Posted:  Sept 24, 2012


Waking up Sunday, my eyes surveyed my bedroom. For one, I didn’t remember getting in bed the night
before. Two, I was naked, but that wasn’t unusual. My head was beating like a drum and my mouth was
so dry. The party the night before was as fun as they get, but was it worth this nasty hangover?

I went to the bathroom and saw I was still intact, with my brow piercing still there, as were my
earrings. My fingers went through my hair that seemingly was getting dark. My body was incredible if
I do say so myself. All the hard work was showing its fruits with some great definition. It’s hard
to imagine that two years ago my bones were seen throughout. My cock was limp as ever and hung
nicely down. Turning a little, I thought my ass was so perfect. Finally, a shower was needed for
sure. With a wet towel on the floor, I knew Corey had been in and gone to work. He was such a
trooper and never used any excuses to miss work or be a second late. 

Showering felt great, but not as good as when it was shared with my boy. Growing up, shower time
back at home meant jerking off time and was a great way to start my morning. Now there wasn’t a need
for this self-pleasuring, especially since Corey had been very horny since our anniversary
excursion. Each night since we ended our day with a nice romp that relieved stress, provided so much
intense pleasure and showed our great love for each other. 

With shorts on and freshly shaved in all needed areas, I exited the room to find Kris and Colt
eating breakfast on the couch. 

“Bro, you tore it up again,” Kris stated emphatically. “You need to learn to handle your alcohol.”

“Yeah, we were waiting for you to say fuck me Corey or to strip down,” Colt said laughing.

“I wasn’t quite that bad…”

“Because Corey knew how close you were to that point. Hell bro, you were talking to people you
didn’t even know,” Kris said.

“I don’t really care because I had a very good time,” I said and walked away.

“Cause your ass was drunk,” Colt shouted. 

“I feel it now,” I said, rummaging through the cabinets for some pills to relieve my headache.

“Tonight, we’re going see who is up for the cruise,” Kris said.

“I just hope,” I said and took the pills with water, “it is really just us.”

“Bro, don’t be like that.”

“You know what I mean. I don’t want people going we really don’t know that well. I want just our
main crew. Is there any chance of Andrea and Megan going?” I asked.

“Andrea wants to, but she wants to see who’s going first. She likes all the guys but doesn’t want it
to be just her,” Colt replied.

“Have her get some of her girls to go then,” I said. “How about Chase and Tabor?”

“I’m not mentioning it. The last thing I want to do is corral those fuckers on my cruise. They can
go when they’re our age. Maybe they can be like us and find a rich buddy who has a beach house,”
Colt said.

Kris laughed, “Then they can get some dick like we did.”

Colt laughed as well, “You know I don’t see them messing around with each other.”

“I didn’t see you two either,” I said chewing on a breakfast bar.

“Bro, you never know,” Kris said. 

“By the way, where are Megan and Andrea?” I asked.

“Megan left early this morning. You just missed Andrea, too,” Kris stated with the sound of thunder

“Kris, it sounds like golfing with them is out of the question,” Colt said. “Matt, get this. They
want us to teach them to play.”

I chuckled, “I bet that would be about as fun as teaching me.”

“Bro, come off it. I think you could do it. You’re not really that uncoordinated,” Kris stated.
“Colt, this fucker has a kick in him like you’d never seen. He can be just coasting along while we
run and then kick it at the end. Next month, we’re running in the 10K here.”

“I could do that without any problem,” Colt said nonchalantly.

“Alright then, you’re with us,” I said. “Corey said he might do it as well. It’s for the local MS
chapter here.”

“Awesome. Bro, do y’all think Mike will come back around?” Kris asked.

“You know I hope he does without that asshole of his. How low was that to sick the cops on us?” Colt

“Very low,” I replied. “It was one thing to get upset because a few were discretely drinking but
then to tell the cops…”

“Funny how he remembered you, bro,” Kris said with the rain starting to fall outside.

I settled down with them while they were watching a pro football preview show of some kind. Kris
left to shower after a few minutes. 

Colt reached out his hand and grabbed my thigh, “Thanks for everything. I was worried you’d say
something last night.”

“If I did, it would have been accidental. I’m just glad you’re back to normal and have that off your
chest. Did you say anything to Andrea about it?” I asked.

“Fuck no. I might one day, but last night wasn’t the time,” Colt said, looking at me. “Matt, if
Corey ever fucks up, like gets really drunk or smokes, you best keep your mouth closed. He takes
such good care of you and had his eye on you all night. When we could hear you talking he knew it
was time to get you out of there.”

