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With the sounds of birds chirping and the sight of the sun peering through the tent window, my eyes popped
open here on Saturday. During the night the top sleeping bag was kicked off of us with nothing covering us
now. I quietly rolled off the air mattress and found my flip flops. As quietly as possible, I unzipped our
tent to go outside and take a leak. I saw Jimmy sitting in his chair looking at his phone. I grabbed my
chair and went to sit next to him. 

“Having fun?” I asked.

“Of course I am. This is so fucking awesome. I’m glad you asked us to come,” he replied and put down his
phone. “Logan loves it too. I feel so great here, so free. How does this compare to other nudist

I laughed, “Vastly different…”

“I can imagine.”

“The ones I went to were very family oriented. As far as facilities, this is close but not quite as nice
as the ones I’ve been to,” I said. 

“Greg or Logan did say how this was cheaper than any state park…”

“It is,” I said.

“If everything works out, we’d love to come back in August and maybe even more. I didn’t mind at all
sleeping in a tent for the first time ever in my life. It really wasn’t too bad at all,” Jimmy said.

“It’s not, but I miss the air conditioning,” I said.

“Tell me about it. I was hot as hell last night,” Jimmy said.

“I could tell,” I laughed and pushed on his shoulder.

“I think you and PJ fucked too once you got back, so don’t give me that shit,” Jimmy said.

“I will proudly say we did fuck last night, outside after seeing you and Logan fucking,” I said.

“It was really great, huh? I felt love from him like I’ve never felt it before in my life. I know we’ve
been together for almost a year but last night was really special,” Jimmy said. “Jason, Logan and I fucked
without condoms last night for the very first time in our lives.”

“Oh wow, I’m sure it was very hot,” I said with a big smile.

“Oh my God, it was the fucking best, I swear to you. Have you ever fucked bareback?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Me either until last night. We were tested last week and found out we were clean. We waited until last
night to make love as it was intended to be done. I could feel his cock like never before inside of me,”
Jimmy said. “I better stop talking about that or I’ll get a hard on.”

“That was a big step for you two. Congratulations!”

“Yes it really was a huge step for us! Say, when our lovers wake up I would love to try their breakfast
here,” Jimmy said.

“I would too, but that also means we have to get dressed,” I said.

“Oh well, I can live with that for an hour. Hey, let me ask you something, Logan noticed last night that
we had a full 12 pack missing. Do you know where it went?”

“I have no idea. All I’ve drank was water here and beer at the dance,” I replied.

“Maybe Ford took it.”

“I doubt it since he doesn’t drink,” I said.

“Did you even see him at all last night?”

“I saw him dancing with his new friends. I’m really very happy for him. I was a little worried that he’d
be all in our business.”

“I was too,” Jimmy said. “To me, he doesn’t act his age. He really seems very immature to me.”

“Maybe a little, but you would if Aiden was your cousin,” I laughed.

“Who wouldn’t?” Jimmy asked. “Jason, isn’t there a big mix of gay guys here?”

“There are all types here for damn sure,” I replied. “Some I’ve seen are cute and others not so much.”
We talked just a little more until Logan came out of the tent. He walked straight up to Jimmy and kissed
him with great passion. I congratulated him on the big step in their relationship.

Once PJ made his appearance we decided to eat, but first we agreed a shower would be nice. We gathered our
things and headed to shower. It was a very unique experience with only cold water so it was very quick. It
did wake everyone up.

Right before we were leaving, Ford came walking up holding Cole’s hand with Dustin holding Shane’s hand.
They were naked and smiling as they came up.

“I came to get some stuff,” Ford announced.

“Hey, we’re missing some beer,” Jimmy said.

Ford pointed at Cole. “I took it. Jimmy said it would be okay. I forgot to bring any,” Cole said. “I’ll
pay ya before we leave.”

“Ford, are you leaving us?” I asked.

“Not leaving you per se, but I am hanging out with these dudes over at their cabins,” Ford replied.

