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After a nice kiss from PJ, I entered his home on Thursday and noticed how nice he always kept it. We
walked to his living room and sat on his couch with him practically sitting on top of me.

“What happened between you and Wes?” he asked.

“It boiled down to the fact they told him today he was going to work where he had been earlier this
week. That meant weeks and months away,” I explained.

“Wow, I’d be pissed.”

“He was and he took it out on me,” I said. “I know people fight but he called me a faggot.”

“No way! Wes did that?”

“He did and he told me he was sorry. PJ, it hurt because he spewed it at me with intent. I hate that
fucking word…”

“Jason, most gay guys should,” PJ said.

“I’m ready for our great night now that my little problem has been resolved. What excitement do you have
lined up for us tonight, boyfriend?” I asked.

“Well, I was going to see if you wanted to go to the movie and to eat afterwards,” he replied. 

“How about we go eat but forgo heading to the beach like we did last week?”

“We can do that. Anything you’re craving?” he asked.

“Seafood would be nice since I’ve only had it at your parent’s house. I know there must be tons of great
places around here that have the freshest seafood,” I replied.

He smiled, “There are. We can head over to this one place that I like,” he said.

“Let’s go. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it,” I said.

We headed out and went in my SUV as I insisted. I didn’t know exactly where we were going but he could
give me directions. 

“Jason, how does playing golf sound to you Saturday morning?” he asked while I drove.

“I like the sound of that,” I replied.

“I hoped you’d say that. Ummm… I talked to Ford before you came over and he wants to go as well. Do you

“I don’t mind at all. I’m really glad to hear you two have reconnected. Ain’t it funny how it happened?”
I asked.

“Very funny. I told everyone I had seen him but I didn’t tell them he was gay. I just said he came over
with a friend,” PJ replied.

“Whew, I’m glad you didn’t spill the beans there. That would be a bad way to come out,” I said. “I guess
we need another person. Maybe Casey would want to go. It could be four gay dudes golfing.”

“Sounds good to me,” PJ said. “Turn right and go about three miles. When you see the shopping center,
make a left. Oh, how does camping sound to you next weekend?”

“Wow, you have us all planned out. I guess it sounds okay, but where?”

“I found a nudist gay resort that is about an hour from here. They’re having what they call ‘Young Men’s
Weekend’,” he replied.

“I’ve heard about those gay nudist places,” I said and was unsure about this trip.

“We can give it a try. I’m willing to try if you are,” PJ said.

“It would be a lot more fun if we could talk some more into going,” I said.


“You’ve enjoyed being around more people. You told me last night how much fun it was being around
everyone,” I replied.

“I guess we could. People are weird about nudism,” he stated.

“I know that very well,” I stated. “The least we can do is ask around and see if anyone is willing to go
with us and experience something I grew up with.”

“Okay. Alright, are you ready for the next weekend after that?” he asked while I turned by the shopping

“Ummm… I guess so. What did you have in mind?”

“You said your brother and one of his friends are coming to visit. I have two spare bedrooms,” PJ

“I couldn’t do that to you, PJ.”

“I offered first.”

“I know, but I don’t know about having my brother and a guy I don’t know staying at your house,” I said.

“Oh, the place is up here on the right,” he said. “Jason, you could stay as well. It’d be fun.”

“I’ll think about it. First let’s just take things one day at time. Now that I’ve thought about it a
weekend at a nudist resort with just young guys could be fun, even if no one else wants to go with us,”
I stated and found a place to park.

We went inside the restaurant and got a table. A young guy handed us the menu and gave us the daily
specials before asking for our drink orders. I ordered a draft beer while PJ ordered rum and coke. 

“He’s really cute,” I said about our waiter.

PJ dropped his menu down and stared at me. “Really?”

“Didn’t you think so?”

“I did, but I wouldn’t dare say in the presence of my date. Jason, it’s annoying that you do that and
it’s not the first time either,” PJ replied with a scowl on his face.

I nodded my head, “Thank you for telling me. I can’t promise it won’t happen again but I’ll be aware of
that. Communication is the key for a strong relationship, but it has to go both ways.”