“Thanks for making me feel worse than I do. He is the best boyfriend I could ever hope for. Most
others would be just as drunk and of no help.”

“He was drinking and was tipsy. He stopped when he saw you were putting ‘em away. Wasn’t last night
just the best? And to have Ted there as well kicking with us, he could have gone anywhere he wanted
but he wanted to be with us.”

“He knows who his real friends are now.”

“He is special. Justin Farramore brags on how he uses his role to get favors and how he uses
people,” Colt stated about the running back on the team. “I think Ted is happy being normal.”

“That does remind me. He asked if I could help him today,” I said. “I’ll text him and see when he’ll
be ready.”

I found what I thought was my phone and noticed it was Corey’s. I looked around and determined he’d
grabbed mine by mistake. I called Ted but didn’t get an answer so I left a message. He called me
right back and couldn’t recognize Corey’s number. He thanked me for calling and said to give him
about an hour since he was eating with his brother, his sister in law and Reese. 

At the right time, I walked across the parking lot with a light rain falling. Some girl waved at me
and called me by name as I was doing so. It was probably a girl from last night’s party I was
talking with when I was out of my head. I knocked at their door and was greeted by a shirtless
Myles. The sight of his body would take anyone’s breath away.

“Hey Matt, I’m surprised you’re still functioning after last night,” Myles said with me entering.

“I am,” I said and saw Ted sitting on their sofa watching NFL wearing a dark tee and shorts. Their
place screamed three college guys with random things and trash scattered about the living area. It
was simple with a sofa, chair and TV, along with a small table and two chairs. Their kitchen was the
trashiest with plates and glasses sitting around, as well as their counters being filled with
protein and other nutritional mixes.

“Thanks for coming over. Give me a just a minute,” Ted said.

“Scouting next year’s opponents?” I asked in jest.

“Who knows? But I have mad respect for these dudes,” Ted said, watching the game. “Dumbass, you
missed your assignment! You were so far out of position there’s no way you could make the tackle.”

“Ted likes to holler at the TV like some coach,” Myles said while I had no idea what was going on.

“Watch and learn, smart ass, while Matt helps me out,” Ted said.

We left and entered his bedroom. It was very simple with a regular double bed, desk and dresser with
only one picture on the wall. 

“So what am I here to help you out with?” I asked.

He grabbed his computer after moving off a stack of envelopes. He logged on while I gazed at the
envelopes with his name clearly written on the ones I could see. “Here,” he said, pointing at the
screen. “I’m writing this paper and need some help.”

I moved the computer and started looking over his writing. I got the jest of his assignment and saw
a few glaring mistakes. We talked about what he wanted to say to complete the assignment. It didn’t
take me very long to catch on and help him complete it. 

“That was easy,” I said.

“For you it was. I was just stuck.”

“No problem at all,” I said. “By the way, not to be nosey, but what are those?” I pointed to the

“Fan mail,” Ted said and laughed. “Believe or not, these jokers do want my autograph.”

“I see. I’ll help you there too if you want me to. I’m curious to see what they say.”

“Most of the time it’s nothing but crap. I haven’t had the time to reply to any of them.”

I reached down and picked up what I thought was about 30 different size envelopes. 

“Rule one, I only reply to those if they send me a self-addressed stamped envelope.”

“Gotcha,” I said with Ted handing me the first one. I read it and saw they just wanted an autograph
and did have the envelope. Ted reached over and grabbed a pen to sign what was requested. The next
one wanted a picture so Ted searched around and found a small one that he signed with a Sharpie. I
was amazed that he even had a small picture to return. 

We continued to answer his mail and trashed the ones that didn’t have the envelope minus two from
what we determined were just kids. He and I loved reading the letters and trying to make sense of
what they were saying. 

“Matt, Reese loves it here and is trying to take everything in. Already I can see a little change in
him. He’s much more confident now,” Ted said while we were answering fan mail.

“That’s awesome. Did he mention that he came to a meeting this week?”

“He did and was excited to see you there. He really wants to be involved in your group. Tell me, is
there anything I should be aware that goes on there?”

I smiled, “Not that I know of. It’s not bad, Ted.”

“Okay then,” Ted said. “Say, Reese said something about him and Brax going to the Rec Center. He
said Corey showed them around and was really helpful. He looks up to you more than me and wants to
be just like you.”

“I hope not, especially after last night.”

Ted laughed, “Well, all but for someone getting a little shit faced. Hey, I left feeling pretty
good. Todd had a blast too and loves hanging out with everyone.”