“Not to embarrass you, but what’s going on here?” Logan asked.

“I thought Ford was hot,” Cole replied.

“It just worked out that way,” Ford said. “Is that a problem?”

“No, I was just wondering,” Logan said.

“Why are y’all dressed up?” Dustin asked.

“We’re going to the café to eat breakfast,” I replied.

“Makes sense then,” Dustin said. 

“Enjoy and I’ll see ya around,” Ford said. “Man, I fucking love this place.”

“Join the crowd,” PJ said.

We walked away and got in my car to drive to the café rather than walk. It was a wise decision in doing so
since it was near the entrance. We found it to be fairly crowded with a few open tables. We sat down and
waited to order. Once we got our food, it was very good and quite filling. While we were at the café we
signed up and paid for the pig roast at 8 later that night.

We went back to our site with an hour or so before the planned activities began. They were having a big
volleyball tournament, tug o war, lake swim, horseshoes and egg toss. The tug o war sounded like it’d be
the most fun to watch with a big mud pit involved. Nothing really caught my eye as something I wanted to
participate in. We did agree the egg toss could be fun and wasn’t that challenging.

We grabbed our things and a small ice chest filled with water and a few beers. We headed back towards the
pool area nude to sign up for the egg toss, which was after the horseshoes and lake swim. We got to the
pool to find every chair was taken with no one wearing a thing other than a few with shirts to cover their
pale bodies. We did sign up for the egg toss and walked to where we could head to the beach area on this
bright sunny day. We had seen a sign while going to eat that pointed to the beach. We walked down the road
and found it. It was a short walk until we were on the sandy man made beach with two volleyball courts
next to it. The beach too was crowded but there was enough room for us to enjoy the sun for a little

“It’s not an ocean beach,” PJ commented.

“It’s not, but it is a beach,” I said, placing my towel on the sand.

“I’m beginning to think there’s more than a hundred here,” Logan said.

“I was thinking the same thing,” I said.

There were a few that were swimming in the lake while we sat quietly and soaked up the rays. We did wade
in the lake just before they announced the big swim. We were about to leave but stayed since we had a good
spot. We watched the swimmers line up along the beach. Again it was an array of very different guys, from
a few that could be swimmers along with a few that looked as though they might sink. Once they were off it
was easy to see the real swimmers from the rest. I almost laughed seeing one guy struggle to even get
going. It was pretty competitive with one of the swimmers edging out another guy who didn’t have the
swimmer’s body. 

On the side, they were starting the volleyball tournament. I looked over to see Ford and his new buddies
on a team. We moved closer to watch them play against another team. It did look like a lot of fun when
they started. The only problem for Ford’s team was they were playing against some really good players.  

We were able to speak with Ford after their game and commended him for his effort. We stayed around and
watched a few more games before heading off to find where we were to be for the egg toss. 

The egg toss was being held next to the pool in an open area. We only had to wait a few minutes before we
were handed our eggs. We were next to Jimmy and Logan with our other new friends Greg and Preston next to
them. As with any egg toss, we started close to each other and began moving back. On the third round, PJ
threw the egg a little too hard and it busted in my hand meaning we were finished. Greg and Preston were
right there with us and were out on the same round. We moved away with Jimmy and Logan doing very well. It
didn’t matter if you caught the egg as long as it didn’t bust when hitting the ground.  

PJ and I stood arm in arm watching Jimmy and Logan progress past each stage until they were one of two
remaining. The distance now between them was a good ways and had attracted a small crowd. Jimmy tossed his
egg high in the air only to have it bust all over Logan’s chest. The guys with them caught their egg
without it breaking and were the winners. The winners received a voucher to stay another weekend here at
the campgrounds. 

