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The building of the pool house went so much better than I could have imagined. With Drew’s skill and
Wes’s direction it couldn’t have looked any better. No one shied away from coming and helping out, so
much so there was almost too many the first weekend. For the second weekend, there were fewer but still
plenty to finish the job. 

During that time, I had noticed things had cooled off between PJ and me. I wasn’t too worried about it
and considered it a welcome lull. Wes and Jennifer were doing great, as were Jimmy and Logan. There
were problems between Aiden and Casey but they were together and working things out.

Thursday after work and nearing the end of July, I headed over to PJ’s house for our regular Thursday
night date. I went to the door and knocked softly. He answered it naked with a smile. He kissed me
softly while running his hands over my shirt.

I broke the kiss, “You said you had a surprise for me. What is it?”

He grabbed my hand and led me over to his couch. I stood and lost my clothes to join him and put my arm
around his shoulder. Over the past few weeks I had noticed a slight weight loss, especially around his
mid-section, but he said he’d been riding his bike often. 

“Jason, we’ve been together for almost two months now. I’m ready to take it to the next level…”

“Errr…” I stuttered with the thought he was about to ask me to move in with him.

“I think we should get tested and consider… you know…” PJ said and looked at me.

“Oh, I agree, testing is key in a gay relationship… well any nowadays. So you’re ready to go bare?” I

“Yes, I’m ready. Matter of fact, I’ve taken the day off so we could go together tomorrow and get
tested,” he replied. “It does take two. Are you ready?”

I laughed and didn’t answer him, “I just knew you were going to ask me to move in with you…”

“I know that answer. I’m willing to wait until you’re ready for that.”

I scratched my eyebrow while considering this proposition that could be life changing for me, “I do
have questions. I know it is a fucking huge commitment to each other…”

“I’m ready for that commitment.”

“If they answer my questions and say it is safe then we will,” I said with my heart pounding.

“I think that’s very fair.”

“PJ, I’m kinda sorry we haven’t really been together that much lately,” I said.

“I’m to blame as much if not more than you. I’ve seen we both have active lives apart from each other.
I’ve been swamped at work and worked a lot here on different projects. The last thing I ever want to do
at this stage in our relationship is push you away.”

“You’ve never pushed me away,” I said.

“I mean by asking you to give up things with say Wes and Drew that you enjoy doing. I see now more than
ever what a fucking mess my life was before you entered it. I was getting on the right track but you
and everyone else have centered me upon it. My vision for the future is no longer cloudy but much
clearer since the fog has been gone from my brain,” PJ said and leaned over on me. “Jason, I’ll confess
that I was more or less a prostitute for anything that could get my ass high. I’d let a guy fuck me or
I’d suck their nasty cocks for that high. I had the money but the thrill was the sex. I was fucking
disgusting and lucky to be alive. Now sex is an act of pure love to me. I say all that to say that
being with you, whether we have sex or not, is a much better high. It’s something I cherish and never
want to take for granted.”

I pulled him close and kissed him with so much passion, hearing more and more about his former life. It
did reiterate the fact that testing was necessary after what he had told me. 

The kissing turned very heated with us being so into each other. Our tan naked bodies rubbed against
each other with our hands showing no limits. Our making out ended with the sound of the doorbell.  

“Fuck!” PJ blurted out with the door opening. Wes and Jennifer stepped in the door. Wes’s hand quickly
went over Jennifer’s eyes before she pushed it away.

“I was going to say I hoped we weren’t interrupting anything, but damn we were,” Wes stated.

“What are you doing here?” PJ asked loudly.

“You bragged all about the pool house so we’re here to see the final product,” Jennifer replied.

“Yeah, let’s go. I forgot about seeing the end result,” I said now that my heart was back in my chest.

“Let’s go then,” PJ said.

“Clothes, maybe?” Wes asked and pointed.

“Maybe it’ll teach you to call and wait for me to answer the door,” PJ replied. “Jason and I are
nudists so expect this in the future.”

“Alrighty then there, PJ,” Jennifer stated as we began walking out to the back to inspect.

“Damn, it looks good from here,” Wes said.

“You knew that and saw it before you left,” I said.

Wes smiled, “I was admiring my fine handy work.”

