Posted:   Sept 20, 2012


I woke up early Saturday morning in a haze. It was only 4 in the morning and I still had Corey’s
arm draped over my waist. The closing on Dad’s house had gone off without a hitch on Thursday, as
had everything else this week. I heard our new TV going in the living room and knew we had turned
it off when we called it a night, about 1, after going to another pep rally and having a small
gathering back here. 

After trying to go back to sleep, I rolled out of bed and exited the room after being awake for
about 30 minutes. It took just a second for my eyes to adjust to the light but I saw Colt sitting
on the couch staring almost blankly at the television.

“Hey, I hope I didn’t wake you,” he said, naked with his legs spread open. Colt was built now more
like an athlete than Kris or Corey. He had great definition and wasn’t quite as bulky as those two.
Of all of us, his abs took the cake and went all the way up to his chest. 

“No, actually I just woke up too and couldn’t go back to sleep,” I said, sitting next to him on the

“This TV is sweet. Thanks a million. I feel like I’m the one that owes you something.”

“I couldn’t just buy something for Kris and Corey. You’d feel left out. We’re in this together for
better or worse. So what are you doing up?” I asked.

He raised one shoulder, “Couldn’t sleep.”

The past two days Colt had been acting rather oddly. Thursday, he didn’t go with us to the Rec
Center like he normally did. I attributed it again to the fact he was tired. Even when he wasn’t
asleep he was strangely quiet and kept to himself more than ever. “Colt, is something wrong here?”

“I wish I knew… well… I feel so fucking lost now in class. You know I wanna say fuck it and just
forget all about this like Bryson did. There’s some merit to that.”

I reached to grab his bare knee. “Hang in there. The semester is just starting. You’ll make it. I
have all the confidence in the world you will. Kris and Corey aren’t the brightest guys around but
they seem to be doing okay. I have faith in you, Colt.”

“I needed to hear that,” Colt said.

“Is there anything else? Andrea troubles, maybe?”

Colt stood and didn’t answer me. He headed to grab a glass of milk and stood in the kitchen
drinking from our supply of plastic cups. 

“Is she…?” I asked again.

He didn’t say a word and was rubbing the growing stubble on his face. He grabbed the cup and headed
to his room without as much as a word. I sat wondering if she was the reason before hearing him
thump his can of Skoal. He returned with a dip in his lip. Now it was a rarity to find him or Kris
with this tobacco in their lip. He sat down and spit in his cup. He turned and had a tear in his

“Bro, I fucked up… big time,” he said almost choking up.

My heart bled for him for I could see the hurt in his face. 

“Please don’t say a word of this to anyone,” he said before spitting.

“I won’t.”

“Matt, I’ve been fucking around and feel like shit about it. This boy thinks before my goddamn
head,” Colt said pointing to his cock and his head.

“It happens. So it’s eating you up that you’ve fucked around on Andrea with another girl?”

Colt spit again. “It wasn’t a girl.”

“I see,” I said and tried my best to hide my shock.

“It was a guy I met this summer while working at that store. Damn, how come they didn’t offer me
anything cheap there like they do Shawn?” Colt asked, leaving the subject.

“I don’t know, but what about this guy if I can ask?”

“Well… he and I were working together. One break we were alone in the staff room and he just came
out and told me how hot I was and then commented on how he’d like to get me in bed and have his way
with me. I thought he was joking around and just laughed it off before he told me he was gay but
not really out, which is why he didn’t usually express his feelings. I still laughed it off and
told him I roomed with two gay guys and how I loved them like brothers. He was still a bit playful
after that but didn’t push anything. Then the next time we ended up alone he got really personal
and asked if I’d ever messed with a guy. I wanted to say no but said I had. Then he put his hand on
my chest and said he’d show me things I’d never seen before. My head was saying no but this
motherfucker said yes,” Colt said again pointing to his cock.

“I like how you blame your dick,” I commented.

“Who else can I blame? Anyway, I went over to his place and fucked the shit out of him. It was so
damn hot, but he could tell I wasn’t a rookie. Honestly, the guy was hot like you. You know, not
built like Kris or Corey but like you, all tight and compact. After that, I chalked it up to a one-
time thing and quit soon after that since football was about to start back and we were going on our

“Did you work with him after that?”