PJ and I patted Jimmy and Logan on the ass and congratulated them on their great run. We headed back to
the beach to gather our stuff to move to watch the main event, the tug-o-war. The event was being held
across the street from the pool with water being poured onto the dirt so it would be real muddy.  We sat
and waited until the four teams appeared. Again Ford and his buddies were on a team of eight to test their
strength against the other three teams. I saw the others and knew it’d be tough since the others had some
really big guys. 

By the time the event had begun there was a ton of naked guys gathered around to watch the test of muscle.
Ford’s group was in the second match so he could watch and learn. The first match was a good struggle of
two fairly matched teams with big guys anchoring the end. It ended after a good match of back and forth
with six of the guys ending up in the mud and the other two running away. It was time for Ford and his
group. I did see they had one very big muscular guy at the end but were facing a bunch of really big guys
with impressive guts hanging. It didn’t take Ford and his team very long until they had won the battle
with all eight getting in the mud. 

After a short rest, it was time for the finals. It started out very slow with very little progress. Dustin
was at the front with Ford right behind him. The facial expressions were killer and they showed all the
muscles in their bodies. I saw Ford and the others starting to slip before taking a tumble into the mud.
Ford came up laughing and was covered from head to toe in mud, as was Dustin. We sat laughing and pointing
with Ford trying his best to fling mud our way. 

Once the tug o war was completed, we grabbed our things and knew it was time to head back to our campsite.
For one, I was now hungry despite eating a very big breakfast, but we could snack until the pig roast in
about 5 hours. 

At our campsite, I said, “If you guys don’t mind, I think PJ and I need a little alone time. We really
haven’t had much this week.”

“No problem at all,” Logan said. “I completely understand.”

“Thanks,” I said and waved to them, even though they would be close. PJ sat down his things and grabbed me
by the face for a sweet long kiss.

“Thank you so much,” he said.

“We do need to spend some quality time together without anyone else around,” I said. “If we have to we’ll
go take a walk so we can be alone. Not that we’re going to fuck or anything but I want a little time with

“You’re the best and the sweetest guy ever,” he said. “What do you wanna do?”

“I wanna sit down and just hold you close to me,” I replied. “It doesn’t matter what we say or do. It’s
the fact we’re alone and need to bond more to allow our relationship to continue to grow as it has been.
You’ll see there will be times when you want just me and no one else.”

“I already see that.”

We put down our things and threw down the blanket. I sat down and invited PJ to sit with me. My arm went
over his shoulder while his arm went around my waist. He leaned his head on my shoulder.

“This is so nice,” he said.

“Ain’t it? We can be affectionate and more without one person saying shit to us. We don’t have to worry
what people think or say because everyone here is just like us, seeking the same thing. I wish there were
more places around us where we can go and be who we really are.”

“I know. I see the attraction to this place. It is in the middle of nowhere but is a short drive from a
lot of places. You can be with your boyfriend, partner or whatever and enjoy the freedom of being gay and
naked. I’m sure this is heaven to you, Jason.”

“Very much so, and that much more holding my boyfriend who I am growing to love more and more each day.”

PJ grabbed my face and kissed me. We kissed with so much passion and vigor. He stopped, “Oh fuck, I love
you so much!”

“I love you too, PJ,” I said and went back for more. While he was sticking his tongue in my mouth, his
hand traveled down my chest and lightly pinched my tit. I broke the kiss and smiled at him. I reached in
the ice chest and pulled out two beers for us to enjoy. We sat drinking our beer and staring at the trees,
birds and squirrels. 

“Jason, I don’t know about you but I could use a good nap about right now,” PJ stated.

“I like the sound of that,” I said. We went into his tent and snuggled close together.

“Next time, remind me just to bring a sheet,” he said.

“I agree.” It wasn’t very long until I was very comfortable and drifted off to sleep with PJ in my arms.

The sound of someone unzipping our tent woke me and PJ from our nap. I opened my eyes and saw Jimmy
standing there. 

“Sorry, but Ford thinks he broke his big toe,” Jimmy stated.