We walked and did see some expected stone work leading to the entrance with the outdoor shower set on
the side. PJ opened the door with the fresh smell of paint and fabric hitting my nose. He had placed a
nice day bed and chairs inside that were beach inspired and matched the shelves Drew had constructed.
The shelves were filled with various colored beach towels. The floor was simple and had been done since
I’d seen it Sunday. He continued on to show a very simple bathroom with the toilet and pedestal sink. 

“I’m impressed,” Jennifer stated.

“Very impressed. The finishing touches make a big difference,” I stated.

Wes opened the gate on the side. “Wow PJ, this is really nice.”

I went in with Jennifer to inspect the completed shower with a nice rainfall fixture. Below were big
stones with small ones placed in between, along with a bench. All of it was surrounded by a wooden
slatted fence. 

“Have you tried this out yet?” Jennifer asked.

“Not yet,” PJ replied. “The fence was just installed yesterday.”

I grabbed PJ and kissed him. “It’s so beautiful.”

“Give it a try since you’re butt ass naked,” Wes said.

PJ smiled at me. “I think we should. You tell us what if anything you can see from the outside.”

“Will do,” Wes said and stepped away. 

I shut the gate while PJ turned on the water. We stood back until it heated up. Once warm, he grabbed
me and kissed me under the spray.

“What trouble we will get into in here,” he said.

“Fuck yeah,” I said. 

We turned off the water and opened the gate. 

“I couldn’t see much,” Wes said. “I could tell you were in there though. I really wanna try it with

“One day we will,” Jennifer said and handed us a towel.

“You can try it out now,” I said wiping my face.

“Really Jason? You expect me to get naked in front of three guys,” she said.

“One is your brother, the other is gay, and I’m your boyfriend who has seen you naked,” Wes said. 

“You’ve seen me,” PJ said with his arms spread exposing his uncut dick to his sister. “Let me ask you
this, have you even noticed or cared that Jason and I are nude after you first saw us?”

Jennifer’s eyes darted around before her shoulders dropped, “I feel so pressured.”

“If you feel pressured then don’t do it,” I said. 

“Nudism is about freedom and enjoying the skin you were born with,” PJ said. I patted his bare shoulder
with great pride.

“Fuck Jason has brainwashed you like it’s some cult,” Wes laughed.

“Okay, I’ll shower with you Wes, but I’m not getting my hair or face wet,” Jennifer said.

Wes quickly undressed while Jennifer was a little slower about it. She turned away while doing so. They
stepped inside and turned on the water while PJ and I stood arm in arm to watch. Nothing could be seen
from where we were standing.  

“It’s perfect and just exactly what I wanted,” PJ said.

The water was turned off. PJ darted to the pool house and returned with two towels, even though
Jennifer didn’t seem that wet.

“PJ, you have a complete winner. The shower really makes it,” Jennifer said, drying off.

“I told Jason it was perfect and my vision was completely fulfilled,” PJ said with a big smile.

They finished drying off. We walked over with Jennifer not reaching for her clothes. We allowed them to
enjoy the double lounger while PJ pulled us up two loungers to sit around the pool with the sun getting

“Hey, by the way, Drew wants all of us to head over to the casino tomorrow night. You up for it?” Wes
said with his arm around Jennifer. Jennifer was a very nice looking girl naked, with decent sized tits,
a good body and shaven pussy. 

PJ looked at me. “That could be fun.”

“I think Cameron and Lane are going as well but they’ll feel left out since it’s going to be us
couples,” Wes said.

“Sounds good to me. Jennifer, how is it?” I asked.

“Not too bad if you’re talking about being naked,” she replied. “I might have to come over some day and
catch some sun but I doubt I’ll catch up with your dark ass.”

“Yeah, neither one of them have tan lines,” Wes commented.

“I like the look. This is definitely a first for me in my life,” PJ said.

We sat around and did hit the pool with Jennifer only wading in. It was nice sitting around the edge
once Wes had grabbed us a few drinks. 

“It’s funny but we were just going to see the pool house and split,” Wes stated.

“I know, but this is kinda nice I have to admit. Jason, you may have something here,” Jennifer said.

“It can be addictive…” I said.

“There are worse addictions for damn sure,” PJ stated.

“We might have to come over and enjoy the sun with you two,” Wes said. “I see nothing wrong with us
sitting here like this and talking. Once you’re over the first shock it’s no biggie.”

