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“Here come the lost boys, which by the way is a great movie if you haven’t seen it yet,” Wes said loudly
after another 10 minutes.

I saw Nick and Austin walking our way without boards, instead carrying ice cream. 

“Wes and his movies,” Jennifer stated, shaking her head. “That’s all he ever wants to do is watch movies.”

“Not all, babe,” Wes laughed.

Nick came walking up with his board shorts sagging low, showing his nice cuts. “Drew, it looks like we’ll
have to borrow your boards. They were all rented out for the day.”

“That’s fine. Jason can rest easy now you’re back,” Drew said.

“He’s like that,” Nick said. “When I finish this ice cream, who’s ready to hit the water?”

“First off, what took so long?” I asked, with Nick and Austin sitting near me.

“For one, it’s really crowded if you haven’t noticed. Then we had to cross the street only to find out
they were all rented out. We had to wait for ice cream. Then two young girls stopped us and wanted to take
our picture,” Nick replied.

“Were they hot?” Cameron asked.

“They were maybe 14,” Austin laughed.

“Guys, Cameron’s desperate,” Ryker joked.

“Sorry I asked then,” Cameron said. “Hurry up and finish. I’m ready to hit the water.”

“Here Jason, finish this off for me,” Nick said, holding out what was left.

“I don’t think so,” I said.

“I will,” Wes said and grabbed the cone while I couldn’t believe he’d eat it after my brother. 

Once Austin finished his cone they headed out to the water with Nick and Austin handing me their phones. I
took a picture quickly with Nick’s and headed out to watch them brave the high waters. Nick dove straight
in the salty water and came up pulling at his shorts, with Drew, Cameron and Ryker trailing him with their
boards. I stood in the shallow water and watched as Drew gave instructions on the body board. I snapped a
picture but knew it was a little too far out to make much sense. 

Wes, Jennifer, Logan, PJ and Jimmy joined me to watch while Ryker started riding a wave. He crashed hard
but rode it for a good amount of time. I knew Nick was chomping at the bit to give it a try and loved
adventures such as this. I looked out to see him with Drew’s board. A nice sizable wave came up. Nick
hopped on the board but went flying off in the water.

“I bet that hurt,” Logan commented.

“Nick won’t admit it if it did,” I said and watched while Austin gave it his best effort. He rode the wave
until tiring. I could hear Nick yelling with several people around in the water that clearly heard every

Drew was next and showed his great athletic ability and experience. He rode the board all the way to us. I
waved him over, “Ask Nick to stop spewing out cuss words. There are kids around.”

“I will. He got a little excited, but you’re right there, Jason,” Drew said and headed back with Wes
swimming out with them. 

I watched Nick take the board and wait for a good wave. Normally the surf here is very low but thanks to
the stormy weather lately it was ideal conditions for this, but not so much for swimming. Nick caught a
wave and got close while I was trying to capture the moment with his phone. He took a tumble, came up
smiling and looked at me. He shook his brown hair and headed back out. 

If there had been more boards I’d loved to have tried it. However, I wanted Nick and Austin to enjoy the
opportunity while they could. No doubt they were having a blast trying. They came swimming back in.

Nick threw his wet arm around my shoulder. “I heard what you said.”

“You needed a reminder,” I said.

“I did, and thanks,” Nick said. “Man that was such a blast. Drew is an ace.”

“You’d get the hang of it after you’d been here a while,” Drew said.

“I would. I’m dog ass tired now,” Nick said. “I’m gonna do a little watching for a while.”

“I agree,” Austin said. “I’ve seen some real hot ones.”

“The luxury of being on vacation,” Drew stated.

“Where’s your and Ryker’s girls?” I asked.

“Mine went shopping with her mom while Ryker’s went home,” Drew replied.

“We had a little problem, but hopefully things will work out,” Ryker said.

“If not, just come down here,” Nick said and took a seat in his chair. 