“Okay, thanks for understanding my point.”

“No problem. Man, the grilled shrimp sounds so good. Did you see that plate when we walked in?” I asked
to change the subject.

“It really does. I was thinking of the grilled tuna.”

“Do you mind sharing our meal? The snapper sounds great as well.”

“Not at all since I was eyeing those shrimp,” he said.

The waiter returned with our drinks and took our order. We talked about work to pass the time until the
meal arrived. It smelled and looked so good. We divided our main courses up and shared. In the end, I
wasn’t certain which was better. 

We ate until we couldn’t eat any more. When the bill arrived, we split it down the middle and left a
good tip. 

At his home, we walked in the door. PJ grabbed us a beer without asking and came to sit on his nice
leather couch with me. Together we picked out something on television to watch. He leaned up against me
with my arm draped around his shoulder. 

While watching, I couldn’t help but notice a nice painting above his fireplace. It probably was there
before but I just now noticed it since last time we were like this I was a little nervous. “Did you
paint that?” I asked.

“I did about a year. I just got it framed,” he replied.

“That’s some talent right there,” I said concerning the nice painting of a beach. “Did you just hang it

“I did Monday night after I got back from the frame shop.”

I chuckled, “Okay, I thought I’d missed it before. I’d love to see your other work unless you’d rather
watch this show.”

“I’d be happy to show you,” he said. He rose up and asked me to follow him to one of the spare bedrooms.
I had looked in before and didn’t notice the many paintings and drawings lined up against the wall.
“Since we’ve met I’ve been inspired and had almost stopped painting before that.”

“Honestly, I don’t know much about art but to me these are great,” I stated looking at the various

“Take one if you’d like. I’d be honored.”

I picked one up that was dark and looked spooky, “Tell me about this one.”

“It has meaning. It was how I felt when I hit rock bottom. I felt like I had fallen into a pit,” he said
and pointed. “It was showing my struggle to emerge from hell.”

“That’s deep,” I stated and picked up one of a metal barn set against some rolling hills. “I like this
one. It reminds me of my grandpa’s place.”

“That was easy. It’s yours but… I need to be paid,” he said.

“Ummm… maybe tomorrow night,” I said.

He laughed, “I’d love that payment as well. I need a favor from you.”

“Okay,” I said unsure what he meant.

“I’d love to take a picture of you so I can paint something later. It’d be great with you posing in your
shorts with your shirt off.”

“I can do that for damn sure,” I said and pulled off my shirt.

PJ suggested we take it against the wall at the entry since it was an off white. He walked away while I
grabbed a drink. He came back with a very nice camera and instructed me to lean against the wall. I did
so and tried to be expressionless. He snapped a few pictures and told me to stand up and push down my
shorts a little bit. I did as I was told.

“I wanna see the top of your underwear,” he said.

“I don’t wear any except at work,” I stated. “I thought you would have realized that now.”

He laughed, “I’m stupid. Where you have your shorts now is perfect. It shows your great cuts at your
waist and your hot little treasure trail going down from your ripped abs.”

I stood and let him take my picture. He put my hands in my pockets and I posed that way before sticking
my hands down my shorts.

“Jason, you’re a fucking great model,” he said. “Ever considered doing it?”

“Nope. I have no desire whatsoever,” I replied.

He finished taking the pictures. We stood at the bar where he allowed me to see the shots. Most were
very good even, though I didn’t care much for having my picture taken. We returned to the couch to watch
TV. When it was over he pulled my head down for a kiss. His lips were so soft that I didn’t want to pull
mine away. Our hands got wild, with his running all over my back and down my shorts. 

Breathless, I broke the kiss and stood. “I guess I’ll leave on that hot note.”

“Damn, but I understand. Some people have to work tomorrow,” he said. “Tomorrow is supposed to be very
nice. You are more than welcome to come over and enjoy the pool.”

“I will once you get home…”

“No, come over during the day.”

“I don’t know, PJ.”

“Why not? You’ll be alone and can enjoy the day naked by the pool,” he said. “I’ll give you my garage
code and you can enter from there.”