“My goal wasn’t to convert everyone to this lifestyle. However, once some people get a taste of it they
do enjoy it,” I stated.

We left the pool right after it had turned dark. The four of us stood, drying off. 

“I guess I’ll see ya in a little while,” Wes said once he finished drying and putting on his clothes.

“Ummm… not tonight. I’m staying with PJ tonight for sure,” I said.

“Alright then, we’ll see ya tomorrow night. I would say have fun but no doubt you will,” Wes said.

After saying goodbye to Wes and Jennifer, PJ and I headed inside. First order was find a snack since we
didn’t eat. We found some snacks and went to his bedroom at his suggestion. It was a first for us to
watch TV together in his bed. Finally, nature, lust and the desire for sex overtook us. Once we started
fucking, my desire was to show him my love with my hard covered dick. His loud moaning and begging
drove me insane to pound his hot ass. It was extremely hot when he came for me while I was deep inside
of him. I wasn’t able to pull out and filled the condom up with my cum.

We lay together after we both came. We basked in the glow of our sex with my arm draped over his
shoulder while his hand was on my abs. He leaned over and kissed the head of my dick before kissing my
lips. We curled up together as lovers and fell asleep with my arms holding him against my naked body.

Waking on Friday, PJ was gone from the bed. I stretched and exited the room to find him in the kitchen.
He smiled, walked up to me and kissed me.

“Dude, I’m fucking nervous as hell about today,” he said.

“I am as well, but it is something we really need to have done as gay men who are sexually active,” I
said. “I really wish you’d told me you were off today. I don’t have shit to wear. I’d also love it if
we went for a short run to start our day. It clears your head.”

“You did wear athletic shoes for a change over here and I’m sure I’ve got one pair of shorts to spare.”

“Ummm… then let’s get ready,” I said.

We dressed and headed out in his neighborhood running. Heading out, it was easy to see he was thinking
deeply about getting tested. In hindsight and knowing his history, it was something we should have done
in the beginning. 

Returning from our nice run that was maybe 2 miles, we were covered in sweat. PJ handed me some water
once we hit the door. In a few drinks, the water was in my system. I stripped off the shorts and threw
them at him.

“Fuck, you’re even hotter sweaty,” he said with the shorts on his shoulder.

“You are as well.”

“Hey, let’s use the new shower.”

“Damn, I like that!” I said. 

We went out and started the water. I grabbed and kissed him with my hands grabbing a lot of his bare
ass. We stepped into the nice fixture with soap and shampoo. I wanted to be affectionate and maybe ease
his mind a little. 

We headed out to the clinic after a great shower. I was dressed in a tank top and shorts while he wore
a nice green tee and shorts. It was great hearing him sing in perfect harmony with the radio, yet there
was still nerves by the tightness he gripped the steering wheel.

At the clinic, we parked. I took his hand and felt how sweaty it was. “No matter what, I will still
love you. For all I know I could have something,” I said.

“Thanks, Jason. I’m petrified, but I know this has to be done.  I was tested a few years ago and was
clean, but I’m still fucking scared.”

We stepped inside and saw a few others in the waiting room. We walked up to the desk and gave our
purpose for being there. The lady said it’d be about a twenty minute wait and we’d have a three page
form to complete. 

PJ was called first after what seemed like forever. The wait and seeing him nervous made my stomach
churn as well. Then my name was called by a black woman. She took me back to a small room. I was barely
seated before she began drawing blood from my arm. I was ever so thankful for her skill in finding a
vein quickly. I wanted to ask questions but she told me I could wait and talk to the one who presented
the results. I was told there would be a short wait while the blood was tested then I’d be given the

It took about thirty minutes more before the door opened. The lady showed me down the hall into an
office where an older man was waiting with paper in front of him. I sat down and clasped my hands
together to hear I was a healthy young man. It was such a relief. I began asking questions about safely
having sex with my boyfriend. He answered each one of them honestly and professionally. The answers
boiled down to trust, faithfulness, monogamy and more testing.

I left and ventured back to the waiting area. Opening the door, it was easy to see a big glowing smile
on PJ’s face. He didn’t need to say a word about being clean for I knew it by the look on his face. I
took his hand and headed to the parking lot. Once out the door, I grabbed him for a passionate kiss.