We sat on the beach with the weather cooperating for the most part. It was great watching the people
parade by in front of us and along the water’s edge. It was a nice mixture of young and old with lots of
families enjoying the beach together. I think Nick and Austin enjoyed seeing some really cute girls and
women walk by, along with getting a few second looks back at them.

Nick got tired of sitting and stood. He asked if anyone cared to roam the beach with him. Austin was right
there with him. I stood and pulled PJ’s hand to get him up as well. I knew full well PJ and I would get
some looks from people, and most wouldn’t be the good ones. Drew stood as well and wanted to walk with us. 

The beach was crowded but it felt good to feel the sand between my toes and under my feet.

“So what are we doing tonight?” Nick asked.

“You’re in charge,” I replied.

“You’ll probably have to do something without me,” Drew replied. “I’m sure Kayly will want my attention.”

“Hell, I’d want her attention too,” Austin stated. “Drew, she’s hot.”

“I think so too, and thanks to Jason things are going great,” Drew said.

“What did ya tell him, bro?” Nick asked.

“I just said stop,” I replied and waited for two small kids to pass. “Stop trying so hard to get in her

“Nothing wrong with trying. I’d be trying,” Nick said.

“Nick, some girls aren’t easy. You need a little patience,” Drew laughed.

“Watch out!” PJ yelled with a football flying in our direction. Drew reached up and caught it. He threw it
back left handed and told them about his pitching and how he was enjoying the summer off after usually
playing every summer. 

“We still haven’t settled on what we’re doing tonight,” Nick said.

“I said it’ll be up to you and Austin to decide,” I said.

“Maybe some of the others will wanna kick it at PJ’s tonight?” Nick said.

We kept walking before turning around. We made it back to where we were sitting with Wes, Jennifer and her
friends in the water. We ended up staying at the beach until after five to let the traffic heading back
thin out a little. It was up in the air as to exactly what our plans were. 

The four of us stopped for Mexican food on our way back. The food was very good with PJ and I sharing a
big platter of chicken fajitas. While we were eating all three had out their phones. No doubt PJ was
tweeting but no telling what Nick and Austin were doing.

After finishing, and as we were driving to PJ’s house, it began pouring buckets. We were thankful it had
waited until after our nice day at the beach before it decided to rain. It was nice as well to drive into
PJ’s garage and not get soaked. 

We were barely in the door when had Nick come out of his shorts he had borrowed and tossed them to PJ.
Austin followed behind him while laughing at my brother’s affection to bare skin. They found their cans
and packed their lips, saying it was needed like a smoke after a good meal.

PJ headed off to do some more laundry while I stripped off as well to join them in the living room.

“Did you enjoy that?” I asked.

“You know I did. I might live there if I lived here,” Nick replied and spit in a cup he had found.

“It would have been nicer if not for so many people,” Austin replied. 

“True, but there were more hot chicks to watch,” Nick commented. “Jason, do you and PJ get naked a lot
when you’re here alone?”

“We do,” I replied. “PJ is beginning to really love it as well.”

“Easy access to your dick,” Nick laughed.

I shook my head. “Tell me if you two live together you won’t be naked all the time.”

“It better not be for easy access to my dick,” Austin said and laughed.

“It won’t be,” Nick said. “This is pretty chill here. I could grow to love it. Nothing better than kicking
back with a fatty in my lip and no clothes.”

“Amen brother,” Austin said and high fived Nick. 

PJ came in naked and sat next to me on the couch while Nick and Austin occupied the two chairs. I leaned
over and kissed him before throwing my arm over his tan shoulder.

“Are you enjoying this?” PJ asked them.

“I was ‘til I saw that shit,” Austin laughed.

“I don’t see a thing wrong with it,” Nick said. “If it was my girl I’d have done the same thing. Yeah, PJ,
I love it and was telling Jason how chill this was. It’ll be better with a cold one in my hand in a few

“I was joking and meant nothing by that. I’m with Nick. This is tight. Actually it wouldn’t kill me if we
chilled here tonight,” Austin said and spit in Nick’s cup. “Y’all’s friends are great.”