“I did a few times before I left. He was cool and never said a word about it so I thought it would
pass. Then last week I saw him here on campus. We talked for a little while and he invited me back
over sometime, saying he’d love for us to do it again. I said I might visit him but didn’t really
plan on it. Then he saw me Tuesday and asked me to go to his again. I caved and said I’d see him
Thursday. I went and fucked… his ass again,” Colt said trailing off at the end.

I reached over and hugged him. “I know it won’t be right to say this but it’ll be okay. We all make

“Thanks. I’ve felt awful ever since. The one time I was like, hey I had a little romp with this hot
dude, but the second time has really got to me.”

“I noticed you haven’t been right here lately.”

“It really has been eating me up inside. Worse is it’s fucking with my head. Now I really wonder if
I’m gay,” he said.

“Are you still attracted to Andrea?” I asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Then you’re just bi to me.”

Colt was able to crack a smile. He spit in his cup. “I guess I really am, but I’ve known that for a
while. Do you think I should level with Andrea?”

I thought just a second, “Well… is it over with this guy?”

“Fuck yeah!” he said, “never again. After I nutted I practically bolted out of there. The guy means
nothing to me other than a hot ass and one hell of a mouth. It was purely for sex and nothing

“Then you might wanna keep your mouth shut, even though she is the most accepting person about your
tendencies to fuck around.”

He spit out his dip. “Yeah, cause it’s a two way street. She’s doing it more than I am.”

“Just remember that if the thought crosses your mind about breaking up with her, unless you feel
like it’s reached its end,” I said.

“I will,” Colt said. “Thanks a million for hearing me out. I needed to get that off my chest. Now
ya wanna look at some cruises for our break?”

“I could handle that,” I said.

“I’ll get my computer so you don’t wake up Corey,” Colt said. He left, showing me his incredible
bare ass, and grabbed his computer. He got a drink of water and returned. We briefly discussed the
cruises on Thursday but Colt wasn’t interested in them so we dropped it for the time being.

He sat down and turned on his laptop. “Whew, I feel way better now.”

“I’m glad I could help. You know any of us would have heard you out.”

“I know, and I really thought about telling Corey but never found the time. Please just keep this
between us for now,” he said. “I bet you’ve never done stupid shit ever in your life.”

“I have,” I said. “When I was a freshman I got a blowjob in the library one night. Top that for
doing stupid shit.”

“Behind Corey’s back?” he said while logging on.

“No, we weren’t together at the time I don’t think… no, I know we weren’t. It was just some random
guy from class. I was stupid too.”

As we were searching the available cruises for our spring break, taking our time to look at every
detail and feature available, Colt really relaxed. Both of us grew excited seeing the possibilities
and spent over an hour looking at different cruises and talking about them. We had the option of
five day or seven day cruises. The prices were close to what we expected for spring break. 

“I really wanna go wake up Kris and show him all of this,” Colt said.

“Let’s wait. We know how he can be when he doesn’t get his beauty sleep.”

“I know. He’s a nightmare some mornings around here, but I’m the same way too. Surprisingly I’m not
even sleepy now. I feel so much better.”

“I’m glad. So are your classes giving you troubles?”

“They could but I’ll make it. I was using it to cover my ass.”

I smiled at him. “I see… but mine could be rough this year.”

“Mine too. Thanks for all you do for us here,” Colt said, looking at me. He leaned over and kissed
me on the lips. It wasn’t an ordinary kiss either. There was passion in it and a little tongue to
boot. He broke the kiss and looked at me.

“You’re a damn good kisser,” I stated.

“Well, I love you, Matt,” Colt said. “I love Corey and I really love Kris too. You three are the
fucking best ever.”

“I love you too, Colt. You’re fucking awesome in my book as well.”

“Despite being the third wheel,” Colt said. “I accept that and know my place. Hell, I wouldn’t have
it any other way.”

We sat talking for a little while and then watched some crappy early morning TV before I suggested
making breakfast for the two of us, since it was still early morning with a night time game on the
horizon. I made nice cheesy omelettes and toast for us and we sat down at the breakfast bar, eating
and talking.