I rubbed my eyes while PJ stretched. “I don’t know what we do.”

“My phone is dead and I was wondering if you could call Casey and see what he says,” Jimmy said.

PJ and I got up. I had my phone but it was off. I saw I had missed a few calls but they could wait. I
found Casey’s number and called him while walking out to see Ford in some pain, seeing his big toe
starting to swell. Casey did answer and told me what to do. I found some ice and put it in towel. 

“My question is how in the world did you make it here?” I asked, putting the ice on his toe.

“We were just about here when he hit something,” Cole replied, while Ford looked to be in a lot of pain.
“It really just happened. I’m surprised you didn’t hear him yell.”

Greg, Preston, Dustin and Shane came racing up with a first aid kit in Greg’s hand. 

“My friend said if you have tape, tape two toes together and elevate his foot as well,” I repeated what
Casey had told me.

“I’ve got some tape, I think,” Greg said opening the kit. “Here it is.”

Greg removed the ice and taped Ford’s big toe together with the next toe. Jimmy moved another chair over
so he could elevate it.

“I knew one day we’d use that kit,” Preston said. “Does it feel any better, Ford?”

“NO,” Ford replied grimacing.

“Just give it time,” Cole said with his arm around Ford. “Be a soldier.”

“I’m fucking trying but damn it hurts,” Ford said.

“Here’s some ibuprofen that could help as well,” Greg said, extending his hand. “Maybe you just stumped

“I hope so, but it fucking hurts,” Ford said with us gathered around him. Ford downed the pills and took a
drink of water from Cole.

“Thanks there bro for fucking up our night,” Shane said.

“I’m sorry,” Ford said.

“What did you guys have planned?” Jimmy asked.

“We were gonna get Ford fucked up. Can you believe the dude has never been drunk before in his life?”
Dustin asked.

“You may find this hard to believe but some people don’t like drinking,” Greg said.

“Ford, you drank at my house before,” PJ said.

“Yeah, but I never did get drunk like you and Darren did,” Ford said.

“What did you guys do last night?” PJ asked them.

The three standing looked at each other and started laughing. “We’re not telling, but use your imagination
with four single gay dudes,” Shane said. “Well some of us did. Dustin was pretty wasted.”

“Look who’s talking,” Dustin shot back.

“I think we get the picture,” Preston said and laughed. “Let’s just hope you weren’t so wasted you forgot
to cover the boys up.”

“I wasn’t that wasted,” Dustin said. “I’ll be right back.”

“Where you going?” Shane asked.

“I need another beer and to get my smokes,” Dustin replied. 

“Just bring the cooler if these guys don’t mind,” Preston stated.

“And a few chairs,” Greg added.

Shane headed off with Dustin down the trail. 

“Does Shane smoke too?” Preston asked Ford and Cole.

“Yeah. Now you see why Ford and I ended up together,” Cole laughed.

“Thanks a lot, bitch!” Ford said.

“I was just kidding,” Cole said.

“Cole, how do you and Shane know each other?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Greg said.

“We didn’t before we got here. He’s in the cabin next to mine,” Cole replied. “Come to find out we all
live pretty close together so maybe this ain’t for only the weekend. Matter of fact, Ford and I go to the
same college.”

“That’s great,” Logan said. “Ford, are you feeling any better?”

“A little better,” Ford said with his leg still up.

Dustin and Shane came back carrying an ice chest and chairs, with cigarettes hanging from their mouths.
They were at least courteous enough to sit away from us while they smoked. I enjoyed chatting with all the
guys despite not getting real quality alone time with PJ. Everyone had great stories and came from various
backgrounds. Ford and Cole had something in common other than they didn’t smoke. Cole wasn’t out to his
family either but they did live far away. Cole said he came to escape and be himself, which is needed

We sat around until it was nearly time for those of us going to the pig roast to head that direction. The
one thing I was thankful for was it was clothing optional and rather informal so I could stay as I was.
The others agreed and saw no reason to don any clothes. Ford was doing better and was up trying to walk
around in some sandals Logan had since all Ford had were flip flops. He limped and said he’d try his best
to make it around. I liked the fact that the other three hadn’t abandoned Ford and were there with him.
They said they help him out and they’d find a place where he could sit down.

