Posted:  Sept 10, 2013

It was about five when the front door opened here on Sunday at the end of June. Wes came walking in the
door without a shirt, his thin torso a little red.

“Wow, you got some sun,” I stated.

“I did today, but it’s not too bad,” Wes said.

“Did you have fun?”

“Of course we did. I loved every minute of it. Those guys are complete and total nuts but are the fucking
best guys ever. Jason, we really lucked out here,” he replied before taking a seat. “I was thinking on
the ride home how it really has been only a month and look at all that’s going on here. You’ve got PJ.
I’ve got Jennifer, plus all the great guys we’ve met. Things couldn’t be better.”

“You’re right. The only thing that could dampen it is if you left PJ’s stuff,” I chuckled.

“Oh, it’s still in Drew’s ride. I’ll go get it,” Wes said. “How’d your weekend go?”

“Very good. We had a lot of fun with Aiden, Casey, Jimmy and Logan on Friday night. Ford and some of the
guys he met came over yesterday. Today it was really peaceful with it just being PJ and me all day,” I

“I’ll be right back,” Wes said.

He came back with Drew helping him out. I greeted Drew and compared our dark skin against each other.

“Jason, you and PJ need to go to the island one weekend and check it out. It was fucking tight, dude,”
Drew stated in his shorts and tank top.

“I’m sure we will…” I said.

“We saw some of your people there too,” Wes laughed. 

“Which ones?” I asked with a big smile.

“Actually both I think, but I was talking about nudists,” Wes said with a chuckle. “There aren’t that
many people there so finding a spot to strip down ain’t that hard…”

“I thought you were talking about us,” Drew laughed. “It’s hard not to see a little skin when you camp,
plus damn Lane slept nude. I do sometimes but not with a bunch of dudes camping!”

I laughed, “I do every night and can’t remember not…”

“We know,” Wes said, rolling his eyes.

“I don’t have to even ask if there was any drinking,” I said.

“Oh… Of course not,” Drew laughed. 

“Damn, we put some shit away, huh?” Wes asked.

“Every damn drop we hauled over there, and that was an ass load of beer and liquor. It was fun though,”
Drew said. “I’ve gotta run. I’ll see ya tomorrow for sure ‘cause I got to work off all we drank.”

“See ya! It was a blast,” Wes said.

With Drew gone, Wes commented on how he felt like a light-weight compared to the others as far as
drinking went. He headed back to his room and returned while I was looking around to find something good
to eat. 

“I think I got redder than I thought, but it’s all good,” Wes stated.

“Jason, are you getting excited about this week?”

“You know I am. I’m ready to see Nick for a few days.”

“I can’t wait to meet him. We’ll have a blast if he’s anything like you say he is.”

“One problem with that is he’ll probably be over at PJ’s the entire time,” I said.

“Surely you don’t want him up in your business all the time?”

“He knows, and it will be much easier since PJ has the room and the pool,” I replied.

“Damn, I was hoping to get to him just a little bit…”

“We are going fishing Thursday together. I’m sure you’ll be around,” I said.

“So he’s driving here and then going straight over to PJ’s?”

“I guess so,” I replied, unsure if that was going to happen.

“How about y’all go Thursday night? We can kick it here Wednesday night. I know Drew and the guys will
wanna meet him.”

“We’ll see,” I said. “It’s not a bad idea though.”

“Okay. I’m off to see Jennifer after I take a shower and shave,” Wes said, rubbing his two day old

“Have fun,” I said.

“I hope we do have fun. The best kind a guy and girl can have,” Wes said.

Wes did his thing quickly and was gone to see his girlfriend. It freed me up to call Nick, my brother, to
have everything in place for his arrival on Wednesday. He’d been fishing most of the weekend with the guy
who was coming with him. He did sound excited when I told him I had a boat ready and reserved for us if
the weather held up. Not to make Mom feel bad, I called since Nick wasn’t at home when I called. Despite
not being near I wanted to stay connected as a family. She was jealous that Nick was coming, but they had
plans for a nice time over with friends who were nudists.