“I’m glad that is over and done with…”

“For this time. We need to make this a regular visit,” I said.

“We do. I’m hungry and ready to celebrate being a clean, healthy gay man,” PJ said with enthusiasm.

“I’m hungry too,” I said.

Not far from the clinic, we stopped at a place PJ had heard about that specialized in microbrews. We
went inside and easily found a table. Normally we sit across from each other but today dictated we sit
next to each other. We glanced at the menu with lots of hungry lunch patrons filing in. Our waiter came
to our table with small samples of the brew.  I found one that really tasted great while PJ found
another one.  We got our beers with PJ smiling and ordering some lunch. 

We talked about the experience in general terms so others wouldn’t know what we had done. At the end I
did ask that this be the end since it was over and done with. We munched out and drank before leaving
the crowded restaurant.

Once back inside his car, I said, “Ummm… I think I saw a sex shop on the way here…”

“You dirty dog,” PJ laughed.

“How about we just go and grab some lube, a really big bottle?” I asked.

“I’d love that,” he replied.

He found the sex shop on our way back. Like most I’d seen, it had a seedy feel to it and made me
uncomfortable entering. We looked around and found the variety of lubes offered while seeing lots of
interesting sex toys. I found one lube that was rather large and snatched it from the shelves. The
older man checking us out just looked blankly at us and didn’t say a word other than giving us the

“Not a bad place at all. I could go crazy in there,” PJ commented once we were outside.

I laughed, “You’d be like a kid in a candy store.”

“Yeah, the good candy too,” he laughed along with me and put his arm around my shoulder. “We could
start using more toys in sex. I know Jennifer and Wes do quite often.”

“They do?” I asked.

PJ busted out laughing so hard. “You really think Jennifer would tell me that shit or that I’d have the
balls to ask?”

“You never know,” I said and walked to get in the car laughing now that I thought about it.

We had a few more stops. One was my place so I could grab a few clothes for the weekend. That was quick
and easy. Next was the bank for us to stock up on some cash for the night’s casino. Then we grabbed a
few beverages.
As we were sitting by the pool, enjoying a little sun on our naked bodies, my phone rang. Jimmy called
to say he and Logan were on their way over to chill with us before heading out for the night. I told
them we were by the pool and to just come join us when they arrived.

Once the two arrived about fifteen minutes later, they stripped down and joined us by the pool. 

“Damn, you two are getting really dark,” I commented.

“Thanks. PJ, the pool house looks great,” Logan said with his arm around Jimmy.

We showed them the finished product, including the shower, before grabbing some seats and cold ones to

“How was the beach?” I asked about their trip the previous weekend.

“Fucking awesome. It was great relaxing along with hundreds of others nude and not really realizing you
were naked among them,” Jimmy replied. “We can’t thank you enough for introducing us to this great
life. We spent two full days naked on the beach…”

“All we could think about was how much you and PJ would love it,” Logan added.

“I know we would really enjoy it,” PJ said. “One day we’ll make a trip over there and experience it for

“We loved it. It was different seeing the mix, but we stayed with the gay people though there were lots
of straight people there,” Jimmy said.

“Any cute hung guys?” PJ asked with a smile.

Logan smiled, “There were a few. I was with the hottest fucker on the beach though so I had no reason
to even look.”

“The best part was after we got to our room,” Jimmy said and was pulled closer by Logan.

“It was your birthday celebration,” I said.

“It was and we really celebrated for hours,” Jimmy said and kissed Logan.

“Something is to be said for hotel sex,” PJ commented.

“Lots,” Logan said. “Add that to the fact I was away for a few days.”

We sat around until leaving for the casino to meet up with our friends with PJ driving and knowing how
to get there. When we arrived at the Indian casino it looked similar to the others I’d seen and one I
had visited in my college days. Gambling really wasn’t my thing but it sounded like it could be a fun
night out with the rest of them. 

We waited while I looked around to see the floor was set up like the other one I had visited. The sound
of slots and cheering was heard along with that distinctive smell of a casino and lingering cigarette
smoke. I wandered back up front just as Wes, Jennifer, Drew, Ryker, their two girls, Cameron and Lane
all entered.

Cameron rubbed his hands together, “I’m itching to take some dough home with me.”