“Nick, do you remember when it was such a thrill for us to go outside and play in the rain?” I asked after
hearing a loud clap of thunder outside.

“Yeah, I do,” Nick replied. “We used to wrestle in the muddiest spot we could find in our backyard. Back
then you kicked my ass.”

I laughed, “I did, but I doubt I could now. We either let the rain wash off the mud or Mom would spray
down our naked bodies with the water hose.”

“How old were y’all?” Austin asked.

“I was maybe 10, so Jason was 12. We could have done it when I was younger but I don’t remember that. I do
remember when we were camping and did the same shit with all those kids,” Nick laughed.

“I do too. I’d say I was about 14 then. Man did it ever rain, but we were out there having the best time,”
I said.

“Those were good times,” Nick said.

“It sounds like it. I assume it was while you were at a nudist campground?” PJ said.

“Of course,” Nick said. “Growing up, Jason and I saw so much dick and pussy it wasn’t even funny. So now,
seeing a naked body isn’t a turn on to me.”

“I bet you did notice who had the biggest dick,” Austin said.

“Brian Greer,” I said. 

“Naturally, you’d remember,” Nick laughed.

“I swear the dude was 10 inches. Remember how all the girls wanted to be around him,” I said.

“He fucked half of them,” Nick stated. “Here I tried like hell to fuck ‘em but my dick paled in comparison
to his and I ain’t small either.”

“Nick, did you ever get laid while you were camping?” PJ asked.

Nick cut his eyes at me. “I’ll admit I did, but I was 17…”

“The last time I went,” I added.

“Was she hot?” Austin asked.

“Let me just say she was easy,” Nick laughed.

“She was okay. We’re preached to about how the nudism isn’t about sex, but sometimes nature takes over,” I

“I got my dick sucked more than I got laid,” Nick said. “We were teenagers so what did they expect? I know
I make it sound like we got sucked or fucked a lot but it really was the exception.”

“I agree,” I said. “Parents watched over us like hawks.”

Austin and Nick disposed of their dips. Nick headed to the fridge and returned with four beers in his
hand. We toasted to our friendship before taking the first drink.

“Austin, your family didn’t go to these family nudist things?” PJ asked after taking a drink.

“Nah, we weren’t like Nick and Jason’s family,” Austin replied. “As I said, I got my taste when we’d visit
my grandparents in France. They lived not too far from Nice.”

“I bet that was awesome,” I said.

“It was more than awesome. I’d beg to go every summer even if my parents or siblings didn’t go,” Austin
said. “My grandparents are cool as fuck. They’d let me drink beer when I was 16 and we went to Germany.”

“Did you go to the beach with them and get naked?” I asked.

“Yeah, and it wasn’t a pretty sight either with your grandparents,” Austin laughed.

“Dude, that is fucking nasty as shit!” Nick said.

“Tell me about it!” Austin said as we heard a knock on the door. 

“Who is that?” I asked with PJ reaching for some shorts. I grabbed Nick’s and headed to the door. I opened
the door and noticed it has stopped raining.

Standing there was Drew, Ryker, Cameron and Wes. I was stunned to see them.

“Wassup?” Wes asked.

“We were chilling,” I replied with the four walking in. Cameron and Ryker were toting beer.

“Damn dudes,” Ryker said with Nick and Austin standing.

“You come to this house and your ass will be nude,” Nick said.

“Jimmy and Logan are right behind us, too,” Wes said. “I told ya they’d be naked.”

“Get used to it cause no clothes are going on this body,” Nick said and gestured at his naked body.

“I’m fucking leaving,” Ryker said.

“It’s cool,” Drew said. “It’s PJ’s house, and we are guests. If they’re comfortable I guess we’ll adjust.”