Monday, it was back to work for the short week. Now the pressure was mounting to finish up everything
before the beginning of a new semester. Even though there was pressure, the job was getting better every
day as I adjusted to what was expected and what I was doing. Monday marked the first time I brought home
my laptop to continue working so we could start fresh the following week.

That night was our usual routine with us heading to the gym and working out. After we returned I dove in
and began working while Wes was watching a movie. Getting late, he came and knocked on my door.

“Jason, I don’t know if you remember this or not but it’s our first month anniversary with our dates,” he
said standing in his shorts.

“Oh shit, I didn’t remember that at all. Thanks for the reminder,” I said sitting at my computer.

“Tomorrow night I’m gonna stay with Jennifer…”

I smiled, “Did you not get enough last night?”

“Fuck no! I don’t think I’ll ever say I don’t wanna fuck. Actually, this is the first time I’ve been this
sexually involved with a girl ever. I fucking love it too!”

“No doubt you do love it.”

“What? You don’t like fucking PJ’s ass?”

“I do very much so and love it when he fucks me too.”

Wes threw up his hands, “Okay that’s enough about our sex lives.”

“PJ and I love sucking each other’s hard throbbing dicks…”

“I’m fucking leaving your nasty ass now!”

“When I cum, he loves it all over his cute face.”

“Fucking nasty! Goodbye,” Wes said and shut the door.

I sat laughing and finished up my work for the night. I called PJ after I finished since he had called me
earlier. He never mentioned that we’d been together a month so I could surprise him tomorrow.

After work the next day I had to wait a little while before heading to his place. I was prepared for the
night and wanted to make it special for us. He came to the door and looked as though he had just gotten
home. From behind my back I pulled out a small bouquet of flowers. A strange and confused look came on
his face when I revealed the flowers.

“Read the card,” I said handing him the mixture of fresh summer flowers.

“PJ, thanks for one great month together with many more ahead of us. I love you, Jason,” PJ read aloud
with tears running down his face. He hugged me so hard with tears of happiness. He wiped his eyes and
looked at me. “You are the sweetest guy ever. I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” I said and felt his lips on mine. I broke the long passionate kiss. “PJ, I wanna make
love to you right now. I don’t give a fuck if we get out of bed the entire night.”

“OOOO I want you to fuck me, Jason. I too wanna show you me love towards you.”

Once the flowers were in water we headed to his bedroom. It was fun undressing each other for a change,
despite knowing each other’s bodies so well by now. I did my very best to make love to him and was sure
he felt it. There was lots of kissing while my 7.5 inch hard throbbing dick was buried inside of his
flaming hot ass. 

We could barely move after we made love. It felt so good with PJ’s head resting on my chest. All he could
do was smile with an arm wrapped around me.

“I feel like a fool not remembering today,” he said quietly.

I snickered, “You can thank Wes for reminding me.”

“I’ll have to do that. Thanks for one great month and for showing me what it means to have a true
boyfriend and not some fuck buddy. Sex is so fucking good when there’s love mixed in.”

“Ain’t it?” I said.

We stayed in his bed and did manage to pull ourselves out of it. My goal in visiting him was to celebrate
and prepare for the weekend. We showered and dressed to head out to grab a quick bite and do some
shopping. I insisted on paying for everything, including the small meal and all the food needed. 

I left about midnight after bottoming for him. Wes wasn’t home when I arrived, but that was expected. I
hoped he felt as loved with Jennifer as I did with PJ. 

After another crazy day at work, I came home later than normal and was happy to see my apartment. Plans
were in place for Nick to stay here for the night and then for us to go to PJ’s for the remainder of his
extended weekend stay.

As soon as I hit the door I smelled something cooking. “I hope your brother is hungry when he gets here.”

“I’m hungry as hell,” I said. “I barely took a lunch today. What’s cooking?”

