spring. Ted and Myles went
with us last spring break. Sergio, Cody loves to pester them too.”

“Let me tell you Cody sure has changed,” Sergio said. “In high school, he was what I call almost
weird. I never once saw him at a party. He never cursed either.”

“He has changed a bunch then,” I said and saw Corey and Kris walking towards us.

They said they were just talking to Rick and about seeing Derek a few weeks ago. 

“Bros, seeing Rick made me my day. I didn’t think I missed him, but bros, I do,” Kris said.

“He seemed like a cool RA,” Dillon said as we started walking.

We walked to the stadium from our complex after we grabbed a jacket. The promise was for cool
temperatures, but that was already true with it being windy. It was quite the hike, but there was
little sense in finding a place to park and still having to walk forever. Kris was going on and on
about seeing Rick. We had to fill the two in on what Kris was talking about. I don’t think they
minded and were laughing right along with us.

More people than I ever dreamed were at the stadium for this game. We had to stand in the longest
line to get into the student section. As we were standing in line, Reese called wondering where we
were. I said we were running late and would be there shortly.

Once inside, we climbed the stairs and knew we would be close to the top of the students. Colt said
it would be a good viewpoint to see all the action. We found our friends who had saved us a row. 

Reese, Latham, Chase and the rest of their crew came running up. I guess they enjoyed sitting with
us. When they got near, it seemed we weren’t the only ones who had been drinking before the game. 

Latham squeezed in our row and stopped to thank Kris. Kris patted him on the back and was glad to
hear how well things had gone, though we had heard earlier. 

With our team running out onto the field, the stadium seemed to vibrate and was as loud as ever. I
was screaming yet taking the moment in. It was hard to fathom this moment earlier in my life. Being
at a college football game and being excited about it was crazy talk to me. There are other
colleges in the country just as nuts about their team, but at this moment on this Saturday night
the place was electric. It would be part of my college experience I’d always treasure, especially
since all my friends were around me. 

The other team kicked off to start the game on national TV. As our guy was returning the kickoff,
the ball popped loose. I started jumping around seeing the ball and hoping a guy with the right
colored jersey would jump on it. There was no such luck, with the other team coming away with the
fumble and now having a great chance to score. A wide range of words were flying from our section
but none were good. We stayed loud as possible but the other team scored a touchdown on a nice pass
just over Myles’s head. So far seeing him back on the field was the only bright spot, but it had
just begun.

We scored just before halftime to tie the score with the teams leaving the field. Now it was
beginning to get a little chilly once I stopped moving around. 

“Bros, I have good feeling inside me like this game will be ours,” Kris said.

“Kinda like the one when Colt’s dick is in your ass?” Alex said, turning around and laughing.

Kris grabbed Alex’s jacket and nearly jerked him off his feet. “You listen to me and listen good.
I’ve heard all the shit I’m gonna hear from your ass. If you don’t like it, then fucking leave,”
Kris said tight lipped, but it had our attention.

“We’ll leave then, bitch,” Alex said, pushing Kris’s arm away. “Let’s go and leave these assholes
alone.”  Alex, Elise, Tom, Ethan and Cody got up. Shawn, Scott, Jess and the rest of our friends
stayed in their seats.

“As always, I’m caught in the middle,” Shawn said.

“Ummm… what’s going on here?” Dillon asked.

“We’ll explain later,” Colt replied. “Here’s not the place.”

“Okay, but I don’t guess you guys are so damn perfect and buddy buddy after all,” Dillon stated.

“Alex wants to be a smartass now,” Kris said.

Kris was sitting with his face buried in his hands. I knew he was pissed but I was getting sick of
hearing the smart comments from Alex. I didn’t understand why all of sudden after a few weeks they
were showing their displeasure to Colt and Kris’s relationship. 

The second half couldn’t have started sooner. We stood and continued to cheer on our team. The
longer the game went on the more nervous I got in hopes we could pull out another victory. 

To start the fourth quarter, we trailed by a field goal. Ted was doing his thing but he couldn’t be
in every position at the same time. Reese was now chewing on his nails while the rest of us
continued to watch. We started at midfield but couldn’t move the ball on the first two running
plays. Luke dropped back to pass and heaved the ball down field. The ball was so perfect and
slipped right through the receiver’s hands. If he’d caught the ball, it would have been a
touchdown. To make matters worse, they blocked our punt. We almost stopped them with Ted about to
sack the quarterback, but the ball found an open receiver for a score. My hands went on my head in
disbelief while there were various moans in our section.

We tried to get back and win but it wasn’t to be. We lost our first game by a touchdown. I spotted
Ted and saw he wasn’t as upset as I imagined he would be. He, Luke and Myles had played hard all
game. Maybe it was the pressure that was mounting on the rest and they couldn’t handle all the
attention our team had received.

“Goddammit this sucks!” Colt let out in disgust. 

“We can win out and still get a sweet bowl game,” Reese said.

“We can,” Kris said. “I’m with Colt. This fucking sucks!”

“Hey, it was a good game,” Sergio said. “I hate we lost, but it was fun.”


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