“I was surprised you stuck around.”

“I know who my real friends are. The guys wanted to go out, but that can be trouble. I really have
to watch where I go and who I’m around. I’ve got to where I don’t trust some people…”


“They want to be around me for the wrong reason or to just be seen with me. They’re on my coat tail
and hoping to get something from me. Hell, I’m no one right now and trying to make it through
college just like you.”

“My future isn’t in pro football either, but I see where you’re coming from.”

We exited his room and found Luke sitting on the couch with Myles. Luke had a big bruise on his
thigh and looked tired. 

“Matt, wassup?” Luke asked.

“Just helping Ted out. Good game last night,” I said.

“Thanks, but next week will be our first real test,” Luke said.

“A game on the road against a real team,” Myles said.

“All I know is that it’s on TV,” I said.

“I’m sure ESPN will be pumping up the two stud roomies there,” Myles said. “Where’s my love?”

Ted laughed, “Your love left at about seven this morning.”

Myles nodded his head, “Damn right she did. Starting has its perks.”

“And its downfalls,” Ted said.

I said goodbye and headed back across the lot with the rain stopped. I talked to Shawn who was
returning from working. He rubbed it in about last night, but I was surprised he remembered. Then
again my experience fell way short of his, though he wasn’t drinking quite as much since the
semester was underway.

Before going inside, I grabbed our mail and was stunned to see the volume of it. Not a one of us
ever thought to check it.  There were two fitness magazines in the mix along with junk mail and some
insurance letter for Corey. Seeing the insurance letter reminded me that I needed to call Mom and
start paying my car insurance. It’s something that should have been done months ago.

The apartment was vacant but looked neat. Maybe my influence was beginning to rub off, that or the
fact they didn’t want to hear me complain again. It was nice having a decently clean place, whereas
Ted’s place looked like three guys lived there and had that smell about it as well.

With the insurance on my mind, I called Mom on Corey’s phone, hoping she’d answer. She did answer
and was glad to hear my voice. She had Corey’s number in her phone just in case she couldn’t reach
me. I had to explain to her my reason for using his phone. I didn’t have to twist her arm to have
her agree to let me now foot the bill on my car insurance. We talked about our week. I sensed there
was a slight bump in the road with her relationship. It was that they just didn’t see each other all
week which gave her time to assess things. It was funny how I could relate to her more than ever
with her relationship.

I was off the phone and on my computer catching up with my class work when Corey came in the door.
He found me in our bedroom with me on top of the bed using my laptop. He kissed my cheek. 

“Are you okay today?” he asked.

“I’m great. Let me finish here and we can chat. I’ve got something on my brain right now and want to
get it done,” I said at the computer.

Corey did a few things and returned to grab his books and computer to head off to study at the
dining room table. We tried studying together but small chit chat usually interfered. This was the
best way we could both get our classwork done and concentrate.
I finished first and yelled to him that I was done. He yelled back that he’d join me when he was
done. I messed around on the computer and uploaded a few pictures. So far, my photography of this
year had been lax. The party, game and tailgating would have been nice, but my cameras weren’t with
me. My phone was but it never crossed my mind. 

Corey came in and handed me my phone. “I didn’t realize I grabbed the wrong one until I was at

“I noticed and used your phone a few times. I heard you gave Reese and Brax the full run down at the
Rec Center.”

“I did last week and got to help out Brax today. He’s really a cool guy, but a little cocky. I think
he enjoys having Reese as a roommate. You know Tabor was even cool with him today too.”

“He should be.”

“Tabor has said a few things like he’s more out there than Reese. I could relate to that and
remember Stephan far too well,” Corey snickered.

I reached over and grabbed him by the back of the neck for a long kiss. “That was for last night. No
doubt my boyfriend is the best.”

He smiled and kissed me back. “We have to take care of each other. As each day goes along, I feel
more like we’re in this shit together. I love living with you and waking up every morning next to

“We are now more than just regular boyfriends. I see what it will be like in a few years and love
the feeling. If I ever go off on you for something like drinking or smoking a little weed, please
set me straight. I forget the times you’re there for me when I go a little too far. I didn’t really
think I was that bad last night.”

“You weren’t, but you were getting damn close to being out of it. Once I could hear you talking loud
I knew it was time to get you out of there. You were something else when we got here. I had to hold
your dick to pee then you pulled down my shorts and wanted to fuck me.”

My hands went over my mouth, “Fuck… I remember a little of it. I do remember asking if you’d fuck

He laughed, “I would have but you passed out on me.”