“Shrimp pasta,” Wes replied. “I’m giving that a try today. I saw some guys selling shrimp near our
project and wanted to give this a shot. I hope it turns out okay.”

“I’m sure it will. It smells great,” I said and headed off to change. I called Nick to find he was on
schedule to arrive just after seven if they didn’t hit much traffic on the way. Then I called PJ to tell
him he was welcome to come over whenever he was ready.

About six thirty, PJ came to the door. We had to sample the cooking and found it to be one of the best
things Wes had cooked for us. Ten minutes later there was a knock at the door. I raced to the door and
saw Drew and Ryker standing there. It was early but I was still hopeful it was my brother.

“Don’t look so disappointed,” Ryker said, slapping me on the shoulder.

“Sorry about that,” I said.

“Damn, something smells good up in here,” Ryker said.

“Wes went all out for Jason’s brother,” PJ said. “Drew, next weekend be ready.”

“I’m ready right now, but I need some plans there so you have the materials,” Drew said.

“I’ll get them to you. There’s more to building something than nailing two boards together,” PJ said.

“You’re right there,” Drew stated, with Ryker tasting the pasta.

“Wes, this is fire!” Ryker said with a spoon in his hand.

“And you can’t have any either,” Wes joked.

“That’s some bullshit. I’d fight someone for this,” Ryker said, getting another taste.

“There should be plenty,” I said.

Next to arrive were Jimmy and Logan. I think they were curious to see my brother as well. Having all of
them here did mean a lot to me and showed they cared about me. I was however getting antsy.

At seven twenty, a soft knock came on the door before it opened slightly.

“Does Jason Massey happen to live here?” a head came peeking around the door.

“No, he lives two doors down on the right,” Wes replied.

“My bad,” he said and shut the door.

I raced to the door and saw Nick and his friend walking in that direction. “Hey, are you looking for me?”
I shouted.

“You sorry asshole!” Nick turned around and said. He quickened his pace and slung his arms around me.
Since I had last seen him he had grown a beard but it was trimmed. He had dark hair like mine and was the
same height. Feeling his strong hug I could tell he too wasn’t sitting on his rear end. “It’s so good to
be here.”

“I’m so glad you’re here,” I said, releasing from the hug and stepping back. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too. Oh Austin, this is Jason,” Nick said.

“Good to meet ya finally,” Austin said, extending his big right hand. He had a deep voice with a twang.
He had dark hair that flipped up under the cap he was wearing. He looked like he had been plucked
straight from a fraternity in his Polo shirt and shorts with a necklace.

“You got me good,” Nick said, entering my apartment. “I thought you said this one but when I saw a bunch
of people I knew it wasn’t yours, Jason.”

“I told you I made a lot of friends,” I said.

Nick walked straight up to PJ. “You’re PJ. I can tell by the picture.”

“I am,” PJ said with a big smile.

Nick gave him a big hug which looked to shock PJ.

“Excuse him but he’s like that,” I said to the others.

“Hell, this boy is family now so I want to treat him like family,” Nick said.

“I’ll say one thing, there’s little doubt you two are brothers,” Drew said.

“You think?” Nick asked. “I’m so excited to meet all you but first this is my buddy Austin. He had to put
up with my ass for eight hours.”

“Tell me about it, but I’m used to it by now,” Austin said.

One by one I introduced everyone and saved Wes for last. Nick gave him a big hug. “Tell me, dude, how do
you stand Jason?” Nick asked.

“He’s cool, but I know what ya mean there,” Wes replied. “Are you and Austin hungry?”

“Hell yeah we are,” Nick replied.

“Just five minutes here and I can tell I like this dude,” Ryker said.

“He does speak his mind,” I stated. “Wes cooked shrimp pasta for you but we weren’t expecting everyone.”

“We ate earlier,” Jimmy said. “You guys go ahead.”