“Nick, it would be nice if we did get dressed,” I said.

“Jason, we’re intruders like Drew said. We’ll adjust,” Wes stated.

“Adjust then,” Austin said, laughing. “I was just getting comfortable.”

“Wes, where’s Jennifer? Did you run her off?” PJ asked.

“We compromised, let’s say. She knew I wanted to hang out here with you guys and said she’d hang out with
her friends tonight. Tomorrow she’ll be here…” Wes said.

“She felt sorry for him,” Cameron said.

“Kayly called and said she was running late and to do whatever I wanted,” Drew said.

“You wore that shit out last night,” Nick said.

“So what about Jimmy and Logan?” I asked.

“Jimmy called me and said you told them they could come over,” Wes said. “So here we are too.”

“No, you wanted to hang with me and Austin. I know you,” Nick laughed. “It’s cool y’all want to. Austin
and I love it.”

“Don’t get so high on yourself there. We came here to drink,” Cameron said with Jimmy and Logan coming to
the door. I opened it and welcomed them inside.

“You can drink anywhere,” Nick said.

“Cameron, he got ya there. If you want, we can leave,” Ryker said.

“You’re always welcome here,” PJ said. “I love having all of you here.”

“Good thang,” Austin said.

“I see everyone made it,” Logan said and started laughing. “Jason, he’s worse than you are.”

“I know he is,” I said, laughing.

“I’m comfortable,” Nick said with his arms spread wide and a beer in his hand. “Everyone is more than
welcome to join us.”

“I’ll pass, except beer sure sounds good right about now,” Cameron said.

I pulled PJ aside, away from everyone. “Is this cool with you?” I asked.

“Very cool. Again, this is my dream,” he replied. “Are we joining your brother like we were?”

“Let’s see how things go,” I replied. “If they get to drinking we may see a house full of naked guys.”

“An even bigger dream,” PJ laughed. I kissed him and walked back.

“Hey, since it’s stopped raining why don’t we head out to the pool and kick it out there?” Nick suggested.

“Sounds good to me,” Jimmy said.

“I better get some towels,” PJ said. “Good thing I washed some today.”

We filed outside to the pool area with maybe 30 minutes of daylight remaining. Things were wet except
those under the small awning. Cameron brought out some beer with Nick running back inside to grab him some
more as well.

Nick and Austin dove in the pool while we sat around once things were dried off. 

“I wish I’d brought my suit,” Drew commented.

“The water feels great!” Nick yelled from the pool.

Drew stood. “You know, fuck it. It’s just us guys here.” He yanked off his shirt and tossed it on a dry
chair. He threw off his flip flops and then down came his shorts and blue boxers. 

“Dive in, Drew,” Nick said from the water.

“He’s been aching to try it,” Ryker commented quietly.

Drew walked to the diving board showing his toned great ass. He dove in and came up smiling. “Feels pretty
damn good if you ask me,” Drew said. “Who’s next?”

PJ and I had no trouble dropping our shorts and joining them. Jimmy and Logan were right behind us. 

“Not bad, huh?” I said to Drew.

“Nah, not at all,” Drew said. “Really you three should join us.”

“I would, but I’d feel so gay,” Ryker said.

“What’s so gay about it?” Nick asked.

“All naked guys in a pool swimming together. You tell me that ain’t fucking gay,” Ryker replied.

“When we start sucking each other’s dicks, then I’d agree with you. If this is gay then showering at the
gym is gay,” Drew stated.

“He has a good point,” Wes said. He stood and lost his clothes. We all got to enjoy a good laugh with Wes
trying to dive.

“Seriously, that’s the best you can do?” Nick asked laughing. “You need lessons.”

“I’ve tried,” Wes said, wiping the water from his face. “You know this ain’t so bad. Y’all are next.”

“No thank you,” Cameron said. “I’m perfectly okay right where I am.”