“I might do that,” I said with a smile. I grabbed my painting, put on my shirt, kissed him goodbye and
headed back to my apartment.

When I returned about 10:20, Wes was on the couch. I believe I woke him up when I came inside. 

“How was your date? I thought you were staying the night,” Wes asked.

“I said might,” I replied. “So are we cool with everything?”

“I was cool before you left.”

“Great. I probably won’t be home tomorrow night. PJ has got us a tee time Saturday morning…”

“Awesome. What time are we going?”

“Ummm… we may have four already,” I replied and took a seat.

“I see who your friends are now,” Wes said and laughed. “So who’s going with ya?”

“PJ, Ford and maybe Casey. If Casey can’t go, then I’ll holler at you,” I replied.

“Who’s Ford?”

“I haven’t told ya since all we did was fight,” I said. “He’s Aiden’s cousin but he lived close to PJ.
It was odd when PJ walked in Tuesday night and knew Ford. Aiden and I didn’t know what the fuck was
going on.”

“That’s pretty cool. So you weren’t lonely while I was gone?” he said.

“Not Tuesday night. Drew and Cameron came down too. Last night I just went and worked out. That was it.
Oh, I did buy some groceries,” I said.

“I saw that and saw where you put the receipt. I’m sorry about asking for the check and even sorrier
that I called you a faggot. You know that’s not like me at all.”

“I know. Things happen,” I said. “How was Jennifer?”

“She was great. She just left,” Wes replied.

“Then you fell asleep in like two seconds?” I said.

“Maybe not just left,” Wes said. “Man, let me tell ya about my trip now that I’m over being pissed.” He
went on and on how they took him out as the new guy. I wasn’t sure if he exaggerated or not telling
about how wasted he got the first night. Last night, he said they hauled him to a great strip club so I
was glad I wasn’t around.

Friday, I was up about 8 and was glad to see the sun shining through my window. Seeing the bright sun, I
grabbed some shorts, socks, shoes and my phone for some music to head out for a nice run around the
neighborhood. Once away from my complex, the traffic was awful so I headed back to run in a neighborhood
behind us. It was a nice change with much less traffic. 

While running, I had decided to head over to PJ’s house and take full advantage of his generous offer.
The day was far too nice and there wasn’t anything I enjoy more than having a good day nude. However,
there was one slight problem in that I forgot to get the garage code. That was easily solved by a text
followed by his call.

It was rather odd once I was there at his house without him being there. I set down the beer for my day
I had just purchased on the way over, along with a takeout salad they had. I had left my bag and clubs
in my car for later. Once out the back door, my shorts, shirt and flip flops came off but I was still
wearing the necklace PJ had bought me. First order was to dip out the trash that had accumulated in his
pool. Once that was complete, I threw my towel over a chair and applied some sunscreen. My phone was
near my side playing music. Nothing was better than to be outdoors under the sun the way I entered this

Sitting there with my music, mostly pop, it was nice kicking back, with my hands tucked behind my head,
and thinking. It was astonishing how things were working out so far. New friends had come rather easy
for me here, whereas at college it seemed a struggle to click with others so quickly. The area was fun,
new and exciting for me, with college it wasn’t so much with little to do in a smaller town. This town
wasn’t the biggest but the size of it felt right to me after growing up in a town just smaller than
this. Being a beach town there was a great vibe to it, but it would be interesting to me to see the
difference once the summer was finished.

I dove in the water after a while and swam around in the refreshing water. I swam a few laps for good
measure and grabbed the Styrofoam raft to relax on so water would be around. Once on the raft, it was
evident my music wasn’t loud enough or near enough, plus a beer sounded so refreshing.

With a beer in my hand, the lounger was easier. I flopped down on my stomach with my bare ass shining.
My ass had got a little sun but nothing compared to any summer before.

While I was almost asleep and so comfortable, the sound of the back door opening startled me. My eyes
opened to see Aiden, Casey and Ford coming out.

“I knew Jason would be nude,” Aiden said.

“Yep and I’m staying this way too,” I said.