“Good thing there dude ‘cause after I finish there won’t be much left,” Nick said. “Let us grab our bags
and we’ll dig in.”

Once they shut the door, Wes said, “Jason, I’ll admit it, I’m jealous of you and I just met him.”

“I am too,” Drew said. “I can see some real brotherly love, but I hope that’s it.”

“Thank you very much,” I said, beaming with pride. “I was hoping you’d like him.”

“He’ll be a lot of fun fishing tomorrow,” Ryker said.

“He loves fishing,” I said.

Once Nick and Austin had their bags inside, we started eating. Wes didn’t think twice and offered them a
beer despite the fact Nick was 20 and we came to find out so was Austin. They didn’t hesitate accepting,
nor did I think they would. We sat all over the apartment and enjoyed Wes’s fine cooking. 

“Nick, what was it like having a gay brother?” Wes asked.

Nick shrugged, “Like I really gave a fuck that he was or still is gay. I’ve never seen Jason as anything
other than my brother. I knew he was gay before he came out. He was always telling me how cute this guy
was or that guy was so I pretty much knew.”

“Nick, you’re lying,” I said.

“No I’m not. How many times did you tell me Lance Tidwell was hot?” Nick said.

“Okay, maybe I did. I forgot about him, but he was hot,” I laughed.

“Dude, do you like hanging around gay guys?” Ryker asked Austin.

“They’re cool with me…” Austin replied.

“We’re in a club where half of the guys are gay,” Nick laughed.

“What kind of club is that?” Jimmy asked. “When I was in college most were either straight or gay.”

“Our nudist club we’re a part of that I just joined,” Nick replied. “There are some really hot chicks in
it too.”

“Really?” Wes asked with his mouth full.

“I met the girl I’m dating there and so did Nick,” Austin replied.

“No mysteries there when you wanna fuck,” Ryker stated.

“Absolutely not,” Nick said. 

“So Austin, you’re a nudist too?” PJ asked.

Nick laughed, “Dude, he just said he was.”

“I am. My parents are from France,” Austin stated. “It was nothing for them to go to the nude beach
growing up so they continued when my brother, sister and I were growing up.”

“You should hear some of his stories,” Nick said.

“I bet,” I said. “We went once and saw how open they are.”

“I just wanna go one time to Europe,” Logan spoke up.

“We’ll go,” Jimmy said. “I promised you we would one day.”

“It’s the bomb,” Austin said. “I don’t see why my folks decided to stay here. I used to go stay with my
grandparents and they took us all over Europe.”

We finished eating all that Wes had made. Nick came over and sat next to me. He put his arm around my
shoulder. “Jason, I’m proud of you. I never imagined you’d make this many friends in just a short time.”

“I told you I had,” I said.

“I know, but you have a tendency to exaggerate. This time you didn’t,” Nick said with a knock at the
door. It was Aiden and Casey stopping by to see what all the noise was about. I introduced them to my
brother and his friend.

“Who else is left?” Austin asked, packing his can of Skoal. He took a pinch and tossed the can to Nick.
Nick grabbed a pinch and offered me a taste of it but he knew I wouldn’t dare. 

“Pass it here since you’re being generous,” Drew said. 

“I didn’t know you dipped,” I said. 

“I’d say 75 percent dip on our team,” Drew stated and spit in a can. “Are you guys excited about

“I am,” Nick replied loudly. “So what kind of fish will I catch?”

Drew laughed, “Well… there’s grouper, snapper, kingfish, flounder and a bunch more.”

“Hell yeah,” Austin said. “The question is who will cook ‘em for us?”

We pointed at Wes. “Don’t look at me. I’ve never cooked ‘em.”

“I’ll ask my dad if we even get to go,” PJ said.

“It’s supposed to be a storm tomorrow,” Aiden said.

“No negative shit talk like that,” Nick said. “Come hell or high water my ass is going to be on that

“Just be ready, big boy. It could make you so sick,” Ryker said. “I was sicker than a damn dog last time
I went.”