“Unless we throw your ass in,” Drew said. “You too Ryker.”

“You might get punched,” Ryker said.

“Guys, just leave ‘em alone. If they don’t want to we can’t make ‘em,” I said.

Nick got out of the pool and acted like he was going to throw Cameron in. Instead, he grabbed two beers
and headed back to the pool.

“Jason, what do you think of him drinking like this now?” Drew asked me.

“Hell, he’s only a year younger than you,” I replied and laughed.

“Yeah fucker!” Nick said, getting in the pool and handing a beer to Austin.

“I guess you’re right,” Drew said. “Hey Cameron, bring us a few.”

“No way. Get your naked ass out and get yaself one,” Cameron said.

“Fine with me,” Drew said.

“Damn,” Jimmy said under his breath with Drew getting out.

“My exact thoughts,” I said quietly and smiled.

“Tomorrow night, we need to make some trash can punch,” Cameron said.

“Great idea,” Austin said. “That will really fuck you up.”

“What’s trash can punch?” I asked, with Drew getting back in the water with his beer.

“Oh c’mon Jason, you can’t tell me you’ve never had it. It’s basically a bunch of liquor, fruit juices and
fruit thrown in an ice chest or trash can,” Nick said.

“Jason, you might need to watch him,” Wes laughed.

“I’ll bring the stuff with me tomorrow,” Cameron said. “Is that cool with you, PJ?”

“It is. Boy, I’m so out of touch. I had no earthly idea what it was,” PJ replied.

“Join the crowd, but it sounds pretty damn good,” Logan said.

“Jimmy, where’s your beer? This is tight in here drinking like this,” Nick asked.

“I’m the designated driver tonight for all these suckers,” Jimmy said.

“All of them?” PJ asked.

“If we get wasted he’s gonna drive Drew’s ride home,” Wes said.

Now it was dark. PJ got out and turned on the lights along with the bug zapper and some music. Nick was
out again grabbing more to drink and finally just brought a box so he wouldn’t have to walk back and

Eventually we all got out and gathered around. No one put on anything and stayed as they were except for
Ryker and Cameron who were holding out.

“We need to spice things up here and have a chugging contest,” Nick stated.

“Nick, these three will drink your ass under the table. Trust me I’ve seen what they’re capable of,” Wes

“We showed Wes last weekend,” Ryker said. “Next time you come we need to take you camping out on the
island we went to.”

“It was really tight,” Wes said. 

“I’ll be back for sure,” Nick said. “Right, Jason?”

“It’s fine by me. I love having ya here,” I replied.

“Okay, everyone but Jimmy get ya beer. We can see who can down ‘em the quickest…” Nick said.

We popped the tops with the two beers in front of us. My stomach was already churning from the Mexican
food and now the thought of quickly drinking two beers. 

“Nothing but a waste of good beer if you ask me,” Ryker said.

“Don’t play then,” Drew said. 

“I will to show Nick who is king around here,” Ryker said.

“On your mark, get set,” Jimmy said and paused. “Go!”

I took the beer and started drinking. Thankfully I could barely taste it going down. I saw Nick and Austin
were keeping up with the other three. I finished the first just as PJ did as well. I started the next one.

“We’ve got a winner!” Jimmy said loudly. 

I sat the beer down and was happy we had a winner or else I was gonna blow.

I looked around and saw none of the five were finished. 

“Now who’s king?” Logan asked, moving his head.

“Damn Logan,” Cameron said. “That was impressive.”

“Are you kidding me?” Nick asked loudly. “I demand another try.”

“He won fair and square,” Jimmy said. “I didn’t know he had it in him.”

“One more competition like that and I’d let anyone who wants to suck my cock,” Nick stated.

“I’d be willing to say one more beer,” Austin said.

“Slow down. The night is still young,” Ryker said. “Seriously, you’d let anyone suck your dick?”

“It wouldn’t be a first,” Nick stated with my eyes wide open.


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