“Fine with me,” Casey said. 

“I called PJ to confirm our golf outing tomorrow and he mentioned you were here. I hope you don’t mind,”
Ford said.

“I don’t at all. You’ll give me someone to talk to,” I said, lying on my stomach while Aiden, Casey and
Ford took off their shirts. Ford was fairly white with a nice athletic looking body with his right arm
having a full sleeve tattoo. “That tatt looks nice, Ford. Casey, you need to get one of those.”

“When I get the cash I might,” Casey said, now down to his speedo. 

“I don’t think so,” Aiden said. “They’re way too expensive.”

Ford laughed, “Unless you know someone.”

“Did you blow him or something?” Casey asked jokingly.

“Hell no, but I would have,” Ford replied. “He’s a guy I knew from high school that was really just
starting in the business.”

“It looks okay,” I stated.

“He messed up here and there but I’m the only one that notices it,” Ford said in his board shorts.
“Jason, don’t you feel odd out here naked with us?”

“Not at all,” I said. “I do have shorts if you feel uncomfortable. I know what I said but I’m not that

“I think it’s cool you’re that comfortable,” Ford stated.

“Get naked with him then,” Aiden said.

“I will,” Casey said, sitting with Aiden in the new lounger. He stood and took off his bikini. Casey had
a nice, veiny cut dick, low hangers and very little pubic hair.

“I should have kept my mouth shut,” Aiden said.

“Ah fuck it,” Ford said. He stood and took off his board shorts. His dick was thick but not that big. He
had some pubic hair as well just a little on his chest. “Come on, cuz. It’s only us gay guys.”

“No, I’m not. I’m perfectly okay the way I am,” Aiden said.

“It’s not for everyone,” I said.

“You know I could grow to like this,” Ford said.

“Ford, I suggest lots of sunscreen or else you’ll be so red,” Aiden said.

After everyone was comfortable, I stood, “Excuse me a minute. I brought a salad and I’m going to get

“No problem, Jason,” Casey said. “We ate before we came.”

I grabbed my salad and water instead of another beer. My peace and quiet was interrupted but it was fine
with me. It is PJ’s house and he’s free to let whoever he wishes come over. 

Returning, I noticed all three guys were in the pool with Aiden’s bikini sitting on the side. While
eating, it was nice to see them having fun and acting stupid and childish.

“Hurry up Jason and join us,” Ford yelled to me.

“I will,” I said and watched Aiden and Casey emerge from the pool. Aiden was rather small and hairless. 

“Jason, you laugh I’m beating your ass,” Aiden said.

“I won’t,” I said before taking another bite. “Just enjoy yourself, Aiden.”

“I’m trying,” Aiden said.

“He thinks he’s doing something wrong,” Casey said.

I finished up, tossed away my trash and ran to the pool. I jumped in right next to them and tried my
hardest to cover them with my splashing. While trying to come up, a hand was on top of my head testing
my ability underwater. I swam away and finally came up for a breath with the three laughing. 

Once the fun subsided, Casey and Aiden took the rafts in the water while Ford and I took separate

“Jason, once you get used to it, there’s nothing wrong with what we are doing. Besides, you three wear
little of nothing,” Ford said on his back.

“I love it and always have,” I said.

“People are just so hung up on not exposing your privates that we could be missing a rather simple joy,”
Ford said.

“Ford, you like just showing your dick off to other guys,” Casey said.

“That would be you,” Ford said. “I’m sure it’d be different with people I don’t know at all.”

“Very different,” Aiden said.

“Once the initial curiosity is gone, it’s no big deal,” I said. “We all look, even straight people do.
It’s human nature. Then you relax and enjoy it.”

“You’re really brainwashed,” Casey said to me.

“I can see Jason’s point though,” Ford said.

I headed in to grab a beer without thinking to ask Casey or Aiden. I grabbed 3, remembering Ford didn’t
drink. Casey was happy to see what was in my hand while Aiden told me to set his aside. I heard my phone
ringing to see it was Wes calling me. Answering it I knew it was something good. He had talked to his
big boss earlier. The boss agreed it was far too early to put Wes on a job since he had too much left to
learn. I hung up and took a drink.