We made it to the area where the pig roast was. It was roped off and was across from where we went to the
beach. I saw the pig being roasted and wondered now what this was going to be like. It was nicely
decorated with tiki torches burning and plenty of tables. We gave our names and entered, seeing some of
the guys were nude but not all. First we grabbed a cold one and did like that it was all you could drink
for 2 hours. As we were standing around, guys began walking up and talking to us. 

We took a seat and waited until everything was ready to be served. Along with the pig, they had beans,
slaw, chips and potato salad with some chocolate cake as well. When it was time, we grabbed our plates and
began filling them up with the food. 

While we were sitting and enjoying the good food I noticed the owners were there as well and were going to
each table. Tony came to ours with a notepad and pen in his hand.

“Are you fine looking gentlemen enjoying your stay here with us?” Tony, one of the owners, asked and
grabbed a seat.

“I think we’re all having a great time,” Preston replied.

“That’s good to hear,” Tony said. “I’m going around and seeing if any of you young men have any ideas
either for the next Young Man’s Weekend or for the campgrounds in general.”

“I know you’re working on the primitive areas, but it would be really nice if there were some tables and
possibly a fire pit,” Greg suggested.

“Yes, it is something we are working on,” Tony said, writing.

“An expanded pool area would be great,” I said. “Maybe enlarge the seating area around it with a few more
chairs. I know this weekend may not be how things always are around here but it would be nice as this
campground grows.”

“Okay,” Tony said. “The response has amazed us like you wouldn’t believe. It is great to see young men
like you enjoying yourselves here. Normally, it’s a lot of older men, but we realize we need to expand our
customer base to make our dreams possible. Thanks to the excitement generated here, Tate and I were up
half the night throwing around ideas on how we could make things better here with the limited funds we

“My suggestion would be to expand and make the beach area bigger and better with some chairs for rent and
umbrellas,” Logan said. “I don’t think it would take much work in that regard. Most young people I know
enjoy the beach so it could attract more to come.”

“That’s a great idea and something we haven’t even considered. You’re right. It wouldn’t take much work
and renting chairs could be another source of revenue,” Tony said. “You guys are great. The others really
haven’t given me much to ponder.”

“To me, I would try to cater to the younger crowd more,” Greg said. “They are your future. You see how
everyone has enjoyed it. If it is at all possible, have a place where one can get on the internet either
via a computer or WiFi.”

“I don’t know. People come here to get away from that stuff,” Tony said.

“True, but there are some that are so addicted to that shit or feel lost without it, they may stay away
for that very reason,” Greg stated.

Tony rubbed his chin, “You make a very good point there. We could make it available… say around the
office. I appreciate that. I could stay here all night. I love that you have some really great ideas.”

“You asked so we delivered,” Preston said.

“You did that. Enjoy the rest of your stay. If you have any more ideas I’ll be available with an open
mind,” Tony said and walked away.

“That was nice of them to come around. It does make me feel welcome,” Greg said. We agreed and finished
eating. We got up and began mingling around with the others who had stayed around to drink the beer while
it was available. 

At the time the roast was complete I had got to talk to several of my fellow nudist campers and really
enjoyed interacting with them. All but a few were older and all were extremely nice. The six of us walked
out and saw Ford, Dustin, Cole and Shane along with a few more guys about their age gathered near the bar.

“Feeling better?” PJ asked Ford.

Ford held up a drink, “A few more of these puppies and I will.”

“No doubt,” Preston said. “Just be careful.”

“He knows,” Dustin stated.

“Ford, if we don’t see ya again, we’re getting out of here about 3 tomorrow,” PJ said.