“I love you so much!”

“I love you too.”

We kissed and made out like crazy guys. We rolled around on top of the bed. It was so hot and
passionate. Our passion ended hearing someone coming in the door. Quickly we knew it was Kris by
hearing his voice. We gathered ourselves and showed our faces before he came in our room.

“Bros, what’s for supper? My ass is hungry,” Kris asked.

“MMM… I don’t have anything planned. What’s on your mind?” I asked.

“Matt, how about chicken tacos? We have the stuff and really need to use it before it spoils,” Corey

“Okay, I can do that,” I said. “It’s pretty easy to do, plus we may have a little salsa left.”

“Strike that. I finished it off last night,” Kris said. “Do you want me to run to the store and buy
food? We are running low on a bunch of stuff.”

“Take Corey with ya so we get everything in one trip. Last time you volunteered it took you two
trips,” I said.

“We’ll be back in a flash. I buy what we need and get the hell out of there,” Kris stated.

They were out the door while I started getting things ready to cook. I was cooking away and enjoying
the experience. Now it was fun cooking and trying out new things, but I fell way short of the skills
Brennan had. I had everything ready and waiting when they returned with Colt. Colt was coming back
just as they were leaving so they grabbed him to go as well.

“Remind me not to go shopping with Colt ever again,” Kris said. “We had to buy the cheap shit.”

“A lot of times there’s no difference from what I can tell,” I said.

“Yeah fuckers, I told ya,” Colt said.

“I’m down with that, except for the cheap toilet paper,” Corey said.

“I agree there,” I said.

“Why?” Colt asked.

“Ummm… it rubs your ass raw,” I joked.

“Who cares? It’s just shit that goes down the drain,” Colt said.

“Then you’re using it,” Corey said.

“Bro, the food smells so good. Never go grocery shopping hungry,” Kris said, unloading their buys. I
saw the tab and understood the last part too well. Our fridge was stocked, as were our cabinets,
after their trip. 

“So the beer?” I asked.

“They asked for our ID and Corey calmly pulled his out. The woman couldn’t even read it and sold it
to us,” Kris said. “She thought we were brothers.”

“Okay, let’s eat. Cooking this has made me hungry,” I said.

“After we finish we’re playing Madden,” Colt stated. “We went together to buy last year’s version
rather than forking out sixty bucks for this year’s.”

“It’ll be just as fun,” Corey said. 

We utilized the table and sat around it after getting our food off the stove. They bragged on the
taste while we ate. 

“Everyone’s coming over so we can get shit straight,” Kris said with his mouth full. “Corey, call JJ
and see how many we can bring.”

Corey nodded eating. We finished eating with not one bite remaining. We tossed away the paper plates
and utensils but I had dirty dishes still left. Kris grabbed his phone and sent out a text to meet
here in an hour. He and Colt headed to study while Corey and I tested out the new game they had

Scott was first to arrive and did so with his laptop in his arm. He flopped down on our couch next
to me. “I’m about sick of being so alone all the fucking time. It just ain’t working for me with
Jess. I love him to death but I feel like we’re not even dating.”

“So are you breaking it off?” Kris asked.

“I guess so.”

“You’re always welcome here if you feel lonely. You know that door is always open,” I stated with
Colt coming to join us.

“I can see where you’re coming from. You feel tied down with Jess but really don’t see him,” Corey

“I know. I just want some freedom. And it’s not like I owe it to him to remain faithful. He’s told
me I can do whatever I want but I can’t do it while I’m still with him,” Scott stated. 

“Just end it for now,” Kris said. “Nothing says you can’t get back together later.”

“Plus I have my eye on this really hot girl in one of my classes,” Scott said.

Colt faked like he was having a heart attack. “Damn, you want some pussy?”

“I keep saying I’m bi. The only difference between me and you two is I have a guy. Yes, I’d like
some pussy and to feel some big titties too,” Scott said.

Next Brennan and Garrett came in the door holding hands and grabbed a bar stool each. Brennan had
his laptop in his hand. Kris had told everyone to bring theirs to make it easier. Next were Shawn,
Ethan and Cody with Bishop and Alex right behind them. We asked about Tom but Alex said he wasn’t
interested in going and he didn’t have the money either.

“First off, would someone please tell me why we’re doing this in September when our break is in
March?” Shawn asked.

“So we can actually get a cruise we want,” I replied.

“Yeah bro, so we’re not stuck in the bottom too,” Kris said.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Bishop stated. “So let’s hear the plan.”