“It won’t be a problem,” Nick said and spit in a can. “Now, which beach is the best to scope out all the

Wes laughed, “He’s not like Jason.”

“No shit,” Casey said.

“Stick with us, Nick, we’ll show you, but they’ll be so crowded and always are the Fourth,” Drew said.

“I’ll be glad when the tourist season is over,” Logan said.

“I will too. They drain the life out of us at the hospital. People come on vacation and think they can do
shit,” Casey stated.

“It can’t be any worse than spring break,” PJ said.

“That doesn’t stop ‘em. Yesterday, we had two guys come in who thought they could jump off the second
floor of their hotel room,” Casey said.

“No doubt they were shit faced,” Nick laughed.

“Of course,” Casey laughed.

It was great having Nick and Austin here with me. I saw how easily he blended in with everyone, but I
fully expected it. He is so outgoing whereas I never was that much. Before coming here I can say I had
the hardest time making the connections. I attribute some of that to the fact I saw college as a four
year period, thus the friendships could be broken. 

It was probably close to one before everyone began leaving. We had shared a lot of laughs and good
stories while everyone was drinking. 

“Ummm… I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow,” PJ stood up. He hadn’t drunk very much at all.

“I wish you’d stay,” I said.

“Yeah, stay PJ,” Nick said. “Hell, Austin and I will crash on the couch and the floor.”

“I can take the couch,” Wes said. “You two can sleep in my bed.”

PJ smiled, “You don’t have to twist my arm.”

“Good,” I said. 

“I guess now that everyone is gone we can get comfy,” Nick stated and took off his shirt. He stood and
started unbuttoning his shorts. “Wes, do you mind?”

“I’m used to it after living with your brother for a month,” Wes replied.

“Cool,” Nick said as he lost his shorts. Like me, he never wore underwear and was naked. I have to admit
my brother was looking good these days. “The rest of you are free to join me. If not, I don’t give a
fuck. I know PJ wants you naked, Jason.”

“I’m sure he saw plenty last night,” Wes stated. “We both celebrated our first month with our new dates.”

“My brother is hitting that shit,” Nick said. “All right, I’m beginning to feel alone here.”

“It won’t be the first time,” Austin said. “Nick doesn’t care who sees his ass.”

“You don’t either,” Nick said.

I stood and lost my clothes. Austin was next after seeing that I had. Austin had a nice body with a
little hair on his chest. His dick was uncut and a decent size. PJ followed Austin with Wes staying

“Wes?” Nick asked.

“Nick, he’s not like us. Remember Mom always said that you can’t ever make a person…” I said.

“He thinks everyone should be like us,” Austin said.

“Please tell me you two are rooming together next year,” Wes said.

“We’re working on it,” Nick said. “The thing is we really just met. Jason didn’t know him.”

“True,” Austin said. “It was funny that we were at this party in May. Someone said Nick was a nudist so I
walked up and started talking to him since I was. The thing is we lived one floor apart and never knew
each other…”

“We have a lot in common too. He loves to hunt and fish like I do and we like pretty much the same shit,”
Nick said and stood to get another beer.

“The same beer,” Austin said. “That’s key.”

“I hate to ask but where in the world did you get the accent?” PJ asked with my arm around him.

Austin chuckled, “Hell, it is natural. I was born in Georgia so what do expect?”

Nick handed a beer to Austin, “What did you expect, PJ? He does take a bath but his mom has hairy arm
pits and legs.”

“Je t’encule, which is fuck you in French,” Austin laughed.

“How cool is that?” Wes asked. “I took French in college and don’t know shit!”

“Merde is shit in French,” Austin laughed.

We sat around talking before heading to bed after two. The only part I didn’t like was not having any
free time with Nick but I’m sure that would come.


Between this story and Rooming I hope you are getting enough to read these days.   I hope they are
enjoyable for you.   I do my best to please my great loyal readers. 

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