“Okay, no problem,” Ford said.

We walked away and began heading towards our tents. This time we had remembered to bring flashlights and
not risk the same fate as Ford. 

“Oh to be their age again,” Preston stated.

“Hell, Jimmy and Jason are,” Logan said.

“You guys are missing it,” Greg said.

“I’m not missing shit,” Jimmy said. “Logan gives me everything I want and more.”

“Great attitude,” Preston said with us walking down the dirt road. “If properly marketed towards younger
people, imagine what this place could be. Instead, all their marketing up to this point has been nothing
but fucking bears. I really hope this weekend has opened their eyes to see the possibilities.”

“We did offer some ideas,” Jimmy said. “This is my first nudist experience and real camping experience.
I’ve enjoyed the camping why more than I could have imagined along with the nudist time. I think Jason
said once the initial sight leaves then you don’t really notice.”

“We agree,” Preston said. “This is a little more sexually charged atmosphere, but hell, there’s nothing
but young gay men everywhere you look. Some like you and Jason are great eye candy so there’s bound to be
some really hard cocks around here waiting to be put to use.”

We made it easily to our tents and went our separate ways. PJ pulled out a lantern to place on the hook. I
threw out our blanket and wanted to enjoy some star gazing with him. He put his arm around me when he sat
down and gave me a big smooch. We sat holding each other under the light until the bugs overwhelmed us.
The light had to be turned off. My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness while we talked.

Our night ended with PJ topping me while we were still outdoors. He was turning into one hell of a lover
in my book. Despite being primarily a bottom, PJ fucked me with lots of passion, understanding the thrill
and joy I was receiving. There was a flashlight shone in our direction in the midst of our sex but we
continued on and didn’t mind at all if someone was witnessing our love making. 

Once awake the next morning, PJ, Jimmy, Logan and I sat around together and ate some of the food we had
brought. We laughed, knowing a lot of the food we had bought would be going back with us. Rather than go
to the pool, we explored areas of the campground we hadn’t seen. It was easy to see the beauty of nature
while doing so. We could also see the amount of undeveloped land for future expansion as well.  Just
before the end, Logan wanted to be alone with Jimmy in the wilderness.  PJ and I smiled and said we’d see
them at the campsite.  Now, it wasn’t uncommon to see acts of sex going on while walking around the
wilderness or by the primitive campsites but most appeared to be loving acts of sex.

It was almost sad when the time came to begin tearing down our tents and preparing to leave. The saddest
part to me was having to put clothes back on. We began wondering where Ford was until he came strolling
up, still hobbling, just as we had our tents taken down. 

We made sure to bid our new friends goodbye and get their numbers to stay in touch for the future.  

We drove off and bid the Woods farewell for now.

“Great times, huh?” PJ commented.

“Fucking best weekend of my life,” Ford said.

“That’s great to hear,” I said.

“Was there a love connection made between you and Cole?” PJ asked.

“I don’t know. We’ll see…” Ford replied.

“See? You said he lived nearby and went to college with you.” PJ said while I drove.

“Realistically, I’d love the hell out of it if we did become boyfriends, but… the way I see it was it was
just a weekend fling,” Ford stated.

“Do you like him?” I asked.

“Of course I do Jason. We had the best time together,” Ford replied.

“Ford, you wanted a boyfriend. Here’s your best shot,” PJ said.

“I know, but I don’t know if he’ll think the same once he gets home,” Ford said.

“My suggestion is pursue it until he tells you no,” PJ said. “I did that same thing and look what I got.”

I laughed. “I was an easy catch. Ford, if I were you, I’d continue to stay in contact with those three
guys. Why say it was just a weekend when it can continue? You can run around together as friends if
nothing else.”

“That’s a possibility. Dustin did mention that to all of us,” Ford said. “I guess I’ll just see how things


Sorry I've been a little slower at posting these chapters.   I hope you enjoyed their camping time.

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