“Your ass better find the kitchen and hope they are baking,” Ryker joked with Dara at his side.

“Wise ass, I’ll show you,” Cameron said.

“To me, it’s luck. Either luck is on your side or not,” Drew said, dressed in one of the shirts we had
bought together a while ago. 

“Bros, it’s fucking skill and knowledge of the games,” Cameron continued and was acting cocky as ever.

“We’ll see who is the winner and who is the loser by the night’s end,” Wes said.

“All I care is that my ass gets fucked up,” Lane joked. “Nothing better than free drinks while you’re
trying to win.”

“True,” Logan said.

“Where are the fags going to start?” Lane asked, looking at us.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Drew asked, whipping his head around, tight jawed.

Lane threw up his hands, “I’m sorry. I forget how offended and sensitive you guys are.”

“Lane, you forget who we’re with,” Ryker stated.

“We’ll be at the slots,” I said and walked away. “Good luck!”

The four of us walked away until Wes and Drew stopped us. 

“I don’t know what has gotten into Lane,” Drew said.

“I just consider the source,” Jimmy said.

“Makes me wonder why I even let his ass come over,” PJ said.

“I wouldn’t unless he apologizes,” Wes said. “I really thought all of us were beyond that now and just
saw each other as people.”

“Some people never will. I accept that and won’t let it bother me. Today has been too good to let
something like that spoil it,” I commented.

“Tonight will be as well,” Drew said. “I’ll be at the blackjack table and hopefully kicking their sorry

“I hope you do,” Logan said. “I’m going to the craps table.”

“That’s his thing,” Jimmy said.

With Jimmy, PJ and I canvassed the slots to see an interesting array of machines and prizes attached to
them. We sat down with PJ by my side and Jimmy across the aisle behind us. 

PJ leaned over to me, “Nothing could ruin my day no matter what anyone says or does.”

I smiled and kissed his cheek. In went my first twenty to test my luck. Drew was right in that it was
nothing but luck that determined the winners and very little skill unless card games were involved.
When the waitress stopped by, I ordered a drink, as did Jimmy, with PJ taking a soda being our driver. 

Once the drinks had arrived, Jimmy had moved next to us after giving the casino his money. We sat
pushing buttons and trying to be entertained. Small paybacks were nice and kept us interested in the
machines. Jimmy stopped after losing another twenty and was ready to see how Logan was doing at the
crap’s table. PJ and I cashed out and got our paper tickets. PJ was about even while I was down

We began heading to the crap’s table when a machine caught my eye. It was a dollar slot whereas the
others were quarters. “What the hell,” I commented and got them to stop. I pushed the buttons with
nothing to show for it. With three bucks left I went all in and pushed the buttons. The machine began
ringing with PJ and Jimmy getting more excited than I was. My eyes looked at the payout line to see 500

“You won, Jason! You won!” PJ exclaimed.

“I think I did,” I said now excited to see I was a winner. 

There was a short wait before someone came over to verify that I had actually won. Once the girl handed
me the ticket I marched over and gladly got the cash. Four hundred went in my pocket and wasn’t to be
touched, basically I had won rent for the month. I walked back to find Jimmy and PJ behind Logan. He
was doing okay and really seemed to be enjoying himself while not knowing the others playing with him.
I continued over to the blackjack table.

“How’s it going?” Wes asked me.

“By the looks of things better than you,” I replied. “I just hit a slot for five hundred.”

“Fuck me running,” Lane stated to catch the glare of the dealer. 

“Sometimes we get lucky,” I said, trying to be as big of a smart ass as I could be to him. I did notice
Drew was doing okay with a sizable stack of chips in front of him.

With house money, I sat down between Wes and Ryker with PJ and Jimmy gone to check to see how Logan was
faring at the craps table. Wes began giving me the basic rules before I told him I knew the game thanks
to the computer.

I sat and played while PJ and Jimmy roamed the floor. When they returned with Logan, I decided to call
it a night. My chip total was close to what I had originally bought so it was a good night for me.
Logan had a won a little as well and was glad to hear that I was the lucky one of our group.  

We left the casino and began heading back to PJ’s house. Thinking about what could occur when we got
there had my stomach in total knots. 


Hope you enjoyed the latest chapter after a short break. 

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