“Not your thing, huh?” I said, sitting down gesturing with my beer.

“Thankfully it’s not,” Ford replied. “Just something I’ve never liked.”

“I respect that,” I said and took a drink.

“Now PJ is a different story, if you haven’t figured it out,” Ford said.

“I know. I’ve heard he got really wild.”

“Wild doesn’t begin to tell the story…”

“Ford, I’m sorry, but I get the point. What he is now is all that matters to me at this moment,” I said
with Aiden and Casey leaving the pool.

“Good point. We all have a past,” he said. “He looks good now. The last time I saw him he looked like
shit. I guess that was about 4 years ago.”

“Hey, don’t ya think the hot tub is a little too hot right now?” I yelled at Casey and Aiden, noticing
them getting in it.

“We’ll see,” Casey replied.

“Man, PJ has a sweet house,” Ford said.

“He does and is lucky in that regard,” I said, watching Aiden and Casey kiss like crazy. “Ford, isn’t it
hard covering your tracks so your family doesn’t discover you’re gay?”

Ford laughed, “Not anymore it’s not. I’m so used to making things up.”

“Well… I guess I know what you mean. I did that for a little while until I couldn’t stand it any
longer,” I stated.

“The thing is, I will have to come out if I find a boyfriend like Aiden has,” Ford said. “At least I’ll
have some support.”

“Okay,” I said and kept noticing how things were progressing in the hot tub. “Let’s roll over and face
the other direction. I have a feeling your cousin might do something he doesn’t want us to see.”

“Yeah, good idea. If he did, my boner will be hidden,” Ford laughed. 

We stood and flattened out our lounger. Now Aiden was sitting in Casey’s lap while they were in the hot
tub. Ford asked if I’d put sunscreen on his backside. I did and didn’t mind at all. He returned the

Ford and I lay on our stomachs. Soon I began hearing Aiden moan over the sound of the hot tub. I took a
quick peek over my shoulder and saw Aiden moving up and down.

“I’m glad we’re on our back. Damn, Casey’s fucking Aiden,” Ford said quietly.

“He is. They’ve been together for a while so I don’t see anything wrong with two lovers showing it to
each other. It is bold,” I said.

“Very bold,” Ford said.

We kept lying while I continued to hear Aiden’s moans and high pitch squeals. It continued on and on
until finally it ended. I glanced over my shoulder again to see them kissing. 

Aiden and Casey came walking over arm in arm and sat in the double lounger. “I know two guys that need a
cigarette,” Ford commented.

“If I smoked, I would,” Aiden said. “I love this man so much.”

“I love you too,” Casey said and kissed him. 

“Y’all are fucking brave,” Ford stated.

“The temptation was too much,” Casey said. “I told Jason it’d be great if no one was there. I hope you
two didn’t mind.”

“I didn’t since I know you are lovers,” I said. “I agree it was brave.”

“Something I’ll remember for a while,” Aiden said. “I fulfilled a fantasy of mine.”

“Damn, look at the time,” Ford said. “We need to get moving.”

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“We’re going out tonight on a date,” Aiden said. “It’s a rare occasion that we do.”

“I promised some friends of mine I’d go out with them,” Ford said.

“Any possibilities for romance there?” I asked.

“It’s just some girls,” Ford replied.

“Y’all have fun,” I said. I watched them gather their things and dress. Right as they were about to go
out the back door, PJ came walking out.

“Where you going?” PJ asked.

“We have a date and Ford is going out with some friends,” Casey replied.

“We really appreciate you letting us come over.”

“Yeah, I’ll come back again for sure,” Ford said. “I love your house.”

“Thanks,” PJ said. “Casey, are you going with us tomorrow?”

“He is and this date is my reward for letting him go,” Aiden said.

“I’ll see Casey and Ford tomorrow then. Have fun!” PJ said.

“You too,” Ford stated.


There's another chapter for you.  Hope you are enjoying the story so far.   It has been fun to write to
this point and hope it continues to be so.  

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