Corey was up about nine and came out of our room while Colt and I were playing a game. Colt was
beating me but we were having fun. 

“How long have you been up?” Corey asked rubbing his eyes.

“Oh for a while,” I replied and told him about hearing Colt in here.

“Matt and I found some really kick ass cruises too,” Colt said.

“What brought this on?” Corey asked. “The other night you had no interest in even discussing them.”

“It was just one of those days, you might say, but I’m all good now,” Colt stated.

We told him what we had found and the options we had. Kris came walking in and joined in on the
discussion, with Colt getting back on his computer to show them our options. The price didn’t seem
to bother anyone but we sat and debated the length of the cruise, especially since the seven day
one got back on Sunday. It meant an all-day drive with classes the next day.

We would open it to all who wanted to go. At this moment, I could count on Bishop, Scott, Alex and
Shawn as the ones who would go for sure. We discussed the possibility of Tabor and Chase as well
since we would all be 21 at the time so it would be easy for them. 

I made omelets for Kris and Corey after we finished our lengthy cruise discussions. We had plans to
start tailgating about 3 back at Chase and Tabor’s trucks since it worked last time. The only
problem was Kris’s parents weren’t coming for this game since they had just been here. However we
did have plans to go get chicken again, plus Brennan was making some dips for us as well.

At the tailgate party back in our old parking lot, we threw down the tailgates of Chase and Tabor’s
trucks. We had been out earlier to grab a massive load of fried chicken again since it was easy to
handle. Chase and Tabor came walking up just as Brennan and Garrett arrived with the chips and
dips. Behind them were two of their friends they had made since arriving here at college. Kris was
first to greet Zane and Ricky. Zane was a big guy with a full beard going, while Ricky was a tall,
lanky black guy with a short haircut.  

Just as we were about to start eating, we saw Mike and his family coming towards us. It wouldn’t be
a tailgate party without him. At first Chase and Tabor’s friends didn’t know what to make of Mike.
Soon we had girls arriving all around us to join in the party, including Andrea and Megan. For a
change there were about as many girls as there were guys. 

Our food was spread rather thin with more people than expected. We were missing Bryson and Trevor
as well and hadn’t seen Reese and his roommate.   

We were sitting and standing around and having a good time. Kris came running over and grabbed a
drink from Mike’s hand, “Bro, I don’t like other people drinking after me.”

“I’m thirsty,” Mike said.

“I’ll get him a drink,” I said and grabbed a soda from the cooler while seeing Mike’s parents
eyeing us.

His dad walked up and took the cup from Kris’s hand and took a smell, “I see now why you didn’t
want Mike to drink after you.”

“Why’s that?” Kris asked trying to play it off.

“Kris, I’m not stupid. There’s alcohol in there. Mike, I believe it’s time we headed to the game,”
his dad stated. “Kris, I’m very disappointed in you.”

“Sir, I’m sorry, but I wasn’t hurting a thing,” Kris stated.

“Come on Mike. Let’s go,” his mom said.

“Fine. I’m sorry I disappointed you. I do drink but I never have been nothing but nice to Mike. I
was protecting him from drinking it,” Kris said.

“We appreciate that you’ve been very nice to Mike,” his dad said with us glued in and listening. “I
hope you and your buddies continue to have a good time.”

“Seriously, what did the dude expect?” Tabor asked in the background.

“We don’t like Mike exposed to these elements. We’re going to the game,” his dad said with an

Kris walked up to Mike, “Sorry you have to go. Maybe we’ll see you later.”

“We’ll see ya,” Mike said. Kris gave him a hug and walked back to our group.

“Don’t count on it, Kris,” his mom said and walked away with Mike.

The mood was changed in one short instance. Kris was very down and sat next to me on Chase’s

“Kris, I hate what just happened,” I said.

“His dad is very unrealistic if he believes he can shield him from drinking. Just look all around
us. There’s more beer here than ever,” Corey stated.

“I hate it too, but I’m not changing. We drink. His dad needs to live with that shit. Mike was
having such a good time,” Kris said with Megan coming over and putting her arm around him.