Kris gestured to me since Colt and I had done the research earlier. “We are sure of the port, but we
need to decide whether it’s a five day or a seven day cruise,” I said.

“I’m in favor of a five day,” Ethan said. “Seven just takes up too much of our break.”

The door opened with Ted and Myles coming inside. “Sorry we’re late,” Ted said.

“Bro, I forgot I invited you,” Kris said and stood to let Ted have his spot. 

“Someone please tell me the fucking jocks aren’t going with us,” Cody said. He still loved to mess
with them.

“Dude, we are, and we’re rooming with you and Ethan so you’re not drunk the entire trip,” Myles

“Fuck that. My ass will be drunk the entire time. Why else go?” Ethan said.

“Amen,” Colt said.

“Matt, let’s vote on a five or seven day,” Corey said.

We debated the options before deciding that a five day was more practical. I assumed with Ted and
Myles there that they were in on our trip. 

“Five days will be perfect,” Ted said.

“You can get Reese to go,” Kris stated.

“Ummm… no!” Ted said. “I’ll be going to have a good time and not worry what he thinks.”

“I know what you mean,” Colt said. “I’m not asking Chase to go either.”

“It’s cool if they do. They see the same shit every day in the dorm,” Scott said.

“Well then Trevor’s going too,” Colt said.

“He’s different. Chase and Reese are now educated on college life,” Scott said.

“What about Jess?” Brennan asked.

“Ummm… we’ll see,” I said. I instructed everyone to log on and gave out the address. Everyone went
to the site and saw the cruise I had in mind. 

“Guys, I’m telling you that having a balcony is the way to go, especially since we’ll be having 3 or
4 to a room,” Bishop stated. 

“I agree,” Alex said. “I went on one and got stuck in an interior room. It was like living in a
fucking closet.”

“It’d be awesome to get adjoining rooms,” Kris said with excitement.

“Guys, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t excited about it when Kris said something to me last night, but damn
it does sound like fun. I’ve got to get Luke to go,” Ted said.

We agreed the easiest way was to keep us together as we roomed. We didn’t have a perfect number for
four to a room, whether Luke went or not, thus we had one or two openings. We talked for quite a
while about the trip with Bishop and Alex lending their expertise about the ports. One of the ports
was okay whereas the other one was a great stop and a lot of fun. The most fun would be on the ship
with only Cody and Brennan not being 21 at the time of departure.

Next was discussing our trip to stay with JJ and Teague. Brennan and Garrett weren’t interested but
that still left a dozen interested. Ted and Myles said tickets weren’t a problem and they could get
us all we needed. Corey called JJ and talked to him with us listening. He said everyone was welcome
and he’d find room for all of us. 

“Imagine all of y’all sleeping in one house together,” Myles joked.

“There’d be people on top of people,” Colt laughed. 

“JJ said he’d find us places to sleep for one night,” Corey said. 

“If worse comes to worse, some of us can drive back here. It’s not like it’s really that far,” Shawn

We sat around talking and laughing before the group began to break up for classes the next day.
Myles was first to go out the door but he had been texting on his phone over the last bit while he
was there.

Finally it was just Ted left. 

“Bro, I’m excited you want to go with us. I wasn’t sure, especially since maybe…” Kris said.

“Maybe what?” Ted asked.

“Damn, it could be near the draft,” Colt spoke up.

“Oh, it is,” Ted said with his facial expression changing. “Shit, I didn’t even think about that.”

“So does this mean maybe you’re staying for your senior year?” Kris asked.

“Don’t y’all start badgering me about that. I can already feel the pressure of it mounting after
each game. Someone is always coming up and telling me they’ll miss me next year,” Ted said.

“Cool bro, I won’t say another word about it then,” Kris said.

“Y’all will know right after I tell Coach and my family. Right now it’s up in the air. A lot can
happen between now and then. First let’s get through the season,” Ted said. “Oh, why I hung around
was to tell you about Myles.”

“What about him?” Corey asked as Ted had our attention.

“Don’t say anything, but last night was what he needed too. His parents are getting divorced and
he’s very upset about it.”

“I would be too,” Colt said. “I feel for him and am glad we could help without really knowing we

“He’s good at hiding it,” I said.

“He is and left all on the field last night. I was so thrilled he got an inception. That sealed his
position for good. He read that play perfectly and was in the right spot. Coach pointed it out
earlier to us in a little film work we did,” Ted stated. “Well, I guess I better run too. Great
weekend and hope next weekend is just as good.”

“We do, too,” Kris said. 

We said goodbye and watched Ted leave.


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