“I know it will bother you but try to forget about it,” Megan said. “It really was just a little.”

Shawn came walking up and patted Kris on the leg. “Fuck him, dude. I’m with Tabor. What did he
expect from us? Yeah, we normally don’t drink out here, but we didn’t have it out and we were
trying to be as discrete as possible about it.”

“I’ll try to put behind me. I just hate it for Mike. We all see the big smile on his face when he
sees us. Now his dad is taking away something he probably looks forward to all week, if not
longer,” Kris said very down.

“I’m sorry,” Colt walked up to say. “Let’s clean things up and start heading over to the stadium.”

“I agree,” I said. 

Everyone pitched in and helped clean up the mess we had made. It wasn’t really bad, other than a
few cups and plates on the ground. All the food was long gone, with only a few sodas remaining in
an ice chest. 

We were standing around and just about to head over to the stadium when I saw campus police walking
in our direction. 

“Oh great,” I mumbled under my breath until noticing it was the one that had helped me in my fight.

Officer Malcolm walked up, “I hear we could have a problem here with some drinking.”

I saw Kris shaking his head. 

Tom, Bishop and Alex’s roommate, stepped up, “We have been, but me and a few of my buddies had one
or two.”

“I see. We don’t allow underage drinking here,” the officer said.

“I’m not. I’m 22,” Tom said and was reaching for his wallet.

“I believe you, but let me check so I’m cleared,” he said and took Tom’s license. He looked at it
and handed it back. “You’re good. Sorry to bother you, but I had a compliment earlier. If I got
every underage drinker out here, then the student section would be half empty.”

“It probably would,” Tom said.

The officer turned and saw me. He walked towards me. “How’s it going? Have you had any more trouble

I smiled, “No sir, I haven’t.”

“That’s good. Y’all enjoy the game,” he said, waved and walked away.

“That right there is a fucking kick in the nuts,” Tabor said.

“Excuse me, but what an asshole,” Tom said. “Kris had a little whiskey in his cup. Just leave and
go to the game. But to then tell the po-po we were drinking…”

Kris patted Tom on the shoulder, “Bro, I appreciate what you did there for me.”

“I was sick to my stomach. I saw what you did for that poor kid, and that was the thanks you got?”
Tom said.

“Dude, we even went to a basketball game just for him,” Colt said. “I’m fucking pissed now. The
shame of it is that it ain’t Mike’s fault.”

“Guys, sorry I ruined this for ya,” Kris said loudly.

“It’s not your fault,” Brennan stated. 

“Excuse me, but what was that all about?” A guy of about 40 asked us with a drink in his hand.

“Oh, that boy’s dad found out that I had alcohol mixed in my drink and didn’t like it. He must have
found the police and told them about it,” Kris replied.

“You can’t be serious. For one, no one is drunk or appears to be. You’re just a bunch of kids
having fun. Two, you should be proud to take up with that kid the way you did. I betcha there’s not
five other college kids that would have done that. I don’t guess the guy ever attended college in
his life either. It’s just part of life,” the man stated.

“We all agree, but what can you do?” Bishop asked.

“Nothing,” the man said. “Now go root ‘em on to a big victory.”

“We will the best we can,” Corey said.

We left out and began the trek to the stadium. Along the way, almost everywhere you looked people
were drinking, including college kids. The event did zap the enthusiasm out of us but that was very

We entered the stadium and saw them selling game day programs. I saw Ted and Luke on the cover. I
stopped and bought one with Corey there with me. The others went on to claim our seats. I quickly
flipped through it and found the picture of us circling Ted and Luke outside our apartment.

“Look,” I said and shoved the program in Corey’s face.

“Sweet,” Corey stated. “They’ll be pissed they went on. I forgot they said this would be the game.”

Corey and I climbed the stairs and found our group. I held open the magazine and showed everyone
our picture.

“Finally a little ray of sunshine for me today,” Kris said. “So who’s going with me to grab one?”

“Better yet, collect money and go grab them for us instead of us fighting the crowd,” Colt said.

Kris took the money from everyone who wanted one, which amounted to five. He bounced down the
stairs with Reese coming up them.

“Glad I found ya,” Reese said. “I’ve been looking for you the entire time. I see you got a program.
That’s a great article about Teddy and Luke.”

I smiled, “I haven’t read it yet but I know I will. Hey, where’s Brax at?”

“Oh, he went home. He had a good time last weekend but would rather go home,” Reese said. My nose
was in high gear trying to see if Reese was drinking, which I doubted he was since he was probably
with his parents earlier. All I could smell was his nice cologne over the scent of alcohol
permeating throughout the student section.

Kris came back up the stairs with the programs and passed them out just before we stood to cheer
our team on the field. It was my favorite part, with the stadium vibrating with noise and the band
playing. It really appeared as though it fired up the team as well.

The game ended up being another blowout. Ted was his usual self and had his name called a lot on
tackles. Luke did great and threw three touchdown passes along with running one in for a score. The
highlight for all of us was seeing Myles get his first interception, but got killed when he got
tackled. Todd wasn’t much of a factor in the game since it wasn’t close. 

After a long trek with everyone in a decent mood after the game, we entered our apartment with
anyone who wanted to join us. Kris had planned on a big gathering and had stocked up on beer. Still
others went to their places and returned with their own alcohol. Once everyone was inside, it was
jam-packed, despite losing Chase and Tabor who went to be with their buddies. We urged Bishop to
start the mixer and make one of his special drinks for us to enjoy. He did so with what bottled
alcohol was around and available.

Our place was so packed you could barely move. I motioned to Kris and asked if he could come
outside just a second. 

“Yeah bro, what is it?” he asked.

“See that big area over there next to the pool?” I said pointing at our pool and nearby covered
area where we had grilled burgers before.

“Bro, it’s our new big room like at our last dorms. That’s fucking brilliant,” Kris stated.

“Everyone can grab a cooler and carry it over there. We can bring the mixer too since there’s an
outlet. However, you may wanna consult with Rico to see if he’s good with it,” I said, with more
coming in the complex after the game.

“Be right back,” Kris said with Colt coming out the door.

“Man, is it hot in there,” Colt stated. “Please tell me you didn’t…”

“I wouldn’t dare,” I said cutting him off. “The idea hit me to move it to the pool area to give us
more room. Again bathrooms could be a concern, but we can just go to the exercise room. Kris is
talking with the manager now.”

Kris came running back and was laughing, “Rico is so shit faced right now. He said we were cool but
not to get too loud or play music. I think he’s gonna join us.”

Kris stepped inside to tell everyone the plan. The lights at the pool came on for us. It was just
enough where it was no longer pitch black.   

We gathered a few coolers and the pitcher of drinks along with cups to head over to enjoy the nice
night and a lot more room. Rico came walking out with a bottle in his hand and in just his shorts,
showing his hairy chest and belly. We thanked him and continued on.

I grabbed my first cup of Bishop’s mixture. It was fruity but also quite strong. Shivers went up my
back tasting it. Scott was laughing and pointing with Jordy next to him. They were talking away
with Jordy having a drink in his hand.

“Jordy says this was a great idea,” Scott stated.

“I saw right quick we were wall-to-wall,” I said and saw that Cord guy walking up with his head

He walked up to me. “Ummm… is it cool if I’m here?”

“Dude, don’t ask,” Scott said. “Just show up.”

“Okay,” Cord said and walked to grab a seat.

I still didn’t know what to make of him, other than the fact he knew way too much about me. A small
rumble went through the crowd of now close to 25, I guess. I looked and saw Ted, Myles and Todd
walking up.

“Here I was about to go out, but why bother now?” Ted asked, getting out of his car in his tee and

“Yeah bro, kick it here with us since we read the nice things you said about college life and us,”
Kris stated.

Myles and Todd laughed. “That was pure bullshit for P.R. He didn’t mean a word of it,” Myles said.

Ethan walked up to Myles and grabbed his shoulder to startle Myles a little. “Oh my God, did that
guy ever lay your ass out or what?” Ethan laughed.

“We were yelling get out of bounds then he did get the shit knocked out of him,” Todd said.

“I was so pumped to finally get my first interception I went crazy,” Myles said but was smiling.

“You’ll learn,” Ted said. “So where’re the drinks at?”

“Follow me,” Ethan said.

“Of course, that’s why I asked while you were standing here,” Ted said and walked away with Ethan
while Scott was doing his best to get all of this to Jordy.

I stood around and felt the familiar arm of Corey coming around my waist. In the other hand, he had
a drink. “Cool ass party so far. You’re brilliant, but you knew that already.”

I laughed, “No, I used my head and got us the hell out of our apartment. Besides, it’s a nice night
and we know how sociable our roomie is.”

We laughed since Kris was making his rounds and leaving Megan standing and waiting. She should be
used to it by now, whereas Colt was clinging to Andrea, but there was a good reason for that after
our morning. He had done great and was back to being Colt again.

As we were standing, Ted came up and put his arm around my shoulder. Now I had two hot guys on
either side of me. “Corey, I need to borrow Matt for just a minute.”

“Sure, go ahead. I’ll survive, but keep your clothes on,” Corey joked.

I cut my eyes back at Corey and walked away with Ted. “So what’s up? Good game tonight. Reese gets
so excited whenever you make a tackle.”

“Thanks. I was wondering if you had free time tomorrow, I could use a little help with some
classwork already,” Ted said while we stood off from the mass of people gathered.  

“Of course I’ll help you. Just call or stop by whenever you need me,” I said.

“Mr Reliable here. At times I feel bad asking…”

“Never feel bad. I’m more than happy to help you out,” I said.

Ted and I walked back over with a few more wanting Ted’s attention. He was always gracious with his
time. It didn’t hurt either that they were shoving drinks in his hand. I saw Myles talking with Tom
next to Cord before Ted walked over and started talking with them as well. I went back over and
refilled my cup with Bishop’s mixture.

As the night grew longer, the louder things got, with everyone drinking and having such a great
time. I was having a really great time and was talking to a lot of people. It didn’t hurt matters
that I was feeling great at the time. 

I was talking to two girls who came to join us, along with Madison. I was doing my best to get
Madison with one of the two girls. I felt a strong tug on my arm. 

“This is Corey. Ain’t he the hottest thing around? He’s taken though, but Madison is single,” I

“I’m tired and need to get up early,” Corey said.

“I guess we’re leaving,” I said to them and downed the last of a beer that I had. “Good talking to

Corey led me away. I was trying to say goodbye to everyone and told Ted I’d see him tomorrow.

“If you have another drink in you, there could be a scene out here.”

“Oh fucking please,” I said and almost lost my balance.

“I’m getting you out of here before shit happens,” Corey stated.

“Good thinking, bro,” Kris said with Corey leading the way.

I stopped him about half way and kissed him passionately. He pushed me off and took me by the arm.
“I love you, Corey. I wanna suck your fat fucking dick right now.”

“Let’s get in the apartment. Then you can suck me off.”

“Fuck yeah. You love my great mouth and my big fucking dick, don’t ya?”

“Yeah, I do,” Corey said, leading me to the door.

Inside all my clothes came off. “Damn, I need to piss like a fucking horse. Come hold this big
fucker,” I said, holding my cock.

Corey was shaking his head but walked with me to our bathroom. I took his hand and moved it to my
cock. While I was pissing, I leaned back and kissed him while trying to feel for his cock. 

“You want some of my golden stream? You might like it, just like you like my thick load every

“Hell no… fuck you’re a disaster when you get drunk.”

“You love it,” I said and finished. “Shake it real good.”

He shook the last drops from my cock. He moved over to the sink to wash his hands. I reached over
and pulled down his shorts. 

“What a fucking hot ass,” I said and moved behind him to trap him against the vanity. I grabbed my
cock and tried to stick it in his hole. “Open that fucking pussy up and let your boyfriend’s big
fucking dick fuck this hot ass of yours.”

Corey wheeled around quickly and grabbed me by the arms. “Goddamn! Your ass is so drunk. Let’s go
to bed.”

I kissed his cheek. “So you can fuck me?”

“Yeah,” he said, holding me.


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